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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this afternoon when it was hit by that stray bullet just past the intersection with green avenue. what we are being told is thabo sefolosha stray bullet hit the bus breaking one of the windows and then the glass from that window struck one of the female passengers in the head. she was take ton wykoff hospital in unknown condition. it appears they have evacuated the passengers from this bus. the police are literally swarming the street here trying to make heads or tails of this. they do not have a suspect in custody. we'll give you an idea of the scope of this investigation. if you normally travel on wykoff, it is shut down on that south side of your screen from green street right through harmon avenue and up to broad street. if you normally travel southbound on wykoff through this area, you can take it over one block to the east and go on irving avenue. otherwise going in either direction you can take it to the west and go to st. nicholas after to get around this. this is going to be an ongoing investigation.
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again, one female passenger was struck with shards of glass after a stray bullet hit this b13 bus. reporting live, shannon sohn channel 7 eyewitness news. very frightening report. for now we're going to turn to the mets. ever world series game. the mets are back home trailing the royals 2 games to none in their best of 7 series. before you write the mets off, the 1986 world championship team exactly in the same spot before it turned things around. >> starting on the mound tonight for mets, noah syndergaard, and fans are hoping the pitch e flowing blond locks will be able to vanquish tonight. >> shirleen, the series starts tonight really. there are mets fans and there are royal in the blood mets fans. are you willing to stand for
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the whole game, maybe extra innings. we met some fans who will not only stand but stand at a disadvantage. >> we're not that tall so we figured we better get here early. >> that height thing is going to be important for ann and claire both about 5 feet 1 inches tall. they have tickets for the game but they are standing room tickets and they're worried others might get to the game first. >> we're also hopeful that we can rely on the kindness of strangers. >> exactly. chances. they got here three hours before the gates even open so they could be first in line, plans. >> we've been there, so i know where the seats are, and we have a strategy but i'm not going to tell you where it is because there are going to be other people that might want to go to the same place we're going to. >> breaking any laws here? >> a couple, yeah. >> beau, he describes himself as a fine artist is showing his mets pride in a more graphic way.
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these gates right outside the stadium that have been covered with traditional graffiti with a mets sign. he says the nypd has been tolerant. >> they came by a couple times. >> what'd they say? >> you know, technically we could, you know, this is against the law, but obviously they could see that my intent was good, you know. >> they kept walking. >> basically, yeah. >> we talked with a bunch of mets' fans today, and you know who was happiest of all? some youngsters who got here early and scored huge, david wright's autograph. when we come back at 6 we'll talk to them and some other crazy mets' fans here who are ready for game 3. reporting live from citi field, jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, loving the street art. >> the mets' hopes resting on the arm of a 6-foot 3, 23-year- old rookie, noah syndergaard has pitched well at citi field this season, and expects a lively crowd to back him up. >> when i'm pitching, there are
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out and then there was a slight pause in between, and then all of a sudden i heard the roar of the fans and it almost scared me at times it i can't imagine how much louder it's going to be now. >> syndergaard won his last post-season start against the cubs at citi field. of course we have everything you need to know about game 3 at the special mets section of our website, the world series games just part of a very busy weekend of events here in new york, one that will have the police busy and on alert. there will be baseball games tonight, tomorrow and hopefully sunday at citi field. then saturday night the annual halloween parade marches through greenwich village and on sunday the tcs marathon will run through all five boroughs and the fbi is warning that anarchist group is threat tong ambush police nationwide on halloween. >> the group that's mentioned
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new york city in terms of its past involvement or past actions. >> nypd leaders say officers have been warned of the possible threat but they see attacks as unlikely. new information following a building collapse in midtown manhattan, late this afternoon an injured survivor was pulled from the wreckage. all of this happening on 38th street near 5th avenue. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is there with the story. >> reporter: and this is the very situation rescue crews tell us they train for. this 30-year-old man was waist deep in debris. rescue crews were actually able to communicate with him throughout this rescue. they say he was lucid for most of it. i want you to take a look this is actually the construction site. you can still see a few police officers standing by. the site made up of two buildings here, the collapse itself happened on the back side of the shorter building.
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>> an ambulance left the scene carrying a construction worker who was trapped under debris for three hours and 16 minutes. >> it's a good team effort, a lot of guys are talking to them. you have some of the best people in the world, the ones that have been doing this for a long time talking to the guy. >> we had minimal lifting points to tray to lift the debris off the member. we had debris in a lot of specialized tools and what we needed to worry about is if we lifted on one point we didn't want the debris to shift on another point. >> we actually had him squeeze some of the guys' hands at one point. pain. he wasn't 100% lucid, you know, towards the end, to come back as we started to get him out. >> police say another construction worker died in the ceiling collapse on 38th avenues. >> it was a v shaped collapse. the person that was trapped was trapped at the very point of that v, which made difficult for the members of the fire department, police department to free them without
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releasing all of the material that was precariously hanging above them. >> buildings commissioner rick chandler is looking into the disaster. he says there was not a stop work order at the site of a future hotel. >> we issued a violation for 25 in august for excessive debris from the demolition. we've got -- we're committed to a full investigation. the contractor's engineer was out yesterday and requested that they stop the job until they get additional shoring. we don't know for sure if that's what was happening today. >> >> reporter: this construction site made up of these two buildings here we're told is structurally sound, however, there is now a stop work order. in the meantime we have just learned that that man who died was 26 years old. the 30-year-old man that was trapped in the debris is in serious but stable condition. live in midtown, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news.
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>> thank you mallory. new york city police releasing a sketch of a man wanted for sexually assaulting an 8-year- old girl in the bronx. police say he approached the young girl from behind as she entered her building in the mount hope section on saturday. he covered her mount and restrained her and then molested her. he ran away after she started screaming. a community in new jersey is in mourning after a beloved pastor was discovered dead inside his church. reverend ronald christian died this morning while praying at the christian love baptist church in irvington. the 51-year-old was found by a family member. those who knew reverend christian say he was instrumental to his community and beyond counseling gang members and helping many turn their lives around. >> the emotions are extremely high. he's an awesome man of god. he's not just a man in the community of irvington or newark or new jersey or america
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but he touched lives around the world. >> such a huge loss. police say there is no sign of foul play. the cause of reverend christian's death will be determined by an autopsy. authorities investigating a deadly fire in the bronx, the fire department says the fire started on the first floor of a building in the mount hope section about 8 last night. crews found a man unconscious inside an apartment. he was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. the victim's identity has not been released yet. another resident of the building was treated for smoke inhalation. now to the latest in the fight to defite isis in syria. for the first time the u.s. will deploy troops to help aid rebel forces. fewer than 50 are going, but the move is still seen as significant. political reporter dave evans is here with the details. >> the move is significant because it marks the first time that american troops will be deployed inside syria. the white house insists they will not be involved in day-to- day combat, that they're there simply to train and assist. for some this is a worrisome
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development that 50 troops won't be effective, that it puts americans at risk. others fear it could lead to a rapid escalation. >> the white house says it is not a major troop deployment like in iraq and afghanistan. fewer than 50 commandos from u.s. special operations. they'll advise syrian rebels and kurdish forces now fighting isil. they'll operate out of northern syria and the white house admits it is a serious risk. >> the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to taking the fight on the ground to isil in their own >> today's decision comes as a barrage of missiles slammed into a suburb of damascus killing at least 55 people, the latest in this ongoing civil war. today's decision also comes as 19 foreign ministers including secretary of state john kerry are in vienna trying for a
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republicans have said obama's policy in fighting isil has been woefully inadequate. today many doubt that 50 u.s. troops will make much of a difference. >> to put american lives at risk with such a small number to me is not going to improve the situation at all. so i'm very concerned. to me the president either should do it or not do it, 50 troops to me just seems to me he's going halfway. >> one big concern is russia has already entered syria and has fired at syrian rebels. the people who we are now trying to help. but the white house says more must be done to try to end the civil war in syria. it has lasted for four years now, left 250,000 dead and more than displaced. shirleen and david. >> thank you. dave. a possible break in the case of a missing couple in connecticut, we'll tell you what detectives are saying about a grim discovery and what it means for their investigation. >> and we're hearing from a popular giants player, jason pierre paul speaking out for
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july 4th accident put him in the hospital. >> plus this. >> i'm lauren glassberg, we are in the east village gigis. there is a sudden undercurrent of mets fanaticism. it's all coming up. >> eats at 4:00, fantastic, sunny side of the street is the place to be. i've got a gusty wind at my back. hopefully this goes away for the marathon. here's the signal, a little breeze will back off. have the heat on later on. for sports just right, out and
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. looking live north of the cross bronx expressway, northbound traffic stop and go
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the street. at the hudson river crossings, the inbound lincoln tunnel is 30 minutes, the inbound george washington bridge we're looking at 20 minutes on the upper level. residents in kentucky are relieved that an armed and dangerous fugitive who was on the run for a week has been killed. heat imaging equipment inside a police helicopter was used to find 62-year-old floyd ray cook hiding in an embankment in burkesville early this morning. cook refused to surrender. he exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officers. >> brandished a gun. he did have one and shots were exchanged and cook sustained wounds which ultimately led to his death. >> it was kind of a scary moment because you know, we didn't know when you're searching in the dark, that's an unais feeling. >> cook was paroling in 2009. hiss rap sheet includes convictions for rape of a
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parts of central and southern texas hit hard by a fast moving storm that's caused widespread flooding and may have spawned a tornado. the storm dumped more than 16 inches of rain in a matter of hours and it's feared more could be on the way. near san antonio rescuers saved school children trapped inside water. it's believed the storm also spawned a tornado that leveled several homes and restaurants obviously would continue to track the latest. i know you've been tracking it though from our weather center. >> a piece of that particular system we have to watch for monday. it's a bit of a close call with that. >> i'll tell you what a buzz on the west side. we have so much going on this weekend. the upper west side is home to a lot of it right? >> it really is. we're going to be doing it at 5:30, running over, opening ceremonies for the marathon, the tcs marathon. >> we've got a lot going on. >> no pressure, right lee? >> no pressure. >> i only have about 4 or 5 planners i'm going to pass along to you. you know halloween's so much
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fun in the upper west side, too. we always see the kids go by in the costumes and here on 69th street, a great scene. getting exciting, a lot of tourists in town scoping out this area. we're only a block from the finish line. david talked to you about the opening ceremonies at 5:30. let's go ahead and look outside at lower manhattan which really doesn't capture the wind that's going on right now. it's whistling right now at about 20 miles an hour. they're pretty good gusts, 59 degrees, 33% humidity. a northwest wind at 17. the barometer's on the rise as that high gets closer, the winds will back off. managed to reach 61. these are your morning lows, take about 8 to 12 degrees off these numbers you get tomorrow morning's lows. it's chilly. it's actually a frost advisory eastern long island where parties of the area the growing season hasn't ended. we've got 59 degrees at citi field, pretty gusty wind there, backs off as we approach game time, have that forecast in just a second. and notice in the suburbs already 48 in monticello. definitely a chill in the air.
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you'll need the coat tonight. the winds are out of the northwest, still gusts over 20 miles an hour. as the evening wears on it will become more like 7 to 16 by 7:00. lighter wind later on. things calm down. that means chilly temperatures tomorrow morning with light winds and clear skies. 44 in the city, widespread 30s in the suburbs, and then sun will be mixed with high clouds during the day but will be a light wind. for first pitch tonight, 52 degrees northwest wind about 6 to 12 miles an hour, so if you're fortunate enough to have tickets you'll need the coat. even though that doesn't sound that strong, standing in that can feel chilly. the satellite's mainly clear, high pressure is going to try to build in. as that gets closer later on tonight the winds will start to back up. then we look at a pair of lows. middle of the country and over towards canada. one's going to our north, one's going to our south. the one to the north is close enough that it could brush us with a shower sunday morning. the halloween forecast for tomorrow evening after a high of about 56, 52 in the early
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evening with lighter wind, maybe a layer under the kids' costumes. otherwise you're in great shape. 56 by day. watch that front to the north. much of the rain's going upstate and into new england. a little bit of those southern showers just clipped the area. best chance will be north and west, but i'd put it at a 20% shot of a shower as folks are waiting at fort wadsworth for the starting line. during the race skies brighten. 63 your high, but at the start of the race probably lower to mid-50s. clear and chilly, less wind tonight, 29 to 37 suburbs, 42 in the city. sunshine mixes with high clouds tomorrow about 56 and tomorrow night a calm or a light wind for halloween turning cloudy, 50s in the evening and 48 later on. seven-day accuweather forecast. extra hour of sleep as we go through the weekend. back. on sunday a cloudy start with a 20% changes of a shower. 60s in the afternoon, some brighter skies. sunset at 4:52. we have to watch that storm on monday, look at the warmth as we go through next week, maybe 70 degrees and, again, just
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forecast will be in the 50s in the early evening. the big question david and shirleen about the extended forecast will that storm say south on monday. we may have to talk about significant rain, at least in the southern suburbs. i have a more detailed marathon planner that will take you from 9 to 4 so we get all the runners in there, everything you need to know and more on the seven-day and accuweather. >> you need the app to go along with this. there's so much to keep track of. thank you. >> i mentioned this earlier, the opening ceremonies of the tcs new york city marathon kicking off tonight. we're going to bring it to you live. amy freeze and i will be there as the parade of nation kicks off. by the way, grand marshal spike lee will be joining us live to talk about all the excitement of this weekend. >> some of the world's most elite runners. >> you've got everything. great new york stories, great runners, amy spike lee, i'm there. >> you. >> i'm there. it's all good. >> keep your kids safe on halloween. coming up we're going to tell you how parole officers are
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cracking down across our area. >> and he meant to jump out of the plane, but he certainly didn't mean to hang from it. how this sky dive went terribly wrong. >> and channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon, and we have been taking you mile by mile introducing you to some of the new yorkers you'll find on the course. >> so mile 12 is right by mccarron park which has been open since the early 1900s which used to have two separate playgrounds one for boys, one for girls. >> the tcs new york city marathon is this sunday november i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. >> well in this season of high powered politics, some of hollywood's a-list names bringing us a behind the scenes look at the political process. sandy kenyon here with a review of the sandra bullock movie our brand is crisis. >> i was really looking forward to this one after seeing a preview for it while watching another film. now normally i like to go into a movie knowing as little about it as possible, but in this case my hopes were really high so i was really disappointed. >> our candidate is considered arrogant and out of touch with people's lives. >> the gap has never been larger between a terrific trailer and a movie that misses.
4:25 pm
with a great star is in fact a mean spirited mess. >> so why can you not say what you're supposed to say? where's -- >> of course you are! of course you're a puppet. >> what should be sharp as in smart is dull as in dumb, so much so i can't even muster up enough energy to care about what went wrong. >> you're a fighter, jane. i'm giving you another shot at the title. >> sandra bullock's character is a political consultant sent into exile by a series of defeats at the hands of a rival operator played by billy bob thornton. >> what are you doing here? i thought you were retired or gave up or something. >> their battleground is bolivia where their american political tricks don't travel all that well. >> it's like he killed himself rather than be in one of our commercials. >> the roster of talented long one. there's not enough time to list tries his best.
4:26 pm
it doesn't really matter in the end but at least their candidate looks and sounds credible. nevertheless, i too doubt long before their battle of the buses. >> go go go go >> actually that looks like more fun than it was, at least for me, but taxi tv viewer jordan has disagreed with my review so i asked her along for disagree again. she praises sandra bullock's performance, thinks billy bob was charming as a villain, and insists hey it's a good movie but even jordan admits this is not a date night kind of good to use her words. find this review, find jordan's review and others like burnt starring bradley cooper at abc7ny. dave, shirleen. >> hey, she didn't agree with you, but you allowed her to have a voice. that was good of you sandy.
4:27 pm
>> there's different types of good. >> if i'm going to spend a lot of money, not good. >> not $50 date kind of good. >> all right. thanks. >> thank you sandy. >> 30 minutes of terror, coming up, a sky diver trapped under the wing of a plane during a flight. what he did that saved his life. >> plus this. >> this pie is called the 1986 inspired by the mets, and it's been on the menu at gigi's since they opened. who knows, there could be a 2015 on the menu soon enough. i'm lauren glassberg and neighborhood eats is coming up. >> and a potential break in the case of a couple from connecticut missing since august. >> i want to take you back live to that scene in brooklyn where a stray bullet has hit a bus,
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now new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 4:30 and all new this half hour, a potential break in the disappearance of a connecticut couple missing for nearly three months. >> trick or treat.
4:30 pm
york, the steps in place to ensure paroled sex offenders don't take advantage of halloween. >> trapped, a sky diver suspended in the air for 30 minutes. how the high drama finally ended. >> and we begin with half hour with a potential break in the disappearance of a couple from connecticut. remains were found at a vacant home in weston. >> jeffrey and jeanette navin haven't been seen since august 4th. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in weston withed to's developments. >> shirleen, dave, more than 24 hours later police still at the scene here at the house where that discovery was made. they're now awaiting confirmation from the medical examiner's office waiting for a positive identification on those two bodies. >> . >> the remains found at number 89 norfield road in weston are that of two human individuals.
4:31 pm
case that has dragged on for months. yesterday afternoon the remains of two bodies were found buried in a backyard. it was in august that jeffrey and jeanette navin of easton disappeared. their car was found abandoned with the windows shot out in a parking lot next to the merritt parkway. the house where the discovery was made is vacant but the owner returned to find the yard had been dug out. >> there were items there that did not belong based on the yard work that was being done, and that is why the police department was called at the time. >> the last person to see the couple is their son kyle who was arrested on a gun charge after a search of his house. today in court prosecutors called navin a suspect in his parents' disappearance. >> detectives are actively working to process the scene and exploring the possibility that this is connected to the easton missing person's case. >> coming up at 6, we will hear from residents in this area who yes, they are shocked but they also recall seeing some activity at the house earlier
4:32 pm
this summer, and they thought that it was indeed a little bit odd. we'll hear from them in another live report. for now we're live ins weton, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you marcus. we want to return to that breaking news we told you about at the top of the newscast. a passenger injured after a bullet struck a bus he was on in bushwick brooklyn. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is live from the scene right now. josh. >> reporter: yeah, we're here in the bushwick section of brooklyn right on wykoff avenue at green avenue. this is the bus. it's a b13 bus that if we push in you can see the bullet hole in the window there on the left side of this bus. we'll show you video that we have from the scene. this happening just in the last hour and a half or so. police sources are telling us this stemmed from some sort of gun battle. there were either shots ringing out, it's not clear how many shots were fired, but we can widen out and show you this scene.
4:33 pm
on wykoff avenue and one of those bullets apparently went wild and flew into the side of that bus. a woman said to be in her 60s was on the other side of that window was grazed in the forehead by fragments of glass from that window. she went to wykoff hospital where she is listed in stable condition. itst not clear right now how many shots were fired on this block, who shot them, or who the intended target was. we're working on getting the information on all of that and when we get more information of course we'll have it for you on eyewitness news at 5. the good news the woman who was hit by those fragments of glass was not seriously injured as the investigation gets juneway to figure out where those bullets cage from and why they were fired. >> we're live, josh einiger channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you josh. well, dozens of nypd officers and some of randolph holder's relatives were at the airport in guyana as the body of the slain new york city detective arrived. guyana's president david
4:34 pm
granger will attend funeral services for detective holder tomorrow at the main catholic cathedral in georgetown. holder's father a retired officer from guyana says he is overwhelmed by the outpowering of support in the u.s. and his home country. new york giants defensive end jason pierre paul is breaking his silence about the fireworks accident that cost him a finger. pierre paul spoke with the media for the first time since the accident on the 4th of july. he did not go into details about the incident but called it a mistake and said he is sorry that his absence has hurt the team. he said he is confident in his ability to play and is grateful for the support of the organization and his teammates. >> i'm the same jpp i was last year. it's not going to be a major adjustment you know what i mean, but as far as like my hand goes, i'll get used to it, you know what i mean. like i'm just fortunate i can play football again.
4:35 pm
with the giants this week wearing a special glove on his right hand. it is unclear when he will take part in a game. new york state taking to ensure sex offenders don't take advantage of halloween to commit more crimes. the state once again imposing special rules on parole defenders. they are prohibited from dressing in costume or opening their doors to trick or treaters. they also must remain home tomorrow night. parole officers plan to check up on the more than 2300 sex offenders currently under supervision in our area. still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, a special mets edition of neighborhood eats with a menu inspired by the amazins. >> and what are the most popula mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy.
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ll want to take you back out to queens and a live look at citi field. you can see the amazins getting ready for tonight's game, starts at 8:07. we got to win this one tonight. we are down two games to zip against kansas city. you know what, game 3, i feel like that's the charm. this is where the comeback begins. so go mets and we'll keep you posted on all the latest developments. >> you know what, you're not alone. >> yeah, i'm not. >> mets' fans are showing their love all over the city.
4:38 pm
they're keeping hope alive including at an east village restaurant where the chef is a huge mets fan. >> it's located at 511 east 5th street and here's lauren glassberg with today's mets' edition of neighborhood eats. >> my grandma raised me to be a mets fan in a yankee environment. >> and bobby helen's grandmother also taught him how to cook, both passions on display at gige's in the east village where there's a mix of salads, sandwiches and pizza. >> it's not a very traditional pizzeria. it's a restaurant that has pizza. >> but that pizza does have a following. >> i definitely always get like some vegetable, salad or something but always pizza. obviously that's the draw. it's really good. >> if you happen to be a met's fan you might notice momentos of the mets and references on the menu. there's the ron darling pizza topped with smoked ham and pineapple, a tribute to darling's hawaiian heritage. >> you're eating the ron
4:39 pm
>> huge mets fan. >> and then there's the 1986. >> 86 the last year that the mets won the world series. hopefully we're going to change that this year. >> the 1986 topped with spicies so are is a da, and add sweet and tangy notes, spices and a dusting of pecorino. the cooked pie is topped with arugula which is grown out back in the restaurant's garden. you can finish it off with a murphy's home run sundae topped with cracker jacks and served in a mets helmet of course. >> i saw the mets sundae i wanted to try. >> you're starting with pizza. >> you got to have lunch first. >> bobby's lighting some candles hoping the mets win the world series. his co-owner is hoping they win too. >> he's much happier when the mets are winning for sure. >> if the mets win the world series you can bet you'll see a 2015 pie on the menu at gigi's soon enough.
4:40 pm
you can find the recipe at abc7ny/eats. enjoy and go mets. >> wow. thank you. looks really delicious. >> nice job. >> i know what this tastes like, it's the 86, red sox tears. that's what i taste on there. >> good stuff. >> i wasn't going to eat anything with a mets players name after it but 86 metsly eat. what's the most popular costumes you'll be seeing on halloween, we'll have the answer in the trend. >> talk about a wild ride, suspended in the air, upside down for half an hour, how it all came to a dramatic ending. >> reporter: and we are live at the opening ceremonies of the tcs new york city marathon. we're just above the finish line, so runners are you ready, 1300 athletes from 130 countries will kick off the opening ceremonies here. i'm amy freeze, david novarro will be along with us and special guest spike lee the grand marshal of this year's tcs new york city marathon when we come back. >> we will be there shortly
4:41 pm
amy. hey let's take another live look outside. what can runners expect marathon sunday, that's why we've got meteorologist lee
4:42 pm
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. wow, we're just 45 minutes away from the opening ceremony marathon. >> i cannot wait. thousands of people gathering in central park right now near the finish line where the runners will cross on sunday. i'm going to head over in a couple of minutes. we've got amy freeze there now with a little bit of a preview. you got everything all set up for us there? >> reporter: pretty much.
4:44 pm
david, you talk about everybody crossing the finish line. that's one of the most magical things here about the tcs new york city marathon is everybody starts in the same place over in staten island and everybody's target is right here in central park. so 55,000 runners, whether they're an elite runner or they're just trying it for the very first time getting out here, everybody competes and they're all shooting for this. we'll have the opening ceremonies coming up at 5:30. what that's about is a chance their stories. they come from all over the world, 55,000 runners and athlete from several countries will be here, 130 countries represented in this particular opening ceremony. about 1300 athletes in total. we'll also be seeing some new york natives and their special connections to charity organizations. it's surprising for some people to know that this race provides millions of dollars for over 200 charities, so pretty impressive numbers. the bottom line, though, is whether you're a runner or not, this is an important race for new york city. it brings in a lot of tourism.
4:45 pm
they estimate that the economic impact for the new york city marathon is close to $340 million. that last number came in in 2010, so pretty impressive to think about what it has for an impact for the city. when we get a little personal tonight, shirleen and david where we go and take a look at some of the people behind the bibs. we get to know some of the racers, the clubs and organizations and the stories that got them here. >> yeah. >> to be able to take on this event. i mean, we can only imagine someone enters a lottery to get here to the new york city marathon. it becomes a trip of a lifetime for them. live from central park, back insided studio to you guys. >> some of the best new york stories are part of this experience. >> can't wait to hear them. coming up at 5:30 we will air that opening ceremony live from central park, and tomorrow join shirleen and me for the countdown to the starting line at 7:30. we'll be live from central park. let's not forget what this is all about, marathon sunday, a our coverage begins at 7 a.m. we've got lee goldberg, very
4:46 pm
>> you're going to disappear like the warm weather right now. >> all right. the trend is all ours. >> the pressure. >> we look forward to the opening ceremonies. we have a chilly afternoon and early evening, but the park looks fantastic, the finish line in central park on sunday, and it will be pretty nice, temperatures will be around 60 around finish for most. we see a little foliage there in the park, definitely some colors on the tree tops. we're at 59. the wind is gusty. it will back off during the evening hours. you need to have your coat as the sun goes down. the wind will still be over 15 miles an hour. lows 42 as skies begin to clear, great for first pitch at citi field. 53 degrees, a little bit of a breeze here but good for october baseball. planner for tomorrow, sun yields to high clouds, probably a high overcast by the end of the day and clouds will be thickening. we remain dry for trick or treat time, just a layer under the costumes. lower 50s and the winds will be light most importantly.
4:47 pm
field and a light wind under mostly cloudy skies. here's the futurecast here, tomorrow morning a lot chillier than it's been as of late. close to freezing or below north and west. 41 in islip, high clouds coming in. we should get in the mid-50s and the wind will be light. a pleasant afternoon. clouds certainly taking over, and it will remain mostly cloudy. i fast forward the futurecast sunday morning right around race time. i'm sure you've heard. we've been talking about the potential for showers. the bulk of them will be upstate. a couple will dot the radar. i'd say there's about a 15 or 20% shot of a shower. with that said that's what i included in the marathon planner, not bad for temperatures. last year the planner showed wind gusts of 40 miles an hour. now it's just 5 to 10 or 12 miles an hour. maybe 14 or 15 during the race. clouds and the shower threat early on. as we go through the midday, brighter skies, in fact maybe partial sunshine as we go
4:48 pm
through the afternoon around 60 degrees and the winds around 12 miles an hour. here is your seven-day forecast. becoming more cloud covered by the time we get to the afternoon and evening for trick or treating. turn the clocks back tomorrow night, sunset on sunday. it's 4:52 in the afternoon, a high of 63. low to mid-50s at the start of the marathon, slight threat of a shower. i am including more rainfall on york city. close call with a storm offshore. look at how mild it is. i mean we're near 70 by midweek. the first week of november looks fantastic. this goes along with this winter forecast where we may have a november and december that's above normal for the most part with spells of cold. let's hope that continues. >> no complaints here. you done well. we're doing the trend. it's time to take a look at halloween eve and wondering what costumes you'll see the most tomorrow. according to google, these are
4:49 pm
the most searched nationwide. numbers 3, 4, 5, batman, pirate. i was a pirate today. you didn't see my pirate costume. and superhero. number 2 star wars of course. and the number one search costume, harley quinn after dc comics character. nice. >> got you. all right. from the most popular costumes to the most popular candy, the site influencer conducted surveys across america and broke down the most popular candies by state, new yorkers we like sweet tarts. >> i love it. >> kids in jersey prefer sour patch kids. that's a liz cho favorite. >> love that too. >> in connecticut, chocolate, my peanut butter cuts. that's one of my favorites too. >> apparently shirleen loves the kit kats which is a top choice of people in montana, home of a lot of the allicott family i guess. >> i love all that candy, all of it. halloween is must see tv on live with kelly ask michael.
4:50 pm
annual audience costume contest. >> i'm so nervous. the grim reaper, jamie sallinger. >> wow. >> so amazing, 11 years old, the grim reaper. kelly and michael. >> there it is. >> taking part in the fun with a number of costume changes of their own. the pair playing everyone from characters in magic mike and star wars and donald trump, kim kardashian there. i love it. >> the product production of this all week long. look at trump, how great is that. survivor, that's fantastic. >> they do such a great job. they bring it each year and they top themselves every year. had us laughing, such a great job. >> mm-hmm. >> enjoyed it. >> is this the case of a pop star behaving badly. justin bieber stopped a concert in oslo norway after performing just one song. apparently he got irritated with his fans. on instagram he wrote that he chose to end the show because the people in the front row
4:51 pm
look alt that. >> are you serious? >> he just ended it. >> the guy doesn't learn. i mean he stops the concert. we're just going to stop the it. choice. fans of the sopranos have a suv. it was featured during the show. the car's interior has two autographs from james began dole fee knee. apparently this one was used for more exterior shots. interior. >> forget about it, if you want an escalade, there you go. >> i bet. >> thanks lee. >> for 30 minutes, a man was suspended in the air, the sky dive that went incredibly wrong himself. >> and here's a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. it's 40 minutes inbound at the
4:52 pm
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a skydive goes incredibly wrong. the skydiver ends of dangling from the plan for half an hour. tim fleischer has the terrifying tale. >> reporter: a terrifying parachute jump gone wrong. watch as this skydiver hangs helplessly from his plane. his jumpsuit pant leg caught on the very step he used to throw himself out of the plane. as the plane circles at 10,000 feet, fernando got a remains upside down. frantic friends watch in horror from the ground after half a minute. he cuts off the lake section of his pantsuit, deploying his second parachute. landing safely as friends rust to his aid. his only injury, a minor cut on his hand from the knife he used to cut for you.
4:55 pm
help in crises like this one. tim fleischer, channel 7 >> just incredible. more news at including another update on the bullet that graced a city bus. eyewitness news at 5 begins right now. en garde, the nypd gets set for another massive challenge protecting the public during a events. one worker dies, another gets trapped when a building partially collapses. good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. police have surrounded an mta bus hit by gunfire in brooklyn. they are taking pictures and collecting evidence. a woman on board was hurt when a bus window shattered. she has been rushed to the hospital. >> eyewitness reporter josh
4:56 pm
josh? >> reporter: this is wyckoff avenue between harman and green. let me show you the side of the bus if you can see it. the side of the bus has a bullet hole, midway through that bus. let's show you the sidewalk here in front of us, down that block. that is where apparently, gunfire rang out. someone fired several bullets from the sidewalk and one of them apparently hit the side of that bus. just in the last couple minutes, police uncovered what appeared to be shell casings, at least three of them there on that sidewalk. we're working to give you video of those shell casings as they process them and work on the scene. i will tell you on the bus was a 60-year-old woman, i should say in her 60s sitting on the other side of that window. she was grazed by shards of glassthat went flying through the bus after the bullet went
4:57 pm
she was not actually shot with the bullet, but she was grazed with shards of glass. she went to wyckoff hospital. we are told she's in stable condition. it is not clear who was firing those bullets, who the target was, and police have not made any arrests that we are aware of on the scene. we will have more information on this story, we will bring it to you. a passenger on that bus, minor injuries was actually good news. when a shard of glass grazed her in the head after a bullet went into that bus. more information about what went on here and who police are looking for, we we'll let you know. live in brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. the nypd tightening security in advance of several big events in new york city including the world series, the village halloween parade and the tcs new york city marathon. >> this is a live look at the marathon finish line. 1800 officers setting up thousands of barricades and
4:58 pm
utilizing scores of undercover
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