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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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utilizing scores of undercover cops. >> reporter cefaan kim ms. in central park for us tonight. >> reporter: here at the finish line of the new york city marathon in preparation underway, with tens of thousands of people expected, officials want to make every sure -- make sure everyone has a fun and safe time. this is one of several major events happening in the city through the weekend. that means a lot of work ahead for the nypd. >> we have a lot of security, because of our size and expertise, more experience with world series, because of the winning nature of our teams. >> reporter: police commissioner says this is what the nypd is part -- a security trifecta that starts with game three of the world series at citi field with game four in queens tomorrow. if needed another the world series is just the beginning to a marathon weekend of large events. then add a massive halloween
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village saturday night. this year, added security concerns after an fbi warning about a potentially dangerous to anarchist group that plans to ambush cops on halloween. officials say they are monitoring the threat and they don't see any cause for concern. >> the group mentioned in that threat has no nexus to new york city in terms of its past involvement or past actions. >> reporter: on sunday, more than 50,000 are running in the tcs new york city marathon. commissioner bratton says the city is no stranger to hosting large international sports competitions. >> the marathon is an extraordinary event. it's the same city as the was open. >> reporter: to top it monday, president obama visits newark. afterwards he has to the city for some fundraisers. again, police officials say everything is under control but expect some traffic jams when the president is in town on monday. in central park, cefaan kim,
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now to the mets, just hours away from hosting kansas city in the first world series game ever played at citi field. >> they are confident despite trailing 2-0. first, long island native billy joel will sing the national anthem. then former met mike piazza first pitch. >> then it is hammer time with noah syndergaard. we have team cars -- team coverage. rob powers inside citi field. rob? >> reporter: welcome inside citi field for game three of the world series. the first world series game ever here inside this building. i'm going to get out of the way and show you what's happening. the mets on the field for batting practice. this is not the way they wanted to come home but they will make the best of it, down 0-2 to the royals. world series makes its debut.
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nobody watched those games in kansas city as intently as him. >> it's really helped me devise a game plan to go out there. >> reporter: approach a team that looks so on right now. the mets go to syndergaard to help revive the season. remember, he is 23. he takes the mound in game three of the world series tonight with the confidence of his teammates. >> nice to have no ongoing. i know the fans will be excited. >> reporter: this young flamethrower steps into the brightest spotlight there is tonight. new york city. world series. >> we didn't plan this to happen, being down 0-2, but coming back home is a big thing for us. >> they will be there for us. i'm sure the field will be electric. it will give us a great chance. >> reporter: in the stadium yesterday with just a handful of people around, the calm
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>> this guy threw six innings of 100 miles an hour in los angeles. please show me that's done -- show me anybody the stone that. -- anybody that's done that. >> reporter: batting projects continues for the mets as they get host -- get such host game three against the royals. that's a sense of what's happening inside the stadium right now. let's get outside the stadium to see what's happening out there with joe torres and the fans. joe? >> talked to some of the fans outside the ballpark. you can walk away thinking the messed -- the mets must be up 2- 0. in fact, it's the other way around. mets fans eternally optimistic. in fact, a few of them even admitted something many sports fans will never do. the other team they are playing is pretty good. >> and that the truth.
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citi field parking lot to do something they haven't done in years. a late october tailgate party soon to be followed by game three. >> let's go mets! >> i was hoping for a form games -- a four-game sweet so we could have seated -- seen it on halloween. the next best thing, this is the first ever world series game at citi field. >> reporter: no doubt about that. the mets are still down 2-0 in a best-of-seven series. the odds don't look good, but for the truly faithful, predictions about the postseason outcome sound a lot hope springs eternal. >> we had a tremendous second half. everyone said we weren't going to. we beat the cubs when everyone said we weren't going to do it. us. mildly. the only prescription. >> home for three days, going
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to win three days. >> reporter: then you have to wing it over there. >> that's okay. >> reporter: instead of mets in five, what is it now? >> the mets in six. >> in six. easy. not only that, think about it. tickertape parade is way overdue. >> reporter: think about it. it's his parade. how about we concentrate on wrapping up the world series? i've got my pet -- i've got my towel. i'm joe torres, mets in seven, eyewitness news. did i say that, diana? >> i want to go to his parade too, by the way. >> i want one too. stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage as the mets try to battle back in the world series. send us your pictures of the orange and blue, use the hashtag abc7ny. now to a construction tragedy in manhattan where a worker was killed. a man died when an eight story
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building collapsed during demolition. a second worker trapped in the rubble for hours was rescued. 25 west 38th is slated to become a luxury hotel. mallory hall is at the scene in midtown. mallory? >> reporter: sade, we know there is in fact a stop work order on this site, but we're told surrounding area is not in danger. that's not -- it applies to this construction site, future hotel area. construction site itself made up of these two buildings. the actual ceiling collapse happened behind this building. this, as we're learning, the age of the man who died, we're told he was 26. the man pulled from debris, just 30. adrian curio skype with us after being told he couldn't leave his office due to safety concerns after a ceiling collapsed right across the street from where he works. this is the view out your window?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: when it happened, you ran to this window? >> yeah. we literally ran here. >> reporter: an ambulance left the scene carrying a worker who was trapped under debris for three hours 16 minutes. >> a team effort. you have some of the best people in the world. they've been doing this for a long time. very reassuring, you have the best experts in the world. >> another construction worker died in the ceiling collapsed on 38, between fifth and sixth avenues in midtown. >> a thin mac shaped collapsed -- a v shaped collapsed at the very point of that v. made it difficult for the members of the police department to free them without releasing all of the material that was precariously hanging above them. >> reporter: the building commissioner, rick chandler, is looking into the disaster.
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>> engineer was now -- the engineer was out yesterday and requested they stop the job until they get additional shoring. we don't know for sure if that's what was happening today. >> reporter: people who live nearby remain startled. >> i'm a native new yorker. the first thing i did was get very nervous. >> reporter: the commissioner of buildings saying it is still unclear exactly what was going onhere at the site today. as you can see, the street has since reopened and we've learned that 30-year-old man pulled from the debris remains in serious condition tonight. live in midtown, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. u.s. troops are heading to syria to advise kurdish forces and rebels fighting isis. the white house says fewer than 50 commandos from u.s. special operations will be on the ground in northern syria. officials insist this is not a major deployment like in iraq and afghanistan. this follows a missile attack
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in a suburb of damascus that killed 55 people. mayor de blasio finally endorses hillary clinton for president on a cable show this morning. >> filled in the blanks forcefully, not just on economics, very passionately, voting rights, constitutional amendment to end the effects of citizens united. >> the mayor managed clinton's 2000 senate campaign. he initially refused to endorse her claiming he needed to know more about her vision for the presidency. clinton has the support of 135 mayors across the country. stocks ended the trading week with another down day, although they drifted lower today, the market finished the month of october with its biggest monthly gain in four years. the dow fell 92 points closing at 17,663. nasdaq dropped 20 and the s&p 500 lost 10 points. new information in the hunt
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for a sexual predator. coming up, surveillance video captured the suspect wanted for attempting to rape a young girl. we'll show you the new clue
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the nypd releasing the sets -- the sketch of a suspect. the sketch coming on the heels of surveillance video released earlier this week. police say the suspect approached a girl from behind as she entered her building on saturday. covered her mouth and restrained her, then molested her. he ran away when she started screaming. all new, an arrest in a string of church arsons in missouri between october 8 and 22. seven churches were set on fire in the st. louis area.
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all but one or churches with predominantly black congregations. 35-year-old david lopez jackson is charged with setting two of those fires. investigators no longer believe the fires are hate crimes. the manhunt is over for a dangerous fugitive in kentucky for nearly a week. police used heat imaging equipment to track down floyd ray cook this morning. he was fatally wounded in a shootout with officers. he was serving more than 100 years when he was paroled in 2009. he had been conducted -- convicted of raping a minor and armed robbery. a good samaritan saves the life of a driver involved in a fiery crash on the saw mill river parkway. the passerby pulled the driver out of the car just before it burst into flames early this morning. near the tuckahoe road exit in yonkers. a passenger was able to get out on her own here firefighters put the flames out. the driver is expected to be
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thank goodness. three years later, there's another sandy related subway closure in lower manhattan. the mta is shutting down the main entrance to the south very, whitehall street station. another stage in the 200 million rehab project to fix the damage caused by sandy. 15 million gallons of salt water flooded. other features are being installed. the closure is expected to last nine months. the weather is nice. gorgeous. >> just depends what you're talking about. halloween? the marathon? the mets? a lot going on. drive for the most part for everything. reasonable temperatures especially compared to the marathon forecast we had last year. so outside tonight, this is what you're dealing with. sun glare on the way home and also breezes. if you are in high profile vehicles, you might want to
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have two hands on the wheel. we're at 56, humidity at 34%. northwest wind gusting to 25. after sunset, it will back off a little bit. been like for later on. those this morning were in the 40s. even 38 in sussex. 8-12 degrees away from these numbers to get tomorrow morning's lows. easton long island, growing season so going on. frost tonight. 54 in white plains, 59 at jfk. so much nicer on the sunny side of the street. once we get sunset, 45 minutes away, pretty chilly. 46 in monticello, 59 in belmar. at citi field, when dust to 25. 8-60-mile-per-hour winds at first pitch. gusts are getting widely scattered and isolated. so i think the winds will continue to die down. dropping into the 40s after 10:00. we're about 42-44 tomorrow
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sunshine. first pitch, royals and mets, wind. pretty typical october baseball. gusty winds out of the northwest, on the eastern side, that's what happens overnight. tomorrow. high clouds here, that's what you'll see tomorrow. filtering the sun. two lows. one to our self for now. we have to watch that on monday. this low is the key for the marathon sunday. the bulk of it traveling to our north. i think the threat is only about 15-20%. for halloween, ahead of our front, we are fine and drive. light wind, maybe a little later on, kids costumes, 56 degrees. here is the front on sunday morning. the bulk of the rains going upstate. a couple showers may sneak into this tri-state area. best chance into hudson valley or connecticut.
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one or two brief showers sneaking into the five boroughs. a brief shower that last for a few minutes. about 63 during the afternoon. for the start of the race, 50s. this wind tonight, upper 20s in the coldest spots. a chill in the air tomorrow morning. sun mixes with high clouds, 56 and clouds will thicken tomorrow night. pretty nice halloween. a spot shower on sunday. after we turn the clocks back. marathon planner in the 50s, even low 60s during the afternoon, these winds, look closely, 10- 10-14 miles an hour. nothing like last year. 20% chance of shower. monday, rains south and east of new york city. at how warm the first week of november will be. much more on that coming up in our next half hour. we'll continue with the planner and look at game four for the mets as well. >> thank you, lee. church members in shock over the sudden loss of their leader. coming up next, a pastor found
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in new jersey right now police are investigating the death of a prominent pastor. >> reverend ron christian was found today. the sudden loss has left the converse -- the congregation heartbroken. tim fleischer has more. >> reporter: they are coming together where their faith is strongest. and where they have now lost reverend ron christian. >> an awesome man of god. not just a man who touched the community in new york or new jersey or america, but he touched lives around the world. >> reporter: passing at the young age of 51 has come to a shock -- has come as a shock to many.
5:23 pm
he was found here this morning. members of the church which reverend ron founded are deeply touched by his loss. >> happiness, sadness, very distraught. >> reporter: latisha west is one of many helped by reverend ron, encouraged to strive toward educational greatness. >> the power of his words were inspirational to me. even now, i'm working on my doctorate degree. >> reporter: reverend ron who shared much of his ministry has himself come through hard times turning his life around from heroin addiction. he spent time in prison but then found the calling and became a minister. his church was always open. >> he was the type of pastor that if you wanted something, you could see him. he didn't only preach the word but he was an example of the work. >> reporter: reverend jeffrey brown, a chaplain and friend of reverend ron leaves his greatest impact was with young teenagers. >> he touched the lives so many teenagers.
5:24 pm
no matter what you did, you knew that you could have a home grown service at this church. he never judged anybody. >> reporter: he even encouraged drug dealers and other criminals to turn themselves in and to the right thing. the essex county executive said it didn't matter who you were, because reverend ron welcomed people from all walks of life into his church and into his life. >> he was always there. he's going to be greatly missed in this community. >> reporter: from irvington, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> workers cleaning up from yesterday's plane fire. the director says 45-50 gallons of jet fuel spilled onto the tarmac yesterday along with the chemicals that firefighters used to put out the flames. investigators looking into the cause of the fire say the plane had no previous incidents or issues. 17 people were hurt when the engine on the dynamic airways jet suddenly caught fire. new york city lawmakers considering not -- tough new penalties for people who rent their homes illegally through
5:25 pm
airbnb-type websites. it would increase the fines for illegal rentals from -- from 1000 to $10,000. it includes new penalties for landlords to evict tenants in favor of guests. opponents of a purple -- say it drives up costs for residents. supporters say it is a business opportunity for apartment owners and renters. counting down to the tcs new york city marathon. >> the opening ceremony just minutes away. we are heading life to central park to bring you the parade of nations. way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor,
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and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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we are just two days away from the tcs new york city marathon. right now the opening ceremony getting underway in central park. thousands of people are gathered right now near the starting line and we will bring you the parade of nations. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. a quick look at the top stories. a woman on an mta is in the hospital after she was hit by class shattered by a stray bullet. police are searching for the gunman. one man has died in a collapse in a building. the building between fifth and sixth avenues is undergoing demolition. firefighters rescued another worker who was trapped in debris for over three hours. now a stop work order has been placed on the site. all eyes will be on citi field tonight for game three of the world series as the mets host the royals. new york is behind 2-0. noah
5:29 pm
now the kickoff of the tcs new york city marathon. the opening ceremony is underway right now. so let's go live now to david navarro and amy freeze us with the runners and the huge crowd that has gathered there to cheer them on. david and amy? >> reporter: welcome to the opening ceremony for the 45th tcs new york city marathon. what a great night to kick off this ultimate new york city event. i am david navarro. >> beautiful weather here today. makes me want to go for a run. over the next half hour, we're going to bring you the celebration that set the stage for a weekend of marathon events. 1300 delegates representing 130 countries will parade through columbus circle and finish right here at the marathon finish line at 66 inside central park. >> can you hear the celebration? >> reporter: for the next three days, new york city will be turned into a big block party. races from around the globe, they are participating in the parade of nations.
5:30 pm
complete with flags. so many countries represented. tomorrow, the big pasta party. a special at 7:30 p.m. and then sunday, race day, five boroughs covering 26.2 miles. 15,000 runners. one of them, my coanchor, amy freeze. >> this is my ninth marathon and my fifth in new york. this is the most ready i've ever been for a marathon. i've got butterflies. >> reporter: you know what else we got? filmmaker spike lee is the first new yorker, only the third grand marshal in the race's 45-year history, iconic new yorker, famous nickname, champion of all things new york, he put together a video that will kick off our live coverage of the tcs marathon. i got a chance to see it. we're going to speak to him later. >> i can't wait to hear to his
5:31 pm
-- to hear about his connection and feelings about the race. >> reporter: what are we looking at right now? fans riled up? >> this is a great club. they've been affiliated at the opening ceremonies for several years, basically cheerleaders in their 20s, 30s, and 40s to get the crowd riled up. >> every neighborhood these racers go through has a different story to tell. what's so wonderful is it puts new york city right on display. an amazing fantasy. >> it is. kicking off the ceremony right now, a lot of folks in the stands and grandstands are going to be listening to the race director, and this is a great thing for them to be able -- to be able to hear from him. he's he's the man behind the magic that brings the race together from the concept of the race on the first day to right there at the finish, he's every step of the way with the runners. >> reporter: we are looking at peter right now. getting them ready for the race.
5:32 pm
doesn't take much to get the party going here. why don't we listen in for a second? >> we welcome you with open arms to our city. sunday is new york city's greatest block party. this is just starting it off. you're going to party right through. the finish line right here, michael and i will be standing here greeting you. until the last runner comes through. are you ready to go? >> [cheering] >> let the parade begin. >> [cheers and applause] >> there could be no better way than to start a parade with your new york police department. >> he knows how this runs. this is a very exciting night. >> reporter: we're going to start things off with the kids, a great organization, it's going to be the flag bearer.
5:33 pm
olympic silver medalist, 2014 boston marathon -- >> you know what? i've seen him as a fan of the racing community. i've gotten to know him but i will never forget him winning the boston marathon. it's one of the great highlights of my life, seeing him run and win this race, meb keflezighi. he is an active member of the new york road running community. he continues to support the organization in so many ways. he is with the team for kids, organization on a regular basis. tonight, you will notice from the color guard to this first group, there are so many people who have looked forward to this night. david, they have really just prepared for months and months, some of them up to a year to get to this point. >> reporter: a very emotional time to see the new york police department parade guard leading
5:34 pm
the way right now. very important time in the city. a lot of people sending their best thoughts to all the officers killed in the line of duty. following them close behind, the children. so much of what this race is about, charity work. >> that's right. the largest charity that's represented here, in the parade of nations, tonight, there is a $4 million for youth organizations, not just in new york city either. these are programs all over the country, going right now, various places. >> reporter: that comes to about 200,000 children each year touched by this race. >> i also see a member of the multiple myeloma research foundation. they raised millions of dollars. millions of events, to make
5:35 pm
that happen. one of my other most favorite groups that i love to see here represented as far as the charity groups go -- >> reporter: 300 official partners for this 2015 tcs new york partnership. >> that's what i was going to say. this is one of my favorite, back on my feet. they actually help the homeless community in new york city. they create a running program to help them get jobs. back on their feet. the name of the organization. >> reporter: the children's tumor foundation. just a few -- getting cheered on, the work that they do -- this is an opportunity -- if you can see their faces, this starts a collective circle, works its way up here to 66th crowd. >> what the charity runners have done, each of them gets a bit for the race.
5:36 pm
all in all, $340 million for almost 200 charities. that's amazing. >> reporter: it really is. one step at a time. >> they asked friends and families and businesses to pitch in, even in the year of sandy when we didn't have the marathon, they were able to raise millions of dollars without even getting on the course. that's how important the race is. >> reporter: that's why i can't say this enough. this is a story about new york city -- new york city. who we are and what we've been through, meeting those challenges. people come together to make a difference. [loud crowd noise] a lot of groups -- >> this is fun. don't let them kid you. they are saving some of their adrenaline.
5:37 pm
this is one of those nights where you've got to contain your excitement. you can't spend all your energy on the first night. >> reporter: you can't. i'm looking looking right now at the united nations staff, club. the flag bearer is mark anthony, the president of that organization, he's been working at united nations for over 38 years. he's competed in competitions locally, internationally with the team, also the vice president of the organization, it again reflects who we are, united nation workers. they get out there, they are breathing -- they are being celebrated right now. americas and island nations will be coming up here. to think about these runners from all over the world, each having a story of how they've gotten here, some of them it's a lifelong dream, david. finally, they entered the lottery in a place where they
5:38 pm
dream come true. >> reporter: hard to imagine the first marathon in 1970 featured just 127 entrance, running four laps around central park. this year as i said, more than 50,000 runners running through five boroughs. by the makes it the most populous marathon in the world. >> let me ask you this. you are in staten island, about ready to start the race. do you know what song players on the speaker at the start line? >> reporter: you tell me. >> frank sinatra, new york, new york. people have waited all morning in staten island. some of them two hours or more waiting for the race to begin. they hear that song and they know the start is just minutes away. >> amazing. back in the day, this marathon was only held in central park. now it is so much the new york story. having a chance.
5:39 pm
where do you hit the wall? >> the toughest part is definitely the queensborough bridge. the reason it is so difficult, it is very steep of course, mile 15-16. there's no spectators allowed. even though it's a tough hill, there's nobody there to cheer you on. it's a really tough part of the race. >> reporter: i want to mention, the americas and island nations being represented right now, haiti, honduras, cuba, barbados, aruba, so much pride there on the street in this area of the park. you can hear, when your group is represented, the cheer gets a little bit louder in certain parts of the stands. >> i was talking to some fans that were here from france today on the subway. i said, what are you looking forward to the most? they said, looking forward to the finish line, getting into central park. i said, you know the easiest part of the race? the easiest part of the race is brooklyn.
5:40 pm
everybody feels good in brookland. it's right at the beginning. usually the first mile coming off the verrazano bridge and getting into brooklyn is the quickest average pace per mile. about everybody runs that mile quick because you feel so great with the adrenaline rush. >> reporter: that's good to rush -- that's good to know. the nations being represented in the parade of nations, this one, everybody from denmark to finland, macedonia, cordova, netherlands, such an incredible, great group. >> we're going to take a quick
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
we are back. you've been watching amy freeze and david navarro at the opening ceremonies for the new york city marathon. before we go back to them, we want to check in with lee goldberg at the weather wall with the accuweather forecast. >> a lot on our plate. beautiful sunset as the sun goes behind the buildings. the silhouette of manhattan, a sunset fit for a big halloween, mets marathon weekend. our temperature as we go through the 5:00 hour, at 56. the wind is out of the gusty winds. mainly clear overnight, dropping into the 40s. you will need to have your coat. first pitch at citi field tonight, 53 degrees. winds at 6-12. halloween, some giving way to high clouds, mostly cloudy, drive for trick-or-treating. more importantly, lighter wind
5:43 pm
and we're seeing this evening. trick-or-treated planner looks like this. increase in cloud cover and a light layer under the costumes. game for tomorrow night, 52, south winds 3-6. pretty similar conditions tonight but a little less wind. cold morning tomorrow, high clouds and 50s in the afternoon, then the key is what's happening marathon sunday morning? a couple of showers could sneak into the area. more likely north and west. 15-20% chance one of those showers sneaks into staten island. a lot of clouds early, the crowds will break instead of 40- mile per last year, only 10-15 this year. up to 60 degrees as we go through the noon hour. most runners will be -- here is your seven-day accuweather forecast. don't forget to turn the clocks back this weekend. sunset on sunday, 4:52. included now a little rain in the forecast on monday, along the coast, clouds and sun, what
5:44 pm
a first week of november. upper 60s to around 70 degrees. nice and mild, not done with once just yet, but pretty chilly tonight. we're going to take you back to the opening ceremony of the tcs new york city marathon. >> the parade of nations currently underway. david navarro and amy freeze are there. >> reporter: we are joined by super fan spike lee, grand marshal for this year. i can't think of anybody better suited. what was your reaction when they asked you to participate? >> that they got the wrong number. >> [laughter] >> reporter: it's true. you have such a love affair with new york. we saw the video that's going to open up the ceremonies. if you don't get a chill, you are not a you know worker. >> it's like our love letter to new york. we're glad that, as you said before, it's going to open up the broadcast. abc and espn worldwide.
5:45 pm
it really is. >> reporter: are we playing it? that would be great. you've got everybody. you've got the captain, derek jeter. your buddies in their. >> chris rock. >> reporter: and lots of new yorkers. you are one of the consummate storytellers. new york storytellers. talk to me about the marathon and the story it tells you. >> number 1, a dedication. for me, i'm more excited about the person that's crossing the finish line eight hours or longer after the start. not just world-class runners, what about the people that train and they made it, eight hours. they still accomplished it. it took them eight hours, but they still made it. >> reporter: you've never run it, but -- >> did you watch it as a kid? >> it goes through my
5:46 pm
now i've got joe namath. so i can't run a marathon. but great to watch. >> reporter: you and your children participated in it, did you make it a family event? >> had to get in the stroller. on the corner of south eliot, lafayette avenue. you go back home and watch the end of the race. >> reporter: you are going to participate in a unique way. >> grand marshall. price the cadillac that will leave everybody -- i'm going to hold end -- at the end i'm going to hold up one end of the tape. >> it's nice to be spike lee. >> sometimes. >> [laughter] >> this is the highlight. >> reporter: this is one of them. >> last year was brutal.
5:47 pm
i couldn't go nowhere. >> right. >> reporter: we've got you defending us. you've got a lot to love. >> i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. the greatest city in the world. >> not just the racers, people finishing. i tell you, spectators, going through the neighborhoods, different neighborhoods. >> different worlds. >> you see them rooting, it makes a difference. >> reporter: this is the new york city story. every nation is represented. you probably know the neighborhood where you can tell the story. >> not that one. >> [laughter] >> reporter: believe me, i can find it. it's here in the city. >> another thing that i like about this new york city marathon, it really displays the great diversity that the city has. not just the runners through over the world, but just new york, to come out and cheer
5:48 pm
everybody. going through all five boroughs. >> reporter: for the runners, being a runner myself, you're coming through the bronx and they are beating on pots and pans, everybody screaming for you, it really makes the race everything you thought it would be. >> how many have you run? >> reporter: this is my ninth, my fifth in new york. >> wow. i've got to give it up. because anybody, if there's a marathon, i don't care what the time is. in my book, that's a great a >> reporter: it is. so much fun. >> i've got to give it up. >> reporter: in the last word you want to say to the runners out there today? >> finish. >> reporter: finish strong! finish. tonight too. >> let's go mets. >> reporter: new york city. time to be real proud. >> reporter: let's take you back to the parade right now. when the brazilian marching
5:49 pm
band comes in -- >> you know they have the drums. >> reporter: starting to take it up a notch right now. >> reporter: every year, they are part of this organization with the opening ceremonies, the drummers, fantastic performers. we've got canada also coming through, just behind brazil. and canada is actually the most represented nation, behind the united states. so that's brazil. who do we got four brazil? suzanna -- >> reporter: have some facts here, 1932 olympics, they funded their trip by selling coffee. 2016, of course remember rio de janeiro hosts the olympics. first time a country in south america had the right to host it. they have a lot to be proud of. people are thinking -- >> reporter: there they are. >> reporter: a lot of people just showed up to support the
5:50 pm
race here today. in the stands, not just about the race. it's about pride right now. pride for people and pride for new york. >> reporter: the party really gets going when the drums come around. as i said, canada has 1208 marathoners participating. representing canada, how we higdon. -- howie higdon. a real special connection for her family and the country of canada when she can come here to new york city and make a dream come true. we welcome all the runners from canada. trait we were talking before the broadcast on how people track them, you have so many people out there racing, people don't even know, if they want to track them, how does that go? >> reporter: it's so easy. there's a fruit -- it's the tcs
5:51 pm
new york marathon avenue. smartphone. all you have to do is put first and last name of your runner. you can search the big number too. race. it's one of the pieces of technology that we have been able where the runners are. having spectators there, with you, david, along the way, cheering you on. it can really make a difference when you are on my up 18, 19, and 20. >> reporter: i bet it does. giving other people a chance to participate. canada, chile here as well, behind that, i believe i see china. >> reporter: each one of these countries has a flag bearer. so as for china coming through, they have a fairly large delegate, but they've got at least a flag bearer who has
5:52 pm
and talked to him a little bit earlier, he's holding a big flag, very excited to be here. as you see these runners in and around new york city, you're going to see them exploring the city. some of them, their first time in america. not only running a marathon here in new york city, they are soaking up the culture. soaking up the opportunities. >> reporter: and so many new yorkers opening the doors. and we do urge you if you see someone in the city right now, out of town, they came to the marathon, we are ambassadors for new york. every one of us. thank them for coming to visit. share a story or two. this is what it's all about. a chance for all of us to have one thing in common. >> reporter: when you are welcoming marathoners, $340 million impact for the city of new york city through tourism. by the way, for columbia, they
5:53 pm
have 114 marathoners. and these nations will continue to come through. >> reporter: we want to wish all the racers a safe, successful, a fun race, amy, good luck. we'll be tracking you. i will definitely download that app. >> reporter: thank you. what a kickoff it's been. right here on channel 7. >> reporter: thank you for joining us tonight. we're going to send it back to diane and sade. >> it's so great. you've got us all excited. >> that was great, you guys. channel 7 is your marathon station and tomorrow night, join us for our countdown to the starting line special airing at 730 and then -- 7:30. and then live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. at the starting line on staten island and all along the route with some of the remarkable stories of this year's race. >> there's so many indeed.
5:54 pm
we are going to give you a front row seat to the finish line at video will be posted so you can rewatch your very own finish. >> that's pretty cool. >> thanks for joining us for the opening ceremony of the find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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the new york mets are two hours from game three of the world series. crucial game? oh, yeah. if they lose tonight, no team has ever come back from being 0- 3. a popular wedding venue. without warning, it suddenly closes. couples out of a place to get married. police in connecticut searching for a missing couple finding human remains. tied to the missing couple's son. at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. more of those stories in a moment. we begin with breaking news, a stray bullet hitting an mta bus happened in bushwick, brooklyn this afternoon. one passenger hit in the head by broken flying glass. more violence in new york city.
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