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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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eyewitness news. two stunning arrest. right now, two people stabbed at a local college campus. a community
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play on, america. a bloody scene tonight at a local college campus. two people stabbed, the suspect caught inside a dorm room. at 11:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. at rutgers university in new brisket -- in new brunswick. >> lucy yang is with the developing story. lucy? >> bill and sade, real blood weekend here at rutgers university. it was a knife attack at tonight. university police report two were taken to the hospital for injuries. it's believed one of those two was the attacker. one eyewitness, a freshman, told us there were two men in a conversation which turned he did, escalated into fighting and then a knife was pulled and the student was stabbed. she said it all unfolded right in front of her and in the
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screaming, she called 911. >> i sitting on a couch. seemed pretty casual. all of a sudden, they got up and started yelling at each other. it was like, a big, like, fighting match. started getting physical. and then, yeah -- like, a knife fight. >> reporter: now, many students are dressed up right now heading to parties. clearly, the stabbing earlier tonight has not dampened the overall mood to celebrate on campus, but again, there was a knife attack. two men taken to the hospital, one of them is in custody. final note, president obama is scheduled to visit here on monday. live at rutgers university, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. breaking news in the disappearance of a couple in connecticut. we just learned police are charging their son and his girlfriend in there murders. the medical examiner confirms
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are indeed that of the couple, jeffrey and jeannette navin last seen in august. their remains were discovered yesterday, buried in the backyard of a vacant home in weston. state police say 27-year-old kyle navin is being charged with two counts of murder. already in custody on separate gun charges. his girlfriend, 31-year-old jennifer, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. new video to show you tonight of what appears to be a random shooting in a new york city bus in brooklyn. the bullet shattering a window and the shards of glass hitting a woman in the head. shooter. josh einiger at the scene in josh? >> reporter: police believe this started as an argument among a bunch of men here in front of a laundromat. one of them opened fire. one bullet flew across the street hitting a city bus as it pulled into a bus stop there. in the surveillance video, you
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can see the b 13 bus pull up to the stop at wyckoff and green. this is when the gunfire rang out and a few seconds later, four men ran away from the scene . people are crazy, said this woman, who had been walking on the busy block in the middle of the afternoon when she saw those four men pass by. she said not a word was spoken as she watched one of the men take a gun and appear to open fire on one of the others. in the video you can see other pedestrians running for cover. >> very quick. boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: one bullet had pierced a window on the left side of the city bus traveling diagonally to the right side where it exited through another window. shards of glass grazed the face of an innocent passenger. a woman in her 60s. >> had anybody been sitting where the bullet exited, that person would be dead. it was phase level, the way the bullet is sitting. >> reporter: police spent several hours cataloguing the scene and the three shell casings scattered along the
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skype -- scattered along the sidewalk. people who live and work in this changing neighborhood are terrified. >> a lot of that. nighttime. in the daytime? i don't know what to say. >> reporter: police told us they have not made any arrests and it's not clear right now in terms of information or description on the people they are seeking. as for the victim, the woman was grazed by a shard of glass on the bus, her injury amazingly, very minor. she was treated and released. live in the bushwick section of brooklyn tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. next story breaking news also in brooklyn, terribly sad news. 7-year-old girl who choked on a sandwich at school last week tonight, has died. noelia lisa echevarria, had been on life support since choking while eating lunch at ps 215
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williamsburg. faculty that responded swiftly to that emergency. a deadly collapse at a construction site in manhattan. a stop work order issued against the company in charge. the building on 38th in midtown in the process of getting demolished when the unplanned collapse occurred. one construction worker was killed. firefighters rescued a worker who was trapped in debris for more than three hours. tonight he's in serious condition. first world series game play at citi field. for the mets, a crucial game and what a game. sports anchor rob powers is outside the stadium. rob? >> sade, nobody ever considered this a must-win game for the mets, but after losing the first two games, at kansas city, bringing the world series back home, a win in game three would be big. so far, it's been a huge. two big home runs in this game, david wright and curtis granderson. and the power pitching of noah syndergaard, the mets are up 9- 3 in the eighth inning. they are trying to win this one
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before they try to win game four tomorrow. that would even the series. the only people enjoying this game more than the mets themselves are mets fans. a.j. ross is with some of them tonight. i would imagine a very raucous crowd right now. aj? >> reporter: fans are already celebrating. [yelling] with citi field playing host to world series hopes and dreams, a contagious euphoria sweeping across the city. i was before game three, the square was taken over by a sea of orange and blue. with towels being handed out to fans while city bikes rocked the teams colors. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: just before sunset, former mets catcher
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on this new york water taxi along with a boatload of anxious fans insisting this team will rally against the royals. >> eight years here, something i can't describe. the energy and it's like family now. every time i come back here, it's like coming back home. as a collective group, we have to make a lot of noise -- a lot of noise and support the squad. >> when you've got 45,000 people behind it -- >> reporter: it's a little pulse, energy that's more than evident when you step through the doors of mcfadden's. >> we love the mets! >> we are taking it! we're not asking. we're taking it! >> reporter: there you have it. the mets are taking it. there's no party like a queens party.
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game, -- [yelling] live at mcfadden's, a.j. ross, channel 7. >> they are pumped up. we couldn't hear you, aj but you look beautiful. still not over. stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage as the mets try to battle back in the world series. quite a weekend ahead for the nypd. police are tightening up security as they deal with several big events. the greenwich village halloween parade and the tcs new york city marathon, all huge events. 1800 officers setting up thousands of barricades. added security after worries about an fbi warning, anarchist group says it plans to ambush police tomorrow night. the police officials are downplaying that concern. >> the group mentioned in that threat has no nexus to new york city. in terms of its past involvement or past actions. >> reporter: marathon weekend kicking off tonight with the
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parade of nations, 1300 delegates representing 130 countries followed by another spectacular tradition, fireworks that lit up the skies over central park. >> [singing] i want to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep. >> frank -- the voice of frank sinatra singing new york, new york. as you know, channel 7 is your home for the new york city marathon. cash count on to the starting line tomorrow night at 7:30. coverage kicks off sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. will the weather hold up treaters? wall. tonight. northwest wind at 16, gusting over 20. at 50, it feels like 40. will let you know when the wind dies down.
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tonight, an infuriating case of vandalism. police offering a reward to catch the culprits who destroyed part of a premier new basketball facility. the fourth street playground in mount vernon. a car driving over and chewing up the new matching on the basketball court. it was installed just last month. police are promising this blatant act of vandalism will not go unpunished. >> i was heartbroken when i came in here to see this. to know that we had spent so much time and money, so much effort in order to redo these courts, to find in such despair.
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>> thousands of dollars, the city used block grant funds for the park recap. taxpayers will have to foot the bills for the repairs. this is a somber night for a congregation in new jersey mourning the sudden loss of a respected pastor found dead in his church. 51-year-old reverend ronald christian died today in the baptist church in irvington. reverend christian was a former heroin addict who turned his life around 18 years ago. he spent the rest of his life helping others. foul play is not suspected in his death. a school bus driver and his aid facing criminal charges for leaving a 6-year-old boy with autism alone on a bus for more than seven hours. authorities say the child was picked up to be taken to his school in edison last week, but he was never escorted off the bus. instead he spent hours alone in the backyard before he was discovered. bus driver luis gonzalez and aid maria velasquez charged with endangering the welfare of a child. president obama had an
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the many pope actually. adorable toddler being pushed in his own popemobile. the first family's halloween party. mr. obama was so taken with the pint sized pontiff, he declared top prize. the kiddo one of hundreds of children from local schools and military families who came to trick-or-treat at the executive mansion. to gracie mansion, mayor de blasio and first lady showing mccrae dressing has mets players, showing support as they welcome hundreds of children and their parents for halloween celebration. the party included storytelling and magic shows as well as a very creative costume of the kids. they were obviously having a great time. >> the mayor and his wife dressing up in mets uniforms, home and away. really cool. there's so much going on this weekend. right now, the weather. the only problem we have in
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the short-term is this wind, going to back off as well. outside we go tonight, beautiful look at the new york skyline, camera has been shimmying in the window night. in the distance, the empire state building is in green and white for the 20th anniversary of the restoration project. temperature at 11:00, 50 degrees. northwest winds at 16, 61 your high today, 59 is the average. a few below that tomorrow. sunrise and sunset times, for a fair amount of sunshine on saturday. the high clouds begin to filter that son. it's cool, calm and drive drive for trick-or-treating. not as gusty for game four at citi field. marathon. we don't have 40 mile-per-hour gusts. the worst thing would be a 20% chance of a brief shower early. 50 in manhasset, westhampton at 46 as the winds died down, mid- same thing hudson valley, upper 20s north and west, 45 in belmar , frost advisory for the east end of long island until 8:00 in the morning. a lot of sunshine early, high
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clouds midday, clouds tend to think in during the late day, ms. -- mid-50s but notice how the wind, single digits rather than the gusts. early evening forecast for halloween, southwind at about eight, 52 degrees, maybe a layer underneath kids costumes. royals and mets tonight, light wind, much different than tonight where the game -- winds were gusting over 20. the winds are faster east of new york city and getting lighter to the west, that trend will continue as high pressure moves in and the high will stay with us through tomorrow night. then we look at the system in the middle of the country, rain from border to border but two separate systems and we're worried about the system to the north. a lot of it is going to lift away but we'll be on the southern fringe on sunday morning with a couple of brief showers and a lot of clouds. the files we'll break during the afternoon. the futurecast, look at tomorrow morning, freezing north and west, 42 in the city, 38 belmar, afternoon increasing temperature and clouds, mid-50s for your eyes, great for trick-
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it's been going back-and-forth, futurecast showing sound -- showers to the north, nothing more than his prickle. i have to allow for a 20% shot of a shower. marathon sunday morning and turned afternoon, skies in the low 60s. start lila -- fort wadsworth, 53. southwest wind 5-10. it's actually a light tailwind. head towards the finish line, by that time on average, about 60 degrees and clouds are breaking up. accuweather forecast, clear and chilly, less wind at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow's high, 56. son mixing with high clouds. tomorrow night, 48, calm or light wind and then turning cloudy. brief shower threat early sunday morning, don't forget we turn clocks back, put the new batteries in smoke detectors, the planner on sunday for the marathon, 20% shot of a shower, clouds are breaking during the midday and afternoon, rain over central and southern new jersey and closed a close call there. we are near 70 after that, bumped up those numbers on tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week.
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>> a beauty. >> i'll see you for marathon sunday. >> yes, you will. up next, what is it that makes new parents so cranky?
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in two nights health alert, being a new parent is exhausting, but not necessarily because of lack of sleep but frequent interruptions of sleep. researchers at johns hopkins found people who are woken up
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several times over an eight hour period feel worse than those who just get five hours of undisturbed sleep. the frequent interruptions prevent the body from getting enough restorative deep sleep. ask any mom or dad and reach the same conclusion. a bar out west making over its bathrooms to help keep customers from drinking and driving. the bar in utah transformed its bathrooms into jail cells. there reminders of what drivers will be in for if they are picked up for drunk driving. the bar plans to keep the jail scene in place for the next month to make sure customers stay safe beyond halloween. that's a good idea. a lot of happy people out in queens, flushing queens. that's what i hear anyway. >> happy people out there? >> reporter: a lot of fun stuff right now. citi field about to erupt behind me after the mets erupt for a big offensive night in game three of the world series. jason pierre-paul ready to
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at a price. channel 7 is your home for the tcs new york city marathon. >> we've been taking a mile by mile. tonight, mile 15. >> mile 15, the dreaded queensboro bridge. no spectators, just you and your foot mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal?
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making sure we got this right. not a do or die game for the mets, but if they don't win, it's pretty much over? >> that's about right. the train is running right on time.
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mets win tonight would serve notice to the royals that they are in a series. a big win would do even more. safe to say, the royals are about to be served. it's the ninth inning right now the mets are up big, 9-3. david wright and curtis granderson both have home runs. noah syndergaard, three runs, six strikeouts. steven matz of pitching tomorrow. tonight, he sleeps at mom and dads house before pitching in the world series. >> this is where you want to be in baseball. this is the dream. staying home, i did that, pretty much ever since i came back from getting hurt. we are on all hours, so we don't hit too much traffic. it's been a pretty awesome. having been able to do that. >> game four tomorrow after what appears to be game three victory tonight. we'll see what happens, a couple more outs to go. that's the story at citi field, let's go back to the studio for the rest of the day in sports.
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laura, looks like the mets get the job done tonight. >> thank you very much, rob. we will see you there tomorrow. now to what would be the biggest sports story if there weren't something called the world series going on, jason pierre-paul back with the giants. he spoke for the first time about his return from that fourth of july fireworks accident that left his right hand mangled. jpp began working out with the team on wednesday. he's hopeful he'll be able to return to action soon. when he does he's going to wear special gloves and doesn't expect to miss a beat. >> i'm the same jpp that i was last year. not going to be a major adjustment. you know what i mean? as far as, like my hand goes, i'll get used to it. everybody is glad and excited i'm here. but as far as, like going out there, i'm not going to put myself in jeopardy. the lone star state has not been kind to brookland -- brooklyn as a late.
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over the nets and 40 out of 40 -- out of 45. the nets are trying to change all that. tim duncan, the ageless wonder, 15 points for him, two right here. brook lopez led the way for the nets, he led all scorers with 17. the nets lead in the second, but all that changed after the break. san antonio went on a run. patty mills, triple, 102-75. once again, the spurs roll over the nets. it's been a quiet week for the rangers who beat calgary at home, all the way back on sunday. then they wait until tonight to return to the ice. looking for their fourth win in the last five, this one is all about the first period, getting new york on the board with his fifth goal of the year. it remained 1-0 until the third. guess who. then 2-0. with the net open, why not? bearings empty net or four the hat trick. 3-1, the rangers get the win. of course the big story, mets
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about to put a bow on their first win of the world series. if you look closely, you can see the exact second, when curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes christmas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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breaking news in queens. the mets needed to win this game and win, they did. rob powers is outside citi field with the latest. rob? >> reporter: it was a fun one, the first world series game at citi field turns into the first world series win at citi field. mets against the royals, we start at the bottom of the second, mets down 1-0. david wright hits a real long ball, two-run home run. mets have the lead, huge for the captain. kc would reading -- would regain the lead. curtis granderson with another two-run home run. just clear the wall, the mets are in front. noah syndergaard would keep it that way, power pitching in the high 90s. david wright would come up with another two-run base hit. the
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they win game 39-3, still down 2-1, but a chance to even the series back here at citi field tomorrow. they win game three, 9-3. anybody happier than the mets? the fans. a.j. ross standing by with some of them. aj? >> reporter: talk about how a change of scenery can make all the difference. as you can see, willing the team to victory. >> [yelling] >> reporter: they say there is no quit to this team. they believe -- we're going to be partying here all night. i know you're a little jealous. i'll send it back to you. >> let's go mets! >> i understood every word of what a.j. said. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching.
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