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tv   Eyewitness News Marathon Sunday  ABC  November 1, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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the sun is rising. the excitement level is growing by the second. more than 50,000 runners gathering here right now. from the shadow of the bridge right here on staten island -- thank you for being with us. >> good morning, robin. good morning to all of you. in less than two hours, the streets will be filled with marathon runners, young and old, professionals and those running for the very first time. >> we can't wait to do this. we have every angle covered. first, we do want to check on what is always important to everyone on staten island -- the race day forecast. >> so nice to be out of the headlines this morning. >> rob and laura, so nice to be out of the headlines because
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the weather is not an issue. the wind is not howling at 50 miles an hour. it is nice and comfortable. the runners are saying it might be a touch too mild. a look at the finish line central park. 56 degrees. a south wind at a light 3 miles per hour. beautiful. cloudy skies. a couple sprinkles around the area. you can see a few showers north of new jersey. we might have one or two more sprinkles. after that, not much on the radar. we will probably be clear as we approach the starting -- line. will see the clouds thin out as a go through the race day. the planner looks like this. mid to upper 50s as we start the race. beautiful. light wind for the most part. maybe gusting -- which is just a tailwind. in the afternoon, looking for the sunshine. we will talk to some of the runners and see how they are enjoying the weather this morning.
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>> thank you very much. we felt a few sprinkles. i think we are in the clear at this point. today's race leaves runners from the starting line to all five boroughs. >> from staten island, runners make their way to the -- from this to central park. biggest marathon. miles to through 13 -- two through 13 goes through bay ridge, williamsburg, and other areas. and mile eight, they get a big boost from the brooklyn academy of music. 3 miles an queens. entering from the polaski bridge and long island city and climbing up the queensboro bridge into a wall of loud spectators on the other side. 1 mile in the. mile 20, before the crowd goes
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avenue for the historic museum mile. that leads to engineer's gate and into central park for the final leg of the race. there is a brief exit on central park south at columbus circle before they finished the 26.2-mile, journey at tavern on the greene. >> of course we know there are so many stories of people overcoming obstacles, and challenges all in order to make it here today. >> one of those runners is doing that almost two years to the day after having heart bypass surgery. joining amy here at staten island. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to the both of you. i am here at marathon village. this is an amazing story. as runners, we think we are invincible. especially on a day like today. the reality is, we are all still human. this runner from new jersey found out that no matter what you do, you can't run from your family jeans.
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>> along the -- my longest 17 miles. >> for decades, he has been lacing up his running shoes and jogging through life. >> not only to release stress -- but it became my medication. >> he was the picture of fitness to his friends and family. in 2013, while training for his next marathon, about a mile each run, he fell different. >> i felt a little radiation down my left arm. checked out. >> that saved his life. two weeks later, he had open heart surgery. doctors diagnosed him with severe coronary artery disease. his father and brother died it. as a vegetarian, since 1983, he did everything he could sense he found out about it. >> i am grateful. >> he winter months of rehabilitation. his
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surgery, he is ready for his 12 marathon. >> i never thought i would run another step. it is meaningful. i'm running for my dad and my brother. anybody. >> this race will be an emotional reunion for the runner from new jersey, who cannot wait to cross the finish line. >> this one is particularly meaningful because of what i have been there. it is a second chance -- not only analyze but at the new york marathon. it will be great. >> an amazing story. i wish you the very best. good luck on your tcs new york city marathon. we have the team here from france. i just saw my neighbor here on the upper west side. this guy is my neighbor. most of the runners are actually sitting here waiting for the race. my friends here.
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good morning. saving your legs. as you that here -- what did you have for breakfast? >> a bagel. >> the secret weapon is the bagel. >> are you going for a pr today? any special time? >> i'm hoping to cross the finish line in one piece. that is it. >> everybody has their goals and air -- and are ready to go. it is race day. back to you guys. >> thank you. just finishing. that is a pretty good goal right there. >> and amy is running the race today. >> you are our euros -- hero. >> one of the runners is doing something most of us have not even dreamed of. marathon. >> i dream of doing one. this makes this even more remarkable. an accident left him barely able to walk years ago.
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>> today, this marks his 18th new york city marathon. >> my first marathon -- i set my goal was to finish. then i said, i really would like to pass the finish line before it got dark. >> it is not until he strips down to his running shorts, that is true story is revealed. a construction accident in 1993 crashed his left leg. every stretch can bring a grimace to his face. fifty-seven days and seven decided he needed some life changes. better. and with the help of the until started to run as part of his rehab. >> years later, the mileage other leg. in 2008, he sought treatment at special surgery. >> this guy is a classic example of -- you have to
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the x-rays. >> raymond considers his once mangled leg, his good leg. his doctor has repaired the arthritic knee twice. he worries he will have to one shoes. >> i told him already -- and you see he has not laid off. >> ultimately he will probably end up with knee replacements down the road. he will bounce-back from that. and he will keep doing what he wants to do. >> now 64 years old, raymond is determined to keep this going. >> instead of a grandfather bragging about his grandkids -- i would like if my grandkids got together with their friends and said, my grandfather runs a marathon every year. i think that would be cool. >> kimberly richardson with that story. thank you very much. that is what this day is all about.
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-- we can rate -- wait for that. everyone will be cheering them on. >> spectators have to make their way here to staten island. we're talking with those marathon fans aboard the staten island ferry. >> reporter: good morning from new york harbor as a past lady liberty. we get the view that those people at the mega cruise ship are getting as they visit the city. a lot of visitors aboard this very -- ferry. one of 15 trips from lower manhattan to st. george, to take thousands of runners to the starting line on staten island. 1700 people expected on each of these boats running a gauntlet of security before they can even begin to run the race. when they get on the boat, it is a quick trip 15 minutes over to staten island. a little chilly. not as chilly as last year. but the excitement is palpable. this is of course a historic and legendary marathon.
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>> seeing the whole city comes the volunteers, to the runners, to the people watching on the street. you see families coming with their kids. people are just excited to be it is a beautiful day. >> we are very happy to be here. from now on, everything is perfect. >> labrie -- lady liberty liberty from one of the staten island trips. they will all be in position by 9:00 ready to run. in the harbor, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you so much, josh. just getting started here on this marathon sunday as we kick off extensive coverage of this tcs new york city marathon. >> thousands of people making their way to staten island getting ready for the start of the big race.
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welcome back to our coverage. counting down rainout to the start of the tcs new york city marathon right here on channel 7. local high school students are also involved with the marathon this year. >> they are running. they did create apps for the race. there is an app for everything. they worked with tcs to make it happen. amy joining us once again for a look at more. >> during marathon week, students from the academy of software engineering, chelsea high school, bronze academy of softer and just -- engineering and thomas edison high school were invited to the marathon
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designed as part of the tcs program. >> this is a technology awareness program at new york city public schools and 26 other cities. >> the idea was, how do we encourage young people to take on careers and information technology? we are a it business. >> working on the project was really fun. we were able to make jokes and work with our mentor at the same time. keep a steady serious mentality about the joke -- work. >> the top 14 people on build their apps to judges. one team was chosen as the winner for their creation. >> this man says he used to play sports with a friend who moved away. and this was the idea of his apt -- still being able to run with friends a world away. >> this is my first basically. >> while there is still no apt
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to run the race for you, expect tcs to keep challenging these young minds. the average age and their company is 27 years old. >> we as a company have to make sure we stay youthful and bring digital technologies to our own business. in the way we operate. >> thanks so much, amy. i will look forward to the app. >> the marathon is not the only big sports story. we are not forgetting about the mets. >> we will take a look at last night's highlights from citi field and look ahead to tonight's big game as well. we have that and so much more as marathon sunday rolls on when
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come back. welcome back. it is marathon sunday here on be on the finish line at central park. we also know a lot of eyes will be at citi field later tonight series. >> some may have panicked when none. but never the mets themselves. they knew this was a long go. after a welcome home win the other night, they had a chance against the royals. let's take a look. it all looked so good to start. in the third inning, it was michael conforto. collins keep sticking with him because he knows he can hit. there you go. it is a home run. fifth inning, michael conforto
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going deep. second solo shot of the game. it is 3-1, mets. all was well. trouble in the eighth. this could have been a double play. daniel murphy with an error. the tying run scores. the royals piled on. mike moustakas making it hurt. scoring the go-ahead run. they would get another. and lead 5-3. bottom of the ninth. a double at first. the double play ends the game. 5-3 is the final. the royals lead the series 3-1. >> we will have more on the world series throughout the day. we also want to take a look at the other news going on in the area. >> a tough game last night. >> a really tough game. >> other news of the day, rob studio. >> good deed. it is now 7:20 a.m. >> thank you. we have learned the
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identities of three people who were killed by a car slamming into trick-or-treaters. we're live in morris park with the latest information on this tragedy. >> reporter: the latest is, we have learned the identities of the three people killed here. police have identified them at 65-year-old louise perez, nyama aquil, and kristian leka. police say a 52-year-old man driving here yesterday afternoon when he rear-ended one car and then drove to the sidewalk into a group of about six people killing three of them. this happened around 5:00 again, morris park avenue in the bronx. police say apparently these at the time. also injuring a 3-year-old girl, 21-year-old woman. they suffered non- life-threatening injuries. we have been hearing that some of those victims may have been
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trapped underneath the car for some time. the driver with minor neck and back injuries. witnesses described the scene is nothing short of horrifying. >> all of a sudden i heard the car -- the car literally jumped over a parked car hitting a bunch of people. >> there is no word yet on any charges. live in the morris park section of the bronx this morning, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> a heartbreaking story. we will have more news coming up in the next half- hour. >> let's get a check of the out at staten island, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. your teammate is making me feel very lazy. weather. forecast out. this is your first marathon. how are you feeling? >> i feel great. >> you seemed so relaxed. >> no problem.
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>> the american foundation of suicide prevention. >> good luck to you. we have some good weather for you. look history. it is better than last year. getting a really mild one this 50s. going into the 60s during the early afternoon hours. let's go to the maps where current conditions over central park is 56 degrees. southwest wind is light. fort wadsworth, 54 right now. great shape as they go through the afternoon hours. temperatures showing 40s north and west. pretty comfortable everywhere. 56 degrees here. you can see the tailwind at the start. it should be like. i do think the wind will freshen a little bit throughout the race. as you go into central park and calming self and coming software the finish line, the wind around seven up to 15. making it a little more difficult at the end. 62 degrees by then. here is the planner for today. clouds will be breaking a
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little bit. a couple sprinkles here at staten island. they will be winding down. the mets forecast, temperatures in the low 60s. unbelievable. the radar is quiet. we're looking at a couple showers around the area. mainly north and west. we have a few sprinkles. the futurecast -- we will show you temperatures going into the low 60s. clouds trying to thin out a little bit. the accuweather forecast looks like this. clouds thinning out. the morning shower. high temperature will be 66 degrees. unbelievable. the clouds will be breaking up. the storm should be off to the south tomorrow for the morris -- most part. more sunshine to the north and west. sixty-six tomorrow. tonight, 55 and partly tomorrow, more clouds than sun. the seven-day forecast looks nothing like november. looking at the september 7 day with temperatures around 70 degrees. the seven-day forecast will be
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back to you for now rob and laura. >> 48 degrees last year. as i recall, it was 18. >> more coming up from staten island and the marathon route and we return. . >> we have a competitive eater and a marathon or. find out about him on this marathon sunday. i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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welcome back to this marathon morning. running, as we know takes a lot of energy. eating, of course. the man in this next story probably takes it to a new level. >> this guy is a competitive eater. we have this story. we're trying to figure out how we justify this, michelle. >> last -- justified or not, this guy is wild. he is a teddy bear of a man. he is one of those guys who can dip the hotdogs and the water and scarf down about 26 dogs. so 26.2 miles -- he is a runner. his name is crazy legs.
7:26 am
pyrotechnics? eaters? meet crazy legs. off calories. >> this runner/competitive eater is named, crazy legs. this is this legal name. >> yes. >> he holds the world record for the most french cut string he has been in the hotdog contest. >> i'm the guy at the table trying to get to 20 or 25. >> so 26 hotdogs -- meets 26 miles. >> the marathon is that they wear i'm not competing against other -- it is the day that i am not competing against other runners. >> all you need is a pair of sneakers, your head up and forward motion.
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you can see the world. you can see everything there is to see. and you can just jog. >> this is exactly the kind of outlet he says he needs. job? >> i do everything else. i clean windows. i bartend at night. >> the hotdog set up -- i call this the crunch and munch. >> he says the success he does -- include pacing and enjoying the run. going. it is a beautiful day. i want people to have their mine. >> is that the best? legs? such a nice guy. it was great running with him out on the boardwalk. perfect. it is in the 50s. a tiny drizzle. not too much. we are at 60 street and
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1 avenue. is right there. the runners come right across, underneath and then go north on 1 avenue. this is a mile marker 16. we have a starbucks over there. a dunkin' donuts over there. 62,000 cups of dunkin' donuts coffee given out in fort wadsworth, which is good. they have about 30 puerto potties under this bridge. good luck to everyone. it will be fabulous. back to you. >> michele, we love you so much. we can say michelle all day long. coming up, the tcs grand marshal spike lee will talk about his passion for new york city and his special role in the tcs new york city marathon.
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gathering right now. getting ready for the start of the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. >> marathon. >> we are just about two hours
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away from the main event. the excitement -- you can feel it. it is building. one of the best ways to see how many people are here today is from above. >> way up above. we're live in the news copter. i think i can see you now, john. >> it is amazing, rob. it is almost like they built a small city on the staten island side. these are live pictures from the copter. you can see the buses bringing the runners over from brooklyn into staten island. everybody is going to their spots getting ready for the race. as you said, thousands of people gathering. by the time this is all said and done, they are expecting more than 50,000 runners in the tcs new york city marathon. you can see all the commotion there this morning. everybody getting ready. getting their layers of clothing all set. as you can see, a cup of coffee -- may not help you as he tried to run 26 miles. we're live over the bridge,
7:32 am
>> thank you so much, john. it is not as chilly as it has been. but it is not exactly warm. that is exactly the way the runners like it. >> it is fine running weather. we will see what we can expect for the rest of this day. we have the accuweather forecast. >> one thing i'm noticing here -- in the last few minutes, treetops moving around a little more then they were. a couple showers to the north. runners are saying they like the clouds. sprinkles are okay. the wind at the finish line is not bad at 3 miles per hour. 10. right now. up. i think it will back down a little bit. a few showers over eastern pennsylvania. could still sneak in during the morning hours. everything will be like. as we get toward the late
7:33 am
clouds will thin out a bit. the wind freshening a little out of the southwest. brightening skies. starting temperatures, mid-50s. finishing off the race, mid- 60s. more on the accuweather forecast. we will keep tabs on the wind around here. rob tomorrow, back to you now. >> the grand marshal for this years of marathon -- somebody new yorkers know well -- it is likely. >> he is a filmmaker, actor, producer. he does at all. spike lee. he is playing a special part in the marathon. >> we caught up with spike lee in brooklyn. >> the grand marshal of the tcs new york city marathon wants to do the right thing in the borough where he made one of his most famous films. we caught up with spike lee at his headquarters in fort
7:34 am
elliott and lafayette is the path of the marathon. >> promos and public appearances are all part of the job he calls and honor. >> the biggest blessings are the ones you're not expecting. >> spike is going the extra mile for the marathon i directing a short film to open sunday's telecast on abc seven. >> just a couple of assistance with iphone, for his segments, while elsewhere - >> i have had a team of six of my best cameramen disbursed, filming footage for us. >> new york is the greatest city on this planet. let me show you why.
7:35 am
our city has to offer, was inspired by a rant and one of his films about the worst. >> you are not fooling anybody. >> there is no mistaking his enthusiasm for new york road runners. >> it is an exciting day. i'm looking forward to it. >> channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we are excited about this. spike lee will be joining us in the next half-hour. >> the new york road runners -- the driving force behind the roadrunners marathon. >> and we have the ceo of the organization. michael joining us this morning. thanks for being here. your first time as a ceo but this is your 24th new york marathon. what makes this race so special? >> it is the greatest day in new york city. people lining the streets.
7:36 am
people cheering. 50,000 runners from all over the world coming to this great city to share this day. >> how gratifying for you -- it must be that combination of so much work. work for next year's marathon begins tomorrow. how gratifying on race day. >> we have a great team of runners. we spend the whole year planning for this. the net -- the last two months have been intense. everyone is smiling and so excited. we're really excited for today. >> how do you balance running this whole thing and running the actual race? >> having a great team really helps. michael president is the race director of the tcs marathon. he does a lot of this. i do too. >> you run the marathon literally. >> everything is working out so far. training for a marathon takes a lot of time and dedication. >> it is important to have
7:37 am
amy freeze joining us with more on the november project. amy. >> as people train, some of them higher personal coaches. some train so low. other people go with charity clubs. there are all different ways to get ready for marathon. sometimes you just need a little help from your friends. >> the sun is just showing up over gracie mansion on the east side. that is the point. show up and be accountable to your workout. >> do not worry about an introduction. this grassroots fitness expert has this covered. >> the first time they met, there were five runners. temperatures were below zero. a lot has changed. >> we want you here.
7:38 am
sometimes with themes like runners golf. for no apparent reason other than motivation. >> earn those cheerios and the coffee. nice job. keep it going. >> some volunteers lead the new york november project which is now in 23 cities and canada. from training for the tcs marathon, to other races, runners at any level at any age are welcome. >> i thought it was the dumbest idea in the world to get up this early. i have been doing this in boston for about a year. i showed up in new york and have been coming ever sense. >> one regular who started out walking has lost 100 pounds and have done -- has done five, half marathons. >> to me, it is about creating relationships with people that
7:39 am
>> a workout as top four as social as you want. you can join that by following social media and just showing up. >> and we are back live here at marathon village where november project runners and everyone else from all over the road getting ready for the race. a big shout out to them. best friends that will be running today. it will be an amazing race. the weather is cooperating. i'm so excited to get to the starting line myself. back to you. >> thank you so much. we have much more ahead. we will have more on a special team from abc taking part in their own version of the marathon today. >> we have you front row seats
7:40 am
finished. you can also watch a live stream as tens of thousands of runners crossed the finish line. the day.
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island. the crowds are growing.
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the start of the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. it will be here before you know it. before we get to the start, we want to get an update on the morning's news and accuweather forecast. >> rob and tony are in the studios on the upper west side with all of that for you. good morning. >> good morning, guys. having a good time out there. let's take a look at some of today's top stories. an awful heartbreaking story. three people are dead including a 10-year-old girl after a car crashed into a group of trick-or-treaters last night in the bronx. all of this happening at the morris park section around 5:00 last night. police say a driver hit another car before losing control and jumping the curve. then hitting a group of people on the sidewalk. four other people were hurt in all of this. including a 52-year-old driver and two other kids. no charges have been filed. firefighters spent the
7:44 am
night battling a massive warehouse fire in essex county. flames broke out inside a building in fairfax. last night. several explosions were heard inside the building. fire companies from several towns responded to help. the bulk of the fire is out. crews are still on the scene. no word here on any injuries. tonight at citi field, it will be do or die for the mets. last night the kansas city royals rallied for a win defeating the mets by a final score of 5-3. the royals have a 3-1 lead in the series. one more win by the royals and they will clinch the title and bash the hopes and dreams of so many mets fans. game five is tonight at citi field. the amazing mets now need an amazing comeback. >> yes. >> that is the news for now. let's get another check on the
7:45 am
the race will start later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tony. not bad out here. the crowd continues to build. the bagels and bananas or whatever your favorite prerace meal is. temperatures are fine. 56 degrees at the start of the race at fort wadsworth. southwest wind. as we go to the race, the wind may cost up to 15. we're already seeing a couple of gusts over 10. as you get back to central park, temperatures are not the problem. maybe a little on the warm side. southwest wind at about seven up to 15. the planner for today -- day. a couple of sprinkle threats. no impact on the race. the radar showing a couple showers. the clouds will thicken. the accuweather forecast looks sixty-six today. clouds breaking for sunshine. tonight, nice and mild. 55 degrees.
7:46 am
of 64. seven-day shows a great-looking work week. temperatures will be around 70 degrees. no chilly air insight. because she does not get enough -- get up enough during the week, amy is here. >> i figured, why sleep and? just go to work. >> tell us about the abc relay team. >> we are a team for kids. we are raising money and awareness for kids health and fitness around the area. all for a good cause. i have a lot of my colleagues. sweet deal. happened. >> pretty exciting. do? >> rebecca jarvis. i go 3 miles. this is the only way i do a if it is a relay team. >> so you are running --
7:47 am
>> i run three up to 5 miles a couple times a week. so this will be fun. although -- to be here with all of these people -- my hat is off to them for running the 26.2 miles. i could not do that. >> the one and only amy roebuck leading off the team here at the marathon. back to you. >> so cool. good luck, amy. and to team abc and everybody running the race. on tv and online, we have you covered all day long. be sure to tweet us this morning. use the hashtag tcs nyc marathon. >> here is a look at some of the photos people have started
7:48 am
coverage we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs.
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welcome back this morning to marathon sunday. you will not miss any of the race action today right here on abc7ny. coverage continues with another hour leading up to the main event. the tcs new york city marathon is at 9:00. this after not -- afternoon, tune in for a wrapup show at 4:00. then it is eyewitness news at 6:00 with all of the sights and sounds from race day around the
7:51 am
>> we have you covered right here on channel fun day. each of the 26 miles along the marathon route -- we give runners a unique to or around new york city -- the five boroughs, across the bridges and into the neighborhoods that make new york city so great. >> that is what makes this marathon so great. all this week, we have been taking you mild by a mile introducing you to some of the faces you will see along the course. >> my name is tom cooley. i ran the marathon in 1978. mile one goes over this bridge. >> mile two. >> this is mile three. >> this is mile four. >> this is mile five. they used to be known as south brooklyn. >> mile six here. >> mile seven, home of the barclays center. >> mile a too -- mile eight
7:52 am
is right here. >> brooklyn, what is that? >> this is mile 10. >> this is mile 11. at least we don't have to run the whole thing. >> mile 12 is here. >> and mile 13 goes over the polaski bridge. >> this is mile 14. >> mile 15, the dreaded queensboro bridge. >> this is mile 16 if you come over the queensboro bridge and look right, you will see the mount vernon hotel museum and guard. >> this is mile 17 on the upper east side. >> this is mile 18 of the marathon. >> mile 19. the best pizza in the city. >> mile 20. south bronx. >> mile 21, harlem. >> mile 22. >> this is mile 23. the new york city marathon where you will go by the museum of the city of new york.
7:53 am
>> mile 25, start your sprint to the finish. have a great race. >> mile 26 in central park. >> isn't that awesome? do you know who put that together? one of our producers. working. show. the running the marathon in a few minutes. >> spike lee -- ethan hawke, some of the people joining us today as this marathon sunday continues. >> we have to wrap this up. the inspiring story of an athlete injured during training. how he did not let a serious accident slow him down. >> plus, we will meet the person running the marathon who is also an opera singer.
7:54 am
it all continues when we i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at
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thousands of people running through new york city for a race like none other. thousands of runners lacing up their shoes getting ready to do something many only dream of. so much to talk about. so many stories to tell. the race is almost here. it is almost time to run. here we go. the excitement is building. the crowd is growing right now. we're getting closer to the start of the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. >> hello again. i'm rob powers. >> things are starting to get busy here. all around us, the runners are
7:57 am
getting ready to hit the 26.2-mile course. we will be here counting down to the start. >> we can't wait. we want you to join the conversation as well during this next hour using the hashtag tcs nyc marathon. we are spread throughout the course. we will be checking in with reporters throughout the next hour as racers and everybody at home get ready. >> before we get to all of them, we do want to talk about the weather. always an important point on this day. lee goldberg joining us on staten island with the >> good morning. about it. the runners are very concerned. about the wind. definitely in a different stage of preparation right now. they were just easing and a little while ago. doing their game face things. meanwhile, we look at central park at the finish line. 58 degrees. problem. the radar showing a couple
7:58 am
island over connecticut and long island. if this batch holds together, we could have a sprinkle toward the start time. little impact on the race. clouds thinning out during the day. here is the marathon planner. threat of a sprinkle or shower early. the wind have been up to about eight up to 15. the top off around 15 miles per hour. out of the southwest. mostly a tailwind. a bit of a headwind. right now, cloudy skies. not a lot of wind right now. comfortable temperatures. runners seem happy. what a difference from last year. the wind chill around freezing. the complete seven-day forecast -- coming up in a few minutes. back to you. thanks so much. so many stories of inspiring people who have overcome so much to make it to race day.
7:59 am
an accomplished athlete he was badly injured during training. he can't walk anymore. down. >> amy freeze joining us from story. good morning, tcs. >> reporter: good morning. such an inspiration. when you see this story you will as motivated and inspired as you are -- there are 50,000 stories just like that. people who have overcome so much. a personal challenge to be at the start line this morning. sit back and enjoy the story. >> he ran his first new york city marathon in 2006 and was cut. >> i'm going to do a marathon every year for the rest of my life. >> he is now a 10 time marathoner and ironman finisher and was on the cover of the world body issue.
8:00 am
>> then a u-turn. glenn was on a normal train ride in new jersey on june 12, 2014 when a car hit him. >> i was instantly paralyzed from the chest down. two collapsed lungs, nine broken ribs, broken scapula, fractured jaw. >> with blood clots in both legs and recovery in front of him, did you have doubts about racing again? >> no. i don't think there was. >> during rehab, he was already asking about a hand cycle which was provided by the challenged athletes foundation. ten months after the accident, another half marathon. >> as soon as the race times. beat. >> with an injury like this, he really has to manage his stability. >> he will be rolling up to the starting line on sunday, holding up to the challenged to do a marathon a year for life. >> the 59 street bridge seems
8:01 am
say -- when you come into manhattan, it is a tight turn. i have to be extra careful there. >> glenn has the support of friends and family and maintain says model -- anything is possible. >> when you cross the finish line -- the jubilation that occurs that you have worked so hard for something for so long in your life -- there is really nothing like it. >> glenn is an inspiration. they will be taking off in about one hour from now. you can see a lot of the runners getting ready. maybe they are putting on the rest of their outfit with their bids on -- or maybe they are chilling out and resting. you have people from all over the world that are going to be getting ready for race day. we will go back inside.
8:02 am
there are 55,000 of us here on race day. >> i can't wait to see what amy does and -- in the race. the grand marshal is here with us now. >> we know his -- he is passionate about movies. thanks for coming. >> a busy morning here. >> we have the promo machine running here. what has this been like for you to be the grand marshal of this? >> it has been great. i have been going to all of the activities this week. i will be riding in a 1969 chrysler 300 that will lead 50,000 people through the five boroughs. even staten island. >> where we are right now. i know you obviously are a big new york guy. what made you want to be part of the marathon? >> it runs through my neighborhood in brooklyn.
8:03 am
i was honored to be the first new yorker grand marshall. central park for the finish line. >> it is a great atmosphere. the maybe for the mets world series. >> i'm a yankee fan. >> the real orange and blue. >> and the new york knicks as well -- the orange and blue. does that get better for new york sports a weekend like this? >> you have to include halloween too. >> yesterday felt like the thanksgiving day parade. everything wrapped up into one this weekend. it has been fantastic. >> should have won that game last night. it would have been better. >> that is the only thing missing. >> go, new york. >> the marathon -- marathoners that make up the field are from all around the world. one is from ethiopia. she lives in the bronx.
8:04 am
>> she is an accomplished runner that has placed in some of the top spots in boston and new york as well. >> we are joined at the finish line with more on her. >> i heard spike lee talking about the finish line at central park. you can see that behind me. at this direction. you can see activity building here. in a few hours from now -- over 50,000 runners are expected to cross the finish line. the woman from ethiopia has now made new york city home. she wants to be the first woman -- the elite woman to take the grand prize. >> she is a marathon star who enjoys her modest life living in the bronx. ethiopian born -- is the fastest new york woman in history. she achieved that mark in the 2014 boston marathon running a blistering pace of two hours, 19 minutes and 59 seconds. she hopes to match that in this year's tcs new york city
8:05 am
marathon. >> i love the course. >> she has finished as a runner-up twice in the new york city marathon. during last year's race, she was in the lead for a good portion. but due to an injury, she ended up in ninth place. this time around, she wants to finish first. >> who is your biggest competitor? >> i just focus to win. >> she has trained in all five boroughs for the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. her husband watches over her running session. they have one role. no bickering well training.
8:06 am
>> he cooks for me and gives me a massage. >> he cooks for you and gives you a massage? >> every day. >> yes. >> she loves the support of tcs new york city marathon. and looks forward to tears as she plans to finish first. >> she is certainly hoping to come in the top 20. now. you can see some activity finish line. we will be excited to watch her morning. that is the latest from the finish line. back to you, robin lara. >> thanks so much. people counting down to the world series tonight. >> we will look back at what happened last night and look ahead to what is going to happen tonight when we come back.
8:07 am
>> if you won't be among the million spectators here cheering on the runners this morning, we have your front row seat all taken care of. just go to abc7ny and click on the link to find your finish. you can watch a live stream at 10 -- as tens of thousands of runners crossed the finish line in central park. video will be posted later. so you can watch are very on finish. we will be back later on on
8:08 am
the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment.
8:09 am
the crowds are gathering. thousands of people getting ready to start the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. >> can't wait to get this started. when it comes to sporting events, it does not get much bigger than this weekend right here in new york city. a marathon and a world series. >> could we add anything else? just a little bit to deal with. there could be some panic right now going on with the mets. though the mets did not panic when they were down two games to one. others might have. the clubhouse is cool. they know this is a long run. after they won friday night, last night they had a chance to make things even. they could not get it done in game four against the royals. let's take a look. it started out well.
8:10 am
michael conforto -- not the best postseason. but collins knows he can hit home runs. in the fifth inning, michael conforto going deep again. second solo shot of the game. 3-1. mets in cruise control. then trouble in the eighth inning. eric hosmer here. could have been a double play. and daniel murphy took full responsibility for the error afterwards. and it is 5-3. bottom of the ninth, this here happen. it is a double play. ending the game. 5-3 is the final. the royals now lead the series season could be over. though. >> game five coming up later tonight at citi field. thing going on today. >> and we're back in the
8:11 am
>> thank you. it is now 8:17 a.m. topping the news. three people killed when a car slammed into a group of trick-or-treaters in the bronx. people who saw this said the 52-year-old driver made a sharp turn, went airborne and then slammed into the sidewalk of morris avenue yesterday. a 10-year-old girl was one of the people killed. four others hurt including two children. people also said -- people who saw the crash described the scene as terrific. >> you couldn't do anything. at the same time -- you can imagine something like that is real. it looked like something from a war movie. it was just horrendous. >> the driver is in the hospital this morning with minor neck and back injuries. no word yet on if he will face any charges. >> what an awful >> that is the news for now. time to get a check on
8:12 am
what is shaking out there? >> john, you ran last year? is this better this year? >> definitely. this is like july compared to last year. >> who are you running what? >> my friend. >> good luck to you both. >> finishing off the power bars and getting ready to power up for the new york city marathon. there is the finish line right there looking beautiful. the wind is light. 58 degrees. the wind is fairly light. fiftys across most of the area now. mainly cloudy skies. a couple showers across the area. at the starting line, 56. southwest wind at five up to 10. could gust up to 15. mostly a tailwind. the clouds are spending.
8:13 am
temperatures in the low 60s. brightening skies. does not feel like november. a good five or 6 degrees above average. first pitch, comfortable. the wind is light. one more batch over eastern pennsylvania. i think it is the almost all clear sign as far as any sprinkles at staten island. tonight, temperatures go down to 55. partly cloudy. it only gets warmer from there. temperatures will be going into the low 70s. the beginning of a heat wave. nice into next weekend as well. right now, it is cloudy skies. wind at only five up to 10 miles per hour out of the southwest. we can ask for more than that after last year. >> fantastic news. thank you. seventys by the end of the week. you can really feel the excitement building here at staten island.
8:14 am
runners warming up behind me. only a few minutes away from the very first race of this day. coming up on marathon sunday, ethan hawke and his wife join us to talk about the important cause they are hoping to raise money for when we come back on
8:15 am
good morning everybody.
8:16 am
127 people paid 1 dollar to run the new york city marathon in 1970. forty-five years old -- years later, 50,000 people paid $255 to run the biggest marathon in the year -- world. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> 26.2 miles -- runners will take about -- hundreds of thousands of steps. equal to 420 football fields. 384 runs around the baseball diamond. and more than four and half climbs up during the long journey from staten island to central park, runners will burn about 3000 calories. that is a pound of body fat. last year, 8500 runners raised
8:17 am
the last american runners to break the winner's tape at central park, this woman in 2009. miki gorman in 1977. runner has the most wins with nine. bill rogers from boston won race four times. fans. 1 million spectators each year, and high-fives for the grueling journey. >> thousands more runners getting ready for today's marathon. every one of them running for a cause and with a purpose. >> that is right. after even have -- actor ethan hawke is one of them -- joining us now running your first marathon. you live in brooklyn. what does being part of this mean to you? >> it is one of those things that have been hearing friends talk about for years.
8:18 am
they were nuts. i finally decided to go for it. i'm running for an organization that my wife used to work for and i believed in for more than a decade. they really provide a place for men to rebuild their lives. a shelter where men are given a again. and reboot their lives and be the fathers and men that they want to be. >> what a great cause that is. >> a terrific organization. >> now that you have experienced a taste of this, what do you think so far? nervous. i'm do -- i'm glad we are doing the interview before the race. >> we will leave you alone then. >> i think your cutting yourself short. my wife and i have been training all summer. >> you have a partner. that is what matters. >> we wish you the best of luck.
8:19 am
we will see you at the end. >> wherever that may be. >> for more information on how you can support today, go to abc7ny. thanks so much. >> good luck. all eyes are beginning to look right here to the starting line. >> we can't wait either. the first race just minutes away from starting.
8:20 am
marathon sunday after this. layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card.
8:21 am
coming up on 8:30 a.m. this marathon sunday. just a short time away from the first race hitting the course. first, we talked earlier with amy roebuck from abc news about taking part in a relay today during the race. >> another member of abc's team is not somebody you would expect to see running. she is about to give birth to her second child. >> kimberly richardson caught up with the correspondent and mother. kimberly is in fort greene, brooklyn. kimberly. >> reporter: good morning. right here at 4 avenue. take a listen. she had no idea when she signed
8:22 am
would soon be pregnant with her second child. her due date is january 11. makes for a very interesting race. what a story her little boy will and a half. >> when she laces up and takes off during this year's tcs new york city marathon -- >> i will be 30 weeks. seven and a half months. >> as an pregnant. >> i was in certain i wanted to do the marathon. i saw a girl friend of mine who is further along to a run when she was further along than i would be. >> seeing someone else -- i thought, if she can do it, i can do it too. >> i caught up with a 36-year-old days before the race. she is a network port -- correspondent, part of the team of abc news, running her first relay at the marathon. she is doing 2 miles. fitness is a big part of her life. her daughter is three years old. during that pregnancy, she worked out. this time around, she is having a boy.
8:23 am
she got the okay from her doctor and is taking it slow. she runs three times a week. >> i love that she sees me active. for him to see that down the road and know that i was always moving an active and he was with me on the journey is a great feeling. >> john is an athletic trainer he runs his own operation. he points out there could be real benefits to working out well pregnant. >> the stronger the heart on the mother, the easier it is to get through the pregnancy. also it is more beneficial to have healthy blood going through the entire system, which of course, as we know, is assisting in the baby's development as well. >> she admits she has one big concern. something she is struggling with right now. >> running with a full bladder is not comfortable. i'm stopping every -- 10 to 15 minutes. that is the biggest thing that worries me. will there be a bathroom accessible? >> that is a real concern.
8:24 am
at 4 avenue. we are in fort greene. brooklyn is the first borough that the runners pastor after crossing the bridge here in brooklyn. they will tackle miles two, through 13. this is one of the many stages out here. you will see a lot of us. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. we are getting ready right now for our first race of the day. the men's a wheelchair race. thank you for being here. you coached some of these racers in this race. >> i coached the defending champion from australia. also a number of others. >> the racist just underway now. what is the key right out of the gates for these guys as they go over the bridge? >> it is a mile. the race can be won or lost in the first mile.
8:25 am
racers use. they try to break away quick. >> the technical aspect of different than the racers getting ready behind it. >> exactly. it is a cross between running and cycling. the guys -- a lot of these weeks ago. back up in new york. the elite runners would not be able to do t that. emotion of rolling down the hills. they can get up to speeds of 30 race. running. >> what are some of the names you are looking for today to field? >> i think it will come down to four athletes. it will be joshua george from usa. another from switzerland. >> we will ask you to hang with us until we start the women's wheelchair race. we do want to take a look at a unique workout. >> sometimes working out can
8:26 am
get -- a little bit boring. but not when you are doing it on the deck of the uss intrepid. that is one of the stories we found out about from runners world magazine. >> a beautiful night and an extraordinary view. 1000 people working out on the deck of the intrepid. it doesn't get much better than that. >> new york, new york. the skyline. it is just an amazing group of people. it is special. >> it is really fun. a great spot to do this workout. looking around at the city. >> as cool as the experience was, this workout is about more than the view. >> i'm a sports medicine doctor and a runner. i saw so many people and injuring themselves. i think the main issue is they are not strong enough. i thought, how do i keep them on the road and out of my office. the answer is to keep muscles stronger. >> that is why they are training for the tcs new york city marathon. >> this helps you just keep
8:27 am
>> we both had injuries in the past. strengthening all of your muscles helps with speed and endurance and running overall. >> science backs it all out. >> running does not have to hurt. when your muscles are strong, running as comfortable. >> as for that experience factor, this is the type of atmosphere that translates to running the 26.2 miles. >> the new york marathon is about taking the energy and internalizing it. it is my favorite thing to do every year. >> we're getting ready for the women's wheelchair race. >> what can we look forward to
8:28 am
>> how impressive has this run then? >> it is incredible. some of the records on the track -- it is incredible. some are very young. >> when will the day end today? runners have to do the cooldown. what is the process? >> these guys will finish in about one hour and 45 minutes, up to one hour and 50 minutes. on this course, it is pretty impressive. they will have the whole ceremony. then back to the hotel for some sleep. >> sounds good. >> thank you so much.
8:29 am
>> one thing you probably don't think of when you think of marathons, is the opera. >> one of the lead performers is going to be running in the race. michelle charlesworth joins us again on the east side along the marathon route with more on this story. >> we're at mile 16 at 60th and 1 avenue. suzannah phillips is a world-class opera singer. she does three up to four hours on stage in a corset. today, she says she will be running this for up to five hours. she is from huntsville, alabama. so we got along really well. since i'm from north carolina. she went there a lot of big changes in her life. just in the past few weeks, she got married. she moved and became a mother. she said, why not take on training for and running 26.2 miles?
8:30 am
>> four hour-long operas like deflator mouse and runs in central park. suzannah phillips is one of the principal opera voices for the met. she spends her nights in corsets and her days in lycra. excited, thrilled and a little anxious to run. >> i have always wanted to do the marathon. it is a wonderful atmosphere. when i watch it, i want to do it. i'm going to do it. >> suzannah, since she is a type a disciplined professional -- actually she works on four hour-long operas. she tells me training for an working on the marathon is actually not such a stretch. >> suzannah explains her professional life is all about discipline and self-awareness. >> as a singer, you need to be very aware of how much you saying at a particular amount of time and how much rest you get and how much water you drink. if your voice is feeling a
8:31 am
little tired, you might not saying as much. as a runner, you have to be aware of your body so you don't get injured. if you are excessively tired one day -- don't push yourself too hard. give yourself enough motivation when you're feeling good. >> who inspires her? in music, dolly parton. and running, she says she is inspired by anyone who laces up to check another amazing adventure off of a bucket list. >> she knows practice and discipline is how you get there. [ singing ] >> now, she cannot wait to get going. let's go. >> i love that she loves dolly parton. suzannah phillips -- enjoyed today. it is all about the will, the spirit and the training that has gotten you here. back to you guys. >> michele, what a story. the preparation for today's marathon is really a marathon of
8:32 am
its own. >> it is. amy freeze joining us on staten island with a unique way to document today and a journey to get to today. >> good morning to the both of you. you want to document every step of the way. from the beautiful weather we have today -- the forecast is spot on. you know that time when you are in a marathon and you have people from slovakia -- you want to remember that. now on -- the daniel leandry -- the tcs marathon has memories of a lifetime. check it out. >> called the tcs marathon journey, it is your very own experience. >> being really focused on making every marathon the most technologically advanced and socially advanced marathon ever.
8:33 am
it is really for everyone -- whether they are runners, volunteers, spectators, family members. everyone can be part of this. >> how does this work? how will you get my pictures? >> the way we are collecting the pictures from everybody is -- that they will use their twitter or instagram or facebook accounts. what is crucial is that -- when you are sharing a photo on any of those social media platforms, that you use the hashtag which is #daniel leandrynyc. >> then your images are placed on the website. >> then you will see a preview video of what the videos will look like. then you create your customized marathon journey video. using up to 20 images, complete with original theme music courtesy of new york road runners. >> you want these to be really fun.
8:34 am
>> how much does it cost? everybody. why are the new york road runners so into social media and technology? >> it has raised our own expectations of our self of leveraging technology and social media. >> it is simple to do. not only can runners do it. along the course, when you meet new people, all you have to do is take your picture -- then you hashtag it all to #tcsnyc. have a great day everybody. see you on the course. >> your phone will be filled. everybody wants their picture taken with amy freeze all morning long. >> we will have a look at the top stories and accuweather forecast for this big day when we come back live on marathon sunday.
8:35 am
>> more than 50,000 people are taking part in today's race. doing. tweet us this morning with hashtag tcs nyc. >> we can take a look at some of the photos people have already tagged us in. we invite you to find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
8:36 am
i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at we're back with something new this year. the new york road runners kids race. >> that is right. hundreds of children who are members of new york road runners mighty mile young runners program will run the final miles
8:37 am
of the tcs new york city marathon in central park. and of course, they will run right through the finish line which is obviously the best part of this whole race. what a cool experience. >> it really is. the roadrunners theme or motto is, run for life. so what better way to start today on race day, then to get some of the use of new york city to run right through the finish line. >> and these kids now will be able to tell everybody that they finished the new york city marathon. >> how about that. >> they just start everything off. 50,000 people will finish them fort wadsworth staten island. kids will finish up. pavement. >> that is exactly what it is. >> it is about to start. coming. as these kids work off some of that -- halloween candy energy from last night. it. year. i know the new race director -- said this is very important to him and important to the new
8:38 am
>> one of the big charities is the team for kids. so this new york road runners group is all about getting kids active, involved. what better way than running. >> it is about continuing this forward. it is not just about race day today. but race day tomorrow and throughout your life. >> if the dogs out of the way. there they go. >> isn't that great. slow down. pace yourselves everybody. >> it is a marathon. not a sprint. as they say. >> running is a great form of exercise. it is important -- as we know, to have some fun at the same time. >> what would be the point. there is a grassroots group and harlem that energizes the community and gives people running as well. it is another story we found out in the november issue of runners world magazine. >> anthony johnson is at the finish line. anthony. >> reporter: we are anxiously anticipating those kids coming
8:39 am
of course -- this is a community even. the kids heading for the finish line. they will be greeted when they get here. we did have an opportunity to talk to a great group of runners that have been making running a really fun and community event. >> they are getting set and having fun. the harlem runners take to the streets twice a week trekking tour upper manhattan. at least a dozen of these runners have been preparing for the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. this is how a small idea can turn into a community effort. >> i would post on social media asking people to join me on the run. for several months, it was just me. little by little, i started to pick up traction. people started following me on instagram and facebook. then we had 10 members. we were really excited about that. >> now dozens of runners and
8:40 am
walkers are part of the group. >> harlem run is a diverse group where everyone is treated like family. >> the attraction is also spirit and energy that is inviting, while pushing people to their physical limit. >> you get to hear so many stories on how people started running and gone into fitness. and that some of my best friends here. >> the group also has nonrunning events -- so the bond between participants grows over time. >> a lot of people say it is an individual activity. until you see another runner and say -- i know what you are going through. then it is even better when you get a chance to run with somebody. >> no doubt, working out as a group has inspired several members to make that 26.2-mile run in the 2015 tcs new york city marathon. >> i had no intentions of running a marathon. i had no intentions of doing anything more then what i usually plan to do.
8:41 am
>> so he hopes to finish the tcs new york city marathon in about four hours. that is the latest from the finish line. back to you. >> you can feel the excitement from the finish line all the way here to the start line. we will have more from the start line. first we want to get another check on the top stories. >> we will go right back to our studios. rob nelson antoni joining us again. good morning to the two of you. >> good morning to you. it is 8:50 a.m. >> thank you. top stories. three people are dead including a 10-year-old little girl after a car crashed into a group of trick-or-treaters last night in the bronx. all of this happened in the morris park section around 5:00 last night. police say a driver hit another car before losing control jumping the curve. and then hitting a group of people right there on the sidewalk. four other people were hurt. including a 52-year-old driver and two other children.
8:42 am
no charges have been filed yet. firefighters spent the night fighting a fire in essex county. flames broke out inside a building in fairfield. around midnight. several explosions were heard inside the building. fire companies from several towns responded to help. this morning, the bulk of the fire is out. the crews are still on the scene. of course they have to check on the hotspots and make sure there will be no problems with that. no word on any injuries. and the mets have another chance tonight to stay in the world series. but odds are against them. looking tough. last night, the kansas city royals rallied for another dramatic win defeating that mets with a final score of 5-3. the royals now have a 3-1 lead in the world series. one more win and they will clinch the title. game five tonight at citi field. again, the mets will need an amazing comeback.
8:43 am
they have to win three straight to get their first world series title since 86. >> it can be done. >> we have to believe. >> that is the news for now. >> let's get a look at the forecast. >> hello. one thing i am living here right now is -- a little filtered sunshine. the treetops have quieted down as the wind backs down to about five up to 10 miles per hour. the start line will be 56 degrees. it is almost go time. southwest wind -- mostly a tailwind. it will freshen to maybe 10 up to 15 miles per hour throughout the race. then only a headwind toward the finish line. at that point, temperatures in the low 60s. here is the planner throughout the day. clouds thinning out. a couple sprinkles around. mostly clear here at staten island. for the mets game tonight, 61 degrees. a beautiful night for baseball. the radar, losing showers and gaining breaks in the clouds. we love it. clouds break for sunshine.
8:44 am
tonight, numbers go down to 55. partly cloudy skies. a nice start to the work week. more sunshine to the north. after monday, 64. then we will go about 10 to 15 degrees above normal for the rest of the week. seventys from tuesday until thursday. even nice into next week. the runners are getting redder he -- getting ready. i think the rain threat has passed. back to you. >> thank you so much. we are in the final countdown. >> it is really something to watch as we prepare for the race. >> live coverage of the tcs new york city marathon continues next right here on channel 7. getting ready for the next race to start as well. it is all coming your way as marathon sunday continues. okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network.
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
the time has almost come for thousands of runners who are lining up right now getting ready to start the tcs new york city marathon. >> we can't wait. right here on channel 7. is that mr. met right there? >> it is. >> runners looking for support along this route from friends and family members. we feel you. >> we caught up with one family who has taken quite a lot of time planning for today and mapping out where they need to be during this race. >> studying the map. planning out stops. and running mile time calculations. this group puts an intense training before marathon day. >> they are not preparing to run, but rather to cheer for nicole. >> it is almost like you have this. >> they go subway station to
8:48 am
dedicated have a proven method. in passed new york city marathon, they have found a way to be in place to spot her along the marathon route four times. the first stop on their itinerary will be downtown brooklyn, mile eight, then they will check -- hop on that g train to mile 14. next up, 110th street. over to 1 avenue and mile 18. then off to fiveth avenue. the end. >> she is gearing up for her 12th marathon and says their athletes. >> instead of going to one spot and parking themselves all day, they chase me around the borough's. >> she says the cheer squad the crowd. wave? >> yes. i spot them.
8:49 am
>> -- i yell to them. i run up as close as i can. >> when she puts her foot to the pavement, she is grateful. >> i think they deserve more than just a sweaty hug from me. >> channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. what a great story. there. before we go this morning, we want to get one final check of the forecast for all of the runners. >> a million people standing outside watching this race. lee goldberg starts us out here at the starting line. >> let's see how the runners feel about it. we have dominick here. first marathon. any butterflies as this approaches? >> a little bit. >> are you good to go? >> good to go.
8:50 am
a little chilly right now. >> best of luck to you both. mid-60s. mid-50s here at the start. southwest wind at five up to 10. going up to maybe 10 up to 15. as we go through the bronx and back into manhattan. sixty-four on monday. into the 70s midweek. good luck everyone. back to you. >> thank you so much. a lot more is still to come today. race. you won't want to miss any of on abc7ny. coverage continues with another marathon. coming up in just a few minutes. this afternoon, a special highlights wrapup show at 4:00. then eyewitness news at 6:00 with all of the sights and sounds of race day around the five boroughs. >> we want to thank you very much for joining us this early morning.
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