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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. it's 6:00, and several people were killed when a car jumps a curb on halloween night. a community coming together amid the tragedy. the mets' season has come to a close. the battle that led to a clutching loss. we will hear from the team about what is next. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: we look on the fort lee, new jersey, side of the we have a lot of high clouds, and that will give us a cloudy morning. breaks of sun, and we are at 55, and we should be at 45. we are 10 degrees warmer than normal. 40 for poughkeepsie, and 48 around bridgeport.
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and we are looking at what will be 62 by noontime and 66 later this afternoon with the high clouds and west wind. beautiful day, and the temperatures are only going to get warmer into the 70s this week. and i just made your day, heather. >> you did. you totally made my day. >> reporter: make everyone else's. >> i will. mass transit in great shape: no major problems with metro north, new jersey transit. subway status running on or close to schedule no problems there. so far, it's been a quiet morning. 202 closed with the road surface collapse, and it's been out there since last week. minor delays for the george washington bridge, 5 minutes inbound for the lincoln. the george washington bridge is moving well in both directions, and no major problems there, and then we do have some earlier problems over here on the deegan with the ongoing long-term construction project. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> heather, thank you.
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another late night and perhaps a sleepless night for mets' fans. the second game of the series first one. >> kansas city coming away with the win after 12 innings, thanks to the late-game rally and a few critical errors. the royals winning the world series, 4-1, and it didn't take long for the celebrations to begin on and off the field. the royals' players breaking out the bubbly with the trophy in their other hand. >> the mets are keeping their heads high and looking forward to next season, tweeting a thank you to their fans for the support all season long. rob powers with more from citi field. >> reporter: this huge sports weekend was apparently so big, the powers that be didn't want it to send, but only to a point because the mets'-royals' world series is now over.
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granderson in the bottom of the 1st, the leadoff home run, the mets start as well as they can, with the lead. duda with the sacrifice fly earlier, and harvey was out? front. pitching so well. 8 innings, 9 hits, 5 strikeouts, and game turns late. the royals trailing the entire night come up with the runs to tie the score. as sunday bled into monday monday morning, colon dropping it off in left field. the royals scored 5 run in the 12th, and kansas city parties like it's 1985. 30 years between championships, and the mets lose the game and the series 4-1. the baseball season ends with a crown for the royals and disappointment
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for mets here at citi field. >> tremendous year. i just told the players i have done this for a long, long time, and it's the most fun i have ever had. >> it was a blast to be out there and so much fun tonight and it was incredible. the energy was incredible. unfortunately i couldn't finish what i started. >> you can look at the guy beside you and be honored you with him. >> reporter: the mets had the lead in every game in this series, every one, and there's plenty of offseason questions to be answered, but this season, as thrilling as it is comes to a disappointing end for the world series. at citi field, rob powers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can look back at the mets' remarkable season on our website abc7ny.
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we have a special recap of the game. we will here from david wright at citi field in an upcoming report. a man accused of killing his girlfriend's toddler is due to face a judge. lorde pardo will officially be charged with murder by a grand jury. he's accused of killing his girlfriend's son while baby sitting in uniondale last month. police say the child's skull and ribs were fractured, and his lungs and liver were damaged. time now 6:05. now to a halloween horror in the bronx. three people were runed down and killed by an out-of-control driver who plowed into a crowd of trick or treaters. one of the victims, 10-year-old nyanna aquil seen here just hours before the crash. her mother was by her side, who also lost her father. dray clark is live with more. >> reporter: so many people in the bronx neighborhood are waking up grieving, still thinking of the three victims
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you can see this is where the accident happened, the fence behind me foreign apart from the impact of the car, and just below that, so many expressings of grief with cards, candles, flowers, teddy bears, and people are still coming by this morning to leave their condolences to the three tragedy. last night this is is how the morris park section of the bronx looked. the vigil happening at the spot where the three victims were killed after the car mowed them down. 10-year-old nyanna aquil and her 65-year-old grandfather were killed. also killed kristian leka who was walking with a lunger sibling. the victims were walking down the street doing their trick or treating for halloween.
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natalia perez who lost her
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morning, and he is in stable season. as -- stable condition. as for what caused him to lose control and crash, that's still under investigation. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. local leaders are rallying against what they call a deep cut foe health and compensation for the 9/11 victims. members of the fdny, local representatives, and first responders will gather this afternoon at the world trade center, they say the new proposal for 5 years does not provide adequate funding for health care, and they said it would force cuts to the promised compensation. republican presidential candidates are announcing proposed changes to the debate format. representatives for the campaigns met with g.o.p. leader last night after several candidates complained about the questioning and the moderators
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they are calling for a 2 hour limit time and they want equal speaking time for each candidate. 6:09. fred thompson is being remembered in tennessee, washington, and hollywood. thompson died in nashville after a reoccurrence of lymphoma. he was in 20 films including "the hunt for red october" and "cape fear." he announced a bid for president in 2007, but he dropped out in january 2008. he was 73. 6:09. never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. here's bill evans. >> this morning, a nice start to the day. you can seat high clouds, alto cirrus, and they are being sheered off from a storm in the other than united states. the storms will go away today. some will break out. we will warm up nicely. 55degrees, and that's 10 degrees warmer than normal at
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it's november 2nd, and it feels like early september, actually, and today we are looking at what will be high clouds. 64 by noontime, and 66 this afternoon, and a very nice day with temperatures well above normal. to start the day, it's on the coolside. dress like these huckelberries. >> the berries of huckel. >> watch out for the enforcer who always stands right by them. [ laughter ] the ed koch bridge, what a mess there. and also a mess on the van wyck expressway. let's go to the maps. van wyck, two separate accidents, one northbound and the other southbound at the parkway. ed koch, upper level to queens that an accident being cleared
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railroad, new jersey transit doing just fine. subway status is run on or close to schedule. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, parents pleading for help after a hit- and-run crash critically injured in brooklyn. the clues police are using to find two drivers. search crews make a major break through a month after a cargo ship disappeared near the bahamas. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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6:14. now to an eyewitness news exclusive. the parents of a brooklyn man are begging for the drivers who hit and seriously hurt their son to come forward. newly released surveillance video shows the carers involved. sean benz was first hit riding hi had his bike early in the morning on october 21st, and then another car immediately hits him again. he's in the hospital with 15 broken ribs, and he can't even breathe on his own. >> he can't communicate because he is sedated, and he doesn't -- i done even know when he wakes up he knows where he is.
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it's been a nightmare. >> he's scared, and i have never seen -- i have never gone through anything like this in my life. >> according to a witness, the first vehicle that hit him is a white-colored suv, and the second was likely a white nissan maxima. the missing cargo ship el farro was found on the ocean floor where it sunk a month ago. it was detected by sonar, and it's resting upright, deep under water. the dive crews will continue their efforts to locate the black box. all crew mens were killed when el farro disappeared during joaquin. time to check your accuweather forecast. >> and we will check in with meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: comfortable, crisp, and cool. we got half a moon on the upper west side. here's the cameras this morning.
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the live cameras always tell the story. we are looking at the camera here. 55degrees, and nice and comfy. the west wind at 3. going to warm us up. the pressure is above 30.00, and it's rising, and yesterday's high 65. today. 55 in the park, 57, and you can see it around citi field, plains. 49 for islip. the numbers are warmer than day. you need a jacket or sweater starting out, and it's warmer here for the five boroughs and cooler for the suburbs this morning. calm to a light wind. eventually southwest, and that will warm us up tomorrow, and you can seat storm down south, the jet stream sheering the clouds off. great lakes, northeast, new england, sliding east, and it will give us great weather. the winds will go south west,
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kids, at the bus stop this morning, grab your jacket or sweater. after school, 66. feeling nice. warmer this week with the temperatures around 70. we will call it partial sunshine, and we have high clouds and breaks of sun. 66degrees, and we will see the high pressure sliding eastward, the storm to the south, going out to the atlantic. more sunshine tomorrow, and warmer with the high near 70. the accuweather forecast today, really nice day. 66degrees, high clouds. tonight, great night, 40s in the suburbs, 52 for the five boroughs, and tomorrow, sunshine, and a high of 70. look at wednesday, 70. a few clouds making it a degree or two cooler on thursday. 68. warmer on friday, and we will warm to 72, the record high is 74 degrees, and that's coming up on friday. you can see by the weekend, we will cool down. the cool front moving back down. 58 on sunday. sunday is the only normal temperature this week, and everything well above that. nice mild week of hope you get the chance to go
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outside and enjoy it, it's beautiful weather. all right, guys, back to you. >> thank you, bill. over to heather now for a look at traffic. >> we have not one but two accidents as you travel on to the van wyck expressway. news chopper 7 is here. jon is here with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, heather. on the way here t looks like -- it looks like it's been cleared up, but this southbound on the van wyck at the split for the van wyck parkway. it's towards the nassau expressway, and there's the vehicle being loaded on to a flat bed tow truck. right now only the right lane is blocked. southbound delays are bumper-to- bumper, beginning south of atlantic avenue to the airport. if you're headed out to jfk, certainly allow extra time. heather? >> thank you for that john. things are busy all around the area.
6:18 am
here's the van wyck expressway, and you can see the delay into the area this is near the grand central parkway. let's go over to our maps to talk to you about the george lower level. an accident is being cleared away, and a problem here going parkway. that's another accident. the upper level of the bridge going into queens, that's another accident that is being cleared. subway status, subway service running on or close to schedule. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit trains, all are doing okay. you go through mahwah, and there's a closure of route 102 from franklin road. this is is a road surface collapse. been with us for awhile now. george washington bridge, bumping up to 5 to 10. 5 minutes lincoln, minor delays for the holland. street cleaning rules newfect today. >> thank you, so much, heather. cutbacks for one cell phone carrier looking to slash $2 billion from the bottom line.
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on the money this morning, wall street begins november on the heels of the biggest monthly gain in 4 years. the dow jones starting today at 17,663. overseas the hong kong index has also dropped. company officials say there's plans to slash expenses by $2.5 billion in the next fiscal year. layoffs are also expected and the changes come after big losses in 2015. dozens of chipolte restaurants are closed indefinitely in the pacific northwest because of an outbreak of e.coli. 20 people became sickened after eating in the area.
6:22 am
linked only to 6 restaurants but they decided to close 43 restaurants until they uncover the source of the outbreak. we look at our camera here, and we have a beautiful morning. you can see all the way down to the verrazano bridge. great visibility. cloudy, high around 66 degrees, and we are at 55 right now. we will look at temperatures that are way warmer than normal for this time of the year. nice ride on the ferry. back and forth to the hudson river and the temperature, 59, and back and north, nice today, 66. afternoon. speaking of routes 66, she can 109. she caused it. >> that's not true.
6:23 am
what is going on at the van wyck expressway. this southbound sider in the belt parkway, the accident, they are just getting the car on to the flat bed tow, and they will pull him out there. near the cross island parkway, that's an accident there. the ed koch bridge into queens, inbound lower level, an accident on the lower level. the holland tunnel, you is a less than 5 minute delay there, and alternate-side parking rules in effect. new this morning, sandra lee using her experience to combat the new guidelines for the american cancer society in an editorial in the new york post she say she's cancer free because of early detection. last week they pushed back the recommended age to 45 and
6:24 am
lee says the simple fact is that screening saves lives. closing in on 6:30, still ahead on morning, a crushing defeat for the mets, losing the world series in front of their hometown crowd. a live report with the players and the fans in queens. >> caught on camera, a police officer slammed to the ground by a driver trying to get away. and expect some
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a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town. get to know us at a growing memorial in the bronx for three people killed on halloween night. we are learning more about what may have happened to the driver crash. new details just coming in on the russian air disease. the airline ruling out human error, and we are learning about the packed plane that broke up midair. the royals have been
6:28 am
crowned. a heart-breaking home loss for the mets and their fans. we are live from citi field with reaction from the team captain and the faithful. good morning i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic with meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: we will have mild weather, and it will be a warm week, too. you call it whatever you want, but it's not november weather. we have good colors there, and to the east side, 52 at north port, and massapequa. 40 in poughkeepsie and kingston. 66 later on this afternoon, and it only gets warmer! heather has her hands full this morning. stop what you're doing and listen up. >> 6:00 hits, and that's when everything happens. over to our maps, and i can
6:29 am
has been cleared on the southbound side you have delays back to the grand central parkway, and the l.i.e. going westbound on the cross island, the upper level going into queens as being cleared away. relief on the george washington bridge. we heard the lower level action has been cleared away. you're 15 minutes getting inbound on the tolls. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. heather, thank you. it's 6:31, a season full of drama ending in dramatics for the mets. next season. governor cuomo said it was heart breaking and also congratulated the royals. bill de blasio said hell of a year, mets, thanks for the
6:30 am
memories! kals live. >> reporter: lori, it was an unexpected and fantastic season leading up to the world series here, but there was a gut wrenching end, about 6 hours ago here the at citi field. the mets were 2 outs away from forcing the series back to kansas city for a 6th game, and when wilmer flores struck out t time to celebrate the second world series title. in the met's clubhouse after the game, the players shared hugs and congratulated each other on the october and november run there. the david wright says the royals deserve to be champs, and no one in orange and blue this morning. >> they all played us, and, you know as much as it hurts and stings, we can hold our heads high and be proud of what we
6:31 am
year and fell just short of the world championship. >> reporter: talk about how series loss. the new york post had a much more harsh take on things with disgrace. not needed there, but the mets start on what they hope will be a 2016 championship. they start with a 2-game series royals. >> thank you. it's 6:33, the mets' fans will have 5 months to reflect on how the season ended. for now, it's all about dealing with the heart ache. >> ice excited until the 9th inning, obviously, and then terrible mistakes. >> horrible! 15 years and you would think they could do it, but what are you going to do? there's always next year. >> the empire state building
6:32 am
also celebrating the mets' season overnight, switching its lights to orange and blue for a few hours. met fans have been sharing their heart break with us on social media. let us know your predictions for 2016 on the abc7ny facebook page. a bronx community is grieving after three people were commit killed by a car -- hit and killed by a car on halloween night. >> reporter: good morning, lori, so many people are waking up grieving those who died behind me. this memorial remembers those who died. among them a10-year-old little girl who was excited for halloween and going trick-or- treating with her siblings and her grandfather. last night here, hundreds of
6:33 am
together at an emotional vigil for the ax victims. the vigil happening the at the very spot where the three victims were killed when the car mowed them down. 10-year-old nyanna aquil and her 65-year-old grandmother were killed. also killed kristian leka. all the victims were trick or streeting for halloween. natalia perez who lost her daughter and father spoke out last night. she talked about her father who was a vet, purple heart recipient, and he loved his grand chirp. >> we walked them to and from school whether it was rain, sleet, hail, or snow just to help me while i was working and trying to provide a better life for my kids. >> today you're my hero for
6:34 am
attempting to save all my children. >> reporter: a live look back here again at this memorial. the memorial that is still growing at this early morning hour. people are coming by and leaving their sincere expressions of grief. natalia perez has two daughters who survived the crash. eyewitnesses said they survived because their grandfather pushed them out of the way of the car. sadly he could not do much to save his 10-year-old grand daughter who died. as for the 52-year-old driver, he remain in the hospital this morning n stable condition, and they believe he suffered some sort of medical episode and that's what led him to loose control of the car. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right dray, thank you.
6:35 am
crash company said it had to be plane. the plane broke apart midair, and this morning a metrojet official says something outside of the plane incapacitated the crew. another official says it was not caused by "technical or pilot fault." the bodies of 144 victims arrived in russia this morning, and isis has claimed responsibility, but mechanical problems have not been ruled out. it's 6:37. president obama is headed to the tri-state area this afternoon as part of his efforts to reform the criminal justice system. he will join ross baracka and later take part in a round table discussion. watch out for street closures as the president makes its way around town. 6:37. you're never more than 7
6:36 am
minutes away from weather and traffic, and bill evans with the forecast. >> reporter: what a beautiful morning we have outside. excuse me. we look across, and there's colors in the park. and we look over to 5th avenue and the eastside, great morning outside, and it's cool. temperature 55 around the park to 45 north and west. the numbers are 10 degrees warmer than this time of the year. high clouded -- high clouds sheered off here. we will have beautiful weather this week, and temperatures today are going to be the coolest for the next 5 days. 64 at noon, and 66 this afternoon, and a beautiful sunset is coming up, and it will be a great day today. it only gets warmer. kids, grab your jacket or sweater. you need it. after school, feeling nice. now to heather. your kids were cute for halloween. >> oh, yes, the zombie baseball
6:37 am
player and nerd did very well. >> your daughter was a nerd. that was very good. >> she had fun doing that. news chopper 7, and we will check out the pictures. we had an accident on the lower level, and the accident has been cleared away, but you can see the residual delays, especially into the upper level. delays upper and lower george washington bridge, at least 10- 15 minutes. now to the webb camera, i was showing you the delay earlier this is the queens borough bridge. it it's the ed koch bridge going inbound. we will tell you what is going on there the accident itself as we look at the maps, i can tell you the accident is going outbound into queens on the upper level. the manhattan-bound hov lanes are closed down as a result. our street cleaning rules are newfect. mass transit doing well. lori and ken, over to you. >> it's 6:39. still ahead this morning, the
6:38 am
assembly facing criminal charges. lawyers will have to move ahead with the next stage of the disruption trial. 3 years after sandy, and the headaches are not over yet.
6:39 am
a police officer thrown to whatever life throws your way, you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low.
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6:42. new video this morning from suburban detroit. a police officer's dash cam shows him being dragged by a driver during a traffic stop. the officer pulled over the 22- year-old woman, and he was trying to arrest her for driving with a suspended license. the good news is the officer is okay. the driver is due in court today to face assault and other charges. happening today, court appearance for the girlfriend of kyle navine, the connecticut man accused of killing his parents. she is charged with conspiracy to committed murderer and hindering the prosecution. the police affidavit quotes text messages between the two.
6:41 am
today in the criminal trial of shelton silver. he is accused of accepting bribes meant to influence legislative work. defense lawyers say the prosecutors are trying to criminalize the long-standing features of government. good morning america is next. >> coming up on gma, we have the mysterious crash of the russian airliner. the airline is speaking out saying there was no technical fault. also ahead, leah remedy and her
6:42 am
we have music with ayala morsett here. >> oh! >> i knew that would get a reaction. i call this suit weather. you can wear the suit and everything is great. you need a sweater or jacket outside because it's brisk this morning. cool wind out of the west, with the air mass, and we have clouds. we will start off cool, and we will have warm temperatures coming as the barge makes its way under the brooklyn bridge. we are at 55 degrees. should be at 45, and that will let you know we will be warmer today than normal. the west wind and the rising barometer. normal high, 58. normal low, 45. sunset at 4:51. you can call it anything you want but you can't call it november. sunny, dry, and warmer. by friday. 57 out to the eastern end of
6:43 am
long island, 41 around danbury, and 37 to month -- monticello. everyone is warmer than normal. high pressure is over us, and we will have high clouds coming up, beinged she off by the storm system to the south, good morning, and we are going to be looking at that storm leaving, high pressure building in, and after cool today, we will be around 66. jacket or sweat her morning, and later on today, feeling great. sunny breaks, and clouds will roll out of the way. we will call it partial sunshine, and we tomorrow we will have sunshine with nothing to harvest with the cloud cover. high pressure lieding east with the winds southwest, and we will warm to 70. clouds and breaks of sun today. high clouds, 66 degrees. tonight, we will have a nice evening. 52 to 42 in the suburbs. tomorrow, great day. high of 70. 12degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. a great week of weather.
6:44 am
70 on wednesday, clouds making it cooler. look at friday. 72. the record high is 74. cooling down by sunday it will be a great day today. we will get the chance to go outside and enjoy today. really nice june weather. >> it's so nice being here in miami, bill. [ laughter ] >> good morning, let's go! >> definitely, thank you, bill. another check on the commute. we will look at the web camera and talk to you about the queens borough, 59th street bridge. traffic over here coming out of the city. a couple of minutes ago, there was not a lot of traffic here. i have been showing you the traffic camera on and off for an hour now. there's the issue at the queens borough 59th street bridge. here's what is happening here, an accident on the upper level,
6:45 am
going into queens, and as a result, manhattan-bound, the hov lanes were full completely. it looks as though the accident is starting to clear away. l. trains mechanical problems for morgan avenue. metro north, new jersey transit on or close. 20. we had the lower level accident cleared away this san accident going flu bergen county. 208 near south lawn and maple avenue. one in clinton on 68 east near 115. we have alternate-side parking rules in effect today. ken, over to you. along the lines of what commuter alert. the mta is shutting down the main entranceover the south ferry hall today. it's a project to fix the damage filled by sandy. the storm flood the station wear.
6:46 am
9 months. today the champions of the tcs new york city marathon will get an overhead glance of the land they concurred. the winning men and women will come together and celebrate this morning. they will be able to take in the entire five borough course from the trade center observatory level. another halloween shocker. a pill found hidden in a candy bar at a mall in our area. a brutal attack caught on camera. we are hea since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier by accepting most major health and vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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let us worry about getting you there. bp gasoline with invigorate.
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new this morning, a woman claims she found a pill in her daughter's halloween candy in poughkeepsie. her daughter went trick or treating at the poughkeepsie the 13-year-old found a snickers bar that had already been opened, and the candy was cut horizontally, and she found a pink bill inside when she opened it. police are suggesting everyone check their halloween candy completely.
6:50 am
an uber driver is attack after the passenger became belligerent and he asked him to leave the vehicle. he installed the camera for his own safety. >> unfortunately it was 8:00 at night and i was just about to call it a night. i didn't think anything like this would happen this early in the night. i stopped driving the 2:00 a.m. shift a long time ago for this very reason. >> driver had to use pepper spray, thank goodness he had it to get him out of his car. the suspect is facing assault and public intoxication charges. >> thank goodness he had the camera also. still ahead a mother in the bronx is grieving the loss of
6:51 am
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6:56. police in the bronx say a medical condition may have pled to a crash that killed three people on halloween. >> authorities are investigateing what caused the driver to lose control on his car on saturday. the morris park community held a vigil last night, honoring 10- year-old nyanna aquil, her grandfather and 24-year-old kristian leka. it's official lye time to wait until ever for next year for the mets' season. >> the season came to a heart breaking end at home.
6:53 am
>> reporter: good morning, ken and lori. you know, last night going going into it, they knew it would be the last game at citi field, but they didn't want it to be the game that ended their season, but the royals just didn't cooperate here. the 2-0 lead to kansas city, the pinch hitting hitter here who had not played in nearly a month drove in what proved to be the world series run in the 7-2 victory. a tough way for the fans to end what had been an exciting run in early august. the mets open the next season exactly 22 weeks for today, and they will start with 2 games, and guess where? kansas city. we are live at citi field,
6:54 am
some drivers are experiencing delays across the bridge here. >> reporter: good morning. we had an earlier problem here at the 59th street bridge, and it's causing delays there was an accident on the outbound upper level, and it took awhile to get it cleared, as a result if delayed the opening of the inbound hov lanes. the accident has been cleared, and all lanes have been reopened. you see how slow things are back across the span, the upper and lower level. the hoff lanes are heavy as well with the delays beginning in queens plaza. live over the ed koch 59th street bridge. >> thank you. >> you were talk about it all morning, and we have the visual from overhead. >> the web camera looked like all the traffic was jam packed into queens, and there it is again, the delay going into manhattan was because the h.o.v. lanes were closed down. over to our maps now, and i can tell you about what else is p happening. the george washington bridge
6:55 am
with 30 minute delays, and the earlier accident cleared off the lower level. the livan con tunnel, 30 minute, the holland, a 10 minute delay. you a problem near fairlawn south and maple avenue. 78 going east near 15. that crash is being cleared. mechanical problems at morgan avenue. both ways it's suspended. >> thank you, heather. >> great job. >> thank you. sunshine, beautiful weather, and just to show you, the 7-day forecast. today, 66, and looking all week at the weather. 70 tomorrow, 70 on wednesday, and by the time we get to thursday, just a front is going by, and we will maybe have clouds. that's it. it's warmer on friday, and we want you to get a good look at this week's weather [ laughter ] it's november 2nd by the way. >> thank you, bill. >> that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes, and we are back with another update in 25 minutes. good morning america is next
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