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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  WABC  November 3, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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homeless man now charged with trying to rape an 8-year-old girl. and looks like fall. has fallen back to spring? we're waking up to very mild morning with possibly a record- breaking temp later this week. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> thank you for joining us, i'm ken rosato. it is tuesday, november 3rd and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> just looking at the sunrise, absolutely gorgeous the morning. a great week of 70-degree weather from time to time the camera across the park and it's gorgeous. temperature for 6:00 a.m. 51 degrees now. grab jackets and sweaters. temperatures drop another degree and it's 35 poughkeepsie and kingston and 37 newburg and middletown 34. 37 around sparta and andover in sussex county. new jersey. down to phillipsburg in down towards central southern new
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looking at chilly numbers there. but 72 by afternoon and only gets warmer by friday. talk about that in your accuweather seven day forecast coming up in just a moment. heather has all kinds of issues out there this morning. that's right. let's take a look at the web cam and show you what's happening on rides on the south shore and you take the southern state parkway. look at this activity on the southern state parkway. this is the eastbound side. let's go to our maps and i'll explain to you what's happening here. the southern state east right near wantagh avenue, that's where we have an accident being cleared away. then we have this problem on the grand central parkway. westbound near northern boulevard. that's a crash and we have a debris spill solved. you see all the red -- involved. you can see all the red coming down the fdr drive. southbound near 96th street. we have an accident in that spot. mass transit is on or close to schedule. subways are doing just fine. and we have alternate side of the street parking rules suspended for election day today. ken over to you. we have breaking news now.
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one suspect is under arrest and another on the run after a shootout with police in newark. investigators say officers did return fire after shots were fired their way. this happening overnight on north 11th street. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in newark with the details. kala? >> reporter: ken, at this hour i can tell you that a lot of people are just waking up trying to leave this street here north 11th street but they're having issues getting out and they want to know exactly what happened here. well, he's what i've been toling you -- here's what i've been telling them so far. a trail of blood to find an injured suspect who's been trying to hide on their street. at this point here's what we know. newark police were patrolling the area of north 11th street when they came upon two suspects who started firing at the officers. the officers then returned fire. so far, police say they have one suspect in custody. the other is still on the loose and may be injured because they've been following a trail of blood here to try and track him down. police have been searching
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that the suspect may be hiding in the basement of one of these homes. all of this unfolded just after 11:00 last night. the essex county prosecutor's office was out here earlier and also said two weapons were recovered in addition to one of those suspect's being taken into custody. at this point the two officers who were involved in this were not injured we're told. and again we do know that a lot of s.w.a.t. members are on scene here and several detectives coming in and out and more ambulances so we are feeling that the suspect that they're looking for, they may be closing in on them. we'll try to get an update for you from the prosecutor's office. we're live in newark here, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. and now on to a developing story in the bronx. a 21-year-old mannened arrest and facing -- under arrest and facing charges for allegedly trying to rape a nypd released the sketch of the suspect shortly after the attack two weeks ago. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live now in the mount
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about how this suspect was caught. dray? >> reporter: good morning lori. police asked for the public's help in finding this man and they actually got it and so this morning that 21-year-old man is in police custody accused of trying to crepe an 8- year-old little girl. this incident happened on october 24th here in the mown hope section of the bronx in broad daylight. police had this surveillance video of the hooded suspect. they also had a really good sketch of what this guy might look look. now we've learned this morning police have 21-year-old justin ramirez in custody. and he was caught thanks to a crime stoppers' tip. all we know about ramirez is that he's a homeless man with a long rap sheet and a history of psychological problems. in the october 24th incident, police say the suspect tried to rape an 8-year-old little girl. police say that girl was walking into her apartment building and that's when they say ramirez grabbed her from behind put his hand over her mouth and tried to molest her.
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screaming and police say that scared ramirez who let the little girl go. and then he started running. and so again just to recap this morning, a lot of people certainly with their minds at ease knowing thatless have a 21 -- that police have a 21 yeast man in custody connected to the ---year-old man in custody connected to the october 24th incident. he's now facing a number of sex abuse charges. we're live the morning in the bronx, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. also an armed robbery in east harlem has left a store owner and his young son shaken while police search for a group of robbers. at least four men burst into the mom and pop hardware store sunday afternoon. all were carrying guns with laser pointers. the owner who doesn't want to be identified says that at least one shoved a gun right in his face. it all happened in front of his terrified 10-year-old son.
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then -- they say okay anthony. it's all right. calm down. >> well, the men then forced everyone into the basement before robbing the register. surveillance cameras in the store were broken but cameras down street did catch a video of four men leaving the store. 6:06. today's election day and there are two state senate races in new york today. the results could tip the balance of power in the republican controlled chamber. three assembly seats always up for grabs and there are important district attorney's races on island and in nassau un-- staten island and in nassau county. polls in both states open just a few minutes ago. and the race for president ben carson now leads the pack of republicans nationwide a new "wall street journal" poll shows carson with 29% to donald trump's 23%. marco rubio is third at 11%. cruz at 10% and bush at 8%. no other candidate registered above
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in the format of future campaign debates and he has suddenly pulled out of a joint proposal crafted in a monday meeting of the rival campaigns. trump will now negotiate his own terms directly with network executives. the demands for change intensified after most candidates agreed was a debacle ollas week on cnbc. on "good morning america" trump is live. watch the exclusive interview at cap right after eyewitness news -- 7:00 right after eyewitness news. it's 6:07. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we've got a gorgeous sunrise in progress and sun is officially up i think about 6:24 i believe. temperature this morning are at 51 degrees and we've got clear skies and it's cool and crisp. off to the knot it's into the 30s.
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lakes and the northern plains. we'll be looking at sunshine today and tomorrow. and 70s. that's rice. 63 by 10:00 and 68 at noon and 72 this afternoon. ooh this is one of the days to have lunch outside. cools off nicely the evening as we go into tonight into the 60s. s a at the bus stop today. a lot of kids don't have school today. but there are some who do. dress warmly. but hang on to your lunch. particularly with that one in the green. because it's national sandwich day. >> ooh. >> oh. >> oh. what's your favorite sandwich heather? >> i like a turkey sandwich with some avocado please. >> she has taste. >> and yours? >> oh me? tuna and onion. >> tuna and onion? >> heavy on onion. >> stay away from you. >> want do go to lunch? >> speaking of heavy, we have news copter 7 up over the scene and john del giorno is here to give us the details. >> you know my wife sent me out
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the door with a sandwich today. we are looking down on the fdr drive here: this is the first look and just rolling up on the accident southbound side of the fdr at 71st street. it looks to me like this accident is on the southbound side. those are the headlights that are facing you. it looks like a two car accident but there's a lot of fire department activity here as well. as you can see they responded in the northbound lanes also. so right now, fdr in the 70s only the right lane is open. either direction. you see the delays building now both ways. heather? >> thanks for that and enjoy the sandwich. over here to the maps, grand central parkway westbound right near northern boulevard we have an accident being cleared there. i understand there's a debris spill. on the bruckner, another accident is being cleared away. that earlier accident on the southern state parkway has been cleared right near wantagh avenue. traffic should start moving again. mass transit. subway service running on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking is suspended today for election day.
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over to you. . the thank you heather. music legend singing the blues this morning after a fire inside his hollywood mansion. >> a senseless shooting in chicago claims the life of a 9- year-old boy. police and the community demanding justice. >> the search right now for a catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos.
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6:13 and right now police are working to find the american who shot and killed -- person who shot and killed a young boy in chicago. he was shot several time in an alley yesterday afternoon. neighbor says he heard several shots ring out and found the boy dead on the ground with his basketball next to him. police say that there was a large crowd there when the gunfire started and community activists are urging eyewitnesses to come forward. >> it is unclear if this was a targeted incident or a tragic case of being at the wrong place at the rang time. at this point can be wrong time. at this point we don't have -- wrong time. at this time we don't have a kron crete motive. >> police are hoping surveillance video from the area will be able to help them track down the shooter. a $6,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. well, the cause of an ever
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longtime home of singer johnny mates is under investigation. authorities say a vegetation fire spread through the hollywood hills estate where he has lived for 56 years. the 80-year-old singer said he's okay and nobody got hurt and he had just returned from a performance in cleveland sunday. he is on tour celebrating his 60th year in the music industry. there's nothing sweet about this week's court battle between big sugar and big corn. the corn refiners' association has strived to rebrand its high fructose corn syrup as corn sugar. welshing you are processes call -- sugar processers call that false advertising and they're suing for as much as $2 billion. it is 6:14. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side where it's a balmy 60 degrees. >> yeah, it's very comfortable already this morning. you know we're looking at temperatures that are starting out here in the 50s and up to the north and west around 30
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wind so the temperature drops off and it doesn't feel harsh because we're minus the wind. a beautiful sunrise in progress, here's johnny up over manhattan looking down and you can see -- all way down the east river looking really good here this morning. from i guess you can see in the distance all the way down there. we've got one world trade and you can see the statue of liberty. and all the way up here up the east side to the u. n. building and it looks absolutely gorgeous, clear skies and beautiful sunrise. johnny in news copter 7 in about 8,000, 9,000 feet? in high definition. we're going to be looking at sunshine today. so here we go. we've got what's going on a beautiful sunrise as we look to the east. temperature this morning is going to be really nice. nice and comfortable. we'll have sunshine today. it's going we're looking at 72 degrees. we're going to be looking at a very mild day temperature-wise. as a matter of fact, tonight it's clear and it's cool and low is going to be right around 46 and we're looking at 56 as the low in the city and out around the five boroughs.
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tomorrow, we've got plenty of sunshine and some warm day. the high is going to be right around 70. now within 70 that's nearly 15 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year, you'll see as we go into tomorrow and the rest of the week, we're looking at 70 on thursday. now late thursday, more warm air surges up and might cause a sprinkle or shower. 63 as low. 6 # as the low -- 63 as the low thursday night. our normal high is 58 and the record on friday back the 1948 -- in 1948 is 74 degrees. we're going to be looking at cooling down as friday night we've got a front that comes through the area and we're going to be looking at cooler weather on saturday and then some normal temperatures by the time we get to sunday and monday. i would like to introduce you to my new protege. my weather man in training, the one, the only the maxi moose, he's in training because -- he's got his weather tie on. >> oh. that's so nice. >> yeah. >> he looks good in a tie. >> i told you when you come to
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work make sure you have a tie on all right? all right. and the other thing is today we have sunshine and 70s. say sunny 70. sunny 70. that's right. he's got his snack and his tie on. and look -- >> he is ready to go to work. >> i need you to make the graphics for next hour okay? >> if you have an opposable thumb. >> he has four. >> yeah right. all right. let's go over to heather now. >> yes but one of the issues has been cleared away and it was quickly cleared away. let's take a look at pictures of the fdr drive. this is where the accident was in the 90s but the accident has been cleared. the police activity. the fire department hackivity. everyone else -- activity. everyone else left the scene. over to the maps now and tell you what's going on on the bqe. northeast, you have that accident and then we have another problem here. it's the rfk triborough bridge ramp to the grand central parkway. as you head up into the bronx,
6:18 am
you can take a look at the bruckner expressway northbound getting into country club road. that is another accident that is being cleared. we are on or close to schedule as far as new jersey transit, long island railroad and metro north. subway status the doing just fine. -- is doing just fine. alternate side of the street parking is suspended today for election day. adele's new song is proving to be an instant hit. >> plus google is getting in on the drone wars. abc's reena ninan and kendis gibson reports. >> in today's techbytes, google's plans for drone delivery. >> google hopes to be using drones to deliver packages to customers in two years. its custom drones can hover and lower packages to ground. other retailers including amazon and ali baba are also experimenting with drone delivery. t-mobile's new cell spot and a small device that creates a signal inside your home or small business. >> it's available starting wednesday free for simple
6:19 am
and adele is calling up a record-breaking sales with her new hit single "hello." >> to sell more than a million downloads in its first week ever. shattering the priest record by over 600,000. >> it shot up to number one on the billboard top 100. >> we say good-bye for now. those are your tech bites. >> all right. it's 6:19. what's the favorite choice of media for teenagers? the findings might surprise you. >> and a major video game
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on the money this morning, wall street rallied monday boosts by health care and energy stocks, the dow jones starts the day -- dow jones starts the day 165 points higher. the nasdaq and s and p 500 gained more than 1%. overseas china's shanghai composes sieve dropped a quarter -- composite dropped quarter percent. volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal now tainted the
6:23 am
automanger's luxury brand. porsche. the epa and california regulators cited volkswagen for installing software to chitty mel gibsons tests and another 10,000 vehicles. they include some porsche and audi models. volkswagen is denying them but could now face steeper fines and lost sales. the biggest gaming company in the world is also addicted to the popular mobile game candy crush saga. activision blizzard is planning to buy the company that makes candy crush for $5.9 billion. activision is also known for video and computer games and will get into the mobile market when it acquires key digital entertainment. 6:23. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> well, we have a beautiful sunrise in progress. absolutely gorgeous, it's cool and crisp and grab a jacket. as you see from the roof camera across the east side looking great. 51 now we're going to a high of 72. we're looking at these winds
6:24 am
we are going to be looking at what will be high pressure dominating really across the area. and just a little light wind today. we're not looking at much wind at all. we're looking at winds that are kind of out of the west here at about 5 miles an hour. so if you're taking the ferry over we've got a great ride here, water temperature about 59 and that kind of keeps the boat ride warm when the air is about 51 degrees and we're just looking at what's going to be a nice sunny beautiful day today. a string of them. where the temperature gets to 72 by 3:00 this afternoon. 74 by friday. might be a record. heather is looking at your commute weather and traffic together every ten minutes. we still have a couple of issues out there. the first one will talk to you about is the grand central parkway westbound near stifled. we have an accident being -- citi field. we have an accident being cleared away. then another accident has been clear requested we have a lot of delays as you come down the fdc drive. you continue down into the area of the queens midtown tunnel. we have this problem in the bronx, the bruckner north
6:25 am
that's an accident and you have delays on the southbound side as well. news copter 7 is pushing on over to the bqe. john del giorno showing us this moss on the southbound side. right on the bridge southbound, westbound, the left lane is closed and you can see police on the scene. alternate side of the street parking is suspended today. ken over to you. all right heather thank you. there are a lot more ways for today's teenagers to consume media but some of the favorites have been around for decades. see a new survey found that fiens spend nearly nine hours a day absorbing media. about two-thirds of the seens who took part in the -- teens who took part in the survey say they listen to music every day. less than half, 45%. use social media. the largest concern among expertings isn't the -- experts isn't the time spent consuming media but many said they do so while working on homework. the pods in the ears and buds i should say while they're doing that. and we've gasolened more
6:26 am
detectives are now -- just learned more detectives are now swarming the scene of a police shootout in new jersey. we're talking police right now and also a live update on the search for one suspect who may have been shot by police. >> family and friends will come together to remember one of the victims killed in the horrific halloween crash. >> a new poll out this morning reveals very serious concerns for mayor de blasio westbound, just as hi find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at breaking news, heavily armed police surrounding homes in newark as they search for gunman on the run. and international runner who completed the new york city marathon, only to disappear in broad daylight. and a potential major clue as the worldwide investigation deepens into the sudden crash of a russian passenger plane. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes, thank you for joining us, it is tuesday, november 3rd. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. and bill? >> we got a beautiful sunrise in progress. we have sunshine now the sun is officially up and we're off to what's going to be a beautiful day.
6:29 am
a great day of weather. we've got temperatures that are starting out at 6:30 our temperature right around 51 degrees. we're looking at what's going to be clear skies and we have light northerly wind and 36 around rick. wrightstown is 38 and sayreville over this there to middlesex -- there to middlesex county. about 40 degrees. 43-degrees in white plains and bridgeport and 36 up in poughkeepsie. 68 at noon today. and 72 this afternoon. normal high temperature at this time of the year is 58 degrees. so the reason is because heather is just saying no. to november. >> that's what i'm saying. i have a t-shirt and everything. [ laughter ] >> i understand we have trouble on the garden state parkway. no trail on the grand central parkway. but just switch central with state but let's go right over toth maps. it's the grand central parkway near citi field. of this accident it's on the westbound side. keep that one in mind as you travel into the kew gardenser change. then in the bronx it's the bruckner going northbound near country club road.
6:30 am
that accident being cleared southbound side you have delays getting into the area. mass transit doing just fine. no major problems to report. with your subways as well. ferries it likes like a nice day for a ferry ride. we have news copter 7 up above and john del giorno to going to talk to us about the accident on the bqe. good morning john. >> reporter: and good morning heather. we're going to take another look at this first live picture here from news copter 7 we brought to you a few minutes ago, this is on the brooklyn queens expressway. southbound or westbound. it's a fender-bender but just out here now waiting for the tow trucks. the will have lane is blocked. so there's a lot of volume now heading southbound stuck in the traffic and delays begin just north of queens boulevard. a minorredly as well -- nigh more delay as well coming northbound. all right john thank you. and we just received an update on a breaking story in newark. in the last few minutes, we
6:31 am
have now been taken into custody including the gunman mo opened fire on officers -- who opened fire on officers. the photo was tweeted by eyewitness news reporter kala rama. she is live now in newark with new information. >> reporter: yes, in the last few minutes lori we have learned two people are now in custody along with two weapons. however police say they may still be searching for more suspects. you can see the newark special operations vehicle a second vehicle has just pulled in with several over detectives. other -- other detectives. at this point here's what we know. newark police were patrolling the area when they came upon two suspects here on north 11th street who started firing at the officers. the officerrings then return -- officers then returned fire. so far one suspect was taken into custody there. again, we've just learned a second suspect was recovered but there may be a -- more suspects, possibly suspects who were injured. overnight we learned that
6:32 am
police were following some trails of blood thinking that a suspect could have been hiding there. so again, we're still working to figure out the other suspects were involved in the shooting incident. maybe hiding in some area homes. again, this all unfolded around 11:00 last night and anthony ambrose from the essex county prosecutor's office was out here and told us some preliminary information. let's listen. >> reporter: two weapons. >> two weapons were recovered and the newark police department is searching right now for a possible suspect that may be struck by gunfire. because they're following a blood trail. >> reporter: and one of the homes in the area we're told that police found six bullet holes in the front entrance of the home. one bullet through a glass door, the rest all in the frame. so it was quite the night here. we're not exactly sure what led up to this shooting incident but we know when police were patrolling the area, they found the two suspects who started firing at them. police returned fire and two people are in custody. two weapons have been recovered. but there may be more suspects
6:33 am
out there. live in newark, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. it's 6:34. it is looking more and more like it was some sort of medical episode which may have caused a driver to crash his car into trick-or-treaters in the bronx saturday night with deadly results. the victims being remembered at the tragic site with flowers and candles. when a driver lost control on morris park avenue and plowed into the crowded sidewalk. the latest surveillance video showing that even fatal accident the driver already lost control repeatedly slamming into the car from front of him. friends say that kristian leka died while pushing his younger sister so safety. >> always laughing you know, he was a great guy. >> he died as a hero to everybody. >> well, the driver howard unger has a history of seizures though he says he has not had one in a dozen years. the case still under review but in the past prosecutors charged drivers who were driving while
6:34 am
not proper medicated. the viewing for leka is today from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. the funeral mass tomorrow morning in harts dale at the church. it is 6:35. and there is a new piece of evidence in the mystery over that downed russian jet liner in egypt. a defense official says a heat flash was detected by u.s. satellites around the same time the metro jet plane was passing over the soy nigh pence -- sinai peninsula. investigators still trying to figure out what caused the flash and whether an explosion of some kind happened in midair. meanwhile most of the bodies of the 224 people killed have been flown back to insurance company. ten of them -- st. petersburg. ten of them have been identified. there's no direct evidence to back up claims of a terror attack. right now in south africa, prosecutors and lawyers for olympic champion oscar pistorius are squaring off in that nation's supreme court of appeals.
6:35 am
he was convicted of culpable homicide last year. for shooting his girlfriend. but prosecutors today want it changed today to a murder conviction and the panel could change the verdict or the judges could order another trial. pistorius is currently finishing a five year sentence under house arrest. right now the nypd is asking for help in locating a runner who vanished after crossing the finish line at the tcs new york city marathon. take a look at the picture of 30-year-old gianclaudio marengo. he was last seen on sunday afternoon inside central park. police say marengo is mentally disabled and speaks only italian. nearly 100,000 people have seen this post on the facebook page and you can share it with friend to help -- your friends to help find marengo. mayor bill de blasio just posted the lowest approval rating yet as the mayor of new york. a new "wall street journal" poll shows only 38% of new yorkers feel that he's doing a good job.
6:36 am
the survey also showed the mayoress standing has fallen along black and latino voters. they expressed unease with the mayor's handling of crime. the public school system and the city's quality of life. nearly half of all voters say mr. de blasio does not deceive re-election -- deserve re- election. 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill with your accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside where we have a beautiful sunrise in progress, look from the camera here, sunny and clear crisp. our roof thermometer says 60. but i think you know that there on the beautiful surface -- is 60 degrees it's alliable warm. i don't know. -- is little warm. i don't know is. somebody making breakfast on the roof this morning because it's a little bit warm there. it's somewhere between 51 and 60 degrees and clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. but today, you know, it feels very comfortable. we have clear skies and by the time we get to 8:00, we're going to be getting near 60 degrees and we're looking at 66 by 11:00. 27 by 2:00 and then this
6:37 am
afternoon, we're looking at temperatures dropping kind of back on into the 60s. a really comfortable day. normal overnight low is 45 and normal high is 58. we're way above that today. but kiddos grab a jacket or sweater you'll need that. it's national sandwich day. so for those of you who have school, pack your favorite sandwich for the day today. did you make the kids the sandwiches for lunch today? >> i don't make my children's lunches. hopefully my husband will. >> not making those at 2:30 in the morning? come on. >> no sometimes i get to do it at night but normal -- no. not today. >> just kind of make a third one would you? >> all right. tuna and onions, sure right on this. let's look at the traffic camera and i want to show you how things are looking around the area. especially if you are going outbound on 495. i have to tell you what's going on on outbound 495. over to the maps and if you are going to the george washington bridge, it's 15. the lincoln inbound is 30. the holland is 20. but at the lincoln tunnel and you try to get on to 495
6:38 am
westbound, the ramp to route 3 has the accident. the left lane is closed down and you can experience delays there if you are reverse commuters. on or close to schedule new jersey transit and long island railroad and metro-north. bruckner north that's an accident and the grand central west near citi field an accident be s being -- is being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking is suspended today. over to you. thank you very much heather, much more news ahead this morning including an arrest in a crime is that shocked the bronx community -- that shocked the bronx community. how police tracked down a suspect who tried to rape a you think -- tried to rape a young girl. >> president obama takes center stage in month and he had -- in manhattan and he had some choice words.
6:39 am
6:40 am new york. i...need a shove. i...won a trip. (vo) win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash with the new i love new york scratch-off. new video this morning from southern california. at least 30 cars went up in flames at a recycling yards outside of los angeles. dozens of firefighters responded to the scene in duarte and many of the cars were swallowed up by the flames. it is not known whether anyone was hurt. 6:42. ten people in new jersey are without a place to live this morning after their homes caught fire. it started last night in a vacant home in paterson and
6:41 am
then spread to two occupied homes. the other homes were damaged but not destroyed. the vacant home was gutted. and investigators do not know how to fire started -- that fire start asked flankfully nobody was hurt. and we're seeing new video this morning in brooklyn of a fire inside a high-rise. it happened yesterday afternoon in park slope. flames were shooting out of a top floor. firefighters con tined the flames to just -- contained to flames to just one apartment. wow, one perp suffered minor -- person suffered minor injuries. president obama is back in washington this morning after a trip to our area. the president speak at tornado watch democratic -- spoke at two democratic fundraisers in manhattan last night including one before a performance of the musical "hamilton." he criticized republican candidates for president for their complaints about the moderators of the last debate. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. [ laughter ] [ applause ] on a debate. if you can't handle those guys?
6:42 am
are going to be too worried about you. >> well, earlier in the day, the president toured a drug rehab facility in newark and also pushed for criminal justice reform at rutgers law school. "good morning america" is coming up next, robin roberts live in times square. >> you know ken, donald trump is here and i think george is going to ask him what the president has to say in the comment that you just shared. it's donald trump his first live instudio interview of the campaign. the gop candidate weighs in on two new polls that are out this morning also opening up about his personal life. and again the donald here live on gma. and also ahead, a case -- well, seven passengers were kicked off a flight at l. a. x.. for alleged unruly behavior they say race was a factor. all the details on that ahead. and an abc news exclusive,
6:43 am
robin williams' widow susan. opening up about the comedian's suicide. again, only here on gma. ken and lori? >> looking forward to that. thank you very much robin. well, new video now of what appeared to be a giant meteor lighting up the night sky last night over thailand. dashcams picked up the meteor as it blazed across the bangkok sky making it appear green at one point. the fireball flared overhead just before 9:00 p.m. as drivers slowed for a view. >> it's amazing how clear the dashcam video is now. it's almost like tv video. >> i know come on. 6:45. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> step outside with bill, nice huh? >> it's very nice this morning, suit weather. wear your suit and around the five boroughs this morning very comfortable just a light wind to a calm wind. and the temperatures is kind of dropping off a little bit because of that but now we have clear and a beautiful -- clear skies and a beautiful sunrise.
6:44 am
sun is up and going to be abysm day. across the jackie os in sis reservoir. -- onassis reservoir. a little light wind out of the north and the barometer is rising, a all means a great day today. we're going to crush that normal high around 70 all week. record warmth by friday. a shower threat thursday evening but it makes it even warmer for friday and cool back down coming up for this weekend. so we're looking at 48 around north port and massapequa and 45 and brookhaven and wantagh where it's 44. 30s to the north. a light wind today and mostly out of the north and we'll have sunshine today. we're going to have really pretty day and a warm day too because we've got clear skies and lot of sun all the way back to the great lakes and the northern plains and ohio valley. to do the future -- today the futurecast just showing clouds increase on thursday. thursday afternoon. there might be a spritz or a sprinkle that pops up but that's really not a big deal. more warm air for friday.
6:45 am
today, we have 72 after school. great weather for sports and getting outside and enjoying some nice warm weather this first week of november. we're looking at sunshine today. 70 to 72. tomorrow we're around 70. as high pressure ridge is going to sit right on top of us for a few days and make us nice and warm. 7 # is 14 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year, tonight we're going to be nice clear evening around. 56 for the five boroughs and 56 north and west. then plenty of sunshine again tomorrow. the high going to be 70. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we've got a lot of sunshine on thursday. then clouds increase in the evening. a sprinkle at night but then warm air surges up ask over for friday. and -- and over for friday. friday night a cool front moves through. that will make the temperature drop to more seasonal numbers into the weekend and next week. so some really nice weather today and happy 40th birthday to "good morning america" and you know who else has a birthday today? >> who's that? >> our friends at junior's cheesecake. >> oh. >> so you get a treat today. slice of cheesecake is only 65 cents.
6:46 am
>> wow. >> i tell you this because i have loved cheesecake. >> and i love junior's. >> it sounds good. >> not just cheesecake, that place is good. all right billy tank. >> over to heather with a check of everything else. >> right other to the mass transit chart and i want to tell you that everything is running on or close to schedule as far as new mexico transit and long island railroad. all doing okay. george washington bridge is 20, the lincoln is 40. the holland is 20. all inbound but going outbound at the lincoln tunnel. you can see we have this delay as you get into the area of route 3 and the new jersey turnpike. there's an accident on 495 going west on that ramp to route 3. the left lane is closed down. bqe going southbound on the coo judo bridge. a big amount of delays, l.i.e. going west at glen cove road. you have app accident and we have delays all the way back to jericho getting into the area. we also have news copter 7 up above that accident i was just telling you about an the bqe.
6:47 am
still checking if once -- in once again. >> that is right heather, since you last checked in with us her about 18 minutes ago, we flew up to the bronx and we flew through queens and we cleared accidents on the grand central near citi field and on the new england thruway. these are cleared so -- cleared so back we are to the b bqe. however one additional lane shut down. past the merge from the l.i.e.. we've got two lanes shut. two right lanes open and these delays are building very quickly. bumper to bumper volume now begins all the way up by roosevelt. we've got northbound rubber necking from the williamsburg bridge. we're live over the brooklyn queens expressway. john del giorno, eyewitness news. nonofficial on a shocking assault on an uber driver. we've learned now about the unruly passenger and the big job he's been fired from. >> and remember the former
6:48 am
naacp leader who claimed that she was black? noshows making a public -- now she's making a public admission
6:49 am
welcome back. a new details about a vicious attack on the uber driver we first told you about yesterday morning. turns out the system in that beating is ash suspect in a -- suspect in that beating is a taco bell executive or at least a forker one.
6:50 am
commerce and economic inslow nation. he gogot arrested after he attacked an uber driver who had asked him to get out of the car. in a statement taco bell confirmed golden did get fired and said they have offered him professional help. well, the former president of the naacp chapter in washington state is admitting that while she identifies as black, she was born white. rachel dolezal came under fire in june after her parents said she was lying about being black. she appears on the real yesterday where she told the audience that she was biologically born white. 37-year-old former professor of africa that stooddies cessna how -- studies says that -- studies says that how she feels is more powerful than how she was born. we have some breaking news in new jersey. >> police under fire triggering a manhunt that has stretched through the night and into morning. s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene and
6:51 am
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kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the first part's true. kate murray's never practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding criminal justice." there's a better choice. madeline singas has spent two decades prosecuting crime. targeting murderers, drug dealers, political corruption. madeline singas. a prosecutor, not a politician. see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. visit today. breaking news, police say the person who opened fire in newark is now in custody but there might be for suspects tornillos. -- more suspects on the loose. >> kala rama just spoke with a neighbor at the scene. >> reporter: so far, we know ken, that two suspects are in custody. two weapons have also been recovered but here, telling by
6:54 am
still be looking for suspects here on north 11th street that also may be injured. here's how this all unfolded around 11:00 last night. they were patrolling the area when they came upon two suspects who started firing at the officers, the officers then returned fire and ever since thin following trail of blood. which makes them believe there could be more suspects involved in the shooting incident and hiding out in different homes in the area. neighbors in the area who are headed to work and walking to school are on high alert. >> he says it was two guys shooting out with the the police, he said one of them got arrested and one of them escaped and they're looking for him and they closed off all the streets. just to be really careful about taking the bus to school. >> reporter: the two officers involve in the incident were not hurt. we're live in newark, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. 6:57. police have arrested a homeless man for the attempted rape of an 8-year-old girl. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark has an update from dray?
6:55 am
>> reporter: good morning guys, 21-year-old justin ramirez is now in police custody now accused of trying to rape the 8- year-old little girl. the incident happened on october 24th and you can see here police had surveillance video of the suspect and they also had a pretty good sketch of what he might look like. but detectives say ultimately it was a tip from crime stoppers that led to his arrest. all we know about justin ramirez is that he's a homeless man who has a rap sheet and a history of mental illness. on october 24th, here in the mount home section of the bronx, police say a little girl was walking into her apartment building when ramirez grabbed her from behind and put his hand over her mouth and molested her. that little girl started screaming and that scared ramirez and he let her go and ran away. but this morning, again, he's in police custody. charged with a number of sex abuse crimes. live in the bronx this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. >> a busy morning, we have news copter 7 still up above the earlier scene at the bqe going
6:56 am
southbound getting into the bridge. although it has been cleared away and you can see the damage is done. over to the maps and i can tell you that the belt east right near nap street a new accident. and don't forget street cleaning rules are suspended. for election day. >> all right. thank you heather. >> sure. >> check out the accuweather seven day forecast. 72 today. >> oh. >> 14 degrees warmer than normal. 70 tomorrow. 70 on thursday and thursday evening a little shower possible but still warm temperatures. we warm up to maybe a record high of 74 on friday and friday night a cold front moves through. that will cool us down on saturday and more seasonal numbers by sunday. this is a great week of weather. hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it. >> thank you bill. that will do it for us, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato, more local news, draft and weather coming up in 25 minutes -- traffic and weather coming up in 25 minutes. "good morning america" is coming up next. look at that beautiful morning we've got there from news copter 7. have a wonderful day. [ captions by: caption
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