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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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depot -- from this depot. from what i say the victim a 70- year-old woman, she did everything right. security cameras did capture everything. and i watched that video. it was about 6:15 this morning and first you see the victim walking with her walker on sackman avenue towards fulton street. she gets to the corner and stops and she's clearly watching for cars. she then starts to walk across fulton and gets halfway in the street. at the same time, the mta bus is approaching on sackman. he stops at the stop sign and then pulls out into the intersection and hits the woman who by then had crossed the double yellow line and was on the driver's side of the bus. the driver stopped for roughly four seconds and then takes off. sources tell eyewitness news they have located the bus and the driver and they are talking to him right now. people in that area intersection has always been a problem. >> it's horrific. it's the way they run this street. they need to put a light here.
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we need some politicians to come down here and check this here. because we have a lot of buses coming down the neighborhood. and we have a lot of kids and elderly people on walkers. >> reporter: now again, this is a live look. those are nypd detectives' cars, they're inside the depot and talking to mta officials here, as for jennifer the victim's friend, she says the victim was staying up the lock from where this happened at a shelter that she has one daughter who visited her every day. at this hour, police have not yet reliced the victim's name -- released the victim's name. for now live in brooklyn, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you for that. new details about a police shootout in newark. two suspects are now in custody after investigators say one of them shot at officers and police returned fire. the chaotic scene unfolded overnight on north 11th street. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live in newark with the very latest. anthony? >> reporter: well, shirleen, all of the people that live in
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they had a rude awakening overnight about 11:00 when shots were fired. all of the people had to wake up and then they had to stay in their houses as police searched for the suspects out here. and with all those shots being fired, the good news, no one was seriously hurt. >> i was so scared i heard about ten shots. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team along with state and local police swarmed the area, looking for a suspect with a weapon. north 11th street and surrounding blocks were on lockdown as officers went house to house trying to locate the person involved in a gunfight with police. >> i come down and lock my door and make sure it was locked and i put my alarm on and i stayed in one room. >> reporter: residents were forced to stay in their homes while the drama played out in their backyards. police first saw the suspects on north 1 #th when one of the suspects began shooting at the police. >> two weapons were recovered. and the newark police department is searching right
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now for a possible suspect that may be struck by gunfire. because they're following a blood trail. >> reporter: one suspect surrendered quickly. the other was on the run. he surrendered to police after barricading himself underneath a porch. cops have also recovered two weapons. >> i knew the police had hand -- was handling the situation because there was so many out here, there was a s.w.a.t. team. from what i understand there was state troopers out here as well. i can't say i was scared but i was concerned. >> reporter: and at this point in time it appears the suspects will be charged with aggravated assault on police officers and also weapons possession and one of those suspects also will be charged with drug possession. that is the latest live from newark, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at noon, police found a missing mentally disabled italian man who mysteriously vanished after crossing the finish line at the tcs new york city marathon. this morning, ab officer on his way to work stopped 30-year-old gianclaudio marengo -- spotted
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on a number 2 train in midtown manhattan. he was still wearing his racing attire and appears to be in good condition. new at noon, police in connecticut are investigating a wild shooting that left one woman dead and a stray bullet into a nearby home. it all happened on the west side of lyon park in stanford last night. police say the three suspects morris moore, desean hayes and somewhere nell tellman walked up to the victim and opened fire. maxine goodinwas hit several times and died. police say the suspects were looking for someone in the park, it's not clear if gooden was their intended target. another bullet hit a nearby apartment building and fortunately no one was hit. the suspects are expected to face murder and conspiracy to murder charges in court today. also in connecticut, a man has been formally charged with two counts of murder in the death of his own parents. 27-year-old kyle naven has been in custody on a federal weapons
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somewhere net and jeffrey naven went missing in august. their bodies found last week in a vacant home's bang yard. opening statements underway in the federal corruption trial of former speaker sheldon silver. nine women and three men will decide whether silver took nearly $4 million in kickbacks and payoffs that prosecutors say were hidden as attorney referral fees. silver says prosecutors are trying to criminalize actions that are standard practice in albany. a police in the bronx say they've caught the man who tried to rape an 8-year-old girl. investigators say 21-year-old justin ramirez described as a neighborhood homeless man is the person in this surveillance video. he's charged with trying to rape the girl as she walked into her apartment building on october 24th. police say he ran away when she screamed. a wake will be held today for one of the victims of saturday's deadly crash involving trick-or-treaters in the bronx. witnesses say 24-year-old
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kristian leka pushed his sister out of the way of the car, she survived but he and nyanne and louis perez died. the viewing is from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. his has is tomorrow morning -- mass is tomorrow morning at hour lady of chicadra church. two men are dead after being struck by a car as they crossed a busy street in new jersey. police say whorl and sellers were crossing route 440 in the crosswalk in bayonne when they were struck at around 11:15. both victims killed on impact. the driver suffered minor injuries. he has not been charged in this case. well, today is election day and there are two state senate races in new york. the results could tip the balance of power in the republican controlled chamber. three assembly seats are also up for grabs and there are
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important district attorney races on staten island and in nassau county. there are no statewide offices on the ballot in new york or in new jersey. polls close at 9:00? new york and 8:00? new jersey -- in new york and 8:00? new jersey and connecticut. we will have a wrap-up for you on eyewitness news at 11:00 and at abcny7. well, the calendar says november but it feels more like september with temperatures rocketing past 70 degrees at one point. meteorologist bill evans in the weather center with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> well, david and shirleen, it is election day. i went and voted. i voted the straight weather ticket. temperatures here at noontime are right around 68. at the park, 72 paristown. -- morristown. our normal average high is 58 degrees, already 10, 12 degrees warmer than that. the winds continue to be out of the southwest a bit. light and kind of variable to calm and the humidities are way low. a great ride on the ferry. if you're going to be going back and forth from manhattan
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west side or down towards staten island and jersey city. we're going to talk about how long this 70-degree weather lasts and we need to take a peek at cooler weather on the way in your accuweather david? -- just a moment. david? new at noon, minutes ago donald trump speaking tower, he is talking about his new book and high he says america -- why he says potential should lent him as president. >> outrage over video of a it's great to look back at all your family's milestones. and birthdays happen only once a year. getting the flu could make you miss the party. don't let the flu don't let the flu achew! take you out of the picture. get a flu shot today and encourage your loved ones to get one too. now's the best time -
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qu\ in south calf the -- africa the prosecution's appeal of oscar pistorius' manslaughter conviction is underway. the five member supreme court
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olympic runner of murder for killing his girlfriend. it may uphold a lower court's manslaughter conviction or it could order a retrial. pistorius after a year in prison was moved to house arrest last month. police in oklahoma have seized handwritten notes from the home of a woman accused of plowing into a homecoming parade crowd. adacia chambers admitted to police she was suicidal the day of the crash and reported to say she was going home forever. police took four notes from her bible as well as a hard drive, laptop and tablet. four people died and dozens were injured in the crash near oklahoma state university last month. we have an update on the angry attack on the uber driver we first told you about yesterday. turns out the suspect in that beating is a former taco bell executive. ben golden led taco bell's mobile commerce and innovation division. he was arrested this weekend after video captured him right
12:12 pm
had asked him the get out of the car. -- to get out of the car. in a statement coo doe bell confirm -- taco bell said they have offered him professional help and confirmed he was fired. fire rips through the hollywood hills mansion belonging to legendary singer johnny mathes. he found his home in ruins when he returned last night from a concert in ohio. the 80-year-old singer has owned the mansion for more than 50 years. firefighters worked to save some of the treasures from his career. in fact, his prized pee yea know is now in the midst of the damage. >> there's a pool -- indoor pool. and a lot of plastic over above and stuff. the house is -- totaled. absolutely totaled. there's nothing left. a few little mementos. >> officials say the blaze began in a room filled with aquariums. >> lot of music history lost in that fire. unforgottable call, a young
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hockey player from connecticut about to go undergo brain surgery gets a call he will never forget. we're going to tell you who was on other end of the line. >> a jaw-dropping sight for drivers, a meteor show caught on camera. >> let's take a live look outside on this great november day. feels like spring. meteorologist bill evans up next with your if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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big storm triggered traffic accidents in southern california. the san joaquin valley wind gusts whipped up a dust storm causing 20 vehicle pileup. up in the sierra nevada mountains, people are pleasantly surprised to see snow. they've seen a lot less of it recent years part of the ongoing drought so they wanted some moisture up there. and with this snowfall and help from snow making machines, ski resorts may open this week. so skiers are very happy about that. >> wow. can't even think about skiing especially not with weather like this that we're having. >> hard to get in the mood. correct. >> i like skiing. >> i do too. but you're going to be skiing on fog and rocks if you do it now. >> basically. well, you know it's the warm -- we can go skiing in the hudson you know what i mean? water ski. >> another kind of skiing right there. i might like that one. >> here we go. let's take a look outside let me show you what's going on here at noon. let's see if anybody is skiing on the east river maybe behind the circle line or something? i did that 20 years ago. remember that? >> that is a live shot and we remember.
12:17 pm
>> that was the last time? >> that's the last time. i was a very crazy individual at this time of any life. so -- not much has changed. here we go at noontime we're looking at a lot of clear skies. hardly -- marry a cloud in the sky. i put on my twitter page @evansweather showing the picture here at noontime it's really nice outside. 68 degrees and our normal average afternoon high temperature is 58. the humidity is dry. winds are calm. the pressure has been falling at 30.19 but that's still you know above or normal fair -- our normal fair weather mark. yesterday' high 63 and going to be well above that today. normal's 58 and normal low at 9:45. just kind of crushing that all week long this first week in november. so here we go, the sunset's at 4:50 and ten minutes before 5:00. to let you know you have to get outside and walk the dog in the daylight hours and get outside and know that the sun goes down earlier but it's also up earlier. we got 70 all week. we do have probably a record high coming on friday. a small shower threat is on thursday. with warmer air surging up.
12:18 pm
through friday night and that will make for some more seasonal real temperatures what it should feel like this time of the year coming up for the weekend. murray hill is at 68 and so is whitestone and cambria heights, ridgewood, queens 69. staten island 69 and down the jersey shore already 70 degrees there and already in trenton. with the winds kind of calmed here to a light southerly wind to a west wind. you know that kind of keeps things dry but also warm at the same time. we have clear skies all the way back to the great lakes. this high pressure ridge making for some very nice weather. and that really will continue through the day today and through the day tomorrow. you see our futurecast and then some clouds start to appear on thursday and thursday night, this guidance we're using is showing a sprinkle after midnight and maybe a sprinkle friday. this will be warm air surging up. but that will make it even warmer on friday. so we're looking at 70. plenty of and then 70 again on thursday. so we're looking at what's
12:19 pm
weather and probably a record high by friday. unseasonably warm sunday. 72 for this afternoon. clear skies tonight, 40. and then in the suburbs 56 around the five boroughs and tomorrow sunshine and we do this again. 70 degrees tomorrow. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, notice there's a sprinkle but that's like overnight thursday. we get to 70. and then record warmth is that possible? well, it might be so. as we go into friday. saturday is 65 and then you'll see on sunday we cool back down to some more normal numbers on sunday. and it's on monday, then we can kind of start to think about snow skiing. >> okay. >> okay. >> so far away at this point with all the 7s. >> it will be tough. but you know somehow we'll make it through. >> we can do it. >> this time get the ski gear all ready to go because windham will be open. >> yeah stuff to look forward to. thank you bill. fans definitely don't want to say good-bye to adele's new
12:20 pm
hello from the other side i must have called a thousand times >> the song from her upcoming album "25" is the first to rack up more than one million downloads in a week. her third album is more than four years after the previous one. but if this first single is any indication, she has not forgotten how to dominate the charts. it is her fourth song to hit the number one spot. >> wow. it's such a good song. my son-in-law came home wanting to learn it on -- son came home wanting to learn it on the pee yea know. >> the young man wants to do it? absolutely. well. we got football controversy to tell you about with the high school players tossed out of a game for showing his faith on the field?
12:21 pm
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a 7-year-old boy handcuffed in afterschool care. a high school football player punished for praying. green. just some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we begin with a mother in michigan who is furious that handcuffs were placed on her 7- year-old son who has adhd.
12:23 pm
inside the brownell stem academy in flint. she says she demanded the handcuffs be taken off her son but she claims the officer didn't have a key. that officer eventually found one. the police department and school district are now investigating. call it a flag on the pray? a high school football player in arizona claims referees ejected him from a game for praising god. the controversial call came after 17-year-old pedro banda scored touchdown then put his hand up to his face mask and pointed to the sky. a gesture referees considered excessive celebration. banda and his coach have filed an appeal to the arizona interclassic association because the -- interscholastic association. a flash from space. streaking across the sky in thailand. check it out. a dashcam captured the flash that lit up the night in bangkok. look at that.
12:24 pm
after the video was captured, the thai astronomical society later confirmed that this was in fact a meteor. look at that one more time. >> yeah. i don't care -- if the only person that wouldn't be never about it that is bill. -- nervous about that is bill. the rest of us are like what is that? >> is comer fust? >> -- for us? >> so far away but so bright. >> it's a beautiful thing. all right thanks a lot. internet retailer amazon announced a major overhaul to its parental leave policy today. the new benefits include up to 20 weeks fully paid leave for now moms and -- new moms and six weeks full salary for new dads and birth mothers and primary caregivers can ease back to work on a flexible schedule. the new policy goes into effect next year. another company announcement today after all the hoopla, drone delivery to your home is reportedly on its way. google says its plans to launch its drone delivery service called project wing. the company didn't give an
12:25 pm
exact date but says it will happen sometime in 2017. other retailers including samson and -- amazon and wal- mart are also experimenting with the drone delivery. no word on how they plan on getting faa and community approval for the plan although they are in talks with federal aviation officials in coming up with a plan. pretty cool. much more news ahead. schools in one new jersey district forced to close because teachers did not show up. >> also ahead, donald trump causing some big hoopla himself as he unveils his new book right here in manhattan. >> plus, questions continue to surround the russian plane crash, now key evidence could
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
our top stories this afternoon, a deadly hit and run involving an mta bus. a 70-year-old woman was using a walker when she was crossing the street in east new york brooklyn and struck. two people are in custody after a police shootout overnight in new jersey. gunfire erupted in newark, when officers tried to confront a group. no bystanders or officers were hurt in the shooting. and hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm david novarro. all new this half hour, donald trump uncensored. >> the republican presidential candidate in hasn't unveiling his new book with the hopes voters will back him. the unveiling causing a scene
12:28 pm
in midtown where people lined up to get the new book. >> eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman in midtown manhattan right now where trump just wrapped up a news conference, sandra? >> reporter: yeah, dave and shirleen, vintage donald trump today. if nothing else he knows how to put on a show. right now, a lot of excitement here at trump towers. he is in fact inside right now signing that new book of his. while several hundred people still on lean waiting to -- line waiting to take their turn. in fact as about 4:30 this morning, people started lining up for their chance to buy the book and a chance to have it personally signed by the republican presidential candidate. many of the people standing in line today say they liked what they have been hearing from mr. trump on the campaign trail. they wanted a chance to come out and see him in person. and they also say they are hoping that this book will allow them to read his message uncensored. for his part mr. trump says in
12:29 pm
chance to speak directly to voters. >> the title "grip hold america" is very tough. but unfortunately, we have to do what we have to do and i think one of the reasons we've been doing so well in the campaign is because we tell it like it is. we tell the truth. and america is crippled. >> i'm a huge donald trump supporter. i watch all of his speeches. and i really admire the man. i think that his message is the correct one. for the country. >> reporter: now back live now here along fifth avenue out front trump towers, this is the line of people still waiting to get inside to have that book signed. most of them have already bought the book. the limit was throe copies. again mr. trump says this is his chance to speak directly to the voters without being censored. by the media. we're live tonight in midtown, manhattan, or this afternoon i should say, i'm sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news.
12:30 pm
we are following some breaking news. a massive fine announced against takata. the company that made the defective airbags and inflators. takata will have to pay a $70 million settlement with the national highway traffic safety administration. federal regulators say that eight people died and nearly 100 more were killed because of shrapnel that went flying when the bags inflated. that prompted a recall of more than 19 million vehicles. well some new jersey students forced to stay home today after their teachers refused to come to school. the teachers in tinton falls say they're protesting stalled contract negotiations. they say they are using a state law not requiring them to work on election day. the union president says they want to be paid as much as other teachers in monmouth county. now to the latest on the deadly crash of a russian commercial flight. officials now going over the data in the black box that they try to piece together what happened. the plane broke apart midair. all 224 passengers and crew
12:31 pm
died. now key evidence could unveil -- again exactly what happened. abc's molly hunter is egypt. >> reporter: investigators are sorting through the wreckage at the wash site and the analysis of the black boxes is underway. the russian plane fell from the sky on saturday and experts say the cockpit voice recorder could tell investigators what was going on in those final seconds as the airbus a-321 came apart. >> there was a bomb that went off. that bomb will be very clearly heard. if the airplane came apart, even the who aring sound of the air will be apparent on the voice recorder. >> reporter: metro jet has been adamant that the plane had no technical issues claiming that external influences caused the aircraft to break apart 30,000 feet in the air. but aviation officials say that's premature. >> 14 years ago, this airplane had a very hard landing in cairo that hit the tail so
12:32 pm
badly it had to be repaired. and they may want to go back and look at that repair and see if it may have been a cause of this catastrophe. >> reporter: in washington, the pentagon says a u.s. satellite equipped with infrared sensors picked up what they call flashes around the same time the plane was over the sinai peninsula. but u.s. intelligence officials were quick to say they don't believe the flashes were a missile. today the egyptian president is pushing back against that theory that terrorism brought the plane down. in moscow, the creme len agrees. -- kremlin agrees, molly hunter, abc news, cairo. egypt. new at noon a college football player in california is accused of threatening a shooting on campus. christian prior a walk-on wide receiver at fresno state university is accused of sending out a message on the the message included information about weapon and
12:33 pm
down prior within hours of the posting and arrested him. he is now being held on bond and faces serious state and possibly federal charges. a staten island woman says she was tricked when all she was doing was trying to treat the children in her staten island neighborhood. a young girl and an adult woman run off with an entire halloween display from a porch of the home on staten island. but it wasn't just sweet treats, they also took out a teal pumpkin and toys set out for people with allergies. >> i took the time and i tear about the kids. i always do. and that's what i really wanted to do. and that's what -- hurts the most. >> the homeowner holly jones didn't just get the thieves on camera, she also has a picture of the suv from a neighbor's security camera. police now are trying to track them down but jones says she just wants an explanation of why. why do that? >> absolutely. things that just make you go -- hmm. very strange. it is a nice 68 degrees out there right now. we want to turn now to
12:34 pm
meteorologist bill evans. he has the afterschool accuweather forecast. >> look here. there's folks out here on the grass here, there's still some color in the park. kneel down to the extra softball feel feed -- fields at 59th street. temperature will hit arnold 72 at 3:00. and then drop on down through the 60s this evening. for those that have school, afterschool that will 72, warm great for afterschool sports and all that good stuff. we'll tell you about how long the 70s last when we get some real fall weather in here. all that coming up in your accuweather seven day forecast. in just a moment. shirleen, david back to you. thank you bill. the family of an autistic boy being sued. neighbors claim he is a public nuisance, now we're hearing from the boy's father in an exclusive interview. >> a young hockey player
12:35 pm
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12:38 pm
become the next state to legalize the use of marijuana. the ballot measure would legalize both medical and recreational pot use. ohio could become the only state to approve pot for personal use without first legalizing it for medical purposes. the measure would also allow commercial marijuana to be grown on ten farms. and if it's legalized, former boy band singer and reality tv star nick lachey could stand to make a pretty profit on it. the group that pushed for it to be on the ballot says he is part of an investment group that has an option to buy one of those farms we told you about if the measure passes. pro football players fun with the pet monkey setting off a storm open protests -- of protests. dallas cowboys' wide receiver dez bryant posted this picture on social media showing him holding a monkey and calling it his new best friend. well, peta wants police to seize the monkey and take it to a sanctuary. but police say there's nothing they can do. they've closed the case in fact. while it is illegal to have a
12:39 pm
pet monkey, police have no other evidence that the monkey is at bryant's home. exclusive. the family of an autistic boy being sued claiming the 11-year- old is a public nuisance. neighbors filed a lawsuit and a judge ordered both sides to go to mediation next month to try to reach an agreement. neighbors say the boy repeatedly attacked other children and his parents can't control him. done everything possible to get his son the help he needs. >> we are being very dedicated parents, we have structured our life around him and helping him develop and we have got him all the gold standard therapies for autism that most parents give their children. >> now the family moved out of the neighborhood after his family was sued. he hopes to move back. their attorney says if the plaintiffs win, it will impact the ability of kids with autism to live freely without being stigmatized and harassed.
12:40 pm
connecticut will have to take a break from the ice to undergo brain surgery. after months of battling headaches, doctors discovered a year old benny burgess had a cluster of vessels in his brain that didn't appear to be draining properly. benny has received support from around the country including a surprise call from his favorite nhl hockey player. >> it's parise bergeron from the boston bruins. he just froze and didn't know what to say. >> he said that he -- i was a really good fan and said he stayed for me and i'm for him. >> oh. benny will undergo his surgery in arizona but before he and his family left, he had a sendoff party which included a visit from the bridgeport sound tigers. >> lot of love and support for benny and his family right now. >> what they did -- >> made a big difference. just ahead on eyewitness news, a teenager who ended up
12:41 pm
middle of the night. >> kind of took me a minute to like realize i wasn't dreaming. walking. >> we're hearing from her for the first time in an abc news exclusive. wrong prediction that will stay with him forever. the story see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase.
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well, we're back now with an abc news exclusive. an incredible story of a teenager who went missing from her home and it turns out she says she was sleepwalking the whole time. and it was a doozy. she walked for nine miles with no memory of how she got there. now she's telling her story for the first time to abc's kayna whitworth. >> it's a shock to me that i made it that far. >> reporter: 19-year-old taylor recoupabling the moments she woke up -- recoupabling the moments she woke up -- recoupabling the moments she -- recounting the moments she woke up. >> first thing i remember just like walking, it took me a minute to like realize i wasn't
12:45 pm
dreaming but that i was actually walking. >> reporter: her dad steve says taylor has a pattern of sleepwalking but never ventured out this far. when at 6:00 a.m. last tuesday he realized his daughter wasn't home. >> you have this young beautiful daughter alone walking around. i mean any number of things could have happened. >> you can imagine the three hours that my wife and i michelle were just -- going crazy. just worried about her. >> reporter: the family called police who used blood hounds and a helicopter to aid in the search. taylor wearing her pajamas had home. did your feet hurt after that? >> yeah they hurt really bad for a while and my legs too. >> reporter: when she woke up she recognized the movie theater and knew she was close to her uncle's house. were you so thankful that you recognized the area? would have done. >> reporter: showing me the stairs to the basement and then the door where she left. it's hard to imagine doing this -- someone doing this asleep. >> just like that. >> reporter: nearly 4% of
12:46 pm
people report it in the past year, taylor says it's something that just happens from time to time. are there any precautions you can take? >> we have an alarm on the door. >> reporter: dads rejoicing everywhere right now. >> so many things that could have gone wrong or happened and really lucky. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, denver. >> why. >> so luck i. so many things could have went wrong. >> to be honest with you, you can't help but be a little suspicious, nine -- can that really happen? >> unless you're a sleepwalker i guess you can't understand it. now a very special dog. you know all dog owners think their best friends are world class. >> a family in pennsylvania thinks their dog is world report. bentley -- record. bentley is 38 inches tall people. that could make this 5-year-old great dane the tallest living dog in the world. man that's a big dog. bentley's family has applied to the "guinness book of world records" and they think they'll hear back before the end of the
12:47 pm
close eye on this one to see very tall. >> do you ever cliff ford the big red dog? that is the black version of that. that's incredible. >> you take the dog and you put a sadden on him and you do pony rides. >> always got the ideas bill. >> thank you. >> there's an angle. >> i like it. >> got to feed that dog. >> talk about can't get off my back. but all right. >> that dog eats a roast for dinner. can you imagine? >> this is what's going on at noontime. we're making a -- taking a look from the camera here right across the park. over to the east side. fifth avenue. metropolitan museum of art. jackie onassis reservoir. you look so good in the fall. still you see it getting a little bit of ashy colors in there but still got some greens and you can see the boat pond. it looks great here at noontime. so we do have a lot of sunshine and it is pretty. 68 degrees and it is warm for this hour of the day.
12:48 pm
we should be around 55. so we're at 68 already. ten degrees above our normal average afternoon high which we hit about 3:00. it's 68 pro ken ski and newburg. 70 west orange and down towards trenton really warm here even belmar 72. not a bad day actually to go take a walk on the beach. the water temperatures is about 59 degrees. and you got a little bet of a southerly wind to the west wind here 9 to 14 miles an hour. we have clear skies all the way back great lakes, northern plains really clear beautiful weather and this will hang around much of this week. feels like late september. the jet stream is off to the north. allows this warm surge of air to come in. and eventually a front will come through and this is going to be pushing the cooler air back into right across as we go through the weekend. we'll start to see this cooler air pouring back in on top of us. 71 this afternoon. to 72. jumping on down into the 50s tonight. really pretty weather. tomorrow we're at 70. we're going to be around 7 # as
12:49 pm
we go to thursday a few clouds come up and the flow here. but that's just warm air coming up going to make it even warmer on friday. sunny unseasonably warm and 72 and 56 tonight. 40s in the suburbs and looking at 70 plenty of sunshine and warmth tomorrow. well, how about friday? could be a record high. the old record high set back in 1948. so -- we'll watch that and see if we can break that record or tie it and then the front goes through friday night and that will cool us down for saturday and sunday. wac to some more normal temperatures. this time of the year. >> these are the kind of things -- records that we'd like to break. these are the kinds. >> that's the ones you want. >> there's other records we don't want. >> the cold record. >> absolutely. we're going to be right back and first here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> hey david and shirleen, today we're throwing a fabulous friends-giving for just $5 a friend. actor richard kind is here and
12:50 pm
lisa are going on a secret bar crawl and i'm cooking two easy sides with many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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on hi everybody, i'm diana williams in the newsroom and here's what's coming up on a bit later on eyewitness news, do you have problems deleting pictures and other things on the phone to computer? we're going to tell if you you're a digital horder. and show you ways to help you clean out and clear out your devices. digital hoarders, those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. guys keep going. got to delete you. >> okay. i feel like i just got can be -- called the digital hoarder. >> yeah. >> more about that later. >> she's saying she's one too. she's going to delete them. >> no diana no. >> keeping the dog but you guys are going to have to go. >> we understand. been there. the stories that got the start on social media. you're not going to be laughing when you hear this story. going to start with the mayor in oklahoma trying to put out a social media firestone prompted
12:52 pm
by her husband's dumb halloween costume. it's hard to believe the people didn't realize wearing a kkk costume wouldn't offend anyone. but one of the four people who thought wearing the racist symbol of hatred was funny was the husband of the mayor teresa shop. she -- sharp. she found herself in front of the newsroom apologizing for her husband's actions and her husband also apologized saying he didn't realize how hurtle the costume would be to others. i think he knows now. >> the mayor's husband. it's -- all right. you know what? this is not going to make you laugh either. in fact, it's going to actually make you cry. you guys are sensitive. grab some tissues. >> i cry all the time. >> a couple who recently lost their 8-year-old son to leukemia had him there on the wedding day and not in spirit. the photographer with a few special edits was able to do that. add a faint image of lake alongside his parents and younger siblings.
12:53 pm
a melts fan found a way to support the team during the world series. his tweet shows the tattoo josh davis got during the first game of the series, the artist started working on it as the royals hit the inside the park home run. davis still let artist finish the tattoo declaring the mets the 2015 world series champs. >> yikes. >> staying positive. that is all i have to say. >> thank you for watching, have
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