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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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today the mta bus driver charged running down a pedestrian in a city bus heads to court. and connecticut voters apparently learning to forgive and forgot. electing a once imprisoned mayor back into office. and good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday, november 4th. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> good morning everybody. lori thank you for the coof fee. helps to -- coffee. helps the start a day like today when you look outside and see this beautiful sunrise, here we go with the camera on the port lee side of the george washington bridge. sun is coming up and temperature 58 degrees that will be the 6:00 a.m. temperature. that's the normal average afternoon high temperature. we look at the hudson valley can kingston poughkeepsie. 39. 39 monticello and should be about 30 degrees there to 32. so it's way warm there. and the park is 58. should be about 45. it's 48 islip and 46 bridgeport. so 66 by noontime. 70 this afternoon. and another warm day. and it only gets warmer.
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we can have a record high by friday and we'll cool off this weekend. kohl tell you all about it in your accuweather seven day forecast. it's weather then heather. i said some bad things about the bqe. i guess i have to take them back. >> okay. and you should. i'll tell you what bill is talking about. bqe going northeast right near mcguinness humboldt street. everything has been cleared and all lanes are reopened so this red line right here, you're going to see that turn yellow and then eventually green. we hope. brooklyn bridge, reopened going inbound that earlier construction picked up and put away. mass transit, new jersey transit and long island railroad and metro-north, subways, everything is running on or close to schedule. garden state parkway south right near exit 80 we have an accident still. a delay going southbound from around exit 81 and getting into 80 as a result. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. lori over to you. heather thank you. a search through the night has turned up few leads for the person who slashed an orthodox
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brooklyn. the hatzolah worker was off- duty when he was attacked in crown heights by a complete stranger. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live on the scene for us. good morning dray. >> reporter: good morning, lori. where is the suspect and why did he do it? those are the two leading questions this morning. the investigation for now has wrapped up here an the scene -- at the scene and they are still very much looking for the suspect who quickly and quietly approached the victim and just stabbed him. >> i've been stabbed. >> reporter: a desperate call for help from an off-duty volunteer medic with the crown heights hatzolah. the victim stab by an attacker that he never saw coming. this cell phone video shows the chaotic scene. and the victim minutes after he was stabbed. and being rushed to king's county hospital. the stabbing happened at eastern parkway and rogers avenue. investigators say a man possibly wearing a mask approached the victim from behind and slashed his neck and then ran away.
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sirens so i came over here and i saw the guy was stabbed and loaded him into the ambulance. and police just arrived like a second later. >> reporter: dozens of police officers searched the area looking for the suspect and also looking very closely for the weapon. investigators say they also don't have a motive for the stabbing. the suspect never said a word according to the victim. he just stabbed him and ran away. the crown heights neighborhood where this stabbing happened is a jewish community. and investigators are not ruling out the possibility that this could have been a biased attack. >> with this stabbings that are taking place in israel, we cannot be relaxed when you investigate something of this magnitude. if you determine if it's a hate crime. and we need to use all the video footage and whatever we can to apprehend the person. >> reporter: now the investigators say that suspect may have been wearing a mask. meanwhile that 34-year-old victim is in king's county
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hospital this morning still listed in stable condition. we're live in crown heights, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. it's 6:304. and today, a city bus driver goes before a judge in brooklyn. charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident. a 70-year-old woman crossing the street with a walker was struck and killed by the mta bus. it happened yesterday morning in ocean hill. eyewitness news reporter kala rama picks up that story from downtown brooklyn. kala? >> reporter: ken, good morning, in just a few hours that mta bus driver will appear before a judge here at criminal court. take a look here. this is 48-year-old paul roper. being led out of the 73rd precinct in handcuffs. he had nothing to say about the hit and run that happened hours earlier. the mta bus driver is accused of leaving the scene of an accident, failure to yield to a pedestrian, or exercise due care meaning he didn't call 911 at the scene. look at this screen grab from security video from tuesday morning. we obtained. you can see carol bell using a
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walker to cross fulton street. the 70-year-old liveds a a woman's sheller just a block away. police say paul roper was behind the wheel of that mta bus making a left on to fulton and slammed into bell. the video too graphic to show, shows roper stopped for four seconds and then leaving bell to die in the street. >> she was a generous person. kind hearted woman. giving. her death is just shocking. >> it was a bus that hit her. and broke her up? pieces. it's horrific. >> it's the way they run this street. they need to put a light here. >> reporter: the mta says roper was ending his shift and another driver checked out the bus not knowing it was the same bus used in the hit and run. 70-year-old bell leaves behind a daughter and granddaughter who used to visit her every day
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we're live in brooklyn, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. and happening today we could hear details about the millions of dollars former speaker sheldon silver is accused of pocketing. he is accuse of making $5 million in kickbacks if developers seeking legislative favors and other schemes. prosecutors caked off the first day of the trial saying silver has been on the take for years. silver's lawyer insists the outside income was legal. one connecticut politician who spent seven years in federal prison for corruption is being welcomed back to office by voters in bridgeport. >> bridgeport, there's an elementary in all this. in the truest sense of the world, it's not a distant or philosophical or religious
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human. >> well, justin ganim has been elected by mayor by a margin of 2-1. he was caught accepting hundreds of draws of dollars from -- thousands of dollars from people doing business with the city. in new jersey, voters have thrown three republicans out of the assembly in a vote that's seen as a rebutte to governor chris christie. the republican incumbents lost on the first, 11th and 16th assembly districts. republicans hoped to cut into the democratic lead in the assembly but the vote was a sharp reality check for the supporters. voters in ohio struck down an attempt to legalize marijuana. voters rejected a measure that would have permitted marijuana for both medical and reckuational use. failure follows an extensive campaign and legal fight. right now just four states allow recreational marijuana use. in houston, texas an attempt to establish nondiscrimination protection
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has gone down to defeat. houston voters rejected the ordinance 61% to 39%. after a bitter 18 month campaign. the mayor of houston supported the measure, she says it was done in by fear mongering and a campaign to demonize the lgbt community. it's #:08 and -- 6:08 and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> mere we go, some beautiful weather to start the day with temperatures that are quite mild. i guess you can call it warm. i mean we're looking southward here, the sun is coming up. sun is officially up will 20 minutes from right now. we're going to be looking at what's going to be temperatures that really start out at the normal high temperature for this time of the year. and we're looking at a little bit of a southeast wind today. the coastal sectionings might be a little -- sections might be a little bit cooler. here we go, high pressure from the northern plains to the great lakes, and a noontime temperature here of 70 degrees.
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72 we had yesterday. at the bus stop, kiddos, well, it's huckleberry alert. the temperature 59 degrees it will be a great start to the day and warming to 70. make sure you have extra candy for her, it's national candy day. what's your favorite candy? >> atomic fireballs. >> why am i not surprised? [ laughter ] >> wearing your favorite color. let's go right over to what's going on here. as we look at the web cam i want show toe you the new england -- to show you the new england through way, why a mess? i'll tell you what's going on there at the maps. flu england throughway south exit 19 to 18. they are in the process of clearing construction. but as you can see, it's taking a while and we do have some very heavy delays as you go into that spot. now we have this earlier problem bqe northeast at mcguinness humboldt street. accident vehicle fire cleared away. brooklyn bridge reopened with earlier construction cleared away and new jersey transit,
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long island railroad and metro- north are all doing just fine can our subway status -- service is running on or close to schedule. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. ken and lori over to you. you. massive manhunt for an accused cop killer has some -- come to some end this morning. coming up. how the suspect managed to get away but he's now in pliskiesdy. >> a young boy in chicago gunned down in an alleywayment investigators now trying to figure out if he was targeted. notice on your twitter feed
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an escaped prisoner in georgia is back behind bars after a search involving more than 100 officers. jim edward lowry was shackled and double cuffed when he escaped from deputies during a transfer yesterday morning. somehow he managed to get those shackles off his legs and then use them to bust out of the patrol car. he's charged with killing a rural county sheriff during a pursuit and gunfight back in june. also happening today, the guard accused of helping to killers -- two killers escape is due in court. jean palmer faces official misconduct and other charges
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and prosecutors say he provided richard matt and david sweat with tools and other items before they broke out of the clinton correctional facility. however, officials say that palmer never knew the pair planned to escape. a $20,000 rewith regard being offered for information leading to the suspects who shot and killed a fourth grader in chicago. 9-year-old tyshawn lee was killed in an alley on chicago's south site just blocks from his grandmother's house. police are still trying to figure out a motive and haven't ruled out retaliation by rival gangs. >> it's not an accident. you know that's not a scrape. that is like an execution. >> if anybody knows anything that happened, please come forward. my baby. >> his family says that he was a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 6:14. time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> bill evans outside the
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studios on the upper west side. balmy? what is it now 58-degrees? >> it feels great out here. this is the normal average afternoon high temperatures. today this feeling really good. hi good morning. good morning welcome to new york. nice to see you. here's what's going on this morning, everyone coming in now for the kelly and michael show with r getting morning going and it's -- the morning going and it's clear. can't even really people a breeze right now. but the park is showing a northerly wind about 3 miles an hour. so here's what's beginning on this morning. we take a look outside. beautiful sunrise here as we look from the george washington bridge. and into that beautiful eastern sky. dry humidity a light north wind and a pressure rising way up above 30.0 # which is the mark of fair weather. and so our high yesterday was 72. we're starting out around 44 around brookhaven and you'll see up to poughkeepsie 39 and 54 around belmar and 43 around wrightstown. the numbers for everybody way warm by about 10, 12 degrees. a light northeast wind goes
6:16 am
so you'll see through friday, nice big warmup here. temperatures running 10, 20 degrees above normal on the east coast. but cooler air is starting to come in and you'll see a front is going to start coming in friday, friday night. and into early saturday. cooler drier air makes a comeback this weekend. but you know we get to some chilly temperatures sunday but really only for a day. next week we're back into the 60s. so our futurecast is showing high pressure, clear skies and clouds increase tomorrow. there can be a sprinkle with this warm air surging up from the south. but are we talking less than a tenth of an inch of rain. there's the front friday at 5:00. there can be a sprinkle and you can see that goes through overnight into saturday and makes for some cooler weather this weekend. 70 after school today kiddos, that's 12 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. tomorrow we're at 70 again. maybe a sprinkle late in the day. clouds will collect and again we're looking at -- then we're looking at sunshine and temperatures into the mid 70s by friday. so today 70 degrees. a little light southeast wind a little cooler at the coast.
6:17 am
maybe tonight 56 in the five boroughs and 56 north and west. tomorrow, we got sunshine and 70 degrees some clouds late and maybe a sprinkle. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. couldn't we tie or break a record high on friday? we might just do that. breezy and cooler saturday and then you'll see much cooler sunday. 57. but that's our normal high. but look next week, we're back to 62 by tuesday. >> ooh. >> oh well. ah. >> it's done. >> another 70-degree day. in november. >> uh-huh. >> guess we'll have to live with it. >> yes. yes we will. >> we'll take it. >> thank you bill. absolutely. heather we still have the bqe issues? >> no, no bqe issue. now we have an issue on the l.i.e., you see that -- they just cleared and then we get a new one popping up. so here's the lye lye, this is right near -- l.i.e., this is right near 164th street. we have delays westbound and there's an accident reported on the l.i.e. around quasi that boulevard. right over to the maps now and i can tell you that subway service is running on or close
6:18 am
to schedule. long island railroad and metro north trains are aleuronning on or close. back to queens and talk to you about what's beginnings on on the grand central parkway. unfortunately, this camera shot is stuck right here. showing you downtown manhattan and the empire state building. but we have an accident grand central park yeah near astoria boulevard. the street cleaning rules are in effect. over to you lori. all right thank you heatherment not everyone loves the new change of heart at twitter. social network is replacing users' ability to mark tweets as favorites with the option to like tweets. and twitter's also dumping its familiar star icon. it's replacing it with a heart to mark those items you'll like. twitter says the change will make the service easier and more rewarding to users especially for newcomers. this morning we're hearing from an anteater. not the four-legged kind with the long nose.
6:19 am
this anteater is named reg foggerty. he's the australian man who survived for six days on just ants after going missing in the outback. he says that he improvised after remembering something he had seen watching a survivalist on tv. >> i ate a big hole here and i got stick and i gave it to them and all the ants came up and i ate quite a lot that day. >> yum, foggerty was residued after the -- rescued after the tracker spotted a foot sprint in the sand and called authorities. fogger city ended up devil -- foggerty had made a full recovery. ling and an e. coliout break at a popular chain is growing larger. coming up how many people have now been sickened restaurant locations on the west coast as health officials try to pinpoint the cause. >> a flight to kennedy airport diverted to kansas overnight.
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on the money this morning, and a rally by energy companies led wall street to another day of gains. the dow jones starts the day at 17,918. the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 begin higher as well. markets in asia rallied overnight. japan's nikkei average added 1% and hang seng jumped 2%. 32 people have now been sickened in the northwest. eight restaurants have been tied to the outbreak in washington state and oregon but 43 locations are closed down. health firms have identified the -- firms are identified the microorganism responsible for the outbreak which should help them track down the exact source of the illness. it is 6:34 and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> sun is officially up in five minutes and we have a beautiful sunrise right now as we look from the camera from the roof right across. temperatures are very mild.
6:23 am
48 new city to 58 around the park, 54 around newark if we're looking at a beautiful day today. and as we look from our camera, brooklyn to the lower east side looking at noontime temperature of 68 and 70 later on today. t weather then heather every seven minutes. the l train. we have a disabled train on the line. and it's right near graham avenue. you can expect delays. another place the expect delays is in queens on the l.i.e.. we have newscopter 7 up above and we say good morning now to john del giorno. good morning. >> reporter: good morning heather, you mentioned this last time around and we have first live pictures of the problem here on the l.i.e.. this is westbound at exit 24 at kasina boulevard in the heart of queens. this is a truck accident and you can see the fuel spill down this on the roadway as well -- there on the roadway as well. the fire department just pulled up. this may take awhile. as you come inbound now on the l.i.e., only the left lane is open. and you can just imagine the delays here bumper to bumper standstill volume all the way
6:24 am
back into nassau county. and we're live over the long island expressway, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john thank you. and all new this morning, an american airline flight was diverted to kansas after passenger began ranting that he wants to kill people. flight 622 departed if phoenix and was head today go to jfk then things got chaotic. a passenger described the scene. >> before we landed i heard a flight attendant kind of mention to a passenger saying and they were going to take someone off the plane. >> the passenger who made the acolleged threat was taken into custody. the flight tater took off and landed in new york last night. a sign of a sound or the season? chainsaws will be cranking up today inen 0-degree heat. to cut down the new rockefeller center christmas tree. it's a norway spruce. 78 feet tall and 47-foot in diameter and it weighs ten tons and going to be hoisted by a
6:25 am
it comes from a private home in gardener, new york, nowhere near here but nonetheless in the state. it will be driven into manhattan before dawn on friday. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, slashed in the back, what we are learning about the emt seriously wounded in brooklyn. >> and new video of the first lady michelle obama and her trip to the middle east. >> and it looks like terry collins will be around for another couple of years. hopefully leading the mets to
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you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low. maxx life! an ems worker slashed in the back apparently at random. we are live in brooklyn. and police release a new picture overnight of the man who they say attacked a person in a wheelchair. and crews are ripping up a street right now in the bronx after an overnight water main break. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes, thanks for starting your morning with us, it's wednesday, november 4th. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. and bill. >> look at this beautiful
6:29 am
sunrise from our camera over brooklyn looking to wall street and lower manhattan. the being being. all this -- brooklyn-battery tunnel. all this looking really good. one world trade. an absolutely gorgeous morning here and it's going to be a great day. we're going to have temperatures once again betting to 07. a light north wind 58 degrees and 41 at brick, new jersey and long ranch is 52 and sayreville through -- middlesex and hunterton. somerset county about 46, 48 degrees. 39 out toward poughkeepsie. going to be a beautiful day today. 68 and warm and noon and even warmer this afternoon we're at 70 and going to be looking at 74 by friday. talk about that and the weekend coming up all if your accuweather forecast -- in your accuweather seven day forecast. happy wednesday heather o'rourke. >> ooh happy wednesday to you. a little bit closer to friday. newscopter 7 is up above a big mess on the l.i.e.. john del giorno showing us these pictures as you can see only the left lane is getting by. this is the l.i.e. going westbound right near exit 24 which is kissena boulevard. lots of fire department activity involved in this.
6:30 am
we have some police activity and with that comes tremendous amount of delays. let's go right over to our maps and now i'll talk to you about subway tray thus, t lain -- status, l trains disabled trains expect delays and service changes as a result. grand central parkway another problem in queens and you have delays beginning at laguardia and then really jam-packed into astoria boulevard. another accident being cleared. new jersey transit long island railroad, metro-north doing just fine. on the new england thruway. southbound exit 19 into 18. that construction just about picked up and gone for the moment. we have our street cleaning rules in effect. lori over to you. all right heather thank you, we have breaking news right now with another russian plane crash. this time in south sudan. the russian built cargo plane crashed on takeoff near the international airport in the capital city of juba. local reporters say that they counted at least 40 bodies at the scene. it is not clear how many of the victims were on the plane and how many might have been on the
6:31 am
there are reports that one crew member and a child survived. also a developing story in the bronx where repairs are ramping up after a large water main break opened jetting out thousands of gallons of water. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at jennings and charlottes streets in the more sane yea section. crews are working to fix the busted pipe right now. 6:32 is our time and apparently random attack sending a hatzolah worker to the shot. this morning high level -- hospital. this morning high level police officials are trying to figure out the motive. that happened last night. at eastern parkway and rogers avenue. eyewitness news reporter dray clark live in crown heights. he has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning ken and those immediate moments following the stabbing, an intense manhunt played out. this morning though the investigation has wrapped up here at the scene, while the victim the 34-year-old victim
6:32 am
stable condition. now this is cell phone video showing medics preparing to rush the victim to the hospital last night. at around 8:20 last night. the victim who was a volunteer medic with the crown heights hatzolah was stabbed. the stabbing happened at eastern parkway and rogers avenue. the victim says his attacker approached him from behind and slashed his neck and never said a word before running away. investigators searched the area looking for that suspect who was possibly wearing a mask. and also looking for the weapon. now this section of crown heights has a very high jewish population. so some are womannering if the victim was targeted because he's jewish. >> with the stabbings that are taking place in israel, we cannot be relaxed when you investigate something of this magnitude. if you determine if it's a hate crime. and we need to use all the video footage and whatever we can to apprehend the person involved or responsible. >> reporter: and again, the victim is a medic, he was off- duty at the time.
6:33 am
but he was also carrying his radio so he was able to call for help immediately after he was stabbed. again he remains in stable condition this morning at king's county hospital. and he's expected to make a full recovery. meanwhile police are still looking for the suspect. we're live in crown heights, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. and new this morning, police are straying to find this man. detectives say he's 58-year-old jose aguilar. and he robbed a bronx man who was in a wheelchair. police say not only did aguilar steal the man's wallet and knock the victim out of the wheelchair to do it, this happened on monday night. the man is expected though to be okay. and also new this morning, coast guard is looking for the person who vanished from a kayak in long island sound. the red kayak was spotted by another boater off the easternened of plum island. it was -- end of plum island. it was carrying fishing rods
6:34 am
-- but no sign of the owner. 6:35. family and friends will say a final good-bye to one of the victims killed in that horrific halloween crash in the bronx. mourners gathered at the scene of saturday's crash in morris park last night. 24-year-old kristian leka pushed his sister out of the way of a swerving car saturday. she survived but leka, so-year- old maya ha aquil and her grandmother -- nyanna aquil and her grandfather 65-year-old louis perez were killed. the driver has not been charged and funeral services for perez and aquil are planned for late they are weekments also a wake today in williamsburg for a first grader who choked while she was in school. noelia-lisa echavarria died last friday. the 7-year-old had been on life support sense choking while eating lunch at ps 250 in williamsburg, brooklyn. now on to vote 2015 and voters in nassau county have elected a new district attorney this morning. democrat madeline singas came
6:35 am
republican kate murray. she will replace outgoing da kathleen rice. also on long island, steve bell one easily defeated o on the for. and it was a -- o'connor, and it was a close fight for the next district attorney on staten island. democrat michael mcman got the win over the republican opponent. and for results of all the local races, you want to check out first lady michelle obama shared the spotlight with conan o'brien in qatar. the first lady met with american troops yesterday at an air base in doha. the base is the forward -- former headquarters for the u.s. central command and also a key base for the air campaign targeting isis in syria and iraq. today the first lady is speaking about education for young girls at a summit sponsored by qatar. happening today the mets are giving manager terry collins something to wipe away
6:36 am
world series -- losing the world series. reports seay that collins are -- say that collins will receive a new two year contract. they will hold a final news conference at citi field this morning. collins led the mets to their first division title sense -- division title since 2006 and the first world series since 2000. 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill. >> and you also have to be mr. met too. i heard was part of the contract too. not a bad gig actually. we're looking at what's going to be sunshine nine today as we look up the loudson river. a really pretty morning as the barge makes its way right there underneath the george washington bridge headed up the hudson. temperatures arm 58 to -- around 58 to 54 degrees and a beautiful morning here with a lot of sunshine. the temperatures going to be at our normal high temperature for the afternoon with a light northerly wind. it's absolutely origin gus, we look -- gorgeous, we look back to the great lakes and ohio valley. clear skies all the way back to there and we're going to have a
6:37 am
we're going to be looking at temperatures about 59 at 8:00. noontime temperature today is going to be 68 degrees and then this afternoon we're looking at 70 once again. 72 yesterday. so jackets and sweaters this morning kids. after school it will feel really nice. like give it an a.. i give heather you know weather then heather, i give her an a. every day. >> well thank you so much. >> a. because you're exceptional. >> that doesn't make any sense again but that's okay. i'll forgive you and give you a spelling lesson after this. now. we have newscopter 7 up above the situation in queens, this mess being cleaned up. this truck was involved in a crash and you can see we have a flatbed to you on the scene. i'm ashoing what they're going to have to do is discorrect the trailer from -- or the cab part of it from the trailer. and try to get this cleared away but in the meantime all lanes are closed down on the l.i.e., what a mess we have there. a also a mess in queens. that delay on the grand central parkway not as bad as the
6:38 am
but over to the maps i can tell you that the grand central west at astoria boulevard. an accident is in the process of being cleared. l trains, a disabled trane has been cleared away near graham avenue. some delays expected and our street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and ken over to you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, another tragedy on the football field. this time, a young boy a pee wee player who dies collapsing after practice. a school community is stunned. >> major developments in the deadly shooting of a police lieutenant in illinois. what we now have learned about who pulled the trigger. >> plus, it's like a broken record for the upper east side folks. yet another delay for the second avenue subway.
6:39 am
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a midwest community is dealing with the country's latest football tragedy. involving a young person. 9-year-old wyatt barber collapsed and died monday night after a light practice with his team in southeastern ohio. he's the eighth football player either in or below high school to die on the field this year. flags at the third graders' school are at half staff. grief counselors are helping his classmates.
6:42 am
>> kids are going to go through a process of healing. go through a process of grieving and we just try to do our best to make sure that we can give them whatever they need. >> a go fund me page has raised more than $5,000 to help wyatt's parents with funeral costs. 6:43. today authorities are announce a -- will announce a major break in the case of an illinois police officer found shot to death. 52-year-old charles joseph gliniewicz radioed he was searching for three men on foot. when officers arrived they found his body near the squad car. fox county police department has determined that he in fact committed suicide now. we expected to learn more much at a news conference scheduled later this morning. tragic. >> uh-huh. it is 6:43. and time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> yeah you don't expect temps near 60 degrees that the time of the -- at this time of the day in november but meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios on the
6:43 am
upper west side. bill? >> it's absolutely gorgeous out here this morning. you know we have just a light wind and we're right in the middle of high pressure so the skies are clear, the wind are calm. and we call that the axis of the high pressure ridge but what it means for you is absolutely beautiful with blue skies and lots of sunshine and hardly any wind and very mild air that is over us and this air has been coming in kind of sliding more pacific canadian blend. so not harsh and cold and not windy. here's a look the sunrise and -- look at the sunrise and sun is up now. it's absolutely beautiful and a temperature of 58 degrees, that's the normal average afternoon high temperature this time of the year. communities are dry. winds out of the north. and the pressure rising way up there and yesterday's high was 72. normal is 58 during the day and 45 at night and you can see the sunset today about 11 minutes before 5:00. 11 before 5:00 today. if you got to walk the dog and get outside. need that sunlight. 52 at north port and massapequa. it's around 58 at montauk and 50 down the shore. toms river a little cooler
6:44 am
from the shore showing 37. but mostly calm winds to very light wind and mostly out of the southeast later on today. it's kind of northerly northeast today. so we're looking at a pretty day. high pressure that big ridge we've been talking about dominates from the northern mississippi valley through the great lakes and all the way south and east. and continues to be -- it's a great day today. warming things up right on into friday. all along the east coast actually. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees warmer. record warmth. but on friday, we got a cold front coming through. ahead of that front we might hit a record high. the front moves through between friday, friday night into saturday and cool us down for the weekend. the futurecast is showing clouds tomorrow. coming up from the south with the sprinkle late in the day. temperatures still around 70. but then on friday, we're going to be looking at a front coming from the west. that will get here late in the day and then the cooler air starts to pour in friday night. now we're talking about less than a at the point of an inch of rain -- tenth of an inch of rain. 70 today and tomorrow and with
6:45 am
day but not very much. just temperatures 10, 12 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. tomorrow we're at 70 with spotty showers late in the day. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. record warmth on friday. we could tie it or break it. 74. and a little warmer than that we will break it set back in '48. even cooler on saturday and sunday. but by tuesday we warm back up to 62 degrees. look at that great weather. >> wow. two of my favorite words. record warmth. >> good morning. >> thank you sir. appreciate that. all right, let's check in with heather again. >> two of my least favorite words. big delay. we have newscopter 7 up above this delay on the l.i.e. because of an accident at kissena boulevard. check in once again with john del giorno. hoofer do the delays go gone -- how far do the delays go john? >> all the way back into nassau county. we moved the camera angle to acomet date the friends there but you can see the truck there
6:46 am
in the right lane was involved in an accident and there's diet a bit offload on on the roadway. so right now, only the left lane is open. this angle is actually better to show you those bumper to bumper delays though. when i say that, it's a standstill delay on the l.i.e. back into nassau county if you're coming inbound this morning, northern state, grand central, thest a better alternate. not great but better than this. >> we're going to check out the subway status, i can tell you the l trains we have some earlier problems involving a disabled train. right near graham avenue. it has been cleared away but the delays remain. new jersey tran silt, long island railroad, metro north on or close to schedule. you just told john was just talking about this. you can see the delays all the way back into nassau county getting into exit 24ky sena boulevard with that sent -- kissena boulevard with that accident. only the left lane getting by at this point. this is the grand central parkway. john was saying use the northern state parkway. not great but better than the l.i.e.. we have a problem by actoer yea boulevard.
6:47 am
also -- astoria boulevard. also being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. ken and lori over to you. thank you very much heather. "good morning america" is coming imnext. >> and let's check in with robin roberts live in times square, good morning robin. >> hey, good morning to you. and we have some breaking news overnight. an american airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger made some threats on the plane. the latest on the incident, pierre thomas will join us here in the studio. also ahead the race for the white house, a new poll out this morning shows republican candidate marco rubio is surging, he's going to talk to george live this morning here on gm hah. and gma investigates, we take a look at secret spy apps. how they are able to track your every text you send your photos, even listen in on your phone calls? all you need to know to make sure your information is secure. and lara is down in nashville. tim mcgraw is going to join us live as we get set for the cmas tonight. >> i can't wait. thank you robin.
6:48 am
more delays today on the subway that doesn't even exist. the mta says that it won't be able to start digging on phase two of the 2nd avenue line until at least 2020. agency determined that it cannot use a tunnel boring machine until then. phase two stretches from 96th to 125th streets. well, one business owner told eyewitness news that the delay is beyond upsetting. he says all the construction makes it tough for him to survive right now. >> we just holding on trying to make it through until the subway construction opens. but if it's going to be delayed three more years, that's going to be really tough. >> the mta did have some good news, phase one from 63rd to 96th street is on target to be completed by the end of next year. 6:49. the mega millions jackpot keeps on growing this morning. nobody matched all six numbers in last night's drawing. so the grand prize is now $159 million.
6:49 am
no runners-up either. the million dollar prize doesn't go to anybody. the next drawing is on friday night. the preminder the powerball drawing is $142 million and you can get results tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. video this morning of the terrifying crash at a fast food restaurant and now, it has two drive-thrus. >> and what some theaters are
6:50 am
6:51 am
welcome back. three people were hurt when a car slammed into a front of a wendy's restaurant the virginia. look at this. -- in virginia. look at this. there were 20 to 30 people inside the restaurant at the time and one of the people says the impact sounded like it was a bomb that went off. the silver calorred honda -- colored honda demolished most of the drive-thru area and if man who was taking food orders there at the time says the jolt scared him enough to wake him up. "star wars" are going to be forced to leave home some of their creativity. cinema chains including amc and cinemark will not allow people to wear masks or face paint. fans will also have to leave their fake weapons like popular light sabers at home. the force awakens is expected to be one of the biggest box office hits ever. >> check them all out. all right, and we are just getting word of some breaking news from brooklyn.
6:52 am
>> that's right. bullets fly into an apartment building striking a man who was standing in find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
6:53 am
for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting...
6:54 am
how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop&shop. i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at and breaking news now, in brooklyn where a man was shot through the front door of his bush wish apartment building -- bushwick apartment building. >> the bullet struck the man in the heads and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no arrests have been made yet. in brooklyn a bus driver will be arraigned today for a
6:55 am
kala rama live at the court in downtown brooklyn. kala? >> reporter: good morning ken and lori. ? just a few hours, that mta bus driver will appear before a judge here at criminal court. take a look here, 48-year-old paul roper left the 73rd precinct in handcuffs last night. he is facing a vow of charges for a -- slew of charges if afterhit and run crash. look at the -- from a hit and run crash. you can see carol bell using a walker to cross fulton street. police say paul roper was behind the wheel of the mta bus making a left on to fulton and slammed into the 70-year-old. is t video shows roper stopped for jus four seconds and left bell to die in the street. she leaves behind a daughter and granddaughter. we're live in brooklyn, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. and now on to a developing story and police in brooklyn are still searching for a man with slashed a volunteer
6:56 am
ambulance worker in an unprovoked attack. an the hat ha worker in -- hatzolah worker in crown heights was caught on cell phone video. he is expected to be okay. 6:58. some big backups on the long island expressway in queens. >> let's check in with john del giorno. >> you can see the delays here on the long island expressway. not too long after 6:00 this morning, it was a box truck with a fluid spill and that clean-up is taking quite a bit of time now. only one lane is open on the long island expressway. westbound. that's coming inbound right at exit 24. the delays. it's a standstill delay a apartment back into nassau county. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess. >> lots of messes everywhere. right over to our maps and i can even tole you that we have a mess as far as our subways are concerned. not a big mess the fire department activity right near essex street and service suspended between essex street
6:57 am
avenue on the j and m trains. we just heard him talking about the problem l.i.e. west at 24. grand central parkway west at astoria boulevard. another accident another busy day. >> wow. >> all right. thank you heather. >> sure. >> you looked like you enjoyed that misery. >> i really don't. i don't enjoy it. >> i thought you were coo they bates. so -- kathy bates, we have a pretty morning, we have not got a mess in the weather department. we're at 56 and that will be the 7:00 temperature and we go to 70 again today. tomorrow we're at 70. a spotty shower late. a record high possible friday. cooler weather for the weekend. some really nice weather interesting too. [ laughter ] >> interesting but welcome. >> absolutely. >> and that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes, thanks for starting your morning with
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