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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 4, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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man with a knife. it happened around 8:30 last night on eastern parkway. just steps from the world headquarters of the ultra orthodox sect. the detectives say he had just left evening prayers when he was attacked and what if anything the suspect said to the victim is not known. but nothing was stolen. this was not a robbery. and it's being investigated as a bias crime. because detectives say there's no other obvious motive. the victim's name could not be confirmed late this morning. he was not on duty at the time. and was not in uniform. but he had his radio with him and he used toyota report the attack -- it to report the attack. community leaders are urging residents in the area to be extremely careful because the suspect remains at large at this hour. of course, anybody with information to help the police find the attacker is urged to call the nypd. and we're live in crown heights, brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news also in brooklyn. a child and an adult were taken
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to the hospital after being hit by a vehicle. the incident happened about an hour ago at 67th street and 11th avenue in the diker heights section. we're told the victims' injuries are very minor and the driver stayed at the scene. no charges are expected. a city bus driver expected in court today to face charges in the list and run crash that hill -- hit and run crash that killed a woman crossing the street. 48-year-old paul roper of brooklyn charged with leaving the scene of an accident and failure to yield to a pedestrian. police say roper was driving the b-15 bus that struck 70- year-old carol bell as she crossed the street tuesday morning in ocean hill, brooklyn with that walker. authorities say roper stopped the bus briefly but then kept going. new at noon, a truck gets stuck in the bronx and causes some serious issues on the roadways. newscopter 7 was over the heavily loaded tractor-trailer as it was parked on drake street in hunt's point, one of the legs began to sink into a gas cap on the street.
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have to be brought in to move that truck. conedison will evaluate a gas line under the street at the site to determine if it has been compromised. we have new details about a school scare in brooklyn. a 15-year-old boy being questioned by detectives after a post on facebook. officials canceled classes at bishop loughlin memorial high school today out of what they called an abundance of caution. eyewitness news reporter dray clark has more on what happened. >> reporter: students were turned away from brooklyn's bishop loughlin high school. a threat discovered on a social media site claimed the school would be targeted and school president brother dennis cronin. >> we gained it important to act cautiously on behalf of the students. via the website we canceled school foot day. >> reporter: he wouldn't go into details regarding the threat. but according to students, the threat was on facebook and it involved a teenager, possibly a student at the high school,
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would be shot up today. a claim that scared a lot of students. >> i called my father. and he was very concerned. he thought i was lying. but he checked his e-mail and an e-mail said there was an emergency at the school and classes are canceled. >> reporter: the nypd maintained a heavy presence outside the school throughout the morning. a source tells eyewitness news that detectives have already identified the 15-year-old who made the threatening post and quickly took it down. still, school officials say canceling classes for today was the right and safest thing to do. >> where we are today, i think, it requires that we are on the side of safety. so whether it was credible or not, i have no idea. but i do know it was a threat and our primary concern is the safety of our students and that will always take precedence. >> reporter: the school president went on to say that it's important to note that no threat was ever made against any student. the threat he says was to do harm to the building. he says he expects classes will resume tomorrow. dray clark, channel 7
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eyewitness news. family and friends gathered today to say good-bye to one of the victims killed in that horrific halloween crash in the bronx. the funeral was held for 24- year-old kristian leka this morning in hartsdale. he pushed his sister out of the way of the swerving car on saturday. she survived but leka, 10-year- old eye yea that aquil and her grandfather 65-year-old louis perez were killed. police believe the driver may have had a federal condition. other tune -- medical condition. other funeral services will be held on saturday. noelia-lisa echavarria died last friday. the 7-year-old had been on life support since choking while eating lunch at ps 250 in williamsburg, brooklyn. new at noon, police jumped into action to chase after a man accused of swiping packages off front porches in new jersey. police captured three of the suspects but a fourth is still
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johnson in maywood with the story. anthony? >> reporter: well, david, those suspects made one big mistake. they tried to drive down these railroad tracks to make their escape. but thanks to some quick action by police and residents, they were quickly caught. >> police just got them. >> reporter: this amateur video shows the arrest of one of the suspects after being tracked down trying to hide in brush near the railroad tracks. the suspects apparently had been driving through neighborhoods looking to steal anything left on front porches by delivery services. gina noticed suspicious activity on her block can quickly -- and quickly called 911 while her stepfather took off after the thieves. >> two guys jumped out and stole packages. so i started screaming at them and cook off you have the -- took off up the block the get a license plate number. >> reporter: uncapes the suspects stole a cake which had been delivered and left on a porch. another they took a gift which had been sent to a sick child.
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the suspects were apparently trying to toss the stolen packages out of their vehicle. but thanks to the watchful eye of a neighbor, the crime was quickly solved. >> they went down railroad tracks. and they left their car there and they broke their car apparently. and they were apprehended by the awesome police we have in this town. >> reporter: now we understand the suspects were all from paterson and they have not yet been identified. and we're still waiting to hear the charges. that is the latest live there maywood, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you anthony. reports say at least two dozen people are dead after a plane crashed in south sudan. the russian intimate cargo plane crashed on cakeoff from the cap -- takeoff from the capital city. a government spokesman says the plane was headed to oil fields in the country's north. some reports say the plane was overloaded and unclear how many people were on board. in egypt, recovery work continues at the site where a russian plane crashed on
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33 -- of the 224 people on board have been positively identified at this time. meanwhile, egypt's isis affiliate group repeating its claim to have downed the yet. but experts say the militants lack the weapons needed to shoot down a plane at cruising altitude. cancer doctor robert tov is on the stand in the federal corruption trial of former assembly speaker sheldon sillier, earlier today -- silver. earlier today perry white testified that silver said he could help brand the firm because he knows everyone. silver is accused of taking $5 million in kickbacks from developers. a big comeback, hear from the local politician who served time in prison and maced to win -- managed to win his way back into the mayor's office. >> and a woman accused of pretending to be a nurse to care for bobbi kristina brown. how she pulled it off. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans here in the weather center. wow, what a day.
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it's a beautiful june day outside. check out these temperatures. 69 over on the park. 69 newark and 68 over towards -- well jamaica bay. jamaica, queens, look at that a little east/southeast wind too. even warmer by friday and we're going to talk about that and
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we are following some breaking news. and a scare involving mets' general manager sandy alderson. alderson collapsed briefly while talking with reporters during the mets end of the year news conference. so after fainting, alderson was able to get up and walk away. that's the good news. he stopped mid sentence and began to fall before people grabbed him. the 67-year-old alderson was down briefly before getting up
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and then joking quote so where were we? glad to hear he's fine. the coast guard is looking into why a kayak was floating unmanned on long island sound. it was spotted by another boater off the eastern end of plum island. it was carrying pods and food but there was no sign of the owner. the search is being handled by coast guard units out of montauk and an aviation unit from cape cod. this morning, authorities in illinois confirmed that the death of a police officer that sparked a search for killers was in fact a suicide. investigators described the death of lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz as a carefully staged suicide. gliniewicz was found with fatal gunshot injuries after reporting that he was pursuing three suspects in september. today, officials say he had been stealing and laundering money from the fox lake police department for seven years. >> thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal
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mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult websites, facilitating personal loans, and unaccounted cash withdrawals. >> the shooting triggered a massive manhunt for the suspects. chipotle is facing at least one lawsuit over the e. coli illnesses tied to its restaurants in the pacific northwest. 37 people have now become sick in washington state and oregon. the number of restaurants directly linked to e. coli has also risen from six to eight. chipotle has closed 43 locations for cleaning. scientists say they identified the specific microorganism responsible which they believe was carried on fresh produce. a new twist in the saga involving bobbi kristina brown. atlanta police say the nurse in charge of her daughter was an impersonator. 32-year-old taiwo sobamowo faces charges that include
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without a license. bobbi kristina brown died july 26th, months after being found facedown and unresponsive in the bathtub of her home. unmanned rocket carrying satellites into space crashed back down to earth shortly after takeoff. cell phone cameras in hawaii were rolling as the experimental craft goes into orbit then it starts to take a downward spiral. the rocket was part of an air force partnership. the university of hawaii is investigating the exact cause of this failure. thousands of people are stranded around bali this afternoon, following a volcanic eruption. ash was blasted more than 11,000 feet into the air today. the eruption had shut down airports in the area and more than 700 flights are canceled. the indonesian government says the airports will be closed until at least tomorrow. fortunately, there are no reports of injuries or deaths from the blast. well, for those who can fly, we have a report on getting away. we're doing to tell you why it
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may cost you more to get to our local airports. >> plus, wild video, students brawling on a school bus. and wait until you see what happens when police try to step in. >> oh, and take a look at this outside.
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you love to hear this bill. we should be in the park
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sunning oust which is i did see a picture of something doing that today. >> really? >> yes. >> jeff smith and i were upstairs and on the fourth floor with the weather. he said something about that same old thing. really stinks being in here. [ laughter ] >> no offense to you or anything. >> no. he was looking at me when he said it. like get out. so -- he knows what's going on but he's absolutely right. if you have to be inside, this is one of those days it's really nice. because just so comfortable it's very little wind. and there you can see the zirkle line boat going up and there's the new york water taxi and the ferries are going back and forth. it's calm and quiet and n ary a cloud in the sky over gotham again today at noontime. it's really nice. unusually warm and unseasonably warm. however you want to describe it. it's warm. our temperature at noontime 69 degrees. our normal temperature about this hour of the day is about 56. so we're running 13 degrees above that. humidity is dry the winds are calm and look at the pressure. 30.38.
12:18 pm
so high. fair weather. anything above the what i call -- is what i always call extra credit. normal is 58 and today will be around 70. i don't know, we might get close to 72 this afternoon because the temperatures already nearly 70 degrees and maximum heating is about 3:00. afternoon. it's a bit cooler at the coast because we've got kind of a little east to a southeast wind. it's cloudy with a little spotty shower tomorrow. the temperatures still at 70. a balmy breeze on friday and we have a shot at a shower may believe friday night. but certainly cooler air comes in friday night and for the weekend. little more back the reality. 69 in the park and 72 at trenton and 73 at wrightstown. wow, what a day. it's like early september. so you kind of see that wind coming around here out of the northeast kind of coming easten to southeast but the air mass really dry with the high pressure ridge right over us, the wind is almost calm and that means we're almost in the center or the axis of the high.
12:19 pm
really the high center is about right here over new england. you can see the winds coming around that. this area of rain down to the south will creep into the backside of this high tomorrow and that's what will increase the clouds and give us a shot at a shower. but you'll see temperatures are 10, 20 degrees above normal with this high. all along the east coast. record warmth. very like september. and then we'll see a front moving through friday evening into saturday morning. and that will start to cool our temperatures -- cool our temperatures down for the weekend but only for a brief period because it looks like we're back into the 60s next week. so here we go for tomorrow afternoon, a few more clouds. there's a spritz and is a sprinkle that goes by but you see it's not a whole lot going on. 2:00 a.m. the computer guidance is showing a sprinkle and then sunshine friday afternoon and then here comes the front with the cool air. that doesn't look like that does a whole lot friday night. plenty of sunshine. pleasantly warm this afternoon. 72. 56 tonight. as clouds increase. tomorrow, sun and clouds and still warm. we're at 70. and then we're going to be looking at 74 on friday.
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and that would tie the record high. and then the front comes through friday night. that will make it a little 63. and then 57 on sunday. -- on sunday it's 57. but see it warms back up to 60s by tuesday. >> oh. >> wow. that's all we can say to that. >> look, it was very cold last year and snowy. >> yes we remember, this is nice. i'll be enjoying every second of it. >> we sure are thanks bill. we've got something exciting to share with you. a new place where you can watch our newscasts. >> that's right. and it's not only us, but beginning today eyewitness news is available on what's called news on. a brand new app that features live and on demand local newscasts. with news on, you can also watch more than 100 other television newscasts from across the country. the news on app is free and available now for iphone, ipad, android phones and tablets and on the roku platform as well. >> it is awesome.
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>> get your news fix in there. >> yeah exactly. a warning for parents, the big mistake many are making when it comes to buckling up your little ones. >> plus caught on camera. a goat walks up to a police car
12:22 pm
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a wild brawl on a school bus. a teen arrested after a police chase and a goat turns himself into police. just some of the stories that were caught on camera and our attention. we begin with the bus brawl, police in florida say when officers stopped a fite on a bus -- fight on a bus filled with high schoolers, two sisters continued to bang on the windows outside. you can see the video here, the new video shows the officer trying to subdue one of the siblings when the other began punching him in the face. the parents of the sisters say their girls didn't do anything wrong and are now questioning the use of force in breaking up the brawl. police say this was what they had to do. also caught on cram, a 15- year-old boy led police on a child chase in florida in a stolen suv. police say officers followed allen moss on the expressway off an exit through several red lights and back on to i-95 when moss got off in miami gardens, officers boxed him in and approached the suv with their guns drawn. they didn't know what was going on and moss is now facing multiple charges.
12:24 pm
when you have a goat on the bill? >> thank you. of course. in massachusetts, when gram by police received a call about a goat on the loose they went looking for it but the goat actually found them. turned itself in. walked right up to the window and propped itself up and are you looking for me? gave the window a big sloppy kiss and picture posted on the department's facebook page received over 3700 likes and counting. that's how is suspect should just deal with this. come on you got me. here i am. >> i know you looking for me, here's my id. i'm a goat okay? >> there you go. >> okay. thank you david. a would be phone thief dials up trouble when he targets tennis star serena williams. referring to herself as a superhero in this facebook post, serena serves up an explanation of how she chased down a man who swiped her phone while eating dinner at a chinese restaurant on tuesday.
12:25 pm
easily catching up to the man who called the whole thing an accident. serena let him go and when she returned to the restaurant, she received a standing ovation. i would not mess with serena. awesome. much more news ahead in our next half hour, getting to airports in new york and new jersey may get a little more expensive. a new proposal goes through. >> plus a surprise in one connecticut city. voters have elected an -- elected an ex-con as their mayor. >> and another police force in our area is boycotting quentin tarantino's new film. eyewitness news is coming right back.
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achew! get your flu shot today. achew! we continue to follow breaking news, mets' general manager sandy alderson collapsing during the team's end of the year news conference. the 67-year-old was in mid sentence when he began to fall. people around him grabbed him. fortunately, he was able to get up and walk away. our other top story, the volunteer hatzolah ems worker slashed in brooklyn, the 34- year-old was off-duty when a man walked up from behind in the crown heights section and slashed him. investigators are trying to figure out a motive. and mta bus driver charged
12:29 pm
in the deadly hit and run crash is in court. 48-year-old paul roper was driving an mta bus when he hit and killed 70-year-old carol bell. when she street with her walker. yesterday in east new york. hello again, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. we begin this half hour with a proposal that could cost you more to get to newark, kennedy and laguardia airports. >> the port authority thinking about implementing a $2 to $4 airport access fee. now this would involve vehicles for hire like ayubier and lyft and -- uber and lyft and that could be added to your bill. >> new jersey reporter tony jason taylors is -- toni yates is live. >> reporter: we saw uber drivers with the new jersey limousine tags and we saw the drivers with the new york state taxi commission service tags on their cars. and we also saw yellow cabs they were all parked up there at the curb waiting for a fare, waiting for a call.
12:30 pm
until port authority police came and national it had slights and shooed them all away -- flashed the lights and shooed them all away. lots of cars for hire and not even counting the cars that the -- cars people dropping off friends or family the catch a -- to catch a flight. dulles international airport in washington, d.c. just started charging people an airport access fee. now we're not talking about parking. we're talking about driving on to airport property to the terminal and dropping off someone or picking someone up and leaving. and you don't even get out of your car. now the port authority is thinking about charging as you said $2 to $4 to help pay for ways to keep all this new car congestion under control. we spoke to drivers just one of them that we spoke to really understands why the port authority is thinking about this. >> i can understand that the port authority cops work very hard here. and they have a lot of stuff that they have to keep in check here. for the money that you make leaving the airport, it's worth
12:31 pm
i mean it's not going to be filling up. some people -- i don't think i mean. everyone can afford it. >> reporter: well, it's just an idea right now but of course everything starts with an idea. coming up later this afternoon, we're going to talk to port authority about the possibility of them actually implementing these fares. for now we're live at newark liberty airport, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile a disturbing report about security at airport check points. the government accountability office federal watchdog group told a congressional committee that it found no solid proof that the tsa screening methods are effective. it said weapons that easily slipped through security and at every airport check the auditors found troubling problems with technology, strategy, and human error. voters in bridgeport, connecticut elected a mayor who was convicted of corruption during a previous term more than a decade ago. joe ganim was released from
12:32 pm
he served the seven year sentence for offering city contracts in exchange for gifts including cash wine and home improvements. it seemed that voters instead remembered the previous term that started in 1991 and resulted in lower taxes. safer neighborhoods, and cleaner parks. ganim says one word sums up his win -- redemption. >> it's not -- a distant or -- philosophical or religious redemption. it's real. and it's human. >> governor malloy congratulated him on his return to power. new information, police still looking for the gunman behind the shooting of a man in brooklyn overnight. a 33-year-old man fighting for his life after being shot through the front door of his apartment building in bushwick. police say the man had gone down to the lobby after hearing a noise about 1:00 a.m. the bullet struck him in the head and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
12:33 pm
now to an amazing plane emergency. a pilot and his plane saved from a crash landing by a parachute. we've learned the pilot is a former wal-mart ceo bill simon. abc's scott goldberg has the story. >> reporter: it was a scene out of a movie. >> plane down. man down. >> reporter: a parachute carrying plane with three on board to the ground. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: making an emergency landing, not on a arkansas tuesday morning. onlookers taking out their phones to record the unusual sight and calling 911. >> plane has possibly gone down. you have one -- this is par suited. >> reporter: officials say the small aircraft developed problems right after takeoff. >> they suffered a very severe loss of oil pressure. they -- were losing engine and altitudes. >> reporter: the pilot former wal-mart ceo bill simon tried to set up a landing at a nearby airport. but with the engine out and the plane's rapid descent, officials say simon decided to
12:34 pm
pull the emergency chute which fayetteville. the plane hit a truck driving with a woman and two children shock. >> we're very fortunate that no one was hurt any worse than they were. and that you know plane didn't impact into a building or something like that. >> reporter: the plane is now been moved and the faa is investigating. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. new at noon, ability ark coo is gaining more ice than it has lost. that's according to a new study by nasa. most scientists agree that ice is being lost in the western part of antarctica and along its peninsula. but researchers say that on the continent's eastern side, ice is actually accumulating. they say that means that antarctica is not contributing to the rise of sea level. well, let's turn now to meteorologist bill evans, he has the afterschool accuweather forecast. >> it is quite warm and has we look from the roof camera
12:35 pm
of sunbathers here in the sheep meadow. it's november 4th and there's sunbathers in the sheep meadow. here's the temperatures for the afternoon. going to get to 70. 72 degrees and then drop on through the 60s tonight. and will be into the 50s after midnight. we are looking at great weather after school kiddos. we're looking at temperature about 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine pleasantly warm. more 70s tomorrow and friday. cooler weather for the weekend all that we talk about next in your accuweather forecast. david, share lean back to you -- shirleen back to you. coming up on eyewitness news, a concerning report about child car seats in new york. >> plus a unique proposal with the goal of getting more voters to show up to the polls for next year's presidential election. >> and happy holidays unless you plan to fly.
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you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. well, this holiday season, the lump of coal in the form of higher prices, both spirit and frontier airlines will increase the prices for checked baggage between thanksgiving and new year's. frontier will also charge an extra $5 to $10 to carry on a bag. in a statement, spirit airlines said the hike is meant to encourage passengers to pack lighter. so there's enough room for everyone's luggage. a health alert for parents and other people who care for children. new york state says most child safety skeets are not properly installed in cars. state safety checks of more than 900 car seats found only 112 seats that were installed
12:39 pm
correctly. and in some cases the seats weren't secured tightly enough or weren't positioned correctly. in others, the seats were the wrong size for the child. and uber driver is suing a california man accused of a beating that was recorded on video. more than 1.6 million people watched benjamin golden viciously beat his uber driver edward caban. now he is striking back with a lawsuit that seeks damages in excess of $25,000. golden has also been charged with assault and battery and fired from his job. well, a lawmaker in california hoping the love of social media will inspire a surge in young people voting. he's encouraging the selfie at the ballot box. san francisco area assemblyman wants to change the state's law prohibiting voters from sharing their marked ballots and taking pictures at polling places. he says encouraging people to post photowills encourage more people to take part in elections.
12:40 pm
and he even posted his own vote with the hashtag allotselfies. country music will be in the spotlight tonight once again for the 64th annual cma awards airing tonight on abc. >> and for another year, superstars brad paisley and carrie underwood and entertainment reporter sandy kenyon talked to both of them and looking ahead to the big night in nashville. >> reporter: david and shirleen, the country music association's awards have been around for more than a half serve riffle but it's become a major spectacular thanks to a greater variety of performers and those two of country music's most dynamic stars. underwood have found their groove together after eight years of hosting the cma awards but she says the opportunity is still surreal. given how often she watched the show as a child. >> i remember like sitting on the floor in front of the television just -- you know, rooting for my favorite artist to win.
12:41 pm
and getting mad if they didn't. >> reporter: today, they introduced the biggest stars in country music and paisley told assever somewhere satellite from gnash -- us via satellite from nashville he still remembers speeches from those from a previous generation. >> my grandfather loved country music and he never missed it. he would watch this every year. and after i started perform which was around 9 or 10, it became a ritual. >> reporter: as a preteen, he was inspired by the great traditional country artists. but now, this awards show contains a wider range of performers. >> there's way more -- diversity of formats now. >> country is the new rock and roll. >> other people from other formats kind of wanting fora part of -- to be a part of country music, it's pretty exciting to see. >> reporter: and their willingness to try something different -- is the reason brad and carrie
12:42 pm
of the cma show. >> we're willing to make fools of ourselves for the show. >> reporter: time was there weren't a lot of country fans here in the city for many years we didn't even have a radio music. but now we do. and as brad told me, there's a misconception country music is only for places with a lot of trees and grass. it's really not like that anymore. dave? here. >> in fact people who may say they're not necessarily country awards show -- >> that's right. >> it's a great show. you know you want to see more you can watch the cma awards tonight right here on channel 7 and the abc watch begins at 8:00 p.m. 11:00. survival. a man spending nearly a week in the outback. what he found to eat that may have saved his life.
12:43 pm
>> and a terminally ill man's
12:44 pm
new information on the fallout from director quentin tarantino's participation at an anti-police brutality event in new york city. some police on long island are joining the boycott of his new film. a nassau county police officers' union announced its support for the boycott of his upcoming film "the hateful eight." they say officers are offended that he took part in the march days after an officer was killed in the line of duty. well now to australia and a man who spent six days in the outback of the continent is telling his survival tale. 62-year-old reg foggerdy was hunting with his brother last moth but they got separated and reg got lost. he didn't have a knife and he didn't have matches to build a fire.
12:45 pm
and when abilities came up -- ants came up. reg munched down. >> my body started to break down. i thinking of my family and -- you know, who you know -- they would see me laying there. you know. >> well, an aboriginal tracker saw his footprint in the sand and that was what saved him. contacted police. reg spent few days in the hospital and as you can see he's already doing fine. talking about the experience, says he's not tough. he was just lucky but he was also smart. >> he was smart. >> did what he that had to do to get by out there. -- had to do and get by out there. ants are going to be to do when that's all you have. >> they've got great protein. >> i just got a problem. just not enough ants for me. [ laughter ] right. >> well. >> a lot of amounts. >> a lot of abilities. yuck. oh boy, let's take a look outside at noontime. really early beautiful september weather or june
12:46 pm
here we go we're looking at the sheep meadow and look at the sunbathers in the sheep ned doe. just take a look at that. it's the first weekend of november. and the sunbathers in the sheep meadow and those are the softball fields. and those are closed for the season but hey, they ought to open them up this week and play some games. play a little pickup game down there today. here's what's happening at noontime. look at the sunbathers, just a lot over in the park and the park looks gorgeous. the coalreadies are still great. it's 69-degrees and the humidity is dry and the winds are calm and the pressure is rising up to 30.38. now it's been falling a hum of hundredths but that's a little consequence because the barometer is so strong. today right at 72 again as this high pressure ridge is kind of parked right here making it nice in the northeast to new england through the great lakes. 70 will be the temperature tomorrow when we get to you a for clouds -- a few more clouds coming up out of the south. the high pressure ridge kind of drifts east ward can this wind will carry some clouds up and maybe a sprinkle or a shower
12:47 pm
but i also pres warm -- it also brings warmer air. when the sun comes out into to 74. this front will slide southeastward through the area as we go into friday night and saturday. and cool us down. we have plenty of sunshine this pleasantly warm and it's a little bit cooler at the coast but a little southeast wind. tonight, clouds increase and it's 56 in the city. 46 in the suburbs. clouds and sun still warm tomorrow and then we've got that little chance of a shower as we go into tomorrow evening. but we're still at 70. so here's your accuweather seven day forecast. look how it warms up to 63 thursday night. then friday of course is going to be warm. 74. and then the front goes through friday night and that cools us down on saturday and then cools down a little more on sunday but then you see we warm back up to 62 by the time we get to tuesday. no real meaningful rain is on the way. october, november, even into the first part of december, some of our driest months of the year.
12:48 pm
nice stretch of weather. >> yeah. just some sprinkles. >> people who have parties on saturday -- [ laughter ] >> some people -- >> wink wink. >> good weather for that. >> thank you bill. appreciate it. >> see what's going to take credit for it. >> he really does. >> i wish he had that power. that would be great. we'll be right back, but first he's a lock at what's coming up next on "the chew." >> hey david and shirleen. today we're trying something now for thanksgiving. with delicious twists on classics. michael is making an amazing cocktail. carla and i are making a
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of dollars, those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. i always want to know how to save money right? you guys too. >> hey, hundreds of dollars in my pocket? yeah. we'll take it. >> absolutely. thank you diana. it is time now for the feed. the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and retweeted on social media. many of us are anxiously awaiting the new "star wars" movie. >> yeah. one of them -- >> yep. definitely big fan. i know you're a big fan too. the force awakens doesn't come out until december 18th but there's one fan who is hoping he can see it even before its release. you see, daniel fleetwood has a rare form of cancer and back in july, he had been given only two months to live. right now, he believes he is on borrowed time and his only wish, his last wish, is to see the film. it sparked a now viral hashtag orcefordaniel and many people even "star wars" royalty like
12:53 pm
we've got to get this done for him. >> just wish the best for the guy. >> really need to make this happen. >> absolutely. well, you know, a teen instagram star is quitting because it's just not real she says. but some question whether this is all a hoax. you know, put -- another effort to get some more publicity for herself. she is an australian born model who has made a career of posting photos of herself looking perfect but now she shut down all her social media accounts and changed the instagram account to read social media is not real. she says her skin is not perfect. and she's been paid to pretend like she likes certain products. however, some people who claim to be her friends say she is struggling financially and this hatest rant -- latest rant is a pub lyssy stunt. right now she's not on social media. you can't find her anywhere. so a lot offerer fans are unset -- of her fans are upset about that. >> it's a good example for some young people. >> social media is real though. we deal with it every day. >> it is not.
12:54 pm
media is real too. unique halloween costumes are getting bit of buzz on social media. this one especially. a father and son dressed as one another and they look eerily alike. >> wow. >> can you guess which photo is which? on the left you have the two dressed as each other. >> that's wild. >> and on the right they're dressed as themselves. >> that's cute. >> that is great. i think they did a movie like that one time. >> it works. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news, meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. the wifi in this house is amazing. so is my guacamole. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs] time warner cable even has an internet plan for us. get the internet speed that's right for you.
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