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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there's a lot of weight. you probably thought it was trash. >> reporter: but it wasn't. carol bell was a mother trying to turn her life around. lived at this women's shelter up the block from where she was killed. it was just after 6:00 in the morning yesterday roper was ending his shift heading back to the garage. surveillance video shows he made a left on to fullon carol had just crossed the double yellow line when police say roper plowed into her. hit her with the front bumper. he stopped for less than five seconds, never got out of the bus to check what was going on, and then he pulled away. when he got back to the depot, investigators were waiting. he called his wife sonya. >> he just said it was an accident and he didn't know what happened. i said you all right? he said i'm okay but then he said they found blood on the wheels and that was it. >> reporter: his family says he's being unfairly fortrayed as a monster if what's a devastating -- in what's a devastating situation for everyone. >> my sympathy goes out to the
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family extremely. but -- i know he didn't do this to hurt nobody. you know, i believe he innocent. >> when there's a video like this people rush to judgment. i think it would be great to -- the presumption of innocence work itself out. >> reporter: again, today the judge set bail at $25,000. roper will face a judge again here november 9th. for now we're live in downtown brooklyn, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. no warning uttering not even a sound, a knife-wielding attacker slashes an emt worker and tonight cops are trying to figure out why. was this a bias attack? the 34-year-old victim a hatzolah worker is now occupant hot as police -- out of the hospital as police search for the suspect. >> reporter: that's right. a few blocks from the crime scene and yes police are investigating this as a bias attack. senseless, random and unprovoked. residents here say it could be nothing else.
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that the had to be a hate crime. nearly 24 hours after the attack, crown heights is on edge. because the suspect remains at large tonight. >> the person who did this, wasn't out to rob somebody and give me your money or. they used a knife and stabbed somebody. what was that all about? right now, we don't know. >> reporter: it happened at 8:20 last night. the victim, an off-duty volunteer immediatic simply -- medic simply walking down eastern parkway when the suspect slashed him across the back. he used his portable radio to call for help. >> i've been stabbed. >> reporter: eyewitness news has learned tonight that the victim has a four inch stab wound to his right upper back. that the knife cut into his lung cavity, but did not penetrate the lung. and he told police the suspect said nothing before, during or after the attack. crown heights is home to the ultra orthodox jews of the
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sect. still badly shaken over an attack late last year. a man with a history of mental illness shot to death by police after he stabbed a worshiper inside the synagogue. this afternoon, the borough president urged witnesses to the latest attack to come forward. >> anytime that hate shows its ugly face, even when it's covered with a mask, that we, as community leaders elected officials and other activists come together and put out a strong call. >> reporter: the victim's identity could not be confirmed late this afternoon. complicating this case is the fact that the suspect wore a halloween mask at the time of the attack, again residents here are being urged to be extremely careful and of course anybody with information to help solve it is urged tonight to call the nypd. the adl is offering a $5,000 reward tonight. we're live tonight in crown heights brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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okay thank you nj. we can continue to follow breaking news in midtown as we told you on first at 4:00, a protest is underway outside cuny headquarters, newscopter 7 is remaining over the scene. and shannon stone joins us now with some new information that's just developed. shannon? >> reporter: yeah, diana, this staff and faculty were outside the cuny headquarters here on 42nd street protesting. they wanted their contracts signed after five years without one and after six years without a raise. but right here is a number of these protesters that have been put under arrest. a good 20 or so are now waiting to go into police vehicles. what happened here is that while they were outside protesting, inside there were contract negotiations taking place and they had said that if the negotiations didn't go how they wanted them to go. they were planning on sitting in front of the doors and blocking them and as soon as they did that, police took action. it appears that the people on the right side of your screen, they stayed in the police barricades.
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went and sat down are now being arrested. a good 20 people arrested and more are taking place. reporting live. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. shannon thank you. and keeping up up-to-date on the developing story. a violent standoff with police affecting plights at -- flights at san diego's airport. place were responding to a -- police were responding to a domestic violence call when they came under fire. it was coming from an apartment complex directly under a flight approach path. right now the airport is closed to incoming flights because of the gunman's high powered rifle. but departing flights are being allowed to take off. so far no one has been hurt. also developing out in california right now, a stabbing rampage on a college campus, facials -- officials say a man stabbed four people at the university of california in merced. the man was a student. but his identity is not been confirmed. eyewitnesses say the stabbing started inside a classroom and
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the students at the campus are of course quite shaken. >> could happen anywhere but thinking that a campus so small, so new specificken you see -- and everybody you see familiar faces everywhere. it's very unimaginable that something of this magnitude would happen here. >> two victims were airlifted to hospitals. officials say the others were treated on campus. sade? new information just into the newsroom about that downed russian passenger jet in egypt. u.s. officials just telling abc news that they are increasingly concerned a bomb brought down the plane. this, as britain suspends flights to the egyptian city where that plane originated. the british government is also saying that it has information soughing the plane -- suggesting the plane may have been brought down by a bomb. british officials will visit egypt before flights will resume. >> we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by as a result of an explosive device. >> meanwhile, russian and egyptian investigators said the
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cockpit voice recorders suffered substantial damage. they did not say whether any audio could be recovered. the day to recorder apparently is undamaged but no word on what its information revealed. now to another plane crash. south sudan. killing 36 people. and amazingly only one survivor an infant who was critically injured. the russian built cargo plane went down after takeoff. the plane may have been overloaded. observers say a cargo flight like this one should not have had so many people on board. a government spokesman says the plane was headed to oil fields in the country's north. diana. a child and a woman are in the hospital after they were hit by a car in brooklyn. this happened just before 11:00 this morning at 67th street and 11th avenue in the diker heights -- diker heights no charges have expected. -- are expected. services were held today for one of the three people killed when a car jumped the
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friends and family members paid their respects to kristian leka in hartsdale today. witnesses say it will 24-year- old pushed his younger sister out of the way of a car that crashed into a group of trick- or-treaters in morris park. 10-year-old nyanna aquil and her grandfather louis perez were also killed in the crash. police believe the driver may have had a medical emergency. so far no charges have been filed against him. friends and family are also saying good-bye to a girl who died after choking at her school in brooklyn. a wake is being held for noelia- lisa echavarria until 9:00 tonight in williamsburg. the 7-year-old died last friday. she was on life support for more than a week after officials say she choked while eating lunch at school. a catth catholic high school in brooklyn closed for the day after someone posted threat on facebook. police say the threat against bishop loughlin memorial high school in clinton hill was discovered yesterday. nypd said 15-year-old suspect is in custody and is being
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questioned. he is not a student. school officials saning classes today was the right thing to do. >> where we are today i think it requires that we are on the side of safety. so whether it was credible or not i have no idea. but i do know it was a threat and our primary concern is the safety of our students. and that will always take precedence. >> the school will be back in session tomorrow. the health scare today for mets' gm sandy alderson. he collapsed during a news conference. the fainting spell was a big scare for the team especially when a whole lot of decisions are being made for next season. eyewitness news sports anchor rob powers is here now with more. rob? >> reporter: well, diana, he's fine and he yum -7d right back up and got right back to work but still a scary scene for the mets' gm when he collapsed just after a news conference at cifi field. this is the scene just after sandy alderson went down. the mets say he skipped breakfast this morning and he'd been sitting under the hot lites and fell -- lights and fell over when talking with reporters who helped guide his
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ground harder than he did. a contract extension was held for manager terry collins and put a bow on the season that ended in the world series. here's alderson before he went down. >> 29 teams go home unhappy. and -- in some ways i think the 29th team goes home the unhappiest of all. >> a year ago sandy and i sat up here and we said that it was time to win. and we meant that. >> reporter: back to sandy alderson now. he was checked out immediately and he was given the a-ok. we're told he's fine. he went right back to work on next baseball season. we'll have more on eyewitness news at 6:00. on what was anything but a normal workday sade. at citi field. thank you. a busy day today on the federal corruption trial of former new york assembly speaker sheldon silver, cancer doctor robert taub took the stand today testifying he agreed to refer asbestos cancer patients to his law firm so it could seek multimillion dollar settlements from lawsuits. silver is accused of taking $5
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million in kickbacks. not guilty plea today from the prison guard accused of helping to convicted killers escape from the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. prosecutors claim that gene palmer admitted he provided tools and paint and access to a catwalk electrical box to matt and sweat but they say he did not know that they were planning to break out. palmer is free on bail and he's suspended from his job without pay. new at 5:00 the ex-convict who spent time in federal prison just elected mayor again in a local community. we're going to hear from voters next. >> also thieves take off with packages in a local neighborhood. what police say the thieves did with them once police started coming after them. >> and calls today to mange it easier for you to post negative reviews online without worrying about the company coming after you. >> it says one price but can you get it for cheaper? 7 on your side reveals the places to get unlisted prices and the secrets to getting them.
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spencer stone, police in california say the 28-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide. stone was stabbed three times last month in a fight near a bar in sacramento.
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he spent a week in the hospital and investigators say there's no indication the assailants knew who stone was. back the august he was lauded worldwide as a hero for tackling a gunman on a paris- bound train. a stunning election victory for a man who spent seven years in federal prison. the yesterday voters in bridgeport elected joe ganim mayor. despite the fact that begun imwas convict -- ganim was convicted of corruption during the first stint as mayor of bridgeport. sow sow now with the answer -- marcus solis now with the answer to the question why? marcus? >> reporter: and diana no public schedule for bridgeport's mayor elect today joe ganim deciding to spend time with his family and while outsiders are using words like stunning and remarkable for his election, voters say it's all about giving the man a second chance. >> there's an element of redemption in all this. >> reporter: the comeback is complete. pungs hated by a landslide ricketry.
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by a nearly two to one margin, joe ganim once again elected mayor of connecticut's largest city. >> certainly call this a comeback story. but for me, it's the city i feel i never left. bridgeport's mayor from 1991 to 2003. when he was convicted of extortion, racketeering, and bribery. >> joe ganim believes in bridgeport. >> reporter: but this year, he campaigned relentlessly, pledging to stop rising taxes, to create jobs, and city. and i think he's a good man. >> reporter: evelyn cousins has lived in the same house all of her 80 years and says she's willing to look past the fact federal prison. >> i don't think he'd bend down to pick up a penny on the >> reporter: she's hardly alone. >> i thought he did a good job the first time around.
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>> whatever he did in the past, like anybody else, it -- make a mistake. and i think he deserves a second chance. >> reporter: but among the younger set the election is slightly more controversial. >> i don't trust him. >> reporter: many too expressed their reservations. >> the old saying goes when you give a man enough rope, he hangs himself. joe's hung himself in the past. and hopefully he's learned his lesson. >> reporter: now as for connecticut governor daniel malloy, he didn't endorse ganim's campaign but last night he put out a statement saying the voters have spoken and he's committed to moving bridge fort forward and will continue to put the best interest of the community first. and we're live in bridgeport, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. marcus thank you. new at 5:00, a job opportunity. alloying you to reach for the stars, nasa will begin accepting applications soon for the next class ovicyst naughts.
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the announce comet -- of astronauts. the announcement comes in return of the return of the human space flight to american soil. the agency will accept applications from december 14th through mid-february and it is expects ting to announce the -- expecting to announce the new class in 2017. pretty cool. >> i know do you think there's an age limit? >> are you going to announce? >> i mean, meteorology now and space weather and solar storms and i mean -- >> sure. absolutely. >> yes i'm available. >> i think you'd be great. >> i would go for it too. but i think i've aged out. [ laughter ] >> never. >> never diana. >> yeah well you know. >> never. >> okay. so nice out there tonight. >> yeah i saw the sunset. earlier. oh -- gorgeous. >> say it again. >> please. the big am a orange tonight. isn't that fantastic? >> but that's for the food bank of new york city empire state building and really complementing the gorgeous horizon right now. which is -- spectacular orange. yeah. it's -- halloween worthy there. all right so our temperatures at 63-degrees.
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the humidity 56%. south wind at 5. that barometer is a nice high reading with high pressure to our north and east. and 70 degrees the high number on the day. the average high 58. which is wiping out the averages. but the average highs are really our lows right now and this weather pattern we're not far from record warmth and we make a run at a record on friday. there's the sunrise and sunset times. sunset at 4:49. partly cloudy last year in the state it was actually a warm november day at 678 degrees. -- 68 degrees, so a salt change today. we now have a wind coming off the atlantic and that's why you're seeing 50s and east hampton and brookhaven and smith downright now at 60 norwalk and 63 in danbury. the warmer numbers are going to in the areas that don't have the marine influence, we're still near 70 in poughkeepsie right now. so now with that wind coming on shore clouds are going to gather overnight. the low clouds some patchy fog. so that's what you'll notice tomorrow. it's still a mild day. but there's limited sunshine. the wind is going light. we're still mainly clear right now. there's yesterday's high east of cape cod right now.
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there's the southeast flow. temperatures are around 60 in the ocean. so that's why the coastal numbers are cool off and now with that -- cooling off and now with that protection of the high pressure aloft. it's creeping up the coast. slowly. initially to the west and then it overtakes us later tonight into tomorrow. so a lot of clouds around tomorrow. limited sunshine and maybe even a spotty shower in the afternoon hours. friday is a tricky day. because we're forecasting a record high of 75. but the clouds have to get away in the morning and i think they will from the city on south and west and we may struggle on the island but there might be a brief period in there -- period in there in the early to mid- afternoon hours and we spike up into the 70s can then a front comes through maybe later in the afternoon and evening and then things cool off for the upcoming weekend. increasing clouds and later on tonight. and areas of fog will form. tomorrow 69 lots of clouds just a spotty shower in the afternoon. and you have to have that shower threat or drizzle tomorrow night into the morning hours on friday. so at 5:30, could we have a
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range from 60s to near 80 on friday in spots? into that. will it be cloudy along the coast on saturday after we chill out on sunday? is there another warmup next week? your accuweather seven day forecast in our next half hour, back to you for now. >> okay thank you lee. yankees' pitcher cc sabathia is out of alcohol rehab and speaking exclusively to abook news. robin roberts -- aback news, robin roberts tweeted -- abc news. robin roberts tweeted out this photo today. it went into rehab a month ago the night before the wild card game with thes a stows. he released a statement at the time saying that while the team needed him, he needed to get himself and his family right. you can watch the entire interview or much of the interview friday morning on "good morning america" beginning at 7:00 a.m. right here only canal 7 and -- on channel 7 and robin is going to join us tomorrow on eyewitness news at 5:00 with a preview. well, coming up, serena williams takes action when someone tried to steal her phone in restaurant. what she did has now gone viral online. >> also another fee for flying? why being dropped off or pick
5:21 pm
up at the airport could soon cost you more. >> you're most likely familiar with 1-800-flowers, but what you may not know is that the company is on a mission to give developmentally disabled people jobs and they're starting right here on long island. i'm kristin thorne with that story coming up. >> new video of midtown. faculty and staff. cuny say they have been without a contract for five years and
5:22 pm
5:23 pm
all new at 5:00, the founder of 1-800-flowers has a new venture on long island. now also has to do with flowers but this is a nonprofit organization. developmentally disabled adults work there and they grow flowers and then sell them in the community. our long island reporter kristin thorne has more. >> reporter: the motto here is they're not just growing plants, they're growing people. it's called smile farms on long island and it's staffed entirely by adults with developmental disabilities. >> the work. customers. and -- i have to be friendly. >> reporter: behind the effort is jim mccan.
5:24 pm
you may know him as the ceo of 1-800-flowers. which is based on long island. his younger brother kevin has developmental disabilities. what do you do here? >> i come to work and i plan my day. and i do -- you know -- work. >> when you think about the fact thattable 0% of the -- 80% of the people with developmental disabilities are unemployed in this country, that's sad. i like to knock that 80% number down a whole lot. >> reporter: the employees a rotating group of 35 of them come from independent group home living on long island. >> they work together. they interact together. they socialize together. and they have successes. they see these plants as a success in their life. >> reporter: and they get paid a fair hourly wage. how does it feel to have a paycheck at the end of the week? >> really good. has to -- buy your furniture. or -- other stuff bills, you have to pay your bill.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: smile farms isn't stopping here, their plan is to open another one of these on the north fork and then across the country. >> detroit, medford, oregon, california, anywhere really that there's a strong force of people that can rally out behind the cause. >> reporter: and why not? in long island, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> smile farms. >> uh-huh. >> that will macule smile. still ahead, packages stolen from the front personals of home. what -- mornings of homes -- porches of homes. >> an emergency landing at jfk because of what a passenger threatened to do to others on the plane. plus this -- >> you're my angel. you're in heaven. >> how this nypd officer helped a dying since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier by accepting most major health and vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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we are back at 5:30 and following breaking news in manhattan. new video just in. this shows protesters being arrested at a demonstration outside queny head quarters. 50 demonstrators are charged with disorderly conduct. they're demanding a fair contract offer. protesters say they've gone five years without a contract and six years without a raise. right now, new information about a rash of thefts of packages taken off the porches of homes. these happen closer to the holiday but tonight in new jersey several people are under arrest. >> police in maywood say when they actually chased down the suspects they started tossing packages from the car window. new jersey reporter anthony johnson is live in maywood with more for us. >> reporter: diana, those
5:29 pm
on maywood avenue and decided to make a right turn onto the railroad tracks. they drove their vehicle about 100 to 150 yards down the track. the car broke down and the police were in hot pursuit. these three so-called porch pirates are accused of delivering 17 items delivered to homes of residents. they were riding in this neighborhood and a resident noticed something was wrong. >> two guys went to two porches at the same time and stole packages. i start screaming at them. >> reporter: police pursued them onto maywood avenue. the thieves were tossing evidence out of their black suv. >> some boxes were thrown outside the window and residents contacted us and notified there were packages that didn't belong to them on their lawns. >> police just got them.
5:30 pm
video shows when one suspect was taken into custody. one officer was assaulted by a suspect brian rivera as the cop was arresting another one of the alleged criminals. nationwide home cameras have caught criminals casually walking away with items left on front porches. in many cases thieves follow the delivery truck and strike moments after the packages are dropped off. authorities say these types of crimes spike leading up to the holiday seasonal. some suggestions include having packages delivered to work, pick up the package at the deliver company office, have the package delivered to a neighbor who will be at home and have someone sign for the delivery. >> they stole a package for a young girl up the block from her grandmother's house and she has cancer. the other package was a cake. >> reporter: at this point in time, two of the three suspects taken into custody yesterday are still behind bars.
5:31 pm
all three will actually be in court this coming friday and police say they do have good leads on a fourth suspect in this crime. that's the latest live from maywood, new jersey, anthony news. >> thank you. the nypd is searching for three men caught on camera robbing a pharmacy in queens. one suspect points a gun at two employees yesterday. the other two men jump over the counter and demand prescription medicine. then the suspect zip tied the employees and stole their wallets. not so fast. a man shows up at kennedy airport with a stash of knives packed in a carry on bag. after the tsa confiscated the arsenal, a spokesperson tweeted a picture of seven knives with a caption saying that's exactly seven too many. the man was arrested. a man is under arrest
5:32 pm
forced a plane to make an emergency landing. 120 people were on the flight from phoenix to kennedy airport when it was diverted to wichita, kansas. a member of the band augustine said a passenger was threatening to kill people. >> a flight attendant mentioned to a passenger saying there was a security concern and they would take someone off the plane. >> law enforcements took jason baralety off the plane. the flight resumed and landed before midnight. we're learning details about the police officer in illinois whose death set off a massive man hunt. turns off it was not a cop killer at all. the officer killed himself because he was about to be exposed as a thief. megan hughes has the story. >> reporter: they called him gi joe. immediately after his death charles joseph was remembered as a hero. today his death is ruled a
5:33 pm
staged suicide. stunning those who knew him. >> he's a good guy and i saw him all the time. >> reporter: investigators say he had been stealing money from a program that helps teenagers. >> this is the first time as a law enforcement officer in my career that i felt ashamed by the acts of another police officer. >> reporter: according to investigators, he planned his suicide for at least six months before misleading first responders the morning of his death. he reported seeing three suspicious men and pursuing them on foot before calling for backup. officers found him shot dead. it tipped off a massive man hunt with officers staking off rooftops, helicopters cowering the area and after a two month investigation authorities concluded he staged the scene and shot himself twice with his
5:34 pm
>> we get tips coming in in vast numbers daily. >> reporter: investigators point to text messages as evidence he was stealing from the police explorer program that he ran. he believed correctly that the village administrator was on his trail. >> the community is the real victim here. let's always bare that in mind going forward. >> reporter: the lieutenant stole from the program for seven years and the investigation isn't over yet. two other people were involved. in washington, megan hughes, channel 7 eye witness news. for the first time we're hearing from an nypd captain whose act of kindness helped a man dying of cancer cross an item off his list. roger higgenbottom and his wife traveled to see the ball drop on new year's eve. a transit cop at the time noticed their struggle and asked if he could help. >> i got to get this guy to see
5:35 pm
his wife was like you only have like eight minutes and the guy was frail. i said come here. i grabbed him by his waist and guided him along the way until he got there literally about two minutes prior to the ball. i said this is the ball. he said that's the ball. you're my angel, you made it happen. >> roger higgenbottom died in march. diana says she'll always appreciate the captain's kindness. a warning about an afr -- can you write negative reviews about businesses online? don't mess with serena williams. wait until you see what she did when someone tried to steal her cell. >> with that 120 miles per hour serve, no way. traffic is moving nicely but it's actually nicer on city streets. it's beautiful with temperatures in the low 60s. 63 degrees right now and running
5:36 pm
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a warning about a potentially deadly aphrodisiac. it's commonly known as stone and it's made from the venim of toads. it goes by other names. the aphrodisiac is sold as a dark brown chunk. a 39-year-old man died last week after taking it. online reviews and how companies react to them was the focus of a hearing on capitol hill today. the senate commerce mitt tee discussed a bill preventing companies from preventing gag closes that fine people that write negative reviews. a woman ordered to pay thousands in damages after she wrote a bad review. >> companies should not have the
5:40 pm
power to punish people who criticize them. it needs to stop. >> the bill right now is in its preliminary stages. a would be phone thief dialled up trouble when he targeted tennis star serena williams referring to herself as a super hero she explained how she chased down a man who swiped her phone. super serena easily caught up to the man. no big surprise there. he said he made a mistake. serena let him go. when she returned to the restaurant she received a standing ovation. >> good for her. an update on breaking news we've been following. a standoff with police in san diego is over. that suspect is in custody. this means flights have resumed at san diego airport. i'm sure the people there are relieved. still ahead, another fee associated with flying. this one before you step foot inside the airport.
5:41 pm
ly a tree from the hudson valley is about to become a star of holiday celebrations. the rock feller christmas tree is on its may to manhattan. it was donated by a family in gardner. today the ten ton spruce was hoisted into a trailer and the people in the community were watching. it'll be the 83rd rockefeller christmas tree. >> seven stories. that's huge. >> imagine losing that from your yard. it's incredible. after having it there for so many years. it's something else. >> very nice. >> we have a nice night out tonight. it'll be beautiful. doesn't feel like the holiday season just yet.
5:42 pm
city will be like the holiday season. it's so mild. this is what the upper west side looks like. once again absolutely beautiful and walking through the evening hours it's pretty. a couple degrees cooler than last night. still comfortable. two 70-degree days and we have a shot at four finishing out the week. we're tieing the number of 70-degree days we've had from 2001 to 2014. clear early and clouds, low clouds and fog by morning. mid-50s suburbs like berkeley heights will drop in the 40s. we won't have the low 40s in the suburbs because we have a lot of cloud cover coming in. clouds will dominate tomorrow. we'll still be mild but clouds and a spotty shower during the afternoon hours and many spots will come up short of the 70-degree mark. this evening will be nice and a little bit of a chill in the mid-50s and a light fall jacket. notice the low clouds. the future cast has been trending with the showers.
5:43 pm
not buying that yet. we have low clouds around. at worst a touch of drizzle. clouds dominate tomorrow. 60s and a spotty shower in the amp. notice on your 7-day a lot of clouds thursday 69. friday is an interesting day. look at this panel and say wow, partly sunny and 75. we'll start out gloomy again and the clouds will be slow to clear along the coast. probably stay in the 60s along the coast and the sun comes out from the city on southward and temperatures spike and we could see mid and upper 70s across new jersey. then a front comes through friday night into saturday morning with showers and the front may turn on the brakes as it gets to the coast. on saturday we'll highlight more sun and a lingering morning shower. it's mild around 65 but the breeze makes it feel cooler. sunday is gorgeous but in the mid-50s. early next week mostly sunny skies and 59 monday.
5:44 pm
clouds and showers around. overall highs are in the 50s week. 70 may be out of reach but it could be really warm. if the sun comes out 9, 10 in the morning, 70 or 80 is not out of the question. i doubt it but it could happen. >> as you start to think about your holiday shopping, we have secret ways to lop hundreds of dollars off your bill. >> you can do it in stores you may never have realized it's possible. 7 on your side nina pineda is here. >> reporter: bargaining is not just for flee markets or foreign countries. you can get unadvertised prices not just at your favorite mom and pop shop but the mall, big box stores and the savings was
5:45 pm
we hit the shops going undercover with nerd wallet consumer expert. >> what you see listing is a starting point for you to come in and negotiate and suggest ways to save. >> reporter: always ask about any upcoming sales or special events. >> we have a friends and family. >> reporter: this major department store offered to presell these earrings at the upcoming sale price shaving $42 off the cost. next we tried our luck on tv's bringing a competitor circular to a big box store. >> saying hey, look i found these other competing prices for products that are in your store. >> reporter: the wheeling and dealing really started on the up sell when we looked at this $5,000 tv with an open box discount. listen to how he sweetens the deal when we're ready to leave. >> if you want, come back in and i'll throw in the mounting for free.
5:46 pm
>> could you do less than $150? >> reporter: we were told no discount two times but the third was the charm. the sales clerk relented. >> i can give you $140. >> okay. you'll take $10 off? >> reporter: buying in bulk and paying in power. >> i walked in and said i'm looking to buy eight to ten of these, can i get a discount and she said sure. >> reporter: being nice. at limelight we saved $24 on ray bans just for chatting up the clerk and then asking for a discount. >> if we see you're coming in and spending your hard earned money and respecting our profession, we'll negotiate with you. >> reporter: retail is a hard profession. you'd be surprised how a little sugar can sweeten the deal. you can imagine how many nasty sales people have to deal with all day long. another great tactic, silence. name your price and let the silence get awkward.
5:47 pm
the salesperson may give up and say okay, fine. it's a great motivator. >> is that the wear them down method? >> reporter: exactly. >> still smiling. always smiling. >> reporter: a smile goes a long way. a new fee proposed at airports. >> why being picked up and dropped off could cost you and how much, coming up next. new at 6, for the first time we're hearing from the person who gave directions to the man who killed two police officers in a brooklyn housing development last december. he claims he's being harassed by cops ever since then. also, a new twist in the
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
additional fees could be coming to some of our area airports and those fees don't have to do with your flight. it's all about being dropped off and picked up in an effort to ease traffic congestion. >> tony yates is live with what it would cost you.
5:50 pm
this is specifically for the drivers because they are already charging airport access fees. the port authority here is saying they're very much aware of the option and it is not on the table. uber drivers, taxi drivers may understand a little bit but some are saying please, no more fees. >> it's not right. it's not going to be fair on us. >> it's unfortunate. i feel like we pay so much in fines and all those things and now we got to get charged to work. >> reporter: here's a what you would hear at any hearing proposing an access fee. >> this is new jersey. we're paid too much money for tolls. >> reporter: to pick up passengers. they've gotten very busy with for hire car services. they charge them $4 called an airport access fee.
5:51 pm
>> the riders pay enough money to leave newark airport that if they charge the $4 to even come onto the property, i think it's worth $4. >> reporter: the port authority says the airports are among a few that don't charge the fee that averages $2 to $4. it's not on the table now but it's an idea it would consider if necessary for airport upgrades to accommodate traffic control needs. >> i don't think $4 can stop the people to coming in. it's just nothing. they can just pay that and come here but the main issue is i'm sure in the entrance there's going to be too much traffic. >> reporter: port authority police were very active here today keeping the terminal clear of congestion. if the fee pays for better systems for pickup and dropoff. >> i don't oppose that. i understand the cops work very hard here and they have a lot of stuff they have to keep in check here.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: now, of course, the port authority would definitely have hearings to hear from anybody who would be affected by the airport access fee. so far it's not on the table. live here at newark liberty airport, toni yates channel 7 eye witness news. >> there's still much more ahead. >> eye witness news at 6 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eye witness news. with bill ritter and liz cho. rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eye witness news at 6. story tonight. dozens of people arrested at a rally on the east side. plus, parents tonight showing their support for a popular school band leader arrested for duct taping a child's mouth. they claim what happened was good teaching and not criminal.
5:53 pm
officers at all and that's who i called when i need help. he's the man who unwittingly gave direction to the gunmen who went onto kill two police officers last december. now he claims he's been repeatedly harassed by cops. good evening to you i'm liz co. >> i'm bill ritter. he says giving direction to a stranger has turned his life upside down. >> that stranger who just a few moments later killed two nypd detectives. >> baker said ever since that moment new york cops have harassed him and hurt him. tim fleischer in jamaica, queens, with our lead story. >> reporter: tonight, bill, that postal worker is claiming systematic harassment by the nypd and speaking out about the claims. >> i know my life is not the same right now. it's not what i would want it to
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