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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 7, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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they were exactly who i know they are. and they found a way to wayne. i'm really proud of them. florida state, we got great respect for them. they're a great football team. but tonight was our night. >> heather: it is good to be a tiger. working on any dance moves for the locker room? >> we'll be dancing tonight. i promise you. >> heather: break it down. thanks, coach. >> chris: look at that happy coach in that sea of orange. that lens got all fogged up in there. >> kirk: that's a pretty sweet shot. >> chris: a lot of emotion. a lot of frustration, close calls. some embarrassments. all bursting forth at the end of this game, as clemson, a very strong saver, after after allowing the opening touchdown, held the 'noles to two field goals. >> kirk: they got challenged early. an they answered the call. really, i think, again, they did more in this game, than anything we've seen all year, going up. and florida state is an athletic, talented team. and they took it away from them. they took the crown away from them.
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before they achieve their ultimate goals, they had to accomplish this tonight. >> chris: and they did it with 302 yards offense, after intermission. clemson, has won the division. but a lot more work to do, to reach, what they hope, will be the ultimate goal. the selection committee's number one team, played like it in the second half. and they dethrone the three-time reigning acc champions from florida state with a 17-3 edge, in the second half. what a scene here in clemson. the ball game, this quarterback, this team. tony elliot, this coaches will never forget. on abc tonight, it's the unbeaten buckeyes, hosting the gophers on "sunday night football." for kirk herbstreit, heather cox and our entire team here at clemson, chris fowler saying, so long for now.
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eyes host gophers. . this is new york's number 1 news. channel 7 eyewitness news. jeff smith with the exclusive ak you weather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6. ganging up, hooded thieves rough up and rob an elderly man in brooklyn. and candidates under fire. protestors try to upstage con trump in midtown as ben carson lashes out against scrutiny of his past. good evening. i'm sandra. >> i'm joe torres. we beginning with the mugging in brooklyn. footage shows the suspect swarming the victim, pushing him against the car and picking his
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:30 thursday night. eyewitness news reporter is in east flat bush right now. >>reporter: sandra and joe, take a look at ut ka avenue behind me, busy intersection that's fairly well lit at night. robbery occurred in this parking lot, the tucked away and closed off. some say this was the perfect spot for the suspects to rob a vulnerable victim. take a look at the surveillance video released p by the nypd. what you're looking at is an elderly man being robbed by four young men in this back parking lot of of a check cashing store on utica avenue. in the video you can see the assailants roughing up the victim as they go through his very sorry. he's elderly. you're supposed to respect the elders. since i was growing up they told me to respect elders. >> cops say the victim was walking alone towards his car when he was pushed from behind. they stole his wallet, phone,
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and ring. suspects followed him from the check cashing store. investigators say the fourth suspect is not seen in this video because he was acting as a lookout. the problem with the parking lot, it's somewhat secluded. despite the fact there are cameras everywhere, picture this at night. it's blocked off from the busy street and some say it's not safe. >> nobody can see what's going on back here. if it was at nighttime, i wouldn't even park back here. i'd park on the street and go through the front door. >> roughly 150 pounds, last seen wearing blue jeans and hooded sweat shirts. there are eight security cameras in this parking lot with 24 hour surveillance, but that clearly did little to stop the suspect. >> people don't care about a camera no more. they're gone to do what they're
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>> the victim was not seriously injured. identity not released. police asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. new tonight, a long island man accused of luring a woman into his car and raping her. 22-year-old raha will be arraigned on a charge of sexual assault. police say it was around 4 this morning that raha offered the victim a ride, pulled out a bee bee gun, took her to another location and raped her in the back seat. police in new jersey continue search for the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting in the middle of the afternoon. the driver of a car opened fire in plain field friday afternoon. emergency workers rushed 24-year-old bowls in the
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6-year-old girl and 33-year-old woman hit by stray bullets, expected to survive. young woman and grandfather killed while trick-or-treating in the bronx. funeral services were held today. they were killed when a driver lost control of his car and crashed into a group of people on the sidewalk last saturday. the other victim, 24-year-old laka was buried on wednesday. politics now in the race for president. conflict on the campaign trail. a midtown rally tonight as demonstrators protest against donald trump's appearance on late night television. ben carson faces the glare of the spotlight. eyewitness news reporter aj ross here with the details. >> with us now just a year away from voting in our nation's next leader, the large pool of presidential candidates still in the race are making headlines for different reasons. protestors up in arms about
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trump's appearance on snl to hillary clinton and bernie sanders stum pg in south carolina, all eyes are keeping a close eye on the road to the white house. sounding the alarms outside trump towers, hundreds gathered saturday, raising voices and marching against donald trump, whose controversial comments criticism. he's set to appear on saturday night live. ben carson continues to field questions about his past and several several stories relayed in his best selling book are true. >> they are getting desperate. so next week it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants. >> only a slim margin of support in the polls, new jersey governor chris christie has been ex cloouded from the gop -- excluded from the gop debate. nonetheless, he's filed
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in the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton is taking questions at a town hall hosted by the black caucus. >> from your lips to god's ears, right? >> senator bernie sanders is also making appearances throughout the palmetto state focusing on rallying the support of women and minorities. >> the next debate on tuesday marks the fourth gop so far in this race to the white house. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage in the race for president. updates and information around the clock are at abc 7 ny. new clue for investigators looking into the deadly crash a russian plane in egypt. today they announced the cockpit voice recorder caught an unknown noise in the last second before the recording stopped. experts will now analyze that recording to try and figure out the source of that noise. >> they know what a bomb sounds like, they know what a fuel tank blowing up sounds like and they
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know the sound of an airplane coming apart. >> investigators also announced that debris from the airbus stretched for eight miles across the sinai desert, indicating that the plane broke up in the air. they say not all of the wreckage has been recovered yet. all 224 people on board died when the plane went down one week ago. a special homecoming for an american hero. coming up on eyewitness news, days before veterans day, a wounded marine from long island gets the keys to his brand new okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network.
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. as the country prepares to honor the nation's veterans next week, a special homecoming for a wounded marine on long island. a life changing gift from family, friends and volunteers. >> three of and a half years ago, a community on long island came together to welcome a hero back home from service in afghanistan. today they welcomed him to his own home. marine corps corp patrol kevin vaughn got the keys to his new home. >> it doesn't seem like reality. it's too good to be true, but it is and i love it. >> it's been a long journey for him. during second tour of duty in 2011, armored vehicle struck an explosive device. he suffered back and arm injuries and spent 15 months in walter reed military hospital.
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his new house was designed and built with all this in mind by the nonprofit building homes for heroes. the long island based organization builds houses that accommodate the physical challenges facing many veterans. >> there is so much technology in this house and it's going to be so easy for me to get around, whether in a wheelchair or not. >> the nonprofit founder joins his friends, family and neighbors in the celebration, along with volunteers and donors who made the project possible. all proud to give back to the young man whose courage and sacrifice have inspired so many. >> for us all to come together as a family and community and one country today is a beautiful thing. >> vaughn says he is grateful for the new beginning in his new home. >> thank you for helping out and sticking up for me and taking care of me all these years since i've been home. >> since it was founded in 2006, building homes for heroes has
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injured veterans and on track to finish another 31 houses this year. in the bronx today, young people joined in honoring veterans. >> the cs 211 junior drum and bug will core marched in the veterans day parade. the parade included a stop at the west farms soldier cemetery to honor the veterans buried there. the parade reminds people of the sacrifices made by military veterans. say goodbye to the warmer weather. >> say it ain't so. coming up on eyewitness news, november is about to okay. so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios!"
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. the party is over as far as warm weather goes? >> we're talking seasonal temperatures tomorrow and back up to 60 by monday. looking rather colorful tonight. temperature is 57 degrees. wind coming are from the north at 5 miles per hour. look at the high temperature of 72. no that didn't happen during the afternoon. that happened right at midnight last night. actually la guardia and jfk set a record for today in addition to the records they set yet. the record 78 back in 1938,
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subseting these days at -- sunsetting these days at 4:48. 72 in the city, got up to 71 at newark before temperatures took a tumble during the day today with that northerly wind coming in behind the front. 57 right now. 54 at white plains. down to 45 at monticello. upper 50s on the island and southwestern parts of connecticut. up until now the growing season was still going on over eastern parts of long island. that comes to an end tomorrow night. there is a freeze watch for that area until monday at 8 a.m. tomorrow night into very early monday morning expecting a hard freeze on the east end of long island by the vineyards. radar and satellite showing we have rainfall that affected areas of new jersey, especially ocean county. steady rain for several hours during the rain today. that's moving off to the south and east out to sea as drier air is moving in from the north. we're going to have to eventually watch a system down here over the gulf states.
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during the day on tuesday. here. lows tonight getting down to with about 47 in the park. 30s in some places, mid-40s on the shore and the island. tomorrow actually a little above normal for this time of the year. normal highs around 56 or 57, we're expecting a high of 59 in the city. plenty of sunshine during the day. high pressure firmly in control. during the day on monday, still expecting a lot of of sunshine. very late in the afternoon, might be high clouds starting to stream in from the south. you see all that rainfall off to our south over southern virginia, north carolina, that makes a run at us during the day on tuesday. that represents our next shot. cooler tonight with decreasing clouds, down to 47 heading into tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, high getting up to 59. nice day out there. starry night tomorrow night, down to 44.
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30s in suburbs. plenty of sunshine on monday, 60. increasing clouds monday night, showers on tuesday. 61. nice mild day on wednesday, mid-60s again. and then we're back into periods of rain on thursday before we clear out just in time for next weekend. really no truly cold weather on that accu weather seven-day forecast. >> we will take it, jeff. thank you. it's about more than just football now. are you ready for jason paul? the giants certainly are. tomorrow they'll get their star back as jpp caps had his from that fireworks accident that left his right hand mangled.
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knicks may not have gotten the win, but another big night. we have that next in sports. . big blue will take any offensive help it can get. >> yes. >> by tomorrow at this time, jason pierre paul will have made his debut. and we'll know how much the 4th of july accident affects him on the field. big blew adding him to the active ross the ter and
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jpp believes he hasn't missed a step. giants won't know for sure until he takes the field. >> you're right. the game conditions, game circumstances, that all dictates how effective we can be. >> also tomorrow, the jets hitting the field as they host the jaguars. the news not quite as optimistic for marshall. the wide receiver is questionable to play. one thing is certainly, everybody wants to help stop the jets two game skid. >> we all want to be out there. every man in this locker room wants to do what they can to help the team. that's the mindset we have. we have a great locker room that does care about each other that wants to play. it's good to have everybody out there. >> for the second time in sim days, tonight the nets meet former coach jason kid and the bucks in milwaukee. brooklyn still looking for the first win of the season.
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the bucks have won three straight including last night over the knicks at the garden. new york got an impressive performance out of the rookie. the knicks rallied several times, but could not pull it off. final result is all that matters. >> i was expecting a better game from myself at the end. i know my teammates expecting for me to play better at the end. i take a lot of responsibility for what happened at the end. we couldn't -- we didn't have real options to finish the game. >> may have pulled off the exciting two point win over michigan last season, but that was then. today the rematch the wolverines as the 22 point favorites and promptly took over. second quarter peppers, 18 yard touchdown run as he breaks multiple tackles.
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four yard scam per. that made it 41-16 michigan. michigan still went for two and of course they got it. 49-16, michigan rolls. it's been a rough few weeks for rutgers. >> covered the 22-point spread. that's the news for now. i'm joe. >> i'm sandra. we're coming back after college football. hope you will too.
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