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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  November 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we are coming off a stretch where we need a little clarification. we had five days of 70 degrees or warmer. a nice stretch a very mild air. not very typical of november. when you look at the long-term averages, what we would expect upper 50s. that is what we will get today. fifty-seven is the normal high. the record is 78 set back in 1938. a beautiful sunrise this morning. matched by a sunset tonight. at 4:48 p.m. right now, outside, temperatures in the 40s in most places. forty-eight in central park. into the 50s. on the island right now, upper 40s in the 50s. that is about 10 to 15 degrees time. for sure. but it will look really nice out there with all the sunshine. we're trading and the look of the skies for the temperatures. afternoon.
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a high of 58. coming up in a few minutes, we will talk about the week ahead. monday looks like it is up to a great start. we have chances for rain in the seven-day forecast. details in a few minutes. a long island man accused of luring a woman into his car and sexually assaulting her will face a judge this morning. we're live at the fifth precinct in patchogue with this story. >> reporter: michelle, 22-year-old adil raja, police say pretended to be a cab driver, leeward a woman -- and he leeward a woman to his car, pointed a bb gun at her and sexually assaulted her. this is video we got of adil raja being led to the chordate he has this morning. police say he approached a woman in patchogue yesterday morning and asked her if she needed a cab. police say his car did not resemble a cab. the woman got in and told him
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where she needed to go. police say that adil raja drove her to a different location, pointed a bb gun at her and allegedly raped her in the backseat. he allegedly fled the scene. the victim was able to call 911 and give police a very good description of the vehicle. so a short time after that, police say an officer on patrol noticed a car that fit the description in patchogue, pulled the car over and promptly arrested adil raja. he will go before a judge later this morning. live in patchogue, channel 7, eyewitness news. a new york city cab driver faces charges after police say he hit and killed a pedestrian on this happened at 109 street and columbus avenue just before 1:00 this morning. police say 88-year-old rosario was in the crosswalk when she was hit by the driver. she died at the hospital. the driver, a 73-year-old, stayed on the scene and was
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a pedestrian. i now mourners are gathered in st. petersburg, russia paying tribute to the victims of the metro jet crash that happened in egypt. cathedral bells belle -- timed 224 times this morning to honor each life lost in the crash. investigators looking into the crash confirmed that an unknown noise was heard on the black box recorder before the crash. experts say it is too early to know what the source of the noise is. the announcement supports u.s. and british suspicions that a egypt's. and analysis of that recording is now underway. sounds like. they know what a fuel tank billed -- blowing up sounds like. they know the sound of the airplane coming up are. >> they also announced of the stretched for 8 miles across the sinai plane broke up in the air. authorities have not yet
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recovered all of the wreckage. all 224 people including 25 children on board died when the plane one down one week ago. at home, a family in harlem is on a mission to say thanks to members of the nypd and honors of those that lost their lives in their communities. calvin hunt and his children that with officers at the police station house in harlem where officer randolph holder work. shot pursuing a robbery suspect last month. honoring the four officers killed in the line of duty this year. the family plans to visit more police stations in the near future. let's talk some politics. the race for president. republican hopeful donald trump did not let controversy stand in his way once again hosting saturday night live last night. donald, humble as always, call himself brilliant, handsome, rich, and even amazing. and he even explained why he decided to host the show.
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the world is waiting for you to be president. so why are you hosting saturday night live? why? the answer is, i have really nothing better to do. >> early reviews suggest this was not the funniest episode of saturday night live. but okay. he was greeted during the monologue by some of the cast members on the show that have portrayed him over the years. this is actually his second time hosting snl. the pat -- the first time with the 2004. mixed reviews from last night. before he took the stage, a large crowd gathered outside the studio protesting him hosting the show as well as his controversial views on immigration. donald trump, as you may remember in the past, called mexican immigrants crossing the border, criminals and rapists. more than 100 protesters held signs and chanted outside of the studio before the show. republican presidential hopeful ben carson is facing additional scrutiny over personal stories that he shared
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in his autobiography. this time, it is over claims of being the "post honest student in a psychology course at yale" the wall street journal reports that no photo identifying carson from that era was ever printed and they yale daily news is that could have been. on top of that, no mention of a course named, perceptions 301, as carson had claims. his campaign responded saying it is likely that carson simply does not remember the name of the class. senator marco rubio is tackling a controversy of his own involving his personal use of a republican party charge card. the republican presidential candidate released nearly two years worth of charge card statements yesterday. marco rubio has already admitted to using the florida republican party credit card for some personal expenses. but says that he repaid the charges. the largest personal charge was for more than $3500. that money was for some
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flooring. marco rubio said he paid for that using the wrong credit card and repaid those charges in the next billing period. to the democrats. the leading presence of candidates both campaigned in the south yesterday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders had busy days and south carolina, each making a number of appearances. south carolina has the second primary in the nominating process. >> if our democracy is going to survive, we need a revolution and political consciousness in this part of the country. and citizen participation. >> sometimes even after you make a lot of progress, you still have to keep fighting. and it takes people in every generation then, to figure out what the role will be for them. >> clinton called for relaxing federal relation of marijuana but stopped short of advocating
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sanders has called for decriminalization. the polls are open. the first openly contested general election overseas -- and 25 years after decades of military rule there. the opposition leader cast turbo this morning. the national league for democracy is expected to win. although she is barred from the presidency. the historic elections are seen as a test whether or not the military's grip on power will loosen allowing the country to transition toward greater democracy. she was under military rule for 50 years until 2011 and then for five years as a qualify civilian government comprised of former generals. coming up, caught on camera. a group of young girls fighting outside of a middle school. but a car comes through the crowd. and the situation goes from bad to worse.
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getting closer to turkey day. final preparations are underway for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. this morning, a final test flight will be done at the citi field. organizers will be unveiling the newest balloons added to the ranks. then includes -- they include ronald mcdonald, the prehistoric squirrel from the ice age movies along with his acorn, and the sinclair oil dinosaur. the test flight starts a little over one hour from now at about 10:30 a.m. this morning. >> thanksgiving time already. balloons are out. >> it is fun stuff. >> i love the kool-aid coming through the wall. >> i cannot wait to get to the relationship segment later. >> learning a lot of good stuff. it will be good.
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>> excuse me. >> i'm teasing. i have the weather. it is a good day for a first date. we have this beautiful stretch of temperatures that are warm and comfortable. seventys. now we're back to reality. it looks good outside. blue skies. wall-to-wall sunshine. absolutely gorgeous over the east river. what a day. let's check the numbers. first in central park, 48 degrees. humidity currently at 54%. northwest wind at seven. pressure on the rise. the boroughs, already upper 40s and low 50s as we get going. lows this morning, back near the freezing point. so a reminder of where we are. 32 degrees. him in new jersey, in the low to mid-40s. climbing nicely. still, 10 to 15 degrees off the
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the same time. feel to the atmosphere. we get some sunshine and it warms us that. still shy of 60 degrees. it doesn't get too warm. a couple extra layers would be a good idea. on the futurecast, wall-to-wall sunshine. a lot of blue skies. really will be a good-looking day. it is the extra layers you need to be ready with today because it will feel chilly at times. by tomorrow afternoon -- afternoon, it becomes mostly cloudy. early dawn hours tuesday, we will see showers moving in. so it feels cooler but looks better. showers starting monday night. they continue into tuesday. a damp day. rain should be on and off tuesday. we know that this system has showers coming across parts of george and moving into the carolinas. and continuing on to the coastal path. we still get another decent day tomorrow. then the showers will come into
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the area. the tri-state will be affected. plenty of time before this happens. it looks like late monday night into early tuesday -- maybe by the evening hours, the showers move across south jersey. it looks like a wet commute on tuesday. and during the day, showers often on. we may wrap that up on the backside of the commute. depending on how fast the system moves out. wednesday looks like a great day for veterans day. normal november. high of 58 expected today. bright skies. tonight, clear. forty-four is the overnight low. a cooler than last night. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. the seven-day forecast does show that veterans day turns out to be really nice. a mixture of sun and clouds. and 63 is the high. rain moving back in. thursday afternoon, showers. friday, temperatures -- friday and saturday, temperatures near normal at upper 50s. i think the real deal here is
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up being very nice and comfortable. of course it is not the stretch of unseasonably warm air that we had the 1st week of november. but easy to take. we had five days of 70 degrees or better that has not happened since 1994. perhaps longer than 20 years. we got tired of looking in the history books after 20 years of research. >> it has been a long time. >> yes. the 2nd week of november -- no major extremes either. we could look back to extremes like november 2012. this very exact date where we had major snowstorms. it could go either way. >> i will take this any day of the week. >> thank you. straight ahead, sunday morning, dating advice. the matchmaking pros are in the studio talking about everything juicy on the dating scene. and mistakes we could be making
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that are keeping you single. >> wait until you hear the divorce rate in manhattan. >> yes.
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just in time it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. navigating the dating scene in new york city. let's start with mistake that people are making. thanks for coming in. >> let's start with the first one. if you are going on a date, you are not going on an interview. you don't want to interview the person. you want to get to know them. that is why there is google. everybody knows who you are. with a don't know is what you
9:19 am
really want to be doing. -- what they don't know is what you really want to be doing. the biggest mistake is to talk about the past. nobody wants to hear about your divorce and your problems. that is the end of the day. >> don't drink too much. that is another mistake. >> even if you have a wooden leg, the person doesn't know it. so two drinks are perfect. >> and the phone. i'm so guilty of this. to put away the phone. the phone is a dealbreaker. you are not giving the person in the moment. >> i have not been single in a long time. difficult as my single friends tell me it is and why? >> it is worse. >> it should be a playground. >> in small towns, everyone knows everyone. often, you are just said that.
9:20 am
but in new york city, there is an underlined paranoia. who is this person really. even if you google it and -- you can know what is going on. you should only go for dinner the first day. no drinks. >> if it is not going well though, you get out of the drink faster. dinner, you are there. >> there are people that are simply nervous on the first day. they are anxious. they need to get into the groove. sometimes they need to settle down. and show respect. if you can take two hours for a date, then take the 15 minutes for drink. >> fair enough. >> and the divorce rate nationally is staggering. >> the divorce rate in manhattan -- believe it or not, is 90%. >> that is depressing. we are not even including the
9:21 am
people who were married and divorced. what i mean by that is that it is a place to crash. lots of people have separate residents. how are they married? a piece of paper is not a marriage. >> let's talk about powerful women. how can they day? what is your advice on that? >> -- how can they date? >> what is your advice on that? >> that? >> did not interview your date. >> the women are interviewing the men? >> they are treating them like employees. >> what if you ask them for a credit report. >> first of all, we need to acknowledge that all women are powerful. i think they need to say that first of all. a woman in the position of power -- it depends on what position of power. the one at the dmv who is stamping -- she is powerful to me. but if a woman is highly
9:22 am
make a lot of money, one of her big problems is that she expects perfection. and she or he don't realize that they are not perfect. >> harder for men or women today in new york? what is the best advice? >> is it hard for men or women? it is always harder for women. number one, new york city -- there are 3-1 straight woman for every one straight guy. it is difficult. >> the woman needs to be pursued. it's not like they are going to always ask the man now. it is the men asking the women out. >> and the women have to give the nice guys the chance. >> give them a chance. there are deal breakers. with a dealbreaker? if you don't like the way the person smells, that's not changing.
9:23 am
if the kisses and right, that's not changing. the money, that's not changing. >> that could change. because again, if it is great, it is great. you can't be silent. look at a person and enjoy their presence -- it won't be good. >> i could talk about this for the entire show. i think it is fascinating. >> let's >> for more information, visit the website on the screen. >> thanks for having us. >> we will have you back. >> 90%?
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we are very happy to be married. we are the 10%. welcome back. >> time for sports. good morning everyone. ever since he returned to the giants, jason pierre-paul has been saying he is the same jpp despite the fireworks accident that left his right-hand mangled. now, he will finally be able to prove it. week was made official yesterday. big blue added the defense the end to the active roster and announced he will play today against the box in tampa. the defense. use him. >> the jets back in action hosting the deck wires. they are not entirely sure he will sit up. the offensive lineman is listed as probable after -- after he weeks ago against the patriots. not quite as optimistic for brandon marshall. the wide receiver is
9:27 am
>> there are no do overs in professional sports which the nets would like this even after beginning the year 0-6 before last night when they had a second chance against the box to finally get their first win of the season. and it was a problem. passing. wide-open. and lopez, a bright spot for brooklyn. finishing with 20 points. to lead the way for the nets your tied up at the half. in the fourth, greg monroe, making his own statement. the way up here and the follow. finishing with 20 points. the bucs were starting to pull away. to make things worse for the nets, lopez would leave the game with a sore right foot. the same but he has had issues with in the past. x-rays were negative. 94-86. the nets are now 0-7. >> the knicks returned to the carb -- returned to the court later this afternoon as a host the lakers. they could have extra help. one player being bothered by a hamstring injury he suffered
9:28 am
back in camp. >> i been practicing with the team. i don't want to have any restrictions when i come back. >> there is nothing quite like hockey in the desert. especially if you can get out of the desert with two points which the ranger -- which the rangers were out to do last night visiting the coyotes. the ranger strike at first. and second goal of the season for foster. chris kreider making it a 3-0 game right here. special-teams in action. rangers on the power-play. kevin hayes making it count. his fourth tally of the year. 4-1. the rangers have got at least one point in nine straight games. that is your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later at 5:00. much more ahead on eyewitness news this sunday morning including a live look at
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a long island man is under arrest this morning accused of posing as a cab driver and then
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welcome back everybody. eyewitness news sunday morning. a nice shot over the park. the sun is out. beautiful sunday. not quite as warm as yesterday. we have this nice streak of 70s. that is over. but still a beautiful day ahead. not bad at all. thanks for spending your morning with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i am michelle charlesworth. welcome to the news sunday morning. a little chilly. >> not quite jacket weather. >> we're getting there. >> a heavy cardigan will do you fine. amy freeze? >> i agree.
9:32 am
no code november -- no coat rest of us. >> shorts and flip flops, will not work today. you do need a layer or two. we are back to november. temperatures near normal. we're looking for upper 50s today. if you look at the history books, that is what we would find. seventy-eight is the record back in 1938. on this weekend, november 7 and 8th, 2012, we had a snowstorm. we were waking up to 4 inches in the city. about a foot in connecticut. we could have snow this time of year. we could be setting records with temperatures. and said, we will take this one. finishing the weekend with beautiful weather conditions. fortys and 50s for long island. looking at the 24 hour temperature change, we are 10 to 15 degrees colder then we were yesterday at the same time. you will definitely notice a difference. also the skies with beautiful. as temperatures climbed to the
9:33 am
upper 50s later this afternoon, bright sunshine. looks good across the board. no worries of showers today or yesterday. right into the upper 50s. shy of 60 degrees in most spots. coming up in the seven-day forecast, we will talk about veterans day weather and chances for rain this week. topping the news this morning, we have new video of the man accused of luring a woman into his car and raping her. we're live at the fifth precinct in patchogue with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. police say 22-year-old adil raja posed as a cab driver and when a woman got into his car, he allegedly pointed a bb gun at her and then sexually assaulted her. this is video we got is a short time ago of adil raja being let out of the fifth precinct in patchogue to go before a judge this morning. police say adil raja approached a 22-year-old woman walking
9:34 am
avenue in patchogue around 4:00 yesterday morning. he asked if she needed a cab. police told us that the vehicle he was driving in no way resembled a cab. either way, the woman said yes. she got in. she told adil raja her she needed to go. police say adil raja took her to a different location, pulled out a bb gun and then raped her in the backseat. he fled the scene. police say she was able to call 911 and gave police a very good description of the car. they put out a call on all of the radios. and an officer driving in the patchogue area noticed the car that fit the description. pulled the car over and then arrested adil raja. you will go before a judge later on today. live in patchogue, channel 7, eyewitness news. a man is recovering in the hospital after a boat he was on ran aground off of the south shore of long island. it happened off of east fire island in the grace out they just before 11:00 last night. forty-year-old -- the
9:35 am
a sand bar. suffolk county police were able to get to the boat and rescue have along with two other adults and three children. commuter alert. we want to remind you about seven trains not running between queens and manhattan. service suspended between times square and queens plaza. trains are still running between flushing main street and times square and hudson yards. commuters looking to get to and from queens can use shuttle buses and that e, f, q and r trains. some other options there. some -- of the same suspensions in place next weekend as well. members of the university of missouri's football team are joining in protest against the school's president over his handling of racial issues. they are refusing to take part in any team activities until the school's president is removed from office. several student groups are protesting university president tim wells and his handling of racial harassment during the school year.
9:36 am
strike to pay attention -- to call attention to the issue. issue. ethanol is leaking into the mississippi river after a train derailment happened in wisconsin. twenty-five cars off the tracks and western wisconsin yesterday. five ended up in the river. there were no reports of fire, smoke or injuries. about 150 people who live in the area left their homes as a precaution. they were allowed to return home by midafternoon. no word on how much ethanol leak into the river. in mississippi, a sinkhole swallowed more than a dozen cars parked at a ihop parking lot. nobody was hurt. customers inside the restaurant say they heard a series of loud booms. they thought it was some kind of explosion. and said, it was just the earth opening up just outside, creating a 50-foot wide sinkhole. the parking lot was ripped up last night in crews say they will be there today looking to find out what caused the massive sinkhole to form.
9:37 am
>> tutti-frutti fresh and fruity. >> i like to get the hungry woman mail. >> yes. coming up next, prince charles is treated to a traditional performance while on a visit to new zealand. >> look at that.
9:38 am
9:39 am
prince charles and his wife received a warm and traditional welcome as they visited new zealand. the two had on folks as they watched warriors perform a traditional war cry. prince charles also addressed the crowd in their language on
9:40 am
day five of the royal couple's australia. >> very natural. they look very comfortable. >> blending in. so cool. >> blending and seamlessly. beautiful. >> i was going to wear my my cloak. >> a little chilly. >> i don't bust out my cloak until at least december. but it is crisp out there. >> i think you need an extra layer today. i wouldn't go as far as to say coat. but a city -- sweater. >> i'm glad you are layered up. [ joking ]
9:41 am
good morning everyone. temperatures in the upper 40s. ten to 15 degrees colder today yesterday. it is quite cool. it looks so beautiful. wall-to-wall sunshine. if you peek outside, you might think -- let's go for another 70. however, we will be limited. below 60 degrees today. humidity at 54%. be the numbers out of central park. the pressure is on the rise. temperatures upper 50s. or upper 40s, low 50s right now in the boroughs. we get started off with a day where we can see temperatures go to the upper 50s. starting with lows at the freezing point. for monticello. likely you will be stuck at low 50s later on. maybe struggling to get out of the 40s for monticello. the temperature change is noticeable when you walk out the door. and you say, november is back. it is a beautiful way to end the weekend. gorgeous fall weather with upper
9:42 am
inland new jersey, mid-50s for you. and monticello, a high of 49. a lot of sunshine on the futurecast. we can let this roll. we this role. we are not expecting any cloud coverage until monday afternoon into the evening when the clouds will come up from the help -- on the south. that brings us rain by tuesday. it could be a soaker. it feels cooler to start the day today. it looks a lot better. we end with sunshine today. we start with sunshine tomorrow. then the showers show up as early as monday night, late afternoon. we will see the areas -- the showers coming in from the south. dance all day tuesday with showers often on. that is part of the coastal system coming across atlanta right now. we know we have high-pressure in control today and tomorrow. so those are two nice days. there it is. the leading edge of this coming up. on the futurecast, it shows that we could see this start to speed up as the goes over the carolinas.
9:43 am
evening and tonight. so starting around the dinner hour. progressing overnight. by dawn, a wet commute on tuesday. with rain off and on throughout the afternoon on tuesday. finally wrapping things up tuesday night. wednesday looks like a great day. happens to be veterans day as well. kids are off school. we will have ceremonies and festivities going on. be aware that the weather does return to nice conditions by wednesday. and 58, the high. tomorrow, a low of 60s to start off the day. monday morning will be a chilly start. we will be back to the freezing point for several locations to the north. so you get a close-up look at that. looking at freezing temperatures by the low 60s in the afternoon. 60s. rain is back thursday afternoon. getting us ready and setting the stage for a more dry weekend with saturday and sunday.
9:44 am
looking at the highs in the upper 50s. veterans day, a lot of parades and ceremonies and people wanting to go pay respects. so it looks like the weather will be really nice for that. >> excellent. >> good to hear that. coming up, the channel 7 community calendar based upon our segment on dating and the depressing numbers. a very high divorce rate in men. handcrafted furniture, a garage sale and unique gifts for the holidays are some of the things to be found at the long island woodworker's 20th annual show. have fun learning about critters at wildlife weekend at the queens county farm museum. stop by for hayrides, pony rides
9:45 am
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. video this morning of a boat fire that caused problems for some fire officials in pittsburgh. that is because the city sold its fire boat. it had trouble getting close enough to put out the fire. the boat owner says he was on
9:48 am
board when the boat stalled and the engine caught fire. but he was able to jump off the boat just moments before it exploded. he was treated eventually for inhaling toxic fumes but is otherwise okay. a new effort aims to ease concerns a lot of parents share. just how safe is the daycare in which they are leaving their children? that is a big question. >> a new plan from lawmakers. they say a lack of transparency about inspection records is putting kids at risk. >> the report found more than 2013. an average of eight per daycare with brooklyn faring the worst of all of the boroughs. everything from disrepair, to failure to provide background checks on employees and workers untrained and life-saving procedures. open. >> the system now stinks. >> the state senators are now
9:49 am
for city restaurants are graded signs posted in front windows. >> you are seeing the proliferation of every daycare center. it begs the question, how safe are they? >> daycare -- daycare inspection records can be found online. the senators say they are difficult for parents to get to. the senators show this video where daycare officials repeatedly lied to undercover parents about having a good track record. >> a lot of working families in new york city are not getting childcare. >> and at less than four months old, this child died back in july during his very first day add sopo childcare. no one on staff have proper medical training when they found him unresponsive. >> it is important that these
9:50 am
>> here at the brightside academy, the director was seemingly blindsided by the news and had no comment. >> if we actually provide information on how clean sanitary someone's local eatery is, we should have the same type of services for something as important as where we put our children. >> it seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it? we do it for restaurants but not for kids. >> so vulnerable. >> it is a proposed bill. it is in the process. we have the full report about the daycare is on the undercover video on our website at and the proposed this last time -- under mayor bloomberg years ago, new york city carved itself out of what applies to the rest of the state. >> how does that happen? >> it is very politically
9:51 am
>> we will stay on this and keep you updated. time for big dog sunday. >> good morning to you. we start with a real cutie pie. a tiny dog with a big personality. this dog has his own instagram. check it out. you can you imagine -- can you imagine being this tiny? leaves falling on you in the fall. he is a keeper. we have a lola out at the beautiful trees. a nice portrait there. and cocoa -- check out this cutie pie. great pictures on twitter. and we have all this hanging out with us this morning. still alive. a big happy first birthday. check out my twitter handle. we will be back with more eyewitness news. . first, there is more. here is a look at what is coming up on, up close.
9:52 am
>> good morning. this morning we have two rather high-profile guests. new york senior u.s. senator and nypd commissioner to talk about the emotional speech about the murdered new york cop, randolph holder. and the issue of how to take guns off the streets. and how is the second commissioner different than the first one? >> meanwhile the senator will talk about his joint campaign with his famous cousin. find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
9:53 am
i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at minutes, this week with george stephanopoulos. >> here is a preview. >> good morning. a year out from election day. a packed weekend politics. fresh off of saturday night live. carson firestorm. bernie sanders is turning up the heat on hillary. although -- all the latest on
9:54 am
the russian plane crash. it is all coming up on, this week. right now, it is 9:54 a.m. a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman after luring her into his car. >> we're live in patchogue with the latest. >> reporter: police say 22-year-old adil raja posed as a cab driver. allegedly lured this woman into his car. when she was in the car, he allegedly pointed a bb gun at her and sexually assaulted her. this is video we got a short time ago of adil raja being let out of the fifth precinct in patchogue to go to his chordate later this morning. they say that he approached this 22-year-old woman around 4:00 yesterday morning and asked her if she needed a cab. she said yes. she got into the car. he then drove her to a different location.
9:55 am
and allegedly pulled out a bb gun and raped her in the backseat of his car. he then fled the scene. she called 911. and gave a very good description of the car. minutes later, a car matching that description was pulled over. and he was arrested. he will go before a judge later on today. live in patchogue, channel 7, eyewitness news. a new york city cab driver faces charges right now after police say he hit and killed a pedestrian on the upper west side. the seven at 109 street and columbus avenue just before 1:00 this morning. they say rosario was in the crosswalk and was hit by the driver of a taxi going south on columbus. she died at the hospital. the driver, a 73-year-old, stayed on the scene and was charged with failing to yield a pedestrian. final preparations underway right now for this year's make -- macy's things giving day parade. a final balloon test.
9:56 am
newest balloons including a new version of ronald mcdonald, the prehistoric squirrel from the ice age movies and to be sinclair oil dinosaur. balloon inflation started a few moments ago. for 10:30 a.m. >> kool-aid man. >> it is going quick. i can't believe it. 1st week of november. above average temperatures. we're back to normal today. it looks beautiful out there. but temperatures are in the upper 50s through the afternoon. so shy of 60 today. back to reality. so beautiful though. looking at lower manhattan, you can see later -- lady liberty and the distance. fifty-eight, the high this afternoon. tomorrow, 61. another great-looking day. tuesday is damp with showers on and off throughout the day. wednesday, veterans day, a high of 63 with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. afternoon rain on thursday. we are in the upper 50s for
9:57 am
saturday and sunday. heading into next weekend, things look pretty normal. no major extremes in the long-term forecast. >> all good things. >> excellent. thank you for being with us on this edition of eyewitness news sunday morning. >> from the entire team here at eyewitness news, thanks so much for being with us. >> back tonight at 6:00. until then, have a meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. the wifi in this house is amazing. so is my guacamole. hi grandma and grandpa! ha, look at that! [laughs]
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