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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hospital where doctors and nurses did all they could to save her. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the hospital tonight. kemberly? >> reporter: well, joe that 9- year-old little girl had been in surgery here at the hospital this afternoon. doctors were trying to do whatever they could to stabilize her but they couldn't. she did not pull through. witnesses tell me she looked like a rag doll as the pit bull shook her back and forth, his teeth locked somewhere around her neck and her head. the vicious attack happened in a fenced in yard on holland avenue. the dog lives there. the victim and two other girls ages 9 and 8 who were not hurt were playing outside. the pit bull was also in the yard. police eventually industry to shoot and kill that -- did doctor to soot -- have to shoot and kill that dog. for some reason this morning the pit pounced on the 9-year- old girl. witnesses heard screaming. a woman who was inside the home, her daughter is one of
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pull the dog off but couldn't. enables called 911 and also -- neighbors called 911 and also unstoppable. one officer went thus to get to the house -- through the house to get to the yard. when she stepped outside the dog was standing over the victim and then charged towards the officer who was forced to shoot and kill the animal. two other officers were then able to hop the fence and rush to the little girl who at that point was in bad shape. >> i ran up there and then the neighbor was on the phone, crying. that there's a dog in the back attacked a little girl. i said are you guys trying to get the dog off? she said no, she can't do anything, but dog was too big,- attacking she -- it was attacking her and she was cared. >> they had to put the dog down in order to get to the girl and save her life and that was the paramount thing they had to do was take care of the little girl and get her to the
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hospital. >> reporter: police say this man right there is the owner of the car, his name is carlisle arnold, he was arrested outside the home on an unrelated matter, violation of an order of protection, he was not home at the time of the attack. that 9-year-old little girl. her parents dropped her off at the home for the play date. they never imagined they'd be here at the hospital, doctors telling them their little girl has died. coming up at 6:00 what police have to say about that dog, had he been a problem before? that's at 6:00. for now live in valley street, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you very much. even as mayor bill de blasio taps his vision zero plan, the number of pedestrian accidents continues to rise. three more pedestrians including two elderly women were struck and killed crossing the street in new york city this weekend. the latest victims include an
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88-year-old woman hit on the upper west side this morning. and a 68-year-old man run last night in ozone park, queens, eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is on the upper west side. >> reporter: well, sandra, 88- year-old louie s rosario was known around here as everyone's grandmother. they saw her every day and she recall always had a smile on her face. the employees after this store -- at this store say they had just seen her hours before she was struck and killed by that cab. it apted at that intersection -- happened at that intersection over there. the building there is where she used to live. there's now a growing memorial at the back of the building. she was crossing west 109th street here at columbus avenue around 12:30 in the morning. when she was struck as the cab was making a right turn. now police say she was in the crosswalk when it happened. friends say they last saw her around 6:30 last night and they were laughing and joking and
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time they'd see her. >> a good woman. everybody knows in the whole community. i'm talking about everybody. black, hispanics, caucasian, everybody. >> reporter: how? everybody. she comes here in the morning and talks with us for a couple of hours and she does her rounds, walk around and then home. >> if you need to -- she'd do that for you and she was everybody's loved one you know. and she -- you know, she's known me since i was a kid. i'm already in my 50s but she's known me since i was a child. >> reporter: the taxi driver was raced and charged with failure to -- arrested and charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian. she's the 11th pedestrian killed in the last week. now coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we will take a closer look at mayor de blasio's vision zero plan he says despite what's been happening lately, the plan is working. on the upper west side, cefaan
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new information on one of the recent pedestrian accidents. police released the identity of the elderly woman killed by a bus in queens. investigators say 84-year-old aglai gores was struck by charter bus in flushing thursday night. @ driver didn't stop at the scene. police are trying to determine if the driver even realized he hit the woman. authorities found the bus at a highway rest area in connecticut. it is now being examined for evidence. new at 5:00, a factory fire san francisco's famed mission district. flames burned for hours at a tire and autobody shop and building. there was concern the building might collapse. but everyone got out safely. amazingly, there are no reports of injuries. once firefighters knocked down the remaining hot spots an investigation into the cause of that fire will get underway. some new details in the plane crash.
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a mysterious noise recorded in the seconds before the tragedy could be key too figuring out if this was terrorism or technical failure. abc's molly hunter reports from egypt. >> reporter: a brief caught on tape. that sound could be critical to figuring out how this russian passenger jet crashed. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the recording. >> is it a bomb or is it something we're hearing where the airplane is physically coming apart? >> reporter: so far, all signs seem to point to a and u.s. officials are expressing growing confidence in that theory. the metro jet flight came down 23 minutes into the trip. breaking up midair, killing all 224 people on board. scattering debris across the sinai desert. russia has now halted all flights to egypt and the uk has suspended flights to sharm el- sheikh now sending an empty plane to evacuate tourists. and back in america, the u.s.
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department of homeland security announced increased screenings for all passengers. >> they will experience increased numbers of of pat down searches and their personal items will be swabbed. the screeners will be looking for explosive residue. >> reporter: as investigators analyzed those black positions and interview -- boxes and interview every single airport employee, crews at the site are an explosion. >> every bomb sort of has a signature. a chemical signature. that will be left on whatever it blows up. additional russian investigators have arrived here in sharm el-sheikh and the egyptian government is complaining that western countries aren't sharing intelligence. it's been eight days since that crash and the egyptian investigation committee says they just don't have enough information to draw a final conclusion. el-sheikh, egypt. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage of the mystery of the metro jet crash.
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information around the clock at abcny7. israel's prime minister is coming to washington right now. before deparenting, benjamin netanyahu met with hiziki president obama will discuss security in israel and the conflict with the palestinians. the visit comes with controversy. stemming from netanyahu's new chief spokesman ron barat. he has made facebook posts hinting that mr. obama is antisemitic and that secretary of state john kerry should not be taken seriously. the meeting comes after weeks israelis and palestinians. the most recent attack caught on camera. a palestinian woman is chatting with a border guard when she pulls a knife from her purse and starts stabbing. she was shot and her condition is not known at this time. injured. in brooklyn, a meeting of rabies.
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participants are from as far away as thailand and the congo. among the topics they are expected to address, the growth of jewish life on college campuses and unity and jewish learning. now to the weather. and we're going from no jacket november to -- normal november. >> yeah, we're looking live now at the sheep meadow in central park. i don't think i see any sunbathers now. not as warm as it has been this past week but that's not stopping some people from taking some time out to relax. meteorologist jeff smith has our first look at the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> yeah, not surprised at that lack of people. 4:45 p.m. 54 right now in central park. much more normal for this time of the year than we've had the past couple of days. you have temperatures which have already fallen down into the 40s 234 places like sussex and newburg and monticello. 43. in the suburbs will be much cooler than the city overnight tonight but be a big difference between midtown and suburbs. down to about 47 by midnight.
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44 by 7:00 in the morning. 56 by noon tomorrow. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. but we could have some downpours by tuesday morning's commute. we'll talk about that in your full accuweather forecast on the other side of the break. joe thank you. a call for big changes on school buses. the federal highway safety chief wants seat belts to keep children safe. the head of the national traffic highway safety administration made that call at a transportation conference today in virginia. mark rosekind says the federal government, states, school districts and bus manufacturers need to work together to make it happen. concerns tonight that a new brand of peanut butter could make children too caffeinated. steam peanut butter just launched last year with sales mostly online. and a few small shops in the northeast. but one serving contains 170- milligrams of caffeine. senator charles schumer says that's five times more caffeine than a single can of coke.
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people eat many more than two tablespoons. because people love peanut butter. >> the developers argue that the caffeine is released slowly because peanut butter takes longer to digest than schumer is urging the fda to investigate the safety of using caffeine in peanut butter. police say he pretended to be a cab driver and then sexually assaulted his passenger. coming up on eyewitness news, new information about the suspect as he faces serious charges. >> also ahead, a soldier's medal stolen. how did it return to his family just days before veterans' day.
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worshipers at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan honored veterans during services today. >> recall with reverence and gratitude the valiant souls of those who lost their lives in service to our nation. >> a special dedication honoring the men and women in uniform. active members of the armed forces presented the flag and read bible verses during the service. dozens more attended the mass. what a great service. well, november's actually here. [ laughter ] fall day. >> it really was a great day today and going to be a great day tomorrow but sometimes in
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november you get some pretty shocking downpours and we're expecting that, we do need the rainfall around here certainly. we're expecting some down fours to move in -- downpour novice in during the day on tuesday and then another chance of rain later on in the week actually. right now we head outside and that's a beautiful look there. at the sun setting over our fine city. there's as we look to midtown from the camera near astoria, queens. . the right now 54. -- temperature right now 54. the high on the day getting up to 56 after a morning low of 46 and that's actually a degree below average for this time of the year, 57 is the normal high for november the 8th. up to 76 back in 1975 got all the way down to 29, way back in 1886. sun setting as i was saying earlier 4:45 p.m. right now you have temperatures down into the 40s areas north and west of the city. and tonight's going to be one of those nights where you have the clear skies and the nearly calm wind. and that really allows the suburbs to cool off in a big way and all of the suburbs are going to be in the 30s overnight tonight.
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and all the way down to 48 toms river. low 50s on the island. and speaking of long island, up until now, i mean the growing season has continued on eastern parts of long island by the twin forks but that will come to an end overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. we have the freeze warning for eastern suffolk county from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on monday. the radar satellite showing absolutely nothing. save for a few fair weather clouds well north and west of the city. but we zoom things off to the south. and there's a pretty juicy storm developing down here over the florida panhandle. and this is going to be heading up the eastern seaboard during the next 48 to 72 hours and that will introduce rainfall into our forecast first we get some high clouds moving in by very late tomorrow afternoon. but the rainfall probably waits until just before daybreak on tuesday. there's also another system developing here over the bahamas. this being tagged by the national hurricane center as having a high chance of developing into some sort of tropical psych len during the next -- cyclone during the nest 24 to 48 hours but it will be forced out to sea by that same
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storm that will be moving up the coast and afebruarying us. so no worries from that. lows tonight down to about 44 in the park as i was saying suburbs much colder. down into the 20s as a matter of fact well north and west. tomorrow a few degrees warmer than it was today. about five to six degrees warmer than it was today. 61 for a high in central park under a lot of sunshine. so nice day tomorrow. and then here comes that rainfall moving from southwest to northeast during the day on tuesday. i think the heaviest rainfall is from late morning into the afternoon. the high still getting up to 61 though. accuweather forecast for tonight, it's a starry night out there. much cooler in the suburbs, 44 though in midtown. 61 tomorrow and increasing clouds tomorrow night a little bit of rain developing towards daybreak and down to 51. periods of rain on tuesday. the heaviest of which is from late morning on. 61. clouds and sun on wednesday. should be a decent day out there. 61. then some more rain on thursday. i think the steadiest of that rain could be in the afternoon. 63. and then a beautiful day to
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60 we're back into the upper 50s by next week and so back to normal november again by saturday into sunday. we're getting off pretty lucky so far though. >> it was fun while it lasted. >> oh, yeah. laura behnke will have -- oh first you. >> serious streak lit up the sky out west and social media overnight. and it left many people wondering exactly what it was. some called it a ufo but turns out there's a reasonable explanation. here's abc's sara haines. >> reporter: overnight, the mysterious streak of light across the night sky in southern california and visible as far away as nevada and arizona. >> i have my camera and we look up and we saw this crazy [ bleep ] you know -- what is that? >> somebody's -- >> we're being invaded. >> reporter: watch as the small white light slowly expands looking to take over the skyline and then a blue-green tail appears as it continues to
5:18 pm
>> oh my god, are you kidding? >> reporter: the curious scene causing many onlookers to call law enforcement and flood our l. a. station kabc news with calls wondering what could this be? it's like a scene straight out of the x files. >> it just looked like regular airplane and then out of nowhere it just -- blew up into enormous bright light. >> reporter: social media exploding with tweets like weird object. anyone know what that was over southern california? hashtag #meteor, hashtag #ufo. >> oh my god. >> what? this is scary. >> reporter: not so fast. turns out the navy strategic systems program was conducting a scheduled missile test. assuring residents the missile was unarmed. >> that was abc's sara haines reporting. >> laura behnke up next with sports. laura?
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it's once again game day in the nfl. >> plus the jets trying to snap a two game slide and get back on track against the lowly jaguars at the meadow land today.
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sunday in november, that means -- pro football. here's laura. >> joe and sandra, the comeback is now complete. as jayson pierre-paul made the season debut as the giants kicked off the game against the buccaneers an hour ago. it's his first game since losing his right index finger in a july 4th fireworks accident. a full recap of his performance in the game coming up at 11:00. while the jets, their game is already in the books as they hosted the jaguars this afternoon. ryan fitzpatrick playing despite a problem with his throwing thumb. not a problem here, he finds decker for the first hd of the game. then just before the half, jacksonville got something going. for 30 yards can the jets led 14-10 at the half. chris ivory did punch in a pair of touchdowns from a yard out. the second one right there made it 21-13. and then, a great catch from brandon marshall who'd been questionable to even play. he lays out for the grab in the end zone to make it 28-16.
5:22 pm
the jets put it away thanks to marcus williams, 28-23. the jets get the win. they snap their skid. well, at times sports may seem like a frivolous form of entertainment. often that's the case but sometimes a moment on an athletic field can mean so much more as we saw with the maryland family this past week. at 6 years old, life should be simple. for cj burke it's all about football and the mom and dad who will do anything for him. but life surrounding cj is complicated. his mom melissa has stage four breast cancer. >> she's a -- she's the best person i know in the world. >> treatments haven't worked and doctors tell the young mom she may not be around long enough to do the things most parents assume they will. like see her little boy grow up. play high school football. and be honored at senior night. >> she's the most incredible
5:23 pm
person i've ever met. >> south river's high athletic director can relate to cj. his father died of cancer three years ago. >> it was devastating for me at that inch and for this young man at 6 years old. imagine what him and his family are going through. >> the team let cj go through practice with the varsity players on thursday and run a few special plays drawn up just for him. >> take a knee. [ cheering and applause ] >> before the game, the team let melissa and cj have the senior night moment more than a decade ahead of schedule. >> this is an experience that will go you know forever. that will outlive me, that will outlive melissa and cj will get to have this forever, and it's -- it's priceless. it's awesome. >> melissa who doesn't like the limelight agreed to talk after the senior walk. it's a moment she'll include in a memoir she's writing for cj to read someday. >> i want him to remember me
5:24 pm
and have it written that i wasn't just you know a sick mom. we did a lot >> all right, coming up at 6:00, a full look at the day's sports including the knicks and lakers at the garden today and the red bulls in playoff soccer action. for now though, joe and sandra back to you in the studio. >> thank you laura. a fake cabbie accused of using deception in a sexual assault. coming up on eyewitness news, police explain how the suspect lured his passenger into his car and the charges he now faces. >> stolen and returned.
5:25 pm
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a quick look at tonight's top stories. a 9-year-old girl has died after being attacked by a pit bull in a backyard in elmont, long island. the dog was shot and killed by a police officer. two more deadly pedestrian accidents in new york city this weekend. and 88-year-old woman was struck and killed by a taxicab on the upper west side this morning. and a 68-year-old pedestrian was killed last night in south ozone park as he tried to cross the street. they are the tenth and 11th pedestrians killed since last week. investigators are still trying to determine what caused a russian plane to break apart over egypt's sinai peninsula last weekend. killing all 224 people on
5:27 pm
u.s. and british officials say intelligence suggests a bomb was on board. and good evening again, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres, a man from central islip faces sexual assault charges tonight. police say adil raja posed as a taxi driver then lured a woman into his car and raped her. today, he faced a judge. long island reporter kristin thorne has the story. >> reporter: joe, anything you want to say to this woman? 22-year-old adil raja was silent as he was led to court today. police say rajai posed as a cab driver and raped a woman early saturday morning. they say r a.j. a pulled up to a 22-year-old woman who was walking around bay avenue and east main street in patchogue. she said she needed a ride and said where she needed to go. >> the driver took her to a different location. and at which time he pulled out a bb gun and ordered her into assaulted her. >> reporter: he then need the -- fled the scene.
5:28 pm
the victim gave authorities a very good description of the vehicle. police say only minutes later, they pulled him over here on sunrise highway north service road in patchogue. >> it's a disturbing incident. we are asking the public if anyone else was a victim of a similar incident to give us a call. >> reporter: prosecutors say they did recover what looked like a black handgun from r a.j. a and there were biological evidence they say matching him to the crime. his attorney says rajai did nothing wrong. >> at this point, mr. rajai denies the allegations against him and looks forward to vigorously lighting the false -- fighting the alt graces and beyond that i'm not prepared to comment on any of the facts of the case as they're still being investigated. >> reporter: he is unemployed and being held on $750,000 bail. in patchogue, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. as veterans day approaches stolen service medals are being replaced.
5:29 pm
if world war ii had held on to their medals for decades. four years ago two purple hearts were stolen in a burglary. a ceremony was held this afternoon at fort hamilton in brooklyn to replace those medals. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is here now with the story. mallory? >> reporter: sandra, when two purposing hearts -- purposing hearts -- purple hearts were stolen. thal was devastated. but -- family was devastated. but today, 93-year-old ann burns sang along as god bless america echoed through an auditorium at fort hamilton in brooklyn. god bless america >> reporter: the only surviving sibling of lieutenant andrew doyle who disappeared in 1944. burns' other brother hugh patrick doyle was killed in action in germany. she's been the keeper of their medals and their memories. but lieutenant doyle's medals
5:30 pm
including two purple hearts were stolen from her in a burglary four years ago. now they're being replaced. [ inaudible ] >> to this day. >> reporter: burns' daughter maureen o'neill reached out to congressman dan donovan to request replacement medals. >> she realized they had been stolen. she was very sad. very sad. her brother hugh's medals wither not stolen because they had been engrained and andrew -- engraved and andrew's had never been engrave asked they were stolen. this is -- engraved and they were stolen. this is a devastates moment for her. >> reporter: in a formal medal presentation ceremony, congressman don donovan honored their sacrifice. >> to replace the medals for this family as the representation of this man's heroism and his commitment to our nation. >> i know what this family has gone through. and it's wonderful to be able
5:31 pm
community as part of the larger army family, to be able to thank this family for their amazing sacrifices. >> reporter: as haven't day approaches -- veterans day approaches, burns cherishes the time spent with her brothers. >> i keep thinking back to when we were very young and we had happy times. >> reporter: lieutenant doyle was girardi during a mission in the -- injured during a mission in the pacific and he actually had the option to go home after that. he chose to return to duty on his very next mission, his joe? >> thank you so much mallory. well, a connecticut mother could lose custody of her daughter for letting the girl ride on her motorized wheelchair. kristin ormorman posted a video of how she takes the girl to school every day. she now says the child's father who wants full custody complained to family services and now the girl may be taken away. >> why don't you just have her
5:32 pm
walk up beside you? >> they said that was even more unsafe. which again, i brought up the fact that people that are capable do it all the time. that child is my absolute life. i would never let anything happen to her. at all. >> her friends are trying to pitch in buy her an accessible van as a transportation alternative. out of tragedy, new sense soft security. coming up on eyewitness news, electronic eyes, why a neighbor pushed a city to install new
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one year ago, a heartless crime devastated a small city of port jervis in orange county. the local schumaker, a beloved man -- shoe maker, a beloved man in town, died after a beating at his store. his neighbor decided the take action and now 12 months later, something good has emerged out of something so tragic. port jervis has a new set of electronic eyes keeping watch on all things good and bad. four cameras installed earlier this year.
5:36 pm
>> we were going to get those cameras. and we were going to get them donated. >> you heard that correctly. maria man worked five months to get the cameras donated and here's why. on november 8th of last year, her longtime neighbor 77-year- old joseph couper was beaten and robbed inside his front street store. video from maria man's security cameras led investigators to dennis mcbee of port jervis, prosecutors charged the 29-year- old with his murder. so as a tribute to a man she considered a second father, maria man phoned -- e-mailed -- and ultimately persuaded samsung to give a $3,000 camera system to port jervis. >> you deter a crime, vandalism. to keep our city and its residents safer. >> perhaps no one appreciates
5:37 pm
korean war veteran's family. mike kucher allowed us into his father's 43-year-old shop where the tools of a paster craftsman it is frozen in time. >> you know, sometimes terrible things have to happen for things to improve. and for changes to happen. that move communities in a better direction. >> city workers installed the new cameras around a senior center and playground an area often marred by vandals and drug activity. the cameras not yet linked to police headquarters but that should happen by thanksgiving. the police chief told us he's also working to get cameras in the downtown area. all part of a lasting legacy to a simple hard working man who kept generations of customers comfortably on their feet. >> because in these trying financial times, its is very hard for -- it's very hard for us to purchase equipment without years of planning and does it affect the taxpayers? this is very beneficial for the residents to have city of port
5:38 pm
>> deter crime. chief warden hopes that's exactly what the new cameras will do. as for the family, they are i learnly grateful to -- eternally grateful to maria man for her efforts. a touching tribute to a port jervis institution. museum. it would replace the current one inside the base. the new proposal is a separate 20,000 square foot building on the east side of liberty island. the current museum is only available to is that tow ticketholders. -- statue ticket holders. >> right now about 20% of the four million visitors can obtain tickets -- obtain tickets to get into the pedestal where the museum is located. to take that to a place where more people can experience it is a really good idea. >> the museum would be funded by the statue of liberty ellis island foundation and no taxpayer dollars would go into construction costs.
5:39 pm
if approved the project will take an estimated three to five years to build. a 19th century shop in new york faces 2 it's century development. coming up -- 21st century development, coming up on eyewitness news, meet the group of artisans among the last to practice a dying trade, chair caning. >> and taking a live look outside, we are back the normal november -- to normal november weather. meteorologist jeff smith has the exclusive accuweather forecast. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills.
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caning chairs is a dying trade. the honeycomb shaped weave on the seats of some chairs has long been replayed by upholstery from an assembly line. >> but you'd never know it in manhattan.
5:43 pm
michelle charlesworth shows us, business. >> it's a dying art. nobody wants to work. it takes us a year to train somebody. >> reporter: in a cramped and dusty workshop on manhattan's west side, john and his son practice artistry that dates gent egypt. a fourth generation caner who started weaving when he was 12, john literally wrote the book on the subject of caning almost 40 years ago. >> at least two or 300 people started their own business from my book. you know, small little place. mom and pop place where they do a couple of chairs a week maybe. or a couple of chairs and mo. but -- a month. but you know, whether they're still around, i have no idea. >> reporter: glen adamson director of the museum of arts and design says that today chair caners are more likely to be repairing chairs than crafting them in scratch. >> any case where you have a need for repair, you're going to need an artisan, a crafts person who can do that. so if we didn't have any more
5:44 pm
chair caners, we'd have to get rid of the cane chairs. >> doe the coloring of the -- i do the coloring of the cane. a customer wants it stained to match wait looked like prior to -- what it looked like prior to it being redone, that's what i do. >> reporter: the younger john wants to add another worker but says finding a qualified crafts person is tough. >> people these days don't have the patience or the time to put into learning a hand woven craft. >> reporter: the family is one of last chair caning companies left in manhattan. as consumers opt for cheaper assembly line upholstery but there's something else threatening the 116-year-old family business. ongoing gentrification. the shop now has two years to find another location or be forced to move out of the city. on the west side, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what an interesting story. so many small businesses like that. >> so many like that in new york city. >> what a dying craft these days. >> craftsmanship lives on in pockets. >> that's really where you are
5:45 pm
too right? >> a craftsman of the weather. lately weave been molding these -- we've been molding these forecasts to people's liking. >> are you actually shaking a crystal ball and yourself going -- >> that's a little part of it unfortunately, the craftsman is not going to be -- he's going to be hard at work trying to keep away this rainfall. but it's not going to work. tuesday. tuesday is going to be a rainy one but tomorrow, looks like a nice one. a live look outside right now down toward the empire state building. clear skies. the wind is calm. there's a little bit gusty earlier at times especial little if you were walking in- between the buildings on the west side. highs today got up to about 56 in the park. that's one degree shy of normal for this time of the year, got up closer to places like 630 in places like morristown and newark. on parts of long island closer to 60. here's the planner overnight tonight. you can subtract from these temperatures five to ten degrees at least as you head into the suburbs. so these are the midtown temperatures.
5:46 pm
47, 44 by 7:00 in the morning. but many of the suburbs will be down closer to the freezing mark might be some 20s well north and west. clear skies and calm conditions overnight and that allows the outside of thesy. it allows the low stations to get a -- locations to get cooler than the urban areas, heading back up to closer to and actually exceeding the 63- degree mark in some spots by tomorrow afternoon. right now though down into the 40s already. places like middletown and andover in new jersey 48 at 51 caramel. 48 at armonk. down to 52 down the shore at belmar and lee 50s on parking lot -- low 50s on parts of long island. here's the storm system over the southeast moving slowly but next 48 to 72 hours and that means some rainfall and it could be heavy at times during the day on tuesday. we're going to track it for you on the futurecast. tonight and right through the day tomorrow. there might be some high clouds
5:47 pm
new york city. by sunset tomorrow. but that's about it. tomorrow night though, the clouds will be lowering. they'll be thickening and before dawn on tuesday, i expect rain to move into the area from southwest to northeast. it could be some heavier downpours in here by the tuesday morning commute. some of our indications are that the heaviest of the rain stays just offshore to our south and east but we will get periods o rain. a wet day on tuesday, a lot of the modeling indicating a half inch of rain across the region and the rain continues into tuesday afternoon. here's the general weather pattern this week. pretty zonal jet streams that means mild conditions for this time of year and at or slightly above normal. the arctic air staying put well off to the north. here's the bus stop forecast for early tomorrow morning. 44 clear skies much cooler though in the suburbs and then for the kids after school activities, or after work activities, plenty of sunshine. high getting up to about 61. so here's your accuweather forecast. by tomorrow night again that
5:48 pm
rain coming in toward daybreak. and then during the day on tuesday. period probably late morning into the afternoon. 61 on wednesday a mix of clouds and sun. pretty nice day in there and then some more rain on thursday right now the wettest time period would be in the afternoon. 63 and then back to beautiful. for friday and cooling off a little bit next weekend but not cold by any means for this time of the year, upper 50s with a mix of clouds and sun. enjoy tomorrow. >> all right. thank you jeff. >> i thought it was crafted quite nicely. a tv show about the best and brightest fbi recruits undergoing intensive training. but is one of them masterminding a terrorist attack? >> coming up on eyewitness news, sandy kenyon takes us inside the new hit abc show "quantico." phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever.
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lego versions of world's most celebrated buildings are now on display in the stadium in poland. it's an exhibition that involves millions of bricks, the centerpiece of this exhibition is a giant model of the titanic which is absolutely amazing. it required 500,000 lego bricks and took hundreds of hours to construct. the exhibit also features
5:52 pm
robotic models and different themes including -- what else? "star wars." >> got to have that for sure. sunday nights are heating up in part because of the hit new abc show. >> "quantico" tells the story of topical berry cutes undergoing -- top caliber recruits undergoing rigorous training but a traitor may be in their middest. sandy kenyon reports. >> reporter: quantico is a story told in a couple of different time periods. in the present, where a group of trainees are hoping to become fbi agents, and in the near future when one of them is accuse of blowing up grand central. >> alexander paris? >> reporter: she is one of india's biggest movie stars. a bollwood fixture looking to make a name here in the u.s. >> and i want younger out there whether they're indian, latin, american, european, to be able
5:53 pm
to look at my character and say oh i could be that. >> i'm fbi. >> reporter: her character who has been falsely accused of a heinous crime is involved with a guy from her training class who's been tailing her but aside from the specifics to have plot, the overall -- of the plot, the overall scheme is all about avoiding stereotypes. >> i never saw anyone that liked like my. if i did it was the woman from "the simpsons" which is the stereotype of what indians should be but we're not. >> reporter: she is definitely not. after filming 40 movies she felt like a freshman in high school. a newcomer make this can tv show. -- making this tv show. but whenever she looked at her wrist, she felt reassured. what's the tattoo say? >> oh it says daddy's little girl. it's many my dad's -- in my dad's handwriting. i lost him to cancer two years ago and before he died i got him to write it for me and
5:54 pm
traced and it tattooed it so i could have a part of him. >> reporter: in beverly hills, california, i'm sandy kenyon, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it is an intense show. and you can catch "quantico" every sunday night at 10:00 here on abcny7. on eyewitness news at 6:00, play time in a long island backyard turns deadly when a pit bull attacks a 9-year-old girl. the latest on the developing story straight ahead in a live report. >> plus, the number of pedestrian accidents continues to grow in new york city. with three more deaths this weekend.
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