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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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it looks like those rounds came from a 9-millimeter weapon. also the evidence marker number 1 possibly -- a cane possibly belonging to one of the victims. the other thing is surveillance video. an nypd camera sits over all of this. >> i lost three friends back to back and this right here -- this is crazy. >> reporter: a maze of tape crisscrossed 35th and 8th avenue where around 6:15 this morning police say someone opened fire. shot and killed one man and injured two others. this man says he saw the gunman. >> he had ran to the car. he grabbed his weapon and came back, clocked the gun. that's when i was nervous, backed up, mcdonald's and about -- about ten seconds later the shots were fired. >> reporter: police say the entire chain of events started
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police say the victims got in an argument over something. the suspect walked up to them. there was a brief conversation and then the gunman, who was wearing a black hoodie left. shortly after the victims walked out of the fast-food restaurant toward the subway. police say the trio headed down the stairs. >> they were followed by the same individual, heavy set maul with a black hoodie. the shooting occurred at the bottom of the steps. >> reporter: the suspect shot one man twice in the head killing him. the victim's friends were hit in the leg and tore. so police say there are no cameras in that area of the subway but are above 8th avenue. many showing up for appointments at this clinic a half block west of the scene where, among other things, there is a methadone program in place. many clients say they not the victims, that the men were regulars at west midtown medical group.
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>> they always drink their coffee here and the place opens at 7:30 and they sit there and wait. that's all i can tell you. good guy. >> reporter: again, back live, that's the stairway leading down to the sway where the shooting occurred. the evidence marker next to it is a cane, possibly belonging to one of the victims. at this hour, there is a gunman still out there, two others are possibly with him. another thing, one of the 911 callers mentioned that the group took off in a car. investigators are keeping an eye fourth that. the two survivors at this hour are at bellevue and expected to pull through. for now live in midtown, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kemberly. we are following breaking news right now on staten island. newscopter 7 is over an accident on hylan boulevard and old town road. you can see a smashed up car pole there. minutes ago. we know that as many as 4 people were injured in the
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crash and two are at least in serious condition. of course, we will keep you posted on this. new details following a police-involved shooting in brooklyn last night. investigators say the three suspects were part of a cell phone theft ring. police say three detectives were confronted by the trio in bedford-stuy when a 20-year-old man pointed a gun at an officer. it turned out to be a bb gun. the officer fired a single shot wounding the suspect. a second suspect was arrested. the third suspect, a teenager, is on the loose. police are investigating exactly how long a taxi driver was behind the wheel before hitting and killing an 88-year- old woman in manhattan. 77-year-old told investigators that he began driving at 9:00 a.m. on saturday. the question now is whether he drove continuously for the next 15 hours. he struck louisa on sunday morning.
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city law bars taxi drivers for driving more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period. he is charged with failure to yield. his license was suspended. the owner of the pit bull that killed a 9-year-old girl on long island just appeared in court. the little girl was playing in a backyard in elmont when the dog attacked. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is in hempstead with more on the story. n.j. >> reporter: that's right, dave, outside district court in hempstead, long island, where the dog's owner appeared in court on an unrelated charge. his name is carlyle arnold. he is 29 years old. he was arrested at the scene of that dog attack for an outstanding warrant for violating an order of protection. investigators say he owned the dog that viciously mauled a 9- year-old girl playing in the backyard of an elmont home where arnold is a second floor tenant.
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is a photograph taken with a dog with a caption that reads the beast. the dog was shot and killed after it lunged at a nassau police officer responding who came to the child's rescue. it happened around 10:30 sunday morning. the girl was playing in the yard with two other children at the time of the attack. what lead up to the incident, what if anything might have provoked the dog is not known. to be clear, carlyle arnold has not been charged in connection with that incident. it does not appear that he can or will be charged. he was arraigned and ordered held on a $10,000 bail on an unrelated violation of a court order. it was revealed in court that he has a number of prior arrests in virginia and unspecified felony charge that remains open here in nassau county. much more on this developing story at 5:00 tonight. live in hempstead, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness
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now a developing story. the university of missouri president has just stepped down amid outrage over his handling of racial issues that sparked team strike. elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: deafened and shirleen, good afternoon to you -- david and shirleen, good afternoon. initially the president said he was not stepping down. but with calls getting louder, he had a change of heart. a stunning announcement from president tim wolfe at an emergency meeting. >> i am resigning as president of the university of missouri system. >> reporter: this is after an extraordinary show of solidarity at the university of missouri. >> we will all stay together as a team. we made the decision as a team. >> reporter: more than 30 football players and the team's coach refusing to take the field joining students protesting president tim wolfe's handling of a string of racial incidents on campus
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including reports of students being called the n-word and a swastika on a dorm wall. >> we are willing to stay out here until he resigns and he is fired. no compromise. >> reporter: tensions intensifying after this incident at the october homecoming. wolfe's car pushing through protestors. >> my actions will support my words. >> you didn't show action when we were in front of your car. >> reporter: gary pinkel canceling practice and tweeting this picture, the mizzou family stands as one. we are united. we are behind our players. >> racism is unacceptable. absolutely unacceptable. we have to eliminate it. >> i want you to resign. i need you to leave. you don't care about racism. >> reporter: the resignation is effective immediately. he prayed about it and believes this is the right thing to do. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. a manhattan man accused of killing his wife one day before
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her will will be back in court today. prosecutors say rod colvin strangled shele then staged the scene to be an accidental drowning. colvin was arrested and charged with murder two months before he was set to inherit her he has pled not guilty. new at noon, for the first time in a year, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting face to face with president obama at the white house. the two men are discussing israel's security concerns and the escalation of violence with the palestinians. the u.s. backed nuclear deal with iran has strained the relationship between the allies. netanyahu has unsuccessfully lobbied u.s. lawmakers to oppose the deal and made his case in a speech to congress. also new at noon, two americans killed today in jordan. u.s. and jordanian officials
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opened fire on foreign trainers at a training compound in amman. two americans and four jordanians were wounded. no word on a possible motive. >> we take this very seriously and will be working closely with the jordanians to determine what happened. >> a u.s. official says the americans were contractors and not in the military. also in the middle east, egyptian officials say a top isis commander has been shot and killed. they say he died in a firefight that erupted when police tried to arrest him yesterday in cairo. he was wanted for the july bombing of the italian consulate in cairo that killed one person. he was implicated in the killing of an american oil worker last year. a mystery in new jersey. who would fire gunshots into a house of worship? >> and new video going viral. would two men in texas say they
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were beaten by police for jaywalking. what the department has to say bit. >> i'm meteorologist bill evans in the weather center. a nice fall day out there. noon. 57 already in the park. 58 northeast. we got a little southwest wind. we will have a very nice afternoon with temperatures
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. breaking news out of new jersey. newscopter 7 is over a fire at a commercial building in bayonne. you can see the black smoke pouring out of the building. this is on avenue a. we are told the fire started a few
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minutes ago and fire crews are on the scene. we have no word of any injuries at this time and, of course, we will keep you posted as get new information. funeral services will be held for a 6-year-old louisiana boy today while the officers accused of killing him will be back in court. a judge ordered officers derrick stafford and norris greenhouse held on one million dollars bond. investigators say they opened fire at the s.u.v. in marksville last week. few was shot several times along with his autistic son in the vehicle. the boy did not survive. investigators are trying to determine what provoked the confrontation. police in maryland are investigating a fiery crash that left four people dead and more than a dozen injured. a pickup truck collided with a church van outside of washington, d.c. early yesterday evening. three people in the van were killed including a young child
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along with the driver of the truck. officials say of the 8 people injured, there are several that are critical. police in texas are investigating what appears to be an attempted assassination involving a judge. investigators say when judge julie got out of her car to remove an object blocking her home security gate, someone began shooting. the bullets missed her but she was hit by shrapnel and broken glass. investigators are now pouring over the judge's old cases looking for any potential suspects. it was 50 years ago today that new york and the entire northeast experienced the great blackout during the evening rush hour. subway riders were stranded, goes people trapped in elevators. one problem in the electrical grid knocked down the system up into not by coincidence, nine months later there was a baby boom in the northeast. photo furry. outrage over pictures showing an alleged domestic violence
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>> gorgeous. >> keep it up. >> a nice fall day in that we have normal temperatures, a light breeze, sunshine and pretty weather. this is our camera in brooklyn to the wall street area down to the battery. sunshine and just a lone little boat making its way under the brooklyn bridge. heading up. a few clouds. we will have high clouds with the altocirrus clouds and a nice afternoon before a storm from the south brings us rain as that happens tomorrow. 57 degrees right now. sunshine. low humidity at 36%. west wind at 6 and the pressure falling. it's at 30.45. nice, big, strong bundle of high pressure across the northeast and new england. pretty. showers will show up toward
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east. the computer models are all over the place. model. the clouds will be breaking on wednesday with more sunshine there could be a morning shower then we will have a shower on thursday. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. ridgewood queens and cambria heights 59. out to long island to riverhead and eastward in the upper 50s. 55, 56 up the hudson river valley. looking at a light wind coming in out of the southwest and because of this storm system to the south, you see the clouds kind of sheared off from that that are coming over the top of us. this area of rain comes in tomorrow. futurecast is showing that starting after midnight right around 6:00 a.m., at dawn then up and over us and some of that is moderate to heavy as we get through the morning commute and into lunchtime and the afternoon and off and on
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showers into the evening hours. that winds down with showers left over for the eastern end as we go into wednesday morning but then that pushes out and wednesday afternoon. tomorrow rain off and on through the day. as the low leaves see clouds breaking for sunshine wednesday afternoon. afternoon. a few clouds, 60 degrees. it becomes cloudy tonight and rain toward dawn and then tomorrow we are looking at a rainy day. long. steady rain off and on through a good part of the area. as we go into wednesday, the sun afternoon. thursday we have another wave that will bring showers and then as that goes by that will set us up for a nice looking weekend. 60 friday. we will cool down to normal temperatures on saturday and sunday. >> you know what i saw today? i saw on the hudson river two people bad letter boarding and they had the whole river to themselves.
12:20 pm
i checked the calhan dare. this is crazy. people are taking vantage of the situation. >> water is about 58, 59 degrees. you are standing over that. feels great in the sunshine. >> i wanted to do it. >> they had the whole river to themselves. >> thanks, bill. >> yeah. caught on camera, two men in texas say they were beaten by police for jaywalking. find out what the police department has to say bit. >> and what people are calling a medical breakthrough. a never before meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. more speed, like 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. they even made it easy to switch with a one hour arrival window.
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a jaywalking arrest, a daring stunt on the eiffel tower and the most secure pass code we have seenment some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught or attention. shocking video out of texas shows a violence scuffle between police and a group of people accused of jaywalking. watch as police slam two men up against a building in austin as stunned people look on. at one point one. men is wrestled to the ground and punched several times by an officer. later a female friend of the men tries to intervene and she is arrested as well. the austin police department says it is reviewing this. a british man recorded his climb up the eiffel tower in paris.
12:24 pm
and slowly climbed to the top. he says he and his companions eluded security for hours playing around on the tower. after turning themselves in they were questioned for six being charged. finally caught on camera, a guy who takes his smartphone security very seriously. this in japan entered a pass code into his phone. he might be on the right track. experts say longer pass codes are the safest. internet sleuths studying this video say it is 59 digits long. how he remembers it, i do not know. >> how long is yours. >> i just got in to david's house. >> that's good. mine, if anybody wants to know, i love bacon. i keep it simple. >> who doesn't. >> thanks a lot. engineers in mississippi say a massive cave in that
12:25 pm
hope parking lot is not a sinkhole. a problem with an underground drainpipe probably triggered the collapse saturday night. crews will try to stabilize the area and make sure the 600-foot long crevice is not growing. on. >> that is my hometown. >> they have a story to tell. much more news ahead in our next half hour. a catholic church under fire. bullet holes found near the front door before morning services. >> an nfl player's alleged attack on his girlfriend. some question why he is still playing. >> a 6-year-old's generous
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a deadly shooting near penn station. a man was killed and two others shot in the leg around 6:15 this morning at west 35th and 8th avenue. a dispute started at a nearby mcdonald's. police are looking for a vehicle that pled from the scene. the owner of a pit bull that killed a 9-year-old girl on long island appearing in court today on an unrelated charge. police say three young girls were playing in a yard in
12:28 pm
girls and she died. a police officer shot and killed the dog. the president at the university of missouri is stepping down after protests staff. tom wolfe announced his resignation this morning. he was criticized of handling racial issues on campus. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. new this half hour, a jersey. >> police in jamesburg said someone fired bullets in the front door early yesterday morning. no one was inside but staff found the bullet holes before morning services. >> anthony johnson is live outside the church with more information. anthony? >> reporter: well, david and shirleen, we are on the steps of the saint james parish. let's show you what we are talking about, telling you about the shots inside of the door. you can see several of the holes right here in this door.
12:29 pm
inside the door here and that is a thick oak door but they have several bullet holes in the scene above the church. that sound of something being fired at the church woke up residents that live in this area early sunday morning. it appears the culprit used a shotgun and blasted the door of the church using buckshot. this does not appear to be a drive by but intentional and deliberate act. the person got out of the vehicle and fired at close range. since it happened so early in the morning, around 2:00 a.m., no one was inside the church but the shells did go through the heavy oakwood door and into a concrete wall inside. a picture of the bishop was on the wall but was removed because the class was damaged and there were two bullet holes in the frame of the picture. saint james has a long history in this community and the pastor says this disturbing act will not stop the church from serving the jamesburg
12:30 pm
>> the lord told us to forgive. i mentioned that at each of the masses. we bless our per say cue tors. that's what saint paul said. when i spoke, i said we forgive these people. we hope that they are caught and justice is done. >> reporter: now, police are investigating the shooting. so far no arrests have been made. other churches in the area,- denominations to give their full support. anthony johnson, channel 7 >> thank you, anthony. a grand jury has just indicted a long island doctor on new weapons charges related plot. 54-year-old dr. anthony moschetto is facing 14 counts weapon. he is accused of selling rifles and drugs planning to kill his former business partner. moschetto is due back in court
12:31 pm
turning to the plane crash mystery in egypt, investigators believe a bomb took down the russian jet and it was likely an inside job. that is raising concern at country. molly hunter has the latest. >> reporter: american and british officials believe an insider brought down that russian jet. >> isis may have concluded that the best way to defeat airport defenses is not to go through them but go around them with the help of somebody on the inside. >> reporter: u.s. officials say electronic intercepts before and after the crash suggest that isis was in contact with someone at the airport. today investigators are pouring over those tapes looking for a ramp worker who authorities say may have been recruited by isis to plant a bomb on the russian jet but the he gimtionz aren't
12:32 pm
>> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the recording. >> reporter: with that critical clue, experts say it's possible to determine if that sound was a bomb. >> that noise is very sudden, very sharp. it has a distinctive profile. you can tell bombs. they stand out. >> reporter: today a new team of russian investigators has arrived at the airport and at the crash sited a forensic team continues to search for any evidence, any residue that might suggest a bomb. for channel 7 eyewitness news, molly hunter, abc news, egypt. >> stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage of the search for answers in the plane crash in egypt. you can follow developments at abc7ny and with the eyewitness news app. today correction officers will stand beside local lawmakers to call for changes to new york city's use of force
12:33 pm
two inmates were accused of viciously attacking a rikers correction officer last week. the correction officer's union is calling for the delay of use of force guidelines in the wake of the violent attack. happening today, a city bus driver due back in court to and run. investigators say paul roper could be indicted today. he was allegedly driving a b-15 bus that hit 70-year-old carol bell as she crossed a street in cypress hills, brooklyn, last tuesday morning. the horrific scene captured on video. bond. school buses. the federal highway safety chief wants seat belts to keep children safe. the head of the national high traffic safety administration made that call at a transportation conference in virginia. mark roskin said the federal government states that school districts and bus manufacturers need to work together to make this happen.
12:34 pm
let's check in with bill evans for what you need for the after school forecast. >> great after school. kids, you will enjoy this. temperature will get to 58 to 60 by 3:00. drop into the 50s tonight. sports after school and getting outside after school it will be a great fall day. plenty tf sunshine and 50 degrees. rain after school tomorrow that we will talk about. that may cancel outdoor stuff tomorrow and thursday we have rain with sunshine in between. all that to talk about in the a moment. you. >> outrage in the new photos surfacing of an alleged domestic violence incident involving a cowboys player. many are surprised he is still on the team. >> and cruise ship mystery. a passenger dies after going overboar look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out.
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now to anger on the football field over dallas star greg hardy. he was allowed to play even though new photos surfaced showing his ex-girlfriend battered and bruised. they were taken after a domestic violence incident. >> i would not want greg hardy on my team if he didn't demonstrate that he was sorry about this. >> overnight outrage that dallas cowboy star greg hardy is still on the field. nfl commentators weighing in
12:38 pm
about his domestic abuse against the philadelphia eagles even started. >> we will call the game. we will do our job. we are as uncomfortable as anybody is with what we saw in the pictures. >> dead spin obtaining and making public these graphic images which it says are police photos showing his ex- girlfriend bruised after an alleged incident with the defensive end in may of last year. he needs to be cut immediately. >> reporter: team owner jerry jones standing behind his decision to sign hardy in march writing in a statement friday. we did not have access to the photos, we were and are aware of the serious nature of this incident. >> i don't understand why anybody would root one second, one second for the dallas >> >> reporter: hardy was found guilty of assault.
12:39 pm
condominium victims was later overturned after hardy's ex- girlfriend didn't testify. hardy addressing the allegations for the first time saturday tweeting i express my regret for what happened in the past. and i am dedicated to being the best person and teammate that i can be. for channel 7 eyewitness news, ryan smith, abc news. police in the bronx hope surveillance video will lead to the arrest of a man who robbed see. investigators say he was recorded walking behind the corner of a laundromat. the suspect pride open a locked cabinet, took cash and took off. new questions about a man going overboard on a royal caribbean cruise ship. video shows him clinging to a life boat before he falls into the ocean. his family claims he fell after he got in a fight with crew members who were making antigay
12:40 pm
a passenger said he saw the disagreement. >> pretty intoxicated, gone guy. security got involved. >> ehrlich and bernardo had their cell phones. from the bits and pieces that i have seen, they were arguing about the antigay remarks that were being made to this gay couple. >> however, in a statement, royal caribbean states his security team did not have a physical altercation with him and was unable to prevent him from jumping from the balcony. in the race for president, republicans are preparing to debate tomorrow night. ben carson is firing back as his life story has been called into question. several news organizations have been unable to confirm some details in his two weeks. carson spoke yesterday about what he has written and said about his history. >> the burden of proof is not going to be on me to corroborate everything that i ever talked about in my life.
12:41 pm
every single day from now until the election you will be spending your time doing that. >> meanwhile, marco rubio's campaign released two years worth of charges made to his state's american express card. he said he paid for personal expenses on the account. a little girl is part of a medical breakthrough. the 1-year-old battling cancer. the new procedure never performed on a human before that saved her life. >> also, are you smarter than a
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we are back with the break through treatment of a baby girl and what could be a ray of hope for people battling cancer around the world. the baby's parents never gave up as doctors tried something new to save her life. marci gonzales has the story. >> reporter: the scientific
12:44 pm
little smile inspiring doctors >> a miracle. >> reporter: after spending most of her life battling leukemia, her parents were told working. she will die. up. that is not in me. i carried on in my head i will fight these doctors. win or lose i will get the result that i need. we pushed on, pushed on. >> reporter: the doctors in london decided to decide an experimental treatment never used on humans injecting her with cells genetically engineered to attack cancer. >> it has enormous potential. >> reporter: two months later the leukemia appears to be gone. doctors caution it's too soon to know if she is cured or if it could be used to help others. >> needs to be studied in more
12:45 pm
>>reporter: still a dose of hope from this healthy, happy girl and her groundbreaking treatment. marci gonzales, abc news, new york. >> what a precious face. >> wish her the best. >> absolutely. >> possibilities are endless. it does prove to work. >> then they grow up. >> then they grow up. >> and leave the home. >> they were this big. all right. don't make me cry. give me the weather. >> we have beautiful weather. we have nice sunshine. nice fall high, thin, cirrus clouds, altocirrus through the ghost buster building through the goal posts where the gate keeper is across the jackie side. sunshine, high clouds. those altocumulus, altocirrus clouds are a precursor to rain
12:46 pm
and we will have that in 18 to 20 hours. 57 now, dry humidity. west wind. pressure up there above the mark of normal weather, 30.00 and at north port and massapequa, 56. 59 to the east end. fog out here this morning and some freezing temperatures. a freeze warning for riverhead and the define forks and shelter island. now warm weather where the temperatures are warmer than normal by a few degrees with the light west wind. eventually you see more waves with the clouds from the south with the low pressure system giving rain to the shenandoah valley. all of that is coming northward tomorrow. it looks to be starting at daybreak, right at 6:30, south of the city through the morning commute into lunchtime and the afternoon into tomorrow night. if this holds true we could get soaking rains off and on through the day then the sun breaks out wednesday afternoon. occasional rain tomorrow, 62.
12:47 pm
be a shower on the eastern end, clouds break through. temperature of 61. high clouds with sun. gorgeous sunset then we have a cloudy night tonight with showers toward dawn which is at 6:30. tomorrow is a cloudy day with off and on rain. you will need your rain gear tomorrow. you will just a little rain. friday we are looking at sunshine, 60. then a nice weekend is coming up. so, there you go. weekend. >> do you get a tip every time you say massapequa. i have never seen a community get so much love. >> i am the -- well, the board there, the town, they do throw me a little -- >> a little something. >> a little love. >> what about hauppauge. >> chamber of commerce. >> i am still working on them. >> bill is there for you. >> thank you, bill.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. good afternoon. i'm liz cho. 7 on your side with a bogus job that could cost you big. how one woman became a victim when she was trying to make extra money for the holidays. could being a picky eater put people at a greater risk for serious health problems as they get older. we will take a closer look at that and much more beginning on "eyewitness news first at 4:00". >> see you soon, thank you, liz. time for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are getting shared and retweeted on social media. a police officer in savannah, georgia, it getting a lot of
12:52 pm
past saturday. check out the photo. that is sergeant john cane. you notice something. he is bloodied and bruised. he fell 200 yards shy of the finish line. cane, a 27 year veteran sprang into action saying he could feel in his heart the runner really wanted to finish and, you know what, thanks to him -- love it. if you thought deplate gate ended with a judge's decision, don't tell that to the managers of 7-elevens in two different cities, one defending tom brady and the other slamming him. the manager of a 7-eleven in colorado expressed his feelings of brady's involvement printing out receipts with the words brady is a cheater on the top of each one he handed when the manager of a 7-eleven in massachusetts heard about it, he came up with his own. on top of his receipts he
12:53 pm
printed the words saying brady is a football god. the colorado manager has since stopped doing it after 7- eleven's parent company gave him a call, that's enough. >> settle down guys. i don't know about you but i always have a problem with math. i had tuesday tors -- >> that's why we do this. >> doesn't take a lot of math. a child's clever answer to math question is getting attention. he answered the question on his work sheet writing that bobby has more money than his friend amy. when asked to show his thinking, dad sketched a picture of himself scratching a head with a thought bubble and the answer inside of it. >> bobby has four dimes. >> he was thinking. >> what was he thinking. thinking of bobby. >> bobby has to figure this out. >> it has been viewed more than five million times and even we
12:54 pm
treated by actor james wood who is an intense guy. >> smart guy. >> yes. math -- >> when you are that kid's teacher, what do you do. >> good job. you answered the question literally. >> stop putting fictitious bobby in the math equations. out of the box thinker. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. make sure thank you are back this afternoon for "first @4:00."
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