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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  November 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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silence about the tragic event. >> n.j. burkett is in el montwith the details. >> reporter: outside of the home where this happened, where neighbors are still traumatized tonight over what happened. eyewitness news news has learned that the -- eyewitness news has learned that the district attorney is considering criminal charges in this case. the owner of the pit bull is 29- year-old carlyle arnold, arrested on an outstanding warrant but he could face charges in this case. she was playing in her friend's backyard when the pit bull attacked her. the dog was shot and killed when it lunged at a police officer who came to the child's rescue. what if anything might have provoked the dog is not clear. but one family friend said that the little girl had expressed a fear of the dog in the past. the girl's family is devastated over the attack.
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her mother too distraught to speak with reporters outside of the family's home this afternoon. her stepfather read a statement on behalf of the family two hours ago ago. >> she was a phenomenal little girl who touched many lives. we thank you for your support and prayers. please let us mourn our terrible, trammic -- tragic loss, thank you. >> reporter: one family friend said that she was afraid of the dog. we'll hear from that family friend at 6:00. to be clear, again, the dog's owner has been arrested on an outstanding, unrelated warrant but the d.a. is now considering criminal charges. breaking news out of queens, a deadly accident involving a man on a scooter. shannon stone live in
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>> reporter: a tragic chain of events. you see the scene. a man was riding a scooter along jamaica avenue when he swerved to avoid a car door opening. up fortunately, a car hit him when -- unfortunately, a car hit him when he went to swerve out of the way. he was taken to the hospital in serious conditions. they are doing an ongeg accident. jamaica avenue is shut down between 107th and 108th taking it over to atlantic boulevard will get you around this. a horrible, horrible chain of events. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. a triple shooting near penn station that killed a man may have been drug related. the victims were sitting at a table in mcdonald's on eighth
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street when a man walked up to them. the victims headed down the subway and went down the stares. >> they were followed by that same man, heavy-set male with a black hoodie at the bottom of the steps. >> well, the 43-year-old was shot twice in the head and died. a 45 and 48-year-old man was injured. police say the man was a known heroin gun dealer and remains on the loose. one person is dead and three others are injured after a two-car crash on staten island. a car slammed into a utility pole killing a 28-year-old passenger. the driver is hospitalized. and a different passenger suffered minor injuries. the other car was driven by a 88-year-old man who has minor neck and back pain. new details about how long a taxi driver spent behind the wheel before a crash that killed and 88-year-old woman on
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manhattan's upper westside. police say 73-year-old salifu abubkar took two breaks during 16 hours on the job before he struck louisa rosario. in all, investigators say it appears that he drove the cab for more than 12 hours which may have put him in violation of taxi rules. salifu abubkar's son said his father is sorry. >> he's a good man. >> reporter: what has he said to you? >> he's truly sorry. >> well, the driver is now charged with failure to yield. he's due in court december 16th. his license to drive a taxi has been suspended. the nypd says three suspects in a police-involved shooting are responsible for at least four cell phone robberies isn't-- since september. investigators say a 20-year-old man pointed a gun at one of the officers. the officer fired a single shot, wounding the suspect. police later discovered the suspect weapon was a bb gun.
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police arrested the second suspect but the third believed to be a teen remains on the loose. well, a church in new gunfire. the front door riddled with bullets over the weekend. it happened in salesburg -- it happened in jamesburg. anthony johnson has more. >> reporter: from all indications, liz, the shooter, whoever that person was, was pretty close to the church when he fired at this. that brown oak door, you may notice there are several holes in the middle of that door. the pellets are going through other side. fortunately, no one was in the church when it happened but authorities are trying to determine why this church was targeted. the bullet holes are apparently fired from a shot gun at very close range. it's believed the culprit stood right in front of the church
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i a i -- i assumed a transformer. >> reporter: the sound of a shot gun at close range made neighbors jumps. a banner also has several holes where the bullets went through. >> i looked at the door and the dole had little holes in them. than the outside. >> reporter: a picture of the bishop was damaged by gunfire. there are two holes that went through the fame of the photo. luckily, no web was -- no one was hurt. but many are worried. >> i don't know what's going on. people are shooting things up and -- it's terrible. crazy. it's terrible. >> reporter: the middlesex county prosecutor's office is investigating this crime. as a matter of fact, investigators are out here at the scene even as we speak.
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jamesburg, new jersey, anthony johnson. >> thank you. police say a man approached a boy walking to school with an offer of candy and giving him basketballs. police say it thanked at the interintersection of rockaway and heggman avenue. police say the man said the man said he had a car nearby and tried to get the car to follow him. the boy refused and went straight to school. the former president of the university of missouri is calling for the campus community to use his departure as an opportunity for healing. tim wolfe stepped down this morning over his administration's handling over racial issues. tensions have been mounting with the graduate student on a hunger strike and the football team threatening to strike. today, the student advocates praised the decision but expressed frustration there was
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>> after all of the letters we sent, tweets, telling the administration about our pain, it should not have taken this long. >> advocates say they will continue do work for changes on -- to work for changes on campus including more minority resources. president met with benjamin netanyahu in washington. this comes amidescalation of -- amid escalation in the middle east. president obama said it's no secret that the security situation has deteriorated there. he wants to work with israel to get back on the path towards peace. >> the security of israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. that's expressed itself not only in words but in other ways.
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>> we've not given up our hope for peace. we will never give up our hope for peace and i remain committed to a vision of peace, demilitarized palestinian state. >> well, also today, israel gave preliminary approval plans to build more than 2,000 homes in the west bank settlement over the esnext deck -- next decade. egyptian officials say a top isis commander has been shot and killed. they say the man died in a firefight that erupted when police tried to arrest him yesterday. he was wanted for the july bombing that killed one person. two americans are among at least eight dead after a police officer opened fire at a security training compound in jordan. other officers shot the man dead. two americans were among the
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the american victims are civilian contractors. no official confirmmation on the gunman's -- confirmation on the gunman's identity. aviation security officials tell abc that a worker where the plane took off, they are and records. they say a bomb was likely the crash that killed 224 people. we look at wall street. they took a significant hit amid concerns about a economic slowdown. on the other side of the coin, investors are worried about the stellar jobs market. that means the feds will like little raise short-term interest rates sometime next month. the dow fell 180 points.
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coming up, we'll tell you who just joined facebook. you may be surprised that that person wasn't already on it. how do you treat blood pressure problems? it might be changing. dr. richard besser joins us with the details. he was attacked and slashed on the job. now for first time, that rikers correction officer is speaking publicly about that terrifying assault. >> reporter: and a nice start to a dry start. we have some rain to tell you about. if you are traveling about tonight, get all of the games in, you are fine.
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time for a check on traffic. we have a picture of the bqe in brooklyn. a lot of traffic there. westbound traffic is stop and go near the williamsburg bridge because of an accident on the exit ramp at 32-a. taking a look at the hudson river, the outbound lincoln tunnel, 20 minutes. holland tunnel, 10 minutes. things are looking good at the george washington bridge. there's new information about the shooting that left a young autistic dead. this as two police officers sit in jail in louisiana. a lawyer for the boy's family said the body camera video shows that the child's father had his hands in the air and did not pose a threat. marshals opened fire, killing 6- year-old jeremy mardis. the two officers are charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder charges. they are being held on a
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also today, funeral services were told for the little boy. engineers spent the afternoon examining a collapsed parking lot in mississippi. a drainage structure collapsed underneath the parking lot. the collapse opened a hole, 30 long. fortunately, no one was injured. the local mayor declared a state of emergency. that will allow the city to remove the vehicles. well, facebook has more than 1.3 billion users. as of today, that number includes president obama. the white house launched the facebook page with a video showing mr. obama giving a tour of his backyard which, as he points out, is also a national park. his first facebook post is a message about climate change. >> if all of america is joining around this critical project,
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confidence that we're doing rightby future generations -- right by future generations. >> well, you cannot friend this page. despite criticism for staying open during the holidays, target will open the doors 6:00 on thanksgiving day, the same time as last year. they will stay open all night right through to black friday. the holiday shopping is critical to most retailers because it accounts for about 20% of annual sales. macy's, sears, toys 'r' us you, some of the other stores planning to be open on thanksgiving. the other side is a lot of the support for the workers who have to work and -- >> :00 in the -- 1:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning. that's tough. >> they are making money, though.
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and that's for prime and -- and that's for president obama to like my forecast. >> oh. i can't help but notice you are wearing a coat. >> reporter: there's not a lot of folks wearing heavy coats. i happen to be chilly. maybe i'm just tired from the weekend. you know, call your friend and enjoy the afternoon hours here on the upper west side. it's nice out. our temperatures are around 60 degrees. here is a look at the george washington bridge, and hudson river, where we have clouds starting to move in. we're at 56 degrees. south wind around 3 miles an hour. the high tonight is 59. as we go through the evening, the clouds will be thickening. you don't need the umbrella. the question is the arrival time for the rainfall tomorrow. i think if you leave early enough, you may be able to beat the main from new york city west and north. and then we'll have off-and-on
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it also gets breezy and it's rather cool. will we get in any other heavier rain? you start rolling in. it looks like the rain will be here overnight. this is not just one weather system. it's a pair of them. we have a low on the coast and that interior low. that interior low is going away from us and so is the coastal low. if they continue to bridge together, we'll get a good soaking out of this. if they remain independent and we may get some light rain as best. the other wild card, you have bahamas. now, that's not gone have a direct impact on our weather. it's 45-mile-an-hour winds and the storm track is off yore. but as -- offshore. as it makes this turn, it will have a little impact on the movement of that coastal low. that may make the coastal low rainfall. a little fragile with the forecast.
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the arrival time for the rain is in question. as we go further into the show, i will let you know more. on wednesday, the low may move away. we may have rain to start the day and then we're gonna clear it out. thickening clouds, a little rain towards dawn, especially south of new york. cloudy, breezy and cool tomorrow, the breezies pick up, especially in the afternoon. rain is steady over long island and on the jersey shore. about 6 -- about 60 degrees. dress with layers tomorrow. overcast with breezy conditions and perioded of rain tomorrow night. coming up at 4:30, despite the fact we have a couple of rain threats, the ark air is bought -- arctic air is bottled up. it's never too early to look at the weekend. back to you. >> we love looking at the weekend on a monday afternoon. >> so does everybody else. >> gives us something to look forward to.
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>> thank you, lee. >> thu -- a thank you, lee. a man from great britain reported his climb up the eiffel tower in paris. he started at 1:00 a.m. and climbed to the top. they eluded security playing around on the top of the tower. they were questioned for about six hours and then they were released without ever being charged. >> this happened almost a year ago, i believe. and just now we're learning about it with the video. >> the video. >> yep. big changes coming to one of seaworld's most popular attractions.
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler! well, russian track and field athletes could be banned from next year's summer olympics, this after a critical report from the world anti- doping agency. the report released accuses the government of covering up widespread doping among its athletes. the agency says russia's doping lab in moscow destroyed more than 1400 test samples shortly before inspectors visited the facility last year.
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maimous for star wars but he's making his broadway debut. >> he plays a grandfather in the play. unlike star trek, it takes place not in the future but in the past. it's a project that's very close to his heart. >> close to his party because he lived through what's been called a shameful chapter of american history. the musical, which opened last night, takes place mainly during world war ii. that's when japanese americans were forced from their homes and imprisoned after japan attacked the u.s. it's not often a witness to history gets to tell his story on stage. but that is what's happening on broadway right now. >> the musical was inspired by the experience of george, one
4:24 pm
americans sent to internment camps durld world war ii. >> i could see the barbed-wire fence outside of my window as i recited the words, with liberty and justice for all. >> he spent four years reciting the pledge of allegiance as a child in a couple of different camps. >> my parents were the ones that went through the real anguish and the suffering and the loss of that experience. stage. >> it's heartbreaking to play and it's heartbreaking for the audience to watch. >> watching this family cope with their i cars -- incarceration brings history alive for the audience and for younger stars. >> it's a story of how something so egregious could
4:25 pm
take a close-knit family apart. >> but the story is also about re-- resilience. >> it's lv that binds us together ultimately despite all of the fractures that happen to us. >> he belongs to the last generation still alive who remembers what it was like to be sent to the camps. he wants to make sure this particular chapter of history is not forgotten and he's helping to ensure that every night. dave, liz? >> very important part of our sandy, thank you. a study that could change the way that patients with high blood pressure are treated. and a star football player accused of physically abusing his ex-girlfriend so why was he still alloyed to play yesterday
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hon high blood pressure -- on high blood pressure that could change how patients are treated. but first our top story -- we're hearing from a correction officer who was attacked by two inmates at rikers island. >> yeah, ray calderon was put in a chokehold last week. he was slashed in the head, face and wrist. he joined a group of law enforcement officers pushing for new changes to new york city's use of force guidelines. darla miles is outside of city darla? >> reporter: well, liz, ray was on the steps of city hall this afternoon, as you mentioned, with a lot of corrections officers. dots -- dozens of them in a preto stop the changes being implemented. ray is not taking this assault on him lightly and he says the new changes implemented by joseph poent is making all of them a lot less a safe.
4:29 pm
>> if i would have passed out, this would be a funeral. >> reporter: on the steps of city hall monday, they are standing behind ray calderon, he was ambushed by two rikers inmates last week. >> i was choked from behind as hard as the guy could choke me and i was slashed in my face. >> reporter: the corrections officers filed for an injunction that would halt soon. it would end solitary confinement but the two inmates who attacked, 18 and 19, let's talk about these two. they are repeat offenders. the past. what is your -- >> they need to be placed in segregation where they can be
4:30 pm
monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, cell area. >> reporter: officers also complained they are not part of this reform. >> we have a new administration that discovered rikers island two years ago. they threw in a commission who instituted some changes there. program. >> this administration is tone deaf when it comes to running real jails in the city of new york. joe pot -- pont has to go. >> reporter: one of the other complaints launched is that -- is that the city attorney's office has been silence on this. we'll valley more on that coming up. back to you.
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been indicted for an alleged murder-for-hire plot. dr. moschetto is accused of arson and selling rifles and selling prescription drugs. prosecutors say he hired someone to kill a rival doctor. if convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison. new york lawmakers rallied together and joined the mayor urging paul ryan to renew funding for the law that gives benefits to 9/11 first responders. the mayor said if the act is not renewed, 2,000 first responders from -- 72,000 first responders from all 50 states will lose funding for 9/11- related illnesses. >> not a read issue. it's not a blue issue. it's a red, white and blue issue. no two ways about it. patriotism.
4:32 pm
responded after the attack on our nation? the answer is yes and it must be permanent. >> there's enough funding to last another year. there is a proposal to extend the act for five years. but new york lawmakers say it needs to be made permanent. a new york legislator has introduced new legislation following the death of officer holder. the bill named after him would make it harder for serial criminals to enter a drug treatment program instead of jail. the law would bar anyone with two or more felony convictions from entering diversions programs. the suspect had a long arrest record but was allowed into a diversion program. hundreds of yale students marched across campus over concerns of racism at that school. they called this a march of resilience and don't believe
4:33 pm
minority voices are being heard. 24 follows an allegation that -- this follows an allegation that a student was turned away from a party. an important new medical study out that could affect millions of people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. the new study reveals that patients should actually face stricter treatment. >> our chief health and medical ed didder joining us -- editor joining us. >> if you have high bloop, how low should you go, currently the recommendation is, your 150. these researchers warranted to know what happens if you wring -- bring it down to 120. they studied 9,000 people with high blood pressure, no diabetes, dra were at great risk for heart disease. half were 140, half were 120.
4:34 pm
a difference in terms of heart attacks and strokes and they had to stop the study early. what they found was, there was a 25% reduction in those bad events. that's huge. that's a dramatic improvement down lower. >> what about side effects? any more side effects when you have the more aggressive treatment? >> in order to bring it down, there's no free lunch. the people who had the blood pressure more tightly controlled, they were on three medications. the other group, around two. what they found was a slight increase in visits to the emergency room for -- for low blood pressure, fainting and for kidney injury. there. >> my family has high blood pressure. i have to watch it. i -- whenever you workout, i find that for me. >> if you are over 50 and haven't been able to control your bloop down to 120, there are -- blood pressure down to
4:35 pm
regular physical activity like you were say, maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking, eat a healthy diet. avoid the salt-loaded processed food and then manging your stress. yoga and meditation can help with your blood pressure. >> all right. you will have more coming up on "world news." >> yes. it's big news. after growing controversy, seaworld is phasing out the shamu whale show. now. and do you think your child is a picky eater? well, apparently, it's putting kids at greater risk for serious health problems as they get older.
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well, seaworld has announced that it has plans to phase out the whale show at the -- at its san diego park by 2017. park officials say the decision came after listening to customer feedback and the fact that the san diego location suffered the lowest attendance of all seaworld parks. a new experience will be introduced in 2017, forecussing -- forecussing on
4:39 pm
behavior of the whales. they've received significant packlash criticizing the park's treatment of the whales. a doctor's heartbreak over the loss of her mother was made worse when she realized her mom's body had been buried by another family in their plot. monique says minutes before the funeral, she noticed the wrong person was in the casket. can you imagine how difficult that was? she alerted a worker. williams was taken back to a room to find her mom wasn't there. she was shown a picture of a woman matching her mother's physical description. >> i said, first of all, do not put my mother's dress on another body until we positively identify it's her. i said where is this person? oh, that person was buried today.
4:40 pm
home said it will now give her the proper burial. are your kids selective about the foods they eat? researchers say that can hurt mental health. a study found that kids who are extremely picky eaters are guys as likely as other children to develop problems like time. about 3% of children are this food. >> this is not a control battle. these kids gag when they taste new foods. >> well, it's still up clear why some kids become selective eaters and others do not. however, researchers believe they are getting a bit closer to understanding the underlying reaps for this particular type of behavior. >> i was an extreme little picky out -- picky eater. but i grew out of it. listen to this story -- it's her dream to be a
4:41 pm
cheerleader but a teen said she was cut from the squad because of her curls. now many are asking is that the case? now there's rumbler for those who want to meet fellow
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the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at a cheerleader in texas said she was cut from the squad because her hair is curly and
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the 11-year-old said she was told to straighten her hair into a high ponytail just like all of the other girls if she wanted to compete. but said her curls give her strength and confidence. she tried to explain that but she was told she was off the team. >> half was curly, half was wavy and the other was straight- ish. >> i would feel like i would make my daughter feel like her hair wasn't good enough. >> when you come into this sport, you know there's makeup and hair to it. >> really? he said he was willing to compromise to keep her on the team but he said the family was defensive. she said she shouldn't have to compromise her daughter's natural beauty and talent.
4:45 pm
>> 4:00 anchors can only have straight hair. [laughter] what's coming on with the weather? >> i'm not sold on a soaking rain. you will need your umbrella. there is a chance some areas could get light rain and more rain tomorrow night. there's definitely questions as we go through the evening hours. a little puzzle to figure out. the empire state building, revealing its colors for the night which will be pink and white. i think it's for the glamour women of the year award. >> oh. you are right. i believe so. >> a lot of clouds around right now. the cloud are starting to roll in. we have -- we're able to squeeze in partial sunshine today. 56. mostly cloudy skies. the winds are light now. one thing we'll notice is a cool, breezy feel during the day tomorrow along with occasional rainfall. if you look at the planner, you see a fair amount of clouds, temperatures in the 50s. 4:00 a.m., a dry forecast with clouds. 51 for the overnight low.
4:46 pm
let's take a toms river planner where look how the rain is included after 2:00 a.m. i think the most likely areas to see rainfall after midnight would be central in southern new jersey. those are the areas that would be south of i-8 for the morning commute likely to be damp. but for now, gonna forecast. west. maybe on the island there's some rain getting in. but it may take until the late develop. as we go through the afternoon, have your occasional rainfall should be steadier along the coast. radar and satellite, you see the leading edge of the showers. this is running into pretty dry air. it's starting to lose its steam a little bit. but there's rain down the coast and there's also tropical storm kate, which, yes, is staying offshore. but as it comes to the north, it's gonna bump this low here coast. now, whether it bumps it
4:47 pm
towards us or is able to stay offshore, that makes a huge difference. now, watch this particular future cast. if you look at the rainfall the morning commute, more likely to the south. but a little bit of patchy showers or drizzle around the area and then more likely rainfall midday into the afternoon hours. this is depicting it as heavy. a lot of the heavy rain may stay offshore and then you will have more showers that go into tomorrow night. tomorrow, we'll call it light rain for most. steadier rain at the coast where we could get .50 or more. then as you look at veterans day, here is a closer look at the future cast on wednesday morning. there might be a damp feel and then the clouds break and we go to 61. thursday is another period of rain, that's gonna be light rain moving through. but it's kind of a cool, damp day. friday looks good and then next weekend looks fantastic. temperatures in the 50s. seasonal and partial sunshine. so tuesday and thursday, look
4:48 pm
breaking news in newark over route 21. there's been a bad accident. shannon stone is over the scene with the latest in newscopter 7. >> reporter: this is by exit 5. you you can see only a few lanes of traffic getting view. it's a mess. delays back through downtown newark. reporting live over route 21, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. here's what's trending on this monday. a disturbing new app that compares itself to a real life fight club. it's causing a negative buzz before it launches. rumblers describe it as a tinder for fighting. it markets itself for recreational fighters to find when fights are going down.
4:49 pm
they say it launches today and people are lining up on social media to condemn it. kardashians are in a never ending battle to promote themselves. and kim's mother made a video and to post on youtube. we love you most i love my friends >> she and her friends did a video that her mom did when she was 30. but you have to go to the end to the clip to see the surprise birthday clip i love my friends. >> there you go. she loves us. >> oh, man. >> i almost missed that appearance from caitlyn jenner. >> everybody is doing a pair
4:50 pm
guy is creating it on an iphone you used to call me on my cell phone >> not just an iphone but any kind of phone. very creative. >> finally, remember, how the pizza rat took new york city by storm? >> yes. >> well, some clever moviemakers returned to the subway with a remote control rat and the prank is too perfect. [laughter] >> remote control pizza rat. you know, after that went viral, people were like, this is the real thing. [laughter] >> check it out online.
4:51 pm
>> i don't know about scaring the woman near the train but the other ones were good. >> very good point. lee. >> thank you. still to come -- an nfl player accused of assaulting his girlfriend and the photos of her injuries now made public. so why was that player allowed to play in sunday's big game? and here is a quick check river crossing. ten minutes smells like spaghetti with johnsonville italian sausage. my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family?
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they are one of the nfl's most popular teams but controversy is surrounding the dallas cowboys. one of their
4:54 pm
accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. >> the photos of her injuries were just released. the owner of the team backs him. he was allowed to play in last night's game. was that the right call? sports anchor rob powers in the news room with the backlash. >> he had one sack, two penalties including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. greg hardy was on the field yesterday for the cowboys. plenty of people want to know why. why was he allowed anywhere near an nfl field? >> i would not want greg hardy on my team if he didn't demonstrate he was sorry about this. >> reporter: today outrage that greg hardy is still on the field. >> we're going to call the game. we're as uncomfortable as anyone was. >> reporter: these graphic
4:55 pm
images, which it says are police photos showing the athlete's ex-girlfriend, nicole holder, bruised after an alleged incident with the defensive end may of last year. >> he needs to be cut immediately. >> reporter: but team owner jerry jones standing behind his decision to sign hardy to the team back in march writing in a statement friday while we did not have access to the photos that became public, we were and are aware of the serious nature of this incident. >> i don't understand how anybody would ever root one second for the dallas cowboys. >> reporter: hardy was found guilty of assault. that conviction later overturned after hardy's ex-girlfriend did not testify during the appeal. the nfl still suspended hardy for 10 games but that penalty four. hardy addressing the allegations for the first time saturday tweeting i express my regret for what happened in the past and i'm dedicated to being the best person and teammate
4:56 pm
>> back to jerry jones. he says hardy has a commitment to do the right thing. hardy didn't speak to the media after the game. some of the eagles did though, admitting they put something a little extra behind their hits on hardy last night. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. new video seconds after bullets go flying on a busy street in midtown, manhattan. three people hit. one of them killed. tonight we have new information on a possible motive. but first new tonight at 5:00, students at a long island school suspended and even arrested over a sex video. good evening at 5:00. i'm bill ritter in for sade. >> i'm diana williams. we begin with the sexting scandal. two students have been arrested. dozens others suspended from kings park high school on long island.
4:57 pm
>> the kids in trouble even though they simply received the sex tape. long island reporter kristin thorne out of kings park with the story. >> parents are furious but apparently this has been an issue in the school district for the last few weeks. the superintendent telling us kids in the high school and middle school had been passing around all sorts of inappropriate pictures and videos. in this latest incident police say two male 14-year-old students filmed a sexual encounter one of them had with a young female student and proceeded to text that video out. that video made the rounds here at kings park high school. this morning about 20 parents had to meet with the principal to discuss their children's suspensions. >> it's impossible to believe that your son could get in trouble because somebody forwarded a video to his phone that he has no control over receiving it. >> reporter: andrew fenton's son is one of dozens of students
4:58 pm
in the kings park central school
4:59 pm


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