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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  November 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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new jersey reporter toni yates has the new details in the case in newark. >> reporter: yes david and liz, you can see all of the police activity of the house there behind me, now the essex county prosecutor is still very much early into this investigation. so we are going to be absolutely very cautious about the details. now, our sources are telling us that they've confirmed that the body discovered is 50-year-old pamela davis. this is a picture and information put out by her family when she went missing on october 30th. she lives on south 11th street. several doors down from house number 803 where her body was town. bound -- found. bound, decomposing and as you said decap pated. someone who grew up in the area told us that an older couple very well-known in the area lived in and owns that house but they let a man possibly the suspect in davis' death, live in an attic bedroom. no one has been charged in the case yet. lots of people are being questioned of course and all this unfolded this morning when
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a member of davis' family apparently went to 803 again looking for clues and smelled a strong odor coming from the garage. if police are questioning the upstairs tenant, this is someone who is a street mechanic that many people know and trust. we spoke to a man who says he has known him since childhood. >> never seen him in trouble, never seen him hurt nobody. never -- he always know -- everybody knew him so everybody guy. that's why it's to hear that could happen. >> reporter: now again, sources tell us the body is 50-year-old pamela davis reported missing october 30th. her family was offering a reward to find her. again, the essex county prosecutor's office handling this investigation. we are awaiting more information comes forward we will have it for you at 6:00. for now we are lye here in newark -- live here in newark, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. police in westchester
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county investigating after a millionaire's wife found dead of blunt force trauma. new york state police were looking for evidence today at the estate of lois and eugene colley. a caretaker found the body of 83-year-old lois colley in a laundry room of her north salem home late yesterday afternoon. police say they didn't consider her husband a suspect. >> i'm asking the public to remain vigilant and alert. don't want to cause public alarm. but you know, we are investigating a homicide so if you see something suspicious, a vehicle that doesn't belong in the area, so just suspicious activity, please contact the police. >> and police say any information in this case will be helpful. new york city police are releasing images of two poem wanted for -- people wanted for questioning. police believe 27-year-old vincent arcona told the victims they couldn't sell drugs inned a mcdonald's. investigators think they then lured him into a -- them into a
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unidentified suspect began shooting at them. 43-year-old angel quinones was killed. he's a known heroin dealer, firefighters still on the scene of the stubborn fire that began burning in an an abandoned armory in new jersey late last night. the fire started in the basement of the old armory on market street in paterson at around 11:00. it then quickly tore through the massive building that was built in 1896. at one point flames shot through the roof. schools had to be closed in nearby residents were asked to evacuate or keep the windows shut to protect themselves from the potentially toxic fumes. >> on arrival companies entered the structure. tried to make an interior attack. encountered heavy fire in the basement area and they went in about 200 feet. then saw the collapsing around them and got really hot. they had to withdraw. >> well, fortunatelies expect to remain on the -- firefighters expect to remain on the scene through the night. we're going to turn now knot weather and a pet commute is on -- wet commute is on tap
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the roads slick at this hour from all the earlier downpours. live look right now at the grand central parkway near laguardia airport. moving not very fast though. and there's more rain in the forecast. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all he's outside of the studios with the very latest. >> reporter: all right liz and david, not too many days like this this fall. the rain isn't that heavy but it's also being driven by a pretty gusty northeast wind and leaves blowing around. and it's a little on the raw side and it will be wet into the evening commute. so let's get right to it. you see on the visibilities are down as well. and might be delays at the area airports, the ceiling is low. the temperature is at 55 and the northeast wind at 22 miles an hour. so we have a gusty busy northeast wind. notice the rainfall amounts. what a huge rage. i mean -- range. i mean half an inch in long island and barely .2 in central park and next to nothing in the northern suburbs. what's happening right now? heavy rain into new england and we're getting and sort of a -- into sort of a lull. there's one little cell turned into a severe thunderstorm over
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western new jersey with a lot of lightning but into the ocean air it kind of weakened a bit. but little brief downpour and now it's going through lower westchester and rockland approaching the tappan zee and i-287 going to greenberg and purchase and rye brook. get ready for that over the next 15, 20 minutes. the big picture shows a lull mt. action just in time for the evening commute. it will still be wet and it will still be slick. but then we'll wait for a steadier batch of rain which is sitting over pennsylvania and western new york. and that's still has to swing through as we go through the evening hours that's why this rain isn't over. if you notice the futurecast after the evening lull with just occasional light rain, it becomes heavier as the night goes on. and probably a lit heavier north and west. some of the amounts which were next to nothing to the north will get pumped up this evening. so here's what you need to know. a windy and wet commute. mainly light rain though becoming steadier during the evening hours with heavier rain north and west. expect wet roads low visibility and definitely a slippery evening commute. we'll let you know when this rain moving out because it even linger into tomorrow morning's
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forecast just a few minutes away. david and liz back to you for now. thanks a lot. we're following breaking news right now in ohio where a small plane has crashed into an apartment complex in akron. we're told that two people on the plane were killed. fortunately no one in the apartment complex was injured. fire crews are still on the scene if you can see in the video here. trying to put that fire out. people who live nearby lost electricity. no word on why the plane went down although weather in the area we were told was not great at the time. as soon as we get any new information we will keep you posted. a showdown today on long island where at least one student had to be education courted from school after -- escorted from school after showing up to protest his suspension over a sexting case. he's one of some 20 kings park high school students that have been suspended over the texts. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett in kings park with more on the backlash here. n. j.? >> reporter: well, and that's right dave. in a word, some parents are furious tonight. furious that their children were questioned without their
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consent and suspended over a not make. and did not disseminate. hours. 20 students were suspended from kings park high school over this sexting scandal. their classmates arrived this morning amid the ongoing investigation. among them, was one sophomore who defied his suspension and was then forced to leave school grounds. his parents say he belongs in school and did nothing wrong. of course this all began when several students were the recipients of a video that showed an underaged sexual encounter between two 14-year- olds. that's the accusation. rid owe qualifies as child pornography and they have suspended any student suspected of forwarding it and even those who may have opened it on their phones. administrators say those students had an obligation under the school's code of conduct to report the video. the parents of one suspended student disagree.
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my son even received the video. that they don't even have. they just have -- hearsay that oh i sent the video to aj and my son is saying yeah. i saw the video. i opened video that came to my phone. do i think that they have -- should tell an administration that hey i got a piece of porn on my phone? how are they -- i mean, they will probably -- somebody would be in the office every day probably. >> reporter: the students have made the video have been charged as minors. they have a court date in family court. school administrators here and in smith town say the investigations are not over tonight. live continue in long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. well, now to tonight's presidential debate. and once again, the republicans are facing off. only eight candidates will be on the main stage. the fewest in republican debate so far. the moderators say they're hoping for a policy driven debite but that doesn't mean the candidates will be spared personal questions with front
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runter ben carson on the hot seat. abc's marci gonzalez in milwaukee with more. marci? >> reporter: yeah, david the moderators say this will be a debate of substance but absolutely see the heated moments when asked today if they planned to attack their rivals, both bush and trump said we'll see. republican presidential hopefuls set for a showdown in milwaukee. the eight candidates taking the main stage and the moderators saying this debate will be different from the last. after backlash over the types of questions asked in last month's cnbc debate. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> reporter: tonight fox business says they'll stick to pressing candidates for specifics on policy plans. many watching to see if donald trump will continue going after fellow front runner car sos' claims about his own violent youth. >> you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer. your poll numbers go up. a lot of weird things are happening. this is a strange election. isn't it?
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this a peak or break night for jeb bush. waiting to see his tactics this time after a failed attack on rubio in the last debate. >> will bush actually go after marco rubio in the court of this? and i think ted cruz is an interesting position tonight because i don't think he has an opportunity to bash the rest. the moderators tonight, so what will he do? >> reporter: and david, as you said this will be the smallest republican debate so far. this time, chris christie and mike huckabee didn't have the poll numbers to make the main stage. so instead they'll take part in the earlier undercard debate. live in milwaukee, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. well, customers cheated out of oil they paid for. details of a widespread scheme to cheat everyone from churches and schools to homeowners. >> well, former mets' star jose reyes arrested. we'll tell you what he's accused of doing inside a hotel room in hawaii. >> and right now in foley
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square, another round of fast food protests and we are expecting governor cuomo to make a major for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team...
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it's 4:13. time for a check on traffic. we've got camera looking at the long island expressway. in queens. this happened right now near 75th street in elmhurst. roads are little slick and westbound traffic stop and go a little bit because of an accident at exit 18. morris avenue there. and it's moving. at the husbandson river the inbound lincoln tunnel looking about 15 minutes. the outbound holland tunnel five to ten minutes and really no big problems at the george washington bridge right now.
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from now new york governor cuomo is expected to announce ground-breaking changes to wages for state workers. here's a live look right now foal low square in lower manhattan where you can see a large crowd has now gathered in the rain there. cuomo's office says that he will sign an executive order making the minimum wage $15 an hour for all state workers by the end of 2021. earlier today, new york city mayor bill de blasio spoke out in support of higher wages at rallies in brooklyn and in harlem. workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour for everyone in the u.s. and want the issue to be part of a national discussion in the upcoming presidential election. >> 8 dollars dollars 75 -- $8.75, $15 an hour would definitely help me within the cost of living as far as living in a place like new york city. >> huge difference. governor cuomo already signed off an $15 an hour for fast food workers.
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major league baseball says it is launching its own investigation after former mets' star jose reyes was charged with domestic abuse. the maui police say reyes grabbed his wife by the throat and threw her into a sliding glass door in had the hotel room in -- the hotel room in maui on october 31st. reyes who now plays for the colorado rockies is free on bail and some wonder if could be the first player subject to major league baseball's domestic violence policy. in a statement the rocksies said the steam -- rockies said the team is quote extremely disappointed and concerned. charges against three men accused of the largest computer hacking attack ever against a bank. federal probation reports say two -- prosecutors say tornado watch israeli men and an -- two israeli men and an american joshua aaron stole information from jpmorgan case and other financial institutions. investigators say they were part of schemes involving stocks and unlicensed money transfers. the israeli suspects face extradition but aaron is on the
4:16 pm
loose today. >> the conduct alleged in the case showcases a brave new world of hacking for profit. it is hacking to locate victims. it is hacking to spy on the competition. it is hacking to maximize profit. in short, it is hacking as a business model. >> well, long list of charges against the three suspects include everything from securities fraud to money laundering. campbell's soup changing up its classic chicken noodle soup recipe. what? well, the company says it's eliminated ten ingredients. well, they got rid of celery and corn starch and number of chemicals like msg. i understand that. >> celery? >> the decision is based on consumer preferences liz and also the change will help boost sales obviously. the new recipe makes its debut in special edition cans featuring "star wars" character on the label. >> the celery is an integral part of making chicken soup. so many pieces.
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>> nobody asked us. we liked it the way you had it. >> don't remove the three key ingredients, mmm good. >> and celery. >> apparently they don't agree with us. we see the umbrella up. >> yeah, exactly. at least for the evening commute the rain is fairly light. bethune you're clearly -- but one thing you're clearly noticing is watch your footing and the drive. just take it extra slow. it can be a little slippery out there. and this is going to be the rule as we go through with the evening travel. meanwhile with that said, look at the george washington bridge. i mean folks are flying along right now. a lot better than earlier in the day. still some clouds but the visibility isn't terrible. it's down to a mile and a half in a couple of spots and obviously the rain drops hitting the camera lens. pair of 5s right now east wind 12 to 25 and high today 57 degrees, that's really where we got the soaking, toms river and long branch 63-degrees right now and fairly light rain. 57 on the island. 59 in montauk.
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evening hours getting steadier. wind gusts over 20 miles an hour. the rain is departing the scene at 7:00 a.m. but i think we can have it from new york city north and east. for the morning commute it is leaving but still some damp roadways then just mostly cloudy by moon time and hopefully some brightening by afternoon. still a noticeable northerly breeze. sow see the heavier downpours over westchester and fair field now. armonk and riversville and north greenwich and glenville, connecticut. that's the only game in town. other than that, it's very, very light. we've got one batch that's moving into new england and another batch off to our west that will pivot in as we go through the evening hours, it's really cool because you can find the storm's center. that low is moving away. so that that will take one batch of rain it but there's a second low now that's not too far from cleveland. that has to swing the next batch of rain through this evening. that's kind of filling in between cleveland and dc. and look at that hitching a ride on the front look closely
4:19 pm
there. that's kate. a tropical storm kate. thankfully, getting on to the action late in the game that we don't have any major impact from it. but looking stronger right now with 70-mile-per-hour winds and in fact, it is forecast to become a cat 1 hurricane as it goes into the atlantic and stays that way for a while until it just turns into a regular low. approaching potentially iceland by the time we go into this weekend. pretty fascinating there. into the evening hours rain is more widespread and steadier and i think it's heavier north and west. and you have not had much in northern new jersey and the hudson valley. you will get your share. still some rain for the rest of the area, in fact look at the downpour over the east end of long island at 10:00. then pivoting away clearing is going to be slow. better chance of clearing south and west of new york city. i think we'll at least get some brightening and a lifting of the cloud layer and that should get us into the upper 50s to near 60 for our veterans day. any outtook activities -- outdoor activities we're in good shape after the 7:00. a 8:00 hour.
4:20 pm
maybe account in some case -- 9:00 in some cases, by thursday late morning, another batch after occasional light rain comes in and stays with us through much of the day. going to be light. but it's just a couple of periods of light rain. so here's your accuweather forecast. cloudy breezy to windy. rain and drizzle at times it's damp. and then as we go through tomorrow, cloudy and damp early. and then clouds will try to break a little bit. they probably still win the battle but especially letter in the day a glimpse of sun before sunset. 59 degrees, after about 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning it's dry. partly to mostly cloudy skies tomorrow night. coming up at 4:30, and you can see the planners on the accutrack weather alert app. a bunch of wind the talk about late in the week and into the weekend. yes it's a nice fall weekend coming up but navigate around the gusty breezes, that's in the accuweather seven day forecast and we'll continue to watch the radars for you when we come inside. radar? i was to say radar, liz back to you. >> isn't that from mash? radar? okay. thanks lee. well, she was home nursing her
4:21 pm
hear how a young mother was forced to fight back. >> and it is supposed to be a
4:22 pm
4:23 pm
a changes are coming to youth soccer leagues in hopes of preventing heads injuries, the u.s. soccer federation recommending headers, that's when you hit the ball with your head, be banned for players 10 years and under. they also suggest limiting the number of headers for players
4:24 pm
between 11 and 13. the federation also calling for medical professionals to make the decision on whether players suspected of concussions can stay in the game. not the coaches, this comes after a lawsuit over concussions was filed last year. well, with awards season not far off. oscar buzz is growing for the year's films. among them, "room." the story of a mother and her young son and their escape to freedom. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon sat down with the young actor who stars in the film and he's here with much more. >> reporter: liz, even if oscar doesn't smile on jacob trembley this time, he's a young guy to watch with a name you should remember. he hails from canada when he earned his part in "room" at 8. he's shooting one more right now. jacob just turned 9. he could be any young "star wars" fan showing me how this should be done. but playing like this at home
4:25 pm
was so much fun, jacob decided to pursue acting professionally. at thage of 5. >> it's like a job for -- for pretending you're different people. right? >> uh-huh. >> so that was like a really fun thing to do. >> reporter: he put his formidable imagination to work in smurfs # and then came the -- 2 and then came the role that could make him a star. >> come on in. good morning. >> reporter: jack was born here in this room. where he is held prisoner along with his mother played by brie larson. their story made more horrifying by the fact his biological father is their captor. >> i'm scared. >> i know. >> reporter: the film called "room" is told from the boy's point of view. >> if i didn't really know that it was going to be that good. it just kind of like shocked me. i was like wow my mom was crying and my dad was shedding a few tears. >> reporter: earlier their son learn how to cry on camera. >> i ignore everything that's happening.
4:26 pm
and i would close any eyes and think of sad stuff to get the tears going and then go on stage and just let them flow down. >> reporter: he said the toughest scenes came when his contact had to be mad at brie's because -- he -- character had to be mad at brie's because he likes the actress in real life. >> it would be like my dream come true by i mean -- you know, you can still be a good actor without winning an oscar right? >> jacob pointed out one of his favorite actors leonardo dicaprio has yet to win the little gold guy. and in many ways jacob is wise beyond his years but he also knows how to have fun just like any other 9-year-old. a star or form here today. -- of tomorrow. here today dave and liz. >> he knows how to wield light saber. >> all his life. maybe one day. >> a very imaginative child. >> thank you. >> all right thanks sandy. and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning
4:27 pm
still, school in connecticut takes action after cell phone video captures a teacher's aggressive actions towards a student. >> and home heating oil companies, accused of ripping off customers. how investigators say they cheated their clients out of their own orders. >> and caught on camera, a grandma comes face-to-face with burglary suspects inside h new york. these grapes are squishy. i...need a shove. can someone help me? new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting
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now at 4:30, live look right now at the accutrack radar on this windy and wet afternoon. more rain on the way for the evening, meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking it all out and timing it out for you. we have new images of a deadly plane crash in ohio. the small plane crashed into an apartment complex in akron. we're told the two people on the plane were killed. now that number could increase as we learn more. fire crews are still on the scene trying to put out that fire. all right, the top story this half hour. several heating oil companies accused of ripping off customers! the businesses are accused of keeping some of it for themselves and then selling it
4:31 pm
back onto the black market. eyewitness news reporter darla miles in lower manhattan with all the details. darla? >> reporter: suspects targeted large buildings because it was easier to hide the stolen oil. in fact, oil was stolen from the manhattan criminal courthouse here and that is where those suspects are this afternoon being arraigned on grand larceny and enterprise corruption. >> there is a nucleus which are -- who are the dispatchers themselves. >> reporter: frank car low and mike rear don and mike rick tone the accused nucleus of a fuel shorting ring hitting places like nypd precincts and at least 400 d. o. e. schools just to name a few. >> the dispatchers who are alleged to have have had arrangements with the separate fuel companies that are delivering fuel to customers and the dispatchers were receiving kickbacks as alleged from the fuel oil companies, the companies were profiting by stealing oil. >> reporter: this is how investigators say the trucks
4:32 pm
were rigged to divert some of the oil back into the truck's tank. or fill the customers' tank with air pressure. all of this allegedly allowing these 44 people to steal oil and sell it for below market value. >> this investigation began with a tip to the business integrity commission from an industry whistle blower back in february of 2013. >> reporter: prosecutors say nine companies are involved. there are three in the bronx. f and s distribution, casanova fuel oil and express petroleum. five in brooklyn -- and only one in westchester. century star. >> the industry used numerous methods to short consumers in a manner that was fraudulent, stealing. >> reporter: now investigators also say that the suspects spoke in a special code to try to hide this scheme during phone conversations. we'll have that coming up on
4:33 pm
eyewitness news at 6:00. reporting live in lower manhattan, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you darla. well, middle schoolteacher in connecticut fired over a confrontation with a student that was caught on camera. it happened in west haven. the teacher david fast confronted a student in his science class. but when the student would not listen, fast yanks the chair out from underneath that student. student then crashed hard onto the floor and another student caught the entire incident on cell phone video. and then reported it to a parent who then turned it over to school officials. fast was immediately fired. >> i escorted that teacher out. off-campus. and the police department because of that video has begun a criminal investigation. >> well, police did not say what charges fast could face. he says he regrets the confrontation and never meant for it to get out of hand. two defendants in the george washington bridge lane closure scandal have until midnight tonight to file motions in federal court.
4:34 pm
chief of tap kelly and port authority official bill b aroney are charged are crimes. -- with crimes. they're accused of causing traffic jams to punish fort lee's mayor for not endorsing christie for re-election in 2013. and welcome news for commuters in new york throughway authority announcing today there will be no bridge or highway toll increases in 2013. the authority is proposing a $2.1 billion budget for next year. and that includes $1 billion for construction of the tappan zee bridge. and meanwhile, active and retired members of the military get free rides on new jersey transit tomorrow in honor of veterans day. vets can use trains buses and lightrail for free all day. after showing a valid military id. new jersey transit's executive director says it's a privilege to salute the nation's veterans. people in orange county have voted to expand a hasidic jewish village. the annexation into curious joel. the referendum passed by a vote of 40-12.
4:35 pm
the judge last week rejected a request by opponents of the move to put off the vote. however, the annexation cannot take effect until two current legal challenges have been resolved. the enclave of the ultra orthodox jews says it needs more land to accommodate the fast growing population. new crime lab in new york city. the new building in newburg will provide critical testing services. that includes evidence and samples from around the state including new york city. the facility was funded by the port authority. well, chipotle restaurants in the northwest could reopen as soon as tomorrow following an e. coli scare. health officials say they tested thousands of food samples but all came back negative for the bacteria. chipotle closed 43 locations after about 40 people got sick. in order to reopen, the restaurants must give the store a deep cleaning and pass a local health inspection. they must also order a fresh
4:36 pm
a new protocol for cleaning produce. well, aimers protective -- a mother's protective instincts kick in. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, we'll tell you what she did. >> are some brands of cheerios as healthy as the makers claim? >> and we're watching the rain for you in the accuweather center. right now height rain. -- light rain. we're at 54 and northeast wind blowing around that light rain and drizzle. steadiest rain from bedford to stanford head today ridge field and wilton and norwalk. some moderate showers on the merrick and i-95. more heavy rain on the way
4:37 pm
4:38 pm new york. i...need a shove. i...won a trip.
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(vo) win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash with the new i love new york scratch-off. breaking news we want to take you life to foley square and you can see governor cuomo talking to protesters there. he's -- set to announce a ground breaking change to wages for state workers. cuomo's office says he will sign an order making the minimum wage $15 for all state workers, a complete report at eyewitness news at 5:00. well, a mother who was breast-feeding her young son was shot after intrudessers barged into the home. the 21-year-old mother who was a combat medic in the national
4:40 pm
guard was at home by herself in north carolina with her baby when the intruders rushed in and opened fire. samantha bunts fired back with her own weapon. thankfully the son was not hurt and police have arrested one man in the shooting. bunts is still recovering in the hospital and has to undergo more surgery. and a grandmother in washington state turned the tables on some would-be robbers. a home surveillance camera captured burglars rooting through her home in tack ma yesterday morning and she was in another room and heard a loud crash, at first she thought it was her husband but she came face-to-face with the intruder and she gave him a piece of her mind. >> get the hell out of here. >> i just thought someone was here robbing me. and -- you know, get the hell out of here. that i -- that -- i couldn't imagine anyone coming to harm me. >> as you can see she was upset. but not physically harmed. the frightened thieves all scammabled to i -- scrambled to escape.
4:41 pm
realized there were three burglars in her home. well, you may want to think twice before taking a scoop of a popular variety of cheerios. general mills has been slapped with a lawsuit over its cheerios protein variety. according to a food watchdog group the center for science in the public interest says the name is misleading. cspi claims while it has protein, it also is packed with more sugar. cheerios protein oats on knee has 16 -- and honey has 16 grams of sugar. >> people are being meet. not only is general mill -- cheated. not only is it more sugar they're charging you more for the product. >> general mills said cheerios protein is accurately labeled and equal amount of cheerios protein contains 18% more cheerios. but they did not respond to repeated questions stability amount of sugar.
4:42 pm
first at 4:00, new information for parents about car booster seat safety. the insurance institute for highway safety out with its annual best bets ratings for booster seats that provide good safety belt fit for typical 4 to 8-year-olds and out of 23 new models tested this year, 20 earned best bets. that received the good bets rating as it's called. children are less likely to be hurt in crashes if they're in boosters. >> the price of a booster doesn't dictate how well it works for belt fit. one of the least expensive is the little booster, t a best bet and for $13. >> overall, this agency ranked 127 booster seats and six landed on the not recommended list. we have the complete booster seat rating list for you at our website. abcny7, just click on the
4:43 pm
and coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, inned the lirr's lost and found. >> plus the little samurai. >> ooh. >> you have to see this in the trend coming up. >> that's impressive. a live look outside. oh. >> i think that says it all. >> right? >> and possibly more yuck. >> lee is tracking all that as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up
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you may see more now hiring signs this holiday season.
4:46 pm
a survey found more than half of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers. that's up from just 43% last year. the national retail federation also predicts holiday sales will jump nearly 4% compared to a year ago. well, the long island railroad says more than 15,000 items were turned into its lost and found in 2013. could some of those have been lost again or even stolen because the storage room is such a huge mess? the mta's inspector general released the pictures with its new critical report. among the items the report says the room is not monitored by cameras. no one keeps track of who goes in and out of the room. installing surveillance cameras just one among a dozen recommended changes. >> hey, there's my hat. i see it now. hey before we go to weather, i want to just say happy birthday to the marine corps. 230 years -- 240 years, it's
4:47 pm
the marine corps' birthday today. thank you for all that have served and continue to serve. >> very much so. >> stray trying to dry things out for veterans day. >> after 9:00 tomorrow? >> that's right. i think you know -- once we get that's the 7:00 o -- past the 7:00 to 9:00 time period we're good do go. outside we go right now where we have some great pictures from would you believe it? hail over parts of mercer county, new jersey. yes. >> what? >> yes, there was a -- and all the drizzle. this is little storm that flared up in the midst of this thing and it was a brief thunderstorm. it was flying at about 50, 60 miles an hour through new jersey. it was severe thunderstorm warning briefly over parts of central new jersey and then it weakened as it headed into the ocean air but this time of year if you get a strong storm, the upper atmosphere is cooling down and the freezing levels are dropping. so you can produce some hail this time of year. so look at that. that was something else. very small hail but pea sized hail. meanwhile all about fog and a low ceiling is below 1,000 feet
4:48 pm
our temperatures are 55 degrees light rain. easterly wind at 12 to 25 miles an hour. this is a planner. generally centered around the five boroughs where we have rain through the wee hours of the morning. 51. leeing the scene around -- leaving the scene around 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. in orange county not that much rain. it's been pretty light. now some stead by periods of rain overnight and then maybe we'll be raining until about 8:00 in the morning and then leave the scene. i don't have rain depicted in new york city at 8:00. because i think from the city south and west, it's basically over. and then clouds will be a little slow to break skies will at least brighten and i'm hoping for some sunshine during the afternoon hours to breakthrough especially south and west of new york city. and then the late day will just start to see that clearing. accelerate. notice the futurecast here. we've got this little lull where it's just areas of light rain for the most part. and the evening. but we'll have one more round where it's steadier this evening into the overnight and it's heavier north and west. i mean that can still be downpours over the island and eastern sections but it should be heaviest north and west and that will pull out during the
4:49 pm
morning hours. notice the 7:00 a.m. depiction, some rain over the heavier halve and connecticut and -- hudson valley and connecticut and long island and clouds breaking up over eastern pennsylvania. the clearing will be slow but some brightening during the afternoon house i thinkful rainfall amounts we're over an inch and an inch and a third if parts of ocean county but the bulk of the area, maybe three quarters on the island and of course the lighter amounts getting most of this tonight with the next batch of rainfall. so your accuweather seven day forecast looks like this. lite breaks tomorrow for our veterans and drying out in the morning. on thursday, notice how waves of lighter rain once again. not a big deal. but again a rather damp day. and as we go through the day on friday, the big concern i have is for 30-mile-per-hour gusts of winds. a fair amount of sunshine and gusty wind both friday and saturday. some gusty fall winds and 54 probably feels like 40s on saturday i think sunday is the better half of the weekend. calmer and a little warmer too. >> calmer and warmer. okay. >> it's a challenge. >> we like that.
4:50 pm
thanks lee. here's what's trending on this tuesday. and the "star wars" fan that got the see the new movie first and prompted the hashtag orceforlife passed away. daniel fleetwood's dying wish was to see the movie. the makers of the movie came through and provided him with an unedited screener before the december release of the film. this after a global campaign reached some of the stars of the movie and director j.j. abrams. in fact one of the stars of the film tweeted glad you got to see the movie. more importantly that you slept in peace. god bless you. the protests over racial trouble at the university of missouri grabbing the head loons but after some students and faculty got into aon frontation with a journalist. the students and faculty look today intimidate and -- looked to intimidate and get the camera man away from the kansas city setup on the side. they pushed him and at one point a woman who was reportedly a professor of
4:51 pm
communications at the school calls for some muscle to remove the cameraman. the incident highlighting the accidences and mistrust currently on the campus that forced the president and chancellor to step down from their jobs, tomorrow apple will debut its biggest tablet yet. the apple ipad pro measures 12.9 inches with a retina display. the chief executive believes tablets like this are going to kill lab tops and desktops. it's going to kill your wallet i know that much. starting at $799. finally, don't mess with this little samurai. >> liz? >> whoa. >> do not let your daughters play this -- pick up a sword and do this at home okay? >> that's amazing. >> isn't acth it amazing? she really is sharp. i still -- as a dad i get a
4:52 pm
with a sword like that but it's you know got trained here and i'm sure she know what is she's doing. parents probably go for it. >> show me more. >> i wish she could be a little more intense. [ laughter ] >> i think so. i predict our producer jamie's daughter is now taking karate. i see this in her future just a few years from now. >> how old is she? >> i don't know. but i think the video speaks for itself. she is amazing right? >> she is passed the jedi training. >> confidence lessons from her. >> you know -- as always check out the trend online at abcny7 and send us the trend ideas using the hashtag #thetrend. a manager at a bar in california came to the rescue of a man who started choking. you can see he's heimliching right there. and it was all caught on surveillance video. the manager at the end of the bar jumped over it to give the heimlich to a man who start choking on a hamburger. the piece of food finally came out. thankfully the customer is doing just fine.
4:53 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news first at 4:00, the dating app tinder turns out to be a true lifesaver for a mother of two. and get this, she doesn't even use tinder. we're going to explain coming up. >> here's a quick check at the delays at the hudson river crossings. 15 minutes inbound at the lincoln tunnel.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
it is a popular dating app and in one case tinder turned out to be a life saver. >> a mother in florida desperately needed a kidney and she found a donor through the app. >> reporter: we all know the popular dating app tinder can help you swipe your way to love,
4:56 pm
for one florida woman, a simple swipe to the right did just that. it all started with rich o'day, a single guy from tampa, florida, looking for a connection on tinder. he said there was an instant spark. >> i thought jennifer was a pretty girl. we had many mutual friends. that's always a good sign. so i swiped right. >> reporter: they made plans to go on a date. the 47-year-old mother of two suffered from a rare kidney disease. she desperately needed a kidney transplant after waiting on a list for nearly three years. >> she had such a positive response to talking about erica and her family and she seemed genuinely interested in helping out in any way she could. >> all that happened was we had a conversation about it. he told me about her and i wanted to do something. >> just a few days after that date, rich told erica and her
4:57 pm
husband scott about a complete stranger willing to help. >> one day he gradually mentioned there was someone who has come forward and would be tested. >> reporter: in the end, things did not work out for rich and jennifer, but after months of testing jennifer and erica turned out to be a perfect match for a kidney donation. >> it feels incredible to be able to help. >> reporter: doctors scheduled erica to get her new kidney in a week. >> there really are people out there that do things for other people. >> it's been a blessing and a miracle. >> reporter: one simple swipe that saves a life and creates an unbreakable bond. >> going on a tinder date and maybe having a romantic relationship, that's great. that's wonderful. and a lot of people do that. but i gained something a lot better. >> reporter: i'm joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> talk about putting something out in the universe and getting answered. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness
4:58 pm
begins right now. >> we've got two big stories developing right now. we've learned the driver in this deadly crash in brooklyn should never have been behind the wheel in the first place. tonight he's under arrest and facing charges. >> and police just releasing new details in the murder of a millionaire's wife in westchester county. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm bill ritter in for sade baderinwa. police revealing late this afternoon that lois colley died of blunt force trauma. >> the 83-year-old's husband is known for his empire of mcdonald's restaurants. she was found dead in her home in north salem. marcus solis is at the police station with the latest developments. >> the one question police will not answer is whether or not they believe lois colley was the intended target or whether this
4:59 pm
one thing is for sure, a murder investigation is underway in westchester's bucolic horse country. >> reporter: police spent hours scouring the woods for evidence. it happened yesterday at windswept farm, a sprawling 300-acre estate in north salem. the body of 83-year-old lois colley found in her house dead of blunt force trauma. >> she was found in the laundry room which is just inside the garage and she was lying on the floor. >> no valuables were taken from the home and police say there was no sign of forced entry. colley lives with her husband eugene who police say is not a suspect. he's one of the biggest owners of mcdonald's' franchises in the country and known as a master fox huntsman. lois was a socialite and active volunteer in the community. >> they were very much involved with a lot of different things in town. very, very nice lady. any time you met her she always had a kiss for you.
5:00 pm
very nice person.


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