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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 11, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you recognize this man? a child therapist from new jersey facing disturbing charges this morning. and a legal battle browing in the -- brewing in the world of fantasy sports between new york state and two wildly popular websites. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us, it is wednesday, veterans day. november 11th. and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with meteorologist bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> well, we've got wet streets and roads. leaves everywhere. slippery streets. sidewalks. intersections. catch basins filling with water could be some flooding around be on the lookout for this this morning on this veterans day. here we go, we have a temperature 50 degrees now and we're looking at this rain and drizzle got that wind out of the northeast it's kind of mean out there. so that makes it feel you know about ten degrees cooler than these numbers. which are pretty close. 48 from kingston. poughkeepsie and newburg to 50 around sussex and warren county and sparta and andover new jersey to 50 in the park. 55 around montauk. so showers are still swinging
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around this low that's out of the atlantic and the winds are tough out of the north and northwest. the rain kind of shuts down around 9:00, 10:00. just light drizzle and rain and it's damp and chilly but then we have some sunny breaks late in the day and we get close to 59 degrees. we'll talk about the rain for tomorrow and the weekend too which looks really nice and fall-like and your accuweather seven day forecast. heather is looking at some mine stuff on the roads this morning. let's you take a look at this web cam on the wantagh. it was originally reported on the northern state parkway but look at this. a parking lot on the northbound side of the wantagh parkway. so it's the wantagh north at the northern state where we have this vehicle fire being extinguished and cleared away. going in through queens on van wyck south at linden boulevard. there's an accident. minor delays george washington bridge. the lincoln is minor, the holland is about 15 minutes coming inbound. we had the earlier accident. the accident has been cleared away and it looks like the mass transit systems are doing okay. street cleaning rules are suspended. lori over to you.
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thank you heather. developing the morning, in new jersey a 13-year-old boy is recovering from a gunshot to the shoulder. happened inside a home on walcott terrace and newark early this morning. the victim went to the hospital and is expected to be okay. 6:02. new this morning, a child therapist in new jersey charged his patients. he's accused of manipulating and sexually abusing a teenager. eyewitness news reporter kala office in clifton. kala? >> reporter: right, ken, this is where he was executive director and accused of violating the trust of at least one of his patients. according to fbi agents. take a look. this is elliot halberstam. he was arrested in his home in bergenfield, new jersey. prosecutors charged him for filming his own sexual patient. a bomb whom mead -- boy whom mead been seeing hins -- he'd been seeing since 2011. according to a criminal
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complaint, he wanted to become a model and halberstam was trying to groom him to be one. luring him to a hotel room and sending and receiving explicit texts and e-mails. one message was particularly alarming to investigators, where he e-mail it had victim about trying to lure more boys. now the fbi believes there may be more victims out there. anyone who believes that they are a victim of knows of any other victims needs to call the fbi new york office. fbi new york office. that number is (212)384-1000. halberstam who was arrested yesterday is facing a slue of charge -- slew of charges and is facing life behind bars. we're live in clifton, new jersey, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you kala. it's 6:03. the driver of the suv that flipped over in brooklyn and kill a pedestrian now facing charges. criminal charges. surveillance video showing the
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talking on his phone monday night in brooklyn. the driver paul ohm regular gee was charged. all bets could be off for fans of two popular fantasy sports websites. the new york attorney general handing down cease and desist letters to the operators of fan duel and draft kings. accusing them of breaking the law. eyewitness news reporter dray clark has reaction now from the companies live from gramercy park, dray? >> reporter: good morning lori, by now you heard the names fan duel and draft kings because they have in undated air waves with ads. they are billion dollar companies but if the ag has his way they'll be shut down here in new york. every week hundreds oaf thousands of hopeful fans log on and lock in. th to the fantasy sports sites fan duels and draft kings hoping to hit it big. but now there's a push to regulate the fantasy sites and among those leading the charge,
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new york state attorney general eric snyderman. he's issued a cease and desist order to fan duel and draft kings. he calls the two sites a new version of online gambling. >> you can just do it on your phone. you can place bets sometimes more than you really should bet. and more than you can afford. drunk or sober any hour of the day or night and that makes ate much more dangerous form of gambling. >> reporter: fans pick players from the favorite sport and based on how the players perform in other factors, you can win or lose. but fan duel and draft kings have always maintained what they offer is a game of skill. not gambling. a spokesman for fan duel said quote -- fantasy sports is a game of skill and legal under new york state law. after the attorney general realized he could now get himself some press coverage, he decided a game that has been around a long, long time is suddenly now not legal. fantasy football fans america i lounge in "hell's kitchen" say it definitely takes skill to win.
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then you're not going to win. so you have to know something about football players and match-ups. >> reporter: about 10% of the combined belts for fan duel and draft kings come from right here in new york. now the two sites could go ahead and ignore the ag's order and keep on taking bets but ultimately, it will likely be up to a court and the judge to decide if they can go on conducting business as usual at least here in new york. we're live in gramercy, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:06. beating hillary clinton. seemed to be the dominant theme in the latest presidential debate. donald trump called her the worst secretary of state in american history and fiorina agreed. but they parted ways when trump corrected fiorina for repeatedly interrupting other candidates. >> round reagan was strong, but ronald reagan --
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>> he walked away at reykjavik. he walked away and quit talking. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? i'd like to finish -- i'd like to finish my response. basically. >> well, ted cruz stressed the commitment to free market principles and marco rubio promised a new american century. dr. ben carson spoke about changing the narrative of the election and embracing america's best qualities. well, the undercard debate with four lower polling republicans was filled with attacks on hillary clinton but it also offered up the candidates' economic plans. >> we'll get rid of all the special interest deductions, everyone will get lower rates and be able to file their tax returns in 15 minutes 679 and by the way the good thing, i'll be able to fire a whole bunch of irs arguments once we do that. -- agents once we do that. >> governor christie avoided attacking the fellow republicans but louisiana governor jindal seem to reserve some of his harshest criticism
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for attacks on christie. "good morning america" will have a complete wrap-up of the presidential debate in a live report from milwaukee that's coming up right after eyewitness news, george stephanopoulos will also talk one-on-one with florida senator marco rubio. 6:08. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. and bill evans. >> we go outside and here we go. down the beach. thank you susan. here we go. susan our director on top of the game as usual. roadways are wet here from the park lookingout all the way down to point pleasant. we are lookinged a rainy morning. and it is chilly. and it's going to be that way you've folks northeastern west side got the -- here on the west side got the umbrellas. bouncing around on that. that's the wind that comes through the building here and right through lincoln center at 66th street. that's tough. through all the builds this morning because the wind is out of the north. ask at about 10, 20 miles per hour and at times out of the northwest. it's mean out there this morning. 50 degrees. rather naughty. and where there's just drizzle
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is all it takes because the wind blows our way. we have rain nassau and fair field county. connecticut and up the halve hal here and back to the west we see cloudy skies and the end of the rain but this will take through the morning commute to really wind down because there's drizzle and fog and wind and it's chilly and we're looking at cloudy skies by midday early afternoon and maybe some breaks of sun late in the day. 59 degrees. so kiddos at the old bus stop, make sure you have your rain gear. you need everything here. your eyewitness news umbrella, all that kind of stuff. as a matter of fact, ken usually has a lunchbox with food for een. >> yes. -- everybody. >> yes. >> bread, bagels. >> someone asked me on twitter how come ken doesn't have the lunchbox? because he's always making great food. >> that's true but it needs to be a rolling suitcase. >> i told the enforcer always takes his lunchbox. >> oh come on now. >> ooh. >> no. uh-huh. not the enforcer. not today. let's go right over to a web cam and show you what's going on. not with food and sharing with others.
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i'm going to share the web cam with everybody. here's the wantagh and that's where it merges with the northern state parkway. we'll head over to the maps and i'll tell you what's happening here. wantagh north near the northern state parkway. we have a vehicle fire being battled. subway service is running on or close to schedule. van wyck, south at linden boulevard an accident as you travel on the hutch you're going to find troubles there going southbound at orchard beach. that's because of an accident. and we have minor delays at the george washington bridge. about 10, 15 at the lincoln and holland and our alternate side of the street parking is suspended today. over the you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, racial tensions now extending from missouri to upstate new york. what students at ithaca college are planning today. >> authorities are revealing new information about the college freshman who carried out a stabbing spree at a california university. >> and the veterans day, we are standing up for heroes. highlights from the big event show with the ball last night.
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of the isis flag among faisal mohammad's belongings. police say that last week, he acted in revenge and his manifesto didn't make mention of political or religious motives. students at ithaca are using facebook to call for a walkout. racial tensions there have been building on the central new york campus. the students want school president thomas rochon to resign. the anger stems if his handling of a number of alleged racial incidents this semester. >> students have felt that he is incapable of leading the school in a manner that creates the most inclusive and diverse community possible. >> ithaca's student government organization is also asking for a vote of no confidence in rochon. 6:14. former president carter said to be responding well to cancer treatments. even better news his doctors have found no evidence of any new tumors. the 91-year-old revealed his cancer battle in august after
6:15 am
doctors found tumors on his brain. carter has undergone radiation treatment and a newly approved auto-- approved autoimmune drug. 6:15. time to get check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans outside the studios on the upper west side. bill? >> got a little drizzle this morning. grab your gear you're going to need that. let's take a look outside and you'll see we've got cloudy skies and we've got a little wind. we've got a little age. we've got some drizzle. the humidity is high. the winds continue to be at about 20 miles an hour. we're looking at what's going to be a nasty morning. the barometer way low. high yesterday was 57. we're going to be looking at 49 to start the day up around to white plains. northeastern end of long island about 55. but rain still around. where there's not rain there's this dress and fog and northeast wind which really makes it chilly and kind of raw outside this morning. our futurecast shows it starting to wind down around 10:00. the cloudy skies and then for your veterans, we hope the sun comes out at least our computer
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coming out around 3:00 on your special day today. then tomorrow, we got a couple of showers starting around midday into the afternoon. and then that winds down tomorrow night and we're off to what's going to be great weekend. should be great weather for football tomorrow night at the meadowlands at metlife stadium. it's cool and 59 degrees after school today. the fields will be wet but the rain will be gone. here's the accuweather forecast for after school. you'll see 60 degrees we're looking at what's going to be a rainy morning. breaks of sun later on. so it's kind of a slow start with the drizzle and kind of chilly and rainy. and then by afternoon, we're looking at sunny breaks. tomorrow we've got cloudy skies and a couple of showers tomorrow with temperatures going to be right around 60 degrees. then the weekend shapes up to be very nice and fall-like. so the morning drizzle fog and cloudy and damp chilly. by afternoon breaks of sun. tonight it's cloudy and breezy at 50 and then tomorrow, we've got ourself plenty of clouds and periods of rain. temperatures 60 degrees. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. sunshine on friday and saturday.
6:17 am
a little chilly on saturday. but great weather coming up for this weekend. and we're into the 60s next week. just a little shoutout this morning to my nephews nathan evans and chaz evans. that's a picture of them in iraq when they were serving our country overseas. that's in front of one of saddam hussein's palaces that they captured. they are celebrating this veterans day and just want to let them know how proud i am of them. chaz and nathan, both went out and joined the service back prior to 9/11. wanted to serve their country. they have great hearts. chaz is a classic guitarist now teaching classical guitar and nathan works for an oil drilling company in the gulf of mexico. >> nice. >> serving our country. >> yeah. >> thank you boys i can't tell you how proud i am of you. >> obvious how proud. you should be. >> good deal. and to my dad and your dad who's now passed on but also veterans of this country. all the vets. >> to all of the veterans we say thank you and we appreciate your service. great. 6:17.
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let's check in with heather o'rourke. >> all right let's show you what's going on as you travel through long island. we have a couple of issues to talk to you about. the wantagh northbound side right near the northern state parkway. that's a vehicle fire. still troubles the southern state parkway going eastbound near the wantagh there's a tree in the roadway. subway status service is running on or close to schedule. metro-north, long island transit. on or close to schedule. you have the tran swing going southbound -- the van wyck going south with an send there. then on hutch, we still have a problem here on the southbound side with that accident being cleared. minor delays george washington bridge and lincoln tunnel and holland about 10, 15 minutes and then on to truck routes 1 and 9. northbound near route 440 that accident still being cleared. we have delays before the new jersey turnpike. the alternate side of the street parking is suspended today. ken and lori over to you. one wireless company is opening the flood gates for customers who like to stream videos.
6:19 am
>> and as facebook's newest photo feature go a little too far? they have the story. >> in today's techbytes, all you can watch from t-mobile. >> the wireless company's new binge on feature allows users to stream videos from sites like hulu and netflix. without using any of their monthly data. >> the new services included with the carrier's simple choice amped plans and deck aids after just about everyone stopped using it. sony's finally ending beta max. rock it lost out to the vhs years ago. >> but sony never stopped making tapes. that ends next spring when production ends in japan the only country where they're still available. facebook testing out a new photosharing feature called photomagic. >> it automatically detects when one of your friend's faces appears and then asked if you would like to share the picture via facebook messenger. >> not sure whether to like or dislike this one. >> i'm definitely in the dislike category. >> those are your tech bites. >> have a great day (that's really high-tech.
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6:20. a plan to bring more flights to newark airport running into some opposition. why the federal government is putting the brakes on united. >> and the special way new
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on the money this morning, wall street begins the day mostly even. but futures are pointing to a higher outcome today. the dow jones opens at 17,758. nasdaq begins slightly lower and the s&p 500 begins higher. over seas stocks in asia were mixed. the justice department is trying to block a deal that would strengthen united airlines' control over newark liberty airport. the government wants to block a deal that would let united gain 24 takeoff and landing slots there from delta airlines. the feds say that would limit competition and would drive up fares. well, if you missed the innocent days of life depended on a giant box of crayons, well, crayola has you covered with its first line of five adult can alreadying books.
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and they're designed by artist flora chang. they are selling colored pencils and markers and they come with fine tips to match the intricate designs of the new coloring books. >> something to do on the breaks. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. and wet one. >> i still color at the restaurants. >> i like that. yeah. >> i still ask. here's what's going on. we have a wet morning. it continues to be wet streets and roads and slippery too. there's a lot of leaves around. and if you're looking at temperatures of 50 to 52 degrees a northerly wind which is pretty mean out there this morning. humidities are high and you are taking the ferry from staten island and jersey city. you have a bouncy ride with a wind gusting to 18. and out across long island sound. the winds have been you gusting to 30 -- gusting to 30. going back and forth from bridgeport to port jeff here this morning. showers swinging around and moving east and get out of the way quickly today but look at these rainfall amounts. coming up on an inch and three quarters around belmar today.
6:24 am
but by afternoon, some sunny breaks and 59. it's weather and traffic together every seven minutes. how's it going out there? a look at the maps and talk to you about what's happening first as you travel through long island on the southern state parkway east near the wantagh parkway. we have a tree in the roadway. use caution. van wyck going south another accident. and the l.i.e. heading westbound right near exit 19 which is queens bailiff. you have that crash -- boulevard. you have that crash. the delay goes back into nassau county. our street cleaning rules are suspended today. lori over to you. all right heather thank you. and today in honor of veterans day, all active and retired members of the u.s. military get free rides on the new jersey transit. vets can use trains, buses and lightrail for free all day. after showing a valid military id. the agency says that it is a privilege to salute those who fought for this nation.
6:25 am
bruce springsteen and aloes of celebrities put orphan a -- a host of celebrities put on a show for veterans at madison square garden last night. it brought comedians jon stewart and seth meyers and ray romano to the stage. the event raises money for injured veterans and their families. abc 7 is proud to honor the heroes this veterans day. you can help too. just tweet the hashtag ivetoveterans. the number 2 that is. for every post, $1 will be donated to the bob woodruff foundation. isn't that awesome? of:26. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, child therapist facing sex abuse charges involving a former patient. and authorities worry there may be more victims. coming up, the disturbing e- mail exchange used in the investigation. >> a murder mystery in a quiet west chester county town. police are still trying to figure out who would want to kill the wife of a well-known millionaire.
6:26 am
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to new this morning, a child therapist accused of sexually assaulting a patient in new jersey. he's now behind bars after an extensive investigation involving the fbi. a driver found dead after careening into the waters off brooklyn and the morning, we've learned his name but not what led to the crash. and mass casualty investigators now heading to the scene of a fiery plane crash into a neighborhood. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thank you for joining us on this veterans day. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. and bill. >> well, here's the scene. i mean this is the kind of scene everywhere this morning, streets are wet it's kind of chilly and cloudy and we've got some drizzles and also some rain around too. the temperatures this morning going to be right around 50 degrees to start your day. this is where it's going to hang and the temperatures has been there all morning long. 52 over to citi field and right there at flushing.
6:29 am
the northerly wind and see how the showers are swingening around low that's centered in the atlantic. we'll still have the showers through the morning commute and then cloudy skies in the day and then maybe later in the afternoon, temperature approaches at, 60 degrees. we might have some breaks of sunshine on this data. we'll talk -- veterans day. we'll talk about a few showers for form and the weekend. ing -- tomorrow and the weekend coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast, heather is looking at the commute. a very busy morning. right over to a web cam and show you how things are looking as you travel through long island. and as you go on to the l.i.e., check out all of the activity here on l.i.e. and it looks like it's pretty. the visibility is pretty low out there as well. let's go right over to our maps and tell you what's going on. it's l.i.e. going westbound. right near exit 59. that's a collision that's being cleared away. then you have the southern state east right near the wantagh. tree in the roadway. van wyck south at linden boulevard. service is running on or close to schedule. metro-north, long island railroad, and new jersey transit. doing okay. and street cleanable rules are
6:30 am
suspended. lori and ken over to you. all right heather thank you. disturbing allegations this morning against a child therapist in new jersey. authorities say that he filmed himself engaging in a sex act with an underaged patient. >> now the fbi fears there could be more victims. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live now in clifton. kala? >> reporter: lori, this is where that child therapist was an executive director for a number of years. he's also accused during that time of violating the trust of at least one of his former patients. according to the fbi. elliot halberstam was arrested in his home in new jersey and prosecutors charged him for filming his own sexual religiouses with a teenage -- religiouses with a teenagers -- relations with a teenaged patient. according to the criminal complaint, the boy wanted to become model. halberstam told this boy that he would try to help him.
6:31 am
luring him to a hotel room and sending and receiving explicitfections and e-mails. one mess welcome as really alarming to investigators where halberstam e-mailed the victim saying quote -- actually currently trying to use my amazing grooming techniques to convince and lure another teenager into coming to a hotel room. working amazingly well. apparent limb i'm an expert at it. -- apparently i'm an expert at it. because of that the fbi thinks this could be more victims. call the fbi's new york office. that number is (212)384-1000. we're live in clifton, new jersey, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it's 6:3 if 3 and newark a story we told you about yesterday morning, as it developed. police finding the bound and headless body of a mother of four. 50-year-old pamela davis had been missing for ten days. the man who rents the home where the body was found is a well-known mechanic in the neighborhood. he's being questioned as a person of interest. well, right now, night time
6:32 am
speeding car is the only clue in a tragic case in the waters off southeast brooklyn. crews pulled the honda out of plum beach channel last night and apparently slammed through a barrier earlier monday. the driver 31-year-old james miro was killed. the car smashed through the temporary fence before hitting the water. >> the plywood was damaged but i didn't think -- i didn't know why. i thought maybe something had hit it but i didn't know you no i -- i didn't think you know, think too much of it. >> well, police say there are no obvious signs of criminality. schools are closed today for veterans day in paterson but they will reopen tomorrow after the massive fire destroyed an armory building. we told you yesterday morning that fire broke out in the basements of the building on market street in paterson. spread to a seventh alarm. six nearby schools were closed as a precaution. 6:35. new details this morning in the deadly plane crash in northeast ohio.
6:33 am
the plane slammed into an apartment building in akron erupting into a huge fireball. two people confirmed dead but the owner of the private business jet says there were nine people aboard. this morning, recovery teams are set to begin the search for more victims. one woman said she found out from her landlord that her home was destroyed. >> he said thank god you're all right. and i said what do you mean? he said beth, i hate to tell you this, but a plane crashed into your apartment. >> faa and ntsb investigators due to arrive at the scene later today. thousand new york state -- 10,000 new york state employees are getting a raise thanks to an order from governor koa moe. he's raising the minimum wage for all state workers to $15 an hour. the hike kicks in in new york city by the end of o 2012. the rest of the state is by the end of 2021. republican state senate leader john flanagan says that he thinks the governor is overreaching with his executive
6:34 am
order. mayor bill de blasio's dream of having a big impact on the presidential race may have been -- may have taken a hit i should say with the big cancellation in iowa. the nonfederal government founded by the -- nonprofit founded by the mayor last spring has falled off the forum. not one candidate had agreed to a appear. however the mayor's group is declaring that a victory. it says the forum was no longer needed because income inequality is already a major topic in the campaign. well the some company this afternoon outside his home in gracie mansion. a police protest is following last week's show of force at the home of the mediator who gave city cops a 1% raise. police commissioner bratton says the pba had counted on him to be more generous. but 6:36. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> here's the view from east rutherford to lower manhattan and someone has stolen manhattan.
6:35 am
we have cloudy skies and fog. it's a mess out there the morning. dress warmly. with the warm raincoat and all that gear. you'll need that and the reason being is because we just -- we just -- [ laughter ] pardon me. take two. as we start the day, we have these clouds and fog with a few showers that's around and that will just kind of continue to end. the showers kind of winding their way south and east and out and temperatures are around 50 degrees, so we're looking at 50 right now. but it feels like 40 with the wind and will continue to see these clouds and showers and drizzle until about midday. that gets out of the way and then we kind of have some clouds and possibly you know this flow will bring a little drier air in and break up the clouds this afternoon. this chilly this morning so grab the coats and rain gear you need that. 59, 60 degrees by afternoon on this veterans day. it's weather then heather every seven minutes. >> i didn't see you drop the remote. >> i didn't think anybody saw it. >> i didn't know that you hold
6:36 am
right over to the web cam. an accident on the l.i.e. and it's right near ocean avenue. exit 59. so you can see we have quite a backup there. we'll head over -- we'll head over to the maps and l.i.e. west exit 59. right near the wantagh there's a tree if the roadway blocking the right lane. van wyck heading south at linden boulevard that earlier accident has been cleared. subway service is running on or close to schedule. so is metro-north, long island railroad, and new jersey transit. p.a.t.h. trains are all doing just fine. new york state throughway heading south right near exit 17. that's an overturned truck. we have alternate side of the street parking is suspended today for veterans day. lori and ken over to you. thank you very much heather, 6:38. it's the top stories on the website. a three eyed catfish found in the gowanus canal. but this fish tale may not be as advertised. >> and new video of a pair of thieves making off with an unusual assortment of items from apartments in brooklyn. >> a westchester county town
6:37 am
the first in four years there. the wife of a mcdonald's business mogul found dead in their home. >> and this morning, the nation pays tribute to our veterans. here's a live picture of the sun coming up over the world
6:38 am
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new this morning, police in
6:40 am
brooklyn want your help in finding two serial burglars who have been taking a bizarre list of items, hear this. a look at the crooks here on surveillance video. they grabbed a queen sized bed frame here. now it had been delivered to an apartment building on wood point road. they've also stolen packages that contained green tea and magic tricks. how about that? so far, they've hit a total of three apartment buildings and williamsburg and green point. 6:42. a murder mystery unfolding in a quiet westchester county community. police are searching for the american who killed the wife of a multimillionaire. 83-year-old lois colley died of blunt force trauma. her body was found monday evening in her home in north salem. police say her husband eugene known for his empire of mcdonald's franchises is not a suspect. >> there were very much involved in a lot of difficult things in town. so -- very, very nice lady. anytime you met her she always had a kiss for you. so just a very nice person. and my heart goes out to the colley family at this time. >> well, police would not
6:41 am
comment on a murder weapon. but they are looking through the woods for a small fire extinguisher missing from the home. new details in the wild biker shootout in a texas restaurant. 106 people have been indicted in may's incident at the twin peaks in waco. nine people were killed. more than 20 other people got hurt. more charges are expected against 71 other bikers accused of taking part in the melee. 6:43. tensions continue to rise at the university of missouri as online threats rattle the student community there. the school has issued a statement saying there's no immediate threat to the campus. but police have stepped up their presence. also making headlines, the assistant professor melissa click resigned her courtesy appointment with the school of generallism. she cannot serve on graduate student committees. click was caught on camera trying to prevent a member of the media from mill. . a confront -- filming a confrontation. and "good morning america"
6:42 am
in with robin roberts live in times square and hi robin. >> hey there, good morning to you. and good morning everyone. big night as you know at the republican debate. senator rubio will join us this morning. and we also fact checked some of the candidates acclaims. who fell short and the biggest surprises of the night. full team coverage for you this morning. also ahead, the investigation into that tragic plane crash in akron, ohio. private jet plunging into a home leaving at least two people dead. what caused the accident. we are live on the scene in akron. and a live edition of gma on the lookout. we put two iphone cases to the test. and find out the best way to protect your phone. we really put them to the test. only on gma. >> oh boy. look out. >> got to check that out. >> okay thank you robin. >> you got it. time to check the wet accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill now. >> you want the waterproof iphone case today. as we look our weather -- look
6:43 am
it is cloudy we've got drizzle and it's chilly. it's windy. damp moist and all those things. grab your gear you'll need to have it. especially the warm raincoat today. here's the camera in brooklyn all covered up with the rain and that's because the detroitable is blown in here from that northwest wind coming right into the lens here. we're looking at cloudy skies and rain. 50 degrees. 89% the humidity. the wind northeast up to 20 and the pressure way below 30.00. so it is windy when the atmosphere is this unstable. so .2 of rain since midnight. overall, nearly a half inch of rain in the park. morning. we'll shut down about midday. it will be cloudy and damp and so dress warmly. but some shunny breaks later on this veterans day and seasonal temperatures and sunshine is coming up for the weekend. we'll talk about this after a few showers in the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures are are around 49 and 50 degrees. 53 out the riverhead and 55 montauk and 52 down the jersey shore. a low is leaving and going into the atlantic and it's going to
6:44 am
from the north kind of swirling around south and east and on out into the atlantic today. and then we start to see things drying out about midday early afternoon. here are the total rainfall amounts from the last 36 hours and from the time the rain started yesterday. look down to belmar and an inch and .8. that's the eastern end of long island. some much-needed good rainfall but the futurecast is showing the showers kind of winding down about 11:00. and then here's the good news for veterans today. this afternoon, you can see that the skies kind of break up and we get a little sunshine just prior to sunset tomorrow. a few showers are back around midday afternoon but you can see tomorrow evening that rain is out of the way for football at the meadow land with the jets and april -- meadow land with the jets and billing plays some -- bills playing some thursday night football. as we'll have breaks of sun maybe or at least cloudy skies and 59 degrees this afternoon. a slow start this morning. that means the slowdown because
6:45 am
of the rain and the drizzle and the fog. and it's chilly. so dress warmly. and then we'll be looking at sunshine will be returning on friday. so we've got late breaks of sun today. tonight it's cloudy again. tomorrow, it's cloudy and we've got a temperature around 60. there could be a couple of showers tomorrow and into the afternoon. your accuweather seven day forecast, sunshine and cloudy on friday and 58 degrees into sunday but we're back in the 60s next week. for you veterans hope you have a wonderful day today. you deserve it. thank you for your service to our country. >> sure do. thank you sir. all right. thank you bill. let's check in now with heather. >> we are going to talk about mass transit. and if you are going to take long island railroad, metro- north, new jersey transit, no problems are reported at this point. subway service is also running on or close to schedule. we have this problem still being cleared on the l.i.e. going west near exit 59. that's an accident being cleared and then traveling on the southern state parkway, eastbound right near the wantagh, this is a downed tree in the roadway.
6:46 am
the right lane is closed off. so you want to use some caution. van wyck heading southbound right near linden boulevard. that's another accident cleared away. george washington bridge, still sticking with the about five minutes delays very minor there. the holland is a 15 minute delay. then traveling up here going on to the hutch, heading south right near orchard beach, we have an earlier accident there. it looks like they're still out there. so we have a tow truck still on the scene. and of course everyone is going to slow down and take a look at that. new york state throughway heading southbound right near exit 17. that's an overturned truck. and then we have this problem still with us on route 130 north at station road. it's a fuel spill and station road is closed east at route 130 as a result. alternate side of the street parking is suspended today. metered rules are in effect. new this morning, new york city is taking a big step to help the 225,000 veterans who live here. the city is creating a new department of veterans services
6:47 am
jobs and medical care when they return from military service. the department will place benefits, counselors in each borough to reach out to veterans. it is 6:50 and appalling story it will you about this veterans day -- to tell you about this veterans day. three people caught on camera stealing an american flag from a local beach. >> and here's a live picture from arlington cemetery where president obama will lay a wreath after the tomb of the unknowns later this morning. he'll also host a breakfast at the white house for veterans. >> please send us a photo of
6:48 am
6:49 am new york. i...need a shove. i...won a trip. (vo) win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash with the new
6:50 am
new this morning, and police on long island want your help finding three people who grabbed flags from a suffolk county park. this picture -- they were just released overnight -- they were taken in august. at osprey park in mastic beach. two men and a woman stole an american flag, a prisoner of war flag, and another for the town of brookhaven. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. well, no one took home the $180 million mega millions grand prize last night. that means there's more money drawing. the pot now swells to $220 million, you can watch the live
6:51 am
drawing on channel 7 just before eyewitness news at 11:00 friday night. well, if the story about a three eyed catfish seemed a little fishy? that's because it was. it was one of the most viewed stories on abcny7 and the clip that we see a man who found a dead catfish with what appears to be a third eye. but a queens college biologist chimed in and said this tale cannot be true. professor john what wouldman says fresh water bull head catfish would never be found in the gowanus canal. and if it were, it would be alive because catfish can live for hours outside the water. >> somebody just got it and tossed it in the water. >> yeah. all right, 6:53. disturbing charges announced overnight against new jersey man who worked with children. >> and what we're learning about the therapist accused of sexually abusing a former
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:56. and federal prosecutors say a child therapist in new jersey is a sexual predator and fbi is looking for his victims. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama live with the story. >> reporter: ken, lori that therapist is accused of violating the trust of at least one of his former patients. while he was executive director here at the jewish family service? passaic. prosecutors charged elliot halberstam for filming his own
6:54 am
sexual relations with one of his teenaged patients in the office and a hotel room. a boy whom he'd been seeing since 2011 as a patient. according to a criminal complaint, ole yet halberstam excomplained textser and mails with the 16-year-old former patient. one of those messages indicated halberstam was trying to lure more boys to a hotel room. while the therapist faces a slew of charges and life behind bars, the fbi believes that there may be more patients who were victimized. if you know a victim or could be a victim yourself, call the fbi's new york office that number is (212)384-1000. we're live in clifton, new jersey, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. 6:57. eyewitness news reporter dray clark live in gramercy with the battle the legal battle over fantasy sports sites. >> reporter: good morning, new york state attorney general eric snyderman says that draft kings and fan duel are nothing more than new versions of online gambling and he wants to
6:55 am
state. those two names are the two big names in the sports fantasy business. fans can pick the players from the favorite sport on the site and based on how the players perform, they can win or lose. the attorney general issued a cease and desist order ordering the two sites to stop taking bets here in new york. now the two sites maintain they offer a game of skill. not gambling. so only time will tell if fan duel and draft kings will follow the order or keep doing business as usual. we're live in gramercy, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. >> heather in. >> yes, so mass transit has beheyed very nicely this morning and that's about it. metro-north, long island railroad, and new jersey transit subway status, service is running on or close to schedule. however, the roadways different story. van wyck south right near citi field we have an accident. and then as you travel on to the hutch, you have another accident being cleared south right near orchard beach. that accident is clearing.
6:56 am
but it really has been a very messy morning this morning. and i have a vet to thank. my husband bart. who served in iran. iraq. through the late '80s and '90s and he used to transport the huge helicopters and those humongous military planes. so -- thanks bart. >> so sweet. >> your hero forever our hero too. >> all right thanks heather. >> thank you bart, could you fix my truck later? [ laughter ] >> he's in mississippi. in your hometown. >> she's very handy. we have rain outside this morning and rain and drizzle and 50 degrees and we're going on the looking at 60 today with some breaks of sun. have your umbrella this morning, it is chilly. then tomorrow there could be a shower but a beautiful fall weekend coming up. stay warm and dry. >> thank you sir and cast the news -- that's the news for now, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm lost-, leaving you
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