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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  November 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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saying the building was leveled like a pancake. >> as it stands now, one person confirmed dead, 15 injured. two of those, including an 11- year-old, are in yit cal condition. >> the home that was destroyed is located on magnolia avenue. anthony johnson is there with the newest information. anthony? >> reporter: well, according to the mayor, the one person that died in this tragedy, a 24-year- old man apparently living on the second floor. the name of the victim not released yet. we want to show you what the scene looked like at 4:00. you can see the house in the middle. that's where the explosion occurred. the houses on each side, those homes are also badly damaged. they were rocked by the explosion. all three of those will have to probably be torn down.
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we did talk to residents and they told us early this morning they smell the gas. this video shows the blast as it happened. this is cell phone video taken just moments after the massive blast which demolished a two- family home. neighbors quickly rushed out, stunned as the collapsed house was smoking. >> i got scared. my sisters were screaming and i thought it was an airplane plane, a bomb. i don't know. >> there was an initial fire with the explosion which caused the burns and the fire was put out after the initial explosion. >> 1035 building is totally collapsed. major damage. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed to the scene to try to help the victims trapped inside the collapsed home. >> they hads most amount of victim -- they had the most
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floor and they had to crawl in to remove them >> reporter: the explosion sent debris shooting out in every direction. there were a total of 16 people in the house at the time of the blast which apparently ignited on the second floor. >> most of the people were in the rear of the building. some were still sleeping at the time of the explosion. >> reporter: and once again, you are looking live at the scene. seven homes, seven buildings in the area damaged in the blast, including the one right down the street from where the scene actually occurred. you can see the windows blown out and several of these homes out here. we understand at this point in time, 30 people, 30 residents have now been displaced. some will be staying in hotels for quite a significant amount of time. once again, officials say they have to delayer the house where the explosion occurred.
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they will be able to tell whether or not it was a completely legal residence. there were 16 people inside of that home at the time of the blast. and fortunately, only one person actually died in this tremendously big blast that took place this morning on magnolia. that's the latest, anthony johnson, eyewitness news. >> in addition to the one person killed, the two critically injured, including an 11-year-old suffered burns. a total of 15 people were hurt. six of the victims are being treated at trinitas medical center, including a family of three. >> she had just taken him out of the bedroom and his bedroom window exploded. >> it's a difficult scene. we see trauma daily but to see someone walking out of their home with severe burns is devastating for everybody.
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being assisted by the red cross. you can get breaking news on your cell phone, tablet, by downloading the eyewitness news app. the very latest on the investigation as to what exactly happened at this early- morning explosion. you can also search abc 7 ny app or google place store. want to take you to breaking news that we're following out of bridgewater, new jersey. an accident involving a school bus on route 22. shannon stone live in newscopter 7. were there students on the bus? >> reporter: that's unclear. but we can tell you that they had pulled up a second school bus to pick people up involved in the accident and not hurt. we've seen people coming out of the at&t store that was housing people from this accident. so while police are not confirming it, it does appear there were children on this bus when it. of route 22. all of this happening by grove street.
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the accident happened around 3:30 this afternoon. it's about the time that children would be on board that bus. what we are being told is there were, in fact, injuries. when we got there, there were three ambulances stacked up waiting to take people to local hospitals. don't know how bad the injuries are. but if you travel along the east side of route 22, left lane is blocked with the accident. it looks like it will be here for a while. they just pulled a wrecker up. delays building back towards country club road. getting around this, you can take 78 or 28. anything should be better than this this evening. reporting live over route 22, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. out of new jersey, the fbi is charging a child therapist with abusing a teenaged patient. investigators say he recorded sexual encounters with a 16- year-old and they are worried
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there could be more victims. darla has more. darla? >> reporter: well, dave, prosecutors say that elliot halberstam had been treating his 16-year-old victim since he was 11 but the abuse only began earlier this year. now, they are not saying where this patient received care, but this mental health facility in clifton is one place, where halberstam saw patients and the fbi is trying to find out if any other kid has endured the same thing. prosecutors say elliot halberstam used a fake e-mail and once bragged about his ability to lure a teen. your grandmother saw the activity across the street? >> she saw the fbi cars and she saw the agents come out of the house. >> reporter: the 38-year-old who holds a master's degree was arrested at his home in bergenfield thursday morning. people coming in and out of the
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house kept quiet about the charges. a three-count federal indictment which includes sexual exploitation of a minor. the victim, only 16 years old. beginning in march, prosecutors say he persuaded the victim to take lewd pictures of himself even when the teen said i'm uncomfortable. >> does he realize what she's done for these children? >> reporter: prosecutors say he engaged in a sex act with a teen at an office. he worked in clifton, new jersey since 2010. in a written statement, the statement says he no longer works there and we're cooperating with law enforcement. client. >> he has to answer to someone not on this planet. >> reporter: now, again, the fbi is trying to determine if elliot halberstam.
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about any incident involving this child therapist, you can contact the fbi and find their number on our website. back to you. >> ty. right now, the search is underway for a missing i with down syndrome -- boy with down syndrome who vanished. he was last seen on green avenue in bushwick around 12:30. investigators say he has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old boy. police tweeted out his photo hoping someone will recognize him and help bring him home. investigators hope new video will help reveal the cause of a small plane crash in ohio that killed nine people. the ntsb just held a news conference near the scene in akron. they've recovered the cockpit voice recorder. >> the video shows that the
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altitude -- at a low altitude and banking to the left. >> investigators are looking at the weather and talked to a pilot who landed at the airport just before the crash. tomorrow they hope to rebegin the recovery of the -- begin testify. 19-year-old hunter park is accused posting online threats to shoot black students and faculty. he has not been charged at this time. the threats put the campus on edge. the president and chancellor are leaving amid student protests over the handling racial on this veterans day, a time for the nation to pause and remember and honor those who have served the country. midtown, the largest veterans parade marched up fifth avenue. the procession includes marching bands and floats, veterans and military units. more than 20,000 people took part this year.
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grateful for the massive show of support. >> we are really getting the respect from the public, now, you know. >> we want to show our support. >> i love my country. they are helping me today. it's all about doing the right thing. >> you are looking at live pictures of the space museum where dozens, as you can see, have gathered. two wreaths are being laid in the hudson river to honor victims. in arling tong, president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. he urged the nation to keep veterans in their ensure they receive the care and benefits they deserve.
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-- back to 1918. jeb bush spent his day serving coffee to veterans in iowa. the former florida governor had limited speaking time in last night's debate. much of it dominated by ben carson and donald trump. there did not appear to be game- changing moments for the candidates bernie sanders marched in a parade and spoke in new hampshire. speaking of this veterans day, some outrage after new video shows thieves stealing american flags when they thought no one was looking and that's not all. we'll explain. we'll show you the ads that have critics accusing a department store of accusing date rape in a holiday campaign. when you are trying to fight a cold, some people say get your rest. some say sweat it out.
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this is kent avenue in the williamsburg section of brook plin. traffic moving slowly right now in the southbound lanes. this is the one on the left there. for the hudson river crossings, 15-minute delays outbound. holland tunnel, 10 minutes. no problems at the george washington bridge. two fantasy sports companies promising to put up a real fight against a real crackdown.
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are the new york attorney general issued a cease and desist order to draftkings and fanduel. he said the companies are engaged in illegal gambling under state law. both companies insist they are legal and their games are based on skill. bloomingdale's is apologizing for an inappropriate advertising. take a look at this ad. the cakes reads "sphik your best friend -- the caption reads" spike your best friend's egg nothing when they are not looking." bloomingdale's apologized. this sweater has the
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words, obsessive christmas disorder. the issue lit up on social media saying it mocks a serious mental ill -- illness. target said it won't stop sell something the sweater -- selling the sweater. meanwhile we're kind of slowly feeling more holidayish out there. >> reporter: i think a lot bill. i got the text from the misses saying she got the -- from the mrs. saying she got the turkey. that's the first step. very exciting. >> what do you got for us out there? breezy. not as gausty as it was. we dried out, at least with the bar set a little bit low, this is the best.
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a pretty look at washington new york harbor. check that out. that's beautiful as we get ready for a 4:41 sunset and the sunset over the horizon. with the lighter wind it feels more comfortable. the pressure is on the rise. the high today 58 degrees see the temperatures struggling. clouds have been slower to leash there. a couple of drizzles on the east one. new jersey coming in at 60. wind has been busy out of the north. definitely backing off. wind 5, 10. at least the first part of the night, it will be partly cloudy. clouds will thicken up quickly at dawn. a couple of bands of light rain are likely to sneak through. a couple of showers near the island. see how the low clouds are starting to break up right now.
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see all of the winds and the rain taking it with it moving out to sea. high pressure gonna move in. the high. wedge. the clouds and the rain aren't far behind. this is the storm out to the rockies and now into the plains. also a tornado warning in parts of iowa. very dynamic system. a piece of the system is heading our way. but not the strongest piece. that part is headed into eastern canada. we get the leftovers. showers swing through our area. partly cloudy skies for a while tonight and then the clouds come right back. we're around 50 degrees. 60 degrees tomorrow and a couple of showers. we'll call it the work day rain because it's from 9:00 to 5:00. that will wind down as we approach the evening commute. partial clearing tomorrow night. the sun will be back later in the week. but so will the wind. we haven't had a day where
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we've had 40-mile-an-hour gusts and any of the leaves left will be stripped. we'll have more on that in your seven-day forecast. that could be the big factor headed into the upcoming weekend. okay, guys? >> that sounds like real november. >> only took half of the month to get there. >> not sure i'm ready for it. thank you. you have to check this video out -- a daredevil soaring into the world record books. broke the skydiving record after jumping out of a plane and gliding 1800 -- 18 miles. the previous record was 17 miles. and he suffered a combat injuries. at the time, doctors said he may not walk again and he
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what a great way to show off what he can do. still to come -- they are scary, they can attack and -- and can kill. but should crocodile be used as security guards? one prison is considering this. and right now on broadway, one of the most talked about musicals being performed by people who cannot hear. how a deaf theater group is reimagining spring awakening. and we're marking veterans day by spending your photos that you are sending us.
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many of you may have an opinion on the use of crocodiles but some officials you think. a government official wants to build a prison island for drug offenders surrounded by these sharp-tooked reptiles. i'm guessing they are hungry. he said they would make better guards than humans because they can't be bribed into letting humans escape. >> makes a good point, as crazy as it sounds. with a total of eight tony awards, it's a big hit on broadway. spring awakening is back with a twist.
4:24 pm
can't hear the music because they are deaf. >> the show is a favorite of mine. the idea remains the same, to take an old play from the 19th century and make a musical fit for the 21st century. >> the bridge between two generations is built with music, music these two stars can't hear. >> i never thought i would be talking with her. i never thought i would be working with her. i never thought about that. >> we mat sandra may and marlie alongside their interpreters near the theater where both are appearing in "spring awakening." >> in a lot of ways she remind me of me when i was younger.
4:25 pm
won an oscar and this mother of four has barely stopped working ever since. >> she's my role model, giving me such great advice. >> sweet. i paid her to say that. >> even though the two don't often share the stage in a musical with a sexual awakening at its heart. those who can sing alongside those who cannot. in a production from deaf west. >> and goal is to have deaf and hearing actors to work together to show what they can do. >> we are just in love with what we do. we are grateful for the work that's been given to us. >> you said it perfectly. [ applause ]
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>> marlie matlin didn't say yes to the play right away. she admits she was terrified of broadway. but after thought, she agreed, figuring she just turned 50 and this seemed like a great way to celebrate. dave? liz? >> we love it. fantastic. >> thank you. >> thank you. here is a question -- who is stealing packages in brooklyn? the video police want you to see. and a skier's close call. how did he survive a 1600-foot
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right now we want to update you on a story we've been following all afternoon. that deadly house explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. shannon stone is in newscopter 7. she's over the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the scene is just overwhenning when you look at -- overwhelming when you look at this. you can see the house that exploded earlier this morning, obviously doing damage to the homes around it. at this point, one person was killed. 14 others injured in this blast.
4:29 pm
three of those critically. one of those that are critically injured is an 11- year-old boy. look at the damage. we just went over the scene and we've been watching the police officers and emergency response teams going through this area. look at how far out this blast scene went. a huge scene here along magnolia street. it's keeping it shut down between catherine street and route 1. this will be an ongoing investigation with multiple people and multiple families displaced because of this accident. reporting live over elizabeth, eyewitness news. >> that number is now up to 15 injured. thieves caught on camera stealing flags on long island. police are looking for the suspects. now, police in suffolk county releasing new pictures and video. >> the incident happened in august.
4:30 pm
the veterans day. here's more. >> reporter: well, liz, really sparking outrage at any time. it's hard to watch how these kids pulled down those flags, several flags as osprey park. why if this happened in august why now are they talking about it? well, they say their leads have run out and they want the public to help. surveillance video captured the individuals trying to get the flags down. climbing on top of each other trying to get down the flag. eventually getting a p.o.w. flag and an american flag. the american flag, they had to rip down. it happened at the park in mastic beach. >> the investigator had exhausted all investigative avenues. now we're appealing to the
4:31 pm
identify and subsequently capture these individuals. >> reporter: the flags were donated by a local resident. the park was locked at the time bun the kids used a -- bub the includes -- but the kids used a side path to get in. >> we maintain this for the town and it's upsetting to see this happen. >> reporter: it appears that one of them takes a selfie during the theft. all three of them are facing petty larceny charges. but they would rather they didn't face charges but rather they come in and meet with the members of the american legion. >> i would like to sit down and find out why they did that. >> people died for that flag. that's what we're celebrating
4:32 pm
country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: the flags have been replaced. but if you would like to get another look at that video, see if you recognize these kids, go to abc7ny. we're live in mastic beach, back to you. >> thank you. police in brook brooklyn are trying to catch a pair of seerlial burglars. one of the them is grabbing a package containing a queen- sized bed frame from an apartment. >> really?
4:33 pm
took place last week. new york seems to be setting off more and more college-ready garage graduates into the world. the number of high school student, the city considered them college ready when they graduated to 35% this year. the city department of education released the figure this year in an effort to measure progress at the schools. students ready if they start can without needing remedial courses in math or english. joe biden will be promoting the it's on us campaign at his alma mater. a bystander prevention school officials says is an effective deterrent.
4:34 pm
school at syracuse back in 1968. more young women are putting off marriage and college and staying home instead. according to a recent analysis of the u.s. census bureau, more than 36% of women between the age of 18 and 34 lived with their parents in 2014. women are half as likely to be married as they were in the past, increasing student debt and higher living cost can play a role. >> i'm sure in new york city where it's impossible to pay for some rents. he was a youtube sensation with millions of knollers. but caleb's death shocked his fans. the new information about the cause of his death. our doctor answers your questions -- next. and they are popular toys
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sta a sus at 13 years old, he was a huge internet star. so when he died sudden lay --
4:37 pm
many of his fans. his family says he never showed any symptoms of this heart problem. so it went undiagnosed. >> this condition can be undetected. what does a patient need to do to find out if they have it? >> it's a really sad story. you would want everything to be preventable. this is a again niptic condition that occurreds in one -- genetic condition that occurs in one in 1500 people. the heart muscle doesn't work properly. the good news, most people who have it live a long life. so feinting, difficulty with
4:38 pm
questions and then on an exam they would do testing. so unfortunately, screen something -- screening is not really effect isk here. >> should isk -- effective here. >> the american heart association has looked at that -- >> deaths from this are rare. most people don't have a problem. but if you have any kind of symptoms, that's when you should have the testing. >> we have a question. why is stress part of this? >> stress is part of life. it's a normal response that we have to the increasing demands on our way and it's a problem, it's a problem we need to learn to deal with. we all experience it. what you want to do is see what are the tryingers for your
4:39 pm
if you before you watch the news before you go to -- when you watch the news before you go to bed, maybe don't watch the news and figure out what is a good way for you to open with stress. so deep breathing, yoga, meditation, exercise, get a good night's sleep. talking to friends can be helpful. the key is to look for the possibility that you are not coping well. if you are having difficulties with relationships with work, not getting good sleep, not getting enjoyment out of your activities, then you want to get help. >> and you don't want it to snowball? >> right. you want to pick it up early. >> another viewer said i had a doctor who always ate healthy until she turned 14 and now she's picky. should i worry? >> well, you want to watch for an normal things that could
4:40 pm
indicate an eats disorder. look to see is there anxiety around meals, is there unusual behavior, a dramatic loss in loss of weight, focusing on fat and calorie counting. and then after the meals does your child go to the bathroom. tell them you are concerned. take them to an eating disorder specialist. if you get on top of it earlier, you will have more -- >> i have one more. i heard you sniffling and -- and i'm curious about it. is it okay to exercise if you have a cold? >> it's okay if you have allergies, which is what i have right now. with a cold, if you have mild symptoms, a runny nose,
4:41 pm
scratchy throat, exercise is fine. but if you have a fever, body aches, you shouldn't. listen to your body. if you have a cold, don't go to a place where you will be putting other people at risk. there's nothing worse being in the gym and having the person next to you coughing and sneezing. >> or in the newsroom. >> right. >> and doing what you can to prevent illness. >> i thank you -- thank you, richard. >> thank you. could there be a shortage of legos? we have the news that have some parents scrambling. and she's a fan favorite, even at one point serving perfect 10s so why she abruptly
4:42 pm
and what was flying new york. i...need a shove. i...won a trip. (vo) win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to $25,000 in cash with the new
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this holiday season is won't be a snap to find legos. the maker is struggling to build up supplies. in recent years, business has been booming, thanks in part to the popularity of the movie. right now the toy giant's plant in denmark is running at full capacity. the shortage will affect those from european stores. u.s. stores expected to be
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a plant in mexico. >> breathe -- breathe, breathe. how are you? it keend of feels like -- it kind of feels like fall. >> i want to show you this picture. a nice sliver of clear sky. minutes ago. i actually put it out on facebook. >> i posted it to take a look. some of that cloudiness is trying to break up. the temperature is not 8 degrees. i'm gonna flip right past that. that's my forecast for six weeks from now. and our temperatures will be dropping to the 50s with cloud cover. forecast low 50 degrees. a few minutes ago, it's me. westwood, new jersey. temperatures drop through the low 50s in the upper 40s
4:45 pm
tonight t the clouds will break up at at times during -- at times during the first part of the night. i don't think it's necessarily raining at 7:00 or 89 -- or 8:00. by 9:00, could be showers moving through. allow for the shower to move in during the mid to late morning hours and have the umbrella ready. i think the rain threat would go through through and then the includes will start to break up during the evening hours. that's a big deal for the bills and jets. big game tomorrow in metlife stadium. 54 degrees. winds always breezy at metlife. 54 degrees at kickoff dropping to the low 50s by the end of the game. notice how you have the cloud that are broken up at 11:00. not totally cleared and then they are thickening up. notice this line of showers. it can be a rainfall that catches ups with the morning commute.
4:46 pm
morning into the evening hours. kind of departing, maybe .10 or two of rainfall and then we'll clear out. this motdle only .10 -- model only .10. i can see .25 in some spots. your seven-day looks like this. once again, we have light rain to if through. on friday, sure, the icon looks great, sun and cloud but look at these winds. we're up to 58. we have winds sustained around 30 miles an hour and that will go into saturday where you have 40-mile-an-hour gusts and it will be coupled with 52. it will feel like the 40s are blustery on saturday. sunday is the better half of the weekend. we'll be warmer. we'll be in the upper 50s. the wind will be lighter and more sunshine. that's a nice fall day. on monday 62, gorgeous to start next week and if you feel that fall chill the next few days. low and mid-60s should be great with sun and cloud.
4:47 pm
>> it will be over. >> and not 8 degrees. >> not 8 degrees. [laughter] >> david? here's what's trending it's veterans day, honoring the servicemen and women. uber and lyft offering free rides to the service members. despite being among the better dancers, tamar braxton is no longer on "dancing with the stars" it turns out she was much sicker than anyone realized. doctors discovered a clot on boek sides of her lungs. she was rushed to the hospital with what she thought was a pneumonia. she took to instagram to share a hospital with her partner to make the big announcement.
4:48 pm
what is being called a social experiment nearly got a man beat up. a youtube channel that features pranks involves two actors pretended to be involved in a groping accident. the male actor started to touch the female actor looking for a reaction. they got one. several angry men jumped to her defense before being informed, calm down, it's a social experiment. >> what would you do? >> in is an example of a dump experiment. back on our side of the pond, a man cruised around new york harbor in a jet pack. hello. it happened last week. why is it now just trending? this is awesome. >> that's ridiculous. >> yeah. it reportedly was a test run
4:49 pm
approved by the coast guard and faa. liz, would you do it? >> looks so tranquil. i would totally do it. >> until you run out of gas. >> not thinking about that. >> come on. look at that. >> i don't like that. from 60-degree weather and hypothermia. [laughter] >> look how easy it is to land. >> people were riding around with in the city and nobody is calling me. >> forget bike lanes. >> that's a nice way to commute. and we all know lee loves his golf. if you play in australia, don't get the kangaroos upset. okay? [bleep] [laughter] >> oh, my goodness. >> a little overreaction. kangaroos can be nasty when
4:50 pm
i'm told the golfers didn't instigate this. maybe the kangaroo was like, look. >> it's like that scene in "jurassic park" only with the kangaroo. >> probable -- as always check out the trend online. >> very, very funny. all right. a laundry detergent ad that makes fun of grandma is making one grandmother very unhappy. the gain ad said a bad of she doesn't use the nickname for grandma. it tested the ad before publishing it, it claims that most people liked it.
4:51 pm
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caught on camera, a skier's frightening fall tumbling down 1600 feet and the fall lasted nearly a minute. >> it really is unbelievable. amazingly he walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. tj holmes has the incredible story. closely. that's professional skier ian macintosh plummeting 1600 feet down a massive mountain. cameras and microphones catch every painful bump and grunt on his way down. >> it felt like an eternity. it really did . i thought this is never going to stop. >> reporter: the 34-year-old was on alaska's mountain range earlier this year filming a new ski movie, paradise waits, when
4:54 pm
he mistakenly skis in to a 5-foot trench and wipes out. >> it surprised the heck out of me. i had no idea it was coming. i was going for the ride of my life. >> reporter: that's the very moment you hear him clearly cry out. >> it felt like i was getting hit by linebackers the whole way down the mountain. like full sprinting linebackers. >> reporter: to soften those blows and possibly prevent major trauma, he had the presence of mind to deploy the airbag in his backpack. >> pull that white handle for me right there. there's your lifejacket. >> you're flying down the mountain in this? >> yes, unfortunately. >> reporter: after falling for nearly a full minute, macintosh finally comes to a stop. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: but
4:55 pm
few bruises, amazingly macintosh was fine and undeterred. >> i don't want to die doing what i'm doing. i don't have a death wish. i'm not the type. but i do have a wish to live life to its fullest and get out there and live my dreams and this kind of stuff is what i dream about. it's what i lay awake thinking about. >> that is one steep drop. unbelievable. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. new at 5:00, a homeowner on long island refusing to be a victim when a burglar breaks in to his home, and what he did kept the burglar there until police arrived. but first, video obtained late this afternoon showing the exact second when a home exploded in new jersey. investigators on the scene trying to figure out what really happened. good evening at 5:00. i'm bill ritter in for sade. >> i'm diana williams.
4:56 pm
the number of the missing has been fluctuating all day long. here's the latest update. one person was killed. 15 people were injured. at this point though everyone has been accounted for. >> officials suspect natural gas caused this explosion but it could be several more hours or even tomorrow before we know for sure. 30 survivors have been relocate today hotels. this explosion shaking the entire neighborhood on magnolia street in elizabeth and moments ago, newscopter7 overhead. you can see investigators sifting through the rubble. >> two reports tonight. tim fleischer spoke to survivors in the blast. first we have new jersey reporter anthony johnson at the scene. >> we just want to let you know at this point in time we have people still going through the scene, taking a look at all the rubble, looking at the foundations of the homes that were damaged, in particular the home where the blast took place. this all happened around 8:00 this morning. because this is a
4:57 pm
holiday, a lot of people were
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