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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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at the scene? >> reporter: we've heard reports of about a dozen people i've seen cars as well rushing by. no, i haven't seen any gunman so far but definitely people running and chaos here. >> the french president just finished his statement. he's calling this an unprecedented event. several people killed. let's put that map up so people can have a sense of what was happening. near the big stadium in france, stade de france, explosions heard there and then an on going situation at the concert hall, a state of
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emergency across france. brian ross. >> it's similar to what happened in this country after the 9/11 attacks. travel was shut down, the borders were closed. that's what the president elected to do in this situation. >> i want to go to a reporter in stadium de france right now. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: i was attending the game and planning on covered the post-match event. it turned out to be a very different story tonight. we heard two very loud explosions during the first half. sometimes there's some fireworks but this time around it was much louder than fireworks. we heard shortly after the explosions sirens. police or rescue operations here. we were not allowed to leave during the break. we heard that president hollande left the stadium. he was attending the game. >> you could hear the explosions but they weren't
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inside the stadium? >> reporter: they were not inside the stadium. there were two at least very loud explosions right outside bar at the stadium. it was impossible to get near the cafe. it was protected by a heavy police presence. of course, it's always a security, police presence but this time around it was a big security operation. >> what did they tell you about what was happening? >> well, i spoke to some of the people who attended the game because police would not speak to us. we tried to gather information from them. of course considering the emergency of the situation they had no time. it was not a priority for them to talk to us. those who attended the game said they were very surprised and noticed right away that it was not fireworks, clearly something to worry
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about. what you have to bear in mind is there were many children attending. soccer fans. some of them just left about 10 minutes ago. they had to wait after the end of the game to be able to evacuate and hopefully make it home safely. there's police presence all across the capitol. it may not be easy to tonight. we want to go back to matt the newspaper is reporting that the alpha red all sensitive locations have been placed on alert. what does that tell you? >> it does indicate how sheer this has -- how serious this has become. it has the hall marks after 9/11, how serious the
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french are taking it. >> brad garrett, the hostage situation at the concert hall, scene. who will be in control of this situation? >> the french president basically. now, they will coordinate i believe with the military to figure out the best way both to gather intelligence in. it's a dynamic industry where you get inside and surprise the bad guys. that's tricky obviously in the theater. it's going to be key. >> how do they get there? >> through wires and sources. that's one way. the
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other is there are micro cameras about the size of your finger. you drill in, stick it in and it will give you a 360 inside the theater. everybody in the first world has that technology. i guarantee you they have already done that or attempted to do that to see what do we have, how many gunmen do we have. >> they could do that without the hostage takers realizing what was happening? >> there is a way to do it. there's a way through the ventilation system. you feed it into the ventilation system right to the edge. you don't drop it down and you're able to see. so some version of that, listening devices they will try to place those. that's the real key. who do we have and how quickly can we neutralize it. >> matt olsen, now that the alert has been triggered in paris what kind of alerts will be triggered here at home as well? >> well, i definitely think the
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fbi will be high alert. definitely not on the scale of the real threat will be will there there's some capability from groups like isis to carry out small attacks. the real concern is could they pull off something of this level and at that degree of there will be high alert the next few days in the united states. >> you have spoken many times to the fbi director, the homeland security director jay johnson about this type of situation. >> exactly, george. u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials are in contact as we speak with their french counter parts trying to get additional information. this is precisely the scenario they have been concerned about. just in cent weeks i had the -- just in
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had a chance to speak with a france official and he talked about the dozens of people they had to monitor. >> we learned that back during the harbaugh charlie hebdo -- during the charlie hebdo area they were in the system some of them and then got out. >> clearly what happened there tonight there was an intelligence fame -- failure. >> we don't have who is responsible yet but this comes on the heels of the drone strike in which jihadi john was killed by american officials. >> this was clearly planned over days or weeks or months though. that's the problem. does the plan include other attacks in other locations, does the plan include other attacks thises a devastating attack on france. the country is shut down. a
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have a full view on how bad it is. >> the french president said france needs to be strong, terrorists want us to be scared. we must united. he's closed the borders, declared a state of emergency. >> john carl, at the white house the president briefed before he came out that he doesn't have full information yet either. >> the president was briefed. he made it clear that we don't know exactly who was behind this. he said he didn't want to speculate. he also said he didn't want to -- that u.s. officials have been in touch with french authorities to offer whatever assistance we can. he himself did not call president hollande yet in the wake of this attack because he said he's probably got too much on his hands to worry about rather than another phone call coming in. the united states stand ready to provide whatever assistance. this comes after the president
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told you that he believes that the threat from isis -- we don't know who is behind this attack. the white house today was talking about a series of good developments including the attack that's apparently taken out jihadi john. number of incidents now. you had the attack on the russian plane leaving egypt, the attack in lebanon and now you have this three significant terror attacks coming in short order. >> let me ask brian ross about that. when i spoke to the president yesterday he would still only call it a strong possibility of isis behind the drowning of the russian plane. >> without a doubt it's considered to be an isis attack. they believe the growing
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>> the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee told me that isis has eclipsed al-qaeda as the number threat. -- number one threat. >> they have as we saw with the charlie hebdo attack. there's on going operations. this is not over by any means. >> talk about where isis is most activity right now. they have a business of operations in syria, a base of operations in iraq and libya and afghanistan. >> they recruit from europe and from the u.s. talking about thousands of recruit from the united kingdom, france, belgium and italy who have gone or stood back to fight in their home countries. >> you were just recently in afghanistan. isis on the rise there too. >> it certainly is.
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it is a real problem . one of things is people want to join isis. they are definitely being recruited. they are definitely carrying out attacks there. this tonight, the thing that is most striking is the clear coordination. a lot of people involved. you had the paris police, all of france on the look out for these types of terrorist attacks. yet these people somehow slipped through the cracks. there is so many of them. >> the president announced the first coordinated attacks against isis and he said the goal was to destroy isis and now the goal is to contain them. >> certainly want them contained. i don't know how you
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strategy is largely military. you've got the attacks in iraq, the attacks in syria. there's some in afghanistan as well. these kind of recruits, these kinds of people who will go out into a major city in the world and carry out these attacks, this is the real challenge. it's not people who were in one place in iraq, it's not people we had lots of people talking to us about iraq and syria today, saying they're killing mid and high level isis leaders, they have killed 75 since may. that does not stop this kind of attack. this becomes a real law enforcement problem. >> dick clark, the former terrorism conductor for police on the phone. from what you
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learned about the attack and who might be behind it? >> this is a sophisticated attack. large numbers of terrorists involved. they're doing bombings, shootings and hostage takings. we haven't seen anything like this since the attack in india several years ago. could this be isis? yeah. could it be al-qaeda? that's possible too. this is not something that came in reaction to any events this week. this was planned for weeks if not months in advance and it comes after the russian plane was down in egypt, after the first major bombing in ber
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it was to stage attacks. we don't know that yet but that's a real possibility. >> the police outside that concert hall, how long will they let this go on? >> i think, george, once they're able to figure out exactly what they do have they may try to communicate with them. i would to see if they can get a dialogue going. that's just to buy time. i would think in the next two to three hours you're going to have i'm not sure at that point they have much to lose. now. right now the situation in paris, dozens of people dead after multiple shootings. between 60 and 100 people being held hostage at the concert hall. three explosions reported near the stade de france where
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the president was in attendance of a soccer game. he closed the country's borders. a full report on world news tonight. >> this has been a special report. you were listening to a special report, paris under attack. it's 6:15 in new york and you're watching a special edition of eyewitness news at 6:00. you heard the abc experts talk about who it might be. we're interested in talking about what's happening on the ground in paris. there's a 100 to 200 hostages per happen -- perhaps in that theater. >> there's been true bloodshed this evening. dozens of people have been killed. joining us now is former nypd detective nick caselta. this is a huge hostage taking. how is it that
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to get handle on this situation there? >> well, they're going to get a handle on it. they're going to freeze the zone. now they have one little opportunity here. we don't know how many hostages are in there. we assume 100 to 200. we don't know how many bad people are in there, terrorists. what we do know is that they are going to look to get some sort of message out to the media. that's why they're still alive. that will give the french police and the special units that are responding there right now to plan what they're going to do. unlike a normal hostage situation, there is no negotiating with these people. they went in there with a one-way mission. the french will get the opportunity when it occurs in a split second to go in there. they have cob cog -- have
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that to be aware of what happened at other hostage charges, such as moscow. they will make a forced entry and see how they're going to take them out. the problem is right now we don't know how many terrorists are in there. if they're going to have the opportunity they're going to try to put in fiberoptic cameras in. that's what they're going to do. >> you're saying if there's no negotiating then what is the aim of the police at this point? to just end this situation eventually? >> we have to end it. the police are going to have to end this situation. i believe that the terrorists will have some sort of manifesto, some sort of corrupted message they will want to put out because they know that every television set in the world is on this. that's what they want to do. they want to put their brand on it, who they are. right now we don't care who they are. we want to deal
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>> stay with us because we have more. >> new york city mayor de blasio. can you hear us? >> okay. thank you for joining us. you have been caught up on the situation that's happening in paris. can you talk to us right now about how it pertains to new york city and what new york is doing to take any precautionary measures? >> absolutely. i've been briefed by nypd on the situation. let me just say our hearts are with the people of paris right now. i was there in january after those horrible attacks. we just have to think about what pain the people of paris are in right now for this to happen again in the same year. nypd has already deployed resource to protect the french u.n. and french consulate and we'll focus on other sites related to them to make sure
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they're safe. we have our critical response vehicles on high alert right now to be able to move wherever we need them. there are no specific threats directed at new york city that we know of at this time but we are monitoring very, very closely the situation with our federal partners and with the folks we have in paris. nypd has a liaison in paris so we're getting reports directly from our office there. thank god at this point no specific threats directed at new york city. >> thankful for that. new york always on high alert. your police commissioner bring brat -- commissioner bill bratton have talked in the past the worry of multiple coordinated attacks, what we seem to be to be seeing in paris. is your administration ready for such an occurrence? >> absolutely. commissioner kelly to he has
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credit put a big focus on fighting terror and developed a strong apparatus. we continued to build on that foundation. in the last city budget we added an additional 400 plus officers for our critical response vehicles and that's building out an already substantial antiterrorism capacity. we have people around the world in key locations. the city on constant alert and we're working with homeland security, fbi and et cetera we are ready. any time we see an attack like this it is not only sobering, it's a reminder to be prepared to be vigil and to make sure that we are reenforcing in places where there's the greatest likelihood of a potential follow up ape tack -- follow up attack.
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>> we heard about the soft targets, the restaurant, the theater, the stade. what can new yorkers expect to see in terms of taking any precautionary measures towards these soft targets we have here in new york city? there's a lot of them. >> i'm sure commissioner kelly will talk about how officials feel in an age of complex threats, loan wolf attacks. we can't have officers everywhere all the time. we have constant by have the and in combination with partners all over the world to look for any potential attack that has been tremendous success because of intelligence gathering. we can also continue to remind our people to be vigilant. the
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that's one of the things that actually does help to inhibit attacks and we're trying to do that. >> this was such a highly
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organized coordinated event of i want to talk to you about paris but talk about new york city and protecting new york city. there >> yeah. new york is more to able to protect itself than any other city in the world in my there's over 1,000 there's critical response vehicles that go to sensitive locations every day. there's a lot more intense sensitive locations than critical response vehicles. you can't protect everything. we live in a dangerous world and we see the manifestation of that going on in paris. >> nick was here this afternoon and talking about the coordination of it. french police are confirming two suicide attacks, one bombings, this hostage taking of maybe up to 200 people. they were different kinds of attacks for different locations. >> sure. they were. we've
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seen these types of things before. they just came together. obviously very well coordinated. this is france's 9/11. this is a huge deal. unfortunately i think the number wills go up. >> is this the first time where we've seen a terrorist attack where you take several suicide bombings, shootings and hear about explosions at the stadium in well. >> we had the attacks in 2008 in mumbi. they took over a hotel. it started as a hostage situation. they had bombs and blew up a taxi cab. this is sort of in the game plan. you know, this is not necessarily particularly imaginative. they have clustered these things together.
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they pick pick ded out the -- picked out the locations. the stadium was -- >> the president was there. >> they have the american band there. the other locations i'd like to know what it was all about. >> what's tend game -- what's the end game with the hostages? that's the big thing going on >> we saw a similar event in moscow several years ago that ended in tragedy. they want to kill people. you know, in a normal hostage situation you want to buy time, talk to the hostage takers, see if there's something that can be negotiated. it appears that they don't want to do that. ultimately you have to assume that whoever is taking these hostages are ready to die. it's a very difficult situation for the french police. >> yes. >> the associate ed -- the associated press reporting they hear automatic gunfire happening outside that theater where those hostages have been taken.
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clearly a very worrisome site. now, would police there -- how are they going to go forward? >> when you hear shots fired inside the facility you have to go in and take action there. you wait and try to delay and buy time but if there's people being shot and killed you have to take action and move in. >> we don't know if that's happening. we appreciate you coming over here. former commissioner ray kelly. some of mr. kelly's former troops at the french embassy on the east side of manhattan. marcus is there for us. beefed up security there, marcus. >> reporter: absolutely. not lock after te events start ed ed to unfold in paris the nypd stationed officers outside the
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there's been a couple in and out of the the -- and out of the building. that unit came by with a visible show of force. that unit was here for about 20 minutes or so and then it moved onto another part of the city. that's what they've been doing, deploying officers to french-owned location, french school, highly trafficked areas, times square, penn station, grand central. the nypd certainly stepping up security. you can see it here outside the consulate on 5th avenue. back to you. >> marcus, thank you very much. we want to check in with josh in the news room following all the late developments in the ever changing story. >> reporter: it's just before 12:30 in the morning in paris. it's been going on now for about
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coordinated bloodshed that began with a couple of explosions at a jam packed soccer stadium north of paris. you can actually see they were playing when that explosion could be heard. there was confusion and the game stopped. the players left the field and then eventually the crowd got on the field. this is scenes from elsewhere in paris after at least one mass shooting at a restaurant, a trendy area. and then a shooting and a hostage situation at the site of an american band performance, a band called eagles of death metal now playing. there's at least 100 hostages there. eyewitnesss now coming forward to tell their story. >> they just told us to run. they basically gave us four different directions to run. they didn't know where the dangerous was. i decided not to
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run in any direction and just find a building to hide for a bit. >> reporter: horrible night of bloodshed in paris. we will keep following it from the news room. >> thank you very much, josh. abc news is report ing that gunfire and some big explosions now being heard outside the concert hall. that's the place where the hostages are being held. >> 100 to 200 hostages being held. paris under attack right now. tonight a soccer game, germany versus france. the french president was there, president hollande. he got out okay. right now this is a country in chaos with a lot of carnage already left behind. >> president hollande declaring a state of emergency there and closing borders to paris. abc's
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