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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  November 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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they had almost 12,000 french citizens go to syria to be trained by isis. they can work their way back up into france. we now know the fbi is sending a team of agents to paris as well. they may already be there. they specialize from recovering information from cell phones and computers as well, rob? in. but right now we know of one american who has died in these attacks. she was a college student studying industrial design. today a vigil for 23-year-old rammy gonzalez will take place on the cal state campus. a junior in paris as part of a stud a broad program -- study abroad program.
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design remembered this young laid -- lady as a shining star. >> her students, classmates, she functioned like a bit of a mentor to younger students. >> the 16 other long beach state students in paris, they are safe. here at home. governor andrew cuomo is sharing tributes to the victims through twitter. he sent out this tweet showing the administration building glowing from blue write and red in solidarity -- blue, -- white and red in solidarity with the victims in france. the governor has directed several state agencies including the port authority and mta, to heighten security. you will notice extra police
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venues on this big sports sunday. live in madison square garden, kristan? >> reporter: one of the reasons is part of the terrorist attacks in paris included a bombing outside france's national soccer stadium. the first major game in our area will be at 12:00 noon at madison square garden. the knicks are playing. there are no known threats for new york city but the nypd wants people to know we are prepared. >> we are here to ensure new yorkers feel safe, stay safe and remain safe. >> reporter: yesterday hundreds of officers put on a show of force in times square, the city's counterterrorism response command, the critical response group the hercules team standing at the ready in sometimes square and in other key locations throughout the city. after the knicks play today at msg, the rangers then have a games. security has been increased but specifics weren't discussed.
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they say they are here to help. >> normally we do our normal patrols. but we heard about what happened tragically in paris. it is always good to have extra eyes and ears, just in case, god forbid. but nypd and other agencies they always have everything under control. >> reporter: also playing today the giants at met life stadium. increased there as well. new jersey state police say they are sending a number of troopers there. live in midtown, kristen thorn, channel 11 news. thank you so much. coming up on sunday morning continuing coverage of the place across the globe, remembering the victims in the attacks in paris. denver, colorado city hall was adorned with the flag of france. in greece they remember and the attack.
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people in paris people in paris are turning to music to show their resilience after the attacks that left the city of light reeling. a crowd gathered near the scene of the worst attacks yesterday as musicians played that famous song by john lennon, of course you know the one "imagine ." so many tributes around the world. again it is a shame it takes tragedy to bring people together. but every time no matter where in the world we see outpourings like there after something so horrendous. >> here in new york your french
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everyone is making connections, expressing condolences. >> it helps all of us. one way is the way the weather is going to warm up. the winds are calming down, the sun is shining. it is all a go for any activities you have outdoors today. really beautiful conditions. as we go through this afternoon, and the early part of the work week weather cooperating. november rolls on. just this mild pattern, beautiful blue skies out here this morning. if we check the numbers, we are in the 40s already. humidity at 55%. winds calm, pressure on the rise. here's a look at the almanac page. our 30-year average is 55 degrees. the record is 72, set back in 1993. so today we surpassed yesterday's highs and go back to the average for this time of rear. we are not pushing any records but we are still trending above average for much of the week. our temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. that is pretty easy to take for this time of year. we are not going to see any major extremes. look how quickly we warmed up,
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only a few degrees off where we were yesterday at the same time. there is a bit of a chill out there as far as being in the 30s and 40s. but the winds, the winds make everything better. now they have settled down we can take these temperatures easily in the mid-40s and a quick warm up will be underway through the afternoon. clouds are thinning through central and southern new jersey and tonight as the sun goes down, about 4:30, 4:40, we'll see clear skies and a few patchy clouds to take us into early tomorrow morning. but really the stage is set with high pressure in control with lots of sunshine for th rest of the day today and tomorrow. the entire eastern seaboard, really beautiful weather continues and takes hold through about wednesday. meanwhile, a big storm is brewing out west and we tracking that all week, because that could potentially bring soaking rainfall for thursday. even into tuesday a few clouds start to creep up.
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but there is the big front. we'll watch that march across the midwest and central plains. storm aniness with this as well. a comma -- storminess with this as well a big comma shape by chicago. overnight lows in the upper 40s, mild conditions, and then tomorrow low 60s. that should feel really good, even warmer than today. the accu-weather 7-day forecast, we can put things into motion all the way through wednesday, allowing for really nice skies. the difference will be in the days, in this jump in temperature. low 50s for tuesday, right back up into the 60s for wednesday. see how we are going to go back and forth see sawing a little bit. then thursday showers, rain arrives, even though it is mild at 66, this is expected to be a soaking rainfall. we take a close-up look on that, reminder that it is mild, but a wind driven rain could be heavy at times on thursday. i want to watch out for the 7-
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50s through low 60s. can you believe it? november 15th and still talking temperatures in the 60s? down the stretch. >> great. >> i see the scarves and big hats, we're getting there. just not mid november. >> less windy today you said? >> yes. thank you. straight ahead on eyewitness news on this sunday morning, a landmark fountain in central london was illuminated
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people of france will go to the faces of sorrow and anguish on the front pages covering their newspapers. >> they mention words like, appalling and massacre. they are also questioning, how it happened. and to the question, what is next? those are some of the headlines on the front pages of those papers. dave evans is live in the newsroom with the very latest
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on what appears to be a quickly moving investigation. >> good morning. investigators say they have seven suspects detained in belgium connected to the attacks. also, one of the suicide bombers may have entered the country with syrian refugees fleeing the civil war. his passport was found next to the body of a man who attacked the national stadium in france friday night. police have also confiscated a seat car with suspected links to the attack. police said they found three rifles about 4 miles east of paris. police believe the gunman pulled up in the car before killing 15 people at one restaurant. they have now taken into custody the relatives of one of the killers. >> the death toll remains at 129 with 350 injured. about 100 of them remain in critical condition this morning. it was a coordinated attack. three teams of terrorists striking at roughly the same time. restaurants, a soccer stadium.
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theater where an american band was performing friday. in paris today, there are memorials with candles and flowers popping up all over the city. many people get -- vowing to go on with their daily lives. that they are not afraid as they remember and are morning -- mourning their loss. >> i knew from the beginning it was a slaughter. inside. >> about 1500 military lockdown. tourist attractions are closed as friends of serves a three- day mourning period. as the president figures out how attack. right now we're keeping thoughts and prayers. >> millions of people are
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tweeting the phrase, pray for paris. amy freeze has been following all of the social media outpouring. >> all of the platforms exploded with this image. it was by an artist, a french artist. you can look him up on twitter. also created graphics during the ferguson episode as well. just a beautiful graphic that has been tweeted. over seven hours, it was tweeted 10 million times. well. many politicians and pope francis this morning saying he is deeply saddened by the attacks. this was tweeted 56,000 times. platforms.
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not just twitter and facebook, but also the cap -- vine. video verified explosions and what happened in france.
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al welcome back. some information i want to pass along. the new york times reporting that a manhunt is underway across europe right now for another suspect linked to the attacks. we have learned the two of the dead terrorists in the attacks were french nationals living in belgium. that is the latest coming in. >> closer to home. there are two games scheduled today at madison square garden beginning at noon. when the new york knicks take on new orleans. >> the nypd says they will pay close attention to the games with the events in paris. we will have a live report from
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the garden coming up in the next half-hour. >> and laura behnke has the details on the actions the nfl plans to take with the games today. >> good morning everyone. while there are no known threats against nfl stadiums ahead of today's game, the league is not taking any chances after the attacks in paris. yesterday the nfl announced it will increase security both inside and outside all 13 sites where nfl games will be played. all will also hold a pregame moment of silence. that of course includes metlife stadium where later today, the giants face their toughest test of the season. the undefeated and -- super bowl champions, the patriots. big blue, ready to take them on. >> it will be a big game. we are all up for the challenge. we will play some great football. >> it is exciting when you are going against a good team. a super bowl team. there is excitement.
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you want to go out there and play well. >> syracuse may have been the underdog but it was the tigers who had everything to lose because with the hardest part of their schedule out of the way, they could be in danger of taking things for granted. syracuse was going for the upset. the orange were feisty. the quarterback draw takes it 10 yards, for the score. tying the game. the tigers getting the lead back. watson going down the sideline. 40 yards, for the score. syracuse battle. 37-27, it is clemson hanging on. and rutgers hosting nebraska yesterday. they took a 21 lead. in this touchdown made it a seven-point game. nebraska responded. timing armstrong junior with his third td of the game. 31-14, rutgers is now 3-7 and officially eliminated for bowl
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>> and the black knights took the field with the american flag as usual. they also ran out with the french flag as well. in a show of solidarity to france after friday's tragedies in paris. >> they are already off to the best start in franchise history. the points keep pouring in for the rangers who headed north of the border looking for their eighth straight win yesterday as senator's. a busy first period. the rangers struck first on the power-play. 1-0. a few minutes later, the senators had an answer. and carlson -- with a tied game. no more scoring after that. a shootout. and the ottawa native made the game-winning shot right there. 2-1. the rangers have at least one point in 12 straight games. >> the doubles hosted the penguins are keeping paris in their thoughts as well. taking it in.
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and it is 1-0. they pile it on. a two on one opportunity. and devils get the win. >> and a team with nothing but wins. last night brooklyn arrived at champions. stephen curry, and his team getting their first loss of the year. young taking over. starting the game eight, for they lead by as many as 17 points in the first half. stephen curry with a two pointer. a one-point game. brooklyn hanging tough. and the alley-oop. in overtime, the warriors come back and remain undefeated. that is your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later tonight at 5:00. much more ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning including a live look at today's top stories.
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-- heightened security. what you need to know coming out out. >> paris remains in mourning. we have team coverage with how
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breaking this morning, another vehicle linked to the terror attacks in paris has been found miles from the concert hall that was targeted. >> the deadly attack on paris has prompted stadiums, arenas, sports leagues all to react and set up security measures. today we're live at madison square garden where enhanced procedures will be in store
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>> and the people of paris mourning from the coordinated attacks. >> thanks for being with us. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. >> welcome to eyewitness news. we have the latest details and team coverage on what exactly is happening in paris. >> here is a look at the french consulate were a vigil grows at this hour. people have been leaving flowers, candles and even glasses of wine in tribute to what we know now are the 129 victims. that number could still grow. >> as more details poor and, we have team coverage breaking down the latest information on the attacks. kristin thorne is live at the garden. she has details on the enhanced security measures. we're live in paris with updates on how the city is doing.
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serbia and syria -- this is a worldwide investigation. all designed to find out how these men pulled it off. and who helped them do it. it starts of course right here in paris where a car was found a short distance from one of the attacks. police believe that vehicle was used by the gunman prior to the attacks. the investigation goes on. a national period of mourning. flowers and candles and vigils across the city. religious services as well today, as a city and nation try to cope with so many violent deaths here on friday night. no one impacted more deeply of course than the family members, the parents of these victims. >> i feel lost and sadness. it was my only daughter. >> [ crying ] >> i saw all of these men
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directions. people shot. it is horrible. it is like war. crazy. >> heartbreaking stories. so many heartbreaking stories. here in paris. we are of course in a national period of mourning. schools will be open tomorrow. they will all have counselors available for the children to be able to discuss all that has happened here these last several days. reporting live from paris, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> in paris and around the world, the reaction has been widespread. including tributes pouring in from right here in our area. mayor bill de blasio tweeted "terrorists can't win if we
9:28 am
will be extra police presence in many places across new york city as we deal with the aftermath of what has happened in paris. today the security focus will be on several sports venues in the city. that is where we are this morning, outside the garden with more on what police have in mind for that area. >> reporter: the reason for the increased security is because part of those terrorist attacks included a bombing outside of the france national soccer stadium. both the knicks and the rangers will be playing at madison square garden we know there will be increased security. we are not being provided with specifics. yesterday in times square, hundreds of officers came out in a show of force work that counterterrorism response team and the hercules team, standing and ready at times square and other key locations. we should be clear. there is no known threat to new york city. but the nypd obviously not taking any chances.
9:29 am
the deputy commissioner of the nypd says that they have adjusted its security plan in the wake of the attacks. >> rather than having to create a change in posture, what we are actually able to do is to make relatively minor adjustments in the counterterrorism overlay that we have on a normal day, by increasing that. and moving them around to the places within the thread picture. >> the giants are also playing today at metlife stadium. we have learned that a number of new jersey state troopers will be there, providing an extra level of security. if you are going to any of these games today, you should expect to see increased security. live in midtown, channel 7, eyewitness news. a breath -- a pub -- a brief update on where we stand. seven people have been arrested.
9:30 am
soon in the next few hours. and two of the dead terrorists were french nationalists who are living in belgium at the time. and right now, as we speak, across europe, there is a manhunt going on for an eighth suspect in the attacks. that is the latest. >> and a ninth found in bavaria in southern germany who had eight rifles in his car hidden as well as grades. and documents suggesting he was going to paris. that. we will be talking to the nypd commissioner in a few minutes. we will have more news headlines here and around
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we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. welcome back. we continue coverage of the attacks on paris. the reality the city is dealing with at this hour.
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as part of the tribute, flowers have been placed throughout and through the actual bullet holes in the shattered windows at one of the restaurants where people died. >> some of the images and pictures of the aftermath are still so sobering. the attacks of course in paris have prompted a response for local law-enforcement agencies at all levels in our city and across the country. tourist destinations and other attractions across new york will presence. you will see that today. >> new york police commissioner bill bratton joins us for more on what we can expect as officers tried to keep everyone safe. good morning to you, commissioner. what jumps out at you. you are a trained professional. in paris right now? >> there are a number of things we're hoping to get information about. coordinated? by that, i mean, there were a
9:34 am
half-dozen different things going on. where the participants in communication with each other during the event or were they operating independently by some central control? secondly, what was the communication equipment they were using, if they were using any? phones, or apps? we talked about the concern of the ability to encrypt messaging. we're seeing that frequently as part of the intelligence gathering capabilities. that is an issue here. the question is, why was there not some indication that an attack was imminent. responsibility. the french president says. this is a lot to me about the capability and the reach and the when you look at what they were able to pull off her -- if it was isis, what lesson do you take away from that, in terms of
9:35 am
this? >> history repeats itself. the events of 9/11 were al-qaida, which has been operating for a number of years -- which had declared war on the united states. the game changer. this is the often used expression, the game changer for isis. because the capabilities up until now have been focused on the war in syria, with some activity occurring elsewhere. and the scope of a week, you had the bombings in lebanon. you have the plane takedown, which was likely them. and then we have the events in paris. so they have moved into -- not only competition with al-qaida -- they have surpassed al- qaida in their capabilities. my concern would be al-qaida feeling outdone and that they would ramp up their activities. they have been somewhat dormant for a while. isis has turned a page in this area. a great concern is the social media capabilities of isis. because they have the ability to
9:36 am
something al-qaida was not able to do. so there are multiple concerns coming out of the paris event. many of which we have been addressing in new york city and the united states. we will look very closely at what happens here. the suicide bombing aspect -- these people is equipped with a suicide vest -- reinforces the idea -- you have to go in. hostages. this is hostagetaking for murder. >> what makes them vulnerable? vulnerable. they are exploiting that. what makes them vulnerable? >> at this point in time, their vulnerabilities are minimal. they have access to money in amounts that al-qaida never had. they have taken social media and have perfected how to utilize it.
9:37 am
they are doing 90,000 social media hits every day. and it is growing. the ability now with the assistance, unfortunately, of manufacturing of phones and other devices and apps that allow you to encrypt messages -- so that we can see them in law enforcement. there are so many new elements coming at us so quickly. we're moving very fast, to stay ahead of these developments. in new york city, we are blessed that we have extraordinarily large capabilities. we still remain the number one we believe. >> how does this, if at all, change the way that nypd approaches counterterrorism efforts in the city based on what we have seen since friday? >> in the two years i have been commissioner, we have changed dramatically in the sense of growing -- watching the growth of isis. we have always been concerned, even issues like what just
9:38 am
for the last year or so, we have been ramping up our abilities to respond to multiple events at the same time. we have the almost 500 office accounts of terrorist command. we have had several hundred offices. was about 400 on duty at any given time, who are equipped to deal with the events like you saw in paris. as essential, is the offense. in our case, it is the gathering of intelligence. >> nobody does it better than the nypd. and the partnership with the fbi. this week, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the joint terrorism task force, the largest and most effective in our country in new york. it is offense. get the information. get them before they get us. we have been very successful with that. more than 20 attacks against the city sense 9/11.
9:39 am
in the same time, we have to be prepared to -- we have to be prepared for when an attack happens. and you don't stay outside waiting as police. you have to get in. you can't give them more time to kill innocents. you have to get in there as quickly as you can. now people are equipped with we have to train to that. when they are taking on somebody with a suicide vest? >> and there have been arrests in new york of americans who have been trying to conspire with isis. >> all of those in the last year -- i don't think people pay attention to these arrests with the fbi. those arrests being made. this constant criticism about
9:40 am
-- we are being accused of spying by some muslim groups. >> the one i have to scratch my head at our the young to know him women that have been radicalized. we are being accused of spying because we put an undercover into contact with them when we picked up on social media that they were trying to learn how to create a bomb. and to be criticized for that -- that somehow we are spying on the muslim community, i'm sorry. we're intelligence gathering on people who are attempting to break the law. and attempting to break the law in a way which is extraordinarily damaging. they want to murder people. we're going to be very aggressive in gathering intelligence on those people. and getting them before they kill innocents. >> sobering. >> a lot to think about. >> thank you. coming up, people across the world paying tribute to the
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e. welcome back. across the world, nations have been displaying messages of solidarity with iconic landmarks. in brazil, christ every team christ the regime are -- the statue glowing with the colors of the french flag. celebrities are canceling trips abroad in the wake of the attacks. u2 canceled the rest of the european tour. they were scheduled to perform in paris. that concert is not going to happen. actress natalie portman canceling her appearance at her new film's premier in france. twentieth century fox has canceled steven spielberg to appear in paris. and foo fighters have canceled their tour as well.
9:43 am
let's turn to madonna who explained why she refused to cancel a concert in sweden. >> they want to shut us up. they want to silence us. [ applause ] we won't let them. >> madonna went on to sing. in the meantime, here in new york, that is the orchestra at the metropolitan opera. take a look at this. an image of the eiffel tower used to make a peace sign has been shared millions of times. and this hashtag has generated 7 million tweets. >> such a sobering talk with the commissioner. we want to say thanks to him
9:44 am
>> and expensive apps on smart phones and encryption methods that anybody can get for $2.99. >> i appreciate the work that they do. it seems like we are in a battle trying to figure out what is happening. >> let's take a look at the weather. let's get up to speed. the second half of the weekend, looking better than the first. yesterday was a decent day. the wind made it uncomfortable. today, less wind. 44 degrees in the park. a lot of blue skies. and 55% humidity. the normal high is 55. today we will get near 60 in some spots with all the sunshine. we are underway with the warming happening. temperatures in the low to mid-40s and some areas.
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temperatures are only a few degrees off of what we had yesterday. minus the wind. that is what will make the difference. it will feel comfortable. shortly we will be into the 50s and some locations. pushing toward the 60-degree mark. if we don't make it today, tomorrow, even more warmth coming in. a lot of 60s on the map. that is with all the sunshine. as the sun goes down this afternoon, there will be clear skies overnight. we will drop down into the 40s. not as cold as last night. that is setting the stage for tomorrow. a beautiful start to the work week. 62 degrees. tomorrow is a sunny warm start. this november pattern we have had continues this week. there are a few roller coasters with the temperatures. but no major weather extremes. in fact, both tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday, getting a nice pattern. eastern third of the u.s. is storm free. looking good with high-pressure and control. then there will be a cold front that comes through in middle of the week. watching this wednesday into
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and get closer to us. we will be tracking rainfall. that could be a heavy rain by thursday. the computer models sell it out late in the week. fifty-eight, the high today. tonight, we go down to 48 degrees for the overnight low. low 60s tomorrow. watch the numbers on the seven-day forecast. a bit of a roller coaster. fiftys today. sixtys tomorrow. fiftys on tuesday. wednesday, back into the low 60s. thursday, mild at 66. we have a lot of rain coming with the front. if we hold this pattern, the rain could potentially be happy. there could be a wind driven rain. something to watch for late in the week. tomorrow, 50s and 60s. enjoy this day. it should be nice. monday afternoon, equally pleasant and warmer. >> thank you. we will be right back with the latest information that has been coming in overnight and all day today on the attacks in paris. first a look at what is coming up on up close. >> we will look at ways to
9:47 am
reduce pedestrian fatalities. more than a dozen pedestrians in new york city in the last two weeks. the city says the mayor's vision zero has reduced traffic fatalities. what is going on here? we ask the transportation commissioner if more needs to be done. >> and one-time mayoral candidate joins us talking about her career and how to help others. that is what she has done all these years later's after leaving politics. we will ask her about poli the beast was as long as the boat. for seven hours, we did battle. until i said... you will not beat...
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see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. visit today. around the world, thoughts and prayers are with paris in the wake of the devastating terror attacks it. >> investigators are working to track down anyone working with these attackers. police say a car found 4 miles from the deadliest scene of the attacks had rifles inside. meanwhile, seven people in
9:50 am
attacks. we also understand that a manhunt for an a suspect is europe. security, as you can imagine, very high in and around paris to these attacks. >> security high here as well. we're live at the garden where the nypd is on high alert. >> reporter: there is concern about security at many of our local sporting venues because part of these coordinated terror attacks included a bombing outside the national soccer stadium in france. that knicks and the rangers will be playing here later today. we know there will be increased security. we are not being provided specifics for obvious reasons. although there is no known threat to new york city or any other local stadiums, the nypd came out in force yesterday showing that counterterrorism response teams.
9:51 am
sitting and ready at times square. and many other key locations. the giants will be playing at metlife stadium later today. there will be increased security there as well. we have heard from new jersey state police that they will send a number of troopers there. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> stay with eyewitness news and abc news for continuing coverage on the investigation and reaction to the attacks in paris coming up next. and we will hear more from the nypd commissioner bill bratton. >> a lot to talk about. final check of the weather. the better half of the weekend. we will see some improvements today. there is less wind. a lot of sunshine. temperatures get a bit warmer. finishing out, we should see temperatures approaching the 60-degree mark later this afternoon. right now, 40s. beautiful blue skies overhead. a beautiful shot at lower manhattan. here is the seven-day forecast.
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we are on target for long-term averages. tomorrow, even warmer at 62. we go down tuesday with cooler temperatures. wednesday, we bounce-back into the low 60s. tracking rain on thursday. that will be something to watch in the seven-day forecast as we go throughout the week. >> thank you so much. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news sunday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. from the entire news team, thanks for being with us. >> eyewitness news is back tonight at 6:00. have a gorgeous sunday. thank you for being it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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