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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 16, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fast moving developments in the search for answers after the terror attacks in paris. dozens of raids carried out overnight and new details just coming in about the suspects charged with plotting and carrying out the massacre. people in new york in solidarity with the 129 who died. >> thank you for joining us monday november 16. right to the latest from france. within the last hour the associated press reports the officials in france identified the suspected mastermind of the attacks a bell jan man by the name of abdelhamid abaaoud. they identified a french citizen facing charges from 2012 and a syrian man who blew himself up outside of the soccer stadium. >> all 28 member nations of the
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euro zone joining together in a shared moment of silence. >> the new new york stock exchange will honor at 9:25:00 a.m. and another at 9:26:00 a.m. marking the conclusion. >> we have team coverage this morning marking. we are going to start with jim dolan live in paris with the new information just coming in. >> here in france and around the world the french response to friday night now being heard. there's a moment of silence being observed here in france at this moment. we want to talk about the police raids. massive police raids overnight. at least 23 people were arrested overnight and listen to what they seized in those raids. rifles, a rocket launcher and bulletproof vests all of the stuff of modern terrorism because they also got computer hard drives and computers and expect to learn so much more
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>> suddenly the french police were everywhere. massive raids, sweeps of people expected in isis terror in europe. police using new powers granted under the current state of emergency and at least six arrested. the french prime minister says much more on the way here in france and throughout europe. >> this is in a war context because that is what we are living in. we have to go beyond that. >> over the weekend seven people were arrested in belgium and arrest warrants could be issued for them today. the manhunt continues for 26 sold salah abdeslam. they had him but let him go after checking his id. he's believed to be the gunman who led the team shooting at people in restaurants and bars. officials believe that isis commanders in syria ordered the paris attack as part of a new
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strategy to go global. the french relying on air strikes. there are reports of 30 sites bombed in the eastern syrian city of raqqa, the isis capital. water and power have been cutoff there by the french air strikes. to be sure these are just the initial responses of the french and her allies around the world it especially seems in belgium where the seeds of this terror plot that took place right back here where 90 people were killed where the seeds of this plant were first planted. reporting live in paris jim dolan eyewitness news. >> jim thank you. security has been tightened in cities all across america as officials warn of more attacks in france. today nasa county police will discuss their efforts to protect their residents and
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it was bathe made the colors of the french flag as people lay base. kella ramma is live outside of the french consulate on the upper east side. >> security has been amped up throughout new york city and two things the nypd wants you to do today, be vigilent and patient as you are headed out as security is amped up and you see that on your morning commute. here you see it's a growing memorial. officers even guard this memorial as more and more people have come to drop off flowers, candles and beautiful york city. across the city we've seen amped up security including times square where armored trucks stand for all to see. later this afternoon the mayor and police commissioner will announce the first deployment
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command of counter terrorism to conduct daily deployments in sensitive locations throughout the city just like we've seen in times square. commissioner bratton told eyewitness news more than 20 attacks have been stopped since 9/11. >> get the information and get them before they get us. we've been very successful with that stopping 20 attacks since 9/11 but coming at us more frequently and we have to be prepared to defend when an attack occurs. >> we've seen memorials popping up all over new york city and all of the beautiful pictures of memorials going out to paris and the hash tags pray for peace and pray for paris. another hash tag you notice this afternoon is hash tag united with france as people gather at the 9/11 memorial paying respects with people gathering at the survivor tree to show france that new york city stands with them.
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live on the upper east side channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. international authorities race responsible we are learning more about the methods used by horrific attack. dre clark has that part of our coverage in the news room. >> good morning. intelligence agencies are adapting to new technology to track terrorists and the most hardest to break. they may have used a sony playstation 4 to communicate plans. the playstation 4 is chosen because it's difficulty to monitor. it remains unclear if the ps4 was used for planning friday night's series of attacks in paris. here in the u.s. intelligence agencies are on high alert from any communication from isis.
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confronted in the u.s. in the last two years. isis is more aggressive than al- qaeda and investigators are working to have encryption used by the terrorists. >> no question the world has changed in terms of encryption apps that are pretty good. i'm sure there are people in washington trying to break into those apps. >> as jim mentioned a moment ago in those overnight raids across france police seized computers and hard drives and investigators are hoping it will provide more insight into how the attackers were carry out a well plan and highly coordinated killing spree. live in the news room eyewitness news. >> dre thank you and we will bring you breaking updates as we get them on the air and on abc7ny. be sure to download the app to receive alerts on your smart phone. we want to get a check on the commute and forecast.
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minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we look at our camera south of the east river where it's quiet calm and glassy and to the far right is the fdr and we've got a gorgeous sunrise on the way up in about 35 minutes from right now. we are looking at dawn and chilly numbers outside the five 52 overnight low was 42. a west to northwest wind. a front you can barely see by the out line of those clouds up to north bay. windsor, toronto is colder air that pours in tonight and tomorrow and back to our west a cold front thursday. by noon time at 61, 65 this afternoon. that's over ten degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. we have a great sunset. kids and school this morning dress for chill. jackets and sweaters later on
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today it's going to be great. cooler weather tomorrow. rain on thursday. all of this in your seven day forecast to talk about. heather has your commute. how's it going out there? >> i've been telling you about this accident in elizabeth and last night as well. we have a bird's eye view of what's happening in this area and will check in now with john. >> good morning heather. yes we see all of the activity on the roadway this accident happened during the overnight hours just a few blocks north of the bayway circle in elizabeth. all of that around the utility pole which is leaning over the roadway. a cherry picker was attaching wires back up to it. i'm not sure if it's secured or if they are in the process of picking up the cones. i don't think so. we've got one lane open north of the bayway circle and problem. heather. >> thank you for that john. i can tell you about your
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hudson river crossing and mass transit doing okay. subway service running on or close to schedule. if you are heading onto the merit parkway police activity all lanes the activity is in the fairfield rest area and local streets and the westchester county bound we have debris in the right lane. minor delays george washington bridge. the lincoln is fine. the holland ton a minor delay and the george washington bridge through the tolls traffic moving well as you make your way across the span. the brooklyn bridge is moving just fine. the manhattan bridge is doing okay. no major problems there and the williamsburg bridge is in very good shape. you have street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken and lauri over to you. >> heather thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning some other news of the day including a fire inside a home overnight that turned deadly on long island. >> also the tragedy in france
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one woman from new jersey waiting for word if her brother is safe. >> here's a live picture from paris hundreds of people gathering at the place coming together in a moment of silence just a few moments (vo) always a warm welcome. always a friendly hello. always a perfectly flaky crust. the only one made with real butter and abundant seasonal fruit. warm and welcoming and fresh from your oven with our flakiest crust ever.
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6:13 breaking news now as france and the rest of the european union observes a moment of silence to mourn the paris victims. overnight police carried out 168 raids and those raids continue according to the associated press investigators topped that by naming the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks a belgium citizen, abdomen abdelhamid abaaoud who knew attacks were being prepared and more across europe. meanwhile syria sites were struck in the isis capital of raqqa. a new jersey woman hopes today will be the day she will hear from her brother who may have been at a targeted venue in paris. she has not heard from her brother john since thursday.
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he planned to go to the concert hall on friday. 89 people were killed and hundreds of others wounded by a she's afraid her brother is hurt and in the hospital unable to reach her. >> i called him friday night attack. i call him no answer. i call saturday no answer. today i call no answer. >> fuller says the search for her brother is complicated by media. g.o.p. presidential hopeful dr. ben carson says the paris attack shows president obama is not helping and isis is not growing in strength. >> i don't like to be super critical but obviously we can see that isis has quite a bit more strength than perhaps we thought that it had and that would probably be a matter of not getting very good intelligence about it.
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>> dr. carson has come under fire for his own lack of foreign policy expertise but he gets daily briefings from a number of people and some of them are generals. since the paris attack police have found passports belonging to the governors of michigan and alabama want to bar all syrian refugees from coming into this country. robert bentley has not received any refugees into alabama and never will. i will appose any attempt to relocate syrian refugees to alabama and i will not stand complacent to a policy that places the citizen's of alabama in harm's way. >> time to get a check on the forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans outside of our studios. >> we've got a nice morning, very comfortable. it's suit weather. you don't need a top coat or jacket or sweater and outside the nice warm bureaus the
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lot cooler in the suburbs. a beautiful sunrise in progress where dawn is pretty and nice, 52 degrees. humidity is dry, winds light out of the south west going northwest today. the pressure is 30.20 above the normal weather pressure of 30.00. it's a little cooler north and west. you need the jacket or the sweater. it's 34 and 41 around bridge port so the wind northwest today up to the north and there's a front from syracuse, plattsburg a little line of clouds. that's a line of clouds with a cold front that will come north south over us and to our west clear skies the bubble high will spread eastward tomorrow and the rain in the midwest big storm creating a lot of snow working it's way through the rockies. see that big low that came moving into the great lakes to present good old fall thunderstorms for the mid section of the country.
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that comes to us with some rain on thursday and we could get some supersoaking rain on thursday maybe an inch or two. at the bus stop temperature about 52 degrees this morning into the mid 60s afterwards a nice warm day. tomorrow the bubble high slides eastward warming to 52 then 58 wednesday and rain gets here thursday. nice day today 65 degrees over ten degrees above normal. tonight we cool back down to 42 suburbs. tomorrow plenty of sunshine high of 52 pretty close to normal. wednesday. thursday we've got a lot of thunder. then friday we've got breezy clouds decreasing and then we'll have sunshine and seasonal weather for this weekend. we'll have great weather coming so grab a jacket or sweater,
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>> all right thank you bill. >> another check with heather on the commute. >> we are going to take a look at pictures from news copter 7 and john showing us this problem here on routes 1 and 9. this is southbound before the bayway circle. only the left lane is getting by here. we do have police and crews on the scene trying to fix this light pole. there was an accident the pole was knocked down so they have to clean up the area, get the pole back up and fix the wires until they could get all of the lanes reopened. it's effecting the southbound side but not side. our maps tell you throning island railroad, metro north, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. the bqe northeast disabled vehicle being cleared away. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. lauri and ken over to you. >> thank you so much heather. still ahead on eyewitness news
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today for one of a big political officials. what's in store for dean skillets.
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the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching,
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in the money this morning global stocks are taking a pounding after the terror attacks in france rattled investors. there's extra security on hand at france's euro market. >> wall street futures are higher after friday's losses. the dow jones starts the day 202 points in the red. nasa positive and s&p 500 begin 1% lower. now to a developing story in long island. a body has been found at the scene of a house fire. it started at about 2:00 a.m. on maple street. investigators are not sure how the victim died. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 6:23.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. bill evans has your exclusive forecast. >> here we go. taking a look outside this morning and a beautiful sunrise. a nice morning. it's cool and crisp. grab a jacket you need that. 36 morris town and chilly. 41 bridge port. grab a jacket you need it. it warms to 65 today. tomorrow we talk about that and heavy rain possible on thursday. heather how is it going out there. >> we still have this problem in elizabeth and john in the copter is showing us we still have a lot of activity involved in this accident that was cleared but this pole, they are still out there trying to correct it and make sure the wires are set-up. the left lane closed before the bayway circle. we also have mass transit doing fine. no major problems to report
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there and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lauri over to you. >> heather thank you. this morning jury selection begins in the trial of a former political power broker in albany facing federal exportation charges. he was state senate majority leader until he was arrested in may. he is charged in a plot that earned his son adam more than $300,000. his son's trial began three weeks ago. a tornado touched down in central california outside of modesto. the strong winds uprooted trees and broke windows. a tornado ripped the roof off of a church but fortunately nobody got hurt. and breaking news ahead at 6:30 and urgent manhunt to a suspect tied to the terror attacks in france. streets blocked off and a
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they step it up to find this man. more than 1,000 officials
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breaking news french authorities increasing their pressure on islamic state militants zeroing in on the suspectst responsible for the terror attacks in paris. heavily armed police are storming brussels as the manhunt intensifies for the man in charge of the plot. >> the investigation is happening right now in the brussels neighborhood where three suspects were arrested on saturday. >> and the alleged mastermind of the attacks identified a short time ago is a 27-year-old belgium man who is believed to be responsible for plotting attacks on a plane and a church.
6:27 am
warned members about an eminent assault by isis one day before the attacks occurred. >> a union find moment of silence was held this past hour at noon time in paris by every member of the eu. everyone continues to honor of victims of the attacks. >> president obama ordered all flags at half staff. new york city and state flags have also been lowered. this afternoon a gathering will be held at the national september 11 memorial paying tribute to those who died. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is live now in paris at jim? >> lauri no question about it the people of france were wounded on friday night but as the work week begins here in paris the french response now being heard as law enforcement has a massive response even as this nation mourns and
6:28 am
just a half hour ago azoleon moment of silence here in france the french president taking part with the people. they are broken hearted here to be sure but they are far from broken. overnight there were massive raids throughout the country, 23 people arrested and they think they got intelligence about how this raid started and was planned at very least the raids took some very dangerous weapons off the streets of france. >> we have ordered to search the household of a lot of people. we found a number of automatic pistols and military uniforms and rocket launchers. the police are carrying out an investigation as we speak. >> just to repeat a bit of that, rocket launchers. they found rocket launchers in the hands of some of those
6:29 am
arrested overnight just here in france. a lot of this work being done in belgium it is believed now this plot was hatched in belgium and that is where it began a lot of people being arrested there and those raids continuing as well. reporting live from paris jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim thank you. security has been increased at venues across new york city even though there's no known threat at this time. william bratton says thousands of well armed security personnel are at the ready. eyewitness news reporter kella ramma is live on the upper east side. >> yes lauri we even have officers here guarding this french memorial at consulate. candles, signs and balloons laid by so many people who come by every day to show france that new york stands with them and across the city you notice
6:30 am
amped up security. the hercules team composed of specialist cops stand near barricades for everyone to see. at metlife stadium i was at the giants patriots game and you noticed security over head with the helicopter flying above and on the ground with a lot more armored vehicles and check points than seen before. it was the same scenario for rangers fans at madison square garden. >> i can't say i feel unsafe. we are excited to come to the game and come out but it is disheartening it's come to that point in society where everything needs to have an increase of security just for everyone to feel safe. >> in addition to these memorials across the city people will be gathering for a lot more vigils today so the nypd is asking everyone to do two things today as they head out on their morning commute vigilent. live on the upper east side
6:31 am
eyewitness news. >> thank you. a vigil was named last night in diversity plaza in jackson heights. queens residents came together with community and faith leaders to light candles and offer their prayers to the people of paris. people around the world cole learn a lot from: could learn a lot from the jackson heights community where so many diverse groups of people live in harmony. >> in brooklyn in carol park and gardens holding french national flags and marched by the near roman catholic church. some who were born in france say the attacks are especially difficult for their kids. >> hard time to learn for children because life is not fair. >> we were here on 9/11 and the whole world stood up to say they were with us after that happened and it meant so much to us so we wanted to say that paris. >> during the church service there was a call for
6:32 am
forgiveness and ended with the congregation singing let there be peace on earth. >> president obama is set to hold a news conference from the g20 summit in turkey. the leaders say they planned a united vigorous response to the isis attacks in paris but so far there's little sign of what they intend to do. president obama and british prime minister david cameron each met with russian president vladimir putin urging him to focus on defeating isis. >> we are meeting together after the opposing terrorist attacks in france and it's clear to me we must work together to defeat the terrorism that's a threat to brittain, russia and others. >> in a meeting privately putin met with other leaders trying to win support for the strategy in syria. stay with us for updates on the investigation on the terror
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many of you have been sharing your tributes to the victims. join the hash tags abc7ny. new this morning a group of former prisoners now on it's way five men have been released from the cuban prison and sent to the united arab. each have been held for 13 years. authorities determined they are no longer a threat. the man of the first prisoners accepted by the uae. police are searching for a killer after a barber was stabbed to death outside a barber shot late last night. the 26-year-old victim was leaving shop on 207th street in endwood where he was stabbed in the chest then rushed to the hospital where he died. it's time for a check on the forecast. bill even yan has the latest. >> we are going to look at
6:34 am
happening this morning. sunshine and cool temperatures, colder numbers on the west but overall these numbers are going to be quite warm for the day. a nice ride from staten island to jersey city a west wind 13 miles per hour. we are going to be watching what's going to be a nice day today with a lot of sunshine and temperatures later on today should work their way into the upper 60s. probably mid 60s around the five burroughs upper 60s across the northwest today and tomorrow. this front to the north there's a line of it right there dropping down south tonight making it a cooler day for tomorrow. sunshine today, 52 at 8:00. by the afternoon looking at 65. over ten degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. at the bus stop it should be right around 52 degrees so pretty nice morning here. taking a look at the people at the bus stop. how is it going out there?
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of volume if you are planning on going to the new york state thruway. bumper to bumper volume on the new york state thruway heading onto the southbound side. we'll go right over to our maps. southbound at exit 13 the palisades parkway we have an accident. further south at the bridge away. ten minutes george washington bridge 30 the lincoln 10 at the holland tunnel and right near south of newark airport accident with a downed pole. two lanes remain closed down. new jersey transit doing okay. subway service on or close to schedule. bqe north going east near the bridge that's a disabled vehicle that has been cleared away but a delay going northbound off the williamsburg bridge and even southbound
6:36 am
we had police activity southbound exit 46. we didn't have lanes blocked but all of that activity in the fairfield rest area so some delays still there but all lanes opened on the merit parkway. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lauri and ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead new video of a possible hate filled attack in brooklyn. what the suspects are accused of throwing at a group of jewish men. also ahead remembering one american victim in the terrorist attacks. we are hearing from the family of a college student killed while studying abroad.
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an update now starting with the moment of silence and mourning the dead in paris. that followed the night of 168 police raids dozens of arrests and weapons seized along with computers. the french have reported identifying the mastermind of
6:39 am
strikes on isis in syria have hit a reported 30 sites. >> we are learning more about the american college student killed during that rampage in paris. the parents and the boyfriend of the 23-year-old are sharing the grief and telling the world about the young man they loved and the daughter that died in paris. >> she is not dead. she's right here. >> she wanted a career and a different life. she had big dreams. >> she was at a cafe friday night with three friends when the gun men simply opened fire. she was one of 19 people killed in one restaurant. 6:43. time to get a check on your forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> as we get going the sun will be up in just a few minutes from right now. here's a live picture and we show you a pretty morning.
6:40 am
south past the world trade. we've got a lot of nice weather to start your week. 52 degrees, comfortable, the humidity dry and south west wind rising. normal is 45 and we are going to be warmer than that. we are lacking at what's going to be a warmer than normal day today cooler than normal tomorrow temperatures rebound on wednesday. rain thursday that would be very heavy and seasonal sunny weather coming up for the weekend. i'll show you this in our forecast and as we get through the seven day 44 up towards pennsylvania and kingston, white plains, new city, rockland county about 42. 52 around the five bureaus. it's always warmer with that heat there. we are going to be seeing very nice mild temperatures averaging about 10 degrees warmer than normal.
6:41 am
a calm to light west northwest wind. up to the north the cloud cover is a front that will sag south of us today and give us cooler weather tomorrow and rebounding wednesday. then the rain with the front coming to us thursday. this is our computer guidance future cast big storm in the nation's mid section. a lot of snow for the rockies and rain and thunderstorms for the great lakes and gulf coast. we get that on thursday. maybe a rumble of thunder for us in the northeast on thursday. you need your gear kids to get to the bus stop but after school i give it an a today. nice and warm, 65 degrees over 10 degrees warmer than normal. tomorrow we are at 52 which is right at seasonal temperatures and then the rain coming on thursday. today at 65 very nice start to the week. tonight we cool off down to 32 in the suburbs 42 in the five burroughs and tomorrow sunshine
6:42 am
clouds increase on wednesday we warm to 58 and there's the rain for thursday afternoon and night heaviest and then clouds decrease on friday. breezy with sunshine and the weekend right now is shaping up to look very nice and seasonal with a lot of sunshine. so grab a jacket. we are off to a nice start on weather so far this week. back if you. >> let's check in with heather. >> we got word that the seven trains are having signal problems so expect delays as a result. new york state thruway at the palisades parkway an accident and farther south another disabled vehicle has been cleared away. 15 minutes inbound george washington bridge and a 10 minute delay. we also have a problem here on routes 1 and 9 south near bayway avenue and an accident with a downed pole still with us. two lanes closed as a result. garden state parkway an
6:43 am
accident in howl and as you head over here into the merit parkway police activities cleared at exit 46. street clean rules in effect for today. lauri and ken over to you. >> heather thank you. news copter 7 has just arrived over an accident on staten island that's causing delays near the bridge. >> john what's the latest? >> we arrived first on the scene an accident that's going to cause a problem for local commuters to the verazano bridge at lily pond road and mcclain avenue. two car accident one of them with substantial damage. the fire department had to cut the roof out of that vehicle. we did see one person removed by ems. half the roadway is shut down alternating traffic on one side of the road. this is the main feeder road up to the bridge so all of the
6:44 am
verazano you can see how close to the bridge we are. folks that use this boulevard up to the bridge you want to allow some time this morning. it looks like it's going to be here for a while. channel 7 eyewitness news. it's 6:48. good morning america is coming good morning amy. >> good morning great to be with you both. coming up next on gma paris under attack raids carried out overnight and a manhunt for the one that escaped. france launching massive raids in syria in response and victims of the tragedy. we have full team coverage live from paris and belgium all coming up next right here on good morning america. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning nypd is investigating a hate crime after three jewish men were hit with eggs in brooklyn. the surveillance video shows
6:45 am
the suspects on the sidewalk in burrell park attacking three people throwing eggs at them and yelling slurs. two of the victims say the suspects drove off in a silver bmw. a pit bull attacked and critically wounded a man in jersey city. the police found the 35-year- old covered in blood when they arrived at his apartment around midnight. the dog got out of it's cage and began attacking. garcia is now at jersey city medical center receiving treatment to his hands and stomach. the take down of a massive heroin distribution ring on long island among those arrested a father and son richard senior and junior among eight people facing charges. richard junior is accused of leading a crew of dealers in the hamptons. richard senior accused of stashing drugs at his home in farmington.
6:46 am
new this morning a scare
6:47 am
welcome back. new this morning security fears led to a plane evacuation in washington d.c. passengers lined up to pick up their luggage after the flight landed in boston. the crew thought two people were behaving suspiciously in
6:48 am
all 115 people abhorred were removed while a canine crew had to sweep the aircraft. a mississippi firefighter who was disfigured while trying to save people from a house fire 14 years ago will get a second chance at a normal life. he received the face of a brooklyn cyclist in a remarkable transplant carried out in manhattan at the nyu medical center. the bike rider died back in july in an accident. it took over 12 hours to make his face the new face of 41- year-old patrick hartson who will be profiled this week on abc's night line. you can also read about it on abc >> that is amazing. wow. >> uh huh. >> 6:53 our time another update on breaking news in a live report from paris coming up next. this is a live look from paris where the mastermind of the deadly terror attacks has been identified this morning
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in france they are holding dozens of people now for the paris attacks while the nation and all of europe pause to mourn. >> jim dolan is live in paris with the latest. jim? >> yeah ken a busy morning here in france. a massive military and police response throughout the country
6:52 am
and that takes place even as the mourning, the grieving here continues. just an hour or so ago a solemn moment of silence here in france the french president taking part with the people. they are broken hearted to be sure but they are far from broken overnight massive raids throughout the country at least 23 people arrested. they think they got good intelligence about how this terrorist attack started but terrible weapons off the street. rifles they seized here in france rocket launchers off the street who knows what they were going to be used for by terrorists and bulletproof vests all of the stuff of modern terrorists where they expect to get information about active terrorist cells throughout the country. reporting live from paris jim dolan channel 7 eyewitness news.
6:53 am
you will notice an increase of security including times square where the hercules team is stationed. william bratton will be on randall's island for the critical response command of the counter terrorism team that conduct daily deployments in sensitive locations throughout the city. this is a live look at the french consulate under increased security in the wake much the paris attacks. >> let's check in with heather again. >> the seven train has issued so expect delays in both directions. you have long island railroad metro north running on or close to schedule. the bqe going south west you have a disabled vehicle so delays as a result. new york state thruway south of exit 13 an accident very heavy delays as you head southbound. george washington bridge is 20,
6:54 am
the holland is not 207 minutes it's a 20 minute delay. my apologies. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today as well. >> thank you heather. >> i've been there. i feel your pain. here's what's going on outside this morning. starting out with sunshine a really pretty morning as the barge makes it's way to staten island to refill and head back up from the cove. looking at 53 murray hill, 54 river dale. these numbers are warm but chilly up to the north and west. grab a coat. later on today it's warm, 65 degrees. for this time of year it should be around 54. looking at a cooler day tomorrow. clouds increase wednesday. windy and rainy on thursday, maybe a couple inches of rain but clears out thursday night into time for friday and the weekend. have a great day. >> france gave us a beautiful gift a couple of centuries ago the statue of liberty so thank you for that and we pray for
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