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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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places in france. police arrested many here and seized weapons including a rocket launcher. the president said he knew the war would last a while but had no doubt how it would end. >> terrorism will not destroy france. because france will destroy it. long live france and the french republic. >> we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil. our goal as i've said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. >> it's been very scary but we faced this in new york. as hard as it is, we just have to keep going. >> reporter: guzman is from elmwood park, new jersey. but she's here studying for a semester abroad program. she was leaving the soccer stadium on friday night when the bombs there went off. >> i was in the middle of such a panic. like all i remember in my head are just running and
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seeing people falling but people just running on top of each other because we're just trying to run to save our lives. >> you can just imagine how frightened she was. she didn't even hear the bombs go off. she was just in the middle of the crowd and all that panic and she had to run. there is a fear here to be sure by just about everybody but also a need to get back, a need to reclaim their lives. the president here will retain emergency powers for about three months but today kids went back to school. adults went back to work, and people did start to get back to their lives. reporting live from paris, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile, isis has released a chilling new video, promising an attack here in the u.s. the city targeted this time washington, d.c. and the video a fighter in iraq vows to attack our nation's capital the way it's threats
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like this which have cities on high alert. tim fleischer on randalls island on the new today. >> the critical response command which is headquartered here on randall's island is heavily armed and heavily trained to run in to the face of terroristic danger. >> we operate on the assumptions if we have one of these attacks, their intention is to kill everybody they get their hands on so we will move very quickly to move in to stop that threat. >> reporter: to face that deadly terroristic threat, the nypd ruled out the first 100 officers in the newly formed critical response command. part of its counterterrorism unit. >> you are in fact the best of the best. you're now part of the front line of this city's defense against terrorism. >> reporter: the officers who all volunteered for this dangerous duty and are handpicked will number 560 by the end of this year. they're
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heavily armed and trained in specialized weapons and tactics to counter a new type of threat. >> they've been trained and will receive continuous expanding training on dealing with active shooter scenarios such as we just recently witnessed in paris, france. >> reporter: the officers moved out in a fleet of cars and vans from their new headquarters on randalls island late today and deployed to critical infrastructure and sensitive locations throughout the city. they are trained to meet the changing face of terrorism. >> we look at that. we analyze that and then we translate that and turn that in to training. >> that training has also extended to regular duty officers. 3,000 officers have been trained in the active shooter training. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and president obama standing by. his policy in the fight
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against isis. he conceded the attacks were set back but says now is not the time to try to change strategy. our political reporter dave evans is in the news room with more. >> president obama today chided reporters who asked basically the same question several times. why is he resisting a broader war against isis? ironically on friday morning the white house was bragging about success in battling the islamic state and then paris happened. still obama's refusing to change american policy. >> reporter: in turkey today the president defended his strategy in battling isis despite everything that happened in paris friday. >> even as we grieve with our french friends, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. >> reporter: an intense news conference, the president refuted the idea of american troops on the ground to battle isis. he also rejected calls to block the entry of syrian refugees to prevent terrorists country.
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>> slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. >> reporter: republicans have blasted obama's isis strategy calling it too little too late. >> the president's policy has failed. we have to take much the apologetic. we need special operators, spotters on the ground to make the bombing attacks much more effective. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, republican candidates called our syrian refugee policy >> doesn't surprise me at all that president obama is saying in europe today pay no attention to these radical islamic terrorism. >> france is at war. >> reporter: in france's parliament, the president promised to defeat isis as french fighter jets continued to pound targets in syria. reporters asked why america doesn't respond more forcefully but obama said when it comes to isis he's not in the political business of trying to make america look tough.
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>> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. but as i said from the start, it's going to take time. >> explaining how america is battling isis, he said the only thing he really hasn't done is put large numbers of american troops in syria and he said that's not going to happen on his watch. he said no doubt our military could win in syria but he predicted once we left the terrorists would come back. a growing number of u.s. governors now closing their states to syrian refugees. at least nine governors, mostly republican, warn the refugees pose an immediately threat to americans. some law experts claim u.s. governors have no legal right to keep refugees out. millions of syrians have fled to neighboring countries and europe to escape terrorism. president obama has pledged to
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the u.s. after thorough security checks. new yorkers and french citizens gathering today at the site of the deadliest terror attack here on u.s. soil, all a sign of strength and solidarity, a vigil at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan where people reflected on how france stood in new york city following the attacks of 2001. now that new york city is sharing in the grief of the european nation, those at today's ceremony said the site reflects tragedy along with the power of healing and hope. >> new york city rebuilt itself. new york city showed us an example of resolve. >> after the ceremony, items of tribute, flowers in blue, red, and white were placed at the survivor tree at the memorial. on wall street traders in the new york stock exchange paused for a moment of silence
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a single bell rang at 9:25 this morning. then people stopped and stood with their heads bowed underneath the american flag. trading then began as usual at 9:30. the terror attacks overseas, it's impacting french tourism. many here are canceling plans to visit the city of light. kemberly richardson with that angle. she's live tonight on the upper east side. >> it's crystal clear from what's happening here at the french consulate that there's a tremendous outpouring of love for the people of paris. in fact france is one of the world's top tourism destinations. tourism represents about 8% of the french economy. right now it is taking a hit. some hope it's temporary. >> reporter: it's all hands on deck here at the french way travel. agents rebooking and rescheduling trips to paris.
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stand by to see where france is going. we didn't have a lot of cancellations from europe. most of the cancellation postponings happen from the u.s. mostly. >> reporter: roughly 70% of their business centers around travel to france. on an average day they'll book between 25 and 30 packages to paris. even now as the eiffel tower and other key tourist spots reopen, many worry what impact friday's attacks will have on the overall economic state of things. right now paris and other european cities are gearing up for the normally busy holiday and winter seasons. some saying for now they'll pass on paris. >> the security everywhere, still the potential for another explosion, bomb, some type of threat. as soon as they get them go to paris again. >> reporter: experts point out typically these types of cancellations are temporary. ester witnessed that following
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>> it's different the next two if they are coming back. >> can't be fearful. you've got to let go because it's a safe country. really haven't got that many problems. it's that's how i look at it. just a note , disneyland, paris, and the louvre remain closed. news. >> our coverage continues at 5:30. jim hoffer has been looking at new concerns on how terrorists use encrypted communicate. we'll take a look at how big of a problem this is. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for updates. we're constantly updating abc7ny and our twitter and facebook pages it. news.
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park section of brooklyn where one person was stabbed, another punched. shannon sohn is live with an update. >> we can sort of peek in on the mezzanine level of the station and in there you can see police department officials as they investigated after as you said one person was stabbed and one person was punched inside both of them have been removed to an area hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the stabbing itself happened at no as we bring you down to street level, police have shut down this subway stop entirely and the j train which travels along the railroad track is completely bypassing the cleave street station. if you're on the train, what you need to know if you go 5 blocks to the east, you can get off at the norwood avenue station. reporting live
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sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're following another breaking story. a tree falls on a food delivery man in brooklyn park. next. >> also coming up new at 5:00, investigation. what a woman says happened when she went there to get help. >> and a big blow to the giants today. the injury and surgery that will keep victor cruz from playing the rest of the season. >> and out of tragedy comes triumph. a badly injured firefighter gets a new face. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. way above average today. 14 degrees above average. a couple spots hit 70 degrees. look how much cooler it is to the north and east.
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we have more breaking news tonight. a delivery man on a bike crushed when a tree fell on him. right now the man is in the hospital as police try and figure out why workers who were cutting down the tree failed to block off the area. eyewitness news reporter darla miles has more from the red hook section of brooklyn. >> that is a big question in this investigation because we spoke to a number of eyewitnesss who said this street was not blocked off when those trees were coming down and sources tell eyewitness news those two independent contractors are still here on the scene as the nypd conducts the investigation. >> i passed by, then i heard like a shouting, a scream. when i looked back i saw the tree was there and the bike and the guy was right there. >> reporter: a bicycle trushed -- crushed by a massive tree. a man in his 30s was riding it at
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the time. a delivery man dropping off an order. >> i heard the guy yelling whoa. and then bam. and it hit him. >> i called 911 and they came. the fire department first came then the ambulance. they were trying to help him. >> reporter: the parks department says the trees were being cut down and pruned as part of a post sandy cleanup project. >> i didn't ride on the trees. i saw the guy caught in the tree. so i took the other way. as i took the other way, i saw the other guy coming this way. i was going this way and he passed me. then i heard the noise. >> reporter: a written statement from the parks department reads in part, our thoughts are with the individual injured in this unfortunate accident. nyc parks is conducting a thorough investigation of this incident. >> very nice guy. he always talks to me, asks me if i'm busy today. i ask him if he's busy and stuff like that. he's very
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nice. always has something nice to say. >> the parks department says there is no immediate danger or see. there are still investigators on the scene and the street is now blocked off. we've also learned this delivery man is 30 years old. he works for ling gee which is about a block away, a chinese delivery restaurant. he's in critical condition at methodist hospital. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. we turn to sports now. one day after their disappointing loss to the patriots, another blow for the giants. victor cruz is going to be out for the rest of the season. cruz needs calf surgery. laura behnke joins us now with more. >> the team left for its bye week. the receiver did plenty of talking in an online message this morning. after battling a calf injury for months, today he confirmed the worst case scenario has indeed happened for
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the receiver. his comeback attempt is over. >> reporter: the giants have been anxiously awaiting all year the return of victor cruz but now they must move on without him. cruz announcing on bleacher report this morning his season is over. >> i have to retool my brain and my body to get back to 100% of full 100% and really attack this thing and come out the other end firing. >> reporter: cruz hasn't played a game since october of last season when he tore his patellar tendon and was knocked out for the year. he was set for the opener this year but suffered a calf injury in camp and never recovered. >> took time for me, took time for my family, took time for all of us because we were so excited about coming back and being apart of something special this year. >> i feel badly for victor cruz. he worked hard to try to out for them. >> tough loss. thought he'd be able to come back and help the
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next guy got to step up. we've got to be ready for the next guy. >> reporter: when cruz returns in 2016 he won't have played a game in nearly two years but the giants star has a message for fans. >> hope you guys don't lose faith in me because i haven't lost faith in myself. see you guys next year. >> yoouz is under contract to return -- cruz is under contract to return to the giants. no one knows how effective he will be on the field after missing nearly two years. the team will not discuss his status on the roster until the offseason. >> you never know what can happen in rehab. >> such a likable, good player. this has just been a wonderful fall. unbelievable. >> if i told you we're going to be 66 on november 16th and haven't had really any big chill, you'd sign up for that, right? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> the other question is when is the bottom going to drop out? you know we have to get in to the chill. it's coming in phases.
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certainly not coming in a long stretch of chill but this is a gorgeous shot from midtown to lower manhattan. sun went down before 4:40. around 4:37. we're at 64 degrees. the air is very dry. the wind is light and variable. it's going to be in a transition phase. going to drop dramatically during the mid to late evening hours. 66. can update that to 67 the high. 5 degrees away from the record in 1928. there are your sunrise and sunset times. a little bit of rainfall out there under mostly cloudy skies. we're still not seeing the chilly air get in to the hudson valley. still several hours away from getting down in new york city. it is 54 in carmel. 64 in yonkers. long island with mid and upper 50s right now. 61, belmar. look at west orange at 67 degrees. 58 at 7:00 tonight. then your wind shift happens. so by the time we get to midnight, it's a different feel.
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40s to many suburbs. by tomorrow morning we've dropped all the way about 25 degrees from our daytime highs today to our morning lows. 42 in new york city. even with a lot of sunshine, 48 at noon and struggling in to the low 50s during the afternoon. we have mainly clear skies right now but more importantly are the wind stream lines. a backdoor front just because it's coming coming down from the north and east and bringing with it 40s and 50s, replacing the 60s that we have in place now. there's also a big storm in the middle of the country. right now we're a couple days away but there's tremendous rains in the mississippi. big snows in the rockies, blizzard warning here. 1 to 2 feet of snow. lots of moisture coming in with lots of rain. we're going to get some of that rain by thursday. in the meantime our concern is temperatures. only 52 tomorrow. lots of sun shine. you'll need the overcoat again. wednesday is a transition day. the clouds are increasing and there's that rain off to the west. here's your accuweather forecast.
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clear and partly cloudy tonight. 42 degrees. different feel tomorrow, 52. you'll need the sun glasses and the overcoat. 5:30, our wednesday high more likely at night. we're forecasting 58. will it stay dry for the morning drive thursday and could we get an inch of rain or more? maybe a flurry in the 7-day forecast. >> a flurry. it's coming. the step forward today to legalizing marijuana in new jersey. >> charlie sheen is set to reveal a personal health announcement. >> why an elaborate christmas display at one mall had people so upset and how the mall is now responding. >> the glasses that could
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an arrest tonight in the stabbing death of a 26-year-old man in manhattan charged with criminal possession of a weapon. police say he stabbed michael hernandez as he was leaving work at 9:55 last night. investigators say he and hernandez had an ongoing dispute. police are investigating a bias attack in brooklyn where
5:24 pm
three jewish men were hit with eggs. surveillance video shows the suspects on the sidewalk at borough park. they attacked at least three people, throwing eggs at them and yelling anti-semitic slurs. jury selection began today in the corruption trial of new york's former senate leader. skelos is charged with extortion and bribery. he's accused of abusing his position in order to help his son make more than $300,000. the long island republican was arrested back in may. skelos pleaded not guilty and says he'll be vindicated in court. kicking off the trading week with significant gains following a discouraging start to november. the dow rose. the nasdaq gain 56 points. s&p 500 climbed 30 points. the postal service says it's lost more than $5 billion this fiscal year and that's actually an improvement from last year.
5:25 pm
today show another staggering loss, this even though revenues were up and the post office made an operating profit of $1.2 billion. the loss is due to the volume of mail that continues to drop and the high cost of retiree healthcare obligations. still ahead on eyewitness news, claims of sexual assault inside a fire house in new jersey. what a young woman says happened when she asked firefighters for help. >> the new way apps and even video game consoles are helping terrorists plot attacks. >> yogi berra one of the people getting the medal of freedom next week from politicians to
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inside the world of the apps and even gaming consoles that encrypt their messages. plus, shocking allegations of alcohol use and sexual assault inside a fire house in new jersey. a young woman says she was initially just looking for help when she was served alcohol then assaulted by two firefighters. >> tonight police are investigating exactly what happened inside this fire house on congress street in newark. our new jersey reporter anthony johnson is there live for us. >> the investigators have already been here at the fire house looking for more evidence in this troubling very disturbing investigation in to a case of sexual assault. as for the two firefighters involved, they're still on the job. >> reporter: according to sources, the victim met the firefighters following a concert here at the prudential center last weekend. the 23-year-old woman apparently told the uniformed firefighters she got separated from her friends and her cell phone was without power.
5:29 pm
the firefighters offered to help and the woman ended up here at the fire house on congress street in the ironbound section of newark. she had reached out to a friend and asked him to meet her here at the fire house. while the 23-year-old woman was in the fire house, she was apparently offered some alcohol and began drinking. she was alledgedly invited up to the sleeping quarters and went along. there are no indications she was forced. according to the source, the woman had sexual encounters with two firefighters. at some point there was a disagreement and the woman left the fire house with the friend she had called earlier. the alleged victim went to a hospital in the county where she lives to be treated and a rape kit test was performed. that's where she also reported the alleged sexual assault. >> at this point in time the two firefighters are facing administrative charges. no one
5:30 pm
from the mayor's office, the prosecutor's office, the fire department or police department want to comment on this case until the investigation is complete. that's the latest live from the ironbound section of newark, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we want to return now to the attacks in paris. we're learning more tonight about how the terrorists communicated with each other while remaining undetected. new apps and technology allow them to send encrypted communication that simply can't be traced. as jim hoffer has found, it's a real game changer in the effort to track terrorists. >> in the wake of the terrorist attacks, commissioner bratton says some silicon valley companies are giving terrorists a big advantage. their cell phones are now powerful tools to plot their attacks undetected. >> reporter: such a coordinated attack left not a trace of
5:31 pm
investigators to suspect terrorists used encryption technology to communicate. powerful encryption tools are easily available to anyone. much of it free, with names like ghost chat, armor text and cover me, the apps offer military grade encryption. >> i'm going to communicate to the person on this phone with a message. >> reporter: using one of these free apps i was able to select the amount of time the message i sent to someone would exist. in this case, 5 seconds. >> sending it to him now that other person would click it on and there it is. hello. this message is untraceable. but watch. less than 5 seconds, disappears. that's it. it's gone forever . >> it's virtually uncrackable. >> reporter: ed itor at mashable says encryption has been around a long time but now it's available to anyone. it's so secure, no third party, not apple, google, or even law enforcement with a warrant can
5:32 pm
encrypted messages. >> imagine all these messaging systems are black boxes to everyone except the people on both sides of the conversation. >> this is what is really giving law enforcement counterterrorism officials it's one app after the other that allows you to call or text anonymously. so the trail goes cold. >> they're consciously designing these systems so we can't get in to them with court orders. it's impeding our ability in terrorism and dealing with cyber crime. >> reporter: but tech companies are resisting giving backdoor access to government. for fear of backlash from customers still angry about the government's privacy overreach, exposed by whistle blower edward snowden. >> the focus to make sure they're only looking for what they're supposed to be looking for.
5:33 pm
commissioner bratton-- dilemma. commissioner bratton the issue is getting worse. isis encouraging recruits to move to encrypted messaging apps to communicate. >> unnerving. you can buy it in places like colorado and oregon, but could new jersey be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana? state lawmakers weighed in on the issue during a hearing in trenton. one state senator says marijuana sales could create a billion-dollar industry and boost the state's economy. marijuana is legal for all uses in four states. new jersey and 19 other states allow medical marijuana. still ahead on eyewitness at 5:00, reporter tim fleischer with a new way to protect pilots in the air. >> dangerous laser attacks. >> if you flash the laser at me, i can see the laser but it will not have that effect at all. >> this connecticut doctor has created these glasses he claims
5:34 pm
can block the effects of lasers. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. nice night in the neighborhood. our holiday lights are going on. i'm not seeing anyone walk with a heavy coat. just too mild. our temperature is at 64 but about 400 miles away, there are snowflakes. cold air is coming in.
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w a former police officer and counselor is now facing multiple charges. police say he was drunk when she started a three-car pileup on route 6. one person was killed. three others were injured. o'keefe is a retired police officer and was once a town councilman. the supreme court has rejected an antiabortion group's bid to have planned parent discuss controversial records.
5:37 pm
justices allowed a ruling stand that allows the health and human services department to withhold some documents. abortion opponents objected to a contract 2011. marriott is growing even larger, today agreeing to buy star wood for $12 billion. it would join them all together with marriott's two dozen brands including ritz carlton, courtyard, and fairfield inn. if the deal goes through, marriott would run 5500 properties with 1.1 million rooms. if you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping you can now head to toys r us on thanksgiving day. there will be hundreds of deals and door busters for budget conscious shoppers. if you can't make it there on thanksgiving, you don't have to worry. the store is going to be open at 6 a.m. on black friday. new at 5:00, the white
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people who will receive the nation's highest civilian honor. yogi berra, former congresswoman shirley chisholm, and emilio estefan. theater composer steven sonhime and steven spielberg. singer and actress barbara streisand and singer songwriter james taylor. they'll all receive their award next week during a ceremony at the white house. the hollywood premier of the new hunger games movie is being scaled back tonight because of the terrorist attacks in paris. the premier of mocking jay 2 is set for this evening in los angeles. lion's gate says it will go on as planned but the cast will not do any interviews on the red carpet, this out of respect for the victims of the attacks in paris. the right to adorn unconventional head wear has
5:39 pm
apparently prevailed in massachusetts. lindsey miller describes herself as a pastafarian and says she wears a strainer on her head for religious purposes. when she was not allowed to wear it in a photo the department did not allow it but now she can proudly wear her colander on her license photo. the simple glasses that could protect pilots in the cockpit from the glare of laser pointers. >> see the revolutionary face transplant for a firefighter who was burned on the job and the challenge to find the right donor. >> after outrage over a santa display on a local mall, find out the change the mall is making tonight. >> a special edition of world news tonight from paris. the international manhunt for the eighth attacker. the explosions heard as they surround a neighborhood. the new isis video now praising the attacks
5:40 pm
american city. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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a mom in new jersey bowing to publish pressure. >> the mall in south jersey initially said it would charge $35 to $50 to visit its adventure to santa display. the plan quickly drew backlash from parents who said it went against the spirit of the holiday. the mall's management company said it heard the feedback and has decided to scrap the plan. it's starting to look a whole lot like the holiday season here on the upper west side. the holiday tree arrived today in lincoln square for the 16th annual winters eve. the tree comes from bliss, new york. i like that name. 27 feet tall. it's going to
5:42 pm
park at broadway and will be decorated with new ornaments using the theme world peace. the tree will be lit live on eyewitness news. i think we know a little bit about that. >> we've been doing it for years now. >> it's a night filled with lincoln's square. mark your happen when? >> monday, november 30th. today. >> is >> and i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather it's a little too early for the forecast on that. >> i was just looking at the overall pattern which still, looks like we take a cool shot, even leading up to thanksgiving or just right after, it looks like we come back and try to warm it up. sorts of a transition time there. very transient this time of year. we have a very nice night and we look at the planners. we're going to be dropping from the upper 60s today to the low 40s
5:43 pm
temperatures you can see the cherry picker, guys been putting up the holiday lights on columbus avenue all night long. it's been beautiful. has not felt like the holidays just yet. cornwall, orange county. we start out in the 50s in the early evening. different feel by the time we speak to you at eyewitness news at 11:00. we're falling close to freezing by morning. definitely a cool shot of air coming in. you're not going to know it by cloud cover or big winds or anything like that. it's going to bow -- be a big temperature drop. a slow climb through the 40s. may get in to the low 50s during the afternoon hours. sunglasses and overcoat. tomorrow night will be another chilly night. clouds on the increase. it's kind of unusual. it's a frunt ont -- front that's coming from northern new england. we'll start to see this after 8:00 or 9:00. by the time we see you at 11:00 tonight, 39, monticello.
5:44 pm
40, ceepsy. 41 -- 40 poughkeepsie. 51 in belmar. tomorrow morning look at this freezing or below. upper 30s on the island. mid 40s down the shore. 38 in morristown at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. only about 50 despite a lot of sunshine during the afternoon hours. we take a dip in temperatures tomorrow. still a bright beautiful sunny day. wednesday may start off with a little sun then the clouds will quickly increase. wednesday is a dry day. that 58 may not occur until the early evening hours. rainstorm thursday. right now i think we might be able to sneak in the morning commute then rain is likely to develop during the midday and the heaviest in the afternoon and evening hours. maybe even some thunder and 1 to 2 inches of rain, maybe 2 an inch, inch and a half. that could cause flooding in to the evening commute. by the time we get to friday, we destroy out again. remember normal is around 52. partly sunny and more seasonable weekend.
5:45 pm
week. so really starting to get a feel over the next couple of days what the thanksgiving holiday will be like. we have breaking news right now in brooklyn where two people have been shot in canarsie. shannon sohn is live in newscopter7 with information. >> you can see this mta bus is in the middle of this crime scene here along rockaway parkway at the intersection of glenwood road. police doing a ballistic search after two men were shot. fdny telling us both were taken to brookdale hospital in unknown condition but an ongoing police investigation here. as of yet, there are no suspects in custody. reporting live over brooklyn, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to dramatic transformation for a firefighter who was severely burned. >> doctors here in new york city performed the most extensive face transplant ever. eyewitness news reporter mallory
5:46 pm
hoff tweeted a photo of patrick's transformation and has more on how the surgery was done and his recovery. >> reporter: volunteer firefighter patrick suffered burns to his face when he ran in to a home to see if anyone was trapped in the flames in 2001. from that point forward he disguised himself, wearing prosthetic ears, a hat and sunglasses. >> i'm here for the face transplan. trans -- transplant. >> now the husband and father is the recipient of the most extensive face transplant to date. >> he's doing very well only for day 93. he will require other procedures. >> reporter: the transplant was performed in august. dr. eduardo rodriguez led a team of over 100 people during the 26-hour surgery. >> we had an emotional exchange when our team took him to macy's to buy clothes and for him it was so remarkable that no one stared at him and no one looked
5:47 pm
>> reporter: a friend urged him to send his medical records here. he placed those files in the hands of dr. rodriguez. in 2012 they began their journey together. >> we did have some challenges identifying the ideal donor, an individual that would be a fair skin, light haired. >> reporter: helen irving is the ceo of the oregon recovery organization live on new york. she welcomed the challenge. more than a year after the search began, there was a donor. >> david was a 26-year-old. he had been declared brain dead following a bicycle accident. his mother immediately said yes. there was no hesitation in her mind. her son had always wanted to be a fireman. >> reporter: in death he would give a new face and a new day to a man who traded in his reflection when he ran in to a burning home. at nyu medical center, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. that is quite the story. still ahead on eyewitness news, a doctor invents glasses
5:48 pm
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the number of cases of lasers be pointed at pilots is on the increase. the lasers can actually cause damage to pilots' eyesight. >> all new at 5:00, we have an interesting story. a doctor has discovered a way to protect pilots. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer shows us how it works. >> reporter: lasers, more powerful than ever, and posing an even greater threat to pilots and airlines. >> i have a vehicle that's shooting a green laser at us. >> reporter: wednesday evening a laser light was aimed at onboard they were able to videotape the incident. >> if we could get the cops because we got them. >> reporter: they stayed calm and police made an arrest. >> there were 20 wednesday 10 states, ontario and puerto rico.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: all the more reason dr. nicholas perricone believes pilots should be wearing these glasses. >> if you flash a licenseer at at -- if you flash the laser at me i can see it but it won't have a dazzling effect at all. >> reporter: through his connecticut company, perriquest, they've developed a special coating for the lenses. >> by putting on these glasses, we can actually shade the light that appears from the lasers to the eye. >> reporter: it's also capable of blocking the red, blue, and green color laser light without changing the other colors of objects the pilots need to see like instruments and runway signals. the eyes are protected no matter which direction the laser comes from. >> ensuring color balance, a wearable, comfortable pair of eye wear that can provide protection was really the key to the technology we developed.
5:53 pm
purchase the glasses for $380 a pair. they can do prescription as well. he is hoping to have the faa adopt their use. >> now we just have to get to the air carriers and police and make sure they start using these things. >> reporter: tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's still much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> the eiffel tower tonight lit up for the first time since the terrorist attacks. meanwhile, a show of determination as people in paris and around the world mourn the victims of the deadly attacks friday night.
5:54 pm
>> an intense round-the-clock manhunt continues for the terrorist who managed to escape. president obama insists more u.s. ground troops in syria is not the answer. >> and it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisors that that would be a mistake. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter . >> and i'm liz cho. paris once again is on high alert. they're not only trying to track down the terrorists behind the attack but also trying to protect against any new attacks. >> the details and numbers, 129 people killed in the friday attack. that might rise because hundreds were hurt, many of them critically. right now worldwide alert for the man who drove the terrorists to paris and also the mastermind of the plot. new video reportedly from isis that threatens attacks in washington, d.c. >> in paris today a moment of silence for all the victims and
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