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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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consulate in new york. the presidential president said the decision to attack was made in syria. a plot was organized in bell i'm and carried out in france. >> jim dolan in paris. tim fleischer on the heightened security here in new york city. n.j. burkett on the growing backlash against syrian refugees trying to come to the u.s. we'll begin in paris with jim. >> where is 26-year-old 26-year-old abdeslam salah? they marked the beginning of what say is a long overdue effort to safeguard the french homeland. >> reporter: it wasn't retaliation exactly but france did take strides overnight here in paris and elsewhere in france to make the attacks stop, rounding up suspected terrorists
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here is too painfully clear. >> france is at war. the acts committed in paris, these are acts of war. they cause at least 129 deaths and many injured. they constitute an aggression, an attack against our country. >> these are killers with fantasies of glory who are very savvy when it comes to social media and are able to infiltrate the minds of not just iraqis or syrians but disaffected individuals around the world. >> reporter: the brother of two attackers was arrested but later released by authorities, says he knows nothing by the attacks and is impacted by them like all of france. >> we do not realize yet what
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has happened. my family and are affected by what happened. we found out by tv like many of you. >> reporter: the bombings tonight over syria and the raids on french and european soil today may be the start of a larger campaign to make france safe again but it sure hasn't done that yet. >> really scared. we're all really scared. we are scared but we know we have to fight back and the only way to fight back is to keep on living the way we live. i knew last night we decided to bomb syria again. it made me even more scared because if we bomb syria, like 20 bombs, they're going to be mad like even more mad. this. parents drop their children's off at school. streets closed
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since the massacre on friday night reopened and traffic was running and flowing again. there is a long way to go here in paris but that maybe is how the road back begins. reporting live from paris, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile, the nypd is sending a team to paris to learn more about the suicide vests and the covert telephone technology used by those terrorists. also today marks the deployment of a new counterterrorism response unit by the department. hundreds of officers whose sole purpose on the streets is to be ready for any type of terror attack here in new york city. tim fleischer with the very latest. >> the crc is taking this counterterrorism to a whole new level. highly trained and heavily armed, they'll go right at the face of terrorists. >> you're now part of the front line of this city's defense
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against terrorism. >> reporter: 560 specially trained officers now make up the new critical response command counterterrorism unit. heavily armed and highly trained in specialized weapons and tactics, they'll counter a new type of terroristic threat. >> we'll operate on the assumption, their intention is hands on. we'll move in very quickly to move in to stop that threat. >> reporter: the officers who all volunteered for this dangerous duty are hand picked, drawing from previous deadly paris. >> we look at that. we analyze that and we translate that and turn that in to training. >> the officers of the crc moved out in a fleet of cars and vans from their new headquarters on randall's island late today and are being deployed to sensitive locations throughout
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they'll safeguard the city from the changing threat of terrorism. >> we have the capacity now in new york city to deal with almost two dozen multiple events occurring in the city with all the resources we have available. so we can deal with the lone wolf or what appears to be the case in paris, the coordinated multiple attack. >> the commissioner also says there will be 100 crc officers on duty at any given time. reporting live, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile a flood of reaction tonight at at least one of the terrorists came in to france with fellow syrians as a refugee. president obama holding firm it intends to help the refugees but 20 governors saying they will not receive refugees from syria though they likely have no choice legally. n.j. burkett in jersey city. >> according to the law it appears states do not have the
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refugees, but yes, like you said a moment ago, several governors seem determined tonight to challenge that. refugees we spoke to say that would be a mistake. >> the syrian people are good people. >> reporter: he says the american people must not turn their backs on the syrian refugees despite their fears. >> should americans be afraid of syrian refugees? >> of course. america has to do its intelligence and its background checks and its vetting of individuals. that's absolutely a must. at the same time it would be beneficial to bring in them escape from what they're going through. >> reporter: he knows because he was there. he and his family spent more than three years escaping the war and refugee camps to settle in a tiny apartment in jersey city, new jersey where he's given his wife and children a new life in a safe place while he works 12
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hours a day as a baker to support them. >> these syrians that are refugees, they're not the ones who actually committed these crimes. they're the ones actually running away from the same crimes that are being perpetrated and committed. >> reporter: this weekend local clergy staged a solidarity march to open the door to more refugees despite states who want to ban them. >> we in this community are asking every municipality in new jersey to prepare to take 10 families. we can easily incorporate 10 families who have suffered the world's abuses. >> reporter: he says the answer is simple. >> if somebody is a stranger who's coming in to my house, of course i'm going to be frightened of him. i'm not going to know who he is. but once i get to know him and spend a little bit of time with him in my home and he turns out to be a good person, of course i'm going to invite him in for a second time. >> reporter: since the syrian civil war, 1800 refugees have entered the united states after thorough background checks.
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we called around and so far for the moment, governor malloy of connecticut says their policy of accepting refugees will not change. no comment for the moment from governor cuomo or n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. in the shadow of the world trade center, new yorkers gathered today in a show of solidarity with france. new yorkers painfully all too familiar with terrorism. they held french flags in to each other as they honored the attack victims in paris. many laid flowers and tributes at the 9/11 survivor tree in thanks for the support, france showed the u.s. 14 years ago. on the floor of the new york stock exchange today, a moment of silence. traders standing with their heads bowed just before the opening bell to honor the victims in paris. despite the terror attacks, stocks seeing significant gains. dow up 237. nasdaq up 56 and
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s&p 500 climbing 30 and change. we invite you to stay with abc news for the latest developments in the paris terror attacks. david muir will anchor at 6:30 right after this newscast. we're going to turn now to the other news of the we're following with breaking news in brooklyn where two shannon latest. >> you can see this mta bus in the middle of the crime scene that's unfolding in front of this check cashing store rockaway parkway. police have been searching for evidence in this general area after the two men were shot at about 4:45 this afternoon. fdny telling us both of the men were taken to brookdale hospital at this point in unknown condition. they do not yet have a suspect in custody. rockaway parkway completely shut down. reporting live, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, a tree in the
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process of getting cut down suddenly lands on a bicyclist riding by. >> he's now in critical condition. also three confirmed cases of tuberculosis. now the health department taking action members. >> a day after the heartbreaking loss to new england, the giants get more bad news. victor cruz out for the rest of the season. >> more like baseball season than football season. mid and upper 60s, even 70 in newark. 15 degrees above average. that's pretty chilly air a few
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come seek the royal caribbean. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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a bizarre accident in brooklyn today. a tree getting cut down falls on a bystander. >> it happened in the red hook section. the tree trimmer trying to warn the bicyclist but he didn't hear him. >> darla miles at the scene. >> a key part of this investigation will certainly be whether or not these independent contractors who were here cutting down that tree, if they were required to establish a safe sound perimeter and if in fact they did that. there is yellow caution tape but this is only as result of the accident. you can see investigators are still on the scene. we do want to show you video of the scene and that tree before it was removed.
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as you can see it landed on the front end of that bike, completely crushing the front wheel. this accident happened around 1:00 today between red hook west houses and red hook park. the parks department says there were independent contractors here at the time removing trees as part of a post-sandy cleanup project. witnesses tell eyewitness news one of the crew men tried to get the delivery man's attention as he was sawing the tree down and as it came down but he couldn't. >> i passed by, then i heard scream. i looked back, i saw the tree was there and the bike it was terrible. >> in a written statement the parks department says our thoughts are with the individual injured in this unfortunate nyc parks is conducting a thorough investigation of this incident. as you can see, that
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continuing several hours after this tree came down. we've learned the delivery man who was riding the bicycle is 30 years old. he worked for ling gee chinese restaurant, just about a block down the street on van brunt. i briefly spoke with a member of the management there. they told me they're not sure how he's doing. he's in critical condition at methodist hospital. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. city officials are trying to determine the next steps after three teachers at a bronx school were diagnosed with tuberculosis. the department of health and staff at ps112 in bronxwood are working to contain the outbreak. the three teachers have been treated already or currently receiving treatment. some parents say the schools should have told them about the cases sooner. >> you think they waited too late? >> yeah. very late. >> you sound upset. >> it's scary for my daughter, you know? >> scary for you too? >> yeah. >> thankfully
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it's looking more holiday-ish. all the holiday lights are up around the studio. >> neighborhood is beautiful right now but doesn't feel that chilly. it will. a little taste of chill but overall pattern not showing any major cold. let's show you a beautiful sunset over new york harbor. that one at 4:37. it was a gorgeous day in the middle and upper 60s running a good 15 degrees above average. it's a nice night tonight as no coat november rolls on. more than halfway through the month now and on pace for the warmest november on record. we're at 63. the air is still dry. now we're just starting to see a subtle wind shift over the north and eventually northeast. that will drop our numbers. happening across the hudson
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barometer on the rise. colder high pressure moving in from the north. high today, 67. only five degrees away from record warmth. there are your sunrise and sunset times. temperatures take a tumble tomorrow. then we struggle to reach 50. clouds up on wednesday but that's a dry day and a windswept rain on thursday. and still the jury is out on whether that is first thing and impacts your morning commute or waits till late morning. leading toward a mid to late morning arrival. it's seasonable heading in to the weekend. a pretty good cool shot we're timing for sunday. monticello, 59 in bridgeport. you see where the front is snaking through the area. still in the 60s for new york city south and west. we'll feel a difference as we go through the evening hours as the numbers drop in to the 50s. 42 by morning. that's a full 25-degree drop from today's highs and it will be in the low 30s north and west. 48 by noon. only around 50 in the afternoon with a breeze in the northeast. we're clear right now. notice
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the wind stream lines. there's a front moving through the area now. on the northern side of the front, numbers are falling to the 40s and 50s. that seeps in to the area overnight. if you're out past 9:00 or 10:00 you'll definitely feel a difference. certainly by tomorrow morning. next up, this big storm over the country. blizzard warnings. flooding happening over the mississippi and this is the rainy part that impacts us on thursday. much cooler tomorrow. plenty of sunshine around. it's actually a really pretty day. watch the clouds come in on wednesday. might start out with a little bit of sun then the rain arrives. your accuweather forecast, clear to partly cloudy skies tonight. big story is how much cooler it gets. tomorrow is a cool beautiful day. lots of blue sky. only 52. partly cloudy tomorrow night. 30s north and west. here's your 7 7-day. mid and upper 50s. rain on thursday . right now i think it will hold off until after the morning commute. then a good soaking, maybe an inch and a half of rain. friday is fine. sunday turns cooler. north and
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west i wouldn't be surprised to see a flurry with that sprinkle. that's the only cool shot and will start to warm things up toward thanksgiving. i think right now observe normal, mid and upper 50s for turkey day. rob is up next with sports. >> big football stuff. victor cruz has n't played in a while. he won't be back on the field any time soon. you'll hear from him. we'll also recap a wild game at the meadowlands yesterday. giants lose a heartbreaker to the patriots. you'll see the big plays.
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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big blow for the giants. >> tough one still. he says he's excited for the challenge but the challenge for victor cruz won't be studying the game plan for the redskins or any giants schedule. cruz' season
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is over. laura behnke went to the meadowlands for more on today's big news. >> this is not the way the giants hope to begin their bye week. >> i just got news i will be having season-ending surgery on my left calf. >> reporter: with that message on bleacher report this morning, victor cruz' come back is over before it began. >> it's out of control. certain things happen to your body that you can't explain but i'm excited for the next chapter. i'm excited for the process. i'm addicted to the process of getting better. >> after missing nearly all of last season with a knee injury, cruz had been targeting a return for next sunday but saturday another setback as he partially tore his already injured calf muscle while running drills. >> feel for him more than anything. i know he wants to be out there playing and i know it's been frustrating to have this nagging him and now getting to this point. >> a big question now, could cruz' giants career be over? the receiver is set to make nearly $8 million next season. right now the team isn't
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worrying about the future. >> i don't think it's an easy road back but i know how hard he works and how hard he worked to get back from the patella injury. >> i don't hope you guys don't lose faith in me because i haven't lost faith in myself. >> laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> with that the giants' bye week has now started. gives fans another two weeks to digest what happened yesterday against the patriots. five losses this year. in four of them they had victory well within reach late in the game and lost. butler knocked a surefire touchdown hands. that would have given landon collins dropped what would have been a big interception on the first play of the ensuing patriots drive. the pats ended up converting a 4th and 10. gaustkowski nailed a 54 yarder with one second to go. giants lost 27-26.
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going to sleep well. >> there's word from denver tonight that peyton manning has a torn planter phasia in his right foot. he had been struggling for a while. manning also broke brett favre's nfl record for most career passing yards in that game. he will not play this week against the bears. president obama naming the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. yogi berra and willie mays. the national league rookie of the year is cubs' 3rd baseman kris bryant. big year. 26 homers. 99 rbi. cubs were a playoff team. bryant provided an immediate boost here. we await the american league winner. tomorrow it's the managers of the year. the mets' terry collins up for that honor. mets pitcher noah syndergaard finishing fourth in the voting for nl rookie of the year today. knicks get back to their
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nba schedule at home tomorrow against the hornets. today carmelo anthony and his foundation teaming up with feed the children and avon providing 800 families in the bronx with food and other necessities. this is a way to help out neighbors who need it. neighbor helping neighbor and we say this every time, those are the stories you don't see enough of. they're out there. let's check in with sade to see what's coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> dozens of dogs facing death. now they're head ed here for a new life. today details on their life saving journey. could a cup of coffee lead to a longer life? we'll have that on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> we'll see you there. i think i'll be there. i think i have to be there. i want to be there. that's it for us for now. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. dave will be anchoring live from paris. eyewitness news returns tonight
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at 11:00 as we leave you tonight
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