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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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new jersey. shannon stone has more. >> reporter: this fire started within the last 30 minutes at 195 north 4th street near in paterson. we're gonna have the can't be bring us around so -- captain bring us around so you can get all angles. it started with one house. the problem with the homes, they are so close together and all wood construction. when they go up, they go up like tinderboxes. you can see as we move to this angle, two homes are on fire on this street. of course, exposure is a problem here. these are all three story buildings and they are all residents. what you need to know as you come through this area and the good news here is that at least at this point, there's no word on injuries t appears no injuries at this point. but north fourth street is completely shut down between
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see that they are trying to get water on this. but so far, they are not getting better hands on this four-alarm blaze. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> quite a scene. thank you. another breaking news story. two people have been shot inside a subway station in brooklyn. >> sandra bookman is on the ground at the scene. sandra? >> reporter: yeah, we're at the subway station at utica and fulton avenue. i'm gonna move out of the way so you can get a look at the scene behind me. what we have, two people shot. it apparently all went down at about 5:00 this evening. we are being told at this hour that those two victims are in serious condition. they've been taken to the hospital. one of the men was shot in the stairwell here to the subway
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the other we're told was shot on the mezzanine somewhere between the boot at the station. the a and. c line -- the a and the c lines run through utica avenue. we're being told that the police at this hour are looking into whether or not this may have been a targeted shooting, the shooter, the suspected shooter who police are looking for at this hour knew who he was looking for and specifically targeted those two individuals. right now, police are telling us that individual fled south on atlantic avenue. they are looking for him tonight. as you can see, a very large presence here on the scene. this is a story we'll be following throughout the evening. for now we're live, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right. keep us posted. thank you. a busy night here. busy in paris as well. tension there. four days after isis terrorists killed 129 people.
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game in hanover, germany was abruptly canceled tonight. but a top security official now denying earlier reports of explosive materials found inside that stadium. a concert at another location was also canceled. but in britain, a friendly soccer match between france and london went on as planned. among the 80,000 spectators there, prince william, kate middleton and david cameron. >> french police looking for the surviving terrorists who they say drove some of the terrorists to their targets last friday. prosecutors moments ago there is another suspect on the loose. that would be a ninth terrorist in these attacks. russian president -- president putin ordering attacks. >> we'll begin our coverage with jim dolan in paris.
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>> reporter: moments ago, french prosecutors confirming that they are looking for that ninth terrorist. they believe -- they've not released his name. they expect to shortly. but it is a rapidly-evolving investigation. a massive, comity comment- -- continent-wide search. it's europe in the crosshairs. at the eiffel tower today, you could feel the tension. soldiers pushed people away, a fair distance away from the tower where somebody had delayed the opening of the now famous landmark. beatrice has been planning her trip here for six months. >> i was going to visit the eiffel tower but they stopped us. i just came and they told us to get back. >> reporter: was that a little scary when they -- when the guy with the gun came by? a little bit.
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>> reporter: these are the pictures that dominate the french tv screens now, raids of suspected terrorists both here and abroad, one suspect's own brother saying yeah, probably. >> these are not regular people. you cannot have the slightest doubt that they have been prepared, that they must not leave any trace which would cause suspicion that they might do such things. >> reporter: russia has stepped up its bombing in syria after acknowledging that isis bombed its passenger airliner in egypt and france is bombing there in syria as well. remember, the plan in paris was approved first in syria. >> with lebanon's attacks, with what's happened in egypt, with turkey, with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts. >> reporter: all of that with a backdrop both wrenchth and
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and solemn of mourning. the victims' photos are posted at the memorial. they were living paris that they knew, a paris on hold. >> you walk around the it street and people are not smiling. people look nervous. you can definitely kneel a little bit of -- feel a little bit of tension in the area. >> reporter: do you feel that tension? >> oh,d -- oh, definite lit right now. the men with the guns telling little scary. >> reporter: the impact is everywhere here in paris. i was talking to a restaurant near that -- that's near the eiffel tower a few minutes ago. he told me that on a normal tuesday night they would have maybe 550 even 600 diners the tonight, they had just 90 in the entire night. it is a difficult time for reporting live, jim dolan,
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channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. chris christie today joining the bandwagon of mostly republican governors saying they will refuse to accept syrian refugees. governors have no legal stay in this matter but nearly 30 governors are opposed. this as the muslim community in the u.s. braces for greater scrutiny and fears of a backlash. our reporter is in new jersey tonight with more. >> reporter: the islamic society of central new jersey where they say it's bound to happen, increased surveillance and monitoring. the growing controversy over
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refugee -- syrian refugee continues. >> reporter: they say american muslims should -- >> the muslim community is trying to do all it can but we need help from law enforcement. >> reporter: but there are those who disagree. >> you have no reason to watch the muslims unless they have probable cause. >> reporter: at a news conference to condemn the attack, local muslim leaders say there are serious concerns about a backlash against their community. this individual works with students at rutgers university. >> i know the students who i work with on campus are certainly concerned could be victims of surveillance. >> reporter: some say an anti- muslim impact is already being felt, with nearly half of the nation's governors, ready to turn their backs on syrian refugees. among the latest, chris christie. >> i don't think they should be
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admitted into the united states. i do not trust this administration to effectively vet the people who are proposed to be coming in and ordered to protect the security and safety of the american people. >> we find those comments represent prepare lensic. it demonstrates the lack of compassion on the part of our governor for even a 5-year-old orphan. >> reporter: and mayor deblasio condemned christie's remarks calling them an embarrassment to the nation. muslim leaders say they are anxious to work with law enforcement to keep everyone safe from extremists. live tonight, nj burkette, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and we invite to you stays along with abc 7 throughout the evening for the tlattest developments on the -- for the latest developments on the terror threats. david muir will anchor from paris coming up after this broadcast.
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over the dunes on long island on montauk, a nasty battle. >> and we continue to follow breaking news. you are looking at live pictures that four-alarm fire. it's burning in paterson, for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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shannon stove above it all in newscopter 7. >> reporter: they are doing their best to get water on this. bun they are not winning against this four-alarm blaze. the house on the right was 195 north north street. that's where the fire started. you can see the back side of that house has a total roof collapse at this point. again, they have not gotten the upper happened on this despite an -- hand on this despite attacks and aid from surrounding towns. at this point, no word on injuries. reporting live over paterson, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. it's one of the most peaceful spots in all of new york but tonight peace is in short supply in montauk. the army corps of engineers say it is protecting against flooding by sandbagging the entrance tonight beach ahead of the winter storms but angry residents say they are ruining the beach.
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>> reporter: it's an $8.4 million project and involves putting artificial sandbags along a half-mile stretch of beach near downtown montauk. the goal, is to protect the downtown from flooding. their precious beachfront. >> when we saw the dune being cut into, we were horrified. >> reporter: to prove they are serious about defending it, local residents sat and stood in front of the bulldozers, 16 people in total have been arrested for disorderly conduct including sara conway. >> i laid down in the bottom of a pit that they dug and they were gonna continue to dig. >> reporter: recently they took to protest because they worry about what the altering about mean for the surfers. a local environmental group has filed a federal lawsuit against
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the town and the army corps. >> federal law, state law and the local coastal management ordinance all prohibit the use of structures. >> these elected officials made a conscious decision to build this wall in favor of private property entrance. >> reporter: the east hampton town supervisor said it's all about protecting downtown montauk. >> trying to turn back the clock is not a realistic opportunity for the town. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers said the project went through anicks tensionive review and -- bent -- went through an extensive review. and coming up, today, colder temperature, fall temperature later this week. lee says you might want to get
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you can still see the fire in paterson, new jersey burning out of control. we understand that no injuries have been reported. but firefighters are really struggling to get the upper hand on this. toni yates is on her way there. as soon as we establish a signal with her, we'll have an update. >> doesn't look like wind is much of a factor there? >> no. >> gad for -- good for them. >> yes. 40s. it's mainly clear, patchy clouds. beautiful, empire state building in the purple for the march of dimes. northeast wind at 5, high today, only 52. yesterday it was 67. we're much closer to average today, low 50s. there's the sunrise and sunset times. something new at 6:00 tonight, we've talked about the fact that we'll have a lot more
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clouds tomorrow. especially with low cloud increasing later in the day, wouldn't be sub priced if you have a couple of sprinkles later in the day tomorrow or tomorrow evening. you want to avoid that and have the umbrella. windy and warmer thursday. rain developing. heaviest in the afternoon. morning commute, the worst is drizzle and sprinkles. we've already dropped in the upper 30s in white plains, monticello. cloud cover is coming in. patchy clouds, 40s during the evening hour. kind of holding steady much of the night. there will be thin spots in the clouds, especially the first part of the day. the clouds will thicken up during the second part of the day. mid- to upper 50s. just some high clouds right now made for a pretty sunset. high pressure protecting us for now. but it collides to the east. that allows the -- slide to the east. that allows the cloud to come in during the overnight hours. there's a little bit of sun. this front is moving slowly. the real movement is the to the
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north rather than the east. it gets here. the heaviest rain is thursday or afternoon into the evening hours. notice the future cast here, high clouds, limited sunshine tomorrow. there will be brighter skies. as the day wears on, there will be more clouds. see how the future cast is showing a couple of sprinkles around. nothing major. you might have a couple of sprinkles in the afternoon. not much going on on thursday until the heavier rain comes in during the afternoon hours probably a good soaking for the evening commute. tomorrow, variable clouds at 58. here comes the rain on thursday which should leave the scene on friday morning. here is your accuweather forecast. 44 tonight. it's a chilly night. wind isn't too bad. 58 tomorrow. more clouds and sun. breezy at times tomorrow night. there might be a shower or drizzing around into thursday morning but that rain will get heavy on thursday. on thursday.
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early next week is cold. warmer into thanksgiving. toni yates is live in paterson, new jersey now at the scene of that fire. >> reporter: we just got here. police have several streets blocked off. this is on north fourth street. that fire still burning out of control there. fire vehicles not only on this street but several save streets. right now the big thing is trying to contain the fire. no injuries have been reported. dozens and dozens of firefighters are here trying to battle the blaze. we're hearing it's three houses that went up in flames. of course, right now, not trying to knock down the fire but trying to make sure that other houses don't can't fire. these houses are so close. many of them are old wooden structures.
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them to also catch fire. i'm sure houses in that area have been evacuated as firefighters try to battle this blaze get the upper hand on it on north fourth street. we'll be out here and bring you the latest.
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the soccer match between germany and the nether lands, canceled after a credible threat of a plot of terrorism. france and england played on. an emotional opening during the french national anthem. a showle solidarity by the
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teams and the fans just before the game. the french colors displayed proudly. crowd of 80,000 to 90,000 and the game was prayed after a moment of silence for the victims in the attacks in in paris. let's get to the giants now. they are about to lose victor cruz to season-ending surgery. they have brought hakeem nicks back. he spent five years in blue and thebt hit free agency. played with the colts. tried to catch up with the titans but he was cut during training cam. the hope he can -- training camp. the hope he can bring a win-win situation. we'll know if terry collins will be named the manager of the year in a few minutes. the rangers jeff bannister was named the american league manager of the year minutes ago. he took texas from worst to first in one year despite injuries. 88 wins. that's 121 more than last year -- 21 more than last year.
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it's always good to see local teams get back to the communities. today a pretty good day in the neighborhood. dysalmost -- it's listen the season. >> reporter: during the holiday season, there's no time off. >> getting weight lifting with the turkeys. it's for a good cause. >> reporter: yes, it is. current and former giants helped unload 1500 thanksgiving turkey cans for the community food bank of new jersey. >> you know, with the holiday time, a lot of less fortunate families are not able to experience some of the things we're blessed to be able to have and to help them and have this for the holidays, it's a great thing. >> you about the giving isn't just reserved for the giants. the blue shirts were serving up hot holiday meals for 300 children and their families in the bronx. >> we're all grateful for the students and to be able to come back and give back.
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>> the annual dinner seems even better when the team is off to its best start in franchise history. >> it's early in the year. we understand we're trying to improve. at the same time, we want to win games. >> reporter: with the giants and rangers, back to you. basketball in town. knicks host the hornets. nets get the hawks in brooklyn. college basketball last night. five seconds to go. tied at 68. loyola has the ball. with the block. martin finds hernandez who banks in the game winner at the buzzer. what an ending. black birds win their first game of the season. >> there you go. >> good way to start. >> thank you. >> thank you. "world news" is up next. we leave you with live pictures from paterson, new jersey. where -- you can see firefighters struggling to get this fire under
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