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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two homes on fire and they
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might developing right now a raging fire, and now firefighters want to know if these fires were set on purpose and if they're connected to another fire just blocks away. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. is there an arsonist roaming the community of forest hills? this latest fire tonight on 66th avenue. >> eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is there with the story. >> reporter: two suspicious fires just days apart and actually less than a mail apart. as you mentioned investigators are now investigating. just behind me is where this most recent blaze this is a home under construction. the flames also quickly spread to a neighboring home. i also want to walk you over here just a short distance from where we are. there's still a large group of arson investigators still on scene here tonight.
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it was like a 30-foot flame. it was crazy. >> reporter: frantic neighbors say huge flames swept through this newly built home challenging firefighters who arrived within minutes. sean says he went door to door to near by homes to make sure everyone got out safe. >> i smelled smoke from over there, and i saw an orange hue. as i was coming home i saw it, and i just reacted off instinct. >> reporter: fire marshals are now investigating with this marking the second home under construction to go up in flames in just the past 10 days. the other home on 68th drive was deemed suspicious by the fire chief because of the large volume of fire. >> we're very concerned what's going on about our community. we have a lot of kids growing up here. it's a very quiet area but lately something is really going on, and we're very concerned. >> reporter: the official cause remains under investigation. police tweeted the following a
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short time ago saying we're aware of the recent rash of residential fires in forest hills. we're coordinating with the fd y and other authorities. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the attacks in paris where police are looking for a second surviving terror suspect wanted for friday's massacres that killed 129. the second person apparently seen on surveillance video joining salah abdeslam as the outstanding. police tweeted this picture hoping someone will recognize them this as french and russian jets carry out more air strikes. jim dole lain paris with the latest on the investigation and the retaliation. jim. >> reporter: well, bill, with all that effort they have turned up so far exactly none of the men who are the most wanted fugitives on earth
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people, tourists come to paris hoping to hear the sounds of music in the clubs. it is a different sound, a different paris now. it is becoming the discomforting sound track of paris this autumn. the constant and frantic siren that goes with the blinding flashing lights that herald yet another scare here. >> we wanted to see the lights from top to bottom. >> reporter: pauline and her friend came to see paris. what they got was a war. when they got to the eiffel tower, soldiers were pushing people away. something, they never said what, prevented them from opening the tower to allow tourists in. it was frightening enough to push people back further. >> a gentleman here in camouflage sort of asked us politely to move back and leave. >> before the friday attacks paris was paris.
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afterward, what you come to paris for all but fell flat. people are much more somber. rchts police in military have been involved in 128 raids so far in france. 115,000 additional troops mobilized to deal with the threat to catch the accomplices, some who actually took part in the raids and those involved in planning but so far at least nothing. a relentless air campaign of bombing by france and russia has produced little more but the u.s. secretary of state says it is better to fight isis in syria. >> with lebanon's attacks, with what's happened in egypt, with ankara, turkey with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts. they cope. they grieve near the pictures of friday night's victims that are posted at the many memorials here. the young men and women who
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were living paris' promise of from and embracing its fraternity of youth which is not yet defeated. pauline and her friend never got to the eiffel tower today. but they a pretty good alternative. >> the mood is a little more subdued than normal, but it's not, the oh my gosh, we're being invaded by zombies kind of thing. >> life is continuing here. >> life is continuing. >> reporter: it is. the calf face now close early in paris because people stay home, and hotels have vacancies they cannot fill. paris this awe up the is chilly and for some a little scary. they are hoping for a better season ahead. reporting live from paris, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. meanwhile a cloud of secrecy about the bomb threats that led to the evacuations of two stadiums in germany. the country's top security official is refusing to
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provide details because, reporting now, the reason would upset the public. there have been no arrests. she was secretary of state when isis first raised its head. now as presidential candidate hillary clinton says she will lay out her plans to stop isis on thursday, clinton making the announcement in a press release. she will be here in new york to reveal her plan. she said saturday during the debate that isis, quoting now, cannot be contained, it must be defeated. the white house is reaching out to governors now about refusals to admit syrians into their states. more than 30 governors, mostly republicans, want to stop refugee settlements in their state even though they have no legal right to do. so only the federal government controls the settlement program. governor christie's reaction.
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>> we don't have the databases to be able to do this at the state level. we count on the fbi and cia. so this president has degraded those folks. >> white house officials say screening refugees includes an interview overseas, biometrics, fingerprinting, and investigations to determine if they pose security risks. and from here to paris be sure to stay with eyewitness news and abc news as new develop merchts continue to come in. we're also updating abc7ny and our facebook and twitter feeds with new information. breaking an infant rescued by a firefighter from a burning home in queens. it happened just a short time ago in the corona section. officials say an fdny lieutenant rushing into the burning home, pulling the three-week-old baby out to safety. the child was rushed to the hospital now in serious condition. but we're told is expected to survive. no one else in the home was hurt. we have new information tonight about the latest shooting in brooklyn, this
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it was an ambush, police say, two people shot, but only one was the intended target. investigators tell us the surveillance video obtained tonight by eyewitness news could be a major clue in this case. it happened in bedsty. josh einiger is at the scene. josh. >> reporter: and bill, it's a mark of how seriously police are taking this case that so many hours later crime scene investigators still search for clues. the gunman was described as a man in a gray hoodie. police sources tell us they might just have video of him from a nearby gross rei store. police spent all night searching for evidence outside the utica avenue ac stop. >> everybody scattering, running. it was scary. >> reporter: after a hail of gunfire at the height of rush hour. >> i heard one shot, then i heard a series of shots. >> we didn't know where it was coming from, who was shooting.
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it was an officer in the train station so he came out, and he was like, which way did he go? >> when were shot in the back. one of them, cops believe, the intended target. the other, an innocent bystander. investigators believe this may be the gunman caught by surveillance cameras in a nearby grocery store minutes before the shootings. >> it seems as though he came out, doubled back into running into this young man, chased him down the subway and just started blasting. it's just stupid to think that you can take somebody's life. >> reporter: fortunately nobody died tonight on a former teaming with commuters who had the fright of their lives. >> scary for something like that to happen. rush hour. anybody could have got shot. >> reporter: the victims in this case are described as a 27-year-old man and a 45-year- old man. the 45-year-old is the innocent bystander and last report was still in critical
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are expected to survive. live in brooklyn, josh einiger, eyewitness news. >> josh, thank you. the field of republican presidential candidates is shrinking tonight. louisiana governor bobby jindal who has barely registered in the polls announced that he is dropping out of the 2016 race. the 44-year-old conservative says he is not ready to endorse a gop candidate. >> a raging fire tonight and stories of daring rescues. hear from the hero neighbor who carried a disabled teenager to safety. and cancer survivors on the catwalk, this fashion show showing off a lot more than just the hottest styles. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. upper 20s, lower 30s, 46 in new york city at 11:00. we're watching that storm
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an enormous and raging fire along a row of houses in new jersey destroying two of them, nearly destroying a third. dozens now homeless. this was a night of heroes. people saving the lives of others. and risking their own lives to do it. we now know where the fire started but we don't know how it started yet. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang at the scene in paterson. lucy. >> reporter: well, bill, 34 paterson residents are now homeless for the holidays, this as officials try to figure out what caused this five-alarm blaze behind me. the homeowner told me he believes it began on his back porch but he says he was not grilling at the time and he doesn't believe anyone else was back there.
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law, and a gentleman came running up the street yelling, "fego, fego." and i thought, fire? >> reporter: that's how brian found out his house was on fire. he went back inside and rescued his family and tenants. >> all the tenants are out, even the dog. >> reporter: at its worst it was a five-alarm blaze as flames from 195 quickly spread to 197, putting al smith and his tenants at risk. while escaping, smith stopped by his downstairs neighbor's apartment and carried their 17- year-old disabled grandson to safety. >> i wouldn't consider myself a hero, but that's a natural instinct. i helped bring the wheelchair down. >> reporter: officials report that two homes were already engulfed by the time they arrived. >> we were able to couldn't from spreading to the third.
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>> i just watched it go up in smoke, and everything is pretty much a total loss. >> a bad loss at a bad time of year. >> reporter: now, initially there were reports that someone was trapped inside. thankfully neighbors took care of each other and made sure everyone escaped safely. now comes the hard part. rebuilding. we're live at paterson, new jersey tonight, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lucy, thank you. new at 11:00 breast cancer survivors on the catwalk in brooklyn tonight for a good cause. it's the pink runway fashion show. survivors and doctors strutted their stuff wearing the latest trends from local fashion designers, which were raffled off. all proceeds going to the hospital. >> it's sad to know there are way too many of us out there, and i was surprised to know that we are not aware of how many people are affected. so i think that's what's important. people need to be taken care
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of in a difficult time, so i'm really happy to be able to give back. >> the center treats nearly 500 patients a year. >> what a great cause. what a great event. tonight. it's getting colder for sure out there. >> but it didn't affect you too much. >> no, not really. >> you're too tough for that. it's normal. it's chilly, but it's normal outside. a beautiful looking empire purple. our temperature at 11:00, it's at 46 degrees. the barometer is actually pretty high, just inching down a little bit. the high today 51 degrees, pretty close to average. first day below arching awhile. there are your sunrise and sunset times. a little drizzle tomorrow, a few sprinkles can start to move in. the steadier rain is thursday. it starts to turn cool inter the weekend.
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end of the upcoming weekend. temperatures took a nose dive this afternoon, 32 in andover, 32 morristown, yet it's 4 in newark. long island generally in the mid-30s. some upper 20s here. some low clouds, might be some frost around. we'll have clouds and sun early. still some thin spots in the clouds at times tomorrow but clouds definitely dominant. by later in the day it is going to be more overcast and there can be a couple of sprinkles. milder tomorrow in the mid and upper 50s. already a patch of low clouds here. that's what we will see because of this wind off the water. just widespread, more expanded as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. then tough system off to the west which is moving very slowly, creeping along. a narrow strip of snow in the plains, 10 inches in aurora, colorado. then you see this squall line over the gulf. it is going to be so much weaker but it does have a good chance of giving us a good soak. watch what happens tomorrow morning. you've got clouds around.
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during the day tomorrow a few breaks but then the clouds definitely winning over. some drizzle tomorrow night. your thursday morning commute the worst case is there's some drizzle, but the steadiest rain is going to come in, in the afternoon. look at the numbers. in the 60s, but the evening commute looks challenging. it looks like the rain will carry over into the first part of thursday night and maybe even into friday morning. 58 tomorrow, a little milder, breezy at times. then tomorrow night is when we could see a shower or a bit of 55. look at the thursday. windy and wet. the only part i disagree with on the computer model is a half inch at montauk. i think we could easily go above an inch. friday it could feel like the 30s with a couple of flurries. cooler next week before it warms up for thanksgiving. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. would you pay tens of
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thousands of dollars for a toy? and sparks fly seconds before the dramatic end to a high-speed chase. but let's check in with jimmy kimmel. surprising breaking news about our very own bill ritter. >> thanks sade. tonight josh hutcherson, our sixth annual national unfriend
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a high-speed police chase coming to a dramatic stop when a teenage suspect loses control of the van and it crashes into a guardrail. this happened in florida. the teenager takes off on foot and leaves two friends hurt in the van. the suspect was arrested a short time later. basketball legend and aids activist magic johnson reaching out tonight to charlie sheen after the actor revealed he's living with hiv. johnson tweeted breaking his silence, i hope he joins me in educating the world about hiv aids. sheen acknowledging that he has the virus and that he's been extorted. the power of the force will be pulling star wars fans to more than just movie theaters next month. sotheby's is auctioning off
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star wars toy collections. the action figures from 1977 features a rare luke sky walk we are a rare double telescoping light saber. they're expected to sell for $25,000 each. >> action figures of the past, perfect segue for rob powers. >> the crowd goes wild for the 20-year-old rookie. straight ahead, the kid put on a show at the garden. it's hard not to notice. we'll have highlights from
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what dear? oh! oh, you're bad. stop that! i'm sorry. (vo) a new york millionaire spent $714,000 to learn how to be a pet whisperer. what? oh ho ho! (vo) you'd make a way better rich person.
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an age diverse group of
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>> a lot of fans there but the sexiest man alive is right here. >> congratulations on that. >> i was shocked when i heard from the jimmy. >> i can't wait. the knicks go for win number six. by comparison they won their sixth game last season on january 19th. lost in charlotte when a three- pointer was deemed a fraction of a second too late but they hung with the hornets all the way. tonight they get them in their own place. knicks up if i have after one quarter in those throw-back unis. walker, second quarter, he scored 31. hornets had the lead but not for long. 103-pointers for the knicks. in the fourth, the crowd couldn't get enough. 29 points, 11 rebounds, his best game so far. 102-9 4. they get to the .500 mark at 6-6.
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the 1-9 nets playing the hawks tonight in brooklyn. back and forth, tight game. mike scott for the hawks. al horford led them with 1 points. shane larken, four 3-pointers. brook lopez, the big scorer. 24 points. young fouled 1.4 seconds to go. he hits both free throws, and then a big stop on the other end. the nets win it 90-98. that's their first home win of the year. the mets' terry collins missed out on the national league manager of the year honor tonight. the cubs' joe maddon wins that. won 97 regular season games. that's 24-win improvement for the cubs over last year. maddon held everything together. the rangers' jeff banister named the american league manager of the year. took texas from worst to first
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88 wins, 21 more than last year. hakeem nix back with the giants. tried to catch on with the titans this year but he was cut in training camp. never latched on until today. giants hope nix can work back into form and contribute down the stretch. on ice, the surging devils opened a three-game road trip in calgary. tough give away behind the net. devils rally. jordan tutu makes it 3-2. finally from us, team usa up against trinidad and tobago. open qualifying. goals tougher to come by in this one. a header off the cross bar. another chance later, jermaine jones can't quite get it.
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and join the conversation about bill ritter being the sexiest man alive. let us know. tweet us, facebook us. >> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching.
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