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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two people died and several police officers were injured, as well. all these hours later the police will still not say if they got the man they went there for. the man they say planned last friday night. police went looking for terrorist today and blasted away in a paris suburb. residents say they heard sporadic sprays of gunshots for nearly two hours before sunrise, plus explosions and screaming. it was terrifying. >> there were so many explosions. it was if the ceiling of the bathroom was going to collapse. i got out of the bathroom. i tried to protect myself, holding my baby tight. we saw bullet, lights. there were explosions. >> i heard gunfire. it went crazy. gunshots, explosions, here, there, everywhere. it went on for ages. people were running everywhere.
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>> reporter: this resident said when they looked out the window they saw so many security presence, police and army, they thought it was a war. well, it is a war. this war started last friday when isis terrorist killed scores of people and prepared to kill more with suicide belts and automatic weapons. the french president said the group is operational and quote willing to go all the way with this. but did abdelhamid abaaood go all the way? prosecutors have not yet said if the 26-year-old organizer of the attack on paris was killed, saying only he wasn't captured. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: we are starting. those are the last words one of
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the gunman from last friday ever texted police found on a phone he had thrown into a garbage can just before he started shooting. if what he intended to start was a war, he may have been successful at that. the french trying to do everything they can to finish it. reporting live from paris, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jim. meanwhile we are learning tonight isis released a propaganda video touting the attacks in paris. the video contains scenes showing new york but the portion is not new video of new last april. the video reaffirms the message new york city remain as top terrorist target. while there is no current or specific threat to the city at this time we will remain at a heightened state of vigilance our new york mayor said. and the terror group brought down the russian plane last
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month over egypt. you can see this soft drink can, and a wire and what appeared to be a switch. it appears the bomb killed all 224 people on board the metro jet last october 25th. well, the fight to accept syrian refugees battles on. governor chris christie defended his view of not his state. he said he saw enough families torn apart on 9/11 and does not want to see more. meanwhile new york mayor de blasio took aim at christie saying taking in refugees is in right thing to do, using the infamous image of a refugee child's body that washed ashore in europe to make his point. >> i would like to know what governor cristie says about this. this is the cost of not bringing in people, innocent victims of the humanitarian crisis. >> is this what he wants to see
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happen to people, children? we don't accept that here in new york city. >> new york city has accepted eight immigrants from syria so far and there will be intensive screening before the city accepts anyone else. we will keep you updated on the terror and manhunt on air and on our website at we have david muir with a special edition of the terror in paris coming up at 6:30. well, we showed you a car fire on the george washington news. the accident is cleared and the traffic is starting to move a little bit. >> reporter: whenever you have the bring closed for a long time you have someone that breaks down or runs out of gas. that is exactly what we have here on the outbound upper deck of the george washington bridge. this guy stalled out while waiting for the car fire to clear up. it was promising at first. they got the car fire out
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that was really great news but they put it on one tow truck but could not get it away so they put it on another tow truck. now literally only minutes ago did the george washington bridge reopen. look at the car fire here from earlier video. this car was completely erupted into flames. even the passenger part of the vehicle was in flames just before the fire department got there. there was a big explosion there. as you see these live pictures here. we have huge delays. now that the lanes have clear whiched up there is a lane -- cleared up, there is one lane with the disabled vehicle now removed and reopened, but the back up is still bumper-to- bumper over the george washington bridge. >> thank you, shannon. a man is in the hospital tonight after he was shot by police in brooklyn. this is video of officers taking the suspect into custody. the chase began when police tried to pull the man's car over for speeding this
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the suspect crashed into a truck and ran. police say during the foot chase he tripped and fell. when he went to grab the gun he was shot by an officer. the handgun, investigators say, was recovered at the scene. high tensions, high security and tonight protests on the campus of cane university in new jersey, an anonymous tweet threatening to kill black students on campus. one out of six african- americans make up the population on the cane campus. we have more now live. >> reporter: as you can see behind me the parking lot is only half full. i talked to students that said the classes today were only half full. obviously a lot of students were very concerned about the media. the university president sent down what students needed to calm their fears and support
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their right for peaceful protest. last night students were gathering on campus to show their support for black students at the university of missouri where racial issues have been brewing for some time. but the students at cane soon became the victims of racial taunts and tweets. >> honestly, all we did is collect together in support of missouri and in gathering together we experienced threats and racism. >> we need to show inclusiveness on the campus. it is your right to protest and support. we should not be getting death threats. >> reporter: the university president wanted to assure the students that threats and racism on campus are not acceptable. >> i just wanted to make sure that everybody understood that hate would never succeed, not here at cane. >> reporter: one of the tweets was directed at students while protesting, saying the cops
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won't save you. you are black. the school responded by putting every police agency on alert. >> i am seeing surrounding communities and federal and my nice pell levels put on high -- my nice many levels put on high alert. >> reporter: the administration has been hostile to black students and fact for years. the school would like to see the university president resign. we the university about the call from the president to step down. that is the latest live from union, new jersey, anthony thompson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. well, murdered in mt. pleasant, a crime that shocked the community almost 20 years ago and today it remains
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unsolved but there is new hope the person that killed him will be caught. >> reporter: 20 years since the body of tom dorr had been found this these woods. >> tom was 6'7", he had a heart of gold. he was a gentle giant. >> reporter: each january friends held an individual hoping for an arrest in the case. dorr was found yards from his house under two feet of snow. his wife claimed he disappeared while heading to the firehouse during the blizzard of 1986 but dorr's wife and son have been labeled the prime suspects. >> everybody knows who did it, but they can't prove it. it is a long time for nothing to happen. >> reporter: indeed it is a murder but not exactly a mystery. police believe the killing was
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dorr and his drug-addicted stepson. >> we believe he was going to new york city to buy heroin and he denied the request to use the car. >> reporter: today dorr's friends and crime stoppers announced an increase of a reward in the case to a total of $6,000. police say they hope it will jump start the investigation which stalled when family members lawyered up after they allegedly tampered with the crime scene and destroyed evidence. >> it is sad that somebody that was loved by so many people, it is sad that the family won't come forth and share some light into what actually happened to tom. >> reporter: friends hoping the package of time leads to someone clearing their conscience as a plaque on a tree planted in dorr's memory reads may justice be done. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 this wednesday night, a huge supermarket in harlem gets ready to shut its door, leaving hundreds of people
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unemployed and tens of thousands of people finding a new place to shop for food. >> tonight, a last minute move to try to keep it open. >> and drizzle and steady rain off to the west. drizzle develops overnight here with minor issues for the morning commute. the steadiest rain in the afternoon and evening. balmy in the 60s. a couple places could push 2 for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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today in harlem, once a bright spot in the community, now closing its door. asia was among the 30,000 customers a week that came to this restaurant for -- grocery store for fresh, affordable store. what do we have now.
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>> there are regular corn stores but they don't carry what path mark carries. >> reporter: last year path mark sold the building for $39 million. a reverend and chairman of the abyssinian development said they had no choice. >> one of the partners decided they needed their money. they had to pull it out and we had to give it to them according to the relationship. >> reporter: reverend butts wanted to make it clear the sale is not the reason for the store's closing. a & p, the parent company, filed for bankruptcy back in july and several stores as a result have been a casualty. what will replace the 68,000 square foot property? that has the president of hunter college concerned. >> many of with teem that live here having trouble affording housing and trouble affording food need sources of healthy, affordable food. >> reporter: tonight a
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by the council speaker and discussed will be other potential options for fresh, affordable food in this community, as well as what will come of this soon-to-be vacant building and how they can prevent it from becoming a safety concern. shirleen allicot, eyewitness news. >> supermarkets closing around new york city don't have a lot of alternatives. >> exactly. what will be residents do. >> yes.
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heavy rain heading our way it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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. it seems like more of a late day, early rain to worry about? >> yes. you may want to have the umbrella and hold on tight in the afternoon. this evening it is nice, however. the clouds came in and it looks gloomy but it is a november evening in the upper 50s. it feels good. walking around should be pleasant until the drizzle arrives later on. 56 degrees. an easterly wind at 13.
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high today just shy of 60 degrees. above average today. way above average tomorrow and still on pace for the warmest november on record. breezy with spotty drizzle later on tonight that greets you for the morning commute. it is intermittent and fairly light. then the rain is steadier for the morning commute with the rain heavier at times. on friday we dry out early in the morning. then the temperatures tumble by the end of the up coming weekend. the numbers are low and mid 50s from connecticut across the sound and the long island. these are the areas that may see the highest tolls at the storm slows down as it departs the area. we will all kind of hold study in the -- steady in the low and mid 50s tonight. clouds and drizzle late tonight and in the morning. wind sweeps at times still through the afternoon hours tomorrow. the clouds are thickening and the first signs of drizzle will reach the ground in sussex and warren counties.
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inland to down the coast, translating to us later on tonight. the heavier strip of rainfall doesn't arrive, however, until tomorrow afternoon. this is the part of the storm coming our way. the part with the cold air that produced the snow in the rockies is kind of taking the scenic route and doesn't get here until the up coming weekend. by 11:00 sprinkles and drizzle north and west. patchy drizzle in the morning commute and heaviest mid afternoon tomorrow to tomorrow night. here is the wild card. will the storm slow down in the evening and give us another batch of heavy rain, maybe even thunder in new york, new jersey and long island and close to new york city, too. it could bump up rainfall totals to an inch, or an inch- and-a-half or two. windy and wet and 64 tomorrow. it will be drying out and nicer on friday, 58 and cooler over the weekend. the accuweather forecast, spotty drizzle tonight.
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55. tomorrow 64. increasingly windy and warm. rain steadier in the afternoon and heavier during the evening commute and 53 degrees. then we will clear out and dry out on friday, 58. saturday 52 and clouds and sun. sunday 48. feels more like 40. the coldest air is sunday night to monday then we start to recover. get away wednesday looks good, 52 degrees. we may cloud over on thanksgiving but i think it is dry and not terribly windy so that will be great for the parade. >> and great for the inflation. >> no snow, no nothing. >> shush. >> snow, you had to say that four later word. shush! well, we are not calling this a controversy but the jets have another quarterback situation on their hands because of the left hand, brian fitzpatrick who recovers from surgery. will he be good to go for sunday's game in houston?
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well, the jets are officially onto the texans in sunday's game in houston. but the question of the week, will ryan fitzpatrick be on the green. he was on the field with the jets five days after surgery to repair a torn ligament in his non-flowing thumb. the qb was able to throw but he did not participate in practice though the jets expect him to be more active tomorrow. he may be playing on sunday. fitzpatrick feels confident and says he will play. >> i will definitely do a lot more tomorrow.
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i think we had a pretty positive day today in terms of being out there, throwing it around a little bit and all the treatment stuff, as well. >> that was the whole plan. have him throw something. take a few snaps tomorrow. he should feel significantly better. >> and the major league baseball award season is clear, the battle for sigh yong. it will be announced short -- cy young. it will be announced shortly in the american league. and k-rod on the move again. today the tigers acquiring francisco rodriguez from the brewers in an effort to strengthen the bullpens. is has a total of 386 saves including two stints with the mets in his career. the mets will look to make it two wins in a row as they face the hornets in charlotte.
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first place atlanta while the knicks were on the winning side last night taking care of busy against the hornets at the garden. the rookie scored a career high 29 points and pulled out 11 rebounds in the win. many people believe the 19-year- old was going to be a work in progress for the knicks this year but he is showing he belongs. >> everybody is saying maybe in a few years. i will get better in a few years but i knew i was able to play right now. that was my mentality going into the game. >> well, the head coach for the rockets after the team started the season 4-7, mchale signed a three year extension almost year ago and led the team to a western conference final for the first time since 1997. and who says two hands aren't
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better than one? look at derek jeter, pulling in this pass with one hand for the touchdown, using the tip of the ball. piece of cake. later on to prove that was not a fluke, dieter does it again, using one hand -- jeter does it again, using one hand to pull in another. yes, o'dell, you have circus catch competition. it is like glue on the fingers. it is amazing. >> that is. let's see that again! >> right. [ laughing ] and what is coming unon eyewitness news at 11:00? >> tonight new video of a tour bus easterfying, chaotic crash. >> and are couples that have more sex happier? the answer tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. bill? >> hum. let's see if i can answer that! [ laughing ] you are blushing! thank you for watching. >> i am bill ritter. >> and i am liz cho.
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