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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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with the latest from france. >> reporter: now that authorities have identified this mastermind they're learning more about him. late today spain's interior minister said the alleged ring leader of the paris attacks was using social networks to recruit women from spain. he wanted to repopulate terrifying new surveillance video of one of the attacks in realtime today. >> it is chilling new video from several different angles. surveillance cameras captured the moment bullets shatter the glass at a cafe in paris last friday. in the video obtained by diners duck under table, racing for cover as the gunman in red moves outside. this woman in the coat bolting back inside followed by a man also diving for cover. >> you can see the gunman shooting his ak-47 from the hip, bullets everywhere. then he
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crouching in fear and moved in to kill her. assault rifle down at point-blank range but something happens, his gun jams or is out of ammo. he leaves. you can see one woman rising and bolting and then another. miraculous survivors of the terror that took so many lives. >> the other significant development in paris after yesterday's chaotic and bloody raid in the suburb of saint-denis, the mastermind of the terror attacks is dead. the body of abdelhamid abaaoud, age 27, riddled with bullets and grenades now identified. >> as france is still reeling from the terror the country has extended its state of emergency for another 3 months. >> france is taking on the war with the weapon of rights and guaranteeing fundamental rights. >> but it's this, video of the
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shows both the worse and best of human kind. the explosion of gunfire and glass, people running for cover but watch this, that woman in the coat springs for cover under the bar and the female bartender protectively covers her head. >> reporter: meanwhile in belgium authorities launched six different raids in the brussels region linked to a stadium bomber. he was a suicide bomber but authorities are still rounding up his entourage. >> thank you. new york city remains an in -- on alert with mayor de blasio saying the city will not be intimidated by isis's latest threat. dray clark is in time's square with more on the security measures in place. dray. >> reporter: good afternoon , david. standing here in time's square you get the immediate impression this is the last place you want to do something wrong because there's so much security. the mayor and police commissioner wants to send a message that one new york city is safe and security is very tight.
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>> in the heart of midtown time's square feels like the safest place in new york city. members of the nypd's well armed critical response unit standing by with weapons locked and loaded. the high profile visibility was a relief for these ladies visiting from washington state. >> it feels really safe right now, plus i think being here is an indicator that we can't choose to have terror end our lifestyle. >> there's a lot of security. it's clear the nypd is doing their job. >> wednesday isis rereleased a propaganda video shows images from new york city from april sparking curiosity and concern. wednesday night the mayor and police commissioner held a rare late night impromptu press conference to calm fears and address concerns. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> there was nothing new about that video. >> commissioner bratton said new york has been at the top of
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a terrorist hit list for years and that's not going to change. >> the city places great importance on new yorkers and the 60 million visitors that come to the city. >> the nypd add 500 officers with military training to work counterterrorism. there's no credible or specific threat against the city but with it being a high value target there could be no flaw, no security shortcuts that could make the city vulnerable for attack. >> this is the finest police force for 14 years since 9/11. the police force has protected the city against terror threats and it will continue to do so. >> reporter: all of the security changes and enhancements are happening at a very busy time here in the city as we go into the holiday season. the police commissioner
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and comfortable but be aware of your sunday sur -- sur roundings. hilary clinton is laying out her plan to fight isis. she is participating in a forum with the council on foreign relations on the upper east side. mrs. clinton said the u.s. and its allies must expand the air campaign to conduct a greater number of strikes. >> our strategy should have one, defeat isis in syria, iraq and across the middle east. two, disrupt and dismantle the growing terrorist infrastructure that facilitates the flow of fighters financing arms and propaganda around the world. three, pardon our defenses and those of our allies against external and home grown threats. >> clinton added that america
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should not put regular u.s. forces on the ground. she started the morning with an appearance on live with kelly and michael and while there she talked about the threat that new york city faces. >> here in myself -- here in new york city, the police department, the support they gather from the communities not reluctant to say wait a minute, i saw something, i heard something, we have a very strong defense here. you have to remain vig laent ilant. >> clinton said that new yorkers and all americans should take these threats seriously. the house of representatives will debate a republican bill today that could change the refugee screening process. the bill would require the fbi to conduct background checks and on top of that the fbi and homeland security would need to certify to congress that each refugee is not a threat to the u.s. which would of course be very difficult.
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a vote could happen today and we'll have a live report from washington coming up at 12:30. stay with abc news as we follow the investigation into the paris attacks. we will update you on any developments here and on, on facebook and twitter as well. we want to turn now to the weather and get ready for a wet afternoon. rain is moving into the area. meteorologist bill evans is timing out the storm and joins us now. >> we have some low clouds, fog and rain. this is going to continue into this afternoon. you can see the visibility is pretty low here at the tops of the buildings. as we look further south we'll be looking at temperatures as we go into the afternoon around 55 degrees. much of the afternoon we'll find ourselves looking at warm air and warm wind that's coming across this afternoon. the afternoon hours also going to feature a fair amount of rain. i think the rain gets heavier into the afternoon. the temperature right now 61 degrees, humidities in the 90%
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county in northern new jersey, through 84, along 287, along i-80. these showers are working their way across ahead of this front. you'll see it on our future cast as the front keeps moving east ward the rain begins to get heavier. lee goldberg will be here first at 4:00 when the rain gets heavier. at 8:00 very heavy downpours of rain. at 10:00 tonight the 11:00 show you want to be watching because you'll see very heavy rain, possibly some flooding issues. that's gone prior to sunrise tomorrow. we are looking at rainfall amounts that could be in excess of an inch. with some areas with poor drainage maybe some flooding issues. we'll talk about that as well as what you can expect for the weekend and take a peak towards thanksgiving in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we're going to turn now to a murder mystery on long island. a woman bound, gagged and killed inside her own home. the disturbing discovery made on
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smith street in merrick and right now investigators and maybes want to know who would do this. stefan kim is at the scene with more on the investigation. stefan. >> reporter: take a look at this home behind me on smith street. nassau county police have taped off that home and police officers are still here on the scene. moments ago additional plain-clothed detectives arrived on the scene. the woman who lives in the back of the house was found dead at 6:30 and found gagged and bed. the man who lives in the front is home but doesn't wish to speak with us. police are not saying how old she was. deli workers across the street say she was a pleasant single middle-aged woman, nothing would indicate she would find herself in this type of situation. >> unfortunately bad things going on all over.
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probably she ran into a old boyfriend or something like that that didn't work out. that doesn't really happen around here, these murders. >> did you ever see the woman, say hello? >> she was a customer, a very nice lady. we knew her well. a nice lady. >> reporter: now police discovered her body after a 911 call last night. it's unclear who discovered her body. homicide detectives are leading this investigation. anyone with information is being asked to call police. in more rick, stefan kim, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a teacher beaten to death in her home in new jersey, now 6 years later three men are charged with her murder. we'll tell you how investigators finally cracked the case. >> and the former face of subway restaurants learns his fate after being charged with sex crimes and child pornography. >> and a pair of nypd
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a toddler who fell from a third floor window in the bronx is re covering. the family of demir holmes-carter sent us this picture of the 2-year-old enjoying breakfast in the hospital. he tumbled out of the window at his home. today his aunt said doctors told the family there are no serious injuries and they will be discharging him from the hospital very soon. new at noon, the fbi said it has taken down a multimillion dollar heroin ring in newark that distributed drugs across 15 people were arrested by federal agents this morning and two of them have been terrorizing residents in new jersey for a long time. the
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drug organization operated out of a building on johnson avenue. the sentencing hearing for former subway spokesman jared fogle. this morning he pleaded guilty to child pornography and child sex crime charges. now experts are testifying on his behalf. prosecutors want a 12.5 year prison sentence while fogle's attorneys have asked for 5 years. two new york city detectives heading back home today after coming to the rescue of a tourist in los angeles. two of the city's finest caught a man who stabbed a russian tourist in the neck. they jumped in when they heard witnesses screaming. the victim is expected to be okay. detectives were in los angeles to execute an arrest warrant but were off duty when they stopped this attack. really they're always on duty when they need to be. >> absolutely. incredible. a mom outraged. she said someone post ed ed threatening video of her baby girl in day care wait until you see the message
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rain gets heavier into the evening as the front comes through. we get some rain heaviest tonight. for now things are okay. towards the commute rain can get heavy and dicey. we have cloudy skies. low clouds across the tops of the buildings. the temperatures are way mild. they are really warm and it's windy too. let's look outside and see who has some umbrellas. folks on the west side with a few umbrellas here. it's sprinkles and drizzles at the moment into the afternoon. the current temperature 61 degrees. that's so warm. the humidity is 81%. the winds southeast at 6 , gusting to 22. that's what pushes in this warm moisture. the pressure has been falling to 30.18. normal high is 53. we will be 10 degrees warmer than that around 64, 65 degrees. the park shows no rain so far but there's been this light rain here. i would call that a trace to a couple hundredths. breezy with a spotty drizzle even into tonight. we're going to have
12:19 pm
this rain through the afternoon. we're going to be looking at it getting heavy tonight and then cooler this weekend. that's our headlines. you see we're at the low 60s across long island, 63 towards coney island, 63 belmar. the numbers are warm. it's because the wind is out of the southeast and that's a nice warm wind that comes through and up across the higher elevations and into the catskills. the showers are coming from west to east. the front is moving from west to east. you see a few showers along burrgon county, up 287 to i-84 and then back to the west we get a break. as the front keeps moving east ward there will be enhancement to make the rain heavier this evening. this is the rain totals we have, hundredths reported. on the future cast once we get some upper level support coming up that front it gets heavy rain this evening with the front pushing through. you see 9:00,
12:20 pm
10:00, 11:00, some heavy downpours and maybe a rumble of thunder in here in parts of long island, coastal connecticut and the jersey shore. you see we clear out and are off to the races to nice weather into friday. the computer model now putting out 2 inches of rain in white plains in some cells that pop up. there might be some isolated spots where there's some flooding. let's look to wednesday of next week. looking good in the east. you got to travel the pacific northwest, you might want to travel on tuesday. off and on rain this afternoon, some of that is heavy this evening. warm and windy and 64. over night cloudy and breezy and 51. clouds and sun and breezy and cooler tomorrow and 58. each 58 is warmer than our normal afternoon afternoon high temperature. we're looking at sunshine returning tomorrow, 52 on saturday, a really nice day. might be a sprinkle on sunday but the afternoon will be cooler. we're back into the low 50s during the day and 40s at night and that's normal for this
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time of year next week. no thanksgiving. you can get outside and play football. >> the bill evans pre-football football game. >> and then monday a doctor's visit. used to. >> at least you're honest. the victim of a criminal case of twerking speaks out. video of his or deal went viral. now why he said he feared for his life. >> do you remem are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. but for years, i didn't do anything about it. i thought i didn't have the money, until i learned about bath fitter.
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another wild class room confrontation, an escaped monkey and people struggling just to stay on their feet, some of the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. we're going to begin with an altercation between a student and a teacher in florida caught the student said it started when he made a sarcastic remark to the teacher. words turned to physical and at one point a chair gets hurled across the room. in the end no one was injured but administrators reassigned the teacher to the student's mom said she wants the
12:24 pm
monkey -- the teacher fired. >> a monkey a ttacked an 84-year-old woman and bit two other people. police were able to capture the monkey. police believe it was living as a pet in someone's backyard cage. >> service so windy in colorado that some people had a hard time getting on a bus. the man the to help passengers. the wind gusting up to 75 miles per hour there. that's something bill pays attention to. >> this is why i do not go out there. >> no. >> that's why you're in here with us. >> i would be mary poppins out there. >> you would be gone. >> you would not see me anymore. >> we would hold onto you. >> you would be in nebraska somewhere. >> thank you, david. a giant al ga -- alligator needed a little help retiring
12:25 pm
from a golf course in texas. a 12 foot long gator between 600 and 700 pounds is how big he was. golfers were uncomfortable. he called in christie kroboth with the gator squad to help. less than go weeks ago she wrangled an 800 pound gator. she was the first one they called. she did it outside a shopping center. the golf course gator named chubs proved to be no match. >> chubs. much more news straight ahead in the next half hour. a huge break in the case of a teacher murdered in her students at princeton university are trying to get a name removed
12:26 pm
12:27 pm
our top stories this afternoon, the alleged ring leader in the paris terror attacks now officially declared dead. french officials confirming today that abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in yesterday's raid. police are still looking for two suspects in friday's attacks. >> mayor bill de blasio said the city will not be intimidated by isis's latest threat. officials say a video released by isis wednesday showing images of time's square originally came out in april but isis just added pictures of paris in the new video.
12:28 pm
a woman found dead inside a home in long island. officials in merrick calls her death suspicious. they have not released her identity or said how she died. we begin this half hour with a big break in a murder case. police have arrested three men for killing a teacher in neptune city, new jersey. 33-year-old jonelle melton was a teacher at red bank middle school. >> she was found dead in her apartment back in 2009. recently investigators offered a reward in the case and now three men are in custody. >> eyewitness news reporter toni yates is live with more. toni. >> reporter: yes, indeed. you know, the monmouth county prosecutor's office said they never considered this a cold case, even after 6 years. they said they had to wait for the right tips to come in to solve the murder of this loving and very much loved young woman. >> this has been a nightmare
12:29 pm
and i have been through a lot of grief and trauma. there was times that i didn't think this day would come. god knew better. >> it's a pain that can never ease, 6 years after his wife, 33-year-old jonelle melton was found murdered inside her neptune city apartment today three men are charged. james fair, ebenezer byrd and gregory jean-baptiste all from asbury park. melton was not their intended target. >> what we learned is that someone had forcibly asked jonelle's apartment in neptune city and as we continued our investigation we learned that the offenders had intended to break into one choose the wrong one. once they encountered her they brutally murdered her. >> 6 years of tips led to these charges. all three men are right now incarcerated on
12:30 pm
today the other victims in melton's murder, family and friends, spoke of life without their daughter, wife, friend who was a loved teacher in red bank. >> she was my little sister. she was my butterfly. loved. >> she was a phenomenal teacher, a phenomenal daughter, a daughter and friend and person. that's why this is even more tragic. >> reporter: the suspects will be in court this afternoon at 1:30 in freehold. we will be there to cover their appearances. for now we are live here in freehold, toni yates, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a search is under way for the driver who struck a 66-year-old woman and then left her to die in the streets. police say the driver ran a red light near cropsey avenue and bay 35th street last night and mowed down sofiya ostrovskaya. less than three hours later a second
12:31 pm
person was hit just a few blocks away. that driver stopped and was charged with driving with a suspended license. when the silver trial resumes the defense will get a chance to present its side of the case. the prosecution rested against silver. witnesses testified that the former lawmaker received hundreds of thousands of dollars from bribery schemes. some students at princeton said that woodrow wilson's name university. the student said wilson supported segregation. the current president told students he agreed that wilson was racist but added he made
12:32 pm
morales into custody on long island yesterday. he was accused of taking guns from a saturday. there's no link to terrorism. now to the political debate over syrian refugees settling in the u.s. today the u.s. house moving forward on a bill that would pause the program until the screening process is beeped up. megan hughes is in washington dc with more. we're seeing the backlash on three fronts, members of congress, candidates. today the president is firing back. >> congress is voting today on whether to keep all syrian and iraqi refugees out of the u.s., the legislation requires the fbi to not only run checks on all refugees a process that takes up to 2 years, but for top national security officials to personally certify that each refugee from syria or iraq is not a threat.
12:33 pm
>> three-quarters of them are women and children. a quarter of them are over 60 years of age. refugees are not the enemy. >> more than 2,000 syrian refugees already live in the u.s. none have been found to have ties to terrorism but now more than 30 governors say they won't accept more. it's already having an impact. one syrian refugee family bound for the u.s. wednesday after 3 years of waiting was rerouted to connecticut after indiana's governor refused to let them in. >> i think they're happy to be in a place that at least the governor wants them to be in. >> the white house has vowed that the president will veto the house bill if it reaches his desk. megan hughes, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you for that. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after school accuweather forecast. >> we've got cloudy skies and showers. you can see the gloomy
12:34 pm
reservoir towards 5th avenue you can barely make it out. there might be delays at the airport today. check with your carrier. 61 degrees and our humidity is at 81%. with ere -- we're looking at a gusty wind at 22. there's probably going to be cancelations after school for sports so be on the look out for that. we'll talk about that coming up in your accuweather forecast in just a moment. we'll take a weekend as well. back to you. >> thank you, bill . a man calls 911 because women were twerking all around him at a gas station. the video shared all over social media. now this man is speaking out for the first time and explains why he was so concerned at the time. >> plus, charlie sheen's hiv meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too.
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a 27-year-old woman will be in court today accused of going on a drunken joyride in a stolen taxi. cab driver ronald desir said kinga tabares and her friend gave him several destinations on the east side. he said they were drunk so he brought them to a police station to get help. that's when he said tabares jumped into the driver's seat and took off. she was arrested a few blocks away. former nfl quarterback doug flutie said both of his parents
12:38 pm
died yesterday within an hour of he posted on facebook, they say you can die of a broken heart and i believe it. he wrote that his father died of a heart attack and less than than an hour later he has mom died of a heart attack. they were married for 56 years. the victim in the video shows two women pushing onto a man at a gas station convenient happened. middle schoolteacher washington tharp said the women surrounded him when he went inside to pay for his purchases on october 7th. he said he immediately told them to get away from him. instead you can see from the video they pushed onto him and grabbed him. so he said he left the store. >> when i went outside the girls followed me. the one in the red dress jumped in front of me, grabbed the car door and would not allow me to get into the car. she said take us. i said no. when
12:39 pm
i turned on the car wash they came from the exit after me. i said, oh, shoot, they're about to kill me. >> he said that's when he called 911. he said the video doesn't capture what was going on in the situation and how concerned he was. the two women have charged with sexual abuse. with actor charlie sheen revealing he's hiv positives health workers are now confronting myths about hiv and aids. this myth is around, you can get hiv from being around someone hiv positive. that only transfers from bodily fluids but not saliva. >> you can't contract from sharing a glass. not ways that you can contract hiv. it has to body fluids.
12:40 pm
life is over when they're hiv positive. hiv is not a virus that can be destroyed but drugs effectively combat it from venting to aids. authorities in one wisconsin county are tackling the issue of bullying but asking parents to pay up. the town of plover passed an antibullying ordnance. parents will face a fine of $120 if police found their child has bullied people multiple times within 90 days. >> associations with teen suicide, with violence with kids in the schools, that connection pretty mind boggling. >> police say once bullying is reported to police officers will
12:41 pm
investigate the case and inform the parents. repeated offenses will result in a fine. police complaints since passing the ordnance. raising a lot of awareness. >> very important awareness. a young student who was bullied at school, what one of his classmates did that's getting praise on social media and from an nba star. >> the young boy starring in a barbie commercial has gotten some backlash but hear from h see curiosity become wonder,
12:42 pm
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it's been a big day for good morning america. a big couple of days as the show celebrating 40 years on the air in a big way. >> this morning some old faces big occasion. bill ritter was part of that celebration. sandy kenyan is here with more. >> it was a privilege for me to
12:45 pm
that had the feel of of a high school reunion this morning as reporters, anchors and doctors gathered to throw the show a 40th birthday. >> i offer a toast to all of you. >> a toast from anchors past and present to 40 years of what charlie gibson called the best three words in television. >> good morning america. >> following this an hour of highlights and horrah. >> congratulations on 40 great years. >> from the silly to the sublime and the serious. for those who brought it all to us, the look back was a chance to reflect. >> we just know this is an incredible adventure that we're on and that we are are always thinking of the viewer, always wanting to be there for them. us. >> it's the best seat from which to view the world to actually be where history is being made and tell the rest of the world about it. >> no story was more important than 9/11.
12:46 pm
words he exchanged with diane saywer. >> if one of us started to cry the other would just pick it up. even watching it today you get emotional. >> our own bill ritter was part of the reunion having served as the national correspondent and sunday anchor. >> this was the best times of our lives. we traveled everywhere. >> some who worked at eyewitness are alumni of gma. >> how many people have gone back and forth? >> there was acknowledgment for david hartman for setting the tone for the four decades that followed. >> thank you. >> now, ben sher wood who served as executive producer of the show in the 90s returned president of the disney abc television group to toast the show and re mind everyone that the battle begins in the next
12:47 pm
>> we have a personal connection where the show, larry ritter and bill evans also. >> there's been a lot of back and forth. >> we feel very connected to them. >> that's right. >> joan walked around the america. 40. turn. >> this is the scary part. >> it's your moment . >> this is where you're so good. cast. your last performance. go. let's take a look. it's about the audience and it's about you need your rain gear for the rest of the afternoon. the park. tell the story. we can tell you a picture from our camera in brooklyn looking over to wall bowling green, the brooklyn
12:48 pm
bridge. we can look from our cameras as we showed you one on the roof. that's the best visibility we have at the moment. across the park you can see the rain that's taking place. south ward we got a little bit of a haze. you can see our camera bouncing around here too. we can take you to the beach and look down towards asbury park here. you can see our lens is wet here. it's most by because the wind is out of the southeast coming into the camera here. this is down main 61 degrees, 81% humidity, the 22. we're going to surpass that . i visibilities. newburgh a 5 mile visibilities blt. we're going to be look ing at rain through the afternoon into tonight.
12:49 pm
i think that rain gets heaviest this evening. lee goldberg will be here first at 4:00 to give you the latest on that. tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 a lot of rain. after school there's showers here. it hasn't looked impressive so far but tonight looks to be a night where we have off and on rain, it's windy and warm. tomorrow we have clouds and sun, a much better day on friday as we get into the weekend with a high of 58. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. sunshine saturday, a little cooler on sunday and then we're into the 40s monday but the temperature bouncing back tuesday and wednesday. big travel day on it looks like 52 on thanksgiving. >> i heard that's sigh. >> mother nature is easing us into it and get us ready because winter is coming. thank you. the first boy ever to appear in a barbie commercial is speaking out.
12:50 pm
the ad that was designed to promote gender neutrality. the mississippi boy said he never expected a fire storm to happen. >> i didn't know that it was going to get viral. i was like, okay, it's a commercial. we did all that stuff. >> he's adorable. taylor added that he like s doing commercials because he doesn't have to learn a lot of lines. >> he's got a lot of personality. here's what's coming up next on the chew. >> a no-fail thanksgiving feast. michael is making
12:51 pm
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i'm diana williams in the news room. coming up later, an attorney accused of keeping a half million dollar settlement from his client, eyewitness news investigators go after him to
12:54 pm
approved genetically modified salmon. these stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. >> thank you. it's time for the feed and we know there are all kinds of things that end up on our feed. one mother found out that includes her own child. asia ifield had no idea. she saw this snap chat online with the headline i'm going to kill this girl. she claims the video was posted by an employee at her child's day care center in south carolina. she was engaged but decided the best approach was probably to involve the police. they are now investigating while she looks for a new day care center. there's some good things online. a facebook post caught lebron james's attention. a young student posted video of him giving a classmate a brand
12:55 pm
new pair of nike lebron james pair of shoes. he was getting bull didded over his shoes so he gave it to him. lebron james heard about it and said you're going to a great place kid for your generosity. true leadership right there. >> way to go. >> how do you like my shoes now by lebron james. >> how do you like them now? that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> now for bill evans and the rest of the team thank you for
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