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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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amounts approaching two-tenths in new york city. these rain gauges will get filled up in a hurry through the evening hours. you see some heavy rain getting into staten island and over into brooklyn right now. steadier rain into the five boroughs. the steadiest rain is over new jersey right now. that's moving over i-78 and i-80 into new york city. this will get stronger and fill in over the next few hours. it's moving right along. that's one thing we noetsz noticed, -- we noticed, i think the ending times will be earlier than suggested. this computer model is faster with it. look at the heavy rain through 8:00, 8:15 across the hudson valley. already getting light in new jersey at that point. at 10:00 the heaviest is over connecticut and long island and we start to see big time improvement after midnight. by the time sunrise hits we're looking at clearing skies and drier conditions. the
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be careful over the next 4 to 6 hours. wind swept rain until 10:00. maybe it's only until 9:00 or 9:30 over parts of new jersey. ponding on area roadways and gusty winds. clearing and colder by dawn. an early look at thanksgiving and the travel leading up to it is in the accuweather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. you can keep track of what lee does between newscasts, puts all of his forecasts on our weather track alert app. a victim her dad bound and gagged in her bedroom in merrick. she may have known her killer. stefan kim is at police headquarters tonight with the latest. stefan. >> reporter: liz, police right now are not saying a whole lot when it comes to this investigation. what they are saying, there were no signs of forced entry and this does not
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>> we're going to explore every possibility that this person responsible may have been granted entry into the house, this person may have had a key or known to the victim. >> with no signs of forced entry it's unlikely this was a random attack. 48-year-old susan goldthar found dead in her home. she was bound and found lying in her bed in her bedroom. the medical examiner determined the cause of death is affixuation. >> no history of calls at the house, no current burglary or robbery problem in that area of merrick. >> police say goldthar was living in the detached cottage nanny. cops say the last time her father spoke to her was her parents invited her out for dinner and she declined and the following day her far went to
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employees at the deli across the street said she was pleasant, nothing about her would indicate she would find situation. >> she was a nice person, no there were no -- you know, there were no this is last night when they called me up it's not usual. i've been in the town for a slr long -- for a very long time. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call nassau county police. stefan kim, end -- channel 7, eyewitness news. a new jersey state trooper allegedly drunk on duty after rear ending another car. the fender bender happened at a rest area off parkway in wall township last month. the video shows the responding trooper approach his fellow trooper, michael roadside, who provides a bizarre explanation for what happened.
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>> are you okay? >> yeah. >> i had mras mras -- plastic surgery. i'm on medicine right now. >> okay. >> i can't -- i got to get home. >> okay. all right. fair enough. >> roadside's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. he was suspended without pay and now charged with drunk driving. big new developments in the terror attacks in paris. so-called mastermind now confirmed dead. abdelhamid abaaoud was killed on wednesday during that police siege in the paris suburb of saint-denis. one of 600 raids by french police this week. police believe abdelhamid abaaoud is linked up to six terror plots. also getting a look at the female terror suspect. she's been identified as abdelhamid
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a vote from france lawmakers to extend a nationwide stadium of -- state of emergency for the next 3 months. president hollande going to ramp up isis targets. surveillance video shows the moment one of the isis terrors opened fire in a cafe. you can see the gunman outside the cafe firing inside. patrons scrambling for their lives. at one point a gunman tries to shoot two customers when his gun jams. in belgium nine people are being questioned in connection with the attacks during paris. they were rounded up during a series of raids. hilary clinton using the paris attacks today as a launching pad for her proposal to try to fight isis, an effort she helped to start as secretary of state. more bombing and arab nations putting troops on the ground but is it enough.
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evan s is in the news room with more. >> reporter: critics are saying this is more of obama's policy. clinton is aware that terrorism has become the number one issue in this campaign and made the speech in new york city because of our experience with 9/11. >> hilary clinton called for extensive air strikes and said america should lead this fight. clinton refuted the idea that to win we need american troops on the ground. >> like president obama, i do not believe that we should, again, have 100,000 american troops in combat in the middle east. that's just not the smart move to make here. >> and without naming any republicans, clinton today blasted those who have called for a halt in america accepting more syrian refugees. one of the paris attackers sneaked into
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>> turning away orphans, discriminating against muslims, slamming to door on every syrian refugee is just not who we are. we are better than that. >> earlier in the day clinton was on kelly and michael where she ripped donald trump as a tv reality star. >> he just getting the biggest kick it appears in saying really outrageous things. you know, some of it is, you know, a little bit humorous and a lot is hurtful. i think sometimes he verges on bullying. >> bernie sanders weighed on isis a little bit. >> it builds on what martin luther king, junior said in 1968 when he stated and i quote, this country has socialism for the rich and rugged individualism
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>> reporter: one of the main areas where clinton disagrees with obama on isis is dealing with syria's president. she wants him gone but said the focus first has got to be on defeating isis in syria and iraq. liz and bill. >> thank you. when it comes to protecting new york mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton said there's no specific threats against the city and it's important for new yorkers to go about their daily routines. they are telling the public to be vigilant, especially in places like time's square and stadiums and restaurants. they say if an attack happens the nypd will be ready. >> in paris there were five separate sites. we plan for the ability to handle two dozen sites simultaneously. we don't predict it and god forbid that day comes but the city of new york is ready. >> officials say it's important for people to not allow fear of an attack disrupt their daily lives. a political set back for
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voting to approve a bill requiring the fbi to conduct background checks on people coming here from syria and iraq. more than a 2/3 majority approved the measure and that's enough vote to over ride a promised presidential veto. charles schumer said if congress wants to keep americans safe it will remove gaps in existing programs. >> the visa waiver program has many more people going through it. there's less vetting. we need to tighten up that program. >> a loophole that allowed more than 2,000 people on a terror watch list to buy guns or explosives must also be closed. >> we'll keep you updated on air and on coming up at eyewitness news 6:00 world news tonight from paris. there's been a hit and run accident in the bronx. a woman
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eyewitness news reporter josh hinger is at the scene with the latest. josh. >> reporter: well, liz , police are still trying to get to the bottom of whether there were one case. one of them did stay here on the scene. we'll show you that. this is westchester avenue. that cone is where the victim wound up after she was hit by one and possibly two cars there right in the middle of the under the elevated subway. let's show you one of these cars right now, this white minivan, this work truck with damage to that driver did stay. are looking into the possibility that a second driver hit the victim but did flee the scene. injured. this is a very fresh investigation. when we get more information we will bring it to you on and on
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for eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this thursday night, a group of new immigrants getting a taste of thanksgiving in a place many immigrants of the past have gone through, the historic ellis island
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th trying restrict people is going on but tonight a celebration of immigrants. >> they were honored at ellis island. at one point 40% of us could trace our families through ellis island. >> darla miles posted her view of the lunch on facebook today. folks from more than a dozen countries were there. >> it's a thursday and it's november and it's thanksgiving dinner on ellis island. >> it was incredible for it to be the first time and for it to have been special to have a thanksgiving dinner. amazing. >> this was the table that was set for immigrants more than 100 years ago waiting to become u.s. citizens. those feasting today just became citizens. sanchez is from columbia. >> it's definitely clear now to see those parallels of how people want to here now just as they did then. >> to be able to be on that has hollow grounds to celebrate such an amazing holiday with these new citizens, i get to celebrate
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>> the early thanksgiving feast hosted by the national ethic coalition of organizations. >> i'm really honored to have this amazing feast. when i walk in and they prepare this beautiful table is great. >> for some of these immigrants this dinner takes on a whole new meaning, especially with the new debate over syrian refugees coming to the u.s. >> i wish that people would realize that they're running away from the very same people that we are running away from. >> like the syrian refugees, danielle also ran away from war from bosnia then to the u.s. >> when i see those people i feel the pain because i've been through that. i've been through it twice. >> for these immigrants who board at the ferry, gazed at the statute of liberty and set foot on ellis island for the very first time one chance to become an america seeks it needs. >> i believe they should have
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the same opportunity that i did. >> darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> what a great first event for them. >> great idea. beautiful. still to come, lee returns with much more on the heavy rain that is headed our way. here and now it's getting heavier. his full accuweather weekend forecast.
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it's just ugly out there tonight. >> not torrential rain but study rain in time for the evening commute. we have about a quarter of an inch so far. outside right now all the building on lower manhattan on a level playing field because we have a slow ceiling right now. 61 degrees, southeastern wind is gusty and the high today was 63. it's been balmy. rainfall amounts approaching two-tenths in central park. there's your sunrise and sunset times.
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looking at the gusty winds out of the southeast. inland not as much gusts, only 10 to 15 miles per hour winds. a plan -- a planner, at midnight you can see things wind down from the city west. the continues heavy at times. by morning the good news is it has minimal impact on the morning commute because the sun is coming out, the clouds are breaking. we have a gusty wind out of the northwest. there's a heavy downpour right over brooklyn right now. that's going towards howard beach and jamaica queens going to nassau county. it's lighter over midtown manhattan right now. surrounding areas through central and western new jersey very heavy rain. blarestown towards morris town. off to the north and east moderate rainfall
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lighter on i-85. moderate rain over westchester, rockland. just seeing some first steadier rainfalls in nassau county. a cold front is activating these showers and making it heavier. so even though it looks like it's moving very fast and will be out of here in a couple of hours this is going to be the heaviest batch over the next few hours. i think the back edge may expand a little bit to extend the rain for another few hours in new york city. watch this timing. really blossoms the next couple of hours. maybe by 9:30 or 10:00 it's east of new york city. it can still be raining across the area. the heaviest will be focused over the hudson valley, leaving the jersey shore. once we approach midnight we'll see some heavier rain east of new york city. there still will be one heavy batch after midnight that will prolong the rain over the east end into the wee hours of the morning.
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morning commute and it's breezy and brighter through the day tomorrow. rain heavy at time, a gusty wind and then we'll clear out late tonight. approaching an inch in some spots. mostly sunny, breezy and cooler tomorrow. it's a cold but quiet night tomorrow night. a mix of sun and clouds on saturday. sunday maybe some early showers and then clearing. monday is your coldest day. amazing weather as we approach get away wednesday and also thanksgiving. both days look dry in the 50s, not too windy. we have to go through this one hurdle. rob is up next with sports. >> a lot of baseball news. they saved the best for last. today mvp day. we'll check that out and hear from the jets gm as he takes his to play his old team, the jets and texans.
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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the good news is at least there's not a chicken dinner that goes with the awards. >> exactly. that would be a long couple of weeks here. >> a big week for baseball awards. we got two more big ones this afternoon. the most valuable player award in the league. the nl winner was just named, bryce harper from the nationals. unanimous. he got huge number in cluding 42 homeruns. he turned 23 a month ago. we have to go back a long way to find a handful of youngs that can do the things harper does. he figures to be a good one for a while. jets and texans sunday. summer ri on the non-throwing hand on friday. sheldon richardson a game time decision with a hamstring.
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jets are 5-4 after a 4-1 start. they are happy with the team's progress but the jets are a work in progress. mccagen came over from the texans, the team the jets play on sunday. >> spent 15 years there. it's going to be nice to go back and see a lot of people i worked with along with all the people from the area that i was friends with. i think we've improved in a lot of areas. i feel good where we are. >> he likes his coffee. a good babble game -- a good basketball game tonight, rutgers against the scarlet knights. plenty of local eyes on this big college game tonight. >> each and every program is at different stages. we understand where we are. we're realistic about that. we carve out our game plan to build it. both the islanders and the devils have in night off. they get back at it tomorrow.
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to tie a club record win, a 10th straight victory. they haven't done that in 43 years. a win would make ranger fans happy because the lightning bounced the rangers from the stanley cup playoffs last year. tampa bay is banged up. the rangers go for that win tonight. one week to go until thanksgiving. everybody is getting in the holiday mood and that includes local teams. at yankees stadium today the yankees hosted a thanksgiving food voucher give away. about 2,500 vouchers handed out to local families to help them get ready for the big meal. neighbors helping neighbored today. the mets in a giving mood today as well. they teamed one the speaker of the new york city council for 500 turkeys handed out. 25 families will receive dinner with all the trimmings and mr. met made some shower families had tickets to mets games next season too. plenty of reasons to give thanks. met's season opener at kansas city moved to sunday
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play april 4th now. nba last night, the ball goes up and it does not come down. it got stuck. no problem here. get a broom and an assist. i say you count the basket. >> they didn't. >> no. >> the broom basket. >> it's out of bounds, a lot of stuff. >> but it was a fun moment. >> it was. >> it was created to try to make that in. >> so generous. thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00 on eyewitness news, preparing for the thanksgiving travel season amid heightened security. what airline passengers are being told to do this year. plus, the warning about what to expect at the airport. also a $45,000 thanksgiving dinner. a restaurant is now offering it and it comes with something special one would hope. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. that's it for us for now. i'm bill ritter. that means liz is going to cook the dinner. >> i stuff a mean turkey. world news tonight from paris
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