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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we'll have a live report from washington with the very latest. one week after the terror attacks in france we are learning new information about the raid that took down the plot's mastermind. and another body has been discovered at the site of the saint-denis raid. the several is about to resume for a missing plane that may have gone down in westchester county. we're keeping an eye on that. good morning, i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. the good news here it is friday, november 20th and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> well, let's take a look outside and we have got clear skies and a beautiful sunrise in a half hour to 45 minutes from now and down 57 degrees, down another degree from last hour, we are going to be looking at 57 around murray park. 56 around riverdale and whitestone about 58 degrees and looking down the jersey shore and 54, 53 degrees and today will have a nice day. it will be windy. but the temperatures will drop a little more this morning to 53 and then warm back up to 56 later on this afternoon.
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weather and traffic together every seven minutes. morning. we have the 7 train suspended the entire length because of signal problems at vernon boulevard. so between flushing main and 34th street. no number 7 trains. use the other trains, buses are also available at 34th street. we have dray clark heading to the scene and we even have newscopter 7 john del giorno heading there. route 7 on the wittpenn bridge. this is in jersey city. we have this accident investigation on the cross bronx west near third avenue. two lanes are blocked off and the delay begins at the bruckner interchange and i'm sure the delays are going to start building. 35 north amboy road. utility pole row pairs. we have all lanes closed on 35 between broad street and clinton avenue because of flooding. it's also closed as you make your way through that area. then on the new jersey turnpike western spur, south of 18 w, we have a disabled and it looks like they're just
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and some delays as you go into the tolls. minor delays george washington bridge and lincoln is doing okay. holland has a minor wait. it's a gridlock alert day and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken over to you. all right heather thank you. it's 6:02 and we have just learned some new details on a still breaking story. gunmen stormed an african hotel taking more than 100 people hostage. right now, we have reports that several hostages may have been killed. it is all happening now at the radisson blu hotel in ma low's capital of bamako. abc's kenneth moton is hive if washington. >> reporter: president obama has been briefed on the unfolding situation in northern africa and at least 20 hostages have been freed by security forces and also i can tell you that we are still working to find out if any americans are among the hostages inside that radisson hotel. now this all came in as an
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local time and 3:00 a.m. our time here on the east coast. and army commander says ten gunmen stormed hoe they will the morning shouting -- hotel this morning shouting god is great in arabic before taking the hostages. the hotel called the radisson blu not far from a u.s. embassy where a u.s. delegation just happened to be on the ground in mali for a meeting on security in the region. now to give you some background about two years ago, islamic extremists took control of northern mali. prompting french led military intervention in the country. staff at u.s. and french embassies have been told to shelter? place. we are working to learn more and also air france has just canceled flights to the capital city of mali. no word if this has anything to do with the isis terrorist attacks in france last week. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right kenneth and to add
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confirmed three people have in fact been confirmed dead. in westchester county crews are getting ready to resume their operation after a small plane vanished just before landing. the aircraft was heading to danbury airport yesterday afternoon when the pilot lost contact near titicus reservoir. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live with the latest in north salem. >> reporter: according to danbury municipal airport. that pilot made contact and was cleared to land but that was the last transmission. the aircraft then disappeared off the radar. that all happened around 4:00 in the afternoon. a witness reported seeing a small plane go down in the area. that's what launched search crews out on to the titicus reservoir. dozens fanned out across the area including new york state police and the dep policement there's been no sign of the aircraft but remember this is a very large area to search. because of the thick fog, the search was suspended around
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1:00 this morning. search crews are expected to be back out here though in the next hour, they're hoping to comes up. we're live in north salem, kala news. thank you. we have learned new details on the attacks in paris. investigators have found a third body at the scene of wednesday's gun battle in saint- denis. police say that the unidentified woman's body was trapped after gunfire caused the floor to collapse. fraps france will hold a national ceremony a week from now to honor the people who attacks. the manhunt for a gunman salah abdeslam has intensified. there are reports he may be in the netherlands and news reports in france and england say he is also being targeted by isis. for not following through and killing himself in a suicide attack. the house of representatives has voted for tough new screening requirements that could all but
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refugees into this country. president obama is vowing to veto any such law. there is a new isis threat to turn the white house black with fire. but in spite of steady flow of propaganda videos the fbi says there's no credible threat in this country from isis. >> isil and its supporter put out all kinds of propaganda like videos and magazine but that's not credible intelligence. >> fbi director james comey says there's a need to protect against home grown extremists who may be inspired to attack on behalf of isis. 6:06 and republican presidential hopeful donald trump says that he supports a mandatory data base for muslims living in the united states. trump was in iowa last night for a campaign event and he says he would quote absolutely implement a data base to track muslims. this comes as lawmakers around the country call for restrictions on allowing syrians freeing the civil war into the united states. trump has peoplely said he
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would support can be previous -- previously said he would support closing mosques. former secretary of state hillary clinton says americans need to overcome personal fears. the democratic presidential candidate says the u.s. should lead the fight against isis but she does not support putting troops on the ground in syria. and a move opposite president obama, clinton says that she supports a in fly zone over northern syria as a tactic to put pressure on syria's president for peace talks. a deadly triple stabbing in the bronx we told you about questioned morning. there has been an arrest. the attack happened wednesday during a larger dispute inside the park in fordham. last night police charged 29- year-old israel hernandez with gang assault. the 21-year-old man was killed and two teens one of them 15 were pounded. both are -- wounded. both are recovering. funeral services planned later this morning for the
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mother of four. friends and family gathered last night for a prayer vigil taste. she was found dead in the -- davis. she was found dead in the street last week. police are questioning a man was found. and you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> here's a look at the hudson this morning -- i'm sorry, a look from fort lee to the gun dub this morning as -- george washington bridge this morning as we look to the sunrise. that's back edge of the cold front sliding eastward. see the sunrising and i mean as we look east and look farther toward our west, the skies are much clearer and so we're going to have a beautiful sunrise this morning. that's coming up around 6:30. 57 degrees right now. the temperatures still dropping a little bit. it will drop a little more towards sunrise and towards 7:00. winds are northwest. so that makes it a cool and crisp day today with a lot of wind out of the northwest and
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sweaters. but you knead sunglasses too. 56 by noontime and 55 later on this afternoon. we drop down to 52 by sunset. at the gus stop kiddos -- bus stop kiddos, temperature will be around 53. it will be breezy and warm with the wind out there feel about ten degrees cooler. weather then heather every seven minutes. that's right. >> how's it going out there? >> you brought up the 7 trains, the 7 trains you brought up the number 7. which we like. but we don't like what's happening with the 7 trains. the web cam first and i want to show you the mess that we have if you are going onto route 7 and this is all because of an ongoing accident investigation now. now the maps and talk to you about the 7 train suspended between 34th street and 42nd street. buses are available at times square and we understand that this is all because of signal problems. we're also finding that route 7 on the wittpenn bridge is on ongoing accident investigation. so all lanes are closed down and that's in both directions. cross bronx west third avenue an accident. two lanes closed.
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alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. it's a gridlock alert day as well. ken and shirleen over to you. staying on top of breaking news overseas. at least three people are dead following an attack on a hotel in mali. >> and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, state officials placed the blame on a deadly explosion in east harlem on conedison. saying the company violated safety regulations. breakup is hard enough. especially in the world of social media. but facebook is doing something
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updating you on breaking news in mali's capital. three people are dead and dozens of hostages remain locked inside a popular hotel. at least 20 people have been freed since gunmen stormed the radisson blu hotel early this morning. the u.s. embassy is warning americans to shelter in place. 6:13 and a student draws some laughs during president obama's morning visit to malaysia. during an address, the president asked the younger generation to embrace tolerance. that's when a nervous young student began the question by asking well since you find yourself aging toward a very senior life, dot, dot, dot, mr. obama responded by saying -- the first thing he wants from young people is to stop calling him old.
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on the serious side he called on young people to reject violent extremism. 6:14 and new this morning, north and south korea have agreed to hold talks next week to improve ties. the talks follow a tense military standoff in august. the north koreans asked for the dissertations which will be held thursday at a border vail village. :14. two new york men who tried to force a jewish man to get a religious divorce are heading to prison. goldstein of brooklyn and ariel fatash or rockland county are among a group of men accused of using extortion and torture in the scheme. gold john stein was sentenced to nearly to years in prison and patash received just over a year. port authority executive pat foye's name off the list in the running to be the agent' sis ceo. he's stemming down his position
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when the ceo job is filled. it was created in the fallout of the bridge gate scandal. foye plans the stay on top -- on that is to help whoever becomes ceo transition into the job. 6:15. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's do it. meteorologist bill evans outside our studios on the upper west side. >> feels good this morning but it's going to be a little cooler and it is some wind that's been coming in right out of the northwest. across kind of blowing in and around the buildings and you'll notice that today. here's a look outside. we have a beautiful sunrise in progress. clouds are pushing to the east and the sun is going to be coming up and it's going to be great and we're looking at 57 and dry humidity. northwest wind at 6 and we have a rising barometer. all this points to a great morning. 59 around cambria heights and the temperatures dropping now islip is 57. it was 60 just few minutes ago. this is the cooler air coming in with the front that's sliding eastward and the rain is pushing out east too. and a high pressure is across the northeast. we're going to have a great day today with sunshine and a niece breeze out of the northwest. after school kids it will be
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right around 56 degrees. breezy and bright today 56 degrees. tomorrow, we're looking at sunshine and a great day on saturday. the high is 52. we're going to be looking at what will be you know a light wind that we're going to be looking at high pressure giving us some great weather. look to next week. wednesday, if you're thinking about travel day before thanksgiving, good travel in the east. terrible in the pacific northwest. it will be sunny today with a gusty breeze and we're at 56. tonight 30 in the suburbs. the wind dies down tonight and tomorrow is a beautiful day on saturday. sunshine and clouds. seasonal temperatures. seasonal temperatures. that means 52. that's our normal high. and we're looking at what's going to be our normal low which should be around 40, 42 degrees. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. we got a seasonal day saturday. shower sunday and kind of chilly by afternoon but look at sunday night down to 34. brisk and chilly on monday. and then we start to warm back up tuesday and wednesday we're at 50 and thanksgiving day 56. that's going to be great. it's friday! so it's time for my weather
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and show me how they are doing. oh, weather assistants? please come. [ laughter ] they're all -- they're all dressed up this morning. this is maximus and we have siri and lulu this morning, all dressed with their birthday hats and their owners' birthday today. so they're all celebrating birthdays today. it -- max i told you where's the pocket square? i told you to wear the pocket square. >> lovely. >> at least these guys -- >> very nice. >> show me the love. >> i love to come visit. get to see cute just like that. you have cuteness as commute? >> it's getting little better on the 7 trains. we have the entire lanes suspended but mta just said a few minutes ago the 7 trains nasus opinioned between 34th street and 4 the 2nd street. all because of problems and buses are available at 34th street. so you can always use that option. and now we still have this problem in jersey city, route 7
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all lanes closed down in both directions and then the cross bronx expressway west at third avenue. another accident investigation and into lanes are closed. delays before the bruckner heading into third avenue as a result of that. now if you're going on to 35 north at amboy road. utility pole repair and two lanes closed down can then closed on 35 southbound side. that's because of flooding between broad street and chin to be avenue. we have our street cleaning rules are in effect and it is a gridlock aall right day. shirleen and ken over to you. thank you. you know they say breaking up is hard to do. now facebook is trying to change that. >> and some adele fans may be disappointed as the new cd hits stores, abc's kendis gibson and reena ninan explain. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, facebook helping with breakups. >> the site is testing a new tool that kicks in when you're suddenly single. if you your status the single there's an option to have facebook untag you from pictures where your ex.
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>> also less of the ex's photos and posts. good, comcast launched a new streaming video service for 15 dollars a month that will not count against data caps. >> subscribers can watch unlimited live tv programming along with thousands of on demand movies on the mobile devices. this service is being tested in chicago and plans to go national. next year. and adele's long awaited "25" now available but the catch? you want to hear it? you've got the pay for it. >> the singing superstar is saying no to streaming services like apple music and spotify or pandora. the 25 is for sale on cd or through itunes. >> those are your tech bites. >> all right. got to pay. there you go. 6:19. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, if you're already packed for thanksgiving, for your thanksgiving trip, you are not alone. this may be the busiest travel season yet. what that means for airport travelers. >> also ahead, a historic fast food restaurant isn't making a run for the border. but it is hitting the road.
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6:22. on the money this morning. little change from the day before. the dow jones started the day at 17,732. the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 just a couple of points off. hang seng finished 1% higher. today kicks off the busy thanksgiving travel season. if you didn't know already the tsa is warning travelers to get to the airport extra early. that means at least two hours ahead of the domestic flight. more than 28 million passengers are expected to fly over the next two weeks. they predict this will be the busiest season ever for holiday air travel. you may stop for fast food but what about when the fast food restaurant hits the road? oh. that is what happened overnight in california. as the original taco bell was moved to a new location.
6:22 am
the restaurant was built in 1962 and nicknamed newspaper row uno. this was talks of it being demolished but fast food lovers would not stand for it. the building traveled 45 miles to its now location -- new location at taco bell's headquarters. no word yet what they were going to do with it. but it lives to see another day. 6:24. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> we've got sunshine and we've got a pretty morning. got a little light northwest wind here. got a pretty sunrise in progress but that northwest hour. and we got some dry humidity. so today we're going to be looking at sunshine and 56 at noontime. 55 later on today. kids grab the jackets and morning. after school feels pretty good but still will windy. beautiful beauty heather. it's weather then heather every seven minutes.
6:23 am
to the maps and talk subway status, 7 trains suspended between 34th street and 42nd street because of cig normal plans. cross bronx expressway. we have we leaf. we had an accident. the accident is cleared away but check out the delays back from before the bruckner getting into third avenue. you even have some eastbound delays as well because that was some earlier residual delays. l.i.e. going west at the cross island parkway an accident and we have heard of the accident westbound on the l.i.e. right near exit 34 which is new hyde park road. 15 minute inbound george washington bridge. the lincoln is 20. the holland tunnel is a 15 minute delay. metro-north, long island railroad, and new jersey transit trains they are doing jus fine. and we have a gridlock alert day today. and we still have an issue in jersey city. we have newscopter 7 up above and we'll say good morning to john del giorno. good morning john. >> good morning and you can see some of the leftover activity here on the wittpenn bridge on route 7. this was an overnight jackknifed tractor-trailer that
6:24 am
had the roadway shut down in both directions. we got here on the scene about 20 minutes ago, the tractor- trailer was cleared but there's a truck out here doing some sanding. i would imagine there was a pretty sidessable fuel spill on the roadway and that's probably what necessitated this closure in both direction -- closure in both directionst. closure of course big delays now as you come across route 7 from harrison and carnie. really the only road that gets you over here from that area. and you can see the roadway is closed all that traffic being diverted on to local streets and fish house road. the one might be a good one to avoid for the time being. we're live over route 7 in jersey city, john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. >> we have 6:30 and we're following the latest developments on the hostage situation at a' tell in ma low. right now, we know at least three people are dead and dozens are believed to be hostages. we will have another live report coming up. >> also ahead a botched burglary turns to murder. today a third suspect in the death of a new jersey teacher
6:25 am
>> plus, one of america's most notorious spies is a free man this morning.
6:26 am
another mass terror incident unfolding now overseas. this time, in africa where more than 100 hostages are being held by a group of gunmen several hostages have been killed. of course all this coming contactually one week -- exactly one week after the massacre in paris. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. in for lori stokes today. it is friday, november 20th. >> and you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans is who we begin with ask the accuweather forecast. >> sun pushes east now and we're looking at what's going to be a beautiful sunrise headed your way as we look from the roof camera across the park. the temperature new 57 degrees and it will drop a little bit more. it's been dropping now monticello last hour was 45 and now 51. the temperatures have been dropping like a rock in these ever night early and we're looking at 57 islip. the last of the 60s is montauk but that's where the front is pushing through now.
6:27 am
you can see the temperature is going to even drop to 52 by noon and warming bark up for the afternoon. going to have a beautiful day tomorrow and a brisk day on sunday. with maybe a little shot of rain and then what will be some mild weather for thanksgiving and tell you all habit in your accuweather seven day forecast coming up. it's weather then heather every seven minutes. what's beginning on right now in 7 train okay? the 7 train is not okay and i want to show you this quick web cam. a little blurry but l.i.e. westbound side near exit 35. you have this accident being cleared at least two lanes are closed down. now let's go over to our subway status and talk about the 7 trains suspended between 34th street and 42nd street and there's no express service between willis point and 34th street. all because of signal problems and the cross bronx as you go west right near third avenue that earlier accident has been cleared away. the l.i.e. going westbound near the cross island parkway an accident and it's a gridlock alert day. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken over to you. much heather 6:232.
6:28 am
we have breaking news on a deadly hotel hostage situation in the african nation of mali. >> in the last half hour we learned that at least three people were killed when gunmen stormed the radisson hotel in the capital of bamako. right now, more than 100 people are still being held hostage. >> abc's kenneth moton has the newsroom. >> reporter: ken and shirleen the big questions we're treeing to answer right now as we monitor this situation, are and casualties? as you just mentioned three are confirmed dead. now security forces have been able to rescue at least 20 hostages from that radisson blu hotel. a luxury hotel in the capital city of mali. we learned president obama has been briefed on this unfolding situation in northern africa. ten gunmen stormed the hotel this morning shouting quote god is great in arabic before firing on the guards. and taking those hostages. 140 hotel guests and 30 employees. at this point, we know islamic
6:29 am
terrorists have been a problem in that region and french secure that area. there have been similar hostage situations in hotels in mali over the years. but a u.s. embassy is also not far from where this hotel happening. again any americans being held hostage in the hotel? information. that's the latest, reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton, eyewitness news. french investigators found a third body in the lawns of the saint-denis apartment where a gun battle raged wednesday morning. it's the body of a woman still unidentified. police had reported seeing signs of other bodies after a suicide bomb exploded. of that apartment. now there'll be a memorial a wreak from today for the 129 people who died last friday. fbi director james comey
6:30 am
says the agents are tracking dozens of people considered to be potential threats. in washington, meanwhile republicans in the house have pushed through a bill which would all but freeze the entry country. president obama is already said that he would veto any such legislation and critics say it will not enhance national security. >> we have an incredibly rigorous screening process for when we accept refugees. most refugees as we learned. we're accepting, are mothers and children, and old men. >> the vote would be enough to repeal the veto from the president but the senator reid believes the bill will not 6:34. and police are waiting for sunrise about ten minutes from now to resume their search for a small plane that may have crashed a few miles short of its landing in connecticut. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in north salem with more. kala? morning. according to danbury municipal
6:31 am
airport in connecticut, that pilot made contact and was cleared to land on runway 8. but that was the last transmission. after that, that aircraft disappeared off the radar. that was around 4:00 in the afternoon. a witness reported seeing a small plane go down in the area. that's what launched search crews out here at the titicus reservoir. dozens fanned out across the area including new york state police and dep police. thus far, they have not found anything and there's been no sign of that single engine aircraft. because of the thick fog overnight that search was suspended around 1:00 this morning. but as you mentioned, they are waiting for the sun so come up to hopefully have better luck and hit the ground again in search this year at the titicus reservoir for any sign of that aircraft. we're live in north salem. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. today the third suspect charged with murdering a teacher from new jersey will be in court. ebenezer bird is already serving 12 years in state prison for a shooting.
6:32 am
he and two other men are being held on a million and a half dollars bail in the death of jonelle millton. police say the suspects planned to burglarize an empty apartment but broke into millton's home by mistake. today the family of akai gurley will mark the first anniversary of his death at the hands of new york city cop. they will meet with the brooklyn district attorney this afternoon before a rally and vigil tonight. he was shot by officer peter liang in the stairwell of a housing project in east new york in 2014. officer liang is charged with manslaughter and negligent homicide and is awaiting trial. 6:36. and new state report saysconedison is sat fault in the gas explosion that killed eight people in east harlem. the probe found coned violated safety regulations and the explosion was caused by a gas pipe that was not adequately protected at a certain joint. that joint gave way under
6:33 am
conedison has 30 days to respond to the findings. the gas company says the gas leak that led to the explosion was due to a damaged pipe fitting. 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. beginning with bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> all right here we go. looking south here and we're looking good. a morning where we're starting without the sunshine and going to have a nice day today. here we look to the west and you can see we virtually have just clear skies here so we're looking at a great day. a little windy with wind out of the northwest. temperature 57 degrees and we're looking at that northwest wind coming in today all day long at about 12 to 25 miles per hour. eventually the wednesday dies down and we have clear skies back in the great lakes and a nice calm day tomorrow. 54 by 9:00 and noontime temperature going to be around 56 for the afternoon and then we'll kind of cool off as we go into the evening ask on into tonight. so kiddos, you need your warm gear for the bus stop. i give it a b.. for beautiful. >> all right.
6:34 am
nice. can i show you something that's not beautiful? oh no. in fact it's very ugly. let's go right over to a web cam and show you the l.i.e.. look at this. it's not even moving. it's barely moving. this is because of an accident but before i get to that, let's go right over here to the subway status, 7 trains suspended between 34th street and 42nd street. no express service to 42nd street. so you can expect uptown delays. what was going on on the l.i.e.? what was i just showing you? westbound right near exit 34. you have an accident so three lanes are closed down. l.i.e. going westbound at the cross island parkway there's flooding on the ramp getting to the northbound side of the cross island parkway. and then over here, on the harlem river drive heading southbound, that's another accident that's being cleared away. it's been a very busy morning this morning. 20 minutes inbound george washington bridge and 25 at the lincoln and 20 at the holland. it's a gridlock alert day today and street cleaning rules are in effect. ken and shirleen over to you. all right thank you very much heather. 6:38.
6:35 am
coming up new this morning, liberia no longer ebola free. health officials confirm another case in the county that lost 4800 during the previous outbreak. >> and family and friends remember an american teenager israel. >> plus a sign of the season,
6:36 am
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6:42. welcome back, health officials in liberia confirmed or night the country's first case of ebola since it was declared ebola free. a 10-year-old boy being treated for ebola on the outskirts of the capital. the west african nation was originally declared ebola free last may before four new cases occurred in june. the world health organization says the country was disease free in september and more than 4800 people died there during the ebola outbreak. 6:42. right now we have reaction to a developing story in the middle east. an american teen studying in israel is among the dead after an attack in tel-aviv. authorities say a palestinian driver began shooting at a group of cars in traffic in the west bank. 18-year-old ezra schwartz is one of three people killed by the gunfire. friends remembered him last
6:39 am
night in a prayer service outside of boston. >> fun loving, silly wonderful guy. big heart. >> it's devastating. it's -- it's heart-breaking is what it is. >> tonight i think thoughts were really on family and on the boy. >> schwartz was planning to study in israel for a year before attending college in the u.s. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hailing this morning's prison release of jonathan pollard one of america america's biggest spiesments he served nearly 30 years of a life sentence for selling classified information to israel. pollard is considered a hero by many in israel. we have newly released industry owe this morning of a new jersey woman's encounter with an apparently drunken on duty state trooper. the newly released dashcam video shows sergeant first class michael rodeside with a fellow officer.
6:40 am
is his name allegedly rear ended kim wilson in walltown ship last month. she says rodeside was drunk and she also says he offered her cash to keep quiet. brother a house. right now for cash. $1,000. and i said either you call this in or i'm calling it in. >> rodeside claimed he was feeling the effects of anesthesia from a recent surgery. authorities say the blood alcohol level was twice the legal limb. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is book outside the studios on the upper west side. >> this morning we have sunshine to start your day. the sun is almost completely up. we got thedy going here. we got a northwest wind it's cool and crisp and grab a jacket. the rain gone, we had an inch and a quarter of rain and here's how it looks this morning looking to street year down@battery.
6:41 am
-- to the patry. lot of sunshine today. a dry humidity and a northwest wind. and there's the rainfall we're talking about and sun is fully up a few innocence -- official i up a few minutes from now. that sunset is going to be gorgeous around 4:30. very niece weather tomorrow. sunshine beautiful weather. sunday a spritz in the morning and then monday it's going to be cold. warm back up next week as we get towards thanksgiving. so temperatures this morning 57 around cambria heights the temperatures have been falling and continue the fall next hour 9:00. and they're just now falling out across long island where high pressure is sweeping in behind the front now. 54 right around belmar to # 3 monticello. the temperature just keeps dropping there. 52 poughkeepsie and around kickston and to rockland county and westchester county and whit plains about 54. sunshine.
6:42 am
it makes it breezy out of the northwest. tomorrow right in the center of the high pressure ridge and the winds are calm. we have sunshine and a beautiful day. travel on wednesday. well if you're going to the pacific northwest, not good travel conditions there. there. just getting there is going to be a problem but the east coast looking great for travel. we're at 56. tonight, we're down to about 30 in the sun you ares. and then we're going to be looking at sunshine and a beautiful day on saturday. the high is going to be right little wind. and those are normal wee call that seasonal. sunday we have the shower in the morning and that's kind of afternoon. 52 but lot of wind on sunday. look at sunday night in the 30s and then 40s monday and tuesday and we're back to 56 by thanksgiving. >> who's that? >> picking it you -- mixing it
6:43 am
>> it is always the ones -- takes on the ones this big. >> always the case right? >> unfortunately the l.i.e -- the l.i.e. is big right now. yeah absolutely but let's talk about mass transit before the l.i.e. situation. the 7 trains local service only hour. hill. expect uptown delays. now ken you mentioned the l.i.e.. we have newscopter 7 up above and john del giorno. >> well heather we have ourselves a mess now as you come if nassau county into queens and it begins right here. just before exit 33. lakeville road on the long island expressway. that white suv the most heavily damaged of the six vehicles apparently involve in this accident. i don't see any serious injuries here but a lot of activity on the scene right now. the left lane and hov lane both blocked and standstill delays westbound on the l.i.e. through nassau county. heather another quick note. we noticed on the way out of
6:44 am
here the ramp from the l.i.e. to the northbound cross island. that inch and a half of rain that bill talked about. that ramp is completely flooded out now. only the left lane on the ramp is open. so look for delays there as well. heather? >> thank you john. everybody -- slow down. it's friday. harlem river drive going south. another accident being cleared away. and then heading to route 7 it's still shut down on the wittpenn bridge with the ongoing accident investigation as you saw from john's pictures earlier when he was over here. they are out this sanding the roadway. all lanes are still closed down in both directions on 287 going north near exit 283. two lanes blocked off. it's a gridlock alert day today and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. shirleen over to you. all right heather thank you. "good morning america" is following that breaking hostage situation in africa as well. >> amy robach live in times square, good morning amy. >> reporter: that's right. ken good morning to you and yes we are covering the breaking news overnight. that radisson hotel stormed by
6:45 am
terrorists, 170 people taken hostage. the deals as you know are just coming in and we will have the very latest on this developing story. and meanwhile we're learning more about the female suicide bomber who detonated her vest during would have been the raids in -- one of the raids in france. some pretty incredible details that her friends and family reveal about her. and then barbara walt,' exclusive interview with donald trump and his wife melan yea trump. she is here live with a first look at that. all coming up next here on "good morning america." ken and shirleen. i can't wait the see that. going to be interesting. >> you bet. >> absolutely interesting indeed. >> thank you so well, macy's will take the wraps off its christmas windows this evening. the annualspectacular is set for 5:00 a.m. in herald square. there's a different theme every year. and this year it is "peanuts" and all of charlie brown's friends incolluding notary publicpy. he -- including snoopy. he will be the holiday
6:46 am
ambassador this year. >> i love "peanuts" just great. it is 6:49 and dozens of people across the country are sick due to a salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers including some people in our area. >> also ahead, on eyewitness news this morning, police are
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:52 now. welcome back, a salmonella outbreak sickened more than 100
6:49 am
peel in the united states including several cases here in our area linked to cucumbers, the cdc saying more than 800 people are sick and four people actually died after eating the tainted cucumbers that come from mexico. the outbreak is affecting 38 states including new york and connecticut. where a total of seven people are ill. andrew and williamson fresh produce and custom produce sales are recalling cucumbers. pennsylvania police are searching for the person who stole a school bus and went on a wild joyride. ending in a crash. police found the bus after it smashed into a strip mall and the driver ran off. investigators say the suspect took the bus from a nearby depot early yesterday morning and drove through a fence and over some grass before crashing into a vitamin shop. there's a camera on the bus but it's meant to catch riders and doesn't face the driver's seat. 6:53. we're gathering new details don
6:50 am
breaking hostage situation if africa including -- in africa including detail on the nationalities of those being kept inside.
6:51 am
resume for a plane that son, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season,
6:52 am
6:56 and new details just in on that deadly hotel attack in the african nation of mali. >> we have just learned that minutes ago in fact in the last ten minutes, that military
6:53 am
hotel where dozens are being held hostage. ten attackers entered the radisson blu hotel this morning and killed at least three peoplement security forces were able to get 20 hostages out of the hotel. the attackers yelled god is great in air back when they stormed in. french, turkish and chinese and americans are believed to be among those being held. "good morning america" will have the latest coming up in mere minutes. very, very frightening. french investigators overnight pulled a third body from the ruins of that saint-denis apartment where a gun battle raged early wednesday morning. it's a woman still unidentified and her remains were found under the collapsed floor of the apartment. there will be a memorial a week from today for the 129 people who died in last friday's attacks. developing in westchester county this search for a missing plane is expected to repsalm at any moment -- resume at any moment. >> kala rama is at the titicus reservoir in north salem.
6:54 am
>> reporter: according to the municipal airport that pilot made contact and was cleared the land yesterday but that was the last transmission, that aircraft disappeared off the radar and since 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday, crews have been searching this titicus reservoir. dozens actually fanned out across the area including new york state police and dep police. thus far they have not found anything. there's been to sign of that single engine aircraft and because of thick fog overnight the search was suspended at 1:00 in the morning. we're live in north salem, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. all right thank you. >> really busy on the l.i.e.. >> we have newscopter 7 up above the scene of this accident. i was telling you about. this is the l.i.e. as you go on the westbound side right near exit 34. so that's new hyde park road. and john del giorno said that six vehicles were involved in the accident. then further west you will find some flooding on the ramp to
6:55 am
i can also tell you that the 7 trains local service only, the rest of the rush hour hope any they will get this repaired and there's some earlier signal problems and still working on them. signal problems on the 1 train. you can expect uptown delays. metro-north, long island railroad, and new jersey transit doing okay some delays on the p.a.t.h. trains between new york and the world trade center. >> looks pretty outside and a live look across the park here, sun is up and we're looking at 55 degrees that's going to be the 7:00 temperature. may go down to about 54 but bounce back up this afternoon to about 55, 56 degrees. a great day today and a nice perfect fall day tomorrow. showers sunday morning and breezy kind of chilly as the temperature drops to 34 sunday night. brisking and chilly on monday and we warm back up to 56 by thanksgiving. >> oh. starting the feel like fall. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you bill and that's the news for now. i'm shirleen allicot. >> and i'm ken rosato. "good morning america" is coming up next.
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