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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i've been living on this block 30 years, and if anything we've been living here a long time, it's a nice calm neighborhood. all the neighbors all know each other and get along very good. >> reporter: it's a quiet residential neighborhood with attached homes on this leafy block. monticelle. a lot of people very upset and shaken. the mother, the pregnant woman pronounced dead at an area hospital. it's not clear the status of the woman's baby. we'll keep you posted and as we learn more information we'll bring it to you. live in the bronx, josh einiger. >> okay, thank you. well, now to other breaking news, customers at the apple store got quite a scare. >> a man wielding a sword inside store in midtown. here's more.
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customers inside the apple store, this started right there in the scare well, we're told that -- stairwell. we're told that man walked in with the world, started -- sword, started swinging it around, and started screaming. he never actually made it downstairs because security guards created a wall and protected the customers. he made it out here to this public space, and witnesses say it got weirder, it looked like he was about to injure himself. he was eventually arrested, he didn't resist. hospital. here's what a witness said. >> security ran after me and grabbed me because i was trying
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thought he was going to commit suicide. i ran up to him, and security grabbed me i said let me talk to him. >> reporter: the store was never evacuated. the suspect was in his 20s xxxs, did not rest -- or 30s, did not resist, and was taken into custody and taken to the hospital. thank you. our other big story, a manhattan dentist charged with a series of crimes involving drugs and child porn. >> this is one of the worst cases we've seen in a long time. the fbi raided the offices on west 15th in chelsea this morning. rob is in downtown with the latest. >> reporter: he was a reasoned and well known -- respected and
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test locked up -- he's locked up. this front window gives a glimpse into john wolf's 15th street office, but it's a federal complaint giving a glimpse into the dark and perverse underworld of his private life. wolf who's office and home were raided today prior to his morning arrest is accused of working with a drug dealer turned informant and using and selling the meth. and he's accuse offed viewing and distributing child porn. vile and even violent featuring toddlers and even infants. thanks to the work of the dea and undercover fbi agent, the complaint also reveals he's hiv positive and would puncture condoms to infect his sexual partner, and taking part in underground sex parties throughout the city, including sex with animals, and also
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accused of drugging one man to sexual assault him. there are concerns tonight that there are additional victim, and that some of wolf's underage patients may have been video taped right inside his office, and he's allegedly admitted to hosting sex parties in the office basement. now just a few minutes ago outside the federal courthouse in brooklyn we had a chance to speak to the doctor's defense attorney, and here's what he had to say. >> it's the government that provided him with the websites that are issued -- that are at issue, at some point you have to ask when the government goes too far, have they gone too far here? >> reporter: his lawyer believers this is a case of entrapment, and beliefs his client does have a drug problem, but the child porn was a settlement by the government. we're in the early stages of this case, dr. wolf will be back in court monday and will
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be locked up until then. rob nelson. >> thanks rob. we have the latest now on the deadly hotel attack in mali. the death toll rising, but the siege is is over. earlier today armed islamic extremist stormed the hotel and taking hostages. a stand off lasted argues. 27 people were killed. among those rescued, six americans. and al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the attack. tim fleischer is following developments in the news room. >> and tonight the secretary general is condemning the horrific terrorist attack in mali. they had been working to broker a peace agreement when this vicious early morning attack took place. >> reporter: the stand off came in the mali capital as the attackers stormed a hotel armed
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with guns and grenades reportedly smashed a vehicle through hotel security barrier, yelling god is great in arabic, and took 140 guests and 30 employees hostage. >> i saw on the floor bullet, so i close the door, and i went out and went back in the gym, and i left the hotel. >> reporter: at least six americans were among the hostages. mali soldier, un troop, and us military personnel helped move civilian toss safety. early on president obama is briefed on the situation. >> we're monitoring the situation. >> reporter: the radisson is popular with westerners, and a un delegation was there.
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necessary steps in order to solve that crisis. >> reporter: special operations forces from america and france assisted troops storming into the hotel to free hostages floor by floor. >> the embassy is asking all us citizens to be vigilant in the city. there's new information in the paris terror attacks. a third body was discovered today at the scene of the seven- hour police raid on wednesday. the man, not yet identified. meanwhile french police said the woman killed in the raid did not blow herself up as first reported. it appears she died from gunshot wounds. also killed in the raid, the alleged ring leader of the coordinated attacks at several sites in paris. france is undera three-month state of emergency, greatly expanding police powers, and here at home, the police commissioner once again took time to reassure the people the
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city is safe. he took the subway and shook hands on the flat form with officers. he says isis is trying to scare new yorkers, and the most important thing to do is not let them interrupt daily routines. while security is beefed up around the city, officials say there's no specific threat against new york. and a developing story, a security issue on board a plane where new jersey governor chris christie was a passenger. he was on a flight from san francisco to boston. before taking off a passenger was removed from the plane at the request of the airline. not clear why. this photo was taken at the gate. christie had no interaction with the person says a spokesperson, and never personally threatened. he spent 30 years in prison for providing secret us
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tonight the convicted spy pollard is free man. his case and convictions strained us and israel's relations. his attorneys want to change the condition of his parole including wearing a gps bracelet and checks of his computer. >. and police believer they know who shuck a 77-year-old -- struck a 77-year-old with a motorcycle. the suspect left the motorcycle, and ran off on foot. the victim who's name has not been released is still in the hospital. a vigil will be held later this evening to mark the anniversary of gurley's death who was shot by police last november. it's the first time his mother will visit the site of his death.
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and it will an eyewitness news exclusive. a 13-year-old say he was assaulted by a teachers aid, and a local school district canceling field trips to new york city after the attacks in paris, and the battling over hanging fish out of the window in brooklyn? it's a smelly fight. >> this is beautiful, beautiful skyline, beautiful green apple tonight. the temperature the 52, nice
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reaction tonight after a school district on long island canceled all of its field trips to manhattan this holiday
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season. the reason, fears of terror terror. reaction from parents and student social security not what you'd might expect. >> i think everyone is a little upset, but it does make sense, so they understand. >> reporter: students learned this week that their field trips to new york were canceled. they will not be good to radio city, and the 9/11 memorial among fears of a terrorist attack, but none of the students or parents we spoke with seem terribly disappointed or even moderately surprised. >> >. i think it's a good decision right now. >> i think a lot of parents felt that way. >> it's taking good precautions, but also upsetting we can't go on trips. >> it's upsetting but also good because it's protecting us. >> reporter: in this letter to
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parent, the superintendent said the rewards of the trips were outweighed by the risk saying officials say there's no credible threat if he current time, in consideration of the highened security measures it's most prudent to cancel field trips into manhattan for the months of november and december. that did not sit well with the city's police commission. >> i think that's totally, totally uncalled for. the city is safe and secure, and what they're doing is exactly what the terrorists want. >> i don't know, i say taking the risk, what's the chances? >> reporter: some long island districts put field trips to europe on hold, but of all the districts today this is the only one that canceled field trips to new york city. the superintendent says no decision has yet been made
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we have now learned that the outbreak of e coli linked to chipotle has modeled to new york. so far -- moved to new york. so far 45 people were infected in washington and oregon. mean while stocks closing the week with sizable game due to a rise in technology -- gain shares. and mayor diblasio celebrated a milestone, the planting of 1 million trees here in new york city. the tree initiative was larged by bloomberg in 2007 to make the city today the former mayor said the
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taking small steps to improve neighborhoods. >> each new tree planted makes the city more beautiful. the air we breathe a little cleaner, and our carbon foot fingerprint a little smaller, and when we multiply them by a million it makes a very big difference. >> small steps do make a big difference. it's expected to take ten years to plant the tree, but they met the goal two years ahead of schedule due to volunteers. >> they got the project done! the power of one idea. >> and it comes to mind the number of tees in the backyard -- trees in the backyard in central park, so that's a lot of trees. and we certainly got a soaking today. >> yeah, the trees have been thirsty. tonight it's dry, and how fantastic is that view? look at the empire state building, green i think for the
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new york restoration project. yes, exactly. so there will we go. -- there we go. 26 percent humidity, northwest wind at 5, and barometer on the rise. it all makes sense now. 52, the average temperature, much of the middle of the day in the mid-50s. inch and a quarter of rain, healthy soak, and there's the sunrise and sunset times. last year on this day partly sunny, and 45. 54 in yonkers, and it's going to be chilly in the suburbs tonight. 50 in white plains, a lot of 0s and low -- 40s and 30s. and the truth is behind that cold front one the real chill, that's up into the great lake, chicago getting ready for snow. 20s here across the twin city,
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the north and west. clear skies tonight. mid to low 40s tomorrow, similar to today, feeling comfortable after the chilly start. mainly clear, that's yesterday's rain maker going away. anis window of clear sky, and then here's this. other than this snowstorm right here the radar is pretty clear. first flakes approaching chicago. there's been about 10 inches of snow in the dakotas, and that snow will continue into detroit, and even some lake snows near buffalo down the road, so where does it go from there? instead of coming right at us, we have high clouds in between storm, and then it takes a hook into eastern canada, so we are left with the leftovers of this cold front swinging through sunday morning, and we don't
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still 52 sunday. earlier in the week we were thinking 40, but it's not as the coldest air will be sunday chilly tonight. 30s in the burbs, 40 in the city. seasonable temperatures and 52. maybe a couple showers around sunday morning, but i'm still working on this, we mate just be dry sunday and avoid showers. cloudy along the coast monday. there's a storm offshore. that's a cold day, and then nice weather into the wednesday travel day, and the thanksgiving as well. more on that in the seven-day in the next half hour. back to you for now. thank you. we have a quick programming remainder for you, tomorrow night is the half hour suspect
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woe go behind the scenes of -- we go behind the scenes of broadway's biggest shows of the season. it airs tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on channel 8. and still ahead, a -- channel 7. and shill ahead, a -- still ahead searching a reservoir for a missing couple. and it will health department says -- the health department says where this hat, but it's the exact same hot.
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a salmonella outbreak linked to imported cucumbers have sickened more than 100 people here if the us, including several in our area. four people have been killed after eating the tainted cucumbers from mexico. it effects 38 states, including new york and connecticut. the two companies involved are andrews and williamsson fresh produce and custom produce sales.
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going to cost a coffee cart have been vendor a -- cart vendor a day's profits. he was flagged for wearing the wrong hat. or was it? we scrambled to get him a victory. >> reporter: it takes a lot to rattle him. he's been pouring coffee with his long time grill man at the corner of 14th. >> for the past 20 years. >> reporter: and no outstanding health violations until next week. >> he said i give you a ticket for the hat. >> reporter: he's talking act a city health inspector pictured moments after he was fined for wearing this hat. >> the fine was $100. >> reporter: the ticket stated he had long blond hair, and the
5:25 pm
off. 7 or 8 years. >> reporter: they've been used for generations. check out this rock hudson flick from the 60s. and the hat is hello in this dealt department food safety video. >> always wear clean gloves and a hat, cap, or hair net. >> reporter: his exact hair displayed as the exact one. >> looks like the same hat to me. >> reporter: so we asked the department of health to take a second look, and a day later. >> they're apologizing, and saying they're very sorry about the whole situation. >> reporter: violation dismissed making him very happy. >> thank you channel 7! >> the health department also
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the ticket will be retrained. nina pineda, channel 7. a teachers aid accused of attacking a student coming up on eyewitness news. we have an exclusive interview assaulted. and plane crash wreckage found, but now the search for answers in what brought the plane down and what happened to
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. we continue to follow two stories breaking right now. a pregnant woman has died after getting stabbed in the bronx. the stabs happened in the wake
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taken into custody and made statements indicating she wanted the baby. and an emotionally disturbed plan swinging a sword inside the apple store in midtown. two nypd officers tackled him and took him into custody. no one was hurt. and eyewitness news just heard from the teen allegedly assaulted with by a teachers aid in new jersey. >> and that aid has been arrested. here's more on the exclusive story. >> reporter: and this family is livid, and you'll see why. their son sent home bruised and were bleeding, not from a schoolyard fight, but the family says a teachers aid attacked him. the pictures of his injuries, and it's heart breaking to hear him tell the story.
5:30 pm
the george washington school for kids with special social needs. he said he and another kid had some words, but left it alone, but the teachers aid approached him. >> he grabbed me by the arm and took me to the board, and said do something, and when i was coming back out of the both he push med and hit myself on the corner of the table, then i was on the floor like it hurt, and he said get up you'll be okay. >> reporter: he says it didn't stop there. he tried to move his desk to sit more comfortable because he was in pain, and the man came at him again. >> he said put it back, and i said no, and he took me by the back of my arms to you middle of the room, and flew himself forward with all his his body went like this. he threw himself like this. >> reporter: he body slammed you? >> yeah. >> reporter: on top of you on the floor? >> yeah.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: the school didn't respond to request for comment. his mother says police went to the school a week later and arrested the man for assaulting a child. you were blooding too, what happened did somebody come to help you? >> i asked to go to the nurse, and he said wait. i asked again, and he said no. i asked one more time, and he said ask me one more time and watch how i restrain you again. >> reporter: the nurse eventually put ointment on his wounds. he's back at school, and the need jail on 20 -- aid in jail on $20,000 bail. the aid was arrested yesterday. if he makes bail he's not allowed to come anywhere near the family. he's due in court monday morning. toni yates. thank you. debris from a missing small plane was discovered in a west chester county reservoir.
5:32 pm
it disappeared from radar. on board a husband and wife, they died from the plane crashed into the reservoir. tonight we spoke to the couple's grief sticken -- stricken son. marcus solis is on the scene. >> reporter: the search for the aircraft has been suspended due to darkness, but are will resume tomorrow. once it's raised to the surface they'll try and determine what just went wrong. >> i assume that everything was going along fine, only three minutes from the airport. >> reporter: he waited all day for answers and grim confirmation. his father and stepmother presumed dead after the couple's single engine plane went down in the reservoir in north salem. >> we talked about an emergency and what to do, but i don't think they had a chance.
5:33 pm
returning home from vacation in mississippi. the 1971 beach craft was cleared to land, but disappeared from radar. driving rain and dense fog hampered the search postponed around 1:00 a.m. crews from the department of environmental protection that owns the reservoir and state police resumed the search this morning. a helicopter spotted a sheen on the water and some items. >> mostly items in the plan, clothing, lap top, but no plane. >> reporter: the sign outside the couple's restaurant indicates it's closed together. inside friends gathered in shock. keeps vigil. >> they were great parents and grandparent, unfortunately they'll be missed. >> reporter: and the reservoir
5:34 pm
provides a small portion of the city's drinking water. the crash poses no danger to the city's drinking supply. live in north salem, marcus solis, channel 7. thank you. a third suspect in the mistaken identity murder of a teacher in new jersey appearing in court today. police say he and two other men murdered the 33-year-old teacher back in 2009. investigators claim the suspects planned to burglarize on empty apartment, but broke into her apartment by mistake. charges were dropped today against a long island man arrested while video taping a police arrest. thomas was facing obstruction and drug possession charges after the incident last year. he says he was thrown to the ground and hand cuffed by police officers he recorded doing the same thing to another woman. he claims the officers then tried delete the video from the phone. in an effort to boost
5:35 pm
some new york city schools are setting aside of a portion of seats for low income students. 60 percent of the reserve seats are for english language learners. the new admission policy comes as they face pressure to boost diversity. it's one of the most elite universities in the country, but tonight harvard campus police are investigating what they call a hate crime. somebody put tape over portraits of black members just a day after students held a rally in support of black class mates. they're currently patrolling school grounds. since donald trump's bid for the white house began his wife has been released livety quiet about it, but tonight she sits down with barbara walters
5:36 pm
about why she's been quiet. >> how do you feel about campaigning? >> well, it's my choice to stay at home because we have a nine- year-old son and he needs a patient at home. >> and you can see more on 20/20 at 10:00 o'clock on abc 7. and the piano man to rescue. how billy joel helped save a school, and facebook's new feature for those falling out of love. the new tools that help you avoid the ex after a break up. normal november chill tonight. our temperature right now is 53, but watching 30s and snow across the upper midwest. we'll see if any of the chill
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we are back, and we just got exclusive video in a story we've been following this afternoon for you. take a look at the man you see there on the staircase, and what's in his hand there is a sword. this is inside the apple store in midtown. two officers insided the store at the time did manage to tackle this one to the ground and took him into custody. he was taken to bellevue. you see him, everybody trying to figure out what's going on. 6:00. a native son of long island is using his influence to help the next generation of artists. billy joel is voicing support closure. he wrote a letter to the school board urging him to keep the arts and science schools open,
5:40 pm
and after the letter was read they voted unanimously to take steps. and the american music awards are sunday, and there will be a special tribute to the victims of paris attacks. celine dion will sing in french. it will be added to show solidarity in the attacks. break ups can be pretty tough, but facebook is helping to ease your pain. the social media giant launched a new tool called take a break, allowing users to wipe their romantic slate careen. now when you -- clean. when you change your relationship stat us to single
5:41 pm
>> facebook is smart to roll it out now kicking off break up season, the week of thanksgiving is the time a number of break ups happen. >> the tool is only being tested on its mobile apps here in the us, and more changes could come when they start to get some feedback about what people think. >> technology making break ups easier. neighbors are making a stink about some smelly fish. >> coming up, fish hanging on clothes line in brooklyn and the plea to do something about it. it's a turkey pot pie and it's on the menu for this week's neighborhood eats. >> that looks good. >> and monday evening, there
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this year's theme is a tribute to the classic cartoon peanut, it's the 50th anniversary of the iconic holiday tv show. charlie brown, snoopy and the whole peanuts gang are featured at the flag ship store. >> i have to go see the movie. >> i played lucy in my high school play. >> >. i thought i was lucy because i was the bossy one. yeah. >> and i got a rock [ laughter ] all right, here woe go, a life -- we go, a nice weekend adds a parting gift. we have a great night, clear sky, little cheer in the air, but dry. skyline looking beautiful, and friday night in mid to late november you'll sign up for this weather. clear sky, northwest wind 5
5:45 pm
miles per hour. planner for the evening, clear skies, temperatures dropping to the 40s. down to a low about 40 at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. red bank, new jersey, mainly clear skies overnight, clouds in the morning, and mid to upper 30s by dawn. sun and clouds tomorrow, typical november temperatures in the low 50s. winds not as strong as today. watch the futurecast here. 7:00 a.m. temperature, 39 bridge port, a fair amount of sunshine, temperatures in the low 50s. if you dress for it, it should be agreement, and sun glasses -- great, and sun glasses too. here's the only hurdle or the weekend, and this futurecast could be overdoing it in terms of showers. there's a front slipping through, and we've showing this potential snowstorm in chicago, actually starting to snow there. this is all we get from it. it's a front bringing a few rain showers early sunday
5:46 pm
morning, and should leave the scene early, and by mid-morning clouds break for sunshine. the winds is northwest about 10 to 20, an improvement from the earlier forecast with highs in the upper 40, and wind gusts to 30 hers, so not as harshing, the cooler temperatures air is delayed sunday night into monday, so lighter wind tomorrow, but then sunday 10 to 20, but not 30 miles per hour or whipping winds. normal for november. early shower threat and clouds sunday, almost predown, then the sun -- pre-dawn, then the sun comes back. out the door monday 20s and 30, that's the coldest. 45 for the high. nearing 50 tuesday after a cold morning, and wednesday back in the low 50, and in terms of travel it's pretty time. maybe some delays across the upper midwest, the northwest,
5:47 pm
thirds of the country, and that will continue into thanksgiving. mid-50, partly sunny, no problem for the balloons. winds lighter, and on friday, partly sunny skies, so if you're headed home that day. 58 degrees, looking dry even into next weekend. >> wow, nice. >> great, thanks. this week in neighborhood eats we feature a recipe you'll want to save for those thanksgiving leftovers. >> lauren glassberg is here. >> i think you'll want to make it before thanksgiving. the little cafe at 330 john f kennedy boulevard in new jersey. >> everything she does have a wonderful taste to it. >> reporter: she's mighty fopped of her daughter's -- fond of her daughter's cooking and decided to back here in the restaurant business.
5:48 pm
they opened the little food cafe. >> we're not a rest can't, cafe or deli. we just filled a niche here. >> dinner is fantastic, you take it home. the wraps are great. >> they know me, and know what i like, and i always get the best service and the food is amazing. >> reporter: lisa describes it as comfort food from a turkey wrap to soups and more for dinner. the turkey pot pie is on the menu for fall. she adds roasted vegetables to a chicken stock that's been thickened, adds in freshly roasted turkey, simmers, and then into a baking tin. puff pantry on top. >> don't crimp it down or roll top. >> reporter: then when it's golden brown you'll want to break right into the crust, but wait for the desserts. >> they're strategically placed
5:49 pm
by the door, so i always end uptaking one. >> reporter: always orders to go, but some stay much to the .38 of the mother, daughter, and grand daughter team. >> i love our customers, i love what we do, and i love what we offer, and i feel proud of what we offer. >> and she should. the recipe for the roasted turkey pot pie from the little food cafe is at our website. i'm just excited to see you getting into it because you probably haven't eaten turkey in a year or so. >> i just got into this, and it's amazing. it's all about the crust. so good. >> i'm checking out at the time recipe because i love pot pies, that's my specialty. i'll have to make it. >> i want take a nap. aisle ready for a -- i'm ready for a nap. >> this is great. >> sadly we have to go from this to a simmering feud over
5:50 pm
coming up i neighbors think this really smells. how they're raising a big stink about it. >> and new at 6:00, information about the man swinging a sword at the apple flag ship store inparent. the exclusive --parent. the exclusion -- manhattan. the exclusive video. and a spy out of jail, did
5:51 pm
that's next at 6:00. as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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just when you think you've seen it all, a clothes line in brooklyn is raising a big stink. >> that's because the wet garments aren't hanging from it, it's dead fir, and they -- bad.
5:53 pm
photos of instagram of the foul fish on the line. >> reporter: do you know what kind of fish it is? some neighbors have no idea what kind of fish it is, but really they don't care. they just don't want to see it when door. >> what gives these people the right to hang fish out there and not care about their neighbors? no respect around here. >> if you look there's more food out there. they use the top of the porch like a refrigerator. in the summer there's all types of food out there. even a piece of wood to block porch. >> reporter: each fish is is womaned in plastic and bound with a rubber band, but not enough to get the bugs away. the bugs off. >> yesterday. >> reporter: today it's cool
5:54 pm
say i don't smell a thing, but neighbors say it's warm it's a different story. >> smells like body odor. actually smells like body odor. >> it's really smelly. >> >. we called the city, and they don't moe what to label it under. >> reporter: technically there's no law against smelly fish in new york, and the health department would only step in if it started to attract vermin, but neighbors are afraid by then it's going to be too late. >> it's disgusting. no good. >> reporter: darla miles, a witness news. >> only in new york [ laughter ] still much more ahead, including a family heart broken because someone stole an irreplaceable package from their points.
5:55 pm
starts now. now i didn't witness news at 6:00. two breaking news story, and a man with a sword swinging it wildly at the flagship apple store in manhattan, and the exclusive video. first a stabbing in the bronx involving a pregnant woman, but was she the victim or the suspect? right now police are trying to sort it out. >> i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. right now we know there was a deadly fight between two women, one was pregnant. >> it happened inside a home in the wake field section. josh einiger is there sorting it all out. josh? >> reporter: yeah, these stories evolve when they first break, and this is a prime example of how the details can change really by the minute. we'll show you video of this scene as it began to unfold.
5:56 pm
afternoon in the wake field sector of the bronx at the corner of monticello and 241st street. we know both the suspect and the victim of this stabbing were 22-year-old women, we know that one of them was pregnant, fairly full term according to neighbors here. one of them stabbed the other one, killing the other one, and then was taken into custody. it's not clear right now as you say, bill, which of the two, the suspect or the victim was the pregnant woman. we are also hearing reports that the pregnant woman did deliver her baby and the baby is okay. so that's what we know right now as we come back to a live picture here. this is a very extensive crime scene as detectives continue to sort this out. it's been confusing for us, and you can imagine it's confusing for them trying to make sense
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