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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 21, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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new details in a deadly stabbing. police say a woman stabbed an expectant mother in the bronx. then cut the unborn child from the victim's womb. a mysterious shooting. a man opens his door and gets shot in the chest. why did the gunman open fire? and high alert. belgium's capital and attack.
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>> and i'm joe torres. police now confirm a 22-year- old woman who was nearly nine months pregnant was stabbed and killed by a childhood friend. if baby cut -- the baby is alive that was cut from her womb. the suspect is now under arrest on a charge of murder. >> reporter: josh einiger is at the scene in the wakefield section with new details. >> reporter: sandra and joe, i don't know if you can see from your vantage point but this side of the house really just a minute ago the homeowner turned on the red and green christmas lights. a festive display and certainly incongruous because 24 hours ago, her upstairs apartment became a slaughter house. ashleigh wade, seen here in her facebook profile told the world she was expecting a baby girl. the would be father so excited he posted this sonogram picture on his profile. along with links to baby registries in wade's name listing a due date of november 16th. wade's landlord says there was
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>> i saw her, i knew she was pregnant. >> reporter: but it was according to police sources, an elaborate ruse, angelikque sutton was pregnant. wade wasn't. >> that's all i can say. why? >> reporter: today her friends and family couldn't understand the sheer depravity of this grisly crime which left the young mother dead. yesterday afternoon sutton visited wade at her wakefield apartment where cops say wade stabbed sutton to death and then carved her baby out of her belly. police and paramedics encountered a blood soaked horror show and rushed sutton to the hospital. >> when they was carrying her out they was pulmoening her chest. >> reporter: wade reportedly insisted to police the baby was hers and she had given birth after stabbing sitson in defense but there was a different story. >> someone that made me laugh when i felt down. >> reporter: warren grew up
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across the street from sutton and couldn't summon the words to describe his pain. >> she was like a sister. >> reporter: and the knowledge of the baby girl who will never know her mom. and other than, the landlord who actually lives lounge stairs in the house told me she was so convinced wade was 2008 pregnant she -- actually pregnant she had bought her a card and was going to buy her a baby gift. wade is charged with second degree murder and manslaughter and tonight she's in the hospital on the psych ward. live in the bronx tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. josh thank you very much. attempted sexual assault in lower manhattan. a suspect is now under arrest. officers reportedly spotted 31- year-old ruinsal sanchez
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urinating in the street last night. the detectives say the victim identified sanchez in a police lineup. he is now charged with attempted rape and burglary and sex abuse. new tonight, a man in suffolk county answers a knock at the door and gets shot in the chest. the victim is in critical condition. the gunman is still at large. and police are trying to figure out what triggered the mysterious shooting. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has the story from dix hills. >> reporter: this is not the type of thing neighbors here are used to hearing about and many of them in the upscale neighborhood are a little bit happened here last night. of this home here on melrose road, you can see a bullet hole in the glass which is then partially shattered and being other side. around 9:00 last night a man knocked on the door and when someone answered the suspect fired a shot and then took off. the victim is a virginia resident who was visiting the homeowners when this happened. he was shot once in the chest
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and rushed to huntington hospital where he is listed in critical condition. the biggest question of all of course is what was the motive which we still don't know. and even though it doesn't appear to be a random attack, it has rattled some residents here: neighbors here say when they saw the police activity last night. they knew something was wrong but this was not what they expected. >> it's bizarre. really blows my mind. i have no idea what it could be you know. and it scares me a little bit. >> reporter: now police say the suspect fled on foot. cops searched the area around this home last night but no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. in dix hills, cefaan kim, until orange county, authorities are investigating an apparent murder/suicide. state police say they found 55- year-old maria gainanoi dead morning. sorrentino was discovered nearby. investigators say the two dated
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breaking up back in august. they believe sorrentino was angry over the breakup when he shot herself times and then -- her several times and then used the gun on himself. belgium's capital city is on its high alert at this hour. shorts say the terror attack is serious and possible. authorities ramped up security in brases oles and heavily armed officers patrolled the streets and abc's llama hassen reports from brussels. >> reporter: brases oles is on high alert today heavily armed guards patrol the streets. >> if someone is here, and they're planning something, at least it might be a bit of a deterrent. >> reporter: across the city the subway system is shut down and soccer matches canceled. raising the terror threat level to its highest. the government says it has credible and precise information that is a risk of a paris style attack with armed and explosives. possibly even launching simultaneous attacks on
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>> it's a serious and imminent threat. otherwise our center for analyze of threats would not have qualified the situation as four on a scale of four. >> reporter: belgium is at the center of the investigation into the attacks in paris. the only surviving attacker and the most wanted man in the world salah abdeslam comes from a neighborhood known as a breeding ground for jihadists. died as armed and dangerous, police issued an arrest warrant for him. he is still on the run and believed to be hiding out in brussels. according to authorities, salah abdeslam made it across the border into belgium with his two friends. they were pulled over in a traffic stop but not detained. belgian authorities have since detained the men and indicted them on terrorism charges. lama hasan, abc news, brussels. police in turkey arrested three suspected isis members including a man believe today
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have helped plan the paris authorities say the 26-year-old scouted sites for the attacks friday. now he was arrested in southern turkey along with two syrian nationals. who police say were going to smuggle him across the border into syria. muslims gathered in times square today to condemn the terror attacks in paris. the group american muslims for peace held a rally to show isis. and to share condolences for the lives lost in the paris attacks. organizers of the event today say isis and other terrorist organizations do not represent islam adding the violence needs to stop. >> we want to denounce them. we want to tell them they're criminals and we want to tell them to stop hijacking the name. and we want them to stop this and stop killing innocent people. >> demonstrators say every world leader needs to join the fight against isis and other terrorist organizations.
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reservoir may have located the victims of a plane crash in westchester county. that single engine plane went down in the titicus reservoir in north salem thursday. pilot val horsa and his wife are believed to have been the only people on board. they were returning to their home in danbury when the plane lost radar contact. divers found parts of the aircraft in the water yesterday. and extraordinary act of hee royism captured on camera. coming up on eyewitness news, a medical student intervenes to protect a woman from a mugger and gets shot in the process. >> the spirit of giving, volunteers offer a helping holland tunnel and spread some holiday cheer to those in need as we approach thanksgiving. >> ling and we have a storm right now causing snow over parts of the great lakes. i'll tell you how that will affect the tristate area for the second half of your
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caught on camera, a medical student survives an attack when the suspect's gun malfunctions. police say 25-year-old peter gold saw a man dragging a woman on the street in new orleans. he stopped his car to help and was confronted by the gunman. he was shot once in the stomach. security cameras recorded the shooter trying to pull the trigger several more times but the gun kept jamming. the suspect stole the woman's purse and drove away. gold is recovering in a new orleans hospital. a long island man is under
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tried to rent out a vacant home that wasn't his. police arrested 25-year-old john wallace friday. they say he posted a vacant house in massapequa park on craigslist. he is accused of taking $2,500 from someone who responded to the ad and took a hour of the home in -- tour of the home in october. volunteers are making sure families across new york city are able to enjoy a healthy feast this thanksgiving. the group 100 black men is teamed up with wal-mart to distribute food packages to families in need. they are giving out turkeys, stuffing and other items to people at churches and all five boroughs. organizers expect to help 12,000 families before the thanksgiving holiday next week. dozens of volunteers are sharing the spirit of the holidays with children across the world. more than 100 people gathered on the upper west side of manhattan to pack boxes of toys, books, clothing, and
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other surprises. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang and her family were among those preparing packages that need. christmas trial project. organized by religious and humanitarian groups. and eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson helped volunteers and their families get ready for a special screening of the movie "the good dinosaur." only anthony. disney pixar hosted the volunteers at the regal theater in times square this afternoon. the movie and the treats were a tribute to the people who donate their time at food banks across the new york city area. this year of course is the parent company -- disney of course is the parent company of wabc tv. coming up on eyewitness news, the first big snowstorm of the season. sorry. bitter cold, dangerous driving,
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flights canceled. with just days to go until thanksgiving. >> but here at home a calm night right now. however, jeff says one of the coldest nights of the season is on the way. his exclusive accuweather forecast just ahead. >> and a reminder tonight is our special "broadway backstage fall preview." emmy and tony winner judith light and our michelle charlesworth take you behind
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it's beginning to look a lot like winter in the midwest. >> oh. >> the first significant snowstorm of the season dumped more than 10 inches of snow in mchenry county, illinois. while some areas got up to 20 inches. much colder air is forecast to spill across the midwest behind this storm. and now it caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations on this busy travel weekend. oh, that is absolutely gorgeous. so glad it's somewhere else. >> yes and not here. >> at a distance it looks great. >> yeah it does. at a distance or on a postcard. >> uh-huh. >> we've had streak the past few years of having terrible weather on that travel day right before thanksgiving. that streak is about to come to andrea because this week is -- an end because this week is as quiet as can be as we lead up to the holidays. by the way tomorrow in central park, the 22nd annual race to deliver. benefiting god's love we deliver. a feeding hungry new yorkers
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i'm going to be out there hosting the event. so if you want to come on down and say hi it's really, really a great event. 50 right now your temperature in the city. the wind northeast at 5 miles per hour. pressure 30.11 and falling and temperature only got up to 50 today and that's a little bit below average for this time of the year. 74 was the record and the sun setting these days at 4:34. so here's what to expect. there could be a shower late tonight into very early tomorrow morning. i think there's a better shot at maybe some steadier rain for a time over eastern long island tomorrow. and then we clear things out and there's a quick cold spell moving in tomorrow night into monday. it will be the coldest night of the season tomorrow night. monday not even getting out of the lower and middle 40s but then it warms up and it's as quiet as can be like i said right through thanksgiving. and right through the big shopping day on black friday. 50 right now in queens. you're 50 at teterboro and 49 at newark and you have temperatures which are generally in the 40s north and west of the city.
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actually down to 39 and 36 respectively. down to 45 at belmar. upper 40s on the island. we've had that wind coming in off of the water from the east and the northeast and that's actually helped to cloud things over during the early evening hours. with that moist flow coming in off of the atlantic ocean. there's that system causing a bunch of snow and a bunch of headaches over the midwest. that has almost no moisture to work with ooze it moves into the -- as it moves into the tristate area overnight tonight. no connection down to the gulf of mexico or the atlantic ocean in terms of moisture. so we're not looking for any appreciable rainfall from that. just couple of showers at most. here's the futurecast overnight tonight. you see things cloud up and the atmosphere moistens up a little bit and at 4:00 in the morning, yeah there could be a few showers around. maybe even a shower or two through daybreak especially from the city on eastward. and then we start to clear things out except over eastern long island. you're going to be very close to a developing ocean storm and that could actually spread some rain onto the south forecast of long island. it's -- fork of long island. at some point during the day tomorrow.
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west we clear out and cool off into tomorrow night. lows tonight in the meantime 45 in the park and highs tomorrow after the early clouds we clear things out. about 52 third quarter in the city. up 40 -- 53 in the city. upper 50s north and west. we clear things out and quite chilly monday. the high only getting up to about 44. accuweather forecast for tonight, turning cloudy and a shower very late across the area down to about 45. and early morning shower and then some sun and turning breezy. 5 #. again there could be a batch of steadier rain that affects very eastern sections of long island. as we head into the night tomorrow night, mostly clear and brisk and cold and we're down to about 34. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. 44 monday. so very chilly out there despite some sunshine. only 49 on tuesday. but then we start warming things up nice for travel on wednesday. for a change. 52. and we're in thanksgiving. might even reach 60 in some areas. how about 61 for the big shopping day on black friday?
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maybe a shower by late saturday. 65. that's a great looking forecast for everyone going to grandma's house on thanksgiving. >> it really is. thank you jeff. >> no problem. not quite in sports -- scythe in sports. laura behnke up next. >> it never is. november of 2004. that's the last time the knicks won a game in houston perhaps until tonight. the knicks have plenty of reason to believe in themselves thanks to a win streak that continued last night in oklahoma city. >> plus another college
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well, we'll see if houston has a problem with the new york knicks. >> they very well could. the knicks are on a roll fright now and need to keep it going tonight if they want to do something they haven't done in 11 years, beat the rockets in houston. tonight they square off and new york looks for a fourth straight win. now the third in a row came last night as the knicks nearly blew a 16 point lead late but they hung on to beat the thunder in oklahoma city. 93-90. carmelo anthony finished with 25 points, to lead the way. the knicks moved over the .500 mark for the first time since the first week of the season. things are starting to click as this team is actually finishing games. >> when you have you know other guys who can kind of make shots and you know make the game easier and one guy's not making
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>> as we continue to get better and learn our roles and understand the fourth quarter a little bitter i think we'll start maintaining some of the large leads we have. >> well, after four straight blowout losses in the big ten, by an average of over 32 points, the rutgers football team found the best way to bounce back today. a nonconference opponent. they visited army. this one really was the paul james show. first go seven yards untouched to the end zone. that made it 7-0. he added to it later in the first, this time he had to work a little harder spinning in for the score, it was 14-0 scarlet knights. them in the third, fourth and goal. kins the call once again. 31-2 #. rutgers finally getting the win and it was senior day in east hartford. the huskies getting creative. already ahead by three in the fourth. how about a flea flicker? back to anderson who hits anderson in the end zone. then the final minutes trying to come back. houston here, but jamar somers not having any of it.
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the upset is on. 20-17. uconn wins and houston undefeated no more. and syracuse visiting nc state. first play of the fourth quarter. frederick is gone. 75 yards. syracuse now down just five. but that's as close as they'd get. ma hoe knee intercepted by rose borough for the pick six. 42-29 syracuse falls to 3-8 on the season. the start to the college basketball season has been about as smooth as possible for the uconn men who were 3-0 and have won each game by an average of 29 points. the last came today. first half purr vis mishandling the ball here but the jumper is good. second half all uconn. 83-58 uconn wins. and for the second time in school history today northern iowa playing the role of cinderella. happened no november, not march. the panthers knocking off the
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number one ranked team in the land, north carolina today. for the biggest upset of the college basketball season thus far. northern iowa beating the number one team one other team that was back in the 2010 ncaa tournament. today the panthers used a 29-8 run in the second half to pull out the 71-67 triumph and then they partied. >> yes. those kids will be happy tonight. >> yes. >> for sure. thank you laura. that's the news for now and sports and weather, thank you for joining us, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman, we're coming back after college
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