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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  November 22, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back and time for thanksgiving. but quite a chill coming our way. temperatures this morning, five to 10 degrees warmer than they were at the same time yesterday. this is a little tricky. the warmth last night. the temperatures we start with today are the warmest that we the weekend. there have been wind gusts out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour. that indicates a change of a new air mass and chilly air coming in. we match these wins with the cold -- -- match this wind with the cool temperatures coming in. even though thermometer readings could be in the mid to upper 40s much of the afternoon, we will have the feels like that is slightly cooler. be ready for that. and this weather maker dumped a midwest. it is out of here. we don't have to worry about showers for the next couple getting through this afternoon,
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temperatures will be in the 50s until late afternoon. then we will start to drop off. the wind chill still in the 40s. post sunset, temperatures will bottom out. we will be near freezing. plus, what you can expect for the turkey travel forecast in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. happening right now, we're learning more about the drill conducted by the nypd earlier this morning. in lower manhattan. we want to remind you that this is video of a drill. not the real thing. it all took place at the bowery subway station. and is the first nypd active shooter drill that has been conducted underground. homeland security, the fbi and the secret service took part alongside local agencies in this exercise. these drills were planned before the attacks in paris. and the nypd is stressing that there are no threats against new york at this time. in the next half-hour, we will
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hear from city officials about how this morning's training went. tonight, and wwe survivor series will go on as planned in atlanta as the fbi investigates reports of a isis threat against that even. word of the threats came from a hacker group called, anonymous, which reported information about isis attacks planned for the u.s. one of the threats reported by anonymous centers on philips arena. again, tonight. fans say they are still planning to attend the show. >> we should be worried. not really much. they are just trying to keep us keep us in fear. >> i think it would be a big everyone still showed up to the event no matter what. >> the fbi says it is taking the report seriously but it does not have any specific or credible information about a threat at this time. after the new interview, the insider account from a paris. >> the lead singer of the american band was on stage when
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the shots started ringing out. this is what he is now saying publicly for the first time since the attack. >> this morning, the american rock band, the eagles of death metal, telling a survival story for the first time since terrorists broke into the concert hall. escaping to this back alley, which would become a shooting gallery. you can see the moment it began. the music stopping. gunfire then. >> people were playing dead. so many people would not leave their friends. so many people put themselves in front of people. >> in an upcoming exclusive interview, the lead singer recounting the carnage. >> several people were hiding in the dressing room. the killers were able to get in. and killed every one of them except for a kid hiding under my leather jacket. >> no banned members were harmed.
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was shot and killed. overnight, abc news learning that salah abdeslam, the only attack or not to die in a citywide siege, pastor multiple checkpoints in the hours after the attacks. the attorney for one of the terrorist's friends said he was picked up. >> the two friends said they noticed what might have been a suicide vest beneath a large coat. but managed to break through three separate police checkpoints. after arriving in brussels, salah abdeslam told other friends he was terrified of isis retribution because he did not load himself up like most paris attackers. one of those attackers, his younger brother, detonated his best outside the france stadium during a france and germany friendly match. this morning, the french defenseman the minister saying the only way to defeat isis is
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that is -- as he added the french aircraft carrier will arrive right off the coast of syria tomorrow. it means we could see both u.s. and french troops fighting isis. abc news, paris. back at home, police on long island are searching for the gunman who shot a man house. investigators say someone ring approached. the victim was a house guest from virginia. and was shot in the chest. he is in critical condition this morning. police are trying to determine what the motive was for that attack. the woman accused of cutting the unborn baby out of her murdered friend's body is being held in the psych ward facing murder charges. police say 22-year-old ashleigh wade pretended to be pregnant for months fooling everyone including her boyfriend. according to investigators, ashleigh wade invited her nine month pregnant friend to her bronx home. that is when police say ashleigh wade stabbed 22-year-old
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cut the baby from her body. the child survived. but angelikque sutton did not. an apparent versus -- murder suicide is under investigation this morning in orange county. state police said they found a 55-year-old dead inside of her car yesterday. the body of 55-year-old patrick sorrentino was found nearby. police say sorrentino shot her several times because he was angry over a breakup back in august. sorrentino was a former deputy chief with the police department. he retired back in 2007. divers are searching a reservoir in westchester can do -- county for a plane that crashed might have found a large piece of a single-engine plane that went down in the reservoir in north salem on thursday. search crews also believe they found the remains of the two victims. the pilot and his wife. they were on their way home when
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dozens of students at stony brook university were forced out of their dormitory rooms after a fire that gutted at least 1 gram there. nobody was inside the room at oatmeal dormitory when the flames broke out around 7:00 last night. one hundred students were safely evacuated from the building while firefighters rushed in to get the fire under control. school officials say the fire does not appear to be suspicious and they are now working to find temporary housing for the students who were displaced. let's talk about happy things. >> yes, please. >> are you hungry? >> i'm always hungry. >> coming up, are you ready for some latin fusion? we have flavorful dishes in the studio with influences from india, morocco, spain and
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and a town hall forum for new york's use. this will be at st. francis college in brooklyn. it is at 5:30 p.m. you can find more information on and amy frazier terms with the what dear? oh! oh, you're bad. stop that! i'm sorry. (vo) a new york millionaire spent $714,000 to learn how to be a pet whisperer. what? oh ho ho! (vo) you'd make a way better rich person.
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ac lapse photography. columbia university has an iconic magnolia tree. this is what they did this week. they wrapped the root ball and they moved to the tree 30 feet, to the diana center. and they saved this landmark on the campus, which is pretty cool. this is a huge, 60-year-old magnolia tree. it is like a landmark at the school. but people have gotten engaged under the street. this tree is so important. they are saving it.
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they have a 20-foot root ball like a tree you would see at home depot. they moved it to the diana center. they have a shot of that, as they moved it. they mulched it. this is the perfect time of year to do this. thanks for letting us see the saving of the tree. >> why did they have to move it? >> they are building something. >> progress. that is always the problem. >> they save the supplemental stuff. the historic stuff. every campus has one of those landmarks. >> i loved the heart. that was a nice touch. >> i didn't know they call that a root ball. >> you learn something everyday. what is going on. a good day to plant a tree? >> i think you can plant trees this time of year. >> that is why they moved it now. >> plant trees. put in bold.
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whatever you need to do. >> i think this is a perfect day. for the holiday lights to get onto the house. because you want to do it when it is not freezing. >> very true. >> tomorrow, it is fingers fall off weather. >> for us, we don't have a place to put up lights this holiday. that is why we come to your place. >> are you going to help me. >> today temperatures in the 50s. warmer than yesterday. a northwest wind developing. throughout the afternoon, it will feel like 40s. it will feel even colder. because of the wind coming in. a breeze about 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, even colder. the coldest day of the week on monday morning. if you haven't got up the
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suggest you are ready for this tomorrow. waking up to 20s and 30s tomorrow. day. we start with the skies that are mostly cloudy. clouds. the blue sky peeking out. west wind at 11 miles per hour. the humidity is 61%. pressure is falling. high temperature this morning was 53. we have dropped down to 51. the normal is 52. right in the range of what you if you look to the books and you saw the high of 53, you might think a mild day. with the wind, it will feel colder all day. sunset is at 4:34 p.m. here is the wind gust. 60 miles per hour. these are the breezes and wind that will come from time to time today. that is what will make it feel like it is colder. right now, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in most spots. and 39 in monticello. despite the readings, it is
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not getting any warmer. if you peek out the window, you might think it looks decent. a glance at the thermometer does not seem so bad. it is chilly. showers have exited to the east. a little dampness on the sidewalks from the rain showers that came through. not a big deal. a quick cold spell coming and this afternoon, overnight tonight and early tomorrow, -- will take us through monday. after that, a nice warm up heading toward thanksgiving with a tranquil weather pattern. not many worries. the major storm that dumped the snow over the midwest is pushing to the east. high-pressure takes over. that will create a good-looking sky tomorrow. it also pulls down the wind from the north. possible to see a peek of sunshine today. clouds will dominate the forecast. clouds just offshore. cannot rule out a sprinkle for the jersey shore. most of us, completely done with the rain. just breezy breaks throughout the day. the high-pressure comes in.
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and 44 degrees. we will go to freezing late tonight. that is how we will wake up tomorrow. as far as showers though, done with that. monday, tuesday and wednesday looking very dry and pleasant. with skies quite beautiful. temperatures on the rise. clouds and sunshine today. the feels like, the 40s. near freezing. tomorrow, waking up to cold temperatures with a high of 44. it will be windy and chilly throughout the day monday. you will want the extra layers. you will want the winter coat. even the gloves and scarves. by tuesday, we're at 49. wednesday, for traveling, it should be terrific. the eastern third of the u.s., no problems with weather to affect holiday travel. the northwest. that it will -- that will create for travel conditions in the middle of the week. above average. sixty-one on friday.
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>> a good day for the parade. 58 degrees. are you kidding me? >> don't be showing up with sandals and shorts. >> i pact that away straight ahead on eyewitness news. >> there it is. i will say it right this time. travesias. >> we can't get it right. >> we're going to eat. dishes.
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we have it right here today. >> say the word, michelle. >> travesias. >> the owner, brian, travesias. he brought all kinds of food. this is the executive chef. >> yes. >> widespread. baucus down these great dishes. >> -- some appetizers. >> we will start with the appetizers. this is risotto balls stuffed with dominican sausage, sweet contains -- dominican cheese. a little salty. this is the golden crab, in a sweet and sour sauce, stuffed with crab and cream cheese and other spices.
9:19 am
biggest sellers, which is -- air calm wind and sea. you have grilled chicken breasts. sautied veggies and a limb and white wine butter sauce. >> that is your best seller. >> yes. >> breaded, fried. >> what is this? >> you don't want to know what that is. >> suite contains -- suite -- sweet -- plantains. >> most of the countries featured on the menu, i have been to. the idea is to bring those recipes and culinary cuisines
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and techniques back to new york and create a restaurant with it. taking it a step further. we have asian and latin. a lot of interesting things. >> how long have you been open? >> about six months. >> things are going well? >> very well. >> what will you cook for us? >> today, we will be doing the peruvian chinese style fried rice. it is made with saffron rice, stake -- steak. grilled chicken breasts. veggies. eggs. to top it off, wonton, sesame seeds and green onions. >> go for it. >> we will sauti. >> so much of this is spicy
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there is a lot of flavor in this food. >> it is a party in your mouth. >> that is a good description. >> very interesting and very fun. we have a lot more appetizers and entries on the menu. very family-friendly. >> great for small places. >> we will order eight appetizers. try each one. >> where are you located? >> we are in the bronx. >> do you have a favorite dish personally? what would you recommend -- if you had to recommend one thing? >> this was one of those secret menu items. >> we know it is good. how are things going? >> good. >> thank you very much. delicious. >> to give you an idea of what
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the magic of tv, there you go. >> and we will magically have a fork appear. >> they are in the bronx. travesias. thank you very much. >> check it out.
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>> there is informatio patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. yes, we are heating. >> 9:25 a.m. >> time for sports with laura good morning. the records in the -- buckets in the western conference finals. they have done nothing to struggle to start this year. the worst season in franchise history last year. surprise. two collapsed. and the new york knicks here. the 2nd quarter. and impressive night.
9:25 am
later in the second, robin lopez. york. the layup. they lead by five at the break. the rockets will keep things close. james harden finished with 24 points, 10 assists. this makes it a one-point game. points. three big ones right here. they gave the next -- the knicks the lead. 107-ones or two. the knicks get their first win in houston since 2004. >> the rangers nine-game winning streak came to a end thursday night in tampa. last night, a chance to start another as a blue shirts visited the panthers in south florida. this one got wild. all tied up entering the third. a great pass here. the finished. they would lead 4-2. it looked like an easy win until the final two and half minutes. alexander on the power-play. thirty-nine seconds later. the ageless wonder ties the game
9:26 am
reak nash, two goals in the game. go ahead and making it a hat trick. the rangers get the victory and ot. >> the giants will be watching today's slate of nfl games like the rest of us from the comfort of our own homes. >> the jets are in houston where later this afternoon, they will meet the texans. ryan fitzpatrick is expected to play. they lost three of the last four. and need a solid win in order to help the playoffs standings. >> the jets are not putting too much pressure on themselves. this is just another game. >> it is critical because it is the next game. the three we lost were pivotal as well. there is a lot of football to play. there is not a crossroads. you are trying to win football. but it is not a do or die thing. >> the big ten slate has not been kind to the records football team who has one conference win. yesterday, a break from all of that with a chance to snap a four game skid as the scarlet
9:27 am
knights visited army. this one was the paul james show. first to go 7 yards, untouched into the end zone to make a 7- 0. and added to that later in the 1st quarter. this time, had to work a bit harder. 14-0, scarlet knights. >> on the third, james getting the call again. he punches it in. 31-21, rutgers get the win. that is your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. we're back with you later
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a mild start on this sunday morning. welcome to eyewitness news sunday morning. >> the weather is good. thing. >> we start the day in the nobody is out there. it is nice. now. temperatures in the low 50s. high thin clouds.
9:30 am
some breaks of sun later. on. up. we're getting that influence while the wind gusts have been around 20 miles per hour in the continue to feel the brisk that will create a windchill factor. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and low 50s. the wind chill will make it feel like the 40s much of the day. be ready for that. and you will need the coat. temperatures start to fall. near the freezing point
9:31 am
tomorrow, waking up to cold temperatures. if you have been neglecting the scarves were the gloves, it is on. tomorrow, it is going to be in the 40s. it is going to be a bit of a windchill. you will feel that. it will be november tomorrow in a big way. it feels like 40s. we get even colder tomorrow. that is the coldest of the seven-day stretch. i will have more details and the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. right now, the nypd is going over an early-morning drill. this is to train local and federal agencies in an active shooter situation in the subway. looking at video of a drill carried out at the bowery station this morning. the first nypd active shooter drill that has been conducted underground. the plans for the drill were put in place a year ago and supported by the department of homeland security. >> these exercises are vitally necessary, particularly in light of everything going on in the world at this particular point in time. in new york city, we are very well prepared. and continually improving the preparedness. >> the nypd says at the last minute, the decision was added to include a shooter with a suicide vest. this includes taking victims out of the station and getting them to the hospital for treatment. investigators say the drill also tested technology that will be used in these scenarios.
9:32 am
this drill was planned before the attacks in paris. a big scare at a movie theater in new jersey. security officials evacuated the multiplex theaters in edgewater after a loud noise sparked a panic there. the movie theater was packed one authorities say someone jumped over a chair in the back and made a loud noise. it sounded like a gunshot. the mayor tells us that -- the noise caused a chain reaction among moviegoers who were scared. >> everyone is on edge. we are so close to manhattan. this would be a soft target. something along the lines of a theater. the response was good. i talked to the manager inside. the police were here in moments. >> bomb sniffing dogs checked out the theater. nobody was hurt in any of this. the theater remained closed for the night. a long island man is under arrest after police say he tried to rent out a vacant home that was not his. police arrested 25-year-old john
9:33 am
they said he posted a vacant house on craigslist. wallace is accused of taking $2500 from someone who responded to the ad and took a tour of the home in october. he now faces burglary and grand larceny charges. new video this morning showing smoke and flames pouring out of one of chicago's tallest skyscrapers. the fire started in an apartment on the 50th floor of the john hancock center. it took firefighters a half- hour to get the flames out. one person was hurt. first responders told people to stay inside units unless they have problems with the smoke. the cause of the fire is under investigation. president obama close out his overseas trip with a message of defined reassurance saying the u.s. will destroy isis. >> we will cut off their financing. we will hunt down their leadership. we will dismantle their networks. and their supply lines. and we will ultimately destroy them.
9:34 am
>> the president says the most powerful tool we can use in the fight against isis is not to allow the recent attacks to inject fear in our communities. dozens of motorcycle rider is made their way to the streets of paris yesterday to honor the victims of the attack. many of the bikers say they lost friends in the shooting at the concert hall. they had on black armbands in their memory. the ride ended at the concert hall where they observed a moment of silence. coming up next, donald trump was to clear a few things up. what he is saying about his call to track muslims here in america. don't forget, a town hall forum for new york's youth. this will be at st. francis college in brooklyn beginning at 5:30 p.m. you can find out more information on
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tomorrow, gloves and hats. >> this is going to be a day that feels like november. it will stay in the 40s tomorrow all day. you will want to be ready for it. >> yes. >> bundle up. >> temperatures start to fall tonight. the the wind chill is picking up out there and warmest temperatures of the day have already happened. now they northwest wind is developing, that will bring the chill -- knows -- now that a northwest wind is developing, that will bring the joker we could get some breaks of sun coming in and out. currently, 51.
9:38 am
a high of 53 by dawn. you can see the temperatures have fallen off since then. 40s for the rest of today. matched with the wind, it will feel very chilly. the record of the state is 74 -- of this date is 74. wind gusting around 20 up to 25 miles per hour. the flow coming out of the northwest. that will be the flavor of the day. windy at times. in. tomorrow, temperatures into the 40s. low 40s all day. about 10 degrees off of where we are now. plus, we will have a bit of a wind tomorrow. no doubt that the temperatures you might be on your iphone, the warmest it gets all day. tomorrow afternoon, you will need extra layers. it will be quite chilly. the showers, barely offshore. parts of eastern long island. you could get a sprinkle before it is all said and done. a quick cold spell moving in
9:39 am
tonight and into monday. it is gone by tuesday. we recover nicely. very tranquil weather pattern taking us into the thanksgiving holiday. this big snowstorm that created almost a foot of snow in parts of the midwest and chicago -- that is all pushing offshore. the high-pressure will develop. that means we are storm free. the eastern third of the u.s. as well. breezy breaks today. 53 degrees. matched with the wind, feels like 40s. high-pressure for the east. temperatures drop off about 10 degrees. the wind is still around. trend. about showers today. as far as monday and tuesday, both dry. heading into wednesday, thursday and friday, no major weather patterns that would disrupt holidays. instead, worry free. cool
9:40 am
feels like 40s tonight. near freezing overnight. the suburbs will see teens and 20s. tomorrow, waking up to the chill. that is the time for the code, gloves, hats and scarves. it is 44, for the high. much of the day in the upper 30s and low 40s. here is the seven-day forecast. sunshine and clouds. forty-nine is the high. just below average. wednesday, back up to 52. terrific for travel. a lot of people leave town or have friends coming and going. you don't want family stuck at your house for too long. with a forecast like this, you don't have to worry about it. poor whether traveling for areas west of the mississippi. turkey day, a high of 58.
9:41 am
down the stretch, looking good. very mild. >> does it have the potential to be the warmest november on record? >> it does. we would have to have an extremely last couple days to change that. >> see you on turkey day. >> thank you. a flight from jfk was diverted overnight. why the turkish airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in canada. before we go to break, let's look at that channel 7 community calendar. and this is a remix of the will it. [ music ] . >> on long island, the daughters of mary sponsor the fair. by the sisters. >> also on long island, a model train exhibit. loads of models on display.
9:42 am
>> love books? want to support a great cause? stop by the riverside 29th annual book fair in manhattan. the third annual american fine crafts show at the brooklyn museum presents an extraordinary selection of handmade works in ceramics, jewelry, by 90 of the nation's finest artists. >> what are your favorite additions for thanksgiving? get some inspiring ideas at family focus, giving thanks at the fairfield museum and history center.
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time warner cable. police say a bomb threat forced a flight that originated from jfk, to make an emergency landing in canada. police in nova scotia say they were alerted to the threat around 10:50 p.m. last night. by that time, the plane had taken off.
9:45 am
dental what was diverted to halifax overnight. investigators are checking the plane am looking into the threat. threat. threat. met -- today marks one year since 12-year-old rice was shot and killed by a police officer in ohio. protesters rallied at the courthouse yesterday, demanding charges against the officer that opened fire on the 12-year-old. this happened just seconds after they officer responded to a call of a person with a gun. it turned out it was a child. he was holding a toy gun when he was killed. last month, two independent investigations found the officer was justified in the shooting. activists are rallying for a special prosecutor to be appointed in cleveland to oversee the case. presidential candidate donald trump says his comments supporting a database for american muslims were taken out of context. and he was actually voicing his support for a wall between the u.s. and mexico. something he has been talking about four months. but he says that he does want a database of the people coming
9:46 am
>> i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance and i don't care. i want surveillance of certain mosques. okay. is that okay? >> the republican presidential hopeful has also voiced his support for closing certain mosques, as a way of combating terrorism. louisiana's next governor will be the first democrat to hold statewide office since 2008. john edwards won that runoff election against his republican opponent. he will secede governor bobby jindal. he is the first democratic governor elected in the deep south in more than a decade. that is not happen a lot. does that does not happen a lot.
9:47 am
>> this is brandy. >> you that the drumsticks. the costume. >> and this one sent in by diane. a sweet looking puppy. and meatballs, by craig gallagher. and this one, all dressed up. that was marty. and hear is all over -- oliver -- you sent in by chris. this is my cap ilo. we would love to see her dog. -- you can hashtag your pictures. >> that will do it for this edition of big dog sunday. we will be right back with a look at the morning top stories. first, here is what is coming up on up close.
9:48 am
coming up, we will continue coverage of the terror concerns. and the isis warnings that washington. this after the paris attacks. how do we protect the homeland? how do we deal with the humanitarian crisis facing millions of syrian refugees? >> and we will talk about the rocky relationship with mayor bill de it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. coming up in a few minutes, this week with george stephanopoulos. >> here is a preview. >> good morning. the deadly terror attacks. live on the scene in brussels with the capital on lockdown. people warned to stay indoors because of an imminent terror threat. exclusive interviews with two candidates.
9:51 am
both donald trump and ben join us live. >> the latest results from the brand-new poll and the powerhouse roundtable. all coming up. back to you. the nypd will now review its training he procedures after a large-scale girl -- drill focused on an active shooter. this is just a hypothetical. >> we're live in lower manhattan with the update. >> reporter: good morning. the nypd as well as the secretary of homeland security, mayor bill de blasio, just wrapped up a press conference. the secretary of homeland security saying there is no credible threat to new york city at this time. but always a concern to law enforcement, are copycat attacks or a lone wolf. let me show you the video that was taken. this andover took place in an unused part of the subway
9:52 am
with two active shooters. terror attacks. a very timely. realistically as possible. people injured and shot on the two active shooters. this was all videotapes by newscasters. moving forward. well. we have learned a lot already. lessons learned here will certainly be spread very quickly throughout the nypd and the fire department of new york city. >> again, this was to practice with other law enforcement agencies. the fdny and the ems department as well. this was a very comprehensive drill. coming out more on eyewitness news at 5:00 and 6:00. channel 7, eyewitness news. police on long island are
9:53 am
searching for the gunman who shot a man through the front door of a house in dix hills. investigators say someone rang the bell and fired when someone approached. the victim was a house guest from virginia. and was shot in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police are trying to determine the motive for this attack. the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby out of her friend's body is being held in a psych ward. now facing murder charges. police say 22-year-old ashleigh wade pretended to be pregnant for months, fooling everyone, even her own boyfriend. according to investigators, ashleigh wade invited her pregnant friend to her home in the bronx. ashleigh wade stabbed 22-year-old angelikque sutton to death. the baby survived. angelikque sutton did not. a heartbreaking story on every possible level. hard to hear that. >> we learned all the details. we said, that cannot be.
9:54 am
we had to check that and check that again. >> let's end on a brighter note. as the closeout the weekend, temperatures are seasonal. but the wind will pick up. it will feel chilly throughout the afternoon. it will fill colder and colder in the afternoon. as that goes on, the temperatures will be in the 40s and low 50s. there is a wind out of the northwest that will make it feel like 40s across the board. this temporary chill coming in tonight will last through tomorrow afternoon. then we see a warming trend toward thanksgiving. 40s. clouds here. peeking through. mid-40s. optimistic high of 44 degrees. another chilly day. factor. clouds early this week.
9:55 am
terrific traveling weather. the eastern third of the u.s. good for travel. fare from the central plains through texas. but not good out west as another storm system is coming in from the pacific. thursday, thanksgiving in new york city, 58 degrees. over, perfect. sixty-five saturday. time of year closing out the month. hard to complain about this forecast for tomorrow, may be a shock to some people's systems starting the day off near freezing in the city. >> and maybe you have not gotten not your hat and scarves and gloves yet. it has been so mild. >> i like it. >> we have some time to go at the end of the show. the american music awards
9:56 am
jennifer lopez is hosting. check that out. >> and celine dion will have her special tribute to the victims of the paris attacks. always a good show. >> there will be men on the show as well. >> i have not heard. >> on tuesday, turkey trot. i think you are off. >> i am.
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