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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i want to show you what it looked like when we arrived this morning. a break in a 16-inch pipe underground sent water shooting everywhere. the water caved in and a police truck sank partway down a gaping hole. but crews were able to isolate that main which carries water to the entire city of hoboken roughly 50,000 people. now repair work started this afternoon but by then, the damage was done. dozens of businesses, delis and restaurants were forced to close because they had no water. some people living here did have a very weak flow of water out of their faucets. and the precaution officials least a minute. if you plan on drinking with it or baking with it, that should continue until testing is complete. now looking ahead, the police chief here in hoboken tells me this is the plan. >> we're looking at best case scenario with a promise to try by united water to have this tomorrow morning before rush
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hour. so along with the water coming back on for the residents, our issue continues to be we'll have a major traffic problem leading into the morning but we're preparing for that. i have my traffic commanders coming in to develop a traffic plan for the morning. >> reporter: back here live. this is where that main broke. we're in the southern part of hoboken right next to jersey city and water has already started coming back to the northern communities in hoboken. now looking ahead the chief also tells me that if you're planning on coming here to hoboken driving here tonight or tomorrow morning. please stick to the northern part of the stay. much more on all of this and how it's affecting even the hospitals here and we'll have that for you at 6:00. for now wreath live in -- we're live in hoboken, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> man a mess on their hands. thank you very much. there are a few pictures from the viewers on the streets of hoe becken and jersey city from just about every angle and you can take a look at them at
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police on long island are trying to determine if a man shot through the door of a house was intentionally targeted. investigators say a 27-year-old house guest was critically injured when someone opened fire from the front porch in dix hills. the homeowner tells news day a stranger came to the house early on friday and asked for a person he did not know. police have not identified a suspect or a motive in the shooting. overseas now, and unprecedented security lockdown in brussels continued today. subways and stores remain closed and events canceled and americans are being warned to stay home. due to is an imminent terror threat there. at the same time, we are hearing from the american band that survived the terror attacks in paris. abc's marci gonzalez is in paris with more. >> reporter: a second day of lockdown in brussels. soldiers patrolling streets, the metro closed. >> christmas tree, on the vehicle. it's not normal. you know.
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>> reporter: belgian officials will maintain this highest level of alert at least through monday. the response to what police believe is a serious imminent threat of possible attacks targeting malls and public transport. >> beneed to have -- we need to have support from the belgian army. so everything is secure here in brussels. >> reporter: amiddest this lock down the man -- lockdown the manhunt growing for sack stack, authorities say -- salah 26-year-old went to belgium following attack and a lawyer for his driving companions say he could be possibly wearing a suicide belt. back in paris, the memorial still growing as we learn new chilling details of the nightmare inside the concert hall. shared by the lead singer of the american band playing there that night in an upcoming exclusive interview with vice news. >> several people hid in our dressing room. and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of
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hiding under my leather jacket. >> reporter: meanwhile police released this picture of another accused terrorist, one of the men they say passed through greece before detonating a suicide vest outside the stadium. president obama again vowed to put an end to isis today. >> we do not succumb the fear. >> reporter: in paris, marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. we are not enemies, that's the message sounded here in new york city by jewish and muslim leaders in the wake of the terrorist attacks. in gramercy park, the group talked about working together for the good of both communities. they also say they are standing against what they call increasing expressions of islamophobia and anti-semitism and other bigotry. city officials called today's active shooter drill in lower manhattan a success. hundreds of emergency responders took part in a three hour simulation of armed attackers in the subway station. and nypd and fdny members tested their coordinated
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response and communication between the agencies. officials say aspects of the exercise were changed following the deadly terror attacks in paris. >> we introduced at the very last-minute, one of the individuals a shooter with a suicide vest. and so the officers responded because of their training the emergency service officers, they responded appropriately. and neutralized that threat. >> coming up at 6:00, what the secretary of homeland security says about today's drill and the current threats faced by the u.s. a scare in the air and a flight diverted because of unruly passengers. the southwest airlines plane was heading from indianapolis to los angeles when the airline says that three men began acting suspiciously. the crew became worried enough to divert the flight to kansas city. everyone got off the plane when it landed and the men were pulled aside for questioning. that flight eventually continued without those men. no charges were filed and the
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2,000 people on the no-fly list have legally bought guns or explosives. and new york senator charles schumer says that has to stop. he wants to renew the push for the denying firearms and explosives to dangerous terrorists act of 2015. it would give the justice department authority to stop a known or suspected terrorist from buying guns or explosives. >> we have to change this law. no fly should mean no buy. for terrorists. right now, amazingly, it does not. >> schumer says that anyone including members of isis can currently buy almost unlimited amounts of weapons legally, the senator says the nra has successfully lobbied against the bill adding the organization previously said the watch list is too broad because it includes people who are still being investigated by authorities.
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[ bell dinging ] coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a gift of solidarity following the september 11th attacks rings once again. this time, to honor those killed in recent terror attacks around the world. >> also ahead, one organization is making a statement in the lives of young people across the city. and the children are giving back by sharing the sounds of the season. >> and we still have some steadier rainfall over extreme eastern parts of long island out by the twin forks followed by the coldest air of the season overnight tonight.
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a symbol of hope after the 9/11 attacks provided hope after the recent terror attacks overseas. [ bell dinging ] the bell of hope in lower manhattan was rung this morning to honor the victims in mali, paris and beirut. at the city of london gave that bell to new york city after 9/11. it sits in the st. paul chapel churchyard and is rung every september 11th. the american music awards are tonight and there will be a special tribute to the victims of the paris terror attacks. pop superstar celine dion will
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perform a special rendition of edith piaf's hymn and she will song the song in french. a producer says the association felt the tribute was needed to show solidarity with the people of france. and you can see the american music awards tonight at 8:00 right here on channel 7. >> i'm sure that will be quite >> uh-huh. quite -- the weather today. a little bit less? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> less nice than yesterday. brief. >> this is brief. and we have a cold blast coming in tonight into tomorrow. and then a major warmup we're talking mid 60s by black friday. online -- mark >> no. >> okay. i better not hear any complaints about that. but first of all, tonight we have an incredible sunset. and these are just some of the pictures that our viewers sent in. >> spectacular. >> just incredible out there. and it was because of the clouds actually. we had this deck of mid and high level clouds actually associated with this storm getting rainfall over eastern
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long island and it wasn't raining here in the city obviously but it created this situation with a light free the sun when it was going down reflected off the clouds and really made for a pretty sunset out there and you can still see a little bit of a reddish tint from the background there as we head deeper into the evening. as we look over toward midtown. temperature right now 9. that wind -- 9. that wind north -- 49. that wind north at 12 miles per hour. the high on the day up to 55. 245 actually happened before dawn and -- that actually happened before dawn and then temperatures tumbled through the day and it remained fairly cloudy and sunshine was kind of in short supply because of the offshore system. 52 is your normal high for the time of the year, during the daylight hours that's basically where we were. 27 your record back in 1931. we did receive .01 of rainfall just after midnight last night with a weak front moving by but eastern long island got into some steadier rainfall and they still do have some steadier rain by the twin forks right now. any of the rainfall over eastern long island will exit
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by mid to late evening and then it's a quick cold shot tonight and tomorrow. tuesday is still pretty chilly a little bit below average but then well above average as we head into the thanksgiving holiday and beyond. 50 right now in newark and 49 at teterboro. 47 white plains and you have temperatures which have falling an the way down into the upper 30s at monticello and up ivs on the -- 40s on the island and mid 40s down the shore. over say long beach island and parts of southern ocean county, but the lions' share of it has been over extreme eastern long island where you've had steady rain at times. especially out by montauk and east hampton. eventually dryer air will win will kind of recede off to the east and you can kind of see on the wind streamlines here that that air coming in from the north and west and that will tend to dry things out. actually that low level dry air helped to keep this city dry during the day today. despite the threatening look to the sky. here's our futurecast overnight tonight, you can see that
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rainfall quickly moving offshore by midnight, it's clear of montauk. we are clear here in the city in term of cloud cover. and as we head into the day tomorrow, no weather worries but it's going to be pretty chilly out there. coldest day of the season so far with the high barely topping say 44. 45 degrees in a lot of places. lows tonight in the meantime getting down to 36 in the park. lot of 20s and low 30s not suburbs heading into -- in the suburbs heading into tomorrow. only 44 for a high temperature despite the sunshine. only getting up to 37 during the afternoon at monticello. so brisk and chilly to say the least during the day tomorrow. and then as we head into the day on tuesday, a little bit milder but still below average at 47. accuweather forecast for tonight, becoming mainly clear and brisk and colder again that rain exiting eastern long island. we're down to 36 but colder in the sun suburbs, sunny to partly cloudy, bris pecuniary chilly tomorrow. the high only getting up to 44. boundsable up. mainly clear and cold tomorrow night. tomorrow night is actually the coldest of the year so far down to about 33. mainly sunny on tuesday and 47
5:15 pm
the big travel day wednesday under plenty look at thanksgiving. 61 degrees and 64 you've reading -- you're reading it right for friday. under a mix of clouds and sun. could be a touch of rain early saturday and then clear things out for the second half of next weekend. it could be worse this time of year. >> a whole lot worse. going to be a great day for the parade. >> it is. it really is. not much wind either. >> thank you sir. laura behnke up next with sports. and with thanksgiving -- just -- >> pitch perfect is what this group is determined to be for its annual christmas caroling event. just one of the many projects from statement arts, a nonprofit art education program aimed at underserved and at risk students. now based in washingtonitiss it was founded 12 years ago. >> we just really want to
5:16 pm
empower kids, that's what they need. the kids are so extraordinary with such incredible stories and there's a lot you know we can learn from them. >> and apparently a lot the kids learn as well. statement amounts runs -- arts runs several programs for students of all ages including the empower youth project. a two week long summer program that received a disney grant this year. and now there's even a college prep program. >> they changed my life. >> one is a former statement arts student who came back to work on the staff after graduating from college. >> they just created this amazing foundation for me as an artist and as a human being. so coming back was natural. >> the same sense of wanting to give back is what the christmas caroling is all about. the students both current and former spend a weekend in december spreading holiday joy at places like senior centers, children's hospitals, shelters and fire houses.
5:17 pm
see like what one person can do could change a few people and make them be happy and joyful inside. >> lila is one of three young sisters busy rehearsing christmas songs and grateful to be a part of this statement arts family together. >> i like it because like -- me and my sister, we make new friends together. >> the love and passion for art, it's a beautiful thing. so to introduce my sisters to it was amazing. >> great girls. to reminded me and my young sisters. this year's statement arts christmas caroling event is scheduled for saturday and sunday december 19th and 20th. at various locations around the city. great -- >> yes. >> organization. >> make sure you get to one of those. that's great. laura behnke now up next with sports. >> hey joe and sandra. well the joints enjoy -- giants enjoy a bye week, the jets were fighting for their playoff lives in houston today.
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laura behnke in the newsroom with first look at the
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day in sports. >> uh-huh. >> hey joe and sandra. after a strong start south season, thing -- to the season, things are more difficult for the jets lately who got in house on this weekend after dropping three of the last four. a wild card playoff spot though still within reach. but gang green really needs to start taking care of business. starting with the texans today. a quiet first half until this. tj yates going long. finds hopkins in stride who beats darrelle revis for the 61- yard touchdown. the jets would tie it up in the third though. ryan fitzpatrick hits brandon marshall. ten all and texans from there. trickery and yates lateral to shorts who then finds alfred blue for the 21-yard score. later in the third, yates back to doing the throwing again hooking up with hopkins again. 20-yard td, 24-10 texans at that point. the jets would cut the lead to a touchdown but fitzpatrick got picked twice in the final minute to end any threat. 24-17 the jets fall to 5-5. the giants may be off
5:22 pm
but their statued a as the sole leader of the nfc east was in jeopardy with every other team in the division in cowboys. the cuss got a boost from -- cowboys got a boost from are moe and get the first win since week two. the redskins couldn't do much against the panthers. washington hosts the giants next week. the giants still alone in first place. knew as we see every year with the tcs new york city marathon. getting through the 26.2 malacias major -- miles is a major from time to time. that's something a richmond, virginia woman found out recently. >> go ashley logan. it's not even about you know who won at the end of the day it's about did you give it your all? >> young conquered a feat. few try and few accomplish. >> i learned a lot about myself and i didn't let myself down and i didn't let my friends down. >> she ran, she walked, she struggled.
5:23 pm
but she finished her first marathon. that triumphant moment caught on camera more than eight hours after it began and more than an hour after the official course was closed. >> it's really the end of something great. it's a huge accomplishment. a lot of people don't realize how hard it is until you do it. >> young moved to richmond in 2013 and made the decision to get healthier by running. >> what i did, i was like i want to do the 10k training team. >> she finished the 10k and then a half that are mono, then the -- marathon, then this past may began training for the marathon. >> it's one of things you want to do at least once. >> saturday came with much anticipation. >> there's a lot of what ifs but at the end of the day you have to kind of decide am i going to keep going when it gets horrible? >> and horrible came. really mental. >> any 20-mile she was still going but time was fleeting. >> i had worked too hard to get there and there were a lot of
5:24 pm
>> the marathon course closed at seven hours, she was walking and not ready to give up. >> i'm come down the hill and there's i mean a solid 20 people that i had trained with that i had known from running and even outside of running. waiting for me to finish. >> and finish she did. >> i couldn't let them down but i also knew i couldn't let myself down. >> there's an accomplishment. we're going to see you again at 6:00 as we hear from the jets and also take a look at highlights from the early games around the national football league. we'll see you then. joe and sandra? >> all right see you in a few minutes. thank you laura. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a water main break causing big problems in new jersey. a mess on the streets and problems inside for those living in hoboken in new jersey. we will have the latest on this developing story. >> and one new jersey mayor stands up for his city after another round of continue essential statements by donald
5:25 pm
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a look at tonight's top stories. we are following this developing story in new jersey. it's a live picture now from hoboken where a water main break has flooded streets there and in jersey city as well. and that water is everywhere. residents are slowly starting to get the water back inside their homes. but as you can see, a huge mess
5:27 pm
outside. new york senator schumer wants to renew the push for the denying firearms and explosives to dangerous terrorists act of 2015. he says that # thousand people -- 2,000 people on the no-fly list have legally bought guns or explosives and wants a law that says no fly, no buy. good evening once again, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we are following a developing story in new jersey now. where one man remains missing after his canoe overturned overnight. the two men we're told were canoeing in white meadow lake in morris county at about 3:00. a. a first responders were able to rescue one of them. they have not however been able to find the other man. the search resumed in the morning -- resumes rather in the morning. authorities have not released the names or the ages of those men. we're going to turn now to the race for president. republican front runner donald trump is standing by his controversial comments about
5:28 pm
reaction to the 9/11 attacks. >> he accused members of the muslim community in new jersey of celebrating the massacre. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where nows and thousand -- thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. >> now, when abc's george step notary public house challenged trump's -- george stephanopoulos challenged trump's statement this morning, mentioning it's a universally discredited internet rumor, the candidate insisted there were widespread celebrations of the attacks in new jersey. now the mayor of jersey city is challenging trump's remarks and eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has reaction and fallout from the latest of donald trump's controversial comments. mallory? >> reporter: sandra, joe, the mayor of jersey city is now
5:29 pm
calling these comments absurd. he says trump is wrong and now he wants the whole country to know it. >> i think it's shameful that he's politicizing 9/11. jersey city has no interest in being a part of it. so from our standpoint, you know, you really got to question where he's coming from from a credibility standpoint and i think it i understand mines every -- undermines everything he says. the fact that he just makes up stories. jersey city was amongst the first responders helping across the river. we're right across the river. and no media outlet reported on anybody dancing in the street. it was actually the exact opposite. >> i'm sure the most americans deep down they know that that guy can't be serious. >> i think he's a moron. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the mayor of jersey city says this is all part of a hate campaign and he wants to know where does it stop. live in jersey city, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:30 pm
thank you very much mallory. the latest controversy doesn't appear to be hurting his popularity with gop voters. the latest poll by abc news and the "washington post" shows that the real estate mogul has a double digit lead over his closest rival. voters surveyed prefer trump over retired neurosurgeon ben carson by 32% to 22%. the two are trailed by florida senator rubio and texas senator cruz and former florida governor jeb bush. the attacks in paris have not only launch agencies on high alert but also stepping up training and preparedness aimed at terror prevention and response. the drills took place today in manhattan. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: inside a terror drill of the new york city subways, the nypd put on a demonstration today testing its response to an active shooter. or lone wolf style attack.
5:31 pm
>> lessons learned here will in country is. >> reporter: it was planned paris but the lessons couldn't have come at a better time. >> terrorism cannot prevail if the people refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: while there's no specific threat to the u.s., enhanced screening and security scares seem to be the new reality and the post-paris world. this morning, a southwest airlines flight headed to los angeles from indianapolis had to be diverted to kansas city after reports that a group of instructions. >> we all initially thought something was wrong with plane. >> yeah we had no idea that security was called. until -- police officers came on. >> reporter: everyone else was reboard asked the plane landed ha -- reboarded and the plane landed late in l. a.. police questioned the three people involved and rebooked them on a later flight. in philadelphia, the marathon had a late start. delayed more than 15 minutes as runners struggled to get through security screening. in atlanta tonight, wrestling
5:32 pm
fans will encounter beefed up security after reports that isis could be targeting the wwe event. >> there's threats every day. when you're here in the middle of it. it makes you feel a little uneasy. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating saying it takes all threats seriously but there's no credible information at this time. extra reassurance for a country on edge. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. a prison sentence in iran for a "washington post" reporter who was convicted of espionage. the spokesman for iran's judiciary made that announcement but didn't say how long the prison term would be. jason rezzion who holds both u.s. and iran citizenship was arrested last year and has been held in solitary confinement. the "washington post" denies he was a spy and the editor called his trial and sentence a sham. a body found on long island
5:33 pm
is that of a sag upon et woman little yea hawk pia disappeared more than a month ago. her body was found by a hunter yesterday morning in south hampton. investigators don't suspect criminal activity but they are still investigating. today, we acknowledge a somber date in u.s. history. >> this is the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. kennedy was shot while riding in a convertible in dallas, texas on november 22nd, 1963. suspected gunman lee harvey oswald was arrested and days laters he was shot and killed as well. still to come on eyewitness news at 5:00, a city inspector says a food vendor's hat was a no-go when it came to serving. but the inspector may not have been delivering the correct rule. 7 on your side stepped in. >> and don't forget tomorrow night eyewitness news anchor shirleen allicot participates in a town hall forum for new york's youth. it will be held at st. francis
5:34 pm
5:35 pm
the exuconn student who had a mac and cheese melt down is expected in court tomorrow. arraign system scheduled for luke gooddy.
5:36 pm
cell phone video shows him screaming and becoming physical with school cafeteria workers last month over mac and cheese. gotty posted a video apologizing and said he was drunk at the time. he faces charges of breach of peace and trespassing. a baby born prematurely on a cruise ship is finally in his home state. hayden morgan arrived in a medical plane in ogden, utah last night. hay den was born august 31st, three months early. while his parents were on a caribbean cruise. after hospital stays in puerto rico and miami, he at last was big and strong enough to take a cross-country flight. hayden now is in a utah hospital and hopefully will be home by christmas. well, it was a hat trick that was going to cost a veteran coffee cart vendor a day's profit. >> the problem started when a city inspector flagged a union square food vendor just for
5:37 pm
or was it? 7 on your side's nina pineda struggled to get the victory. >> reporter: he's been pouring coffee with his long time grillman jorge at the corner of 14th and irving -- the veteran vendor's properly licensed with no outstanding health violations. until last week. >> when he was about to leave, he goes to me -- i gave you the ticket -- of a hat. >> reporter: john is talking about a city health inspector pictured next to jorge moments after he was fined for wearing this hat. how much was the fine? >> the fine was $200. >> reporter: that's a good day's profit for the cart. the ticket stated jorge had long blond hair. the hiatuses declared ineffective and capable of falling off. how long have you been wearing that hat? >> for the past -- seven, eight years. >> reporter: fast food hats have been used for generations and check out the rock hudson
5:38 pm
flick from the '50s. >> one strawberry -- surprise. >> reporter: we also found the hat hello in this health department food safety video. >> always wear clean gloves and a hat, cap or hair net. >> reporter: jorge's exact hat displayed as the proper hair restraint. >> i'm speechless. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: his customers were also baffled. >> looks like is same hat to me. >> reporter: we asked the department of health to take a second look and a day later -- >> apologizing and saying that they're very sorry about the whole situation. >> reporter: violation dismissed making jorge very happy. >> thank you channel 7 in espanol. speakhe will be retained to ensure proper citations of the city health cold. nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> don't mess with nina. it turns out money may buy
5:39 pm
harvard study. here's the catch though. a researcher says that happiness depends on how you spend your money. money spent on experiences like vacations can draw more warm feelings than money spent on things like electronics. well, experiences disappear so they build up a memory of everything being wonderful. >> my shoes don't fall into that category. >> they're wonderful nonetheless. >> i know. five people are safe including a baby after a boat went up in flames. coming up on eyewitness news, at 5:00, a wild scene on the water in california. how those on board managed to get out without a scratch. >> and across most of the area today, we were unscathed by this rainfall. different story over eastern long island where you are still getting some steadier rain that will be moving out during the evening hours but much colder air moving in overnight.
5:40 pm
that air is helding in -- heading in our direction, your complete accuweather forecast featuring a major warmup in the opposi
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new video following a beat rescue that involved a small baby. five people were on the power boat in southern california. two women yum -7d into the water immediately and they were telling the parents of the 4- month-old to jump in as well. with the baby. well, that's when help arrived. everybody was pull to safety without a scratch. and the snow that fell in the upper midwest on friday will be melting as temperatures drop across the area. jeff i hope i'm not interveering with your forecast -- interfering with your forecast here. the snowstorm created hazardous travel conditions and caused more than 500 flight chancelations. >> i have to tell you that's absolutely gorgeous.
5:44 pm
making it up and sitting it down and going back to my 64. right? >> and i was going to say anything but winter weather around here. this week, just an incredible holiday week coming up including the big travel day. we'll talk about areas of the country though where there might be some issues. >> all right. >> you might have some airport delays coming up in a couple of minutes. right now we head outside and check out the view of lower manhattan from brooklyn. pretty look at the skyline there. temperatures are in the upper 40s. they have fallen mostly cloudy skies that wind coming in from the north at 12 miles per hour. and it's the northerly wind which will be bringing in the coldest air mass of the season so far. tomorrow we're going to be stuck in the low 40s all day. even despite a lot of sunshine. highs today most of these occurred before dawn. 55 was right after midnight last night and then temperatures fell during the day. mainly staying around 50. right now you have temperatures in the upper 40s across much of long island. 50 at montauk where you're still getting a little bit of rainfall. you have fallen down to 37 at
5:45 pm
monticello and you will be in the 20s overnight tonight. well north and west of new york city. like i was saying alliment bit of -- a little bit of rain still affecting extreme eastern long island. this stuff here not reaching the ground but because the air near the surface is just too dry for those rain drops to actually make it down to the surface. you can see on the radar though some heavier rain affecting montauk, that's tending to move out. these radar echos are weakening during the last few frames and that trend will continue overnight and this rain will be east of long island. late evening. behind it a much dryer and colder air mass from the north. and that's going to be pouring in here overnight tonight. so here's our futurecast. there goes the rainfall we say good-bye to that. by midnight it's clear of montauk. by midnight we're down to 42 in the city. you're already down into the 30s in the near northern and western suburbs as we head into tomorrow morning, when you wake up, temperatures around 36 in midtown but below freezing in
5:46 pm
almost all of the suburb ban areas during the day up to about 43 by 3:00 despite all the sunshine. even a colder night for tomorrow night. getting down closer to the freezing mark in the city a lot of 20s in the suburbs and then during the day on tuesday, little bit of a warmup. as we have temperatures in the upper 40s. here's the holiday travel force across the kuhndy -- forecast across the country for wednesday and it looks good. all the big hubs on the east coast, good travel weather i don't want expect any delays, but salt lake city, maybe las vegas, maybe cheyenne, wyoming. there's going to be a snowstorm out in this area especially right near salt lake city northwestern parts of colorado. and that will cause some travel delays in that area. which can have a ripple effect as we know across the country. accuweather forecast, for the next seven days, brisk and chilly for tomorrow. again the high getting top around 44 -- up to around 44. mainly sunny tuesday. and in the upper 40s plenty of sunshine for that big travel day on wednesday. low 50s. check out thanksgiving. oh. 61.
5:47 pm
perfect weather for the parade. partly sunny. warmer out there. and a mild mix of sun and clouds on friday. good bargains out there too. 64 on black friday. 57 maybe a shower to start saturday. and then we clear back out so almost nothing to worry about during the next seven days as quiet as can be. that's how we like it. >> okay i hope growth -- >> turkey tastes better when it's 60 by the way. you'll find out for sure on thursday. >> who told you that? >> you'll see come thursday. [ laughter ] all right. well, there's a pricey piece of real estate on the market on long island. and it may interest fans of two music stars. >> it is the sprawling estate where jennifer lopez and marc anthony once lived. the 16 room home in brookville could fetched million dollars -- $9 million, eyewitness news reporter stacey sager takes a look. >> reporter: well, not this block anyway. because it's a world away from where j-lo really came from but the home she shared for blears
5:48 pm
is very much up for officially on the market now for $9 million. here in brookville. but that's a steal because it was initially on the market for $12 million. hi there. we're here to see the mansion. we got a tour of the entire house. a place marc anthony definitely considered a refuge even modeling the outside after place he is visited in central park. >> he would come and go to central park and write music. so he did all the landscaping to rep collate what he live -- a child. >> reporter: this is the master bedroom one of every ten bedrooms and every one has a wood turning fireplace. in -- burning fireplace. the closet is more than a walk- in. and anthony's closet is equally impressive. but much of the house is understated. the kitchen for example where sources tell us j-lo used to cook but don't be fooled. the master bathroom is posh, just look at the sinks and
5:49 pm
but the poshest room in the whole house? most certainly their twins' room. just look at these adorable beds. and the artwork. >> and they did not want to move. >> reporter: who would want to move from that room? lastly if you buy this, uh-uh get the other -- you get the other comforts of home, your own spa and your own recording studio, check this out. and a home theater that is truly impressive. >> it was a place they brought their kids up and when they were here it's hard to believe with j-lo and market anthony they were regular people. but their kids and -- had a normal life. in a wonderful place. that they felt was their home. >> reporter: sisters sisters, eyewitness news -- stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> pretty nice. >> uh-huh very nice. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a special honor for a fallen hero. >> a family members of a 9/11
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
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plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. average special honor for a hero of the 9/11 attacks and a legend within the fdny. the new york city fire boat is now named after deputy fire commissioner william m. feehan. he died when the south tower collapsed on his command post. eyewitness news reporter
5:53 pm
mallory hoff shows us the special tribute for a fallen firefighter. >> reporter: the fdny christened a fire boat named in honor of first deputy commissioner william m. feehan who was killed on september 11th, 2001. an entire department was touched by the ceremony at south street sea port. feehan's son and daughter deeply moved. what would your father have said looking at this boat? >> he'd be incredibly proud. but he was -- such a son of the city. he loved new york so much. >> it's a real testament to a wonderful man and a great father and a great citizen and son of new york. >> reporter: at 71 years old, deputy commissioner feehan was the oldest responder to the world trade center. he perished in the collapse of the south tower. >> through his actions every single day, he taught us how important compassion was to effectively lead others. >> reporter: also in attendance, firefighter and marine engineer robert alexander. he's one of 10,000 fdny members diagnosed with a world trade center related illness.
5:54 pm
>> we're coming up on year of diagnosis of brain cancer for myself. >> reporter: now still recovers from the world trade center adorns the side of the cabin. >> feehan was a giant in the fire department definitely. that's been -- i read an article once about him that they said he knew everybody -- firefighter in the city. and that's probably true. >> reporter: the boat is 66 feet long. it can travel up to 40 knots or 46 miles per hour. the $4.7 million. 90,000-pound jet propelled fire boat was built in canada and funded through a grant program. the new york city fire department fleet is what you're on right now. it does a little bit of everything it does it well. >> reporter: the fire commissioner nigro says feehan will serve and protect new york city and its 520 miles of at south street sea port, mallory will have, channel 7 eyewitness news. happening tomorrow the new york city council will hold a hearing on personal and
5:55 pm
the public safety and transportation committees together will look at how they could be operated safely in the city. the council is considering bills to regulate drones. a flood of troubles across the hudson river. coming up on eyewitness news, high water in hoboken. swamped streets and warnings in effect. because of a massive water main break. >> also, a search for a missing man after a canoe capsizes in a new jersey lake. >> and preparing for the worst. emergency responders in new york simulate a paris-like attack.
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