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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  November 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. work drags on in hoboken where water flooded streets over the weekend. live reports to get life back to normal and the traffic issues. police swarmed new york city subways. thankfully it's just a drill. >> and you are going to need your coat today. it's a chilly morning. it won't last too long. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. thank you us. today is monday, november 23rd on an abbreviated workweek for the holiday. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> clear skies, rather chilly this morning. we will just call it cold. 36 degrees. normally the temperature should be 40, 41. northwest wind at 6. feels like 30 to 32.
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36 woodbridge. 37 to 33. 27 the real feel in the bx. 27 around poughkeepsie. 21 monticello. 20 is the real feel this morning. 30 the real feel this afternoon. great gusts of wind up to 25 miles per hour. get all your warm gear together and dress in a lot of layers. it will warm up. 60s by thanksgiving. we will talk about that next. heather has problems for you. >> we do. we have a fuel closure in union maps. 22 westbound is closed down near springfield road. it's basically starting around michigan into springfield road. hit pole. they will probably divert you on the westbound side. we had the road closures in place in hoboken because of a water main break. utilize mass transit which you station.
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path, new jersey transit, light- rail, ferries, everything is running. street cleaning rules are in effect in the five boroughs. lori, over to you. >> it's shaping up to be a tough morning for people in hoboken. a huge water main break nearly 24 hours ago is still causing problems. some residents are being asked to boil water. others are going to have to deal with road closures, especially if you take the holland tunnel. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in hoboken with more. >> we are in south hoboken near the jersey city border. getting around town will be a little bit difficult this morning. here is the reason why. many streets in this part of the city are underwater because of that massive flooding yesterday. this is jackson street. crews are still very busy this morning in different parts of the city trying to get a handle on the flooding that is taking over the streets here. crews were able to get the water pressure back to normal in most of the city yesterday.
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people living in high-rises on the upper floors still may have low water pressure or no water service at that water main break happened yesterday morning around 9:00 a.m. a break in a 16-inch water pipe lead to the massive flooding this morning. it was a big blow to restaurants in hoboken that could not serve the sunday morning brunch crowd. some restaurant managers got creative and they brought in port o potties. by sunday evening, much of the water pressure had been restored. >> we do have water. we are just using boiling water for the guests, absolutely, to make sure that everything is completely safe and not contaminated. just kind of following the rules that >> and you can see cars parked here on jackson street with water up to their bumpers here. no realtime table on when the water will reseed.
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folks trying to get around this mess this morning. meanwhile, there is a boil water advisory in place here in this section of hoboken as well as the newport section of jersey city, we understand. right now they will have to test the water samples to determine when that water will be good to drink. you have to boil that water for at least a minute while that advisory is still in place. live this morning in hoboken, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now to a terror threat in cities across the country following the attacks in paris from sporting events to airports. police and counterterrorism officials are stepping up patrols making sure americans are safe. a live look at newark airport. the security preps are more serious as we enter the busy holiday travel season. >> in atlanta police received a threat about a pro wrestling threat.
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nothing happened but americans are alert and cautious more than a week after the attacks. >> terrorist groups are looking for the targets that are softer with lots of people but are difficult to secure. >> reporter: here in new york, nypd officers swarmed a subway station guns drawn during a planned drill simulating an active shooter situation underground. >> these exercises are necessary. in new york city, we are at this time very well prepared. >> reporter: in europe, for the third day in a row, brussels, the capitol of a small european nation and home to nato put on the highest terror warning. >> christmas tree on a vehicle, that is not normal. >> reporter: police on the look out, subways suspended. cinemas and schools closed. salah abdeslam. he went to belgium following the terror attack but he is not among the 16 people detained.
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is extending a state of emergency for three months. hours ago the group that claimed responsibility for last week's assault on a western hotel in malaysialy released -- mali released a statement identifying the three people responsible. in the race for president, people in jersey city are attacking donald trump for claiming that he saw thousands of people there cheering as the twin towers came down on 9/11. well, there was video of muslims in middle eastern countries cheering on the attacks but not in jersey city. in spite of that, though, trump is standing by his account. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thoughts sands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> it's shameful that he is politicizing 9/11.
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jersey city has no interest in being a part of it. from our standpoint, you know, you really got to question where he is coming from. >> the latest poll numbers show trump back in first place in iowa and a commanding lead in new hampshire, the first primary state. the top members of new jersey senate and house delegations are calling on congress to renew the zadroga health care bill for 9/11 responders. they will host a rally today. the house, energy and commerce committee endorsed a permanent extension last week but three other key committees must review the legislation. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside. what we are going to tampa bay looking at is cold weather this morning. we will have a gorgeous sunrise. look at the deep blue sky. cold canadian air coming down out of the north and across. that will keep us sunny today.
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but with the wind, very cold. here we go. temperatures by the time we get to 8, 39 at 10:00. 41 at noontime. 44 this afternoon. with that wind, it will feel like the 30s. after school today, kiddos, 44 degrees. it will feel like the 30s. dress warmly like this hooligans at the bus stop. the hooligan nation. heather is the commute. we have news copter 7. we will say good morning to john del giorno. >> reporter: good morning. this is my hometown, union, new jersey, grew up here. if i could count the amount of times there have been accidents on route 22. it has taken down a light 30*e8 across the oft-light pole across the roadway. you can see the traffic being forced to the local streets.
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you can see the flashing lights. up here it's quit dark. streetlights. there are wires across the road as well. this could be a long repair. route 22 is shut down. not a great detour if you have to travel east to west. good idea to take it to route 78 and use that as the alternate. >> thank you for that, john. road closures are still in water main break. do not attempt to drive on the south side of the city. go to the north side and use mass transit. if you live in hoboken, alternate side of the street parking suspended on all streets south of first and west of washington street. mass transit is running in and out of the hoboken station. that's the way to go. you do not want to drive into hoboken. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect in the five boroughs. ken and lori. >> over to you. >> thank you. new details this morning on
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older women in a flight forced to reroute after concerns of suspicious
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a flight to los angeles had to be diverted because of unruly passengers. the flight debarred indianapolis when they men began acting suspiciously. the flight was rerouted to kansas city. the men were taken aside for questioning and the flight continued on. no charges were filed. several different activist groups will come together to honor tamir rice one year after the 12-year-old was killed in ohio. where demonstrators demanded changes -- charges against the officers involved in the boy's death. rise was holding a toy gun when he was shot seconds after officers arrived on the scene. a vigil and march will be held at grand army plaza. a call for a sick child turns up hundreds of packets of heroin. police responded to the holiday inn in hazlet, new jersey as
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they helped a child in a room, officers spotted nearly a thousand packages of heroin. police arrested the woman that rented the room. she is facing drug charges as well as endangering the welfare of a chill. travelers are dealing with messy roads in michigan after a snowstorm hit the midwest. more than a foot of snow fell in the detroit area leading to dangerous conditions. several drivers spun off the road as the temperatures dropped and the roads got icy. the storm affected air travel in the midwest with hundreds of canceled flights to the chicago area. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill. >> you don't have a coat on? >> i left the coat in my office. >> don't be like me. many i am not a role model. have your coat, glove, scarf. in manhattan it's not as harsh in the suburbs.
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it's the wind that makes it cold. normal overnight low is 40. we are at 35. not bad. winds northwest at 6 gusting up to 15. later on it will gust up to 25. normal high is 51. mid-40s today. it will feel like the mid-to- upper 30s most of the day. 28 to hackettstown. monticello, 28. when you tack on the wind out of the northwest it's a really -- normally the coldest wind out of the northwest when there is snow on the ground. looking at 20s for the real feels. in the park 29 to 20 up to the north. this will be the way the day starts. feels like the 20s. dress warmly. the wind picks up. you see the wind profiles, winds are out of the northwest. we will see high pressure sliding eastward. the good thing is this is like one day of this, the wind and cold.
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tomorrow it's gone. after school 34. dress warmly. brisk and chilly today. after school dress in layers if you have sports after school today. 44 will feel like the mid- to upper-30s. tomorrow the high-pressure ridge slides eastward and the winds die down, sun comes out, to 47 almost the normal high of 50 to 51 degrees. great travel weather. it will warm up into the 50s wednesday. travel weather good over two thirds of the country. bad weather for the rockies and northern plains and nevada and southern california. brisk and chilly. plenty of sun. it will feel like the 30s. tonight a low of 33. the wind dies down. that's what allows the temperature to drop off. tomorrow sunshine, 47. still chilly. wednesday a great travel day. 50. low 43. sunshine and 61 on thanksgiving day. 4 by friday. as the sun gets up, that wind will pick up.
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get the scarf and glove and hat and all that stuff. you will be fine. >> otherwise you will be doing this. >> jumping up and >> i have my coat hanging by the door that he could have grabbed. >> or i could have given him my rutgers blanket. >> i wouldn't be caught dead. that would be too smart. on the van wyck expressway southbound side you can see bumper-to-bumper traffic into the belt parkway because of an accident being cleared. i got a tweet from jay. he was telling me fy i-15 minute delay new jersey transit into new york city. they were doing earlier track work on northeast corridor line so 3 trains were dealing with 15-minute delays. at this point it's doing okay. thank you for that, jay. long island railroad, metro north on or close to schedule. newscopter 7 was just above this showing us the big closure
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closed down because of an accident involving a car, pole, downed wires. better bet head up here to route 78 and go westbound through that. again, hoboken road closures in place because of the water main break. don't drive on the south side of the city. use mass transit. mass transit is running two and from the hoboken station. street cleaning rules are in effect for the five boroughs. >> thank you. if you were holding out for the new apple product, wait a few more days. >> first black friday ads are showing deep discounts. >> hey there. techbytes, several retailers are slashing pros on black friday. >> target 20% off apple products. best buy cuts price on the apple watch up to $100. staple offers the ipad mini 2
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for $239 walmart customers will have $100 off any iphone and receive $100 >> complete the list now. nintendo launched a new online store on e-bay. >> consumers can buy new and refurbished items including consoles, games and accessories. >> pepsi phone is becoming a reality. >> they have raised about one third of the goal of $470,000 for the phone. >> pepsi's are not included. >> a lot of buzz about that. >> those are your techbytes. today a piece of entertainment history will be on the auction block in new york. a big draw for anyone that is a disney fan. turner classic is offering off a journal that belonged to walt disney when he was a teenager serving in france. it features five full pages of
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rodents drawn a decade before mickey mouse was created. the journal dates back to 1918 and will be auctioned off today at bottom's auction house. still ahead, flames shooting from one of the country's tallest skyscrapers. we learn what caused this fire in chicago.
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on the money, wall street begins on the heels of its best week all year. the dow starts at 17,823. >> stock futures are lower. shanghai composite and hong kong hang seng index lost ground as well. a megadeal on the horizon in the pharmaceutical deal.
6:22 am
the merger would create the largest prescription drugmaker in terms of sales. pfizer's purchase of the ireland company would knock down the tax bill by billions. an anonymous donor gave $2.2 million to the treasury department to help pay down the national debt. the donation was made in september as the government approached the debt limit. an individual can lower their own tax burden by donating money to pay down the national debt. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> it's a tad on the chilly side. we have what will be a gorgeous sunrise heading your way. sun is officially up in about 12 minutes from right now. we are at dawn. nice day. chilly day. we have temperatures around 35, 37 degrees. northwest wind will pick up now. 23 miles per hour wind gusts at laguardia. feels like the 20s this morning. that will be a chilly day. 44 will be the high with
6:23 am
sunshine. it will feel like the 30s all afternoon long. we will talk about a warm up, warming into the 60s by thanksgiving. weather then heather. the van wyck trying to make your way down to the belt parkway an accident being cleared away. check out the delay. bumper to bumper. then on the northern state parkway you will find delays over here by i.u. willets road. police activity and five people involved in a car accident. we have n trains heading to the maps with delays. signal problems at 8th avenue. expect uptown delays as a result. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. >> thank you, heather. investigators say a fire in one of chicago's tollest buildings was started by a candle building inside the bedroom of an apartment. the flames broke out on the 50th floor of the hancock center. five people got hurt.
6:24 am
half hour to get it under control in inside that luxury high-rise. baby i'm perfect for you >> one direction, show they are perfect to their fans after winning big last night. they won artist of the year as well as favorite duo or group. singer ariana grande beat out taylor swift. stars took a moment to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in paris. celine dion performing in front of images from france. you can see a complete list of ama winners at abc7ny. we posted photos past hot looks and there were a lot from the red carpet. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," developing this morning in new jersey, we
6:25 am
the air of news copter 7. live look at the damage of the huge water main break in hoboken.
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a broken water main is still gushing water on to streets of hoboken. if you don't live in the area, you will still deal with a major mess. >> an armed robber stalking and robbing women in the bronx. we learned of three victims living blocks apart. >> the leaders of france and the uk coming together to remember the victims of the paris attacks and vowing to fight back. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. november 23rd. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> well, it's cold.
6:28 am
outside as we get started today. temperatures 6:00 a.m. temperature this hour is a chilly one. we are looking at temperatures around 37 whitestone, cambria heights. 27 around poughkeepsie. 36 bridgeport. windchill this morning in the 20s now for everybody except long island, out to montauk 34. that's because the water temperature is about 57, 58 degrees. a little northwest wind across there. 30 at sussex. but that wind will be up to 25 miles per hour. 44 this afternoon will feel like 34 with the gusts of wind. it will warm up. 50 wednesday. 60 thanksgiving. we will talk about that in a moment. she has her handfuls -- hand -- >> that is easy for you to say. >> she is busy. >> there you go. on the northern state
6:29 am
parkway near i.u. willets we have two police vehicles and five cars involved in an accident there. now, we head to the maps and talk to you about 22 west of springfield road, an accident being cleared away in union new jersey. all lanes are closed down. n trains signal problems at 8th avenue. long island railroad, metro north doing fine. new jersey transit -- i'm catching the inability to speak thing. northeast corridor earlier track work. you have 15-minute delays in new york city. road closures in place because of the water main break. try not to drive the south side of hoboken as a result. street cleaning rules are in effect in the five boroughs. >> thank you. it's a familiar sight for folks on hoboken streets turned to rivers because of a broken water main. >> heather has been telling us about this all morning. it's not only causing problems for the apartments and businesses but the drivers trying to get around. take a live look at one
6:30 am
intersection from newscopter 7 where -- yeah, from newscopter 7. that's where the water is flowing unchecked all night. dry clark now from the ground. he is live in hoboken with an update. >> good morning, ken and lori. we are in south hoboken. this is observer highway and jackson street. traffic is bumper to bumper because several streets in south hoboken are underwater. let me take you over here. this is jackson street. you can see the water here is probably about ankle deep. yesterday morning. crews are trying to do the best they can to get things cleaned up and back to normal. initially it was a 16-inch water pipe that broke yesterday causing massive flooding before 9:00 a.m. people in hoboken and parts of jersey city noticed a drop in stopped working. several streets were quickly flooded. the water at one point was at least knee deep in some places.
6:31 am
the city had to bring in water trucks to help people that had no water service. by sunday evening, most of the water pressure was back to normal but there is still a boil water advisory alert and people should boil water for at least one minute before using it. >> i'm concerned about how long i have to, you know, boil a lot of water in order to have a glass. like, you know, it's a lot of work. hopefully it's not last too long. >> reporter: now, back live on jackson street you can see where the water is up to the bumpers on some of the vehicles. traffic is backing up as we are in the middle of the morning rush. crews are doing the best they can to get things cleaned up but there is no timetable on when the water will reseed on jackson street and several other streets in south hoboken. we understand that water pressure has been restored to most of the city.
6:32 am
upper floors, they may still experience low water pressure or no matter water sis at all. they don't anticipate it to be today. if you live in hoboken, leave earlier because you will experience detours and difficulty because so many streets are covered underwater. dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> dray, thank you. now from the ground to the view above we continue our coverage of the water main break. newscopter 7. >> he is live over hoboken. >> what we are most concerned with is traffic moving between the holland tunnel and the hoboken train station. this is a big wide shot here looking down at the holland tunnel. that is what you see on the left. as you approach the holland tunnel inbound, the first you hit is the traffic light at the bottom of the hill. that is jersey avenue. now, travel jersey avenue north, underneath the train tracks and that is where this water main break is.
6:33 am
i have to say as we pull over it, i'm shocked to see that the water main has not been shut off. even though water service has been restored to the folks in hoboken. the broken water main continues to flow. what is closed is newark street, the road that takes you from the train tracks to downtown hoboken and the train station. we are getting daylight and there are several blocks that are underwater. as dray said, that water looks to be about ankle deep in spots. it's knee deep. we will see local traffic between the area of the hoboken train station and holland tunnel itself. marin boulevard is open and it will carry the bulk of the traffic. if you need to do it, allow extra time between those two points. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new details on a violent robbery spree targeting older women in the bronx. we learned the same suspect is behind three separate robberies
6:34 am
in apartment buildings blocks from each other. now police have a better idea of whom they are looking for. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in mott haven. good morning. >> reporter: ken, good morning to you. police say they are trying to track down 26-year old gilroy roberto. he was attacking women in the area according to police. three women in the last ten days. here is a good look at his face. he is about 5 feet, 125 pounds. he has a distinctive tattoo on the back of his neck that the victims described. this past tuesday the suspect police say got in an elevator with a 72-year-old woman. when she was getting out, he sprayed her in the face with a substance. he threw her to the ground, stole her purse and took off. after police looked over the surveillance video, they found a pattern. this past sunday police say roberto followed a 64-year-old woman in her elevator and threw her to the ground. the suspect was sprayed in the
6:35 am
stole her purse and smartphone. the same thing happening last sunday just blocks away. that time he put a knife to a 68-year-old woman and took her purse and ran. less say this is happening in the mott haven section of the bronx. so, being if you know where gilroy roberto could be, know his location, call police immediately. live in the bronx, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. belgium police carried out more raids during the night with 16 people arrested and dozens of terror -- in dozens of terror raids around the country. salah abdeslam is still at large. pros sells remains on the highest alert level facing an imminent threat. university, schools and the metro system will remain closed today. french president, francois hollande did meet with david cameron. they appeared in paris.
6:36 am
against isis and stressed the plan to cooperate on cameron will speak parliamentary approval for the and syria. hollande has similar talks for president obama and vladimir putin later this week. new details about a string island. police say a masked man held up the pier one store in people were tied up. the suspect got away with cash. it may not have been the first time. police say the same man may have struck 11 times in suffolk and nassau county since september. a reward of $5,000 for any info leading to an arrest. >> today the new york city council looks at the dangers of drones. the public safety and transportation committees will hold a joint hearing on regulating drone use in the five boroughs. in september, a drone crashed into empty seats at the u.s. open and there have been several instances of drones flying near our local airports.
6:37 am
incidents or accidents as drones become more popular. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> let's take a look outside. this is our camera around east rutherford looking back across routes 1 and 9 over to lower manhattan looking good as we look back to the sunrise in the east. it will be a nice day. it will be a cold day. we will have a good looking day with a lot of sunshine. as you see from the camera at four time's square looking south, sun is coming up. we are at dawn. with 20-degree windchills, that means we have a lot of wind firing up across the area. looking at about 35 is temperature now. northwest wind at 8. the you can see here we are in the 30s. other temperatures are about 27 monticello to poughkeepsie. the wind is making it feel like 28, 29 degrees as you see around the five boroughs. a cold start to the day. a lot of sunshine.
6:38 am
with real feels today that will be in the this morning to 30s later on this afternoon despite the fact that we have a lot of sunshine and a high of 44. it does get warmer. 60s for thanksgiving. we talk about that next in the seven-day forecast. weather then heather. >> we have a lot of delays and accident. if you are heading through long island on the northern state parkway, is right near i.u. cars. we had five cars off on the shoulder with the police activity. here is the fdr getting into the 70s. accident at 63rd street and we have pretty heavy delays inbound at the lincoln tunnel. we will go over to the maps. i can tell you the lincoln tunnel is 30 minutes. a lot of people are trying to avoid the holland tunnel because of a water main break. they are going up to the lincoln tunnel. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. gunfire sprayed into a
6:39 am
crowd during an impromptu movie shot. more than a dozen people are recovering. >> the pregnant wife of a pastor killed in a home invasion. now a major break. starting thursday, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! [ whispers ] let's go shopping!
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more on a developing story. new orleans police don't know what lead to a shooting that left 16 people wounded. it happened in a park last night. hundreds of young people came together for a block party and music video shoot. witnesses say two groups of people just opened fire on one another. police and new orleans mayor have urged anyone with information to come forward. new this morning, police may have caught the man who raped and murdered a pastor's wife during a home invasion in indianapolis. 1-year-old larry taylor was arrested on a preliminary charge of murder. investigators think taylor entered the family's home around dawn after seeing pastor davey blackburn leave. she died several days after being shot in the head. a 1 a-month-old -- 15-month-old
6:42 am
sleeping in a crib wasn't harmed. sheldon silver's case heads to closing arguments. he told the judge he will not testify. his lawyers will not call witnesses. they will enter documents as their defense in the 2r50eu8 p. prosecutors say that silver collected $4 million in illicit fees in return for official favors to real estate developers and others. "good morning america" is coming up next. robin roberts is live in time's square. sorry about that. worldwide terror threat. brussels is on the highest terror alert because of a serious an imminent threat. home is. we are live on the ground with the latest. also ahead, donald trump's the g.o.p. battleground states. could his latest controversial comments hurt him. gma is on the money for you. your home.
6:43 am
costs. and the amas. i know you stayed up watching j lo do her thing. >> some kind of show. >> lori will start calling me tim for the rest of the show. >> sorry about that. >> taking care of it. >> have a good show. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is live outside the studios on the upper west side. >> we have a wind out of the northwest, clear skies, chilly but like one day that we have this harshness then it will warm up in time for the big travel day on wednesday and 60s by thursday for thanksgiving. it will be 51 at parade time thursday morning. this morning it's colder. here is a look outside. we have a pretty view from the roof camera. temperature 35. dry humidity. winds are northwest at 6. pressure is at 30. that is our mark of fair weather. yesterday's high 58. .003 of an inch of rain.
6:44 am
the wind out of the northwest has a bite to it. beautiful sunset coming up. a chilly day today. it gradually starts to warm up tomorrow. we are looking at 50 by wednesday. 60s by thursday and friday. it will be lasting into the weekend. we should cool back down this weekend. 28 to 30 in northwest new jersey. with the wind out of the northwest, you can knock about 4, 5, 7 degrees. good morning, boss -- temperature difference from the wind coming in. we are starting out with windchills in the 20s. later on we will have windchills that feel like the 0s. today clear skies, east wind coming in. a lot of sunshine this week actually. as the high-pressure ridge slides eastward, we will warm up nicely. after school, kids, dress in a lot of layers. you have sports after school, make sure you dress warmly. keep your hands covered up, too. nice and chilly.
6:45 am
wind. it will be in the middle of the high-pressure ridge. letter warm air from the south 60s by thanksgiving. great travel weather over two thirds of the country. that northwest -- northern plains, northern central rockies will be a trouble spot for travel. 45, willing 44 degrees. tonight down to 33. tomorrow 47 but less wind and lots of sunshine. so, we are looking at warmer weather on wednesday. happy thanksgiving. looking at a beautiful day on thanksgiving. 51 will be the temperature at parade time at 9:00 thursday. it warms to 64 on friday. won't that be great? we cool down this weekend. temperatures in the 50s this weekend. >> that's awesome. >> take that. >> over to heather with the commute. >> we have such a mess in hoboken. news copter 7 is up above. john del giorno showing us the mess that we have in the area. there is no surprise here that with this water main break that
6:46 am
john was just pointing out the water main has not shut off yet. we have water all over the roadway. it's no surprise that they have suspended alternate side of the street parking rules in hoboken and that would be just south of first street and west of washington. the so, this is something to keep in mind. there are roads that are open, as you can see, police are directing the traffic around the problem. we can head to the maps. i can tell you what roads are open. observer highway from washington street to hoboken station to paterson blank split. you will find a lot of about tray volume. it's not gridlock but a lot of extra volume. a lot of that is going to the lincoln tunnel. we have mass transit, to and from hoboken running. street cleaning rules in the five boroughs are in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. driving can be rough especially here in the tri- state.
6:47 am
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welcome back. the former university of connecticut student arrested during a drunken quest to find jalapeno bacon mac and cheese is due in court today. luke gaddy is charged with lack of peace at uconn. the long island native is no longer a student at the school. it's not clear if he was
6:49 am
hard nosed research has proven what many of us know. traffic at the lincoln tunnel stinks. >> well put. >> the american highway users alliance ranks it 8th among the entire country's worth roadways in terms of the time that drivers waste sitting in traffic. at number 9 are the roads of the george washington bridge on the new york side including the cross bronx expressway which is congested at 2:00 in the morning. others in the top 50, the van wyck expressway. and brooklyn bridge. water is flowing through the streets of one new jersey city right now. >> a broken water main is turning some parts of hoboken into a down right swamp.
6:50 am
drivers are (vo) always a warm welcome. always a friendly hello. always a perfectly flaky crust. the only one made with real butter and abundant seasonal fruit. warm and welcoming and fresh from your oven with our flakiest crust ever.
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traffic is mess in hoboken. >> john del giorno is live over head in news copter 7. what a mess. >> reporter: amazing to think 20 hours after it began the water hasn't been shut off. this looks like it's where the break happened. this you newark and jersey avenue. if you came to the holland tunnel and you made a left at the first traffic light to go to downtown hoboken. this water main break took place where that street passes
6:52 am
underneath the train tracks. this is a busy route in and out of downtown hoboken at this time of the morning. that street is closed. there are streets that are open. observer highway, merit boulevard. you can get between hoboken and the holland tunnel but there is a handful of streets left to do it and you can see the resulting heavy traffic. the advice from the hoboken police department is don't even drive in the area in south hoboken because there are so many streets closed. if you have to do it, this is allow plenty of extra time. eyewitness news. >> thank you, john. we have another mess in new jersey. this is route 22 and john del giorno was over there 22 west of springfield an accident involving a car that hit a pole, downed wires. all lanes are closed. okay. metro north passaic branch 30
6:53 am
northeast corridor earlier work causing about 15-minute delays. john was over the scene here. road closures in place in hoboken because of the water main break. they suspended alternate side of the street parking rules in hoboken south of first street and west of washington street. alternate side of the street parking rules in the five boroughs are still in effect. i don't want to confuse anybody. just suspended in hoboken in that spot. >> thank you, heather. that's a mess. it's cold, too. dress warmly. warm coat, gloves, star f, you will need that -- scarf, you will need that. 28 in the park and the bronx. 27 laguardia to j.f.k. 27 monticello. we have chilly sunshine. great travel weather wednesday. then look at thanksgiving. >> nicely done, sir. >> booya. >> we will take it that is the news for now. i'm ken rosato.
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