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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 23, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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victims are also older, they look like a grandmother and the suspect has a distinctive tattoo. it's a story this 72-year-old tells through her granddaughter, how this man followed her up the elevator in her building on east 137th street in the mott haven section of the bronx and robbed her. >> after she turned around he sprayed her with pepper pray. she didn't have her eye open, when she went to look at her face he did it again. then she tried to get away from him, run away and he grabbed her and through her against the floor. >> reporter: actually police cannot confirm what the liquid was but if and when they find gilroy roberto, they can ask him. they believe he is the one responsible for last tuesday's attack. >> he looked back toward her, seen her on the floor crying and he ran. >> reporter: it is this tattoo on the back of his neck that links the 26-year old to
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similar robberies and attacks on two other older women, a 64- year-old woman last sunday and a 68-year-old woman two weeks ago, november the 8th. in the videos, when he turned around, she saw the tattoo. >> reporter: the other thing all the attacks and robberies have in common, they all occurred in the mott haven section of the bronx. if you recognize the person in the video and that picture, please call crimestoppers at 1- 800-577-tips. darla miles, channel 7 >> thank you. new at noon a murder suspect in new york was arrested after leading police on a chase in northern new jersey. police say 45-year-old david campos fatally stabbed a woman in troy early this morning. he took off in a 2015 chrysler 200. police spotted him on the lee. they followed him on the southbound eastern spur of the
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new jersey turnpike. secaucus. more than 24 hours later, crews in new jersey still water main. the 36-inch valve brock yesterday in hoboken causing flooding and ongoing water woes. new jersey reporter anthony johnson tweed out a photo -- tweeted out a photo warning people to boil water. anthony joins us from the scene right now. >> reporter: it was a tough morning for many of the residents in hoboken and neighboring jersey city. we talked to some residents who said they have water and others have absolutely no water at all so they could not go to work. we are at jackson, newark. we want to show you the water is still boiling and bubbling and oozing from the street where you see the 13.4 feet sign near the overpass that goes over the roadway. that's where the water problem is still located. water is still coming up from that area right now.
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the crews are here trying to fix the water problem. still in all we don't know when it will get repaired. for residents, they have to remain patient. the suez water company is calling for water conservation in hudson county and southern bergen until the huge main is fixed. the break happened on sunday and water has continued to flood the streets on the border of hoboken and jersey city. water alert. residents should boil the water to wash their face and brush their teeth and if they plan to drink water from the faucets. jersey city has not issued a boil water alert but says it is highly advisable. the city of hoboken has diverted traffic from the area. observer highway is closed west of henderson to year avenue. harrison is closed from paterson to newark. jackson is also closed from newark to paterson avenue.
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customers to, quote, refrain from running dishwashers, washing machines or other high demand water activities that are not critical until the water system is stabilized and water pressure returns to normal. there is no timetable on when the pressure will return to full capacity. >> we went to go use the kitchen sink and there was no water coming out. >> i woke up this morning. there was no water. i couldn't brush my teeth or get a glass of water. now it's back but we have to boil the water before we use it. >> do you have water? >> we are using boiling water for the guests to make sure that it's safe. >> reporter: that is the main thing. if you live in this area, hoboken, jersey city, make sure that you boil the water before you use it. once again, they are asking everybody in hudson county, southern bergen to please,
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they get the situation fixed. that is the latest live from hoboken, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. we are following breaking news right now in lower manhattan. a pedestrian was struck by a bus. the bus turning at the intersection of madison and jackson streets. when it hit the victim, the pedestrian taken to bellevue hospital with what are being called life-threatening injuries. the bus driver was not injured but is being checked out at the scene. we have a crew on the way and we will keep you posted. turning to the fight against i sis, a new round of raids across europe in the hunt for the terrorists behind the attacks that killed 130 people. authorities carried out 24 raids across belgium. they rounded up 21 people but failed to capture the primary target, salah abdeslam. brussels is on lockdown for high alert on what officials call an imminent threat.
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elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: a city paralyzed for the third day in a row. >> security. we are feeling not good. >> reporter: brussels put on the highest terror warning and officials suspending the subway, closing schools and public buildings over information about possible attacks similar to those in paris on november 13th leaving locals and visitors on edge. >> it's scary for me. >> i find it scary, yeah. i find it very scary. i didn't really want to come here but brian wanted to. i would like to leave soon. >> reporter: overnight 21 people arrested in more than two dozen raids but police are on the look out for salah abdeslam, the alleged 8th attacker from the paris attacks. this morning a contribute for the victims. david cameron and francois hollande visiting the concert hall, the scene of the worst carnage. this is as the two world leaders vowed to step up
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cameron saying he will seek approval for britain to join air strikes against isis in syria. >> we face a shared threat. we must share information and intelligence to better protect ourselves from these brutal terrorists. >> that was elizabeth hur reporting. in mali it has begun a national three-day period of warning as another group emerges claiming responsibility for friday's deadly attack as the group known as the seven continue analyses identified the into gunmen that killed 19 people. an al-qaeda linked group has claimed responsibility for the attack. investigators are still searching for the accomplices that aided the gunmen. a police bomb squad is investigating an explosion at a verse yale shrine in japan. it happened this morning. it is dedicated to japanese war dead. it was targeted before.
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it includes convicted war criminals among the honored soldiers and criticized by some foreign leaders. no one was injured in the explosion. we have new details on a train car collision on long island. an empty train hit the car just before 8:00 this morning. a woman in the car suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the car was towed away. the train and tracks were not damaged. there was a suspension on the port jefferson branch for about an hour. a 4-year-old critically hurt in new jersey. a new clue that could lead to the driver. >> donald trump is under fire
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police are trying to figure out what sparked a shoot out at a playground in new orleans that wounded 16 people. gunshots rang out at bunny field playground during a block party and music video shoot last night. nearly 300 people were in the park when the bullets began flying. the mayor of new orleans is asking witnesses to come forward. police say the death of a pastor's pregnant wife in indiana was a robbery that
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turned violent. authorities arrested 18-year- old larry taylor for the murder of amanda blackburn. the 28-year-old was shot in the heated in her own home november 10th. the victim's husband is extremely relieved by the arrest but it does not undo the pain of losing his wife. southwest airlines flight was diverted after three passengers refused to follow crew instructions and concerned the staff. the flight from indianapolis to los angeles landed in kansas. police dogs searched the aircraft before it continued to california. the three passengers were not charged with crimes and got rebooked on a later flight. unionized workers at ford have a new contract. the union says members approved a four year pact with 51.4% voting yes. it covers workers at 22 plants and raises workers for all
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workers and gradually eliminates a two-tier system. there is a meg day deal on the horizon. pfizer is set to buy allergan in a $160 billion deal that would create the world's largest drugmaker in terms of sale. it would help it knock down the tax bill by billions. a new report rates the first 50 traffic blocks in the country. if you got stuck in the lincoln tunnel you know what they are talking about. the american highway user alliance ranks the lincoln tunnel 8th among the worst roadways in terms of the time drivers wait sitting in traffic. behind the tunnel at number 9, the roads on the new york side of the george washington bridge including the dreaded cross bronx expressway. others in the top 50, the van wyck and the brooklyn bridge and you can see the complete list at our web site at abc7ny. i think we have been stuck in
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>> having worked all throughout the tri-state area i have experienced it but we are not the worst. that's the good thing. a medical student's heroic move caught on camera. he was shot confronting a manning -- a man dragging a woman down the street. >> out of control, wintry
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well, thanksgiving travel off to a tricky start in the midwest after a powerful area. you can go oh, again. some parts of the northern plains and midwest received more than a foot of snow. icy roads, white out conditions, wind gusts. it caused more than 100 car accidents across the region and more than 1,000 flights were canceled at chicago airport over the weekend. this is by the way, the snowiest november storm in chicago in 120 years, bill. >> i don't know, somehow i'm
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>> i think you are right. >> chicago, the city of big shoulders. they can have it. they are good at that stuff. >> we had a nice fall. even today, though it is brisk and chilly, we will warm up out of this. letter we will come back out of it as we go into the next couple of days. we will be looking at 60-degree temperatures for thanksgiving. you are welcome. let's take a look. >> thank you. >> i thank myself. we are looking at a few fair weather cumulus clouds. it's a good looking day. it's a little on the chilly side with the wind out there and the wind is not kind to us. it's out of the northwest at 6. the meters at the park are blocked by the trees in central park. wait until you see the wind readings from everywhere else. 48 the humidity.
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normal high is 51. we will be about 44 today. the wind makes it feel colder. we will have a gorgeous sunset. so, it's brisk and chilly through the rest of today. it starts warming up gradually. we have great weather for thanksgiving and into friday. now we are at 41 around riverdale. 42 whitestone. generally 48 to 49 degrees normally this hour of the day. it is a lot cooler. then you take on the wind. you are looking at five miles per hour winds at teterboro and the park. these are the sustained winds, 18 newark and white plains. 20 at j.f.k. the gusts have been around 24, 25 and that will continue for the afternoon. there. 40 around staten island. 37 around the park. 35 laguardia. 27 monticello. this will be the feel for the rest of the afternoon with the wind. the wind dies down tonight. when the wind dies down, that off.
12:19 pm
the weather service has issued a freeze watch. but everybody will be frozen tomorrow morning. as the wind dies down to a light wind, the temperature drops off. this high-pressure ridge to the west will be sliding eastward. so, tomorrow, we get into the pressure ridge. as it slides eastward into of the south. wednesday for travel it will be fantastic in the northeast and along the atlantic coast. fair travel weather for the great lakes and into the southwest. there will be a snowstorm from the rockies dumping snow. terrible travel there. cheyenne wyoming up to the dakotas and down to southern california. but at least two thirds of the country is looking good for travel on wednesday. brisk and chilly despite sunshine, feels like the 30s. tonight 33 in the park. tomorrow we turn the corner with a light wind and patchy clouds, 47.
12:20 pm
wednesday great travel day, 50. look at thursday. wow is that going to be nice as the parade temperature is 51 degrees. and we will have sunshine and beautiful weather in the afternoon as it warms up to 61 bargains david on friday. >> i can get them from home. >> got that 67-inch tv you were wanting. >> he said he will do it from the comfort of his own home. do it. >> thanks, bill. the manhunt for a gunman caught on camera opening fire on a brave medical student who woman.
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ar a student puts his life on the line to sash a woman. an inconvenient case of the hiccups and a zoo escape, some of the store list caught on camera and our attention. we begin with a medicschool student who saved a woman being dragged down the street.
12:23 pm
and backs down a one way street and hops out. the suspect points a gun at peter gold, fires him and shooting him in the abdomen. he tries to shoot him in the head but the gun jams. gold is in the hopped in guarded condition. police identified the suspect -- the suspected gunman as 21- year-old ura cane and they are on the hunt for him. [singing]. >> also caught on camera, a young boy having a little hard time singing the national anthem. this 7-year-old from didn't let hiccupping stand in his way. he got through the anthem at a baseball game and the crowd went wild in support of this brave young man. >> finally a red panda who ran
12:24 pm
no longer has the home sickness blues. she somehow scaled the fence of her zoo and ventured into the forest near the park. she was found two days later taking a casual stroll in the neighborhood and handlers used treats as a bribe to get her in a carrier. >> sometimes a panda needs to go for a walk. thank you. much more ahead. a hit and run crash sends a 4- year-old to the hospital and
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so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. we continue to follow breaking news. a pedestrian struck by a bus in lower manhattan. this happened at madison and jackson streets. the victim was taken to bellevue hospital with life- threatening injuries. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is headed to the soon. a busted water main continues to be a problem in hoboken, new jersey. crews have been working for more than 24 hours to repair
12:28 pm
the 36-inch valve that broke. residents in the area are being told to boil their water. a woman in the bronx robber. police say the man responsible for three separate attacks. >> welcome back. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. we begin this half hour with an nypd officer that claims fellow officers used racial slurs toward him. >> the officer said his colleagues made antijewish comments to him and recorded some of jim hoffer is in the newsroom with details. >> a former nypd officer said the slurs were constant. the officer's relentless in harassment but it's not just his word against theirs. he recorded their antijewish bashes and agreed to go public with the recordings. all david wanted to be was a police officer. when he was assigned to the world trade center command he felt a real sense of pride and
12:29 pm
soon after some of his fellow officers started to make jokes about jews. officer attali, an israeli jew tried to ignore them but the slurs kept coming targeted to him with increasing cruelty. >> you want to go to this camp this summer. >> why? >> you will be in the best shape of your life. >> how much so? >> concentration camp. >> reporter: what effect did that have on you? >> a lot. a lot. as time went on, everyday when i go to work, literally every step i would take closer to the building i could feel my mood changing and every day to hear the same things i felt like i was caged. >> reporter: the harassment accelerated with some officers putting grocery store pork ads on his locker. he said one officer,
12:30 pm
referred to him by his real name but an offensive slur. the nypd says it is conducting an internal investigation into this case. we recently learned that disciplinary charges have been filed against three officers. coming up tonight at 5:00, we will tell you what became of officer attoli and for the first time we will hear more of his tape recordings that captured his fellow officers hurtling incredible ethnic slurs. now to the breaking news we have been following. a pedestrian struck by a bus in lower manhattan. this happened at madison and jackson streets. we are told the victims were taken to bellevue hospital with life threatening injuries. >> we have reporter sandra bookman at the scene to give us the latest. what can you tell us?
12:31 pm
>> reporter: yeah, david, shirleen, we are literally just arriving at the scene. at the corner of jackson and madison, i will give you a look at the bus on the scene. police have been on the scene measuring. hospital. threatening. at this point in time we are age. the scene. they described the person hit citizen. what we know at this point is that this m 22 bus was making a left turn here. we are told the victim in the crosswalk, the victim was hit. the bus driver did stay at the scene. the bus driver was not injured. police were questioning the bus driver. they have been doing that. they were also taking measurements on the scene. at this hour they are trying to determine exactly what lead to this accident. at this point, no talk of any charges. the nypd obviously investigating.
12:32 pm
is this story later today on eyewitness news. for now live on the lower east eyewitness news. >> thank you, sandra. the search continues for a man that disappeared in rockaway township lake in new jersey. the man and his friend were canoeing in the white meadow lake when the it happened around 3:00 a.m. one manmade it back to shore. calls for help. hours of searching they found no trace of the second man. it's considered a recovery operation. closing arguments have gun in the political corruption trial of sheldon silver. he told the judge he would testify and his lawyers will not call any witnesses. they will enter documents as their defense in the trial. prosecutors say silver collected nearly $4 million in illicit fees in return for official favors to real estate developers and others. it's 40 degrees right now. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans with the after school accuweather forecast.
12:33 pm
>> the temperatures this afternoon will hover around the 42, 43-degree mark after school time. into the night, clear skies, temperatures dropping into the 30s. it will feel like the 30s this afternoon. after school dress in layers, kiddos, coaches, kids, it will be on the chilly side with the real fees around 35 degrees. it warms up this week and what to expect for thanksgiving and a big travel day on wednesday. shirleen, david, back to you. >> is it a case of misinformation on the campaign trail? some claiming donald trump is distorting the truth including a comment about 9/11. but is it hurting him at the polls?
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
fo members of new jersey senate and house calling on members to renew the zadroga bill. they rallied for it at the elizabeth headquarters. the house endorsed a permanent extension but three committees must review the legislation. now to vote 2016. recent attacks in europe made terrorism one of the top concerns and the latest polls show that is helping donald trump pull ahead on his republican competitors despite allegations that trump is spreading misinformation on the campaign trail.
12:36 pm
lana zak has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: good afternoon. according to the latest abc news "washington post" poll, hillary clinton is the most trusted candidate among handling terrorism. among those that thing terrorism is the biggest 25 points. donald trump is riding high in the polls following the terrorist attacks in europe. his critics say he is manipulating voters and the truth. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: in the chaos after 9/11, there were false reports and internet rumors but despite says he saw it. >> did you see it. >> i saw that. >> with your own eyes. >> george, it did happen.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: according to today's abc news "washington post" poll, terrorism has surged anniversary election issue since the paris attacks and donald trump leads by a wide margin machining republicans. >> either he is willfully making up lies or he has memory issues. if you have either one of those, you have to question his ability to be president. >> reporter: but trump is not backing down on this or other claims he made including retweeting this false statistic whose source appears to be a white supreme miss group. it claims that black americans are responsible for 81% of the murders of white americans. according to the fbi, the actual number is 14%. nonetheless, trump's tweet has people. in washington, lana zak, channel 7 eyewitness news. connecticut's governor wants to stop people on the
12:38 pm
federal terrorism watch list from buying dan malloy is calling on congress to pass a bill that would ban it to any suspected terrorists. in a letter to house and senate leaders he said closing the loophole in federal law is common sense. so, did you wake up on the right side of the bed? we will tell you what your sleeping hands on a certain side could reveal about how you act after you wake up. >> i think you woke up on the right side of the bed.
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. police in new jersey are releasing photos in a hit and run crash. a 4-year-old was sent to the hospital in critical condition. now investigators hope this picture of a vehicle will lead to a an arrest. toni yates is in madison with the details. >> reporter: you know, that accident happened november 19th right here on main street.
12:42 pm
that 4-year-old was actually with his baby-sitter and an older child. they were trying to cross the street when the 4-year-old was hit. we want to show you the pictures that were put on on social media. this is a white 2013 or 2014 subaru outback. it was 5:25 in the afternoon. it would have been dark and it was raining. one witness told police that the subaru driver was driving on the shoulder of the road for about a mile. >> what we are looking for is a 2013 to 2014 white subaru outback wagon. that's the information that we have now. >> reporter: nobody saw the driver or anything? give you anything at this point? >> no, we have no witnesses that saw the driver. >> reporter: now, the child is in critical condition at morristown medical center.
12:43 pm
police have these temporary traffic signs where the accident happened. they are asking for information to help solve this hit and run. again, that child it is in critical condition. we will have the latest later on eyewitness news. we are live in chatham, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. fire crews in queens came to the rescue of cats that needed help getting out of a burning home. the nypd tweeted these pictures of firefighters performing cpr on a cat. this is one of three pulled from the burning home on 88th and forest hills sunday morning. two cats survived including the one seen here. one person was hurt but not seriously. the cause of the fire is under investigation. when it comes to screening for a type of cancer, new york city is a leader. the american cancer society says screening rates for colon canner are on the rise. they have about a 15% higher rate than the rest of the country. experts are looking at why we are getting the message of
12:44 pm
early testing and other parts of the country are putting themselves at risk. a bed manufacturer is claiming to have figured out whether it's better to sleep on the right side or the left side of the bed. yeah. sealy says the researchers looked at the researchers of 1,000 adults. people who sleep on the right are far more pessimistic about life than those who sleep on the left. >> i knew it. >> as you might imagine, this research has not been published in any academic journals because i will say i sleep on the right and i am not pessimistic. >> i sleep on the left. [ laughter ] >> i thought you were going to say the doghouse. >> i get up at 2:00 in the morning. i roll out of bed feeling for the alarm. i'm on the left side. >> it's the better side.
12:45 pm
>> i cover the whole bed. the dog gets two thirds of the bed. we look across the park, 5th avenue, the museum, metropolitan museum of art looking good. jackie onassis reservoir out to flushing bay looking nice. fair weather altocumulus clouds. it's cold. baby it's cold outside. the first real brisk cold day we had of fall. temperature 40. humidity 38%. park is showing a northwest wind at 6. the meters are shielded by trees. you don't get the full effect. around the rest of the buildings in manhattan you do. it blasts right through there. 51 the normal high. we will be hard-pressed to get to that today and tomorrow. we will jump up to that by the time we get to wednesday. sunsets at 4:52. it will be according. tonight a freeze watch in effect for brooklyn, manhattan and queens. it's chilly tomorrow. but the wind dies down. a tranquil travel day on
12:46 pm
wednesday, all week along with a big warm up friday. perfect weather for the parade. it will be absolutely gorgeous. 51 at the start of the parade. down right balmy by friday with temperatures in the mid-60s. hopatcong 69. blairsville up to 35, 37 to 34 monticello. the wind from 18 to 20 miles per hour makes it feel rather cold. so, the real feels are a 34 in the bronx and down to brooklyn all the way down to coney island out across jamaica bay, the real feel 36. 40 staten island. 24 monticello. we will have the real feels in the 30s for the afternoon. freeze watch for tonight, overnight tonight. you know, pets and plants indoors, stuff on balconies, bring that stuff in that could freeze. be aware that tomorrow morning you want the gear to keep you nice and warm. the wind dies down. that's why you have the freeze
12:47 pm
it allows the temperatures to drop. brisk and chilly despite the sun. feels like the 30s. partly cloudy tonight. 20s in the suburbs. 33 around the five boroughs. tomorrow patchy clouds, 47. that will feel better because the wind dies down. it's a tranquil sunny day on wednesday. great travel day. thanksgiving parade time, 51 degrees. it becomes warmer. 61 by afternoon. 64 on friday. oh, that's going to tampa bay nice. we have to get out there and toss the old football around, kick the soccer ball. paint the 4r57bd escape. >> did you have to throw a chore in there. >> go shopping, maybe. >> i'm soaking this up. >> thank you, bill. a bride to be turned her gut wrenching break up into something posttists with a little help -- positive with a little help of her friends. she got a text from her fiance saying he couldn't develop
12:48 pm
he was done and didn't want to marry her. instead of feeling sorry for herself, kylie and her bridal party put on their dress and did a color run. >> we thought let's do something to have fun with it. i did it for me, to help me heal. i did it to kind of show other people like it's okay. everything happens for a reason. you know, push through it. >> that's right. shake it off and i guess ruin the dress. kylie would like to thank her fiance. he freed her so she can find true love and happiness. she plans to clean the wedding dress and she will be donating it. there you go. >> good for her. stay strong. >> 2k3wr50e9 attitude. >> a lot of friends for
12:49 pm
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i'm liz cho in the newsroom. later on eyewitness news, drones are expected to be hugely popular as a christmas gift, a holiday gift. what the new york city council is doing about it so in case folks want to use them in the city. you will hear from that girl from long island brought back to life and the lesson her teachers are hoping will learn from her experience. we will have those stories and much more beginning on "first at 4:00ment" see you then. >> all right. time for the feed. tell you about this. it's a powerful photograph of a baby girl getting retweets and shares. she is wearing her deceased mother's trooper hat. a drunk driver killed the trooper and she was
12:53 pm
investigating an accident on the side of the road. so sad. the county sheriff posted the picture of her daughter. she will grow up without her mother after someone had a few beers and got behind the wheel. the hope is someone will remember this picture and think twice about drinking and driving. >> a happy moment for a new moment getting attention for the ultimate act of multitasking. this is 21-year-old tommy collins. she was taking an online psychology examining into labor. how do i feel about this? her sister snapped the picture of sister. the family noticed the photo had been shared over 1 million times. tommy went into labor five days early and wanted to finish the test before the baby got there. >> staying on schedule. i like her. >> girl power. they are one of the hottest couples in hollywood.
12:54 pm
this weekend fans everywhere got a front row seat to their big nuptuals. "modern family"'s sofia vergara tied the knight this sunday -- tight the knot. the voice were all over instagram from the dazzling gown to the setting. the day seemed to be perfection. >> that is a lot of beautiful people in one room together. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro.
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