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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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85-year-old man and his 50-year-old step grandson. >> the last time the family had contact with these two parties was on saturday and they had become concerned because they haven't been able to make contact so they went to the happening. >> that's when they saw the police releasing the victims' names. old. both lived in the house in maybrook. family members very, very keep them in your prayers in the next coming days. now we head to developments in that water main break in people there may have thanksgiving. a lot of folks finding out a short while ago they may not have water in time let's go to new jersey reporter anthony johnson in hoboken with the latest.
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>> right behind me you can see the streets are still filled with water even at this point. as a matter of fact this motorist trying to make their way through. we've been told motorists should stay away from this area. do not go around the barricades. we did see one car that actually went down caved in, because the road underneath the surface had caved in. that vehicle actually went in to the water. it doesn't look like this water is going to recede any time soon. they had a water main break yesterday. they tried to repair it using a valve. when they turned the valve, that broke. a 36-inch transmission water line was also impacted. that's why you still see all this water on the street. if you're planning any thanksgiving holiday get-together here in hoboken, you may want to go ahead and change your plans. >> reporter: the water is still flowing because the repair is much more complicated than originally thought. that means residents of hoboken may have to change their plans for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.
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>> we really don't know exactly what we're dealing with. it could be this is after thanksgiving that we're dealing with this. if people have already experienced problems, that may be how it continues for them and they may want to change their plans. >> reporter: some residents in high rise buildings are not able to get adequate heat. a new port center area in jersey city is seeing a lack of water pressure and in many places they haven't had water since yesterday. residents say it's been a challenge. >> you don't realize it till it when you realize you can't go to the bathroom, can't cook, can't shower. that's when you take it for granted. >> reporter: a boil water advisory remains in place for residents of hoboken and jersey city residents are being advised to do the same. the high water in the street creating a traffic nightmare. one motorist went around a barricade and found out the street can caved in, swallowing up his vehicle. >> we had an incident earlier today where someone went around
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the barricade, went to the area of the flood zone and went to an area where the road was not there and the vehicle went in to the hole. >> reporter: the city of hoboken has diverted traffic from the area. observer highway is closed west of henderson street to jersey avenue. harrison street is closed from street. jackson street is also patterson avenue. they do expect a lot of people to head over to hoboken as we prepare to head toward the thanksgiving holiday. they say if you have to come in to hoboken, use mass transit or enter the city from the north side. the south side is gridlocked. that's the latest live from hoboken. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have an accuweather alert tonight. parts of the area are under a freeze warning and this could be the first freeze of the season for new york city. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside our studios with how cold it's going to get later.
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warmest november on record, it really accentuates how chilly it is today. typically you'd see this a couple times before a typical november. it's cold out here and all about that wind too. see a beautiful clear sky and great looking sunset. we're at 39 degrees right now. the wind is gusting out of the north northwest at 22. so the feel-like reading in new york city is already down to 32 degrees. that's the type of temperatures we may see later on tonight. here's the temperatures across the area. upper 30s for the most part. upper 20s. feels like readings, 29 in white plains. 27, sussex. 29 in belmar. really like a december night. freeze warning is up for new york city. not staten island. you've seen freezing temperatures but freeze warning until 7:00 in the morning, might be the first freeze of new york city. a couple flurries over northwest new jersey. those seem to be erased over the next couple hours. cold evening. less wind. clear sky and temperatures nose dive later on tonight. that's what it looks like at 7 a.m. we're forecasting a low of 33 in new
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york city. if we go one more to 32, that will be our first freeze. you look over the last several years, last three, actually earlier in the month and before that in december, the average for the last 15 years, first freeze of new york city, november 22nd. pretty much on target. it's just that it hasn't been like this at all. bundle up tonight and we'll have a warmer thanksgiving forecast in accuweather in a few minutes. trying to figure out who's to blame in an accident involving an mta bus. the bus hit a 64-year-old man on the lower east side this morning. he was taken to the hospital with a serious arm injury. the victim was in the crosswalk but police are reviewing surveillance video to determine if he had the right of way. a suspect wanted in a deadly stabbing in new york led police on a chased to in new jersey. investigators say 45-year-old davis campos killed a woman. by midmorning new jersey spotted his car on the
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they pursued him and caught him. he's expected to be extradited back to new york. a man accused of targeting and robbing women. for the first time three victims are speaking to eyewitness news. 26-year-old roberto. darla miles live tonight in the bronx. >> all three victims are older women. they were all followed up an elevator. they were all sprayed in the face with some type of mace or pepper spray. once investigators looked at surveillance video and noticed the suspect had the same tattoo on the back of his neck, it didn't take long for them to string all three incidents together. >> reporter: it took more than an hour for angela tejada to get her sight back. when she could finally see, she said her lip was bleeding and she was black and blue. he threw me like this against the wall. oh, my god, i thought he was going to kill me.
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police say he followed the 64-year-old up an elevator on east 153rd street in the monthaven section of the bronx then sprayed some type of liquid in her face and hit her over and over again. then he ran off with her purse sunday before last. i screamed oh, he's going to kill me. a robber, he's going to kill me. the same thing happened to 68-year-old gladys batista two weeks before that. and not far away. this tattoo actually ties him to three robberies with the same pattern. i wasn't able to scream or anything, because he had me against the wall like this. i gave him my purse because i thought he was going to kill me. the most recent victim, 72-year-old rafaela garcia on east 137th street. her granddaughter told the whole story to eyewitness news.
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>> the nypd is looking for 26-year-old alberto. 5'6", 160 pounds. if you know of his whereabouts, please call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got new information on the deadly triple shooting near penn station. the suspected gunman is charged with murder. 23-year-old francisco alcino. police say the pair lured three men to a subway entrance where he opened fire all because of a drug dispute. a railroad train hit a car at a crossing in huntington station. a woman in the car injuries. the train and the tracks weren't damaged. the collision forced the suspension of service out of the port hour. leaders in belgium has extended a maximum security
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for terror suspects continues. the country's prime ministers urging the public to remain calm while heavily armed security forces patrol the streets. prosecutors have charged a fourth person in connection with the deadly attacks in paris. more than a dozen were arrested in raids over the weekend. british prime minister david cameron met with french president hollande, working to build a coalition against isis. the men visited the concert hall where dozens were killed. cameron says he'll ask parliament for permission to join in the air strikes against analysis. >> in our national interest that we degrade and destroy this dreadful organization and the terror that it has brought down against not just french citizens in paris or russian citizens over the sinai desert but also against british citizens. >> the french president will be in washington tomorrow to meet with president obama.
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meanwhile mali has declared three days of national mourning in honor of the deadly terrorist attacks. flags will be flown at half staff as a tribute to the new jersey woman killed in the assault at the hotel. she graduated from rutgers university. closing arguments are expected to pick up in sheldon the defense has wrapped up its case without calling any witnesses. prosecutors say silver collected nearly $4 million in illicit fees in return for official favors to real estate developers and others. stocks on wall street kicking off an abbreviated holiday trading week. tomorrow the consumer confidence report will be released giving investors a clear outlook on how people are feeling about spending for the holidays. dow
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nasdaq lost two points. s&p 500 dropped 2 points. an emotional day for the de blasio family, talking about their personal experiences with mental illness and how they hope to help other new yorkers. >> plus the eyewitness news investigators with the secret tapes from an nypd officer who says he was bullied by fellow officers because he's jewish. >> and hear from a little girl on long island who was brought back to life.
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que dice que \l fue it is no secret that mental health issues have touched mayor de blasio's family. today with his wife and two children at his side, the mayor outlined his plan to fight depression and other mental illnesses. at times it got emotional. david novarro is live with more. >> city hall will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on improving mental health in new york city over the next few years. the planned to was unveiled. it's called thrive nyc, a roadmap for mental health. >> he would be so proud and he would be so proud of kiara. >> reporter: we've never seen the mayor quite like this, emotional, remembering an alcoholic and abusive father and honoring how his daughter who also suffers substance abuse,
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did. i often thought about that. he never got to meet his granddaughter. but he could not do what she was able to do. >> reporter: the mayor today unveiled a mental health initiative spearheaded this last year by his wife because so many new yorkers suffer from serious that's why today's plan will get 250,000 new yorkers trained in the city will hire 100 school mental health consultants. there will 400 dollars. >> the good news is mental we know what works. we have the tools. >> reporter: meant - mental health became a big part of the first family two years ago when kiara problems. >> i'm doing well, thank you. i would say challenges. >> reporter: today kiara said she hopes things will get better
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same thing for all new yorkers so much so that he will spend $850 million over the next four years on improving the city's mental health. >> maybe there's a little more hope that we can stair down these challenges, not be afraid to talk about them or seek the help that people deserve. >> and the mayor says if nothing else, he wants to get mental health. he said all new yorkers should talk more openly the city. for now, reporting live in east harlem, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. new jersey lawmakers are calling on congress to review the zadroga healthcare bill. the house energy and commerce committee endorsed a permanent last week. three other key legislation.
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drones are one of the hottest gifts of the season. today council members introduced new bills aimed at regulating them. the public safety and transportation committees held a joint hearing to discuss the possible dangers from personal and commercial drones. in september a drone crashed in to empty seats at the u.s. open. council members are worried about more accidents like that popular. new york city police commissioner bill bratton helping new yorkers get ready the commissioner participating in a turkey giveaway at the c town grocery store, about a block away from police headquarters in lower manhattan. in a tweet the commissioner said police are giving turkeys to those in need and caring for those that we serve. >> that's okay because you were checking out the new models. [ laughter ] >> get a little exercise in before he eats the food. >> how are we looking for thanksgiving?
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>> we get past this chill, this week. we're in great shape for the big travel day. downtown you've got a lot of problems. everything is great 39 degrees. humidity at 34%. north wind at 14 to 22. the pressure is on the rise and the high today, 44. average high, 51. we've been on pace here for the warmest november with highs in the 50s to near 60 many days. this is a day where we're well below average. there are your sunrise and sunset times. last year in the state it was partly sunny and 57 you see your records. we're not anywhere near the records. it's 39 tribeca going down to around freezing tonight. 41 in bayside. 40 in belmont. already in the 20s. notice the gusty winds. they're starting to back off. still gusts 15 to 25. that wind chills right now are dropping in to the 20s outside of the city.
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the winds will tend to back off during the evening hours. already feels like freezing in the park and islip. 18 the feels like reading in monticello. patchy clouds, 37 7:00. by midnight, 35. 33 at 7:00 in the morning. partly sunny to mostly sunny light wind. should feel pretty nice during the afternoon hours. here's a couple hours that are washing away right now. a couple going through warren county as early as an hour ago. they're actually diving in from lake ontario. rare you see lake effect snows all the way in the tri-state areas. stronger winds. they're lighter here and spread out. that's less that's coming in later tonight. that's what the leading edge of milder high pressure which comes in for the second half of the week. you'll start to notice the warmup by wednesday afternoon. nation is very quiet. our next storm is out to the pacific northwest. that's slated for a saturday arrival with rainfall here. so still chilly tomorrow.
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certainly in the morning. the afternoon is not bad. 47. partly to mostly sunny skies and less wind. the highs right on top of us on wednesday. that will leave us with 50 degrees and check out i-95 here. cloudless skies for eastern 2/3rds cold partly cloudy. york city. freeze warning in chilly tomorrow. mix of clouds and sun. mostly sunny during the midday and afternoon. still chilly tomorrow night. could it be a little cloudier on thanksgiving? that's the only wildcard in the forecast. that's why we brought numbers down in to the 50s rather than 60s. mid 60s a possibility for black friday. is it rain then chill this coming weekend? forecast definitely getting interesting after we get to the quiet stretch after the holiday. a vigil to remember the pregnant woman who was killed in the bronx begins in about an hour. coming up, we'll hear from her father and what he's asking people to do for his family.
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as the weather gets colder, you may notice your skin getting drier. tonight we got a new trend in beauty that can maybe reverse it but at the very least make you feel better. it's affordable and you can do it at home which is something we always like. >> totally affordable, very easy to do and we're not talking about those old school mud masks. these are sheet masks and they're a long way from what they used to be. they'll hydrate your skin. >> it's probably one of the biggest trends in skin care right now. >> reporter: beauty masks. open a sleek envelope and pull out what looks like a face. >> it all comes from the kay beauty movement, all those innovative awesome treatments coming out of korea right now. >> reporter: a sephora pro artist says there's a mask for just about every issue. >> a hydrating coconut gel mask is going to soothe your skin.
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if you have oily, acne prone skin, for example -- >> the green tea mask with battle blemishes. >> reporter: there's a mask made with tomato to brighten or wine to smooth. an extract made from birds' nests helps with cell death and reduces brown spots. the super soft biocellular mask helps to combat dry skin. >> this mask is the opposite of the old fashion ones. it doesn't dry you out. it makes you feel soft and dewy and your skin has a really nice glow. >> just peel away the back layer before applying. >> it feels like a very nicely fitting cashmere glove. >> reporter: that snug fit help the ingredients like vitamin c and e penetrate the skin in a way creams can't. >> the difference between applying a cream and putting on a face mask is really marked. the face masks help move product in to the skin. >> reporter: sit with it from
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15 minutes to an hour and relax. do it at home, in a plane, or in an office. off. >> i love the glowy feel. >> sheet masks will start at about $6 depending on the brand. the colbert md lumenem comes in a set of five. celebrities posting images. >> 15 minutes to an hour. >> if not it's a great halloween mask, right? [ laughter ] >> these are cool. i've tried some of these before. >> i'll use it. tonight an ex-officer says he was subjected to anti-semitic attacks by fellow officers. >> coming up on eyewitness news, he tells the investigators he has shocking audio tapes to
5:26 pm
prove it. >> mourning. a mother to be a father struggling to cope with his daughter's horrific death.
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p developing right now, water woes continue in hoboken. the restored until after thanksgiving. this comes after a setback in the repairs to stop a huge water main break that's causing massive flooding in parts of the city. a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning in westchester county. two men were found dead. officers say a car was left running in the garage. >> right now a vigil is about
5:29 pm
woman stabbed to death by a childhood friend. >> the violent crime has left the family shocked and devastated. kemberly richardson is in the wakefield section of the bronx. >> angelique lives here in this neighborhood where friends watched the mother-to-be grow more and more excited about the upcoming birth of her baby girl. those same folks that supported the 22-year-old during what would be her final weeks alive are gathered here now supporting her family. >> just pray for us. >> reporter: a simple request for a man facing his darkest day days. >> by the grace of god we're holding up. >> reporter: wade killed angelique who is 8 and a half months pregnant. then wade allegedly cut angelique's unborn
5:30 pm
such a violent gruesome act, the baby survived. his granddaughter is okay, weighs 8 pounds 2 ounces. it's still not clear, never will be what triggered all this. it's a tangled web of lies and deceit. wade told the world she was pregnant, having a baby girl. her due date was november 16th. sources tell eyewitness news that was all a lie. wade was not pregnant. friday afternoon sutton came to wade's home. the ladies were friends. police say that's when to death then carved the baby out of her belly. wade initially told police reportedly insisted the baby was hers, that she had given birth, after stabbing sutton to death in self-defense. >> again, that intimate gathering inside angelique's home is expected to start in about an hour. we're seeing
5:31 pm
for the suspect, she's still in the hospital, expected to be arraigned sometime tomorrow. for now we're live in the bronx, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to a former nypd officer who claims fellow officers used racial slurs toward him. >> the officer says his colleagues made antisemitic colleagues and he secretly recorded them to back up his claims. investigator jim hoffer joining us now with more. >> they're proof according to a former nypd officer, proof he says of religious and ethnic slurs hurled at him repeatedly by fellow cops and often in front of supervisors. >> reporter: former nypd officer david attali says the anti-jewish barbs from fellow cops initially seemed like the occasional workplace joke. >> very aggressive about it. nonstop about hit ler and he did such a good job and nonstop.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: attali says the racial and religious attacks by several officers in the world trade center command intensified. even occurring in front of supervisors. >> i just want to push you in to an oven. >> reporter: the six-year veteran of the nypd asked to be transferred anywhere. it was denied. that's when officer attali started secretly reporting the an it -- the anti semitic slurs. camp? you'll be in the best shape of your life. >> concentration camp. >> reporter: the daily attacks vicious. attali says one officer relentlessly harassed him, never calling him by his real name. officer christopher
5:33 pm
delbroccolo is heard throughout the recordings taking jaw dropping anti-semitic jabs at attali. >> this is the only thing i wanted to do. this is the job that i love. this was it. >> reporter: his dream job had become a threatening hate filled nightmare. the anti-semitism also plastered all over officer attali's locker, including grocery store pork ads. he eventually filed a complaint with the nypd equal employment opportunity which concluded his locker had been vandalized but found his allegations of verbal harassment unsubstantiated. >> it was too much for me, i said i'm gone. i'm out. >> you quit. >> i had no other option. >> reporter: he's filed a discrimination lawsuit against
5:34 pm
the nypd and nine officers including delbroccolo. attali's attorney says the nypd basically pushed attali out. >> he had to quit. he was what we call constructively discharged. they forced him to quit. once the transfer got denied. >> the nypd says departmental charges have been filed against officer delbroccolo and two other officers. they remain on duty pending the completion of an internal affairs investigation. >> quite a story. new at 5:00, police in new jersey are looking for the driver who hit a child and then took off, leaving the 4-year-old critically injured. this is the suv that police in madison are trying to find. they say the little boy was walking with his babysitter and another child last thursday on main street about 5:30. they were crossing the street to go to the burger king. the manager remembers
5:35 pm
>> that day, night, like rainy, left. >> the information we have from witnesses that the vehicle was actually traveling in the shoulder for a period of time. >> police say they're looking for a white 2013, 2014 subaru outback spotted on camera a few blocks away from the scene. new details in the murder of a pastor's wife in indiana. prosecutors have charged an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old in connection with the death of investigators say the men shot blackburn on november 10th. it was the that night. because the victim was pregnant, prosecutors say charges. blackburn's husband is community. police say the man wanted for shooting a tulane med student who stopped apapparent kidnapping apapparent -- stopped an
5:36 pm
apparent kidnapping is under arrest. he's the man seen in this surveillance video dragging a woman down a street in new orleans. he also admitted he shot peter gold in the stomach and tried to shoot him in the head. the gun jammed. don't cut our programs. that plea tonight from organizers of dozens of youth programs in nassau county which are now on the chopping block. members of the county's youth board rallied today at the county legislature in mineola. county leaders were considering cutting millions in funding who serviced 50,000 low and middle income children. >> i'm hopeful we can, all of us, come together and take the necessary actions to ensure that each of you will not have to worry about cuts. >> the real solution here would be for us not to be discretionary anymore, for us to have a line in the budget that is permanent. >> county officials say they're working on a plan which would avoid such drastic cuts. in nassau county as well, a police officer honored today for
5:37 pm
apparent drug dealer off the streets in august. michael chany responded to the report of a stolen car. he found that car at a gas station. the suspect ran off and officer churny chased him down and in that car a loaded handgun and hundreds of oxycodone pills. coming up on eyewitness news, the boy arrested for taking a home made clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb takes action. school bus busted, find out where he got caught zipping right by another bus. we all know traffic on the george washington bridge can be horrible, especially during the evening rush, but is the bottleneck you battle with every worst? plus cash, crowds, and chaos. when fetty wap tosses wads of money at the mall. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. heavy coats on the west side. less foot traffic than recent days. a little chilly. our temperature, 39 degrees. flurries even getting
5:38 pm
in northwest new jersey. 39 feeling like 32. actually a freeze warning for much of new
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disturbing video out of rocklin county. a school bus ignoring the rules of the road creating an unsafe situation for dashcam video shows one school bus on the right side of your screen passing another school bus that was stopped with red lights flashing to pick up children. police pulled over ticket. 50 worse bottlenecks in the country. the lincoln tum -- tunnel ranked number 8 in terms of time traffic. number 9, the roads on bridge. that includes the cross-bronx expressway.
5:42 pm
in the top 50, van wick expressway and brooklyn bridge. officials say bottlenecks are making driving even more dangerous. >> reality is we can't use yesterday's funding levels to we can't expect state and local transportation investment when make long-term commitments. >> you can see the complete list of the worst traffic bottlenecks at our website, abc7ny. attorneys for the muslim boy arrested for bringing a home made clock to school filed a $10 million lawsuit this morning. a teacher thought ahmed muhammad brought a bomb to school. he was arrested and never charged. he was suspended from the school. his family is suing the city for $10 million and the school district for another $5. rapper fetty wap and patterson native surprising
5:43 pm
shoppers and fans at a mall in paramus. this video very popular on our facebook page. the rapper was shopping with his daughter at the garden state plaza mall in paramus over the weekend and decided to throw $2,000 in cash in to the air. fans and shoppers screamed and rushed to grab the money. as for why he did it, the rapper it. >> that was nice. a little boy suffer as case of the hiccups and it happened at the worst possible time. poor kid. coming up, the boy wonder down under who's now an internet sensation. >> a 12-year-old girl from long island is lucky to be alive today thanks to her teachers. i'm kristin thorne with that story coming up. the suicide belt discovered in paris. here at home, several flights, passengers kicked off
5:44 pm
and we have breaking news at the shot and killed. word now of two arrests. and a thanksgiving
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
it was a ribbon cutting today, plaza de las americas will be used entirely for pedestrian space. the area has long been the site of a farmer's market. the newly revamped plaza comes equipped with electric and water service for vendors along with public restrooms, new benches and a decorative fountain. >> lovely. >> look at that area. spend some time out there later in the week. i'm thinking
5:47 pm
tea time friday. it's unbelievable. it will be in the 60s friday. chilling out this evening, it's a little too cold for you, think of that later in the week. mainly clear skies. it's the cold est night in a long time. new york city, haven't hit freezing yet. might do that tonight. let's check out what is a mainly clear sky. temperature is at 39. mainly clear sky. the wind has been gusting over 20 miles per hour. planner for this evening, mainly clear. we'll drop to the middle 30s. the wind backs off and we're pretty close to freezing by tomorrow morning. long island, here's a planner for you. numbers are so low they're hiding behind the day part. upper 20s and lower 30s tomorrow morning. widespread 20s in most of our suburbs. i think there will be a little patchy cloudiness in the early morning hours then we'll become mostly sunny. after the cold start with a light wind and fair amount of sunshine, temperatures climbing through the mid and upper 40s, actually feel pretty good as long as you dress for it with an overcoat tomorrow. wind will be lighter.
5:48 pm
33 in the park. 21, poughkeepsie. 21 in islip. 28 in belmar. 22 in sussex. average first freeze in new york city, november 22nd. pretty close to average. highs tomorrow should reach the mid and upper 40s. more patchy clouds in the morning. partial sunshine. mostly sunny as the day wears on. when you look at the futurecast, still a chill tomorrow at 47 and still cold tomorrow night in the middle 30s. on wednesday, nice and quiet for travel. it will be about 50 in the afternoon hours. if you look at the weather across the nation, we're fine. the eastern 2/3rds of the country, maybe delays in charlotte or down toward jacksonville or west palm, something like that. minor. when you talk about the poor weather, it's the upper plains in to parts of the west. salt lake city in to central california. much of the country is nice. when you look at thanksgiving, i did take it from the 60s to the upper 50s because i'm not sure if there might be a little low cloudiness sticking in.
5:49 pm
that would mean a 9 a.m. temperature at 50 degrees and the winds way below any problem or threshold for the balloons at 5 to 10 miles per hour. great for black friday. middle 60s. partial sunshine and your rain returns on saturday. that's a we're not talking about heavy rain but there might be a quarter to half inch of rainfall on saturday. that should leave the scene. it's probably wettest in the first part of the day and dries out later in the day. sunday, 48 and sunshine and it's cool as we go in to early next week. pretty close to normal. monday, november 30th. december will appear in the 7-day. it's going to be a little sticky. >> i'm sure a lot of people won't mind. [ laughter ] caught on camera, a young boy down under having a hard time singing his country's national anthem.
5:50 pm
[ singing and hiccups ] >> that's priceless. this 7-year-old from australia didn't let hiccuping stand in his way. he got through the anthem at a baseball game and of course the crowd went wild. >> i think they gave him a standing ovation. he deserved it. we've got two adorable new pandas to show you. these are red pandas. you can see them there. represent they beautiful creatures? they made their debut at the prospect park zoo in brooklyn. brother and sister were born over the summer. their names are bo may may and they will be fully grown by the time they're 18 months old. >> just want to touch them. really cute. reading, writing, and quite a rescue. >> coming up on eyewitness news, a student's heart stops beating in the middle of class. a team of teachers race to save her. the important lesson they want all teachers to learn. >> i'm liz cho.
5:51 pm
new at 6:00, the search for suspects in a string of violent robberies at gunpoint. nearly a dozen stores have been hit. >> a new app to get more new yorkers to help fight terrorism.
5:52 pm
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on long island a team of teachers put a life lesson to good use. they jumped in to action when a student collapsed. >> now they want to use this close call as a call to action so other teachers can be prepared. here's long island reporter kristin thorne. >> reporter: looking at 12-year-old jessica lemis, you'd have no idea that two months ago she nearly died. >> just fainted. i don't remember. >> reporter: jessica was in class here at wisdom lane middle school when she collapsed. >> when i got over to her i assessed the situation. we noticed she wasn't breathing. she had no pulse. >> reporter: in fact jessica's heart had stopped beating. she was turning blue when a team of
5:54 pm
teachers ran in and performed cpr. >> you learn about it year after year but you never think you're going to have to use it. >> even though i've taught it hundreds of times, when you're in that situation everything is going through your head trying to make sure you are doing it correctly. >> reporter: jessica's heart stopped for 7 minutes. it took three shots from this aed to bring her back to life. >> when you hear your heart stopped for 7 minutes, how does that make you feel? >> scared. >> if we hadn't known what to do and everybody hadn't come in at the right time and right place that the outcome could be a lot different. everybody communicated very well. there was no downtime and processing. everyone got in the zone and did their thing. >> it was like a well oiled machine what went on here. so thankful that she was able to leave here alive. >> reporter: the day after this happened the school district decided to offer free cpr and aed training to all of its teachers and staff. >> this is another key piece as a teacher to make us be that
5:55 pm
>> they kid the right thing and thapg god -- thank god i have my daughter back. >> reporter: after undergoing open heart surgery to fix a valve, jessica is at home recovering but her teachers are never far from her thoughts. >> thank you for everything. >> reporter: chris -- kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> amazing teachers there. still ahead, a new app to get more new yorkers to help fight terrorism. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. problems tonight with the brooklyn water main in hoboken. now the really bad news. some residents may be without water on thanksgiving. but first, caught on camera.
5:56 pm
injured when he was hit by a new york city bus. >> good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. it's the third time in a month a pedestrian has been hit by an mta bus. latest one on madison and jackson streets. >> sandra bookman is there with our lead story tonight. >> the pedestrian struck this morning, tonight he is in stable condition with injuries to his arms and shoulders. still under investigation tonight why this accident happened. the union that represents bus drivers has a theory tonight. >> reporter: a security camera captured the accident as it happened. you see the m22 bus as it turns left from jackson on to madison. at the same time you can glimpse the pedestrian in the crosswalk. making his way to the other side when the bus apparently clips him. >> just hoping he's okay. >> reporter: as the pedestrian was rushed to the hospital, police and mta officials swarm
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