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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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see what happens
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new at 11:00, a violent fight inside a local bar caught on camera, but it really ratchets up when new york cops arrive. >> but first, breaking news. an active crime scene, two women shot inside a car in new jersey but their car keeps going and then crashes. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. the question tonight is who shot them. happened in linden. those two women rushed to the hospital. >> eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim tweeting out breaking news updates on the story all night. he's at the scene with new details. >> take a look at this toyota here that's landed in to the pole. police are about to tow it. it appears most of the shots in the passenger side of the car and on the opposite side of the street, looks like that car may have drove through that fence there.
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actually started about four blocks away. >> the victims trying to escape drove several blocks before crashing in to this light pole on east henry and bowery streets. gunshots striking the passenger's side door and windshield. back on middlesex streets, a dozen markers in the street as investigators comb for clues. it happened about 7:15 tonight. it appears police have one witness. from where we were standing, we can hear police describing the sound of gunshots and we can see that man re-enacting the shooting for investigators. >> the two women were taken to university hospital in newark in unknown condition at this time. police say they were both shot multiple times. there had been no arrests made so far. police are investigating whether this car was moving or parked at the time the occupants were shot at. the biggest question of course is were these two women targeted?
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we still do not know. reporting live in linden, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're also following breaking news in orange county, new york where a teenager has been shot. the 18-year-old jewish victim was shot twice outside a convenience store. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police are on the scene investigating. so far they've made no arrests. developing right now, tensions and outrage tonight on the streets of chicago. graphic video tonight going public of a deadly shooting a year ago. a white cop shooting a black teenager who later died. that cop tonight charged with murder. keep all that in mind as you watch 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. police jump out of the squad car. within seconds, one of the officers fires at mcdonald who spins then falls to the ground. we're not going to show the entire video as officer jason van dyke continues to fire
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on the teenager, shooting him 16 times. officer van dyke now charged with murder. >> the officer in this case took a young man's life and he's going to have to account for his actions. people have a right to be angry. people have a right to protest. >> and protesting tonight they are indeed. despite calls for calm, angry demonstrators facing off with the cops after the video was released. protesters in the streets at this hour. no word of any arrests or violence. the nypd tonight investigating some of their own over the handling of a bar brawl in brooklyn. the wild scene caught on video but the question here is who's really at fault? cops or the brawlers? both seen throwing punches. jim dolan at the scene in the sunset park section. >> the owners of el tesoro called police to restore order after a fight broke out. some say the police only inflamed an
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already volatile situation and say used unnecessary force. they say the video proves it. it all started when a brawl broke out among customers after a boxing match they all watched on tv. a bouncer pushes two men out of the car and one with long hair tries to get back in several times. when the police arrive, an officer and the bouncer try and subdue the patron who resists and eventually get him on the ground in the lower right of the screen, you see an officer's foot moving. >> i see the cop on the floor as well, me and him, more than five times, probably around 7 times. >> putting his knee in his back? >> putting his knee in his back brutally. >> reporter: he understood the need to arrest the man but thought the police were being too violent. on the video you see him getting very close to the officers. some might call this interfering with the police. >> i have the right to speak out and say it's not right for you to be doing that. he's in the ground. >> reporter: the police told kevin to get back inside the bar. it's not clear what kevin
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says but the officer pushes him twice and again the tension increases until several other officers join in pushing kevin and then back inside the police take him down. >> on the floor, my hands on the floor, knees on the floor. from there he hits me with a flapjack. i see blood. i'm like all right , i put my hands up. i'm like all right, you got it. i said that, you got it. and i seen another punch coming to my rib. >> reporter: kevin needed staples to close the gash in his head. >> that was handed completely the de-escalation that could have taken place did not. it just escalated. >> reporter: later kevin's shouldn't have called them. >> one of the cops said next time if this is going to happen again, just close the doors and don't call the police. >> they're investigating to see if any individual officers
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kevin cusco is charged with resisting arrest and interfering with police officers. reporting live from sunset park, channel 7 eyewitness news. a deadly shooting of an aide to new york governor cuomo. releasing a photo of a man they want to question about the shooting. it happened in september a couple hours before the west indian day parade. several gunmen were firing at each other. so far no arrests in the case. the fbi and homeland security alerting the nypd tonight along with other police departments across the country of a copycat attack modeled after the paris massacre. the bulletin was released today warning about possible terror attacks on so called soft targets including trains, airports, and malls. the bulletin says homegrown radicals inspired by isis may try to pull off attacks. no specific plot has been identified. >> speaking of isis, disturbing new revelations of the deadly terror attacks in paris.
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terror plot was in the works. abdelhamid abaaoud, the suspected ring leader, believed to have been planning a suicide attack on paris' version of wall street. he returned to the site of the concert hall while police were still there. president obama and president francois hollande talking about the threat of terrorism. next week's gathering of world series at a climate in paris is a sign of world solidarity. mr. obama promising to work with france and other allies to intensify the campaign against isis. russia promising serious consequences after turkey shot down one of its war planes for violating its air space. russia claims its plane did not cross in to turkey from flying from syria. turkey said it gave 10 warnings before the firing. one
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of the other pilot is unknown. declaring a 30-day state of emergency after an attack on the presidential guard. the explosion on the bus carrying the elite security force killed 12 people and injured 20. it comes days after authorities dramatically stepped up extremist attacks earlier this year at beach hotel in a museum killed 60 tourism industry. an investigation unfolding in to a police chase in westchester county, a chase that ended with a car crash that killed a teacher and left two teenagers in critical condition. video shows a stolen van running inside 14-year-old girl. during the police chase the van hit a car and that killed sharlene stinson. police say a spurned attack.
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21-year-old joseph fe rrks-- joseph ferrufino threw a molotov cocktail through a window. he is charged with arson. meanwhile investigators do not believe arson was the cause of a deadly fire at a group home for adults in new jersey. police officers were first on the scene at the burning home in fairlawn this morning. using a bed frame as a ladder, they rescued one resident. another woman escaped. the two women who were upstairs sadly did not survive. the home is owned by the group alliance against homelessness. water service tonight finally returning to normal in the city of hoboken in new jersey in the wake of a massive water main break there. the city lifting the boil water advisory in effect since sunday. hoboken now receiving water from the weekawken transmission line. they want to make sure not to
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a newborn in a nativity scene. a baby abandoned inside a local church. new at 11:00, we go inside where the newborn was found. could his mother be facing charges? plus a fiery school bus crash and a state trooper shot. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. cold start to the getaway. clear skies right now. dry roads. 40 degrees. complications for thanksgiving . lots of clouds. a little
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who would leave a newborn abandoned at a church? that's exactly what police are trying to figure out right now after a baby boy just hours old and its
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umbilical cord still attached was left inside a manger in a nativity scene in queens. aj ross outside the church in the richmond hills section. >> a baby wrapped in cloths, lying in a manger. it's a story that's been echoed inside churches like this for centuries. it's a story that means different things for different people especially this time of year. and it must have meant something special to his mother who left her newborn son here at the the church. >> heard in the distance a baby crying. >> reporter: it was a sound sweeter than any organ or choir that could dare mimic that first drew the attention of a custodian. what he found inside was truly remarkable. >> the baby was still umbilical cord connected so it was truly a newborn baby. >> reporter: father christopher heanue and others were called to help the infant left in the
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be set up for another couple weeks. >> god has a way of working because i believe when this woman who came in with this child saw this crash, this empty home, this home which will welcome jesus in just a few short weeks, i believe she found in it a home for her child. >> reporter: the precious little boy was taken to jamaica hospital where he's now doing just fine. in the meantime authorities are now concerned about the well-being of the boy's mother who was captured briefly on church surveillance cameras. >> i feel for the mother, for her sorrow and for the feelings she must be going through. >> to hear something like this totally shocked me. i've never heard of anybody leaving a newborn. i've been here 25 years. >> reporter: long time parishioner evelyn plaza says this church is like family and already several members have stepped forward and offered to adopt the child.
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>> to me i call him baby jesus already. a child is born. that's the way i look at it. in the mange r of holy child jesus church. >> such an amazing story and so many people have been going to our facebook page and sharing photos of this baby. by law churches are safe havens where you can drop off newborns but you're also supposed to leave them with a responsible adult before leaving so this mother may face charges. live in the richmond hill section, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a police chase, an exchange of gunfire and a school bus bursting in to flames. investigators say it all began with a routine traffic stop. the car was pulled over this morning in philadelphia for an expired registration. police say the suspect then took off, trading gunfire with police before crashing in to the bus. an officer was grazed by a bullet. fortunately there were no children on the bus at the time. his incredibly expressive face made him a star for decades
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on the soap opera "all my children." david canary expressive no more. he was 77. he died last week of natural causes. word of his death just out tonight. our kelly ripa who played his daughter on the soap opera, tweeting that canary was an incredibly talented actor and a wonderful man. final preparations tonight for the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. the last of the dancing, singing, and musical acts were in herald square for the final walkthroughs. dancers from the broadway musical school of rock to the radio city rockettes and everything in between. with the parade means road closures. beginning tomorrow when the balloons are inflated on the upper west side, you can expect closures between 77th and 79th street and between columbus and amsterdam as well as central park transverse at eighty-first
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street. down 6th avenue to cut across 34th street ending at macy's. we'll have all these closures listed at >> tomorrow night on eyewitness news at 6:00, we have a special correspondent, a child of the eyewitness news reporter there to report on the inflation. >> it's a great night. it was in the rain last year. much nicer this year which is great. >> not too windy. going to be beautiful. >> not at all. winds are not a factor. weather is taking a back seat to the holiday celebrations. it's chilly in this picture in the west side. plenty of good space available right now. there won't be when it gets crowded in the neighborhood. 40 degrees right now. wind is still. barometer is through the roof as high pressure builds in and the high today, 46. warming trend tomorrow. normal is 51. i think we're right on it. there are your sunrise and sunset times for a very beautiful wednesday. what a difference a year makes. the day before
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of rain and 51. thanksgiving, 38 and a couple of flurries. this year temperatures are similar but nothing but sunshine. 20 degrees warmer. there will be a fair amount of clouds on thanksgiving. lows this morning were in the teens and 20s. first freeze in new york city, we rebounded in to the 40s. another chilly night, 25 to 32 in the suburbs. still in the mid and upper 30s in new york city. after that cool start tomorrow temperatures rebound nicely with sunshine and light winds, we should get to 50 to 52. we had a couple patchy clouds earlier. no big deal there. light wind, huge area of high pressure, great weather for the east coast. low cloudiness, showers on the east coast of florida. otherwise things looking good on the east coast. not so much in the west. back in to northern california, that's a storm that will impact the west tomorrow and the middle of the country on thursday. your travel delays tomorrow, salt lake city, in the middle of the country, starts getting in to thursday. chicago to dallas.
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cast locally a chilly morning tomorrow. lots of sunshine. more comfortable afternoon. not as harsh. here's the story on thanksgiving. and the good trend here. there will be low cloudiness but i think it's a little bit later. late morning in to the afternoon rather than clouding quickly in the parade. i think it may wait till afternoon allowing us to get in to the upper 50s. you may need the umbrella in a couple spots in the afternoon hours. clear and chilly at 7 a.m. 37. 20s north and west. 52 after a chilly start. beautiful in the afternoon. then tomorrow night, that's as cold as today's daytime high. we're really on a nice trend. 59 on thanksgiving. a brand new parade planner shows more sun 7:00 to 9:00. i think it stays dry. 64 to 68 on friday. a little rain saturday morning. otherwise much of the weekend is dry and after that returning cooler and damp early next week. bill evans will have an update in the morning. >> did you say 68? >> we have a shot at it. the search for suspects with unusual costumes.
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why police really want to find the couple. >> but first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> tonight music from fall out boy, kristen ritter is here, the first ever thanksgiving gravy drone takes flight. chris evans and robert downey, jr. have a big captain america iron man-size surprise. son, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games...
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new video tonight. police in philadelphia on the hunt for a couple dressed like superheroes but their actions showed they were anything but superheroes. video just released. they asked a cab driver to stop at a convenience store then they tried to skip out on paying the fare. the cabbie threatened to call police. the suspect punched the cabbie in the face. the gap in alcohol use between women and men appears to be narrowing. the average number of drinking days in the past month increase among women from 6.8 to 7.3 days. it's cause for concern as women are at greater alcohol-related issues including liver inflammation, heart disease, and cancer. >> but in the past month. maybe next month will be different. rob is up next with sports. >> st. john's in hawaii. the new college
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are out and more straight ahead. well deserved honors at the white house for a couple all time great baseball players with local ties. what a big day in
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a basketball record perhaps in the making tonight. >> chances are we're going to see it by the end of the night. defending champs started the season 15-0. a win for the warriors would set an nba record for wins to start the season. up against the lakers, the 2-11 lakers, two other teams have started 15-0. this one for the all-time high. steph curry to draymond green. curry, once you draw him outside, go inside. it's early but it's all warriors 41-21 in the 2nd quarter.
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tomorrow the knicks in orlando which gives us a chance to check in on the d-league knicks. this the nba's developmental league. the stampede affiliate would the utah jazz that was sean marshall. 17. 5'6" jordan crawford. grabbed it from a guy 6'10". st. john's will play chaminade tomorrow. they're playing for 7th place but they're in maui. the red storm playing indiana and fell behind early. st. john's tries to cut that gap in the second half. st. john's lost 83-73. red storm plays chaminade tomorrow. one more game in paradise. nfl this sunday. the giants at washington. the jets get miami at home.
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they cut quinton coples yesterday. picked up today by miami. johnny manziel has partied his way to the bench. caught on video holding a champagne bottle and rappin been busted down to third string today after the latest phone came out. jets offensive lineman willie colon back in the neighborhood today and he brought friends. this time of year he hands out turkeys just in time for thanksgiving. >> a lot of people watch me grow up and followed my career and one of my biggest issues with a lot of players, they don't come back and connect with the community and i don't want to be that guy. if i can supply them with a turkey and a chance to have a good meal on thanksgiving, it makes it worth it. let the arguments begin, it's clemson, alabama, oklahoma, iowa. michigan state and notre
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dame upset their numbers 5-6. baylor, 7. ohio state falls to number 8. at the white house, 17 americans recognized by president obama with the nation's highest civilian honor, presidential medal of freedom. the late yogi berra was honored. his son there. yogi died in september at the age of 90, an all-time yankee great. he's one of a kind. willie mays was honored today as well. started his career with the new york giants in '51, wrapped things up 660 home runs. two of baseball's all
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>> fantastic. if you look closely, you can see the exact second, when curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes christmas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen...
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you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. for all of us here, have a great night.
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