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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 26, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> and that's it for now, good morning, america. a major thanksgiving storm hitting right now. powerful winds out west causing chaos at a flea market. >> wow! >> tents and debris flying in the air. three people taken to the hospital and the middle of country bracing for snow, ice and flash flooding creating slick and dangerous roads for holiday travelers. 19 states on alert this morning. breaking story overnight, angry protesters storming the streets of chicago. >> all: shut it down. >> tearing the lights off this christmas tree and threatening to disrupt holiday shopping as new dash cam video is released twhaf officer charged with murder. a stunning revelation about one of the nfl's all-time greats. the family of late legend frank gifford says he suffered from that brain disease linked to all those hits on the field.
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what the family hopes the league will do to change the way the game is played. and turkey 911. everything you need to know before you put your bird in the oven this morning, our holiday dream team standing by all morning with the answers to your last-minute food emergencies. >> happy thanksgiving and good morning, america. sod good to have dan harris, tom llamas and sara haines with us. and so glad you're joining us this morning. maybe before you head out to be with your family or you start cooking and we have got you covered. first with traffic. these are traffic cameras from all around the country and these folks maybe deciding to bypass wednesday's super hectic travel day heading out instead this morning. >> it's strategically wise to travel on the holiday itself. that's my strategy. on the couch today.
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also today, thousands of people will be heading out for holiday parades across america and ginger and rob are at two of the largest ones here in new york city and another in philadelphia. we'll be hearing from them throughout the morning. >> yeah, the philadelphia -- the oldest parade in the country for thanksgiving and then also this morning, it's an annual tradition here, our thanksgiving 911. we've got experts from the hit show "chopped" here to answer your questions everything about turkey, side, dessert but we begin with the rough holiday weather slamming 19 states. abc's rob marciano starts us off from philadelphia. good morning to you, rob. >> good morning, lara. it seems like every thanksgiving there is a big storm hitting somewhere and this year is no different. this is a powerful one and it is hitting the west hard causing all sorts of dangerous conditions across a huge swath of the country. >> wow. >> california winds causing chaos at this flea market.
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people fleeing for cover. winds tossing tents and debris in the air. 11 injured, three taken to the hospital. first responders treating many on the scene. >> the tents ago like big sails poles. >> reporter: in northern california, plows out after nearly a foot of snowfall. drivers spinning out and crashing. >> so dangerous out here you want to get your chains on. >> reporter: massive waves battering the coastline of washington state. winds taking down trees and power lines. >> tore the lines up. >> go ahead. >> reporter: crews working through the night to restore power to thousands. and in utah dust storms blinding drivers determined to get to their holiday destinations. a powerful jet stream driving those winds and nudging the entire system off to the east. travel is going to be very difficult in many spots especially, lara, across the mountain west. >> all right, rob, thank you so much. this stormy weather on the move. set to wreak havoc.
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to ginger zee at the parade route in new york city. ginger. >> lara, as mild as it is here just like rob was saying we've got that powerful jet stream and all of the warnings to tell you about this morning. let's get straight to the maps so you know who has to look out for what because it's a whole slew of things happening. yes, snow in parts of the inner mountain west and rockies and move to the east and it's the ice i'm concerned about from amarillo, texas, and you see the timing there, that's tonight thursday after everyone is done with dinner, the ice stretches into western iowa then the low really wraps up the moisture. heavy rains, dallas to tulsa by friday when you're traveling there and that ice can accumulate to a half inch anywhere he of oklahoma city, close to wichita, those road, the power line, that's the major concern as we head into this holiday travel. lara. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. bad weather a lot of places not here in new york yet. >> tough day to travel. ginger, thank you. from weather to security, if you head out to the parade
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organization malls you may see a pronounced police presence. this even though president obama is personally trying to reassure a nervous america that despite what happened over in paris there is no specific terror threat here this holiday weekend. abc's gio benitez is at the parade here in new york city, gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning to you and happy thanksgiving. we're here at the start of that parade route. we're talking about 3 million spectators expected here. 8,000 participants. 2500 law enforcement officers, the nypd saying it is taking no chances. it's the last thing we want to think about, but this morning law enforcement officers across the country are on high alert as americans set out to celebrate the holidays. >> we got to be on our toes. >> reporter: in new york city a record-breaking crowd expected at the massive macy's thanksgiving day parade. a city already buzzing with counterterrorism units now upping its efforts with new security.
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others called the elite hercules team armed with long guns and bomb-enoughing canines and 500 heavily armed officers from a new critical response unit. detectors looking for dirty bombs. >> keep everybody safe. >> reporter: just weeks after the terror attacks in paris, so-called soft targets like malls and retailers are heeding the warnings too. ahead of black friday, minnesota's famed mall of america adding extra security, some officers you'll see, some you won't. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says while across the board people are taking extra precautions -- >> it should be obvious to the public that there's a heightened presence in places like here like union station here, at airports. >> reporter: he insists don't live in fear. >> but be vigilant and be aware. >> reporter: and back here in new york city, we're told that the secretary of homeland
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security here on the parade route. we're told even he may personally speak with law enforcement here. lara, dan. >> all right, thank you. good advice, just be aware. vigilant. >> thanks so much. we turn to chicago, a city on edge protesters taking to the street overnight and now threatening to disrupt black friday shopping as new video is released of that officer now charged with murder. abc's alex perez is in chicago with the very latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, lara. overnight protesters marching here on the magnificent mile. officers say they are looking into this case and trying to figure out what exactly they can do to keep things safe. this morning, new images from the dash cam inside chicago police officer jason van dyke's squad car showing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald running away as van dyke pursued him. shortly after, the officer gets out of the car and shoots the teenager 16 times in 15 seconds.
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we will not show you the entire video. this as we're learning more details about van dyke's past with the police department, according to civilian watchdog group invisible institute, citizens filed at least 20 complaints against him since he joined the force in 2001 including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. but so far, van dyke was not disciplined. abc news has confirmed 18 complaints. overnight in chicago, protesters back on the streets even trying to tear the lights off the city's christmas tree. many critical of the state's attorney who investigated the case for nearly a year before charging van dyke with first degree murder. legal experts say that charge for an off-duty cop is rare. >> it's a hard case to prove and particularly against a cop. it has to be shown you intended to do serious bodily harm or death and that you had no justification for it. >> reporter: with protesters vowing to disrupt holiday shopping on chicago's famed
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michigan avenue president obama weighing overnight posting on his facebook, i was deeply disturbed by the footage and i'm grateful to the people of my hometown for keeping protests peaceful. and van dyke's defense argues he fired his weapon because he feared for his life. while there have been some tense moments at most of these protests, by the way, have been peaceful. lara. >> i'm sure more tense moments to come. thank you so much. turning to tom llamas with the morning's other top stories starting with pope francis making history. >> that's right, good morning, guys. the pope is celebrating his first mass in africa and taking on terrorism. tens of thousands braved the rain for today's open air service in kenya. the pope issuing a strong appeal for family values, he also addressed the growing threat of islamic extremism saying an open dialogue between christian and muslim leaders is essential for peace. today french president francois hollande is meeting with russian president vladimir putin to discuss further cooperation in the fight against isis. across europe, the hunt
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continues for the so-called eighth paris attacker. authorities now confirm his alleged accomplice also on the loose traveled to syria in june. meanwhile, vice news released more of its interview with the american rock band that was playing the night of the attack at that theater, one band member describing his encounter with one of the gunmen and it is chilling. >> i can see the gunman and he looked right at me and he shot at me and he missed. he stayed there and continued to shoot and shoot and slaughter and just scream at the top of his lungs, allahu akbar and that's when i instantly knew what was going on. >> band members say they're grateful for the support they've received since the attack. tensions in the middle east are escalating after turkey shot down that russian fighter jet near the syrian border. russian is deploying anti-aircraft missiles to the region and turkey released recordings of what it says were the warnings it gave to the
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violated turkish airspace, one of the russian pilots who survived said he never heard a warning. have you ever opened your bag after a flight and it looked like a tornado tore through your luggagy this may be why. check this out, baggage handlers finding out who can toss a suitcase the furthest on the tarmac. the second guy up is like, no, no, this is how you toss a piece of luggage. a concerned passenger tweeted southwest airlines, southwest saying, hey, they don't work for us. so alaska airlines later admitted the olympic bag tossers were their employees insisting the bag was a dummy bag supposedly filled with magazines, you know, a dummy bag, right? that's the ticket. >> when kettlebells are un unavailable. >> exactly. complete the carry-on in do you think your kettle ball would go that far. >> saar are, you know, probably not. let's just be honest. let's be honest. >> this sounds like a good time to change the subject.
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coma wears off it's time to go shopping. here's a live look at some people getting a jump start on their holiday hunting and gathering. it used to be they waited till black friday for this but now many major stores are open an thanksgiving itself and abc's rebecca jarvis is in chicago with more on that. hey, rebecca, good morning. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning to you. happy thanksgiving and in. biz they think of this as the super bowl of shopping. it is officially game day, 136 million americans expected to shop between now and this weekend and here at walmart they are ready for the rush. this morning, while many are gearing up for turkey and pumpkin pie, others are getting ready for a different kind of feeding frenzy. thanksgiving shoppers already lining up for a mad dash to score those holiday deals. but after years of backlash for opening on turkey day, retailers appear to be finally holding the line on those earlier and
7:13 am
earlier thanksgiving openings. >> a lot of retailers are scaling back their hours or even closing their stores entirely because they realize that it doesn't actually help their bottom line. >> reporter: now macy's, target, toys "r" us and best buy will kick things off tonight at exactly the same time as last year, staples opened the last two years on thanksgiving will shut their doors completely for the holiday this year. h&m is following suit and outdoor equipment retailer rei taking it a step further, deciding to stay closed on both thanksgiving and black friday. retailers typically generate about $50 billion in sales over the four-day weekend. but for the last two year, those sales have been falling. >> online shopping has totally changed the game. consumers are having a little more cash in their pockets this year for the holiday season. so retailers don't feel compelled to stay open on thanksgiving. >> reporter: walmart is also mixing things up this year.
7:14 am
their doorbusters for the black friday weekend are already listed on the website literally right now. the doors open at walmart throughout the day today but the official event kicks off here at 6:00 p.m., lara. >> in the super bowl of shopping, rebecca, we thank you and now we do have more on holiday shopping with amazon spokesperson sarah gelman who joins us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you guys feel the need, are you working harder this year than ever to attract customers? >> i mean, we work hard every year to tactattract customers. we're ready for it. >> you are ready for it. i know you guys have a lot of great deals out there. we're going to talk about those in a second but what are you doing different now? i hear something about an app that really might take you to the next level. >> yeah, well, first of all we have new deals every five minutes this year. not just on black friday and cyber monday we actually have them for 16 days. it really is a season, yes, we
7:15 am
have them today on thanksgiving, no, you don't have to get off your couch to shop. but we do have this new app i love called -- it's with the mobile shopping app called watch a deal. you can go to our deal page either on your laptop or your mobile shopping app and see a deal that's coming up maybe in a couple of hours. you don't want to sit there and stare at your computer screen or at your phone and spend time with your family. click watch this deal and then amazon sends you a push notification to your phone when the deal is live so you can continue on with your life, not have to stay and stare at your phone. >> shop till you drop. some of these deals you guys sent us are unbelievable. 50-inch tv for $150, really, sarah? >> yes, and i can't tell you what the brand is but what i can tell you, it is a mobile only deal so we have about 150 deals this year that are only on our mobile shopping app so if you don't have our mobile shopping app download it now because that is a great deal. >> soy the app sounds like a must have.
7:16 am
with us like the 150$150 50-inch tv. >> kids want toys. we have up to 50% off top-selling toy brands, we have nerf, my little pony and of course, "star wars," "star wars" is so big this year, another thing that's huge, dinosaurs so between "the good dinosaur" and "jurassic world" we have great deals on that. for teen organization dulls it your life you cannot go wrong with electronics. obviously we talked about tvs, we have a great deal on noise canceling headphones. $100 off, what i want this holiday season. we also have the kindle, so great for riding under $100 during this shopping season. >> you just recited my entire list, sarah, thank you so much. i guess what we thank you so much, we will be talking about shopping all morning long and
7:17 am
sort of the days, dan, i'm thinking of black friday and siberiaer monday are gone. here we go. >> here we go. indeed. let's just try to keep our priorities trait because before you go shopping you got to make sure thanksgiving is done right which means it's time to talk turkey with our thanksgiving dream team of food network chefs all judges of the hit show "chopped." alex guarnaschelli, geoffrey zakarian and amanda freitag. give yourself a big round of applause. inside we have questions from viewers, let's start with you, ms. guarnaschelli, you're doing turkey. the question. >> i'm always afraid to undercook the turkey and don't have a thermometer. how long should i cook a 14-pound turkey. >> the answer is. >> i count about 12 minutes per pound which means you should go for maybe 2, 2 1/2 hours and then pull away that thigh and just watch for those juices to run clear. the thigh is the thickest part
7:18 am
of real estate on the turkey. once that's cooked, take it out. make your gravy and have a glass of wine. >> i always say that, the thigh is the thickest part of real estate. before we talk sides and desserts, let me get one more turkey question. >> no, this is really good. why is my turkey dry? help? >> you know what, i'm going to cut you off there. this is a bit of a tease. we'll get back to that answer a little later because we got to get it out to ginger who at the macy's thanksgiving day parade
7:19 am
hey, ginger. good morning and happy thanksgiving. what a beautiful start to the day. 42 degrees right now in central park. the borrows start with the low 40s. we're looking for 48 degrees by 9:00 a.m. during the parade, clouds will increase from the northwest and we'll see a wind coming out of the south 5 to 10 miles an hour. cool temperatures warm up rapidly. a high of 59 expected today and no rain today or tomorrow. we got a new move, the shaking leaf. i'll be doing it all morning in
7:20 am
it'll keep you warm. ginger, thank you. we want to remind everybody, we'll answer how to keep the turkey from getting dry question coming up here on "gma." >> and the revelation about the late frank gifford, the nfl legend suffered from that brain disease linked to those hard hits on the gridiron. what his family hopes will come of it. bzzz. hey bumble bee o busy bee. o busy bee. this year let's keep your sanity. come to the store or go online. for all your gifts, you'll be just fine. aw, you're sweet. black friday starts 6pm thursday
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this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning, and happy thanksgiving. it is 7:24 on this thursday, november 26. i'm lori stokes. looking at the latest headlines, the macy's thanksgiving parade is almost ready to roll. 13 marching bands and 8,000
7:24 am
marchers are about to step on. eyewitness news reporter, rob nelson is there in the middle of all the excitement. rob. >> right in the middle. good morning, lori, it's going to be a mix of great weather and unprecedented security when the parade kicks off in 90 minutes from now. of course, the festivities did kick off last night when it was another great thanksgiving eve tradition. the giant balloons, a fun time for the whole family during what has become a great tradition. today, the main event with this year it has prompted unprecedented security in the aftermath of the paris attacks. this will be the most heavily policed thanksgiving parade in city history, on the ground and in the sky. despite lingering fears, more than 3 million folks are expected to line up today for this great city tradition. 17 giant balloons, 27 floats, and thousands of marchers making their way to harold square. it is the country's premier thanksgiving event. on top of that. 50million folks will tune in to
7:25 am
fingers crossed for a fun and safe parade. again, it kicks off a few minutes at 9:00. reporting live on the upper west side, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks so much.
7:26 am
when we come o. let's get a check on your morning commute. >> looks like subways are running on a sunday schedule. let's see what else is happening as you head to the lirr. metro north, all on time. all on the reduced schedule. hudson river crossings very light. if you're heading to the inbound bqe. it's a stalled car. watch for the closures in midtown getting ready for the parade. here's a look at the web cam. everybody is getting ready for the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. alternate side parking rules. >> let's check in with amy frieze and take a look at your accuweather forecast s.
7:27 am
>> it's hard to imagine the weather any better. we're looking at temperatures to rise quickly into the upper 50s. high 59 in the city late this afternoon. clouds will also increase from the north and west. a light southerly wind keeping our temperatures very comfortable during the parade. tonight, we slip back to 50 degrees in the city. 40s in the suburbs and tomorrow temperatures bounce all the way into the mid 60s. it's going to be a beautiful start to the big weekend here. 64 sounds pretty good. lori.
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welcome back to "good morning america." there is the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade that's a live look at the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country and millions are enjoying parades all across america this morning. security, of course, is end is itted up this year. added police along most routes. >> of course, everybody is still cautious after paris. also happening right now, 19 states on alert this morning for a major thanksgiving storm bringing snow, ice and flash flooding. that storm caused chaos at a flea market in california. look at this. powerful winds sending tents flying. three sent to the 4079. a new lawsuit filed over the death of "fast and furious" star paul walker. his father is suing porsche claiming the car his son was riding in lacked potentially life-saving safety measures.
7:30 am
and improperly maintained and those factors contributed to walker's death. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody. so nice to have sara here, tom here, dan, of course, and many of you are prepping for the big holiday getting ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade including ginger shaking it out on the parade route. we'll check with her later and continue with our turkey 911. >> this is important. >> it does come in handy in my house. >> an important service we provide to the nation and we'll continue throughout the morning. we want to start with the revelation about the late football legend frank gifford, turns out he suffered from a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma and found in so many other former players and abc's ryan smith has the story. >> hello, again, i'm frank gifford. >> reporter: this morning the family of late gridiron great frank gifford revealing they just learned that the nfl star suffered from cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a
7:31 am
degenerative brain disease researchers believe are connected to taking all those tackles on the field. gifford died of natural causes at the age of 84 in august. but a team of pathologists just now diagnosing him with a brain disease detectable only after death. his family saying "our suspicions that he was suffering from the debilitating effects of head trauma were were confirmed." the former nfl mvp suffered one of the most famous head injuries of his era knocked unconscious during this game in 1960. sidelining him for the season. >> reporter: after retiring from the field his family says the 27-year veteran announcer of "monday night football" married to kathie lee gifford dedicated himself to understanding the connection between repetitive head trauma and its associated cogny testify and behavioral firsthand. the cte center says repetitive brain trauma degenerates brain tissue, months, years, sometimes even decades after the last
7:32 am
trauma. a study recently finding 96% of the players they examined suffered from the disease. including hall of famer junior seau who took his own life in 2012. overnight, nfl commissioner roger goodell praising the giffords for their desire to help learn more about the disease and its causes but adding we are working now to improve the safety of our game. gifford's family hoping their revelation will help others in the future. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> i know kathie lee and her family so want this information to help future player safety. very important to them. >> may very well do that. >> yep. all right. and now to an alert about holiday shoplifting. look at these people allegedly caught stealing a turkey from a grocery store. not easy to do. and abc's kendis gibson is here with the story. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, lara. people are hungry. the average thanksgiving day turkey, get this is about 15 pounds so you'd think that it
7:33 am
would be pretty hard for anyone to sneak anything that big out of a supermarket. think again. thanksgiving is a time of giving, but for some it's all about taking. watch this grocery store shopper ring up one item in self-checkout but walk away with a turkey. security cops stoplift released these videos of alleged turkey bandits this season. at another shelf checkout this shopper scanned some items but appears to miss the mark on the turkey and walks it through. some security experts say theft is up to five types more likely at self-checkout counters than manned checkouts. >> customers look for opportunity. if no one is watching them and they say, wow, this is easy, then they may try it. >> reporter: but check it out. this video at a regular checkout line, you see the same thick, some items being scanned but had time the prize poultry just remains in the shopping cart. and same here, the turkey stays in the cart, not getting up to
7:34 am
shoplifting costs u.s. retailers an estimated $17 billion a year. losses that mean higher prices for the rest of us. >> the profit margins is anywhere from 1% to 3% and a regular basket full of groceries if one item is either not rang up or destroyed, the profit for that entire buggy of groceries is gone. does it increase price, yes, it absolutely does. >> reporter: okay, so perhaps one reason behind so many turkey itself. it is the most expensive part of the thanksgiving meal. this year the cost of the average turkey is more than $23. the highest it's been in decades. >> kendis, thank you very much. if you are not into black friday shopping and you're tired of talking to your family you may want to check out this movie this weekend. it's a good time for it, in fact, the oscar release is heating up and abc's nick watt has a look at some of the early contenders.
7:35 am
biggest blockbuster weeks of the year and 69-year-old sly stallone is the headliner. >> you got to work hard. i swear to god if you're not going to do it, i'm out. >> reporter: there's already supporting actor oscar buzz around rocky for this, the apparently his wife talked him into it. coward. even when i was doing a sequel, the second one people are, come already. it. >> reporter: this time rocky is training apollo creed's son adone is for a big fight and critics are claiming it's the best rocky since the original. this week, we're also talking "spotlight". >> we'll tell it right. >> reporter: the tale of the catholic church sex abuse scandal and here there's bound to be an oscar nominee and, oh, so oscar worthy love story rooney mara, cate blanchett. >> i like the hat. >> reporter: for the families
7:36 am
pixar's "the good dinosaur" from our parent company, walt disney. thing. >> to get to work with pixar was a whole other experience and go down to pixar history is another thing and it's just mind blowing to me. >> reporter: tuesday night previews were record breaking. "the good dinosaur" eclipsed "frozen's" stellar preview tally let it go >> reporter: and "creed" made more money than any pre-thanksgiving preview in history. >> show me something. >> reporter: after a little lackluster year hollywood is hoping after your turkey you're going to buy a ticket. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i know we are. >> lara is actually literally writing down a list. "carol." "trumbo," "the danish girl." this year. >> the oscar game has begun. >> it has. coming up here on "gma," on the upon with secret apps for
7:37 am
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it is 7:42 on this thanksgiving morning and we're back now with "gma on the money." and we're going to tell you how to save big on your groceries. americans will spend on average more than $150 on holiday food shopping and those weekly bills can be much higher but abc's linsey davis is here to show how one family saved thousands a year. good morning to you, linsey. >> good morning and happy thanksgiving. while it's $150 for the turkey and the fixings the average american family of four spends more than a thousand dollars a
7:41 am
now you can put some of that back in your pocket. for the krauses groceries eat up a huge chunk of their family budget. >> we have one son who is 16 and one who will soon be 15. they eat a lot. >> reporter: every week this family of five's grocery bill tops $600, close to $30,000 a year. >> it would be great to cut down anywhere we can. >> in a quick and easy way. >> reporter: so we enlisted the help of abc news' very own lifestyle editor genevieve brown and headed to their local stop & shop grocery list in hand. >> came up with a three-pronged approach to savings. no clipping coupons. >> reporter: first this one-of-a-kind app grocery pal puts the savings on your mobile phone. >> plug in your zip code and brings up a list of stores. >> and directs you to in-store sales. >> starbucks, here. >> greek yogurt, 10 for $10. >> reporter: and a little
7:42 am
supermarket secret, pick products on the top and bottom shelves. their often a better deal. >> the most expensive items are the ones that the grocery store puts at eye level. one thing to point out, not neglect the ends of the aisle. these are great prices. >> i'll never go down an aisle again. >> reporter: finally did you know you can actually get paid to shop? genevieve says use apps like check out 51 or ibotta. asks you to watch a video or take a survey about a product you're about to buy. after you're done shopping select your item, scan the bar instant cash back. >> reporter: after checking out, these simple supermarket hacks saved them big. groceries. the year. >> reporter: all in all that's over $6,000 a year. >> that is's incredible. >> there you go. >> reporter: and now there are even sites that suggest recipes
7:43 am
based on what's on sale. saving you both time and money so gobble gobble without the guilt. they figured out how to cut back on the cost. now if they can only do something about those pesky calories. >> got to be a an app for that. >> 6 grand is not nothing. >> it's not nothing, dan, nope. >> all right. >> it's a tough morning. stuck between these two. >> and coming up, our thanksgiving experts are answering your burning questions. turkey, side dishes, desserts, we got you covered on "gma." to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit... invasive. but, if we didn't hoist you up in the air and poke around a little, we wouldn't be carmax. we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time
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we're back with our thanksgiving dream team. alex, we cut you off. the answer to the question about how to make sure the turkey isn't dry. >> overcook it melted butter, a little gravy, a little tock to bring it back, tiny vinaigrette and you're good. >> that's it? >> yep. >> geoffrey. see if there's a question. >> paige from facebook. if i double a recipe does that affect the cooking time. that's a great question. >> the answer. >> kind of yes and no. if you double a pasta recipe it's the same.
7:48 am
cake, make two cakes, don't make a big one so yes and no. >> pasta is not a side. >> sure, it is in an italian household, absolutely. >> let's see if we can do a amanda. >> i have a sweet tooth. the question is what apples are best for baking? is this not a great question. pick a firm apple. granny smiths are great but i like to mix it up with a gala or fuji. >> excellent, great. we'll be back with you. at the top of the hour, planning your holiday shopping spree. what you should buy now and what can wait. keep it here, much more "gma" coming up on this thanksgiving morning. here's a great improve this committee tip from lows. what can you do with this soda bottle. cut the bottom off and mount it for a shopping bag dispenser. ooh.
7:49 am
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all right. look who i've got with me, the stephen f. austin state university band. they are rocking this morning and we have to talk about the quick forecast. this is the warmest thanksgiving in eight years along the east coast for a starting tonight, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping! doors open tonight, 6pm at target. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
7:52 am
tonight, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv.
7:53 am
this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning and happy thanksgiving. it is 7:57. i'm lori stokes. we expect beautiful weather. at 9:00 when the macy's thanksgiving day parade kicks off. the prepwork is done. live picture now, 17 giant balloons inflated during the night on the upper west side. the balloons are joined 27 floats and 8,000 marchers in what will be the most heavily police thanksgiving parade in city history. it is predicted 3 million people could be cur b side this morning cheeren out parade. 7:56. let's check in on the morning commute with debbie duhaime. >> we start off on the subway and show you what's happening. no ser vice heading down toward jamaica station. with some electrical issues. bypassing trains on the f train.
7:54 am
bypassing 57 with crowded conditions because of the parade. now over on the palisades parkway, car into the woods and let's go outside and take a look at 6th avenue. everybody is lining up for the big macy's thanksgiving day parade. alternate side parking rule suspended. back over to you, lori. >> debbie, thank you. and amy frieze has the accuweather forecast. should be nice. >> lori, out the door this morning, mix skies. some sun, some clouds, but temperatures are on the rise across the board. low 40s right now and the city going for 50. and the temperatures will quickly bounce to near 60 degrees. by tomorrow, 64. so even warmer. our accuweather seven-day forecast shows a cooldown. saturday a high of 54. and mostly cloudy, 48 for sunday. low 50s will take us through the early part of next week.
7:55 am
all in all, you can get away without one tomorrow. it will join us for friday. >> that's nice, all right, amy, thank you so much. that will do it for us. more of good morning america
7:56 am
7:57 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and caught on camera, new surveillance footage of the mom moments before she left her newborn in a manger. how the baby is doing right now. super shopping secrets. we're maximizing your black friday deals this morning. >> that's 15% off makeup. makeup never goes on sale. >> becky worley has all the best inside steals for your post-turkey rush. >> and mickey's military surprise. >> oh, this is awesome. >> it's a thank you so above and beyond you won't want to miss this unforgettable reunion in the most magical place on earth. and get ready to chop your way to a spectacular thanksgiving.
7:58 am
here tackling your turkey troubles, side dish situations and transforming your dessert disas territories into the most delicious feast ever as we say -- >> all: good morning, america and happy thanksgiving. and, yes, happy thanksgiving and good morning, america. there they were, the "chopped" judges live with us giving us our 911 answers to all of your cookie questions and they'll whip up some delicious and foolproof dishes for us. >> i will test whether they're in fact foolproof. we love a parade and this morning we have two of america's greatest covered. rob is in philly at the country's oldest thanksgiving day parade. hey, rob, and ginger is right here in new york city at the 89 annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. there? >> oh, my goodness, it's just feel here. look, right here, this is the
7:59 am
first float and balloons that you will see, that macy's iconic star and the rest of the balloons, they are all lined up right here. i'm telling you, people are pumped and clowns have filled the trees so whether you like them or not, lara -- >> i love it. no pun intended there right with the pumped. we got that. we saw that. thank you, ginger. we also have holiday shopping season upon us as you may have heard which means tory johnson is with us. amazing deals and steals just minutes away. first back inside to tom llamas with the morning rundown. >> good morning again, guys. woo he begin with the prewinter storm bearing down on holiday travelers in 19 states. the storm which has already made driving miserable from oregon to colorado is now moving into the plains and upper midwest. heavy rain, snow or sleet is expected from texas all the way to wisconsin. meanwhile, back in california heavy winds blew over these tents at a flea market near sacramento. it injured 11 people. in chicago protesters
8:00 am
shooting of a teenager are threatening to disrupt black friday shopping. demonstrators hit the street last night, some were arrested for whipping lights off a city christmas tree. this follows the release of more dash cam video showing officer jason van dyke pursuing laquan mcdonald who was armed with a small knife before shooting him 16 times. the officer reportedly had 20 complaints filed against him in the past. overseas now, this just in russia says it's preparing to cut economic ties with turkey. it's the latest escalation after turkey shot down that russian fighter jet along the syrian border. turkey says the jet violated its airspace. russia says its pilots never heard a warning. french president francois hollande is working to build a stronger coalition against isis. seeking help today from russian president vladimir putin. as the manhunt for the so-called eighth paris attacker continues authorities say his accomplice traveled to syria in june. here at home security will
8:01 am
be tighter than ever for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. a record 3 million people are expected to line the streets. officials say there's no credible threat but more than 2500 police officers are being deployed along the route. and a mother who left her newborn in the nativity display of a new york church will not face charges. newly released surveillance video shows the mom carrying the baby boy into a nearby store buying a towel. the boy was later found in the manger at the church wrapped in that towel. the mother came back the next day to make sure he had been found. new york's safe haven law allows them to leave babies at certain locations. at least one parishioner is offering to adopt him. good for that baby. a big dare for a new york family. this is truly terrifying. a neighbor woke up to find an incruder crawling on his bedroom floor with a knife between his teeth. they caught him and he snatched a cell phone but ran off when the owner woke up.
8:02 am
pretty scary. a thanksgiving dinner truly out of this world. the two astronauts aboard the international space station are enjoying turkey and ol the fixings but their meal is served a little differently. take a look. >> i'm going to have the candied yams. they're -- man, they are delicious. >> good stuff. >> happy, happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> those look like some rough yams. commander scott kelly and flight engineer shell lindgren have the day off. they plan to watch some football. so great nasa can beam up football because they need it after those yams. thanksgiving 911. >> they do. >> for those yams. >> we're here for you guys. i imagine theirs taste better than what i could produce which is why we have the 911 people.
8:03 am
morning rundown. >> super shopping secrets. the hottest black friday deals to know before you make your holiday gift list. plus, more with my favorites, the "chopped" judges answers all your last-minute turkey emergencies to make the most delicious feast ever and tory johnson is here with amazing "deals & steals" and a special thanksgiving deal right now. ben is here to help me. >> no more schlepping christmas trees on the top of your car. they will hand cut a tree, 5 1/2 to 7 feet just like this one, you gave it a thumbs up, right, ben? he gave it a thumbs up and amazing deal on these trees and it includes shipping so comes directly to your door. >> what is the deal. >> normally starting at $129 there are three different styles, today only 50%. so starting at 64.50 and you get to choose your ship date so there is a big range of about two weeks for you to choose the
8:04 am
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8:06 am
tonight, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open tonight 6 pm at target. alex, geoffrey, amanda, three of cooking's finest, food network's amazing "chopped" judges are with us to answer your last-minute questions covering everything from the turkey to the sides to the omg. we'll let you know coming up on "good morning america." you guys ready? >> we're ready. >> the final countdown. let's go >> that's it, the final's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges.
8:07 am
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for all your gifts, you'll be just fine. aw, you're sweet. black friday starts 6pm thursday and all day online at walmart. kohl's stores open thursday at 6pm featuring black friday doorbusters in store only! like a $99.99 tv $14.99 action figures. and the fitbit charge - $89.99. plus - get $15 kohl's cash!
8:09 am
see you smile coming back to "gma." >> i want to see you smile. >> i rarely smile. i've had dental problems my whole life. that's not true. >> that is not true? look at this amazing happy 40th display from disneyland's world of color helping us mark our big birthday and now they're doing even more. wait till you see the un unforgettable military surprise that we pulled off with their help. that's coming up. time now, however, for "gma's" super shopping secrets, thanksgiving edition. if you can't wait till tomorrow to start your holiday shopping we have your guide to what you should be buying today. becky worley, our queen of black friday joining us now from san francisco. hey, becky, good morning. >> good morning, dan. yeah, the pre-black friday deals otherwise known as the i need to escape thanksgiving dinner and go find those sales, they are upon us. so, which doorbusters are worth it and which can you find online without missing pumpkin pie for
8:10 am
dessert? today is full of sales. so let's start with limited quantity deals on tvs like this 40-inch samsung from kohl's, $319 plus a $90 gift card or this 32-inch tv with roku's built-in streaming from walmart that's just $125. but this one from best buy, a 4k. 60-inch model for 800 bucks is also available online. and online door busters are very real this year, in fact, walmart says 96% of its deals are also on its website. but the single best tv deal of the whole shopping weekend is not a store deal, not even an online deal but an app only deal. >> we've seen so far amazon advertising a 50-inch hdtv for $150. which is $90 below the cheapest tv we've ever seen in that size before and that's the deal that's going to be available only through their mobile apps.
8:11 am
today laptops. fry's, this mod, $137 off the lowest price ever. this 19-inch dell is $100 off the current low and it's available at best buy in store and again online all day. also the apple watch is on sale at target today in a bundle deal that gets you $100 gift card. let's talk about clothing. overall the economy is good and consumers are spending, but trainly sales of clothing in retail outlets have been soft. what does that mean for you? well, sales. big ones. old navy opens at 4 p.m. today and in store only your whole purchase is 50%. so shop wisely and remember black friday is a season, pace yourself, deal hunters. and, dan, i have a list of all these deals and more on our website. >> becky, i want to go back to what you said a few seconds ago. black friday is a season so what is your guidance for the run-up to christmas? >> yeah, there are two camps on
8:12 am
thanksgiving shopping. those who don't understand it at all. why would you leave today and those that think it's fun. i have respect for both camps. my professional opinion there's some good deals but really you could cherry pick a few of those online today and then dig in tomorrow, over the weekend on cyber monday but don't miss out on this great day if you have the opportunity to spend it with friends and family. the deals are good but not worth it for that. >> what's your thinking about my strategy of going to 7-eleven on christmas eve and buying a few koosies and i ex-pack. >> they have great remote helicopters. your baby son will love it. >> thank you. over to you, lara. time to talk turkey answering more of your last-minute questions with our all-star panel from the hit food network -- hello, in english, the show is "chopped." we love the show. we love alex guarnaschelli, chef of the newly opened driftwood
8:13 am
she will be talking turkey. geoffrey zakarian, chef and partner of the lamb's club one of our favorites here at "gma" just down the block sizing up all sides and amanda freitag returning for a second season of "american diner revival" dishing on desserts. question from marita. she wants to know how do i cook turkey without the meat drying and make the skin crisp and golden brown. that within you, alex. >> i am making two suggestions for that the first is break your turkey into parts and roast it so that it's easier to deal with. there's no whole bird carcass in your fridge for three weeks and it cooks all nice and crispy because the surface area is exposed to all the skin and then here i have a wonderful vinaigrette. i know we're always talking gravy for thanksgiving but i made a little vinaigrette with orange, lemon and olive oil and when no one is looking in the kitchen, you just do a little drive-by on your turkey like this and just get that nice brightness, that citrus, it's
8:14 am
really unexpected and kind of goes with the gravy. >> it doesn't change that traditional flavoring that everybody loves? >> oh, my god. i'm put on the spot, yeah, maybe a little bit but, you know when you get deep in your plate and get that little bit of lemon going through everything it makes you eat more because the lemon is brightening it up. >> question number two, this is for amanda. ebony lee is asking, what's an easy go to for dessert when you realize you're out of time. >> when you're out of time i have this great blondie recipe. cream together the butter and sugar, put in the chips and there you go and it's fun for kids too. you get them involved. get them to cut it for you. they love making blondies in the kitchen. >> you know what, i have snuck one. delicious. very good recipe. >> i say add chocolate chips too. >> yeah, all right. ready, question number three, geoffrey, this is all you. stacy wants to know about making sausage stuffing for the first time. she's wondering is it okay to bake it by itself. does it have to go into the bird?
8:15 am
>> dressing does not go in the bird and i like dressing that stays out. toughing does go in the bird. hard enough to cook the bird so let's just do one thing right. >> dressing and stuff rg3 two different thing. >> same thing but one goes out side. i like dressing because i think it's very hard to cook a turkey anyways, let's just get the turkey right and dressing right. >> any special tips before doing a sausage -- >> i have a sausage in here with carrot, onions, celery and cornmeal out of cornbread. >> oh. >> i alittle warm chicken stock. we're going to mix this all together and that's what you have. bake it or serve it just like that. >> will you save me some of ha. >> i can smell the sausage. >> amanda, same sorry. we're downing up on you. a lot of dessert questions where operators are standing by on our 911 hot line. robin on facebook would like to know a good fall alternative to pumpkin pie. >> obviously apple pie is an
8:16 am
love and add some cranberries to your apples. >> really. >> yes, they pop when they cook and make it beautiful and give it a tartness in case your apples aren't tart enough for you. i love that. and then just -- >> apples need to be tart, people. >> pile it in. don't be afraid to put lots of apps in your pie. >> hopefully we have these recipes for everybody on "gma." >> yes, you do, cover that up. >> we'll be feasting and checking in with ginger who i believe is on the parade route. ging. >> oh, lara, thank you so much.
8:17 am
put me to work a high of 59. so, well above average by this time of year. 48 degrees at the parade start. we'll roll into the 50s as the morning goes on as well as see an increasing cloudiness. temperatures pushing the upper 50s today under dry skies. but tomorrow, even warmer partly sunny. that no coat november thing rolls on with 64 the expected high temperature and some brief showers expected early on saturday morning. have a great day. >> now i certainly have never done this parade gloveless, scarfless, system so comfortable.
8:18 am
i know it's a great parade too. >> hi, guys. can barely hear you, ginger here at the 95th running of the sixth abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. carli lloyd. two-time olympic gold medalist and the world cup. what can't you do. now you're the there are some pressures that go along with that. are you ready. >> i don't know. i woke up early so it'll be a pressure-filled day. >> at the white house after the big world cup win. what was that like. >> great. it was great to shake president obama's hand and chat with him. >> what kind of thanksgiving day plans do we have after the parade. >> well, possibly a nap. maybe a little workout. and then, you know, just hanging with my fiance's family just going to lay low, watch the eagles play, hopefully they win tonight. >> oh, that is the right thing to say. nicely done, a professional athlete. of course, you after you nap you have to work out. >> yeah.
8:19 am
>> we do want to highlight these youngsters. 14-year-olds, you are the ban chis? >> yeah. >> banchees. you said when you were their age you were the what? >> medford strikers. >> sounds olympian to me for sure. congratulation, happy thanksgiving to you and, pressure is on. >> it is. >> this is a tradition. a grand tradition. >> back to you guys. live from philadelphia. >> rob, thank you very much. fonzie, i understand our hot line is overloaded. blowing up. we need to take more questions. to the a lot of time. what we'd like to do for viewers checking in with us and have a lot of questions, a great tip or two from each of you. turk, alex. >> well, turkey, you know if you overcooked your turkey a little drive-by of butter, gravy, vinaigrette before anybody sees it at the table a great way to recover. >> to brine or not to. >> not to brine. salt it and let it sit 24 hours
8:20 am
>> 35 seconds left. geoffrey. >> rest your bird. once it comes out it has to rest -- yeah, you do. if you cut it when it's hot, the juice is going all over the board. >> how long do you rest it. >> one hour minimum. >> who can wait? >> who can wait? >> oh, my god. desserts. >> work with cold dough always, brush your dough, use egg wash and sugar on top, makes it gorgeous and crispy and golden. >> yes. >> sorry. i'm challenged. when i say our hot lines are questions. hopefully they'll help you. go to on yahoo! to find out more last-minute tips. can't thank you enough, alex, geoffrey, amanda from "chopped." we really appreciate it. so do all our relatives eating our food. sara, over to you. now an exciting thanksgiving collaboration, abc news is partnering with storycorps for their most ambitious project
8:21 am
collecting the largest library of human voices ever and this morning high school students and senior citizens are sharing their stories in the great thanksgiving listen. >> welcome. >> reporter: the berkeley carroll school is gearing found are the great thanksgiving listen. >> you'll deepen your connection to a loved one. >> reporter: storycorps is asking students to interview a grandparent over the thanksgiving holiday. >> as soon as you record it, you can send from your phone to the library of congress where your relative's story will be held in history in perpetuity. >> reporter: garrity collins wanted to get a head start on the project by interviewing his grandmother esther arrington. >> i was born march the 11th, 1932 during the great depression. >> reporter: she was a pioneer in her field, a female african-american investigator in new york city's medical
8:22 am
>> this was surprising a lot of times when i would show up at a scene. they might look at the driver and think, well, the driver is the m.e. and i would just sit and wait until they realized that i was the m.e. >> reporter: esther shared her dreams for her grandson. >> my hopes for you are that 20 years from today, i would hear people saying that you are loving, kind, considerate, humble. >> reporter: the storycorps' mission honors our forbearers. >> this is me here. >> you were my dance partner. >> reporter: and bonds grandchild and grandparent across time. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> what a beautiful project and it's one my parents remind me all the time, sara, stop talking and listen a little more. dan. >> sounds like something i may have said to you at one point, sara but a great story. beautiful. let's check in now with tory for another "deals & steals" flash deal.
8:23 am
>> flash deal. that's right. we know that stockings are going to adorn many mantels this season so we have a great selection for you from personal creations. five different options to choose from and you can personalize with any name up to nine characters. so that's a lot of fun and an amazing deal on these. normally $35 including the personalization slashed in half, today only $17.50. go to on yahoo! not only for these but the christmas trees we just showed you and for everything coming up. >> cool. more "deals & steals" with tory coming up and a magical disney surprise you really don't want to miss. "gma's" countdown to
8:24 am
share wonder every day. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning and happy thanksgiving. it's 8:27 this thursday, november 26. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines, just over a half hour to go until the start of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. eyewitness news is live on the upper west side. good morning, rob. >> good morning, ken. the huge parade expected today. security a few weeks after the paris attacks. the mayor of new york city, mayor de blasio. what do you want new yorkers to know as 3 million people expected to gather for this huge tradition? >> new yorkers come here and enjoy this extraordinary parade. hundreds and thousands of people. to know the nypd is protecting them and protect them well. thousands of officers out here, including hundreds of our new
8:25 am
counterterrorism force. and this is a very, very well protected event. >> unprecedented level of security. >> we expect the biggest attendance. people are voting with their feet. the terrorists are not intimidating the people of new york city. people are coming out to celebrate all what is great about this country. >> happy thanksgiving. >> to you, too. happy thanksgiving, everybody. here's to a fun and safe parade.
8:26 am
take a look debbie has the commute. displt we're going to head over to the f train. bypassing 57th street, we'll keep an eye on that. the j train, no service to jamaica center with electrical issues at jamaica center. alternate park side parking suspended for thanksgiving. g now we have amy in for bill. >> temperatures are in the low 40s right now. but starting off the parade, we're expecting them to warm up mid to upper 40s and by noon, we're at 55. we'll continue to see warming right through the afternoon. a high today of 59. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a mild breeze. we could have a brief shower, high 54. for sunday, it's mostly cloudy and 48. temperatures will stay in the 40s into early next week. happy thanksgiving. >> that's the news for now, live with kelly and michael comes up at 9:00 a.m. more good morning america after the break here on channel 7.
8:27 am
have a great day and a happy thanksgiving. i want to see you smile welcome back to "good morning america." happy thanksgiving. >> i'm ready to eat. >> yes. >> we got to get this done. it is a venerable new york city tradition, the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade now in its been out there all morning having a lot of fun. ginger, what's happening now? >> oh, my goodness i'm here with all the goldiblocks. you know i love science and engineers but this is about fun this morning. you know santa will end it at the very end. i haven't seen him yet. have you seen santa? >> all: no. >> but we are waiting to the line is huge. the sides of streets are full. new york city is on fire and we are so fortunate to be right
8:28 am
here in the middle of it all. all right, dan and lara. >> thank you very much, ginger. i just got passed a note. i'll read it later. it's like class. >> that was from dan. >> yes. >> all right, so what better on thanksgiving than a parade. we're going to check in with rob at the country's oldest thanksgiving parade in philadelphia. rob, how are you doing out there? >> oh, yeah. >> just a quick wave. he's busy. we'll get back to him. we do want to get back to us and tell you a wonderful story. so many of them this time of year and this one is an incredible thanksgiving surprise. two families brought together by military service reunited years later proving the unforgettable things happen at walt disney world. this is moving. melissa rycroft has it, check it out. >> petty officer shannon thompson and his wife irene live at the naval air station in l'amour, california with their two young daughters. but in 2010 the couple was living in salem, virginia, when
8:29 am
shannon was deployed to afghanistan with second battalion first marines. >> i was definitely concerned with how she was going to handle, you know, being two parents at one time. >> reporter: irene stayed back this virginia with their 4-year-old daughter alana. >> it was scary like thinking about him going to a war zone because you don't know what's going on. >> reporter: irene was living with her in-lawyers. it was when show went to mail a package she struck up a surprising friendship. >> the customs form is like really complicated so i had an address. >> she came in and had no clue as to what to do and took her in and helped her, you know, get everything done to get the package mailed to her husband. >> reporter: postal clerk ron johnson served six years in the air force. >> as time went on, you know, every time she came in we'd talk more and more about her husband and her kid and family. >> i would wait, you know, to
8:30 am
register so i could talk to him. give him an update and let him know how things were going. >> reporter: an unlikely friendship but one that became a source of comfort for irene. >> one time while he was deployed i didn't stick with him for five weeks, he told me he said with the military no news is good news. >> it's true, i mean, if something has happened you'll hear about it and four or five weeks you haven't heard from your loved one no news is good news so i think that helped her. >> reporter: more than this kind postal clerk could ever know. >> it was scary for me in a way. because you didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: shannon made it home safely but the thompsons lost touch with ron when they moved to california. although they never forgot the impact his kindness had on their family. with the help of walt disney world shannon and his wife irene were able to offer an incredible thank you. >> hi, ron, greetings from the walt disney world resort in florida. mickey and i want you and your
8:31 am
walt disney world resort. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: ron was blown away when he and his fiancee kat were made grand marshals in the magic kingdom. >> seeing as we are in the most magical place we of course have another surprise. >> oh, my -- oh, my! oh. wow. >> hi. >> oh, this is awesome. [ applause ] >> reporter: it had been more than five years since ron and irene had seen each other. >> i remember you when you were little. >> reporter: and shannon had ron had never met. after taking in the parade the families boarded a boat. >> i, my gosh. >> reporter: a chance to catch up and take in the sights. when they reached the pier at the grand floridian, a thanksgiving feast was the backdrop for this incredible reunion. >> to friends and family and how
8:32 am
acts of kindness can change your life. right? >> cheers. >> cheers. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> five years in the making, friendships rekindled. >> ooh. aah. >> reporter: and a thank you delivered at long last in a magical way. >> whoa. >> did you see that? >> for abc news, melissa rycroft, orlando, florida. >> these families put everything on the line for this country so they deserve every surprise. every pleasant surprise. >> so much to be thankful for this year. >> absolutely. >> thankful for ginger with us from thes macy's parade with a very special guest. >> oh, yes, i do, lara. look who is with me, mr. andy grammer. >> how you doing. >> you're giving away compliments to me so i'm taking hem. >> she looks so cute in this outfit. >> this is how you get with a good interview. good to be alive. we feel like it's good to be alive but your song is just climbing the charts.
8:33 am
re-released my album and "good to be alive" is a single on it and i debt to ipg it on the parade. so fun. incredible to be out here. >> on a perfect day. new album that is out. album is out in stores right now. but we just have to talk about "dancing with the stars." how was the experience. >> the experience was incredible. had a really good time. my partner is actually pregnant. first time ever danced with a pregnant -- >> so i can do it. >> you can do it but a little delicately. delicate dip, there it is right there. [ cheers and applause ] >> we all love it. all right. >> love it. they cannot get enough. >> andy, thank you. i have to hit on a little bit of
8:34 am
colder som >> hey. >> all: sfa. >> we have so much energy we don't know what to do with ourself ourselves. >> thank you, ginger. as we've been saying this a great weekend to go to the movies and the actor chiwetel ejiofor was nominated for "12 years a slave." now part of another cast in "secret in their eyes" and abc's nick watt caught up with him. >> i found him. >> reporter: look at this cast. it doesn't get any better. nicole kidman, julia roberts and chiwetel ejiofor. >> when i knew that they were both on board for the project, you know, i just knew it was going to be a real journey, you know. >> reporter: i might venture to say you outshine them. >> well, i wouldn't say that.
8:35 am
>> reporter: "secret in their eyes" is a dark thriller. >> men carry themselves one way, boys another. >> reporter: set in the wake of 9/11 and 13 years later. >> it becomes a film about obsession, you know. >> reporter: ejiofor is fresh off a plane from nepal where he's filming "dr. strange" with benedict cumberbatch. my wife told me she would leave me for him. >> really? >> yes. >> sorry to hear that. >> i've got to rush in. i'm a bit late. >> reporter: what is it about that guy. >> i don't know. 'a very charming man. i don't know. i wouldn't -- i don't know how to finish that sentence. >> reporter: ejiofor has played othello, hamlet on strange and soloman for philanthropy and "dr. strange -- >> you'll have to see it. the sort of thriller that hasn't been made for awhile. >> thinking about claire is a lost cause but you don't give up.
8:36 am
startling movie best enjoyed if you don't know too much. >> i did a lot of stuff with julia in this movie. a lot of intense stuff we did together and -- but there's a great amount of -- [ phone ringing ] >> my wife telling me she's going to leave me. >> finally ran into benedict. i told her he'd be here. >> reporter: nick watt. >> nick, thank you. "secret in their eyes" is in theaters right now and coming up here on "gma," tory johnson is here. she's right here, as a matter of fact. she'll have much more thanksgiving "deals & steals." keep it here. cookies, i see.
8:37 am
8:38 am
tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 " jntq fop tt4watz'@>4 " lzt& ^", we all want the best deals so what should you buy this friday and what should you wait for and buy on monday instead? well, tomorrow, we've got the deals you're going to want. plus, pitbull and mariah on abc's "good morning america." tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] we are family forget tomorrow we've got "deals & steals" right now. tory johnson with us with some amazing bargains. it's, of course, the beginning of the holiday shopping season and you have familyfun overed >> family fun. yes, we do, first up from one of my favorite companies called eat, sleep, doodle and make all kinds of funny things you get to create at home. want to make your own holiday stockings, i love this one where -- >> great idea. >> a grid on one side and you see it's nice heavy-duty
8:39 am
material comes with a washable marker so you can do it over and over again. this is the countdown to christmas. 25 little stockings and also really fun you can do it in an office and put everyone's names on them. a big assortment to choose from and an amazing price. normally depending on the item you choose, $25 to $35 but everything is slashed in half, 12.50 to 17.50. >> eat, sleep, doodle. really fun. >> i saw this and immediately said that must be the hungry caterpillar. >> eric karl designed this collection for quilted koala. based on the incredibly popular children's book that he illustrated and wrote and so there's a big assortment. not just these pieces but a couple more. it's great for mom and baby. want to put the little kid stuff in a backpack. look at this teeny tote, adorable. diaper bag, whatever it is you want big fun assortment to choose from from quilted koala.
8:40 am
$125, today 70% off. $9 to $37.50. styles. >> more too. >> well done. time 0 eat. >> barbara corcoran, one of her best "shark tank" investments, scratch and grain for the people who like to bake but don't really know how to bake. >> don't do a very good job. the cooking from scratch and so everything comes in the box and it's all color coordinated. all of the steps and so it's like so super simple. >> literally each ingredient is individually packed so you don't have to measure. it is foolproof. >> foolproof. this particular set you get six of their brand-new products so you get two -- three and three. all six boxes just like this so it's a ton, a lot more than what you see here, a lot to bake with whether it's for yourself, a company, gifts, whatever it is you like to do with these kind of things. normally all six pieces, $56, today only slashed in half, 28 bucks for the set.
8:41 am
you know it's got to be good. >> barbara knows her pood. >> from snacking to playing? >> this is really fun so in this digital age there is still something quite beautiful about having a book of your kid's artwork so this particular kit from crayola comes with all of the pieces, all of the pages that you need inside so the kids can choose either a comic book or a storybook, whatever it is their choice, they color in all the pains, do sort of all their stuff. >> then do they write the story. >> the kids do the story, the kids do everything and then you send it in the prepaid envelope that's enclosed and get back in the mail the hard cover book so it's a really, really -- >> i lo of this. >> normally $30, these are slashed in half, $15 and free shipping. >> wow. >> nice, nice gift. >> certainly not least. very special guests to model our final product. come on over here. so we've got my jake and your will. >> let me clarify. that's your son.
8:42 am
will is not my son. he's my producer. >> that is okay. >> he's still your will and so one piece, these have been worn by beyonce, richard bransome, our own michael strahan and jake and will so this is like the premium onesie. they both give it the thumbs up. will would not do this if he -- >> if he doesn't like it. what does it normally cost. >> kids and adult sizes, normally starting at $85 slashed in half starting at $42.50 and free shipping from onepiece. >> great gift ideas for the family, friends and, will, thank you for that slightly disturbing demonstration. we want to thank all the companies for the great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains. enough. >> coming up, two of the star of the "the hunger games" dishing about one of the hottest movies of the year. thank you, tory.
8:43 am
8:44 am
all good things must come to an end including "the hunger games" movie franchise. >> the final installment opened in the top spot at the box office last weekend taking in more than $100 million and abc's rachel smith caught up with the two of its stars. >> every peacekeeper will be waiting. >> next to our faces on every billboard. >> reporter: ask natalie dorman known as cressida and sam claflin what it's like to wrap up the final chapter of "the hunger games" movie sagas and they'll tell you it's hard to say good-bye. >> welcome to the 76th hunger games. >> what has this been like. >> it's been phenomenal to be part of this incredible ensemble and this amazing story. >> a real dream as an actor. >> i can only imagine. >> a shame to see it come to an end. >> among the more memorable moments of filming say the duo,
8:45 am
the grueling shoots. >> it was very emotionally and physically challenging. >> i think mentally we had to be quite strong in the sense that it was really tough few weeks. >> yes. >> they were very dark and claustrophobic. >> real deal. >> cold but hot when they tried to put the water -- heating and the water and got to the point where we were just going a little insane. >> reporter: dorman is no stranger to pushing herself to the limbs. she is an experienced runner managing to fit arduous training into her shooting schedule. you were training for a marathon. >> for the london marathon over the winter months we were shooting. >> you completed the marathon in less than four hours. >> yes? high-five. >> girlfriend. >> thank you. here at "gma" we like to have a little fun and throw a little game into the mix of things so today it's would you rather. so vacation in the mountains or at the beach? >> i'm a beachgoer. >> probably the beach. >> beer or champagne. >> champagne. >> yeah. >> oh!
8:46 am
window seat or aisle seat. >> aisle. >> window -- i don't mind window, i'll say window. >> i like the -- i need to be able -- >> escape. >> escape. >> time travel forward so -- future tore past. >> back. >> oh, i don't know. i'd say future. >> future. you didn't realize this game would be so tough. thank you very much for your time today. >> and thank you, rachel. "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" is in theaters right now. want to see it together. >> really?
8:47 am
>> n what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
8:48 am
the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
8:49 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. >> welcome back to "gma" on this thanksgiving morning. this is, of course, the season of giving and our parent company disney abc television group is teaming up with feeding america to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables to children and families in need. take a look. >> see this box, this box has the power to change lives. >> this holiday season join us in feeding america to help provide food to those who need it most. >> a single kindness can change everything. let's make hunger extinct. find out how you can help at >> earlier this month disney donated $1.5 million to feeding america. >> that is great. and in the same spirit, dan, another great way to give, everybody deserves a second chance, right. we say that includes toys. actually sasha lipton is the
8:50 am
founder of a really outstanding organization that's called second chance toys rescuing un unwanted toys, giving them to needy kids. i love this idea. you came up with it as a young kid yourself. >> yeah. >> you were 15. >> yep. >> i love that. that's such a beautiful thing and so far how many toys have you rescued and repurposed. >> so far we've donated over 200,000 toys. >> wow. >> what was in your as a 15-year-old what ran through your mind you felt like it was a good idea. >> i was drivinging around on a big garbage collection and noticed how many plastic toys are being thrown away on the curb sewn started collecting them to dean and donate. so many children who don't have any toys and there are so many children that are outgrowing their toys so feels like a match. >> we have young children and they go through toys quickly. what do we do if you want to dough mate. >> visit our website, you could also hold your own collection if you have enough toys and all the information can be found on our site. >> tell everybody the name.
8:51 am
we have kids from kidville that will help us donate because this year you have a major goal, 300,000 toys. toys this year. >> a lot of demand. i'm sure you can probably go through some of yours. >> i certainly can. i even have one from kate. we want to say thank you so much. and we want to say to you happy thanksgiving, everybody. sara haines, tom, go, enjoy your have a beautiful day. >> yes. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. thanksgiving.
8:52 am
i'm ken rosato and topping headlines, the anticipation is over. the 89th edition of the macy's thanksgiving parade is about to begin. 27 floats, and 8,000 marchers. an expected 3 million spectators are benefiting. they are also being guarded by security force. 8:57, we check the commute. here is debbie duhaime. >> we are seeing over crowding right now. as you head over to the f train. the f train is bypassing 57th street and it's due to crowded conditions. also the j train back on track, somely residual delays. parts of broadway and 7th closed as well. getting ready for that thanksgiving day parade. let's take a look at 6th avenue. everybody lined up getting ready for the parade. alternate side parking rules are suspended city wide. meter parking rules suspended as well. back over to you, ken.
8:53 am
>> it's easy to give thanks this. great conditions. clouds move in and become cloudy. 59 degrees the high. 10 above average. tomorrow, mild, breezy, and the accuweather seven-i do forecast has a brief shower, then 54 degrees in the afternoon. 48 under mostly cloudy skies. then we drop off towards normal. upper 40s and 50s through early next week. that's your accuweather forecast. have a great thanksgiving holiday. >> that's the news for now. live with kelly and michael comes up next with channel 7 and we are always on atabc7ny. have a happ meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and if you're a conedison customer, you could get $85 back.
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