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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with joe torres and sandra bookman, and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6:00. new details emerge about a mass shooting inside a planned parenthood clinic. tonight police identify the suspected gunmen and rial the dramatic effort to rescue people trapped inside. but first a family tragedy in brooklyn. a fire tears through a home and kills an elderly couple. hello everyone i'm joe torres. and i'm sandra bookman investigators determined the
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>> it started just after 5:30 this morning. and quickly spread through the three story building. octavia and her husband couldn't escape the flames. >> eyewitness news reporters are in brooklyn with details. >> reporter: early northering residents heard screams for help coming from the second floor of the home there. witnesses say neighbors and even total strangers, they tried to say everyone inside before firefighters arrived but tragically the flames were too much to handle. >> i can't even describe what she said. i was still in the state of sleep. >> it was around 5:30 this morning when neighbors say they were woken up by cries for help coming from the second floor window of this home on east 49th street in east flat bush brooklyn. the sell cell phone video showing the flames raging out of control. the woman who lives here was
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parents still trapped inside. clark happened to be walking by. he and a neighbor grabbed ladder and climbed to the roof. they pulled a woman to safety but were unable to save the father and mother. >> she was stuck. so then she pulled back and fell inside the building. we have to get off the roof. >> octavia and her husband lord tragically did not survive. their son seen in this cell phone video managed to escape hands. blaze. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. it took more than 100 firefighters to get under control. a fullty power strip on the first floor sparked a blaze. the home didn't have a working smoke detector.
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of the components of everything made today. it's plastic. fires grow quicker and harder than they did in the past. >> they're a kind and caring people. went to church every week and were always helping others in need. reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. stefan, thank you. on this holiday weekend, sadness and grief fill the streets of colorado springs. mourners today honor the three victims. two civilians, one police officer killed in the planned parenthood clinic shooting on friday. we also learned more about the suspected gunman identified as robert lewis deer. he is being held without bail tonight. here's abc's brandi hicks. >> police cars swarmed to escort the body of fallen officer garrett. the 44-year-old father of two died in a gunfight at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs friday. >> we mourn the loss of the two civilian victims. we mourn the loss of a very brave police officer.
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>> all three, the alleged victims of this man, 57-year- old robert lewis deer who police say brought a rifle to the planned parenthood building and started shooting. police radiotransmissions captured the desperate hours. >> he was looking directly in my face. and he was aiming for my head. >> but the bullets missed. police officers began using armored vehicles to smash through walls and rescue those taking cover inside the clinic. >> the exam bed pushes up against the door. and we all three sat in front of the door for about at least five hours. >> colorado springs' mayor was among those watching the drama unfold on security cameras. >> it was he started yelling that he was willing to give up. >> he's going to come out with his hands up.
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at a service a memorial flame was lit for victims as they held hands and vowed solidarity. 4 of the 9 people wounded here have been released from the hospital. the suspect remains in police custody without bail tonight. his first court appearance is scheduled for monday. in colorado springs, brandi hicks, channel 7 eyewitness news. a plane bound for jfk was forced to make an emergency landing in london this morning due to a cracked windshield. a photo of that broken window was posted online by someone claiming to be a crew member on that flight. american airlines says the plane was diverted to heath row airport an hour after taking off from milan no injuries were reported. maintenance crews are trying to determine what caused the damage to the windshield. orange long island two people dead after a fiery crash between a bmw and a sanitation truck. the two vehicles collided at sheridan and bayview avenues in inwood this morning.
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the crash brought down a utility pole. two people in the bmw were pronounced dead at the scene. police are trying to identify them. emergency workers treated the truck driver for non-life threatening injuries. >> it appears it was a violent impact and that both vehicles became engulfed in flames upon the impact. >> the accident caused local power outages. in manhattan, three police officers are hurt after a crash involving their unmarked police car. it happened just before 4:00 this morning in washington heights. police say the driver of an suv took off after hitting the officer's car which was responding to a call. first responders had to cut the roof off the car to reach the officers inside. the officers suffered non-life threatening injuries. books. but are the days of frenzied end? this year retail sales on black friday fell 10%.
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the reason? online deals. online sales in fact surged 14.3% this year. while many may have skipped the crowds. today folks head out to support local shops for small business saturday. in re in astoria we found local ones. shop small, a festival tonight park slope. malorie? >> reporter: sandra, this is best. people out here tonight tell us they recognize the importance of small businesses in their show support. if you take a look behind me, folks are actually gathered around waiting for a tree the event. and here you go. that tree lighting just happened folks in the crowd very excited. tonight's event is called high
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fifth avenue and park slope is the epicenter of the shop small movement. on fifth avenue there are more than 500 independent shops bars and restaurants. >> communities like this make brooklyn great and make people want to live here. small business is a big part of that. >> this is really important. small businesses in the community are great. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see people really just enjoying themselves. that tree looking absolutely beautiful. music now in the background. i see a couple people actually dancing out there. some people we spoke with tonight understand the importance and the value of this evening. they say this is the perfect way to kick off the holiday shopping season. live in park slope, malorie hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. a pretty tree it is. thank you malorie. ice, wind, rain, severe storms move through the central united states and leave more than a dozen dead. vladimir putin takes action
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down that russian war plane. meteorologist amy at the accuweather center. we may hit the low 60s almost matching yesterday's highs. even with the clouds and the light rain we had around the area. still spotty showers out there on the accu track.
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new details this evening in a double murder at a public
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housing development in brooklyn. police have identified the victims as a father and son. 47-year-old dupree and 25-year- old dupree moore were shot and killed last night inside a hallway at the lankston hughes houses in brownsville. the son shot in the head. his father in the chest. so far police have made no arrests. authorities blame severe weather for several deaths in the middle of the country. police in kansas say icy roads led to crass that killed four people. the same weather system caused several accidents in oklahoma. including a tractor trailer that skidded off the road. and then in oklahoma city, electric lines brought down by the storm caught fire. police closed several roads in the state due to the hazardous conditions. heavy rains from the storm triggered deadly floods in texas. eight people have been killed in flash floods and crashes in the northern part of the state since thursday.
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advisory in the texas panhandle where temperatures remain below freezing. more fall out from the downing of that russian war plane by turkey. russian president vladimir putin is now calling for his country to enact sanctions against turkey. some goods. prohibiting extensions of labor contracts for turks working in this. cos hours after turkey's president said his country was incident. tomorrow pope francis will travel to possibly the most dangerous nation a pope has visited in modern times. there's been ongoing violence republic. since a muslim rebel group over threw the president. today the pope had a mass at a christian shrine followed by a youth prep rally.
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out to see the pontiff. the most significant change to the nsa's intelligence gathering since edward snowden revealed the agency's surveillance program two years ago. an illegal authority for the nsa to gather records about phone calls under the act expires today. a new law mandates that the nsa must request records from individual phone companies on a case by case basis. police in ohio face off with a wild suspect. a kangaroo. discovered hopping around a neighborhood. where it came from how they rounded it up. and another mild day of weather. but cold temperatures will
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look at this. police officers in ohio look more like urban cowboys as they responded to a call about a kangaroo on the loose. they found it hopping in the middle of the road. they corralled the large marsupial but he didn't go down without a fight. one officer snapped a picture of the kangaroo. didn't we have a kangaroo on the loose a couple weeks ago. >> it's possible. >> i think we did. >> i think we only have alligators and kay coyotes around here. amy freeze in tonight for jeff smith. mild. >> we were pushing upper 50s. but the temperatures really over performed.
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and we ended up in the low 60s with the official high at 63 for this date. it looks like temperatures will fall off about 10 to 15 degrees for tomorrow. looking out right now over manhattan, you can see the empire state building, one world trade, we have 46. so temperatures are falling fast. 15 degrees off where the high temperatures were this afternoon. and it was way above average. but the record is 70 set back in 2011. sunset tonight was at 4:30. we got a little bit of rain. but hardly measurable in some spots. the big story here will be the temperatures changing. any where from 5 to 15 degrees colder right now compared to yesterday at this time. so the which i ams coming in. a return -- the which i ams coming in. -- the chills coming in. a reminder we are in winter months. temperatures in the low 40s north and west. we'll make it into the upper 20s to near freezing for the northern counties over night tonight. winds are coming out of the north all ready. so the front sort of stalling
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off to the south. but enough of this breeze coming in we'll feel effects of cooler air. a few hundredths of an inch. looking at radar and satellite, spotty showers can't be ruled out for the rest of the evening. there's one that will dive north of the city. there's a little more rain coming to the south of us. over washington, to south jersey, they could get in on light spotty rain. for tomorrow, the front rolls passed us. we get cooler conditions and clearing skies. there's another front that comes in. a reinforcing shot of cold air for monday. that takes us to highs in the 40s for the start of the workweek. the rest of tonight you see the showers come and go. this shows the rain in increments. notice one more round of rain that is south of the city. a glancing blow to the city in the predawn hours. we make is the rain for the
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cloudy and passing showers. clouding give way to sunshine tomorrow. with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees colder than today. 51 is the high temperature. that's a normal november high. compare that to the low to mid 60s we've been having and it'll be a culture shock for us. we roll into december. temperatures right on cue for this time of year. still running above average as we push into the middle of the week. heavy rain expected tuesday night to wednesday. accuweather seven day puts up the best looking day on thursday with highs in the 50s. upper 40s for the first weekend of december. ready. back to reality in some ways as workweek. >> we're back next with sports. you probably remember there was a time where it seemed rangers. that time is taking a break. this afternoon the blue shirts struggling at home. their offense couldn't get anything going against the flyers.
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maybe it was the turkey or the stuffing or the pumpkin pie. the rangers are still digesting. >> a little thanksgiving hang over. the first time this season the
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they were off to the best start in franchise history. today, they hosted the flyers in the afternoon. on the break away, 1-0. we go to the 3rd. the rangers cannot clear the puck in front of the net. he finally punches it in. that makes it 2-0. the shot here in the third going off the post. that was their only real opportunity of the day. 3-0. the rangers take their third straight loss. well the cavaliers have 12 wins losses. cleveland. we'll of course have full highlights tonight after football. the knicks coming off another loss last night. the second loss to miami in one week and third loss over all.
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he out played carmelo anthony. now they must find a way to get back on track. >> i don't know what's missing. but we need to figure it out. you know. to drop three after we've been playing, you know, so well, we got to, you know, reality check, figure it out on our own. it maybe week 12 in the national football league but the nfc east is no closer to being one with no team taking advantage of a weak division. but with losses by the cowboys and eagles it could come down to two teams and they happen to be meeting tomorrow. the giants visiting washington. big blue comes out of the by week with a one game lead over washington. the giants beat them back in week three. the rematch pretty crucial to both teams. business. that's basically what it is. we're all aware. it's interesting to the redskins as it is to us. no doubt. so it puts things into
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perspective. you have to take care of your own business. and we know that. we've been down that road before. well the jets they're staying home for week 12 hosting the dolphins tomorrow at met life stadium. they won the first meeting this season. that was all part of their four and one start to the season. since then, miami's fired their head coach and they're playing better while the jets have lost four of their last five. and with a loss tomorrow, new york would find itself in a tie for last place in the afc east. i don't think it influences much. they're playing a lot better football. we haven't played great of late. we're trying to get ourselves back on our own two feet. >> a challenging season both on and off the football field came to an end for the rutgers football team with no bowl game in their future the scarlet nights were trying to go out on a high note. they face maryland. this afternoon, chris, his
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second of three first half touchdown passes. that's to josh hicks. they're not going quietly. fourth quarter. brandon ross takes a hand off. and takes off running. 80-yards for maryland's first lead of the game. that's the best time to lead. 46-41. rutgers finishes 4 and 8. 1 and 7 in the big-10. syracuse fired head coach scott schafer on monday but still coached the finale against tyler ralph. third quarter touchdown. they would tie it. coal murphy. time expires. a field goal for the victory. 20-17. syracuse ending its season with a win. and virginia tech assured today that frank would go out on top and coach one more game. the head coach is set to retire after 29 seasons. he he was carried off the field by players today. after the hokeys earned a last minute win over virginia.
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ensuring themselves a place in a bowl game. they'll get to carry him off one more time. >> 29 years in one place. >> pretty amazing. that never happens these days. not much any more. >> you've been here 29 years. >> just about. next week. that's the news for now. thanks for joining us. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're coming back after college
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