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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  November 29, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> reporter: it is cold. a chilly start. fifteen to 20 degrees colder than yesterday. now the clouds are giving way. and blue skies. the northland will dominate. today. while. and the sun will push temperatures into the 50s. more of a preview of winter's eve coming up next. looking forward to that. out the door this morning, temperatures are pushing into the upper 30s. the boroughs are warming up. subfreezing conditions in the outlying areas. a live picture at manhattan. there are the numbers. change. fifteen to 25 degrees colder then it was yesterday at this time. showers are lingering. that is the cold front that has stalled just to the south.
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along the jersey shore through central new jersey. all of that continuing to push south and east. planning for this day, expect the clouds to give way to sun breaks. the further north you are, you may already have sunshine. the high today of 51 in new york city. coming up, a preview of the 16th year for winter's eve on the upper west side. we will have food and entertainment. i will also have the accuweather seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. developing in new jersey, three people have been killed. at least 16 other people were 287 in somerset county. >> kristin thorne is live at moorestown medical center with details on this ongoing story. >> reporter: good morning. several of those people are recovering here at moorestown medical center, as you mentioned. others injured. in this horrific crash. we want to show you video that
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last night. 287 north at exit 29. at least four vehicles involved including a pickup truck, a passenger car, a multi- passenger van and a trailer carrying cattle. well. two people pronounced dead at the scene. medical center. nine others recovering at jersey. several miles of the highway was closed this morning. all lanes northbound around exit 29. thankfully all those lanes have been reopened. we're still waiting to hear from new jersey state police about what caused this crash. live in moorestown, kristin thorne, eyewitness news. investigators are also on the scene after a state trooper was involved in a deadly the stroop -- the trooper was stopped at an accident in west babylon when investigators say somebody rear-ended the trooper's car. we have learned a pedestrian at the scene was killed in all of
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this. but it is still unclear if that person was involved in the initial crash. new this morning. police are searching for the man who led more than -- lit more than three dozen religious flags on fire in queens. police sent a video that shows the man in the front yard of a woodhaven home lighting fire to 40 religious hindu flights. all of us have an early thanksgiving morning near 89 avenue and 80 street. the man took off on 80 street after starting the fire. nobody was hurt. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. a suspect is under arrest this morning accused of raping and robbing a woman who was running on the lower east side. 28-year-old vladimir putin surrendered to police last night one day after authorities identified him as -- 28-year-old paul niles surrendered to police last night
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police say a second victim has come forward. a 56-year-old woman said that paul niles grabbed her and then fled on a bike earlier that same evening. a woman has her neighbors to thank after escaping a fire. this happened last night in belleville. the homeowner was asleep. the fire broke out in the back of the home on belmont avenue about 7:00. neighbors walking past noticed the flames and rushed in to find a woman who had spent more than nine decades living in that home. >> my husband was banging on the door. she got up to go to the fire and see what was going on. i grabbed her and i carried her out the front door. >> good neighbors.
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one man even made sure the woman's vintage car was safely away from the flames as firefighters came in to get the fire under control. no word on what started the fire. investigators continue the search for a motive in the shooting that killed three people inside of a colorado planned parenthood. the organization says eyewitness accounts suspect he was motivated by his antiabortion views. 57-year-old robert dear lives nearby and is accused of killing three people in a shooting rampage on friday. 60 miles from his home. one of the victims is a police officer named garrett swasey. a moment of silence was held last night where he works. as friends remembered the man who not only serve the community but it was also an avid figure skater. >> garrett swasey was always there to listen when you have
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ahead of himself. always trying to help somebody else. >> five other police officers were among the nine people injured and friday's shooting. meanwhile robert dear has a court appearance tomorrow. turning to the race for president. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is bragging about his high standing in the polls as he continues to draw crowds numbering in the thousands. trump arrives in sarasota, florida in his personal helicopter. the crowd chanted his name. it but one woman began protesting -- one woman began protesting. donald trump asked for her to be removed. he says he is trying to be more tolerant. >> we had one person really being bad. it was horrible.
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we said, get them out. i get criticized. >> donald trump in trouble for allegedly mocking a new york times reporter with a disability. we will see how that plays out. his closest rival doctor ben carson is alert -- working to bolster his opinions when it comes to foreign-policy. that is why he has taken a trip to jordan. you have it -- you visited refugee camps filled with families fleeing the civil war in syria. he says the u.s. should help countries like jordan settle these families in the middle east instead of bringing them here to the u.s. coming up, you can hear from republican presidential candidate ben carson and ohio governor john kasich with george stephanopoulos right after eyewitness news.
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coming up, a heartbreaking mystery out west. a newborn baby was found after being buried alive. the search is on to find out who would do such a thing. the few clues that police have about the moments leading up to the discovery. the dangerous storm hammering parts of the country right now. the conditions people are dealing with this morning. a look at all of that ice. . amy freeze is coming back with your accuweather forecast. she is outside just across the
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a cold morning across the central u.s. people in oklahoma are waking up to a thick layer of ice that is covering just about everything. the ice made tree limbs fall down. and so did power lines. thousands of folks without power as crews worked in the storm to get everything up and running again. hello winter. >> the busiest travel weekend of the year is really messy in utah. the snowstorm causing major
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several crashes yesterday. watching these cars go sideways. drivers were stuck in traffic as officials closed ice covered roads. officials say the light snow mixed with low temperatures made the roads even more dangerous. they know the bad weather and bad roads out there. be glad you live here. >> we do have traffic issues here. but it is nice to live in a city that has such great public transportation. i would rather be stuck on the subway them that -- as opposed to that. let's go back to amy freeze at lincoln square. she has been having a good time out there. a chilly sunday. >> reporter: this is our neighborhood. this takes place on the upper west side. just across from the lincoln center.
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i'm at dante park. behind me is this tree that will be lighting up tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. today is an opportunity to give you a preview. we have 36 restaurants for winter's eve. and we will also have dancers and this hour. and we have some delicious food. let me get you up to speed on the weather. the skies are breaking overhead. the blue skies do look fantastic, despite major temperature changes that we have this morning. as much as 25 degrees colder. currently at 37 at central park. the influence from the wind is from the north. the cold front yesterday brought the temperatures near-normal. the northerly wind driving in. two shots of cold air.
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east. part of new jersey -- that is the only area of shower activity. and 51 degrees. clouds and then sunshine today. there is the next bit of cold air coming from the north. taking it down to 46. the 46 degrees reading -- is slightly below average this time of year. this afternoon, 51. twentys in the suburbs. tomorrow, the coldest day of the stretch. we end november and slide into december with temperatures right about average for this time of year. then back into the mid-50s by wednesday. the accuweather seven-day forecast calling for rain tuesday night into wednesday. and that time period, late tuesday into early wednesday, we could see up to 1 inch of rainfall. by thursday, the sunshine is back. seasonal sunshine. 50 degrees. forty-nine on tuesday. and 48 on saturday.
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delicious part of this -- of the show. here is a chef -- with a french influence. it is not just french. african and turkey influence. >> yes. mediterranean. spain. turkey, greece, italy. all of the above. >> the items you are serving tomorrow for winter's eve -- what will that be? >> tomorrow, making meatball sliders and lobster and pistachio macaroons. >> i see this. i could probably figure this out. this is garlic and shallots. you have the meatballs. we will add pepper.
9:15 am
>> spices sometimes intimidate me when i am making things. >> it intimidates most people because they don't want to overdo it. i like to be aggressive with the spices. it gives you an extra kick. we have come in and olive oil -- cumin and olive oil. >> when your making things like this, does it matter the order you put them in? >> normally you want to start with the meat base. you want to make sure the salt is correct. then you can add the spices. >> you can get creative. >> a little cayenne pepper. roasted bell peppers as well. >> you can add breadcrumbs. plump. and then some egg. for every two counts, i do one egg.
9:16 am
and 2 tablespoons or 3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs. >> what is the name of this particular thing? >> meatball sliders. >> it is so good. >> i'm from north africa. we had italian style meatballs. >> i like it. tell me what they look like. i know you also toast this. >> the slider bonds. we take this mixture. we have a nice spiky -- spicy smoky sweet tomato sauce. >> wow. right across from us here. sixty-fourth and broadway. tomorrow night, you can check it out along with 20 other restaurants.
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some of the restaurants, you can pay 1 dollar or up to $4 take you get this opportunity to taste. so we will make these and pass them over. we need two. one for michelle. one for rob. i think they will like this. this is delicious. this is what i will pass to them. i have to get this dish over to them so they can try it. >> this is awesome. >> this is so yummy. >> put that one on the top. here it goes. just for you. >> i like this. >> beautiful. wow.
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sometimes a little messy to eat. when he says that, i could hear a challenge. >> don't worry about us. >> winter's eve. you are so talented. >> thank you. >> it is so good. >> look at amy. she is a lady. >> there it does. >> back to you guys. >> winter's eve, tomorrow night. eat well. pope francis receives thanks for his courage this morning, by visiting a conflict ridden country in africa. be issue dividing the country gap.
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treatment with xarelto ... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . welcome back. a newborn baby is in a california hospital after she was found buried alive. the question remains, who could do such a thing? people on a nearby bike path friday. and called police. she was found under pieces of asphalt and garbage near a investigators believe the baby was just 24 or 36 hours old when she was found. there is evidence she was born at a medical facility. she is now under observation at a hospital. happening today, president obama will head to paris to join leaders from nearly to hundred countries at a climate change summit meeting. it is part politics and also part of science in the face of the paris attacks.
9:22 am
international agreement for you -- reducing the impact of global warming. republican lawmakers and the u.s. are working to undermine the president's environmental agenda. dozens of gop senators are vowing to block the funding for the you in climate change program -- un climate change program. pope francis has been in africa. this morning, the pope met with christians living in a refugee camp in central african republic. surrounded by peacekeepers, he was greeted by school children. he told those living in the camp that he prays for peace for them.
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sunday morning. 9:24 a.m. >> time for sports with laura behnke. >> lebron james and the cavaliers have not been perfect to start the season. except with the home record. the conference champions have not lost a leading into last night. faced with the nets. looking to give them a loss. the nets has lopez with a team-high of 20 points. lopez sharing the ball. over to shame mark in. cutting in for the layup. up by seven. kevin love, the three ball. the first lead of the game. thomasson -- thompson finishing the alley-oop. that he is down for the great layup. let's not forget about lebron james. the final minutes. the running floater with one second left. 90-88, the nets fall.
9:26 am
>> three straight losses. that was the fate of the rangers were in danger of suffering yesterday. as the blue shirts tried to help the minis -- the mini skid. changing this on the breakaway. it is 1-0. to the third. the puck in front of the net. punching it in. making a 2-0. the rangers offense is stagnant. off the coast. this was the only opportunity they had. 3-0, the rangers take their third straight loss. +-plus-sign in florida, the islanders visiting the lightning. the rebound out of midair. new york getting on the board on the power-play. over to josh bailey. for the one timer. still 2-1, lightning. tied up in the third. another power-play chance for the islanders. punching and the loose talk for the lead. islanders end up with a win.
9:27 am
and a hockey hat trick. the doubles traveling to montrial. >> the big slapshot here. taking this really weird angle here. 1-0, canadians. under one minute left. and tying it with 21 seconds left. going into overtime. the rebound. that will do it. 3-2, and the doubles -- devils get the win. >> more on the jets and the giants win we see later tonight. much more ahead this sunday morning -- morning including a live look at the top stories. three people are dead. sixteen injured after an overnight multivehicle crash in new jersey. i'm kristin thorne. with the details coming up. and new images from the controversial shooting of
9:28 am
12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland. do we have any new clues here? tens of millions of americans are heading back home after the thanksgiving holiday. and amy freeze is back with a look at the accuweather forecast.
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welcome back to eyewitness news early on this sunday morning. a live picture of one world trade center. a chilly sunday morning out there. much colder than yesterday. we hope you enjoyed yesterday. today is different. it feels like november. not too bad. thanks for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth.
9:31 am
time to go get tree weather. >> yes. the weather. >> reporter: good morning. all across the area, we have seen the tree lighting ceremonies happening. right here in our own neighborhood on the upper west side where we are located. we will be hosting this tree lighting at lincoln square at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow night. this morning, we took the opportunity to give you a preview. along with the tree lighting, we have a party in the neighborhood. about 36 restaurants will open their doors and offer samples to people who will fill up the sidewalks. businesses. music performers. until 8:00 or 9:00 at night. it is fun for the whole family. this morning, waking up to what you need to know is, bundle up this morning. currently in the upper 30s
9:32 am
around the boroughs. west. subfreezing this morning. colder this morning. it was a rude awakening. the cold front has brought in chilly air from the north. although the front stalls out to the south, it is still lingering with showers to the south. we are starting to see sunshine breaking through. blue skies and manhattan. also to the west of this lingering shower activity for the jersey shore, and some sunshine. we hit a high of 51 this afternoon. clear skies at sunset. should be a beauty. falling into the 30s tonight. in a few minutes, we will have dancers for part of winter's eve. a preview of their talents. and more details on what you can expect tomorrow night on the upper west side.
9:33 am
back inside to you guys. we will update you on the developing story in new jersey. are dead and more than one dozen injured after a horrific crash on i-287. the nasty collision involves a car, a most the chat -- multi passenger van and a pickup truck trailer that was carrying cattle at the time. kristin thorne is live at moorestown medical center with more details on this. good morning. >> reporter: several of those people recovering here at moorestown medical center. as you mentioned, three people killed. and 16 others injured in this horrific crash. we want to show you video we got from last night. this was around 10:30 p.m. last night. northbound on 287 around exit 29. at least four vehicles involved. including a pickup truck, a passenger car, a multi passenger van and a trailer carrying cattle. some of them were killed as
9:34 am
two people pronounced dead at the scene. another died at the moorestown medical center. nine others recovering at robert johnson high school -- hospital. a few miles up 287 northbound were closed around exit 29. all lanes of northbound were shut down. thankfully they have been reopened. we are still waiting to hear from new jersey state police about what caused this multivehicle crash. live in moorestown this morning, kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. pennsylvania please have a suspect in custody after one of their own was shot and killed. 31-year-old -- the 31-year-old was shot and taken into custody. a manhunt was happening outside of pittsburgh. accused of killing officer lloyd read while he was the spot -- responding a domestic violence call. he served on the police force for more than two decades. a home in suffolk county went up in flames. firefighters at the scene at north babylon.
9:35 am
gutted by fire just before 2:30 a.m. this morning. the flames also spread to a car and a home next door. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation. the prosecutor in the tamir rice case has released enhance video of the moments before and after the 12-year- old little boy was shot and killed by a police officer. the surveillance video is sequenced and enhanced, frame by frame. but it does not appear to show whether or not tamir rice -- as police have maintained, was indeed reaching into his waistband for the pellet gun when a patrol man shot him less than two seconds after getting out of his police car. in recent weeks, several experts have weighed in on the case. they have released conflicting reports on whether the fatal shooting was justified or not. a grand jury must decide whether to charge the officer involved. police know exactly who they are looking for after a man's phone was stolen on the subway.
9:36 am
the suspect was a big help. he got his picture into investigator's hands. this selfie was uploaded to the victim's google account which is automatically linked to the phone's camera. the phone was stolen last month on the q train. police say this is the man who took it. he ran off with the phone at the beverly road station at prospect park. >> genius. today is the day everyone hits the road to get home after thanksgiving. and if you have similar plans out there, you may be getting some serious traffic. here is a live look at the world's busiest a bridge. we know it well. though -- the gwb. be on the road will be a around 1:00 this afternoon. see you may want to head out early if you can. more than two and half million today. a live look at the airport.
9:37 am
airports and just the 12 days surrounding thanksgiving. >> so you should leave either late at night or before sunrise. and they are much happier when they get home. coming up next, talk about a gamble. we talked about this yesterday morning. a daring heist took place right outside of a casino. how the thief managed to walk away with half a million dollars. . and an adventurer from brooklyn who went solo across the atlantic ocean. why was it so important for him to set out on such a jury? we will tell you why. . amy freeze has food and wint cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat.
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tomorrow night is the 16th annual winter's eve celebration here at lincoln square. our neighborhood. featuring food and music. and the great tree lighting. >> very cool. look at that. i have never been there. i'm ashamed to admit that. i may go check that out. >> you have to do it. let's check back in with a b freeze -- with amy freeze. she is in front of the tree that will be live tomorrow night. a look at the weather and everything else going on out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to the both of you. this is the 16th year for winter's eve. here on the upper west side. i am at dante park which is right across from lincoln center. we will have some of the dancers and performers and live entertainment available tomorrow night. you can come into the neighborhood from 8:00 -- at 4:00 until 8:00 tomorrow night.
9:41 am
west side is all about which is wonderful. we are a part of it. we are right here on the upper west side. eyewitness news will be broadcasting live for the lighting ceremony. we will get a chance to check out these amazing dancers. they are incredible. it is a lot of fun to watch them. temperatures right now, in the 30s in the boroughs. looking at the official temperatures, central park at 37 degrees. the wind has been out of the north this morning. it is chilly. a real change. we typically have temperatures in the upper 40s. we have been having 60s. the last two days. yesterday, 63. and the northerly wind continuing today. radar and satellite showing lingering showers. this is the front that came through.
9:42 am
the air mass from the north. the front is affecting the ohio river valley all the way to the central plains. for us, the front moves off to the south and east. a high of 51. another shot of cold air coming tomorrow. even colder at 46. the accuweather breakdown. clouds to sunshine. we're starting to see improvements. the further north you are, the quicker you will get good-looking skies. tonight, a few clouds. thirty-eight and the city. twentys in the suburbs. tomorrow, it is chilly. the coldest day of the week is tomorrow. sun breaks coming. overcast. drizzle on tuesday. tuesday into wednesday, up to 1 inch of rainfall. that will be the wettest part of the week. then we see temperatures returning to the 50s. we will have a performance right now. incredible to see this dance group. they have been with winter's eve for the last several years. beautiful costumes, as you can see.
9:43 am
i will let them do the little performance here. and turn the microphone over to the music. [ music ] these of the bolivian dancers.
9:44 am
you look so beautiful. all dressed up. part of the live entertainment for winter's eve. there are so many acts. we would have the ceremony of the tree lighting. that will be fun. just a fantastic opportunity. also to show some of the great performances that happened in and around the lincoln center. looking forward to it. tomorrow night. 4:00 until about 8:00 or 9:00 right here on the upper west side. this is where we broadcast the news from. we would love if you came by said hello. >> they were great. >> fantastic. the 16th annual winter's eve celebration starting at tomorrow night right here on eyewitness news. coming right back with more news. channel 7 community calendar. from the extraordinary world of
9:45 am
music this week, one word, a dell, shattering records. 3.8 million copies of an album so. a remix of the song that my girlfriend will not stop playing. this is the signature track from the album. this is a remix of "hello". >> here is what is happening in the community. local artists so one-of-a-kind gifts, jewelry, art, clothing, home decor -- of the indoor street fair and gift gallery. >> on the historic new york brooklyn bridge tour, i for the history of the bridge. find special holiday gifts made by local artists and artist this -- on staten island. the brooklyn holiday bazaar. featuring handmade items, food vendors, and crafts for kids. in connecticut, join in the fun at the round hill community church annual advent workshop.
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9:49 am
marcy gonzalez has the story. >> outside of this detroit casino, a half-million dollar heist pulled off by a safe -- thieves armed with nothing. >> the driver of this truck was making a stop on related to that casino when he reportedly security employee told him to open the back of the vehicle, thinking he was a co-worker. the driver reportedly followed the order. the man in managed -- managed to grab cash and walked away with a half-million dollars. >> the good thing is that nobody was hurt. investigation to find out what happened. >> the police now questioning the driver and going over surveillance footage from outside the casino.
9:50 am
as the fbi joins the search for criminal gamble. >> channel 7, eyewitness news. >> the simple plan that works. a man on a journey to raise aids awareness in his father's memory is back in new york after a nearly two year trip across the atlantic ocean. >> victor mooney arrived at the brooklyn navy yard friday, 21 months after setting off for the canary islands. the aids activist and not have an easy journey. he lost 80 pounds. an island in haiti. he had to have this vote after he will celebrate his return at the brooklyn bridge tomorrow. >> i'm sure his brother is proud. >> impressive. we will be right back with a look at the top stories. first a look at what is coming up on up close. >> good morning.
9:51 am
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coming up in a few minutes, this week with george preview. >> good morning. so much to get to today as we bring in the latest on the shooting in colorado. we will talk exclusively with official. plus we will go one-on-one with ben carson in jordan. has this tripped -- trip changed his view on the refugee crisis? >> and we will talk football after the stunning announcement about frank gifford. >> back to you. developing right now, more than a dozen people are recovering after a deadly crash new jersey. >> kristin thorne is live
9:55 am
the details. >> reporter: at least three several of them now recovering at moorestown medical center. accident. we want to show you the video got. 287 north around exit 29. at least four vehicles involved including a pickup truck, a passenger car, a multi- passenger van and a trailer carrying cattle. several of the cattle killed. two people pronounced dead at the scene. one later died at moorestown medical center. nine people recovering at robert johnson hospital. several miles of the highway were close to this morning. now reopened. thankfully. we're still waiting to hear multivehicle crash. live in moorestown, kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. investigators on the scene after a state trooper was involved in a deadly crash.
9:56 am
the trooper was stopped at an accident in west babylon when investigators say someone rear-ended the trooper's car. we learned the pedestrian -- police are searching for the man who lit more than three in front of a queens home. video police sent us shows the man in the front yard of a to 40 religious hindu flags. all this happened early thanksgiving morning near 89 avenue and 80 street. thankfully nobody was hurt. let's go back outside and get a final check on the forecast with amy. >> reporter: this is all part of winter's eve. thirty-six restaurants. more than 20 live performances. tomorrow's weather, here is the fifty-one today. bundle up when you go to the upper west side for winter's
9:57 am
eve. it is the 16th year. going for a high of 51 today. forty-six tomorrow. and rain up to 1 inch on tuesday night into wednesday. these are the bolivian dancers. we have about 30 members in new york city. you clap. then you go to the other side. then you go back. >> i need to get an outfit. night. check them out. i will get them ready to sign off the show. back to michelle and robbed -- rob. that will do it for this sunday morning. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson.
9:58 am
>> we leave you at lincoln square with a preview of winter's eve. >> take it away.
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