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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  November 30, 2015 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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the meeting comes on the heels of a 9-year-old killed in chicago. >> and the man accused of opening fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs is set to make the first court appearance this afternoon. 57-year-old robert dear is scheduled to appear before a judge in a video hearing and will be advised of the charges that could be filed against him. hello again. i'm charlene mallicot. >> i'm david navarro. we are hearing from a man who put his life on the line to help a neighbor from a burning home. >> fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. and long island reporter christine thorn talked with the brave neighbor and joins us live at the scene. >> reporter: chris says when he woke up in the middle of night and saw flames coming out of his neighbor's home, well, you can only imagine what he did. the father of two, they navy veteran and former volunteer firefighter, i am sure you can
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i will show you video right now, we got with him early this morning where we showed him he ran over to his neighbor's house and the house, the video, it is completely on fire. he said he began banging on the windows the dogs to rescue his neighbor dominic. he has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. chris realized he was probably sleeping. after all it was 2:30 in the morning sunday and so he grabbed a ladder and climbed up to the second story bedroom and started banging on the window. >> i started pounding on the window. dominic, get up, get up, your house is on fire. and he finally wakes up. your house is on fire. you got to get out of here. we pull him out of the window. down to the ground. >> reporter: and they were able to get him to an ambulance. and he was carried away. he will be just fine. chris says on top of all of this, he was told that there may be a female tenant stuck in
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so he also ran down there. thankfully, she was not at home at the time. chris went to the hospital with smoke inhalation. and he also had pretty bad cuts to his hand that he used to try to bang through that window and he says he is glad everyone is all right. the cause of the fire, undetermined. but police say it is not criminal. we're live in north babylon, i'm criscuolo kristen thorn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, kristen. new at noon, police have relevanted a man accused of killing a decorated new york city firefighter. 52-year-old conrad zippa will afternoon. and prosecutors say he killed retired fdny lieutenant richard duty last week. the victim found in his home, on long beach island with blunt cut throat. he was a 29-year veteran of the department. nasty head-on crash in rockland county. an and unbelievably the driver
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an suv slammed into a bus on route 45 in ramapo this morning. fortunately no drivers and the driver only had minor injuries. the suv driver not only survived the crash but got out and took off. police fear that the person may have been injured and are actively searching for that person. jury selection resumed this morning in the corruption trial of former new york assembly speaker shell don silver. today a juror asked the judge if he could quit deliberations because of an unspecified conflict of interest. it is the second time in a week a juror has sought to get off the panel. prosecutors say silver collected nearly $40 million in elicit fees and in exchange for official favors to real estate developers and others. president obama in paris for the opening of the global summit on the climate, two weeks after the deadly attacks. the president among the 50 world leaders who posed for a group picture and tonight he sits down for a one-on-one group dinner with francois hollande, and the fight against
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isis and the climate expected to be the topics of conversation. lana zac has more on the meeting. >> reporter: good afternoon, david. a pledge of $20 billion to invest in clean energy technology, may be the most concrete thing to come out of the conference. the world leaders are also tackling a much more difficult issue. in france, climate change is on the agenda. but terrorism is on the minds. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. >> interspersed among the speeches about the environment, discussions continue on the growing threat of radical islamic terrorism. terrorism that little more than two weeks earlier led to the deaths of 130 people in paris. president barack obama paying tribute to all of the victims with a single white rose. and with nearly 200 world
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the terror attacks, the city is in lockdown. all public protests are banned. yesterday, some tried to assemble in defiance. clashing. >> while inside the conference, major meetings between world leaders including president obama and chinese president. the chinese considering a greater role in the terror fight after a chinese hostage was killed recently by isil. >> this is a threat to everyone. and i look forward to having china play a greater role in addressing this crisis. especially since the political transition in syria, and assisting acute humanitarian needs. >> and at the same time that the chinese president is discussing climate change, today, beijing has issued the worst smog report of the year. the pollution levels there, an astounding 25 times beyond what is considering even safe. live in washington, lana zac, for channel 7 eyewitness news. back to you, david and charlene.
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>> lana, thank you very much. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans. he has the after-school accu- weather forecast. bill? >> we have sunshine. and clouds. as we look at the camera in astoria here on the east river and a temperature of 43 degrees. and now, for the afternoon, we might see that getting to about 44 to 46. and then dropping on into the mid-40s. so nice weather this evening for being outside. and jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, that sort of thing, and it will be brisk and chilly. we will talk about warming up. we will talk about rain. we will talk about sunshine. all in the accu-weather seven- day forecast. in just a moment. back to you guys. david, charlene? >> sounds good, thank you, bill cyber monday, shopping spree. we will tell you about the items with the deepest discounts. >> plus the big change you will find on many restaurant menus starting tomorrow. >> and a royal security breach, how the two dads managed to
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call 1-800-341-9716. dozens of people are recovering this morning after a deadly multi-vehicle crash that started with a truck carrying livestock in new jersey. now, investigators say it began saturday night, when a man arriving in a pick-up truck, pulled over on 287 in burn ard's township to check on the cows he was pulling in the trailer. moments later, police say 23- year-old robbie nyeek slammed into the trailer. he got into the car seconds before a van carrying a dozen people hit a guard rail and
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the crash killed nyeek and two other people. >> he wanted to be around everyone that he knew and keep them in touch. we persistently trying to get everyone together and hang out. >> is personality was quite magnificent. and that's why people are still hanging around here so much. >> the van involved in that crash was carrying workers from a nearby chinese restaurant. and two of them were also killed in this crash. a driver under arrest. and one of hits passengers in critical condition. after a charter bus filled with college students crashed in virginia. the bus carrying 50 people flipped, just south of richmond last night. more than 30 people went hospital. the bus was taking disiewnds back to various colleges after their thanksgiving break. the driver charged with wreckless driving. we are learning more about the unexpected thanksgiving guests at the white house. the attorney for joseph caputo says his client jumped the white house fence draped in a flag as an act of protest.
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in the charging documents, the secret service claimed he was suicidal and the college student says he didn't want to harm anyone and wanted to deliver a message of change. two british dads take their fight for father's rights to the queen's home. the two were arrested after spending nearly eight hours atop a building on buckingham police. the queen and prince philip were not at home. the men came down voluntarily. pushing for equal rights with fathers and divorce and separation cases and charged with trespassing. 20 season nba titles and 70 all-star games and more than 32,000 points. after it all began, kobe bryant says he doesn't want to do it anymore. the nba legend retiring after this season. >> i honestly feel good about it. i really do. i actually feel at peace with it. and excited for what is to come. >> he ticked everybody off by writing it in a poem and posting that. and bryant confirmed he is leaving the geryl after two decades.
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at age 37, he spent more than half of his life in the nba and the initial announcement came in the form of a poem and derek jeter's player's tribute, entitled dear basketball. i am ready to let you go. we have given each other all that we have. kobe bryant sits down with robyn roberts on "good morning america" wednesday morning after eyewitness news. grammy award winning singer shi naid o'connor is safe after reportedly threatening to take her own life. the facebook post says i have taken an overdose at a hotel another name. the comments say o'connor had a horrifying set of betrayals and receiving medical treatment. out. >> absolutely. in health news, are you thinking about skipping the gym and why today's workout may be guess. >> and the mystery surrounding this disturbing photo of a dog that is going viral and
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there is no sugar coating new york city's new salt rules. here is how it shakes outs. starting tomorrow, chain restaurants have to place an image of a salt shaker next to menu i'ms that exceed the recommended daily limit for sodium. that amount works out to about a teaspoon of salt a day. the new rule only affects chains with at least 15 locations. when it comes to heart health, it seems every minute of exercise can count. the journal of the american medical association published a study that looked at a thousand people over 20 years of age. it says that every single minute that participants could endure on the treadmill actually led to a 12% decrease in heart problems over the years.
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treadmill. >> thank you. today is cyber monday. the internet's answer to black friday creating a shopping frenzy so large, it crashed the target web site this morning? >> i am not surprised to hear that, 121 people are expected to shop online today. and we have more on the hottest deals out there. >> reporter: black friday madness has changed. instore revenue fell 1.2 billion on friday. and 2 million on thanksgiving. >> for several years now, almost every door buster has been available online as well. and that really benefits shoppers. >> almost $4.5 billion was spent at retail web sites. a new high. purchases for mobile devices surged. >> customers turning more to the web part of the store, it has extremely busy since thanksgiving. >> deals started well in advance of thanksgiving, today, still offers low prices in many categories. >> cyber monday is a great day
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for toy shopping. we see even higher rate of best of the year prices than we do on thanksgiving or black friday. >> clothing, shoes, and beauty deal, also top the savings chart right now. sitewide discounts continue. target is offering 15% off everything, with a code. macy's, 20% off. and electronic, too. walmart has this ipad mini 2, $70 off. finally, amazon is in it to win it today. almost all of their kindle discounted. and tempting shoppers with a look into black friday's future, releasing this new teaser video of their prime air drone delivery service, which some day may air drop orders in 30 minutes or less. michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i don't know how much the stores fabricate this thing but i'm caught up in it. i don't know about but you guys, there are things i don't what else? deal.
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phone and you get all of these e-mails from everybody. >> inundated. what in the world? >> yes. >> keep giving us good weather. >> yes. >> great. out and about tonight on the place to be. it is going to be absolutely gorgeous this evening. some chilly weather. fall weather. into december. and we will be looking at what will be a lot of cool breezes out in the northeast for the evening and then that kind of dies down tonight. and then we start a warming trend, with temperatures back in the 50s tomorrow. here we go, the cameras, for times square, looking south, a mixture of sun and cloud for the afternoon. a little bit of the ato-cumulus clouds. these are the clouds that have sheared off from the rain and the big system of rain coming our way. after midnight tonight. 43 degrees. and we have a little bit of wind out there to make it feel a few degrees cooler in the upper 30s. be a in the upper thirsts, the air temperatures -- it is in
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the upper 30s, and 39 around new city and rockland county. and mid-40s long island. and 44 montauk. the wind out of the north east, cooler. and it also kind of works the high pressure ridge just enough to hold the rain down to the south, for a few more showers. at least until we get to midnight. and the rain surges up and into the area. so you will see in our future cast, that rain gets going, after midnight, and so we will get all of the festivities in tonight. and then there is also more tomorrow, and the rain gear and the temperatures are mild. in the upper 50s and wednesday, there is rain. and by the time we get to wednesday morning, at 6:00 a.m. there could be about a half inch of rain, around. so much-needed rain too. and 52 degrees. the warm air surging up and over. and then as the front nears on wednesday. we have rain. some heavy rain. wednesday afternoon. wednesday evening and then this pushes through after midnight. and we dry out for the end of the week and into the weekend. it is chilly this afternoon. dress warmly. at 46. and 42 tonight. after midnight. a little rain and drizzle.
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starting with the morning commute tomorrow. off and on, rain, 52 degrees and you will see it is milder and damp on wednesday. and heavier rain in the afternoon, wednesday, and wednesday night, you will need your rain gear if you're out and about wednesday evening and then we have some nice weather, thursday and into the weekend. low 50s. and upper 30s. that's good stuff. as we head into december. >> not bad. >> i have a viewer who is complaining. and come on, i want the snow. i'm like she will get the snow. don't worry. you will get the snow. >> don't worry. >> right. >> it is coming. >> you are going to get it. we haven't even started yelt. >> that's right. >> something for everyone in new york. >> oh, yes. >> we have a lot more winter left. >> oh, yes. >> let me have a day more without it. >> we haven't gotten to winter yet. you will get some snow. >> exactly. >> thank you, bill. we'll be right back. but first, here is mario batali with what is next on "the chew." >> hey, guys, today we are bringing you the getting ahead guide to the holidays, nigella lawson, with a make ahead meal
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news. we will talk with the new man who is in charge of running the rutgers athletic department. and a lot of oscar buzz. sandy kenyan, the new ground- breaking film the danish girl. we have those stories and a whole lot more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. see you then. >> thank you very much. the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and retweeted on social media and begin with a viral photo that has sparked a police investigation, and for good reason. the facebook pictures show a dog with duct tape, tightly wrapped around its snout and the caption reads, this is what happens when you don't shut up. well, it did not take long before social media angrily responded and police tracked down the person tied to the page and she apparently had ties to florida and connecticut. and police have not determined if the woman was responsible to the post or she taped the dog's mouth. so consequently the investigation continues. social media very upset,
12:56 pm
somebody pay for doing this to the poor dog. >> saw that over the weekend. disturbing. also disturbing, in china, a bizarre site that caused panic. cars floating in the air. you have to see this video. check out the busy intersection, cars mysterious lifting up, into the air. >> whoa. >> this is the video going viral. >> what is that? >> and people speculated it could be magic, ghosts but the truth it, it was not that extraordinary. a fallen cable wire had been tangled up on a street cleaner and as the street cleaner moved, it created the illusion of lifting the cars. >> it is like ge peto. >> yes. >> a puppet master. >> bizarre nonetheless. once again it is all about saving lives, no matter how big or small. the nypd special ops tweeted out this photo and i retweeted. two officers rescued a hawk that was in trouble in the east river. the harbor unit was on patrol at the brooklyn bridge and they
12:57 pm
flapping its wings and pulled it on the boat and dried it off with a towel and it remained perched on an officer for several minutes. >> heroes to everybody. >> that is great. >> a good one. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> i'm david navarre vo, for the rest of the eyewitness news team, thanks for this afternoon. and make sure you're back here this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4:00.
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