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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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patients to a law firm associated with sheldon silver. he got about $4 million in that scheme. guilty on all seven charges. he is 71 years old. he was first elected to assembly in 1976. he was elevated to speakership in 1994. on his indictment earlier this year he was forced to resign his speakership. he stayed on in the assembly but now he's going to have to leave the assembly, kicked out of the assembly basically because of the conviction here late this afternoon. guilty on all seven counts. we're waiting to hear from perhaps sheldon silver, also his defense attorney. we'll keep you posted when that happens. reporting live in lower manhattan, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. another breaking story we're following in the bronx. police right now on the scene of a double shooting in the sound view section. newscopter7 was over the scene on stratford avenue a short time ago. we're told two men have been shot.
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the shooting was not far from the james m. curenen junior high. we turn to the beating of a 35-year-old man who was dressed as a woman. his head was bashed in to a concrete curb multiple times in what police believe may be a hate crime. >> it happened on 93rd street in jackson heights. shirleen allicot is live in queens with that story. >> a brutal attack. it happened here in front of this multifamily home. if you take a look to my left, you can still see the crime scene tape. as far as what we know, it happened around 4 a.m. sunday morning. police say a man who was dressed as a woman was severely beaten here. the victim's head as you mentioned slammed on the concrete curb. we don't know the motive for the attack but police believe it could be a hate crime. they say the victim was a guatemalan immigrant who dresses as a woman and has a female first name. they don't have any suspects at this time and they're hoping anyone who
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saw something will give them a call. as far as that victim, all we know right now is they are at elmhurst hospital in critical condition. of course we're going to keep you updated on this story. reporting live from jackson heights, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're getting exclusive video tonight of a five-alarm that fire started this afternoon near the top of the 6th story building on montgomery in morris heights. newscopter7 was overhead. you can see the pictures we got there. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is live with the exclusive video and more on the residents and what they're doing this evening. >> that video was taken on the roof of this building where sources tell eyewitness news seconds before this blaze broke out crews were up there doing some type of repairs with fire. by the time units arrived here there was smoke and flames in six of the 11 top floor apartments. >> told me don't take the elevator. run. so i was so scared.
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>> reporter: that's because dozens of firefighters seen here in this exclusive video had their hands full. battling what would turn out to be a 5-alarm blaze. it was all hands on deck, nearly 200 firefighters working on this apartment building on montgomery avenue. >> the smoke spread out. >> just before noon the call came in. there was a fire on the top floor of the six-story building. chief leonard says making things even worse, friends had spread to the area between the top floor ceiling and the roof. newscopter7 was up above as crews pinpointed and put out the flames, making huge holes in the roof. >> on the ceiling, top floor almost concrete. so we have to pull them down. it's very difficult. >> reporter: this firefighter hurt his hip. we're told a minor injury. rita lives on the fourth floor, smelled smoke but stayed inside her apartment. >> were you worried?
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was thinking in case the fire comes in, what would i do? i was getting ready if i have to carry him or whatever i have to do. >> reporter: she's talking about her 8-year-old son. he's in a wheelchair. firefighters helped them get out, carried the little boy down the stairs. those top floor apartments, flames damaged them. others, it's the water that did them in. >> i was so scared. so even tonight, i don't know where i'm going to sleep. >> in fact, the red cross has set up shop not far from here at ps109. it's helping at least a dozen families. in terms of the cause of the fire, that's still under investigation but officials say structurally this building is fine. for now we're live in the bronx, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the cause of a fire that sent flames shooting out of a college dorm window in the bronx is under investigation. it started on the second floor of the door at maritime college this morning.
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fire damaged at least one room and forced everyone out of the building. the fire was quickly brought under control. no injuries were reported. police in rocklin county nabbed a driver on the run after a serious head-on crash. an suv hit a bus head on on route 45 near williams avenue in ramapo this morning. police say the suv driver now identified as karna roka of garnerville, ran from the scene. he was found a few hours later. roka is being treated at the hospital and is charged with dwi and leaving the scene of an accident. fortunately there were no passengers onboard that bus and the driver suffered only minor injuries. the water is back on in hoboken and utility officials say this morning's water main break is not connected to the problem that disrupted service last week. this time an 8-inch pipe broke under monroe street, levering up to 100 homes and businesses without water. crews repaired the pipe and restored service by noon. it was a frustrating situation for many
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week after the large pipe and valve broke. a big shakeup inside rutgers university athletic department after missteps both on and off the field. two key members were let go, head football coach kyle flood and athletic director julie hermann. what's the university's next move? anthony johnson is live with the latest. >> we're standing right outside the athletic training facility. we've seen a number of student athletes coming in and out. they're getting ready for the holidays. but this is certainly a sports program that once again is in a state of flux. >> reporter: the newly hired athletic director patrick hobbes mood. here. what i need to be is somebody who brings some change. hopefully leadership that's welcomed by everyone. >> reporter: but hobbes joins a controversy. there are allegations of failed drug tests. seven football players were arrested for criminal
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behavior. just two years ago rutgers men's basketball coach mike rice was fired after an abusive video was released. in order to make a change. rutgers hired athletic director julie hermann. hermann is out and football coach kyle flood has been sent packing. >> despite losing flood, it's unfortunate when we lose a scarlet knight. i'm looking forward to the future. >> i think it was a good decision. >> reporter: flood seemed confident about his job status after rutgers lost to maryland friday. his alleged actions involving an academically ineligible football player led to an investigation and he was suspended for three games this season. the new athletic director isn't focused on the past. >> i'm looking forward to do everything i can to help the department of athletics. >> reporter: all is not gloom and doom. the women's soccer team is heading to the final four north carolina starting this weekend. julie hermann was
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on the field to congratulate them after beating virginia in a shootout last friday. the student body is anxious to see if the football team can get on track when a new coach is hired. >> it's one of the biggest stages. you're playing ohio state, michigan year in, year out. >> many of the students already said they'd like to see greg schiano, the former football coach return here to rutgers. they believe he's the right man to right the ship as quickly as possible. from rutgers university, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. donald trump calling his meeting with black pastors today the meeting lasted a couple hours. it was preceded by controversy when some of the pastors attending said they were blind siding when trump's campaign portrayed the meeting as an endorsement. the news conference that was supposed to follow was canceled but trump
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and speak to reporters. >> we came up with lots of good ideas and future ideas but i thought it was an amazing meeting. >> he's probably the least racist person there is but he's got to tone down certain languages that can easily be interpreted as racial slurs. >> some black religious leaders have accused trump of using racially insensitive and incendiary rhetoric. signs of a potentially weak holiday season causing stocks to slip. negative early signals about the strength of the shopping season including weak sales on black friday rattled investors. the dow dropped 78 points, closing at 17,719. the nasdaq fell 18 points and the s&p 500 lost 9 points. a sheriff's deputy under fire. coming up, his hate filled rant on social media that has him in hot water tonight. >> ice skaters will have to
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undergo new security measures in central park. >> i'm lauren glassberg live on the upper west side. you can see the crowds are starting to gather for the annual winter's eve festival. we're getting ready to light the tree. i'll tell you about the ornaments that adorn this year's tree. >> dry in the neighborhood right now. it's a little on the chilly side at 43 and we're tracking the rain, potentially a wet start to meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices,
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ec a family of syrian refugees arrived in new jersey today and they're the first to come since governor christie said he did not want the state to accept refugees. members of the homeland committee will be meeting. that meeting has been put off until a public session can take place. prosecutors are seeking a three-year prison sentence for nicole basi. she and her boyfriend exploited six children, drugging and recording them during sex acts. it ended after the couple was arrested for kidnapping two amish girls from a northern new york farm in 2014.
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new information about a threat that shut down the university of chicago. authorities say it was apparently motivated by anger over the police shooting of a 21-year-old jabari dean faces federal charges. prosecutors say he threaten today kill 16 white 16 to represent the 16 bullets that a chicago police officer fired in to laquan mcdonald. dean is not believed to be a student at the university of chicago. the school canceled all classes and activities on its main campus today as a result. 75 potential jurors were interviewed as the trial of a police officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray started in baltimore. court officials say all those questioned today said they were familiar with the case of the young man fatally injured while in police custody back in april. william porter is the first of six officers charged. he'll be the first to face trial. today his attorneys repeated their request for the trial to be moved out of baltimore.
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deadly rampage at a colorado planned parenthood clinic faced a judge today during his first court appearance. robert dear appeared via video hookup. the 57-year-old is accused of killing a police officer and two civilians during the siege. >> reporter: shackled and staring straight in to the camera, planned parenthood shooting suspect robert dear appeared before a colorado judge for the first time through video conference. murder in the first degree. >> reporter: the 57-year-old is accused of unleashing five hours of terror friday. leaving nine wounded and three dead. including jennifer, a mother of two seen here on facebook. 22-year-old kier stewart was a war veteran and believes behind two girls. >> what
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-- military instinct. >> what does that tell you about him? >> that's the big brother i know. >> reporter: the 44-year-old father of two was once a champion junior ice skater who changed with u.s. olympian nancy carrigan. >> always putting someone else first. >> reporter: as family and friends remember them in vigils and church services, detectives continue looking for answers. an apparent loaner, dear lived this colorado mobile home. some of the victims' family say they've already forgiven robert dear. they just want to know the officer's funeral will be held friday. the largest group of world leaders ever to meet about climate change is gathered right now in paris. with that city
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terror top of mind. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. >> president also met with china's president and said the cooperation between the two nations is vital in the fight against global warming. we've got lee back with us. you said the drizzles are coming later tonight. >> i think you're fine, tree lighting, winter 's eve, should be great tonight. by the way, with the climate debate, some great debate coming out of that conference right now. not only on the pro side of climate change but also on a documentary called the climate hustle that came out and talked about the other side as well. overwhelmingly majority still supporting a lot of climate change but at this conference
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coming out in the science. west side. the temperature is 43. northeast wind at 5. the burr aum -- the barometer is on the fall and the high comes in as 49. a little spike in temperature. between today's high and low, good enough for a tie for the warmest november on record. there's your average high at 49. right on target. sunset tonight was we're really around our earliest sun sets as we go in to the early part of december. 49 the average high last year on this date. 55 and mostly cloudy skies. a couple sprinkles trying to sneak in to central and southern new jersey. they're drying up. 49 in point pleasent. even though we're seeing 30s here, our numbers are going to level off. we're dry at 7:00. light rain especially from the city south and west starting to develop by midnight. have your umbrella all day long tomorrow for light to
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just in the last few frames the rain showers seem to be fizzling. if you want a dry evening to head out, i think you're in pretty good shape. city rain off to the south. and slowly this will lift north. this is a front that doesn't now. this will give us light there will probably be a break in the action. steady rain will come in by late morning wednesday and i think our heaviest is wednesday afternoon in to the evening hours. this is the core of the storm. if you heard over the weekend caused a lot of severe weather. snows in the rockies and upper midwest. the strongest part of the storm like so many storms, bypasses us to the north and west and we just get a couple days of rainfall. 52, lighter rain tomorrow. for wednesday it's a steadier perhaps heavier rain. and by the time we get to wednesday night may have an inch of rain across parts of the area. here's your accuweather forecast. clouding up already. a touch of rain and drizzle. mainly later on
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tonight. the evening is fine. 52 tomorrow. that's a late day high. it's raw, cool, intermittent rain and drizzle. we'll check in with you at 5:30, see if that lull and rainfall going to happen. could we have an inch or more by wednesday evening? then a nice weekend for for that for the first weekend of december. all in the 7-day accuweather forecast. get ready for changes headed to some menus in new york city. >> it's to help you make some healthier decisions but we'll tell you why not every restaurant is taking part. >> before you hit the checkout lines, check out our it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios.
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electronic toy maker vtech says hackers may have taken the information. the compromised information includes names and birth dates. they've contacted all the affected users and temporarily suspended some of its websites as a precaution. vtech makes tech-related toys including tablets and smart watches.
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are expected to snap up bargains online on this cyber monday. 50% of shoppers plan to buy something online today. if you thought black friday was less intense this year, you're right. in store sales fell by more than a billion dollars. americans spend $2.7 billion online, up 14% from last year. >> a lot happening online. if you are shopping at your computer, what should you buy today and what are the real bargains? >> 7 on your side nina pineda is here with where to find the deals. >> 121 million online shoppers are going to spend $3 billion in sales just today, most filling up their online shopping carts between 6:00 and midnight. we've got new tools to help you save and tips to help you stay safe in cyber space. >> reporter: make sure you search for cyber monday promo codes. they'll give you 15% off site-wide at target and 20% off at macy's.
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>> you're going to see lots of those same sales popping up season. >> reporter: several cool new sites and apps help you find the you can name your price and let the site green toe you. aundria got her beats for $72. almost $100. >> reporter: if you already bought something and it pops up price difference for you. >> they'll go back to the back. >> reporter: the site takes a 25% cut of the refund but does all of the work comparison shopping. downloading browser extension tools like invisible hand or shop genius will alert you when prices fluctuate. >> invisible hand just popped up on my browser and saved me $50 instantly. >> reporter: just don't squander any savings getting hacked during the holidays. andrea says not to shop on unsecured wi-fi ever. >> that's how hackers can get in if they hack this bluetooth device. they can get in to my
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computer and mobile device. >> reporter: to avoid getting scammed, she suggests changing passwords frequently using a pc instead of mobile to cyber shop and avoid clicking on unsolicited fishing e-mails which can lead to problems. >> if you notice the price on something continues to rise because you're constantly looking at it, you can open an incognito browsing window. >> reporter: the leading browsing history avoids being target would higher prices. >> delete your cookies. you might find you get a cheaper price. you might get that new user coupon code you had the first time you went to the site. >> choose credit over debit. there's a lot more protections with credit if there's a problem. tis the season to monitor your banking statements. if there's any fraud it's up to you to find it and flag it. when you're shipping, request signature for delivery. you don't want anyone stealing those
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>> no, you don't. still ahead on eyewitness news, a profanity-filled rant against muslims on facebook and posted by a local police officer. >> increased security at a popular we're going to tell you what to expect. >> a live look at lincoln square where the crowds are gathering for the upcoming lighting of the lincoln center tree.
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isn't that amazing? bath fitter will measure, custom-make and install right over your existing tub. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day. i know because i did it. he was once one of the most powerful men in new york state. former assembly speaker sheldon silver found guilty in his federal corruption trial, guilty dave evans at the courthouse with the latest coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00.
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this half hour, sheriff's deputy in new jersey under investigation for a profanity laced rant against muslims all posted on his facebook page. good evening at 5:30. i'm diana williams. >> i'm bill ritter. sade right now headed to lincoln square for we'll check in with herane few minutes. that sheriff's deputy, vile facebook posts. >> that post has since been taken down. that's not ended the investigation in to why an officer of the law went on such a public rant. eyewitness news reporter darla miles live in jersey city with more. >> not only has that facebook post been taken down this afternoon, sheriffs officer alex pino disabled his entire facebook page. >> reporter: eyewitness news first met alex when he returned
5:30 pm
home from a tour in the middle east back in 2004. >> you've got to take care of your own people first. he's worried about taking care of foreign policy. i don't think that's right. >> reporter: then the unemployed navy veteran was concerned about the job market. he did get a job at the sheriff's office two years later according to his linkedin page. a recent facebook post published on is filled with profanity and takes a harsher tone with his personal view. one part written in all caps says, expletive on the mosque. tear them all down. we accommodate too many of these people here. follow our laws in place. >> we're going to be asking for an apology and will be contacting the sheriff and to know why somebody in his capacity is an officer to say something like this. >> reporter: the post troubling
5:31 pm
for the council on islamic-american relations. it also reads according to, get out of my country. yes, my expletive country. in a written statement hudson county sheriff frank schillari says it's absolutely unacceptable to me for any member of this department to disparage any race, religion or ethnic group, no matter the forum. >> i'm sure he had many culture training across his career. i'm sure he knows how to deal with people. and this is not the right way to do it. not on the facebook. if this is your opinion, keep it to yourself. >> pino has ben placed on administrative leave with pay. i called him this afternoon but he was unable to comment because of the ongoing investigation. reporting live from the hudson county administrative offices, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:32 pm
reality at a winter wonderland. people who want to hit the ice in central park this season are going to be met with metal detecting wands. a spokesperson says there are no threat and the new measureerize being -- measures are being taken out of an abundance of caution. an effort to prevent trees from falling with deadly consequences. lawmakers and park advocates standing on the steps of new york city hall today to announce proposed reforms. they require accreditation for city workers and outside contractors who work on trees. the move follows the recent death of a delivery man in brooklyn. he was riding his bike for work when he was crushed by a tree. >> holding candle vigils is not enough. statements of sorrow are not enough. serious reform
5:33 pm
better protect the public. >> advocates say new york city paid out more than $21 million in four recent tree settlements. an american activist jailed in peru for two decades is finally coming home to new york. lori barrenson was paroled back in 2010 but barred from leaving lima until her entire sentence was up. she's now 46-year-old and has a 6-year-old child. we have new information on the drug overdoses. a second student pleading guilty. 23-year-old eric lonagan accused of distributing mdma also known as molly. he faces up to three years in prison. another former student has already pleaded guilty to the same charge.
5:34 pm
for the first time ever a woman will hold the number 2 job with the new york state police. patricia grober has been appointed first deputy superintendent make her the highest ranking woman in the division's 98-year history. announcement today. she'll oversee the day-to-day operations of the entire state police force. we may be having some kind of uber mild november but for folks in the central part of the country, a different story. plains getting a new storm filled with wet, heavy snow. power lines down. a real threat. just as it was for folks in oklahoma over the weekend. here's abc's elizabeth herr. >> reporter: technically, winter may be weeks away but millions woke up monday morning to quite a preview. >> there is some thick ice that's gotten ground there. so you have to go a little slower. >> reporter: winter arriving early across the plains and the midwest.
5:35 pm
so far being blamed for killing at least 14. >> no way you should have survived that. >> reporter: in utah first responders are calling this woman lucky she survived. >> she didn't have any strength left and there was no issue, could have got on top of that ice by herself. >> reporter: the 32-year-old was trapped in freezing water after falling through the ice trying to reach one of her dogs. the entire rescue caught on an officer's body camera. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: in arkansas floodwaters ran rampant and in oklahoma, ice wreaked havoc, shattering power poles and snapping power lines, forcing the governor to declare a state of emergency in all 77 counties. forecasters say brace for more snow with this latest round. >> this is not going to be the biggest storm that we're going to see this winter in the plains. it is going to disrupt travel. minneapolis, omaha, and in to eastern nebraska.
5:36 pm
forecasters say this storm will be over in 24 hours and long forgotten by the end of the week with temperatures well above freezing by friday. still ahead, a warning about salt popping up on menus. what this symbol means and why not every restaurant has to post them. >> safety concerns shut down part of buckingham palace. why the state dining room has been closed effective immediately. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. traffic moving well. sade is get ting ready for the tree lighting. meanwhile a couple sprinkles are drying up. looks like a dry evening. here comes the rain off to the south. we'll let you know when it arrives. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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menus at many restaurants in new york city beginning tomorrow will start including warnings about sodium content in their food. fast food restaurants
5:39 pm
will be required to place an image of a salt shaker next to menu items that exceed the recommended daily limit to sodium. that works out to about a teaspoon of salt a day. the new requirement palssed unanimously in september. >> most people don't know they are not going to control their sodium intake by taking the salt shaker off the table. that they consume sodium that's already in the food when they buy processed and prepared foods. >> this new rule, by the way, affects chain restaurants with at least 15 locations. the new york state dining room at buckingham palace has been closed out of concerns that its ceiling is not safe. it will be moved to other rooms. a complete overhaul in the palace is already being planned including rewiring. queen elizabeth may have to move out during the work. a man says a coyote came in
5:40 pm
to his home and snatched one of his dogs. this could have been an even bigger tragedy because john fisher's infant granddaughter was asleep in a car seat next to one of chihuahuas. he heard the dogs barking. he saw the coyote run off with one of his 8-year-old dogs, 8-year-old chihuahua elois --eloise was in the coyote's mouth. >> it just wasn't fair. >> fisher is worried that coyote will come back so he says for now on he'll keep his doors closed and not going to let any of his dogs play outside. >> many years ago, i grew up in southern california, lots of coyotes and wild stories about them getting through the doggy door. still ahead, lee goldberg's forecast.
5:41 pm
>> plus, from riding a bike to getting glam with kim kardashian, the all star prizes you could win for as little as $10 and all for a good cause. >> i'm lauren glassberg live on the upper west side. right behind me, tom chapin and his friends and family performing because this is winter's eve. the festival has kicked off. coming up i'll tell you a little
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the lead singer of u2, bono, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences with top celebrities to coinside with world aids day tomorrow. kicking off an online campaign to raise funds to fight a.i.d.s. donors get a chance to spend time with george clooney. liz? walk the set of game of thrones. liz? a $10 donation. >> good stuff they're doing. >> empire state building in red
5:45 pm
tonight because of that. >> nice night. we've got the tree lighting happening. a lot happening in this area around town. >> nice night feeling like the holidays. a little chill in the air. tied for the warmest november on record. we'll have a warm start to december. great stuff at the stores, sales, great food, music, entertainment. a great neighborhood party to kick off the season. hope you can head down. you won't need the umbrella. 43, mostly cloudy. northeasterly wind at 5 miles per hour. how about the month of november? all of the red numbers above normal days. you're looking at six days that were below average. that includes today but warming up with a high of 49 to help us reach 52.7 degrees for the average mean temperature. that's the average between the high and low. that means we're tied for the warmest november on record. 43 degrees at 8:00 tonight. this computer model
5:46 pm
doing a nice job showing we're not raining at 11:00. around midnight, first drops. light to moderate rain during the day tomorrow. big difference from our southern suburbs like lakewood, new jersey. starting to see rain during the evening hours. take it up to catona, new york, very chilly. not seeing any these numbers just a shade above freezing. you'll see rain during the day tomorrow. occasionally moderate. a raw day, late day high around 50 or 52 degrees. need the umbrella all day long. the rain does get a little more intermittent tonight. the rain trying to get in here earlier seems to be fizzling. steadier rain to our south will take a while. notice the futurecast around midnight or so. then it's rainy for the morning commute. not particularly heavy. there could be a couple more moderate showers closer to the coast. a break tomorrow night with the rains more intermittent. heaviest batch of rain coming wednesday afternoon in to wednesday evening. by the time we get to wednesday evening when
5:47 pm
things are wrapping up, we could have an inch of rain in parts of the area. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. next few days, need a umbrella and rain coat. wednesday, heaviest rainfall from midday in to the early evening hours. we clear out. we go in to a great stretch of weather. it's really consistent. a little blustery on thursday. after that the wind backs off. 50 by day, 30s by night. friday through the first weekend of december. we've got breaking news we want to share with you real quickly. there's a fire in brownsville. we've got newscopter7 over the scene. no apparent flames right now but you can see a lot of firefighters on the scene there. this is in brownsville, no injuries to report at this time. on a different note, great night to head out to lincoln square. we've got our tree lighting happening this evening. >> i'll be introducing the musical act but right now lauren glassberg taking a different
5:48 pm
look at the tree lighting for us. >> it's a beautiful night. it's crisp and winter-like. behind me you can see a performance underway and also that tree, it's a 27-footer, a white fir from bliss, new york. that's upstate new york. it will be lit and sparkling soon enough. but before that a look at what makes this year's tree a peace tree. >> it's called eden's offering. it's nature giving fruit to mankind. >> reporter: stefan selano's contribution. students worked with laser cutters and 3d printers to create a number of ornaments. >> there was a lot of students that came from graphic design that had never done 3d modeling. there was also students from engineering that had done 3d modeling but not for 3d printing. we really had to go through this learning process
5:49 pm
together to figure out how to make the ornaments. >> reporter: known as the h.i.g.h. patience is key here because tiny pieces take hours or days to print but in the end they'll have a public forum for their work, the nonprofit city arts asked them and students throughout the city to create their version for the tree. >> i truly believe that every time kids create, they do not destroy. so the more use we're going to engage in doing art, the better we all will be. >> reporter: something stefan certainly believes. >> i feel it's important we remind people this is what's important. this is what we need to remember. >> a live look right now on the upper west side at lincoln center. over to dante park
5:50 pm
where the winter's eve tree lighting festival is underway. hundreds of people, thousands of people enjoying this 16th annual winter's eve. and of course the event goes for several hours. come out, there's food, shopping, performances, night for this community. we're live on the upper west side, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you're heading out there. >> i am. the chapin family just tremendous. on their shoulder is harry, who died 38 years ago. they think about him every time. big moment. you'll see the crowds gathering along columbus avenue. we'll head out for the lighting of the christmas tree. >> i'm liz cho. coming up after that on eyewitness news at 6:00, a man rushes in to a burning house and helps rescue a neighbor. we hear from both of ordeal. >> bad news for lirr commuters. the railroad will start charging
5:51 pm
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sade baderinwa is live at the winter's eve celebration. >> it's a beautiful night on the upper west side for the 16th annual winter's eve celebration. do you hear everyone out here? [ cheering ] it is a great time to be here for this tree lighting. there are thousands of people out here already. this has really become a part of the eyewitness news tradition, covering this try lighting. i've done it for nearly 10 years and helping to kick off the celebration behind me, we've got the family and tom here. sadly your brother is the most famous of them all. harry is not here with us. but his spirit lives on. >> we started together many moons ago here in new york city. we're thrilled to be back here
5:55 pm
to help light this tree although i guess we're not going to do it ourselves. love to see all these people here. what a wonderful event this is all across the whole section of new york city. >> it really is. it means so much to so many people. i'm going to get your daughter in here. you guys actually have a new album out. >> we do. we have a brand new record called "today's not yesterday." >> we're called the chapin sisters in case that wasn't clear. >> we were talking about how the spirit livers on. what does it mean to carry on this tradition throughout your family? >> i think it means everything our family stood for is about being together and it's exemplified by tonight. there's so many people standing out in the cold, trying to bring some christmas spirit to this night and this season. >> it's all about being together. that's where we are now, together to light this tree. let's do the countdown.
5:56 pm
? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. eventually it's going to catch up. we're all waiting but the spirit is alive and well here on the upper west side. what can i say? maybe the light switch isn't working. >> turn on your iphones to light them up. >> let's light up the tree with your cell phones. you guys ready? [ laughter ] we're here on the upper west side for the annual christmas tree lighting. in the meantime
5:57 pm
come on out, bring the family out and enjoy. >> we'll get that fixed and deal with that and show you the actual tree lighting later on. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. new at 6:00, they already pay high fares for their commute but long island passengers are about to get hit with an extra cost. they'll have to pay for parking an lirr lot. plus this. >> i start pounding on the window, dominic, get up. >> a man rushes in to a burning house and helps rescue his neighbor. >> first we're following breaking news. form new york state assembly speaker sheldon silver guilty on federal counts of corruption. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and
5:58 pm
i'm bill ritter. the latest political
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