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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. gun violence on the streets. tonight sending innocent people running for cover and running for their lives. but first, what really went on in the jury room in the trial of sheldon silver? tonight we hear from one of those jurors. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. sheldon silver one -- once one of
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spending years in prison. convicted on seven counts this evening. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger with the new details and reaction from silver. >> in a courtroom in a building behind me today shelly silver sat silently, as the foreperson said the word guilty seven different times. a man who once ruled albany facing a potential sentence of decades in prison. >> reporter: after almost four decades of public service, more than 20 years as speaker of the silver's storied political career came to a definitive and most undignified end. after three days of deliberations the jury convicted him on federal corruption charges, guilty, they said, on every single count. >> just disappointed right now.
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after we file the legal challenges we'll have a different result. >> reporter: during the five-week trial, prosecutors laid out a pattern, silver they said profited $4 million after using his position to benefit two real estate developers and a cancer researcher. >> what's been so upsetting about all this is he's been doing this for 10 or 15 years and it took that long to catch him. >> reporter: but in the jury room the verdict was anything but easy. >> i just wanted to get out of there. >> reporter: at one point the juror sent this note begging to be excused from the case. she was pressured, stressed out because she was the only one willing to acquit. >> i gave him the benefit of the doubt and it was disappointing.
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justice was served, said the governor. silver's name already gone from his office in the capitol. one of new york's most powerful, most feared lawmakers now a convicted felon. >> what do you say to constituents of yours who supported you all this time? >> thank you. >> courtroom watchers say the intrigue in that jury room will most definitely form the basis for an appeal on silver's legal team and they'll be as aggressive as they possibly can be because six of the seven charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years each. we're live, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire at a senior housing facility in new jersey. the fire started late this afternoon in a building on 5th avenue in jersey city. the fire was contained to one apartment on the 5th floor. the 60-year-old man whose identity has not been released was found dead in the apartment. no one
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we have new video tonight of a wild shooting in the bronx. people running and ducking for cover. as you'll see, it even captures the alleged gunman putting on a mask before the melee. the nypd tonight tweeting out this picture of the gunman. jim dolan in the sound view section. >> at 11:00 at night the streets here, the sidewalks here are almost deserted. at 3:00 in the afternoon they are packed and they were packed this afternoon with children who had just gotten out of school and families, adults, people walking around and all those folks when the gunfire started had to run for it. >> reporter: moments after the shots are fired as people frantically run from the gunfire cameras show a young man emerge from the street between cars, gun in hand, placing the gun in his jacket pocket before running for everyone else, it was terrifying. the back. that's all i saw. i just covered myself.
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shell casings lay on the street. one person was hit by gunfire. another injured by shattered glass. the man in that dark vest and that light colored sweatshirt arrived at the scene moments before the shooting. cameras catch him pretty clearly before he pulls a mask up over his face on a pretty warm autumn day. he's now blocked by the van but you can see when the shots are fired, watch how people scatter. some of the people ran in to stores to get away. >> some customers, they come inside my store. >> they ran in here for safety. >> uh-huh. gunshots. >> i was in the living room and of course i heard a loud crack and i knew it was gunshots. by scrambling. people were just gathering. >> reporter: watch one more time as the man arrives on the scene, pulls the mask up to cover his face, then moments
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a gun in to his pocket and runs away. >> the 43rd precinct tweeted out his picture with a note that says does he look familiar? help your community out. they want to put this guy behind bars. according to the video he may have at least two friends who were with him that day but not wearing the distinctive clothing he was wearing. he's definitely the easiest to recognize. reporting live from the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight new york cops looking for a suspect in a possible bias attack in queens. happened early sunday morning as the victim was walking to a building in jackson heights. police say the 35-year-old man who dresses as a woman was hit in the head, thrown to the ground and slammed to the curb. so far no suspects. filmmaker spike lee would normally hold a party after a movie premier but instead he plans to hold a march against gun violence tomorrow. lee
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and others to announce a new national push to end gun violence. lee's new movie is a satire about gang violence in chicago. >> satire will be the best way for us to tell this very serious story. >> why are we not doing more? our children are being murdered. >> among the goals of the new initiative is a push for congress to create a national gun violence awareness month. new tonight, a worker at a homeless shelter arrested and accused of assaulting a resident. tonight the worker is in police custody. it happened in the south bronx. lucy yang at the precinct where the suspect is being held. >> the homeless have so little in this world but tonight one homeless woman has a little justice. >> reporter: sources say the 29-year-old victim was staying at the freeman family houses in the bronx. we're told it began
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the victim complaining about the services at the shelter. we're told it escalated in to an argument with one of the workers. the worker then called her family to come over and together they allegedly beat up the victim with her 7-year-old daughter watching. today the worker, 29-year-old tihira washington turned herself in. police confirmed she's been charged with assault. officials report the attack happened last tuesday at 5 p.m. across the street from the shelter. >> police are looking to arrest another person in this attack. we believe it may be washington's own mother. as for the victim, a detective tells me she was was perched -- punched in the face leaving the left side of her face swollen. lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. donald trump tonight trying to put a positive spin on a meeting with more than 100 black religious leaders that many in
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>> it was like one of the most inspiring meetings. >> today's meeting at trump towers was preceded with controversy with some of the religious leaders angry that trump's campaign portrayed the event as an endorsement. many of them have accused trump as using racially insensitive rhetoric. new jersey governor christie flat out refuting mr. trump's already discredited claims that he saw muslims celebrating in jersey city after the 9/11 attacks. >> if it had happened i'm pretty sure i'd remember it. i'm happy to say it another way. it didn't happen. the fact is people can say anything. but the facts are the facts and that did not happen in new jersey that day and hasn't happened since. >> governor christie making the comments up in new hampshire after receiving an endorsement from real estate developers. as we continue opthis monday night, thousands of kids at risk of identity theft tonight.
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hack of a major toy maker and how to protect your family. >> plus, brothers save a bald eagle. the incredible rescue video and wait till you see their epic selfie. >> just in, a freezing rain advisory for parts of the area. rain trying to move in. still chilly air left over. we'll tell you where it might be icy.
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tdacercarse. those two words spoken in court today by the man accused of the shooting massacre at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. >> do you have any question about any of these rights, sir?
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a suicide prevention garment, 57-year-old robert dear was ordered to remain jailed in colorado springs on charges of murder. dear allegedly went on a rampage in a planned parenthood killing three people including a police officer. the man accused of jumping the white house fence on thanksgiving is back at his home in connecticut tonight under house arrest. joseph caputo pled not guilty and was released today with the restriction that he can only leave his home in stanford between certain hours. he must also undergo a mental health evaluation and stay out of the nation's capital. we have new details about a religious vessel stolen from a church in new jersey. it mysteriously reappeared. a gold and silver ornament worth $10,000 similar to this one was taken from st. thomas moore church in morris township two weeks ago. over the weekend it was returned to a closet where it was normally kept. up to $300 was also taken from the box.
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electronic toy maker vtech admitting tonight it's been targeted by hackers. company says hackers accessed the personal information of nearly 5 million customers including data on 200,000 children. the hong kong-based company says the compromised information includes names and birthday of child users and passwords and addresses of adults. the stolen data includes pictures of children and online chats. >> most of us repeat passwords on multiple different plalt forms. if you use that password for there, maybe you use the same for your nanny cam or bank. realize that password has been compromised. change it right away. >> vtech claims the hacked information does not include any credit card numbers. company says it's contacted all affected users and temporarily suspended some of its website. new york city couldn't put the brakes on uber so now it's taking other steps to help the yellow cab driver. it's making
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uber to get a yellow cab medallion. easier tests in the works come out next year. beginning tomorrow, menus at many restaurants in new york city will include warnings about sodium levels. fast food restaurants must place an image of a salt shaker next to menu items that exceed the daily limit. that works out to about a teaspoon of salt a day. the new rule only affects chain restaurants with at least 15 locations. a fairly big night tonight the 16th annual winter's eve tree lighting ceremony. sade leading the ceremony. later it was my honor to announce chanel johns and her cor tet. sade had to find the plug and plug in herself. an army of engineers
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was quite the heavy drama on eyewitness news at 5:30. but you did it and you're getting credit for saving the lincoln square holiday tree. sade, congratulations. >> thank you so much for finding that plug. didn't happen when it was supposed to but at least it happened. the weather is still nice out. what about those sprinkles that we're supposed to get? >> the rains are starting to move in. our only concern is suburbs north and west trying to get rid of the chilly air today. maybe a little slippery in spots. red is for world a.i.d.s. day. temperature is 45 degrees. northeasterly wind. no icy concerns around new york city. northwest suburbs. 49 the average high. that's what we hit today. that's good enough for the warmest november on record. there are your sunrise and sunset times for your tuesday. all the red numbers here above normal days. only a half a dozen days below average. there's your average temperature. that's tied for the warmest ever.
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what to expect? a damp morning drive. light rain for the most part but there is a steadier period of rain for the afternoon commute. that's an adjustment to the earlier forecast. now i think earlier in the day toward the morning commute, may have a period of steady rain. a lull or total break at times tomorrow night before a mild steadier rain comes in wednesday by the afternoon. it will clear out and get chillier later in the week. freezing rain advisory was just posted as we begin our show for ulster, duchess counties. that will go through noon tomorrow. there are spots that can be slippery. also in orange county as well the weather service put out a little statement. north of i-84 we may have a couple slick spots tomorrow. 43, islip. comfortably above freezing. mainly light rain first part of the day tomorrow. a steadier batch comes in tomorrow afternoon. then the lull tomorrow night. there is some
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now. moving toward summit and berkeley heights. sprinkles getting in to staten island. this will be light and patchy in to tomorrow morning. heavy rain just missing us offshore. i think light through tomorrow morning. intensity tomorrow afternoon. then this batch here is your wednesday rainfall. thankfully all the snow in the upper midwest, that bypasses us to the north and west. we'll get some of that chill behind the storm and that will happen on thursday in to friday. even that is only around 50 degrees. not terribly cold. there are the numbers tonight. when the rain moves in we're still hovering in the mid 30s places like newburg, poughkeepsie, monticello. just a shade above freezing. in some of the coldest valleys, a few icy spots. watch out for the bridges and overpass. 47 degrees in the park. 50 in belmar. basically light blues. you're talking light rain. as we go in to the afternoon hours, this is where we can get a little bit heavier in time for the evening commute. that
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during the overnight hours tomorrow night, light rain drizzle. might be cloudy for the most part before another steady batch of rain moves in wednesday. it will be milder wednesday. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s. rain can get heavy especially in the afternoon hours and then taper off in to tomorrow night. periods of rain tomorrow. mostly light and patchy tomorrow morning. a little steadier in the afternoon. heaviest batch should be wednesday, midday in to early evening. we're warming at 57. cooler winds will come in thursday. here's your cerlth cerlth -- here's your accuweather forecast. watch out for a couple slick spots. 52. a steadier period of rain in to the early evening. rain gets intermittent. might shut off before getting steadier again wednesday. by the time we get to late wednesday night, an inch, maybe an inch and a half. decent amount over the two days. chillier, breezy thursday. on friday, night day. the first weekend of december looks great, around 50 degrees and partly sunny.
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have an update tomorrow morning. coming up next, the new subway map that can help you burn calories. >> how can you get this close to a bald eagle without grabbing a selfsny -- a selfie? >> let's check in with jimmy kimmel. >> the cast of the ridiculous six, adam sandler, taylor lotner, rob schneider, luke wilson and a horse. plus it's mashup monday. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. in tonight's health alert, attention walkers.
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map revealing how many calories subway riders can burn if they walk between stops instead of riding. the map shows how many calories a person burns walking from subway stop to subway stop. walking from 1st avenue to bedford avenue will burn 263 calories. two brothers saved the life of a bald eagle caught in a hunting trap and with this age of the selfie, the bird repaid them for their kind act by posing with them. michael and neil fletcher found the trapped eagle in the wilderness in ontario, canada. they were able to pry the trap open just enough to free the eagle's talon before they left and fly off. they snapped a selfie with the graceful bird. that's pretty cool. meanwhile some of new york's bravest were also snapping selfies today with an injured red tail hawk they rescued near the world trade center. it's the second time in
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boost from a first responder. yesterday a cop rescued a hawk struggling under the brooklyn bridge. >> that concludes our hawk and eagle segment for the night. laura behnke up next with sports. >> when you've lost three games in a row, you don't have to be perfect as long as you find some way to win. that was good news for the rangers tonight who jumped out quickly against the hurricanes then just had to hold on. and the new york football rivalry week has begun. the jets and giants prepare to play each other on sunday. cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no...
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cyber monday is arriving at with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday. shouldn't have said that on air. get 15% off, cyber monday only. tough news about the rangers tonight. >> good and bad. i'll explain. it wasn't too long ago that everything seemed to be going right for the rangers as they tallied the best start in franchise history.
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derek stepan is out four to six weeks. a nice start. one minute in matt zuccarello, the power play goal. 1-0 rangers right away. oscar lindbergh, it was 2-0. 2nd period, all rangers so far. derick brassard for the easy one-timer. that proved to be your game winner. the canes made it interesting. rangers hang on. their skid is over at three. the islanders hosting the avalanche. a wild end to the first. the five on three advantage. kyle oposo evens it up. iginla evens things up again with his eighth of the year. shot redirected in by clutterbuck. 5-3, the isles win. they'll face the rangers wednesday. it is rivalry football week here in new york as the jets and giants clash sunday at the
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match-up that will have plenty of playoff implications for both teams. the jets kept themselves in the wildcard hunt with a big win over the dolphins yesterday. ryan fitzpatrick through for four touchdowns. puts them in a four-way tie for the two wildcard spots in the afc and then we have the giants who were already banged up to begin with but will now come limping in to their clash. he's likely headed for season ending i.r. dominique rogers-cromartie is dealing with an ankle injury. >> you keep working. you keep fighting. you keep scrambling. you keep battling. maybe you get a couple guys back or at least one back. the other guys are going to have to keep playing and do a good job for us. that's all there is to it. new era in rutgers athletic begins today after julie hermann
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yesterday. it's now patrick hobbes' show. the new a.d. already searching for a new coach with craig schiano reportedly in the mix. >> it's an exciting moment when you bring in a new coach and this is a big 10 program. it's a great opportunity for a new coach. while on the hardwood the rutgers men were hosting wake forest tonight. scarlet knights coming on strong. they would lead by 12 but wake forest erased that lead. john collins, his own slam. that gave way to the lead which they would hold. 69-68, scarlet knights do fall. also tonight the three-time defending national champion uconn women's basketball team out to extend its unbeaten streak to 41 games, unranked chattanooga. jefferson had 15 points. huskies won by a mere 48 points.
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in tonight's conversation we asked you to weigh in on sade saving the day to save the lincoln square holiday tree. if it hadn't been for her, they wouldn't have found the plug to
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