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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thieves across new york city using the street technology to steal your information. >> and it will be a rainy start to our day. so how long before the clouds clear up. i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. >> and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> as we look from our camera here at asbury park new jersey, it's rainy, fog, clouds. you can see our camera going to be bouncing around throughout much of the day. it's going to be this off and on rain. we're at 45 degrees at 6:00 this morning. whitestone, oakwood, staten island, you're looking at 45 degrees. 34 monticello. up that way there might be a little freezing rain in western ulster county, eastern dutchess and in northern connecticut.
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for if you're traveling north. once we get past 7:00 it warms up quickly. off ask on rain through the day today. we're looking at a cool, chilly rainy morning. and then by afternoon the temperature gets to 52 which is above normal. you'll need your rain gear all day and tomorrow. we'll talk about that in your accuweather forecast. heather's looking at your commute. >> it's not affecting mass transit. mass transit is doing just great. that's the way you want to go. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay. subway service is running on or close to schedule. if you are going on to route 17, now they're telling us that we have these two lanes closed down until 6 a.m. it's 6:01. it's still out there. 17 south allendale road, sheridan avenue that's that construction project. 22 going east that's a disabled truck blocking at least one lane and the l.i.e. going west at the northern state parkway another accident. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. ken, over to you. thank you it's 6:02. we have breaking news in queens.
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the driver on the run after jumping the curb and slamming into the side of a restaurant. it happened overnight at a busy intersection of springfield boulevard and hempstead avenue. marcus solis live in queens village where a major cleanup is now underway. >> reporter: good morning ken. it is unclear what caused that vehicle to lose control. police sure would like to find the driver, find out why. they are searching for that person. let's show you what it looked like a short time ago. this is after the accident took place around 12:30 at a crown fried chicken at the intersection of springfield boulevard and hempstead avenue. the white infinity almost through the entire storefront. it's unclear whether those two pedestrians that were hit were in front of the restaurant, inside the restaurant, either way they were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries to their legs. the driver just took off and police are searching for the driver. they got a big clue, the
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in the meantime the restaurant has been boarded up. the vacate order is in effect so repairs can be made. two people injured and police on the hunt for the driver of that car. we're live, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you marcus. we're just getting this video in from the bronx where a woman was shot in the head inside an apartment. it happened on bogart avenue and morris park. the 28-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. no arrests have been made. happening today there is a court hearing for the bronx man charged with killing a 7-year- old in hit and run. quasi oduro, remains free on bill for the crash that killed ethan version ievencio. he hit the child as he sat with his father and younger sister. odoro claims his brakes malfunctioned. police say these guys have been skimming cash from atms in
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they started in april. they have taken money from at least 20 bank machines. they attach a device to an atm that reads the information. then they make fake cards that allows them to steal money from victims accounts. a judge will hear arguments for a new trial for the man convicted of deadly bombings at the boston marathon. attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev want a new trial outside of massachusetts. tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death for his roam in the bombings that killed three people in march of 2013. attorneys for the alleged gunman in the south carolina church massacre will also be in court today. a meeting is scheduled today for dylann roof at federal court in charleston. his friend joey meek is also charged with failing to warn authorities about the attack this past june. roof is charged with 33 federal counts including nine murders. president obama is calling
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between turkey and russia after turkey shot down a russian war plane. mr. obama is meeting with a turkish president in paris on the sidelines of the global climate talk. the president says turkey is a nato ally and has the right to defend itself. the white house has a new strategy to clear the way for syrian refugees coming into this country. it's going to offer governors individualized reports about refugees in their state, and the state department would update the information monthly on a password protected website. the new system is a response to more than half the nation's governors saying they do not want syrian refugees following the attacks in paris. governor chris christie now finds himself in the middle of a battle with the gop's leading presidential contender. >> if it had happened i'm pretty sure i'd remember it. if you'd like me to say it another way, it didn't happen.
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say anything but the facts are the facts and that did not happen in new jersey that day and hasn't happened since. >> christie made the comments while campaigning in new hampshire. trump didn't waste any time hitting back criticizing christie on twitter for spending too much time of i his home state. hillary clinton says the shootings in colorado springs show the need to stand up and protect planned parenthood. >> i will defend a woman's right to choose. i will defend planned parenthood. >> 13 female democratic senators endorsed clinton yesterday. she got another jolt from the benghazi attack uproar. the state department released more of clinton's e-mails. they are the same e-mails republicans brought to light last month. 6:06. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> here we go, let's take a look south from our camera in asbury park. it's one of our better views
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our other views are kind of covered up by the clouds morning. clouds and the rain and we had that drizzle. we have this east wind that keeps it very damp. we're looking at 45 degrees, an east wind at 5 to 8 miles per hour. we've got showers. we're going to have this off and on shower activity all day today. it reaches back to the west and the south there's a batch here. then there's a front become here around the great lakes. what happens is we get a little break today, and this afternoon we get this rain and get a break from that tonight. this front comes eastward today. it's going to have a little action in the upper atmosphere tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night that enhances that and brings forth more rain. we're looking at 47 by 8 and 9:00. 50 by 1:00, and 52 this afternoon, which is 3 degrees warmer than normal. rain gear at the bus stop. you need it at the bus stop this morning and afterwards. you need that all day today and again tomorrow.
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take it from somebody who's used to getting an f. >> let's go over to a webcam and show you how things are looking as you travel on the southern state parkway. you have an accident and it's off on the left side of the roadway. it's not the shoulder. it's on the median. right on that grassy area. this could be a little dangerous. we have an ambulance just pulling up to the scene. we'll go over to our maps and pinpoint where this is. the first accident that i was showing you is the southern state parkway west near exit 28, 29. and then farther west at eagle avenue you have another accident being cleared away. the l.i.e. west at the northern state parkway another crash is being cleared. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit, they're running on or close to schedule. your subway status, subway service is running on or close. as you go on to 20 we have a disabled truck.
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street parking rules in effect for today. ken and michelle over to you. >> thank you so much. breaking news overseas, a dramatic prisoner swap underway right now involving someone with close ties to the leader of isis. >> classes resumed at the university of chicago after a shooting threat --
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a prisoner swap along the lebanese syrian border means freedom for former wife of isis leader. she was turned over to an al- qaeda affiliate which released 16 soldiers and police officers who had been abducted last year. families of the prisoners danced nearby while the exchange was carried out. new this morning, mechanical problems and human error are being blamed for a deadly plane crash nearly a year ago. all 162 people on board airasia flight 8501 died when the plane disappeared off radar as it flew between indonesia and singapore last december. today investigators said a chronic rutter control problem combined with the pilot's
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led to that crash. 6:13 is our time. classes resume this morning at the university of chicago following an online threat against the school's white students. the campus shut down yesterday after jabari dean who is black threatened to kill students, staff, and any number of white policeman i can in the process. authorities blame the threat on the unrest surrounding last year's killing of a black teen by a white chicago police officer. the university's president extra security will remain in quarter. a woman who works at a city shelter is charged with assaulting a young woman staying at the shelter. 29-year-old thira washington turned herself in. detectives say a second person may be arrested for the attack. they're looking to speak with the suspect's own mother. relatives of the missing wife of millionaire real estate heir robert durst have filed a
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him for her presumed death. the lawsuit says durst murdered kathleen durst whose body has never been found. it also blames durst from preventing the family for providing her with a dignified burial. her mother and three sisters reportedly filed this suit against durst yesterday in minneola. time to check the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside of our studio on the upper west side. >> yeah, grab your umbrella. your rain gear. you're going to need that today. it's a little on the chilly side too. you might want to grab that warm raincoat and later on the temperatures get a little mild. it's a sloppy day. puddles on the street, right footwear, right near. you need that for your commute this morning. got a rainy morning, from our camera in astoria queens looking south down the east river, 90% humidity and an east wind at 8 and the pressure falling.
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is slowly deteriorating. 48 around the hamptons. 48 to 49 degrees across long island. 37 up toward poughkeepsie. you've been watching out for freezing rain around western ulster county and eastern dutchess county. a little wind out of the east across the area. we're going to be looking at that easterly wind throughout much of the day. southwest tomorrow really warming things up. up around western ulster and dutchess county, we'll keep a lookout for that. might be a little freezing rain. pink shades popping up here. that could make for some ice on some roadways this morning. in the park. it's kind of blowing around. you need your raincoat and want umbrella today. it will be about 3/4 of an inch of rain today as we'll have that light to moderate rain off and on. tomorrow morning we start with showers again, and then the rain gets heavy tomorrow afternoon with this cold front coming will you and tomorrow night. it blows through the area after midnight wednesday and then sets us up for a nice end to the week and weekend.
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kids, rainy weather today and tomorrow. 52 degrees today. here's that warm air surging up. we're going to be right around 52 today. tomorrow heavier rain in the afternoon and evening. there's tree lighting at rock center. you want to have your rain gear if you're going there or wherever you're going tomorrow evening. 52 degrees this afternoon, rain and drizzle tonight. a little break toward midnight. tomorrow cloudy and mild with periods of rain. we're right around 57 degrees. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. we're looking at that milder weather on wednesday, but you see we have those periods of rain the testiest from midday -- steadiest from midday on. great weather on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, highs above normal at 50 to 52 degrees. i've been listening to you bark all during my weather forecast. come say hi to everybody. say good morning, all right, say hi. hang on to this for me. there you go.
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and you get to see maximus have breakfast. there we go. max show me some love. come on, come on. yes, please. >> the overcoat right there. raincoat. >> that's what it is. thank you very much sir. >> let's check the commute with heather. >> let's go over to our maps. a chart which is great way to go. jersey transit trains. subway service running on or close to schedule, and then we have a problem over here actually, two problems on the southern state parkway west. one at the -- and another one over here near eagle avenue. both accidents are in the process of being cleared. l.i.e. going west at the northern state parkway. that's another accident being cleared away. 495 going eastbound just east of the new jersey turnpike as you head on to 495 which of course is a road right over here takes you into the lincoln tunnel. we had an accident there. it has been cleared away. that's some good news. minor delays george washington
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lincoln, 5 minutes at the holland tunnel, just showing you that accident on the southern state parkway. this is the one that's right near the see baa core expressway. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. a massive data breach has exposed the personal information of millions of customers and their children. >> candace gibson and adidi roy have more on the alert to parents. >> kids seem to be the target of a new data breach. >> toy maker vtech says the personal information of 5 million customers is their kids has been stolen. the breach includes e-mails, home addresses, names and birth dates of child users. >> swatch is teaming up with visa for its new smart watch. it contains nfc technology which allows users to pay for items with just a tap of the wrist. >> the new time piece which goes on sale in the u.s. early next year is compatible with retailers around the world. and will google's self-
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to talk to pedestrians. >> the company is working on new technology which would allow the vehicles to communicate with people at crosswalks, using signs, audio messages and possibly a robotic hand. >> just imagine what the hand would say here in new york. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> was just thinking about that. >> four letter words are among the list. okay. 6:19. no experience, no problem. the unorthodox new hiring strategy for one major airline. >> and cyber monday mania causing some big problems for one [sfx: bell] [burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you may find. [burke] like how you thought you were covered for this... [man] it's a profound statement. [burke] but you're not even covered for this... [man] it's a profound statement. [burke] or how you may be covered for this... [burke] but not for something like this... [burke] talk to farmers and see what gaps
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6:22. on the money, wall street begins lower over worries about consumer spending. opened at 17719. stock futures point to a higher open to kick off december trading. overseas japan's nikkei
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seng climb more than 1%. cyber monday turned out to be too much to handle for one major retailer. target's website crashed during the day. michelle thought she did it. >> i did. >> because of unexpectedly high traffic, the company saw twice as many visitors as a normal day. they set up a waiting list. here a novel approach to flying. jetblue wants to change a long standing pattern by hiring pilots with zero flying experience. >> huh? >> the new york-based airline asked the faa to allow them to hire 24 students and train them from the ground up. that amounts to 1% of its pilots. students would still need to log 1500 hours of practice. many airline pilots earn their stripes in the war. jetblue says it made the change to account for younger pilots just out of aviation school. >> can you imagine the guy sitting or the woman sitting in the seat going how do you start this thing. that wouldn't be good. it's 6:23.
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minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> rain gear is a must today everybody. not only do you need your rain gear today but tomorrow. you see streets and sidewalks are wet so you need all the appropriate gear, footwear, everything. taking the ferry back and forth from bridgeport you've got a northeast wind coming in here today. it's windy and raw. the wind will be out of the east, northeast much of the day. showers, light rain, moderate rain. even up to the north there's a little wet snow, freezing rain to the north and on twitter i got a report that over hunterdon county in jersey there's a little bit of that too. it warms up into the 50s later today. more rain this evening, and tonight more rain to the north and west. dress warmly. have your rain gear. you're going to need that today. by the time we get to the afternoon we roll into the low 50s. it's weather then heather every 7 minutes. how's it going out there? >> if you're heading to the lincoln tunnel you want to listen to this report. we had an earlier accident on 495 eastbound east of the new jersey turnpike.
6:23 am
eastern spur here coming on to 495. this is where the accident was. it was cleared away. from there getting into the tolls that's going to cost you about 15 to 20 minutes. the holland is 10 minutes. the george washington bridge you have a minor delay. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit, sub ways are doing fine. if you're going on to long island on the southern state parkway an accident and another one by eagle avenue. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. michelle over to you. smoke and flames engulfed a building that used to house a college in pomona california. people who live in the area say the building first was used as a college then as an office building before it became vacant. so far no injuries have been reported. snow continues to make a less on the roads in minnesota. yesterday's morning rush started with nearly 4 inches on the ground in the minneapolis st. paul area.
6:24 am
falling from the sky for the commute home. many areas have been declared snow emergencies. some students continue to enjoy an extra long thanksgiving weekend due to canceled classes. closing in on 6:30 right now. we continue to follow breaking news. a driver went head first into the side of a restaurant and then made a run for it. the search right now in queens and an update on the two innocent bystanders who were injured. >> new this morning, a trio of robbers targeting cell phone stores across new york city. >> and a mystery out west, a newly elected mayor was found dead in his home. >> and meteorologist bill evans
6:25 am
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> right now police are on the hunt for a driver who plowed into two people before crashing into the side of a restaurant. within the last few hours that gaping hole was boarded up. we're live with look at the damage and an update on the search. >> establish an attack in queens, a transgender woman was brutally assaulted. >> plus the changes coming to
6:27 am
city. how you can identify the saltiest foods on the menu. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i am michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. it is tuesday december 1st. >> and you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> grab your rain gear, boots, raincoats, umbrella, all of that, you're going to need it today. the temperatures are not harsh but it is chilly enough. 45 degrees and rain. up to the north we have a freezing rain advisory, western ulster, eastern dutchess county northern connecticut. that's because. temperatures in those higher elevations cold enough for a little of that. off and on rain today, 48 by 9:00, 52 later on this afternoon, and more rain to come tomorrow. we'll talk about that in your accuweather seven-day forecast as well as a beautiful weekend ahead too. it's weather then heather every 7 minutes. you've been rather busy this morning. >> yes, and that's what happens when we have some raindrops. let's go right over to our maps and tell you what's happening at the tappan zee bridge. they do have the speeds at 45
6:28 am
that's for your safety. rocklin county bound they just had an accident cleared away. it happened quickly. they got it cleared away. 495 east just east of the new jersey turnpike you had an accident here cleared away. once you get past that you want to go to the lincoln tunnel at 15 to 20. the holland at 10:00 george washington bridge a minor delay. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit doing okay. the m and r trains we have some signal problems there. we have this problem on the cross island parkway. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. michelle over to you. thank you so much heather. the search continues at this hour for the driver who smashed his car into the side of a restaurant in queens and then ran off. the force of that crash sent the vehicle about halfway into the wall of the crown fried chicken in queens village. two people on the sidewalk were hurt. marcus solis is live at the scene with an update. marcus. >> reporter: michelle, those
6:29 am
bystanders at the wrong place at the wrong time as that car went out of control. this is what it looked like around 12:30 this morning. crown fried chicken with a white infinity almost clear through the front window there. this happened at the intersection of hempstead avenue and -- hempstead avenue and springfield boulevard. now the two victims in their 20s taken to north shore lij with leg juries. those injuries not considered life-threatening. the driver just took off on foot. police trying to figure out who was behind the wheel, who was the person responsible. as for the restaurant, a vacate order in effect. the damage has been boarded up. the car towed away, but this investigation continuing. we're live in queens village, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. 6:32 right now. police are looking for three robbers who have hit at least four cell phone stores in the bronx and manhattan. their gold chevrolet impala was
6:30 am
the surveillance video has the men clearing out the store filling large garbage bags with phones. the bag were so heavy the men dragged them to the door. 6:33, a transgendered woman is seriously injured in a possible biased attack in queens. the 35-year-old victim was jumped early sunday morning while walking into a building in jackson heights. she was struck in the head and the face, thrown to the ground and slammed into a curb. the victim was originally from guatemala. so far there are no suspects. we are working to learn the name of the 60-year-old man killed when fire broke out at a senior housing facility in new jersey. news copter 7 was over the building last night on 5th avenue in jersey city. the fire was contained to one apartment on the 5th floor. no one else in that building was hurt. 6:33. this morning new york's former state assembly speaker has a new title. convicted felon. sheldon silver left manhattan
6:31 am
after he was found guilty in his $5 million corruption trial. the lower east side democrat is fro on bill as he awaits a sentencing date. in the meantime he is still fighting and plans to appeal. >> just disappointed right now. and ultimately i believe we'll have a different result. >> silver was convicted of fraud, money laundering and extortion. the 71-year-old could be sentenced to more than 100 years in prison. the verdict means he automatically gives up his assembly seat. time is 6:34 if you happen to like a few extra shakes of salt on your fries, new york city has a message for those of us, you and me, lay off a new health effort takes effect in the five boroughs warning new yorkers about restaurant items that come loaded with high amounts of sodium. t.g.i. friday's sriracha boneless
6:32 am
4 # hundred grams of sodium. apple bee's brisket natch chos and a 40 count of chicken mcnuggets 3600-milligrams. city health officials say that is well above the recommended daily amount. not everybody agrees. draylive in time square. you and i could polish off the 40 count of the mcnuggets how about that. >> reporter: i was just thinking what one person eats 40 chicken nuggets. they're good but wow. that's a lot. good morning to you, ken. new york city is the first major city in the country to have this kind of regulation. the health department says this is not really about trying to control the kinds of ingredients that restaurants will use but it's about saving lives and helping people make healthier decisions. >> americans by far, we overindulge in everything. >> when it comes to eating, there aresome people who like their food salty, but how much
6:33 am
a new menu marker for new york city restaurants wants you to know, although some say it won't make much of a difference. >> i think i'm going directly to the ones with the salt and have at it. >> this new salt warning icon will go on the menus of restaurant chains with more than 15 locations nationwide. a dish with too much salt gets the warning icon. the new york city health department says the recommended maximum for salt intake is 2300 milligrams a day, roughly 1 teaspoon. most americans average way more, about 3400 milligrams, and that can increases risk of heart attack and stroke. >> we know and the science is indisputable that sodium intake is too high among new york city adults, that the high blood pressure drives both the leading causes of death, and it's a leading driver of health disparities in our city.
6:34 am
restaurants who fall into the category have roughly 90 days to get that salt icon on to their menus because starting in march you could actually be there. the national restaurant association says it pregnancy to file a lawsuit against the city because they say the latest regulation simply goes too far. we're live in time square this morning, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:37. we have some big happenings today in bridgeport connecticut. the new major is being sworn in. joseph ganum was the former mayor. he went to prison seven years for corruption. he's back to take office again. he won an overwhelming victory and he's promised to make bridgeport a city that works for everyone. . governor cuomo speaks about world aids day at the apollo theater. he plans to ask for an additional $200 million in state funding to support housing and health care programs for people living with aids. the state already spends 2 1/2
6:35 am
fight the disease. the empire state building was lit in red overnight to honor world aids day. aids has gone from a death sentence to a chronic but treatable disease with medication. there are 35 million people infected worldwide. 1.2million of them die each year. 6:38's our time, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we look from our roof to the midtown area, and we can barely make out the tops of the buildings. we've got rain, drizzle, low clouds. here's our camera view from asbury park new jersey. and the boardwalk right here. itst one of those peaceful tranquil days with an east wind, drizzle coming in, light rain off and on today. if you are taking the ferry over, we've got a lot of rain that's going to be wicked today. you want to have all your rain gear to keep you nice and dry from both ends of the commute. then there's that east wind at 14 miles per hour.
6:36 am
we'll be looking at rain off and on through the day. it's up the hudson river valley. a little freezing rain this morning. batch of rain towards south and west. cold front here keeps us in the rain for today, tonight and tomorrow. 47 at 8 and 9:00. rain at noontime today. lunch hour rain, 51, 52 degrees this afternoon, and at the old bus stop dress like the huckleberries because they have on their rain gear, except this one here has on some espa drills or something. i'm not sure what those are. >> really? i don't have my rain boots on. >> you need your rain bots. >> i really do. hopefully i'll have that on for the next one. >> i want to show you what's happening on the southern state parkway. this is an accident still being cleared away. it involved four cars. ambulance showed up. now we have two cars left over. we'll talk about the southern state parkway. that particular accident was by exit 28. we have three accidents on the
6:37 am
state parkway. one at exit 32, the one i showed you at 28 and another one by exit 18. we're also looking at the cross island parkway north at bell boulevard. that is another accident. we understand all lanes are subject to closure as a result. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit doing just fine. m and r trains we have some signal problems. expect some delays and then as you travel on the l.i.e. west that's the northern state parkway another accident is being cleared away. thank you very much heather. 6:40. coming up from overnight all new, a shootout on a busy street. police trading gunfire with an armed suspect. >> the nypd is asking for your help finding the gunman who sprayed bullets into a group of people in the bronx.
6:38 am
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6:43. welcome back, atlanta police say a traffic stop turned into a pursuit and automatic weapons battle outside a downtown hotel. officers had tried to stop a red jeep headed the wrong way
6:40 am
the pursuit ended with the jeep ramming a hotel shuttle bus and then the shooting started. the passenger in the jeep was killed. police recovered three guns at the scene and a duffel bag packed with marijuana. a man and woman are in the hospital this morning after a wild shooting caught on camera in the bronx. just after 3 in the afternoon the suspected gunman showed up on westchester avenue pulling a mask up over his face. moments later gunfire erupted. people ran and the man in the pink hood popped out from between those cars and stuffed the gun into his pocket running along with the panicked crowd. >> i just saw people running, that's all i saw and i just covered myself to protect myself. >> police hope somebody can identify that gunman. if you have any information you are asked to call police. 6:44. developing this morning, mystery surround the sudden death of the newly elected leader of alaska's capitol city, the body of juneau mayor stephen gregory fisk was
6:41 am
there was no evidence of forced entry. fisk was elected in october. an autopsy will determine what caused his death. an exfraternity officer at a pennsylvania college admits he and four others tried to cover up the death of a freshman during a hazing ritual. daniel lee testified against his fraternity brothers charged with third degree murder in the 2013 beating death of chun michael deng. the men waited an hour before taking him to the hospital. 6:45. good morning america is come up next. george stephanopoulos live in time square. >> a lot o'get to this morning including we're following that sense situation in the city of chicago. the university of chicago was whether closed yet after a threat was called in. another student has been arrested. apparently motivated by revenge
6:42 am
teenager by a police officer. we're live in chicago this morning. also a lot more on the race for the white house. donald trump now going after chris christie. christie fighting back as well. we're going to get into that this morning. we are on the lookout this morning, gma on the lookout about malicious software that allows hackers to take over your computer, hold your personal files hostage and these attacks are expected to be on the rise in 2016. also it is star wars week here. >> that's cool. another great reason to watch good morning america starting at 7 a.m. thank you. 6:46 right now. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans back outside our wet studios on the upper west side. >> grab the umbrella and the raincoat. you will need that today. we've got a little lull in the action on the west side. a little drizzle this morning.
6:43 am
make sure you got all the right gear. you're going to need it morning commute, evening commute and tomorrow. we look outside this morning. we've got low clouds and rain. we're looking at 90% humidity. east wind at 8. the pressure falling and the temperature of 45. yesterday's high was 45. we'll be a little bit above normal high temperature today. there you see the rainfall in the park. a damp morning drive, heavier rain this afternoon and this evening. we'll get a break in the action tonight. tomorrow we'll is have another round of rain in the morning and heavier in the afternoon and the evening tomorrow. there is a tree lighting tomorrow. then we're going to be looking at sunshine and great weather for the end of the week. 45 around the five boroughs, 37 towards poughkeepsie and around monticello. might be a little freezing rain there in those higher elevations away from the hudson river. keep an eye out for that.
6:44 am
fetch of moisture in here, freeze advisories, freezing rain advisory up there until 7 to 9:00 this morning when the temperatures warm up. south. cold front to our west all make for rainy weather as we go into this day. you see rainfall amounts there tenth. our futurecast is showing more of this off and on. we'll get a break overnight. tomorrow morning next batch of rain starts and then the afternoon is featuring the heavy rain and into the evening wednesday and then the front pushes through and we clear out wednesday night and go into cool weather for thursday. the guidance is showing 3/4- inch to an inch of rain. after school still going to be raining. we've got a mild high of 52 for this time of the year. rainy weather and i think this is going to be the profile of our weather much of this winter with mild warmer weather and periods of rain like today at 52. tomorrow it's warm ahead of
6:45 am
we get to 57 with some rain. have your rain gear. you'll need it all day long. we're at 52 degrees. tonight 47 with rain and drizzle. overnight it's cloudy. tomorrow we get right back to it again. ahead of the front we warm to 57. showers in the morning, heavier rain tomorrow evening and into tomorrow night. your accuweather seven-day forecast you'll see it's a heavy rain tomorrow night. there's a tree lighting tomorrow night. you'll need your rain gear for that and anything else you're doing around tomorrow evening anywhere in our tri-state region. we're looking at sunshine thursday. nice weather coming up for the weekend. highs in the low 50s and upper 30s to around 40s. have your rain gear. yo you are going to need that for the day today all day long and into the afternoon and tomorrow as well. umbrella before. >> yeah, he didn't get it back? >> clearly not. >> oh, no i just get out here and give them away for people who don't have an umbrella. >> where's your umbrella, take that with you.
6:46 am
>> now if you're handing out metro cards you want to keep in mind we have a couple of issues with our basement i can tell you that our 6 trains signal problems at 110th street m and r train signal problems at roosevelt avenue. then we have a couple of problems, especially as you go on to cross island parkway north at bell boulevard. that's an accident. all lanes are subject to closure. you are bumper-to-bumper getting into that spot. as you go on to the southern state parkway we have two accidents being cleared. westbound one at exit 32. the other one at 18, and then we have sunrise highway. it looks like we have lanes closed down there. that is because of another accident being cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. ken and michelle over to you. it may be one of the hottest gifts under the christmas tree this year. literally the popular toy that's being blamed for sparking a devastating house fire. >> and remember this little fur ball who stopped traffic on the
6:47 am
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. welcome back, it's 6:53. hover boards are illegal throughout new york state and apparently dangerous elsewhere. a louisiana mom and her 12-year- old son they're okay this morning, but this device exploded inside their home. the blast set the whole house on fire. the mother says the middle section of that board burst into flames. the consumer product safety
6:49 am
have any other reports of other fire related hover board injuries. one of the cats that shut down the b and q subway lines in brooklyn in 2013 is back in the news. arthur has run away from his new home in prospect heights. the owners were out of the country at the time. the couple has been spreading flyers all over the city. they're asking anyone who has seen arthur to contact them on facebook. we have new information on a breaking story in the bronx. >> a 28-year-old woman was shot
6:50 am
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6:57. new details on a breaking story. a mother murdered inside her home in the bronx. police are searching for the victim's ex-boyfriend to question him for the murder. it happened on bogart avenue in morris park a little over two hours ago. the victim has been identified as 28-year-old shoshane radigan. her young son was in the home at the time. the ex-boyfriend may be driving a silver or gray colored honda odyssey minivan. the search is on for a hit and run driver in queens after an out of control car hit two people and then slammed into a restaurant. >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is in queens village live with the story. >> reporter: those two victims recovering in the hospital after they were mowed down by
6:53 am
this happened just after 12:30 this morning at a crown fried chicken. the white infinity going through the front of the restaurant on hempstead avenue and springfield boulevard. as soon as that vehicle came to a rest, the driver took off. the two victims males in their 20s taken to north shore lij. their injuries not considered life-threatening. police on the search for the driver who fled after that hit and run. marcus. thank you. heather. >> sorry. i was out of my tree. >> you. >> sorry. >> let's go right over to our subway status, signal problems at 110th street, m and r trains signal problems at roosevelt avenue. this huge problem on the cross island parkway north. all lanes are subject to closure. southern state parkway two accidents, one by 32, another one by 18th.
6:54 am
avenue, that's an accident. all lanes are subject to closure in that spot as well. really busy out on long island this morning. >> wow. all right. thank you heather. >> bill. >> got to have all your rain gear. we've got rain off and on all day long today, and heather someone has stolen your home. >> oh my. >> the george washington bridge is missing. >> oh, no. >> it's shrouded in the rain and fog and drizzle and this will go on all day long, off and on through the day, 46, 47 degrees in brooklyn and queens. 52 on the shore. you see the rain it's off and on scattered all day long today. the temperature gets to 52 this afternoon. a good old rainy day in new york city. milder but rainy tomorrow. that rain will be heavy tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. sun comes become out thursday and lasts through the weekend. >> all right. thank you. >> have a great day. >> you too sir. >> that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori. we're going to have more local
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