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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 1, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. there is a major winter storm spreading misery across the middle of the country this morning. cars slide off roads into ditches. drivers rescued. >> oh, it's coming down. >> and ice coating trees and power lines causing them to snap and collapse. six states under alert for flooding right now as the storm moves east. a shoot-out erupting in downtown atlanta overnight. [ sirens ] a routine traffic stop turning deadly. an armed suspect running from this red jeep after it crashes. police unleashing a hail of gunfire. the frantic chase coming to an end right outside this hotel. new questions this morning about hoverboards. can the hottest gift of the holiday season get too hot? the family who says their new toy set their home on fire and what man says happened just three days after he bought his. and monday night miracle. the wild finish to last night's game, the baltimore ravens turning defeat into victory
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left on the clock. >> gonna win the game on a blocked field goal. unbelievable! and good morning, america. amy, you said monday night miracle. i'm feeling cleveland's pain this morning. boy, no time left on the clock. >> yeah, one headline read the ravens put the special in special teams play. >> yeah, no kidding. like a movie scene. >> i had to go to bed after the third quarter and i thought this was in hand. this is what you miss when you go to bed early. i feel for cleveland. one of my buddies michael symon from "the chew." i'm afraid to talk to him this morning. >> might not be getting up this morning. we also have very special security on hand for our christmas trees, yes, we take it very seriously here at "good
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oh, did we mention it's "star wars" week. han solo himself is with us. harrison ford will be here in the studio talking about the new movie a bit later. >> very, very, very exciting. but we begin with that winter storm that's been slamming the upper midwest with snow and ice and moving east threatening to bring flooding to six states. abc's rob marciano starts us off in minneapolis. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, amy. temperatures here hovering just above the freezing mark saving the city from a truly icy commute. this is the first and biggest snowstorm of the season. less than a foot but that was enough to cause big problems across the midwest. overnight, snowfall making for miserable minnesota mishaps throughout the night cars slipping and sliding off roads, rescued. >> most of the traffic piled up. >> reporter: this car losing control slamming into the median. plows working nonstop to head
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vehicles sliding into ditches. semi trucks jackknifing. at minneapolis international airport planes getting de-iced. in south dakota, drivers unable to get traction. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: in kansas heavy ice covered branches came trashing on top of cars and oklahoma, crews trying to restore power. the governor there declaring a state of emergency for another 29 days in all 77 counties. >> look how big these pieces of ice are. >> reporter: power lines snapping and collapsing after ice weighs them down. just an inch of ice forming on to a 100-foot span adds 250 pounds. >> ohs it's coming down. >> reporter: ice falling nearly nailing that pickup. snow will linger on and off throughout the day. vikings fans, by the way, eager eagerly awaiting the construction to be complete here with their new domed stadium. that will come in handy for days like today.
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of here, mostly rain heavy across the south, six states from alabama through virginia that are in a flash flood watch now. atlanta could see 3 to 4 inches of rainfall so a flooding component to this storm, as well, amy. >> thanks so much and ginger looking at your weather map. it looks like the storm is far from over. >> the snowy side, 24 hours left with this. snowing right now from colorado to the arrowhead of minnesota where you find winter weather advisories and the winter storm warning in south dakota where the bulk of this will fall. we take you through tomorrow morning when it starts to wind down but before it does that it drops another 3 to 6 inches just as we're talking of winter, first day of meteorological winter. i have an outlook for all of you as to what your winter will look like. >> first day of meteorological winter. >> happy day. >> we'll turn to that wild shoot-out in downtown atlanta overnight. violence erupted after police tried to pull over a vehicle and officers opened fire when the armed passenger tries to get
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abc's linsey davis here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, george. an officer noticed a red jeep going the wrong way down the road and said they did a routine traffic stop but the car sped up crashing into a shuttle bus. they say the passenger ran and that decision proved fatal. typically tranquil downtown atlanta sounding like a war zone. >> shots fired. >> reporter: sending bystanders fleeing for cover. >> go inside. >> oh, my god. >> the cops actually only just maybe a hundred yards in front of us were hiding behind their cars with their guns. we didn't even have as much cover as them. >> reporter: it began when officers attempted to pull a car over in a routine traffic stop but the driver didn't stop striking a pole and a hotel shuttle. >> shut down at baker. >> we've got a s.w.a.t. unit en route. >> reporter: the driver turned himself in but the passenger fled behind the hotel. >> shots fired. >> we have a male shot. male is still moving.
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passenger dead. his body discovered near a dumpster allegedly with a gun and shell casings nearby. police squads barricade the scene seizing at least three weapons along with cash and a duffel bag filled with a large quantity of marijuana found inside the jeep. police say three officers were involved in the shooting, none of them were injured. they are all now on administrative leave pending the outcome. can you imagine being inside that hotel where you just heard the gunfire so -- >> it all happened so fast. linsey, thanks very much. >> thank you. now to breaking news, the brand-new report about what happened on that plane that crashed in malaysia killing all 162 people on board. the airbus a320 went down halfway into its two-hour flight just after last christmas and the report finds a small crack on a computer board on the airasia jet started the problem but they ultimately blame the
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caused the jet to lose control. steve ganyard joins us with more. what can you tell us about what exactly happened? >> it was a series of errors by the aircrew that caused this mishap of the there was a very mine more computer problem but because the crew made these errors, the aircraft pitched up, lost air speed, stalled and for three or four minutes flopped around out of control before it hit the ocean killing everyone aboard. >> steve, this type of plane, the a320 is a plane many of us fly on. does this new information, this report have any impact on air travel in the u.s.? >> it doesn't reflect on airbus or the a-320 but the rise of these large third world budget airlines and real questions about their safety. but it also goes to a larger question, amy, i think -- my first flight in an airplane at age 13, the instructor taught me how to stall the airplane, how to recover from a stall. in this case the basic piloting skills that may have been lost on this crew could have saved
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so have we lost something with this automation we have in these airplanes in basic piloting skills? >> all right, a big question there. a lot of people will be focusing on today. thank you. we turn to a very tense city of chicago. class back in session at the university of chicago this morning after a young man was arrested for threatening to kill students on campus. he's accused of seeking revenge for the death of a black teenager gunned down by a white officer. that officer free on bond this morning. abc's alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: after six days behind bars this morning chicago police officer jason van dyke is out of jail saying nothing as he battled a swarm of cameras monday night after posting $150,000 bond. before setting bail, a judge viewing that now infamous dash cam video. investigators shows van dyke shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times in 15 seconds. mcdonald later died. van dyke's defense argues he fired his weapon because he
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for his day in court. >> he's prepared to defend himself. he is very scared about the consequences that he's facing. >> reporter: also on monday following a week of protests call are for chicago's top brass to step down federal authorities arresting jabari dean after they say he made threats online that shut down the university of chicago campus for an entire day. dean, a student at a different university, has not entered a plea. according to police, dean posted on social media, i will execute 16 white male students, this is not a joke. 16, the same number of times mcdonald was shot. >> let us pray. >> reporter: overnight a prayer vigil outside chicago police headquarters calling for federal investigators to step in and take over van dyke's case. and the pressure is mounting for city leaders as "the chicago sun types" calling for the police superintendent to resign.
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december 18th. amy. >> all right, alex perez in chicago for us, thank you. and now to the planned parenthood killer going before a judge for the first time as authorities still search the crime scene. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado springs with the very latest on that, good morning, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, amy. in that first court appearance the judge told robert dear he could eventually face the death penalty. for the first time since the planned parenthood attack -- >> can you hear me okay. >> yes. >> reporter: the suspect, robert dear, faced a judge wearing handcuffs and a jail issued smock designed to keep him from hurting himself. >> do you have any questions? >> no questions. >> reporter: his alleged five-hour rampage in colorado springs friday left three people dead, nine injured. >> minimum of life in prison and maximum of death. >> reporter: the hearing provided few new clues about the gunman's motive or his mental tate but after his arrest law enforcement sources say he railed against planned
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concerning statements about president obama. police and fbi agents are still combing the crime scene. sources say this is the pickup truck dear allegedly drove to planned parenthood that day, carrying a duffel bag full of handguns and ak-style rifles. >> hard to believe. take a long time to sink in as far as her being shot and gone. >> reporter: friends and family are struggling with the deaths of jennifer markovsky, a mother of two, and arm vet ke'arre stewart both at the clinic that day with friends. at the same moment dear was in court officers toad in attention for swaseyofficer swasey. he will be formally charged december 9th. this friday the first funeral for that police officer. amy, george. >> all right, thank you, clayton. race for president now. donald trump bracing for his next battle.
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christie after new jersey's governor picked up a key new hampshire endorsement. abc's tom llamas here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning. governor christie says trump's wrong about what he saw on 9/11 and wrong for mocking that disabled "the new york times" reporter. this as trump says he's gearing up for some of the biggest fights yet in this campaign. overnight, donald trump playing political prophet telling his supporters to get ready because the real war on trump is about to start. >> hey, there's only one way you get to the top and it's all through trump. let's face it. even i think cruz will have to hit me. going to be a sad day but we will hit back, i promise. >> reporter: trump also toying with the idea of skipping the next debate. >> i won't do the debate unless they pay me $5 million, all of which money goes to the wounded warriors or go to vets. true. true. >> reporter: as trump draws the battle lines a feud with governor chris christie is heating up.
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endorsement from an influential new hampshire newspaper but the new jersey governor now strongly refuting trump's claims that he saw on television muslims in new jersey celebrating on 9/11. >> that did not happen in new jersey that day and hasn't happened since. >> reporter: trump telling us christie is changing his tune. >> you know, he didn't say that the other day. he was very weak the other day, so the other day he said it like well, he doesn't know and now i guess he feels a little emboldened. he must be careful with what he says. >> reporter: why do you think that video hasn't surfaced? >> we'll see if it surfaces. >> reporter: insisting on playing by his own rules with his own facts and he's showing no sign of letting up. >> i have a lot of energy. whoa. >> reporter: now at that rally last night trump later said he likely will participate in the next debate because if he skips his rivals would call him a chicken. george. >> that is probably true. tom llamas, thanks very much. let's talk to matt dowd right now. donald trump could take your job
7:14 am
why chris christie is going after him. he does have momentum in new hampshire right now. >> i think chris christie has a very outside shot and i think the thing about christie is the endorsement has not had a history of picking the person that wins most of the time but it does give you a bump and the thing about christie a lot about that story of the two guys trying to outrun the bear. they don't need to, they need to outrun each other. christie just knees to move up to third to become the establishment candidate. outside shot. >> he doesn't have to beat donald trump in new hampshire. he has to beat jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich? >> yes. >> we looked at our polling for the last few months, donald trump's lead remarkably stable. he's stuck right at 32%, 33%, about a ten-point lead last three months, 90 days. >> when we started looking in august and go through today he's got a quarter to a third of the support all along no matter the mistakes that people have said
7:15 am
given along the way, all of those sorts of things. his supporters are sticky. to keep up with the "star wars" theme his supporters think he is a jedi anything and the gop establishment thinks he's a sith lord. >> come on. i almost missed that one. >> you got to stay with it, george. >> i didn't completely miss it. quickly, in georgia last night, key date, march 1th. >> i think that will be the point in time it comes down to four candidates, donald trump, marco rubio, celia cruz and probably one we don't know yet. >> our disney bosses will love you today. back to lara. >> we turn now to cyber monday shattering records, 125 million mers going online to shop even crashing the sites of major retailers. abc's becky worley is in san francisco with a look at the big winners. good morning, becky.
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today retailers and shoppers alike basking in cyber monday's success. $3 billion in sales yesterday crushing last year's cyber monday record. see it, click it, buy it consumers logged on at a record pace monday, the average order over $135. adobe tracking more than 125 million visits to 4500 retail websites including the top 100 retailers in the country. >> it was a record-breaking cyber monday at $3 billion. it was up 12% versus last year which is almost $400 million versus last year. >> reporter: target generating so much interest slashing 15% off everything, their site crashing temporarily. and they weren't alone., down and paypal struggling over the weekend as shoppers tried to make digital payments. another issue out of stock items at an all-time high especially those highly coveted "star wars"
7:17 am
social media crowned ebay, amazon, target, walmart and the gap as the champions of our online attention. also electronics makers, tvs, tablets, gaming consoles flying off the virtual shelves. and with top selling toys consumers saw an average of 20% off retail. rewarding early holiday shoppers with deep discounts. another huge winner, mobile, adobe says half of all retail web traffic was from phones and tablets. when it comes to actual sales, 30% of purchases made via mobile devices, ipads and iphones accounting for 70% of those mobile sales, guys. >> you can shop wherever you are. >> you can do more than shop for whatever you want. we all know about black friday and becky was saying we have cyber monday but did you know about giving tuesday. >> love this idea. >> it's a 24-hour campaign that started three years ago to encourage people to make dough nations to charities and volunteer and as you can see so
7:18 am
about it, a lot of people are giving comments on it and as you can see many celebrities are tweeting about their support. last year it raised an estimated $45 million for more than 15,000 nonprofits, there i am doing my st. jude commercial. i love st. jude and what they do and this year, twice as many organizations have signed up for giving tuesday, but if you can't get today you can give any day. don't forget that. >> what a great idea. >> websites crashed on giving tuesday the way they do on cyber monday. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> thank you. to the forecast for the winter. meteorological winter. >> first day of meteorological
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so exciting and looks like this lots more ahead this morning. flight attendant charged with attacking her co-workers and air
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don't miss kohl's cyber week spectacular! with over 500 cyber week deals! take an extra 20% off! and get free shipping when you spend $25 or more! kohl's cyber week spectacular is going on now at! this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> it's 7:24. this tuesday december 1st. i'm ken rosato. we're following breaking news in the bronx. a mother murder the at her home in morris park. the 278-year-old was found shot in the head around 4 a.m. her young son was in the home at the time. police are searching for the victim's ex-boyfriend to question him for the murder.
7:24 am
gray honda odyssey minivan. and you're looking at a a car that police say was involved in a hit and run in queens. now detectives want to find the driver. the car hit two men walking on springfield boulevard in queens early this morning before slamming into the side of a fried chicken restaurant. the men are in the hospital expected to be okay. a new regulation kicks in today for big chain restaurants in new york city. they have to put a new salt warning icon. the recommended maximum is 2300- milligrams a day. most people go way beyond that amount and that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. the salt warning will apply to 10% of menu items at
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7:27. we check our commute with heather. >> you had mentioned path problems. what's happening is there's signal problems on our path trains and as a result all path loins dealing with delays. if you normally take path trains it is a signal failure and all path lines are running with delays. long island railroad, new jersey transit metro north doing okay. subway status, 6 trains signal problems at 110th street. your 1 trains you have signal problems. at van courtland park and we still have this accident being colored on 495 heading to the lincoln tunnel. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. thank you. meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we've got clouds and we've got rain and we've got fog and you need all the right rain gear today. we're looking at this rain off and on all day long. 41 in white plains, 37
7:27 am
newburgh and right around hough foreign. 3/4 of an inch of rain, a break tonight and more rain tomorrow particularly in the afternoon and evening. sunshine returns thursday. thank you sir. that's the news for now. coming up on good morning america an exclusive interview
7:28 am
welcome back to "gma." you're looking at the radar this morning. six states on alert for flooding as a powerful winter storm moves east still dumping snow on the upper midwest creating dangerous driving conditions. and as you see sending cars skidding off roads. >> we are tracking that storm all morning long. also right now at this hour classes back in session at the university of chicago this morning after that online threat. a student from another school was arrested for threatening to kill 16 white students. he will be back in court this afternoon. and then kobe mania taking over the nba. ticket prices for laker games soaring after kobe bryant announced this will be his last season, the most expensive a pair of $21,000 for his final game. guess what, robin is sitting down exclusively with kobe today. >> she didn't have to pay 21 grand.
7:29 am
forget 2012 hit "gangnam style." >> did we actually see you do that dance. >> it was for robin when she was recovering i did it for four seconds. >> roll the tape. >> psy is back so maybe some more dance moves from george. >> yeah, maybe. maybe not. >> it's called "daddy." >> it has your name all over it. >> michael already had to explain some of the video to me as we were watching it. >> basically the gist is where did you get that body from. i got it from my daddy. >> you're going to explain in "the speed feed." >> i'm not going to dance but i'll explain in "the speed feed." >> thank you, michael. we are going to begin strange story, flight attendant facing charges for attacking other crew members and two air marshals on a transatlantic flight. david kerley with the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. tables really turned on this one. not talking about an unruly passenger but an unruly flight attendant facing charges of
7:30 am
crew, her flight crew not to mention a couple of air marshals. american airlines flight attendant joanne snow according to court documents described herself as crazy and a trainwreck shoving, punching, kicking colleagues and air marshals during both legs of an american airlines flight from charlotte to frankfurt last week. american airlines released this statement, "we are aware of the incident and take this matter very seriously. we are cooperating fully with federal law enforcement in their investigation, and are working directly with our employees." it wasn't just the one flight to frankfurt, the disruptive behavior continued on the trip back to charlotte with the same crew in place. after landing while the flight crew looked for help for snow she began yelling and screaming and tried to get around passport control. one air marshal says he handcuffed her for her own safety and escorted her to an interview room. this isn't the first time we've seen a flight attendant making headlines with outrageous behavior. remember jetblue steven slater's
7:31 am
passenger before he slid down the emergency exit and the american airlines stewardess who lost it on the p.a. system. in this case the crew suggests the flight attendant be taken off the crew. american airlines stands by its statement that it's investigating the incident. amy and george. >> surprising she was on both flights. >> that's what i was wondering, both legs. glad everyone is okay. now to something we've been talking about here, it's a big topic of conversation in our homes, potential concerns about hoverboards. reports of one of the hottest gifts this holiday season catching fire and abc's gio benitez has that story. >> reporter: they're one of the hottest gifts this holiday season but could they pose a threat of fire? one louisiana family now alleging that their home was destroyed by a hoverboard gone up in flames. >> both wheels it was like a firework. i seen sparks flying and before i could yell, the house is on fire, the middle part of the board that would go in between
7:32 am
>> it was hard to put it out because it was pretty big. caught flames fast. >> reporter: the local authorities investigating now but this is not the first allegation of smoking hoverboards. >> it's on fire. >> reporter: timothy cade of gulf shores, alabama, posting this video of his hoverboard on fire. saying that just three days after purchasing the board it went up in smoke. both were sold on through vendors. we reached out for statements but have not heard back. fire isn't the only potential danger people have reported about these hot, new items. the consumer product safety commission says it's received eight reports of emergency room treated injuries related to hoverboards in just the last three months. social media sites are packed with so-called hoverboard fails like this worker wiping out. teenager xavier terell made a
7:33 am
hoverboard ride. >> i screwed up my knee. i didn't think i would get injured that bradley. >> reporter: brandy giddings that she tore the ligaments trying to get off one of two family hoverboards. >> it almost runs you over if you step off the front so that's like really dangerous way to do it. >> reporter: and that's why experts advise wearing a helmet. even wrist and knee pads and that latest louisiana case, the family says the fire happened moments after plugging it in to charge it. investigators are sure to be looking at that. listen, they are a lot of fun but these are serious concerns. >> that's why i'll be sharing that with my children as they continue to ask for that for christmas. we move on to that rescue caught on camera. utah woman and her dogs fall through the ice on a frozen rest swore. the woman is speaking out about this frightening incident as she's reunited with the men that saved her. abc's kayna whitworth has the
7:34 am
>> reporter: a chilling brush with death for a 32-year-old woman. >> please, save my dogs. >> reporter: and dramatic rescue all caught on a police officer's body cam. 32-year-old rebecca pearson walking her two dogs by a reservoir in utah on sunday. when one of the dogs fell into the freezing water. >> my dog, she's my family. it's just me and her i couldn't just stand by and watch her drown. >> reporter: the thin ice giving way. peterson tumbling into the frigid waters, as well. >> i tried. i was able to pull myself out. got up on to the ice but kept giving out underneath me. >> reporter: thankfully a brigham city worker found her. >> she went under. i thought that was it it. i didn't know if she was coming back. >> that's when i started to panic. i knew i would be okay. i wasn't sure what i was going to be able to do. i wasn't sure what a rescue plan would be. >> reporter: finally police
7:35 am
scene hauling peterson out of the frigid party. >> i can't stand. >> reporter: peterson shows signs of hypothey remember ya but alive. abc news reuniting her and her two rescuers. peterson able to thank the two men who saved her life for the first time since they pulled her out of that icy reservoir. >> you are freaking lucky. >> i know. >> people are fond of their animals but i would suggest we call for help, don't go out on the ice by yourself especially when you're alone. this could have been a very tragic situation. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> that's one lucky lady. >> very lucky. coming up here an urgent alert about ransomware. now experts warn some smart tvs could be next. how to keep your information safe. also ahead, a big medical headline about aspirin. new research revealing it could
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
7:40 am
we're back now with "gma on the lookout" this morning. an urgent warning about ransomware. malicious software that hackers use to take over your computer and hold your personal files hostage. experts say ransomware attacks will be on the rise in 2016 and abc's linzie janis has what you need to know to protect yourself. >> reporter: threatening messages like these appearing across the country at an alarming rate. and a police department in massachusetts. >> our information was held hostage. >> reporter: demanding a $500 ransom or lose their data. >> the best option for us was to pay the ransom. >> reporter: here in intel security's war room, experts detect more than 13,000 ransomware threats a day across the globe. >> very often a user installs ransomware when they get an e-mail from what looks like a company that they would do business with. >> reporter: take this phony u.p.s. message used as ransomware. >> if you were to click on any
7:41 am
and install the ransomware/malware that would encrypt and hold your files for ransom. >> reporter: experts say ransomware can also attack your phone. >> we see examples where a user can receive a phishing e-mail on their phone and inif he can their mobile device. >> reporter: this fake bank message claims it has important information about your account, but click here and your phone would be infected. >> your reputation can be held for ransom, as well. >> reporter: one victim even received a message demanding a $200 payment to stop false information about child pornography from being sent to colleagues and contacts. robert herjavec is a partner with intel and says it's one of the greatest threats he sees. >> everybody is vulnerable today. >> reporter: still, he says, don't be powerless. >> make sure you are backing everything up. there's so many cloud services even on your ipad phone you can
7:42 am
all your data, make sure you're doing that. >> reporter: and he says, unplug that backup drive so it's out of hackers' reach and always use anti-virus software and a fire wall made by reputable companies. and experts tell us these cybercriminals are expanding their targets seeking to take over your smarttv, even your video conference calls. the fbi says if you receive a ransomware pop-up or message on any of your devices you should immediately disconnect from the internet and call the police. amy and george. >> call the police. all right. linzie, thank you. >> i've gotten one of those once. it's a scary thing. >> we got a lot of work to do before 2016. thank you, linzie. coming up next forget "gangnam style." psy has a brand-new style sending the internet into an uproar. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes, lara. his new move, you like them? they're next in "the speed feed." michael, you're --
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7:48 back now with "the speed feed" and the return of psy. i know you've all been waiting. he is back and may be the beginning of a new dance craze.
7:47 am
>> yes, the man who got the world dancing to "gangnam style" released a new video. let's take a look at his new masterpiece called "daddy" from the south korean phenom's first record since the gangnam craze. hey where did you get that body from i got it from my daddy >> where did you get that body from. >> a masterpiece. >> where did he get those moves from? that's what i'm wondering. he said -- >> oh, i saw a little gangnam style in there. >> he's mixing it up and adding a few moves. he says he does not expect this to surpass the 2.4 billion hits -- >> billion? >> yeah. billion hits for "gangnam style," george, and, you know what, he's got a new one coming out it's call eded nepal bagi." he's hoping that is another hit. maybe it will bring back bell bottoms. only time and clicks on youtube --
7:48 am
enough to have worn bell bottoms. >> i would like to see a picture. >> i heard they were trying to find the video of george dancing, they cannot find it in any of our systems. >> you know why -- >> high places i have friends in. >> george took it out of there somehow. >> this is not a joke, america. all right. a lot more "star wars" ahead. stay with us. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] emma, emma bo-bemma banana-fana-fo-femma fee-fi-fo-femma em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay?
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7:52 am
of sand at a music festival. people dancing right into it. probably not the best of ideas. this morning you're doing rain dances at work, in northern georgia, eastern tennessee along that warm and cold front, even a few flood watches.
7:53 am
this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning, it's 7:56 this tuesday, december 1st. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines at this hour, there's a court hearing today for the bronx man charged with killing a 7-year-old in a hit and run. quasi oduro remains free on bail. prosecutors say oduro slammed an suv into a fried chicken restaurant hitting the child as he sat with his father and younger sister. take a look at these guys. police say they've been skimming cash from atms in brooklyn and queens. they started in april. the last known robbery was in june. they've taken money from 20 bank machines. they attached a device to an atm that readsed information and they make fake ones. 7:56. we check the commute with heather. >> i have a webcam to show you of an accident that's being
7:54 am
to the southern state parkway. the left lane is squeezing by -- i'll tell you where this is. it's the southern state parkway the eastbound side right near route 110. grand central 5 to 10 minute delays path trains between newark and the world trade center, delays new jersey transit is running on or close to schedule. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. >> meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> cloudy skies and rain and that's going to continue through the day. see our lens wet across central park. 46 degrees going to be your 8:00 temperature. 47 laguardia, 50 at jfk. we've got an easterly wind here. the rain -- off and were on moderate to the heavy in the afternoon and then the evening, sunshine returns thursday and goes through a beautiful
7:55 am
>> that is the news for now. coming up star wars week continues on gma with super
7:56 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. millions of parents and children, the target of hackers. names, addresses, password, photos all stolen from a popular toy. the security alert this morning. big medical headline right now. the new research revealing that aspirin could be the key to treating alzheimer's and parkinson's. and body proud. the famous and funny names revolutionizing the beauty standard. amy schumer baring it all along with serena. the new supermodel. the force is strong in times square. >> this is where the fun begins. >> reporter: han solo here. wake up with the original space cowboy. we love harrison ford. >> i know. good morning, america.
7:57 am
me >> and you got to love that harrison ford confidence right there. good morning, america. all getting ready for "the force awakens" and "star wars" week here on "gma." look at fall out boy with their lightsabers. they are going to perform live here this morning and as you can see pretty big "star wars" fan. >> we all are. >> that's right. the force is awakening here in times square. there he is, harrison ford, r2d2 and a bunch of stormtroopers. where is r2-d2. >> on a coffee break. >> hey, we're also counting down to christmas. a lot of talk about the best way to string your lights. 59 least in my house. it's that time of year. gio, jesse, ginger are all outside testing that. let's head out there right now. >> reporter: it is our christmas light fight. and the grinch is also here and promises to be on his best behavior and has a box with three different ways to hang
7:58 am
>> you guys will pick one. jesse, you go first. we'll see which way is really east yet. what did you get? >> i got the up and down. >> okay. >> t.j., which one did you get? >> all rolling stones inspired, by the way. >> start from -- wait. the up and down. we got the same one. >> maybe it's -- that didn't go well. we're off to a good start. the wrap around. >> the wrap around. >> that's my style. >> what are you? >> fragile. >> let's see. these branchs haven't totally fallen. i got the wraparound too. here we go -- the triangle. >> perfect. three different ways. you have your assignments. we will check in with you all hour. let's get going. ready, set, go. >> start from the bottom, lights go vertically. >> done the christmas sweater contest. >> so we don't have to do it. >> we'll see how they do in a little bit. now to amy with the morning rundown. >> we begin with the dramatic
7:59 am
affiliated with al qaeda in syria has freed more than a dozen soldiers and police officers from lebanon in exchange, lebanon released 13 prisoners including the ex-wife of isis leader al baghdadi who says she wants to travel to turkey. there are more protests expected in chicago now that a police officer charged with killing a teenager has been freed from jail. jason van dyke, the officer charged with shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times posted that $150,000 bond. now pressure over the case is building with a major chicago newspaper calling for the city's police superintendent to resign and today the mayor will offer details about a new police accountability task force. well, global leaders meet for climate talks in paris and people in beijing are being warned to stay indoors because of record air pollution. schools have actually canceled all activities because the smog is 35 times higher than what is considered safe.
8:00 am
police are investigating the death of the new mayor of juneau, the capital city, greg fisk was found at his home. rumors of a possible assault are speculation, they say, before an autopsy is done to determine the actual cause of death. and an alert for parents this morning. a popular toymaker has fallen victim to hackers exposing the personal information of millions of parents and their children and abc's kendis gibson has those details. >> reporter: this morning news that your kids' vtech tablet toys may be a new target of hackers. they encourage them to share photos through their toy tablets and collected and stored the personal information of more than 4 million parents and over 200,000 kids, but on november 14th, all that information allegedly hacked. >> found a treasure trove of data including parents' names and home addresses, passwords as well as kids' names, pictures
8:01 am
>> reporter: while the identity of the hacker has not been revealed vtech has spoken out saying they are taking this matter very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation. they also point out that this breach does not contain any credit card information. and it doesn't contain any personal identification data. >> this data was out there for anyone to know where to look and how to find it. >> reporter: concerns about the hack so high the company suspending trading on the hong kong stock exchange on monday. >> the fact that it was children's information, they should have spent the extra time. what he should be doing is maintaining encryption. they should be testing their security regularly. america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to kendis for that. in medical news researchers say aspirin may hold promise as a treatment for alzheimer's and parkinson's disease. scientists found the main ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid can block an enzyme that plays a major role in neurodegenerative disease, the focus of new research.
8:02 am
couple of coins into the salvation army kettle. take a look at what one couple in minnesota dropped into that bucket. a $500,000 check. the largest kettle donation ever in minnesota and the donors who wish to stay anonymous say they are honoring a family legacy, one of their fathers served in world war i and especially loved the salvation army doughnut lassies who brought coffee and doughnuts to the soldiers so this was their big thank you and hoping their donation encourages others to be generous even if it is a couple of coins. >> fantastic. to michael. >> now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." amy schumer showing she's body proud. how she's changing the beauty standard along with so many powerful women this morning and sleep solutions for your kids. what you need to know about screen time and bedtime.
8:03 am
ford is here with r2-d2 and the stormtroopers all here all live, all that and the secrets to trimming your christmas tree on a budget with clinton kelly and the grinch coming up on "gma."
8:04 am
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that's all in a day's work. shop the way you live. love the way you shop. and experience more wonder every day. walmart. rocking around so much going on on "good morning america" including our great light fight under way. jesse, t.j., gio, we've got the up and down, the wrap around and what do you have over here? >> the triangle. >> who will win? we'll find out coming up and han
8:06 am
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8:08 am
a little extra protection for harrison ford today in keeping with "star wars" week, i hope he can make it down here with those guys. >> why the long faces, fellas? >> harrison will be here. another red hot star right now, amy schumer, she is baring all in her comedy and now she's doing the same for the prestigious pirelli calendar challenging what we think about bodies and beauty. she is one of many famous role models instead of supermodels gracing the cover and mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: while she's known for her comedy -- >> this is amy. i think you butt dialed me. >> reporter: this morning actress amy schumer is being hailed for her confidence stripping down to bare all for the prestigious 2016 pirelli calendar. miss december tweeting her pinup debut monday with the caption, beautiful, gross, strong, thin,
8:09 am
disgusting, flaw also, woman. >> i was like, great, let's do it. nudity. i'm 34 and, you know, everything is about to drop so let's get a shot of it while we've got it up there. >> reporter: pirelli, a luxury italian tire company known for usually displaying nude supermodels on their calendars took a. different approach for their 43rd edition going less sexy and more strong. featuring influential women including serena williams and yoko ono. >> to find out i get to be part of something that really celebrates women and their bodies and looking powerful, i was -- i jumped at the chance. >> reporter: shot by renowned shuft shufterbug annie liebowitz most of the other women are clothed. in a behind-the-scenes video for the calendar, liebowitz said it was her idea to have schumer strip down. >> amy just takes things straight on. she's chartering a new course in areas that people were afraid to touch before.
8:10 am
posting on facebook here's to imagery that breaks stereotypes. debra messing tweeting simply you look gorgeous. and an unlikely calendar girl stealing the day. for "good morning america," mara york. >> she just makes us smile. great job, michael. >> thank you, lara. and time now for "gma's" "snooze solutions." and any parent, you know how difficult it is to get your kid to go to sleep. on average the national sleep foundation suggests that kids are consistently getting one hour of sleep less than they should every night and abc's becky worley has some strategies for preventing that from happening. >> reporter: does this sound familiar? >> mommy, can i have a glass of water? >> reporter: getting kids to settle down and actually fall asleep is tough. here's your water. >> sleep is critical for young children. children between the ages of 2 and 5 on average need about 11
8:11 am
>> reporter: so what's a parent to do? >> routine is essential for children in order to get them to go to bed at night. >> reporter: the basics still rule here. warm bath, bedtime story. but there are a few new ideas too. pediatricians say the winddown should be totally screen-free. the blue lights can signal a child's brain that it's daytime. enter sleepytime coloring and also this bedtime story that has parents raving. >> i want to you relax different parts of your body. >> reporter: called "the rabbit who wants to fall asleep" written by a psychologist who employs research messages to employ drowsiness. we asked two moms to try it out on their toddlers and preschoolers. >> i call it a success. the kids are going to sleep faster than ever. >> it does make you tired because it's really boring. >> it was a little bit of a bust for us. it didn't go very well. >> reporter: the author acknowledging as every child is unique their experience with and response to the book will be, as well.
8:12 am
for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> joining us now is abc's dr. jennifer ashton. hello, doc. >>, good morning, mike. >> not only hard to get them to sleep but keeping them asleep is something that a lot of parents have to deal with and if your kids wake up screaming or afraid, what exactly is going on. >> what's going on, listen, i didn't get through this stage with one of my kids until they were like 1 years old and important for parents to understand what wakes them up or what gets them out of bed may be a nightmare, may be a night terror. they are different things. night terrors tend to happen in the first part of the night like two to three hours after going to sleep. the child will have their eyes open, they're going to be still sleeping but they're going to look awake screaming this is terrifying. flailing. >> i've had it happen. >> to you or -- >> me. >> and they're going to be sweating, in the morning most kids will not remember this at all. nightmares on the other hand tend to happen later in the night when they're in r.e.m. sleep.
8:13 am
of bed and come to your room waking up frightened. telling you i've had a bad dream. very common for kids to have these separation dream, daddy, i can't find you. mommy, i couldn't find you. >> now if your kid is having a night terror what should you do. >> first thing is stay calm. we like to say wait it out. even though it feels like an eternity most of them will last only one to two minutes, the second thing is they can be pretty violent when they're in that phase so make sure they don't injure themselves and move them away from stairs. usually they outgrow this by the time they become teenagers. >> if they're having nightmares how should you handle that. >> rescue kit. you want to empower them with things you have at hope, a flashlight can help them. you can say use this in the middle of the night. i want to see you hold a teddy bear. >> this would help me. >> and this was suggested by our own dr. besser who is a pediatrician. you can make your own monster spray and fill it with water and say we're going to spray those monsters and you're going to be all good.
8:14 am
>> doc, you know what, i know how i'm going to bed tonight. over to you, amy. >> all right, michael. you know what, a lot of people are losing sleep over "star wars," we can say that. so much of the excitement is for the return of our favorite character, luke, leah, han and so thrilled to have the original space cowboy here this morning, welcome and good morning to you, harrison ford. >> good morning. >> you have had quite the year. i want to start because you are recovering from that plane crash earlier this year. how are you doing? how are you feeling. >> i'm doing great, thank you. thank you. i'm back playing tennis, riding my bikes and having a good time. >> getting back on the millennium falcon. i understand there was an accident too. originally you reported it as a garage door accident. >> well, there was a door on the millennium falcon that got closed by accident on me. >> and your leg was broken, correct?
8:15 am
and then i waited about six months before i broke my right leg. >> but you're all healed up now. everything is good. >> i'm pretty much ready to go now. >> so you got to do something that all of us and the rest of the world has been waiting to do. you actually got to see the new film. >> yes, i did. >> and i know you can't tell us any of the details but what was the experience -- i know, i know. >> i'm going to tell you everything. >> go ahead. if you'd like to, feel free. >> i can't do that. >> what was the experience like, though, watching it back up on the big screen? >> well, it was great. i mean, it's a wonderful movie. it's got great, you know, production values. it's a real big movie and i was delighted to see it. >> i cannot wait. i know after "the return of the jedi" you actually mentioned you were relieved to hang up the han solo costume and never to see it again so what convinced you to come back for number four? >> a really good script, the
8:16 am
who i've admired and it just seemed like a good idea. >> i think it's a great idea and i want to know a little bit more about han stole low 30 years later. he was always the wise guy, but has he gotten wiser, less wise guy, more wise? >> i think he's got a more complex story now. a little bit more of an emotional context than perhaps there was before. but he's still -- he's still the same guy. >> romantically complex? what's his relationship status? can you tell us that? >> no. >> if he had a facebook account what would it say? >> huh. >> if he had a facebook account what would it say? >> i have no idea what facebook accounts do say. i don't have one. >> married, single, status. >> no, i can't go that far. >> all right. all right. we'll have to wait and see. fair enough. now you weren't asked to actually audition for the original "star wars," many
8:17 am
you just -- you read as a favor for george lucas? >> a producer friend of mine that was -- that produced "american graffiti" somehow could knifed to get me to read the lines with people that were auditioning for the parts of princess leia. >> you were just helping out. >> and luke skywalker. i thought i was just helping out and then when the whole thing was over they asked me if i wanted to play han solo. >> and you said yes. >> i said, uh, yes, eventually. >> you said, yes. you didn't say yes. >> well, i said -- i said, how much? and then they said a thousand dollars a week and i said, no. no. but i did. i did it for a thousand dollars
8:18 am
>> and then that number went up significantly. >> a little bit, yeah. >> you recently surprised some "star wars" fans. they were looking to get tickets for the movie. these very coveted tickets. >> ah, yes. >> i'm just curious, are you still surprised at the level of fervor, like the fan democratdom that's out there. >> i'm surprised and obviously delighted, you know, i mean, the genius of these films, the luck of these films is that they've been passed on from generation to generation and in the 30 years or 35 years since the first one, many generations have been introduced to this film by their parents and so it's a family experience and it's really kept them alive. >> it has and speaking of a family experience, i just want to ask you to confirm indiana jones 5. you're all in.
8:19 am
>> how much? no, it's not about the money. i would love to do another indiana jones and work with stephen again and if we get a script, i'd love to do it. >> i think he said he wanted you to do it before you turned 80. >> i'd like to see me do it before i turn 80, yeah. >> harrison ford, always a pleasure. thank you so much for stopping by. >> thank you, amy. "star wars: the force awakens" in case you hadn't heard is in theaters on december 18th. let's go outside now to ginger. >> oh, amy, what a crowd we have out here on a mild thank you very much. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill evans. as you see we've got clouds, fog, rain, drizzle, 46 degrees
8:20 am
at 42 around white plains, 50 around jfk, long island, upper 30s to the north. rain off and on today. 52 is going to be the high. we get a break tonight. we've got milder rain tomorrow, rain heavier tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. we clear out tomorrow night, sunshine, chilly weather on thursday. the wind goes away. it makes for a nice weekend coming up. keep the rain gear >> we are saying it's very nice golf clap you have. we can make it louder because it's time for "pop," lara. >> thank you so much. we want to begin with this. how would you like to walk the red carpet with meryl streep or maybe make a video with the backstreet boys? well, quit dreaming, george. start planning because u2's is making these once in a lifetime experiences possible through his red organization which, of course, raises money to fight aids. it kicks off today and fans can donate $10 for a chance to win one of a number of amazing celebrity prizes. you can go to a university of texas at austin football game
8:21 am
a makeover by kim kardashian. >> don't tell my daughters. >> or go, i love this one, go on a one-day quote/unquote wellness break in colorado with snoop dogg. >> oh, wow. >> relaxation. relaxation. >> use your imagination. colorado, i wonder why. enter to win on and $10 buys you ten chances and a $50 donation gives you 500 chances to win. all going to the fight against aids. >> great idea. and they're fun. jimmy kimmel has a lot of prizes on his show. check out his show and our show and "star wars" because it's "star wars" week on "gma" but seems like some people are celebrating all over the world whether they need to or not. we want you to take a look at the new protective gear, this is real, that police are wearing in bavaria, germany, when they unveiled it last week the internet couldn't help but notice the similarity to that dark helmet.
8:22 am
>> from mel brooks' "spaceballs" or ninja turtles shot or finally the mushroom. may the force be with you, bavaria, germany, pd. we understand. >> now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. greatest character ever darth helmet. >> he'll show you how to decorate your tree. jesse will be back with that in just a bit. >> absolutely. >> don't take notes. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax.
8:23 am
this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, everyone. it's 8:27 right now on this tuesday, december 1st. i'm michelle charlesworth. topping headlines, police want to talk to the ex-boyfriend of a bronx woman who was found murdered overnight in norris park. 28-year-old toshan radigan was is found shot to death. her young son was home at the time. her exmay be driving a silver or gray honda odyssey minivan. detectives in queens want to find the driver who crashed into a fried chicken restaurant. two men walking on springfield boulevard were injured when the car went off the road in queens village. the men are in the hospital. they are expected to recover. governor cuomo speaks about world aids day at apollo theater. he plans to ask for state funding to support housing and health care programs for people
8:24 am
the state already spends 2 1/2 billion each year to find the disease. 1.2million people die each year. when we come bace' let's get a check on the commute with heather. >> hello. let's talk about mass transit as we go over to our mass transit chart. i can tell you we do have
8:25 am
into and out of grand central, about 5 to 10 minute delays. path trains, delays on both of those lines. and then we have this issue as you head on to sunrise highway east at grand avenue. all lanes continue to be subject to closure with an accident. street cleaning rules are in effect. michelle over to you. i'll send it over to bill. >> we're going to have cloudy skies and rain through much of the day, off and on rain. temperature 46 degrees. 62 at white plains. north of rocklin county, upper 30s, and now 43 at bridgeport. you see rain coming up from the south off and on through the day. temperature gets to 52 which is warmer than normal for this time of the year. as we go into tonight the rain kind of goes away after midnight. we go to 47 for the low. the rain comes back for tomorrow morning and is moderate to heavy tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. before that clears out tomorrow night we've got sunshine thursday right on into next week. michelle. thank you. that is the news for now. more of good morning america up next.
8:26 am
rocking around the christmas tree >> welcome back to "gma." why is t.j. relaxing over there? he's got other people to do his work for him in the great christmas light fight. very smart. some call it cheating but he's up against jesse, of course, and gio. and we'll check in with them ahead in just a little bit. the clock is ticking. now inside to lara, amy and ginger. >> interesting trouble with light. >> there's news you can use there because there's three different techniques, up and down, there's the wrap around and then there's the triangle because putting lights on the tree is different and creating a gorgeous tree can be tricky, that's why we have this guy, "the chew" co-host clinton kelly will tell us how to update your ornaments on a budget with supplies from your local craft store. let's start with the basics. i just got the tree yesterday. starting to decorate probably
8:27 am
>> what's the first sort of great tip. >> a jam-packed tree looks the best but you can break the budget by spending up to $50, $100 per ornament sometimes which is crazy. i'll show you ho to make onments. i did this entire tree for $62.50 so we'll show you how to do that. if you have kid, get the kids involved. kid-friendly crafts and also think about color. some people like white lights and white balls but that's fine. i like color on my tree so we'll do that with lots of -- with pink and orange and blue and purple. >> i think we're going to make swirl balls. >> yes, we are. >> let's make some swirl balls. all right. let's go. >> i have one for you here. these are clear glass ornaments they're about $1.50 each and a squirt of mod podge? >> what is that. >> it's like glue or a silver dollar. >> okay.
8:28 am
craft paint. whatever color you want to do. >> i'll go orange because nothing says merry christmas like bright orange. >> i'll use pink and blue, as well, sometimes it's nice to have a couple of colors. >> can i have a squirt of pink? >> yes, you may. >> you basically swirl it around like so. >> you swirl. >> ooh. and you keep going -- >> this one is for you. >> oh, you know what that worked out well that you added a lot of mod podge. you tip it over on its side like that over a plastic cup and that will dry and come out looking like this. you add a little bit more paint if you feel like you didn't get enough on them. as you can see -- >> i actually really love that idea. >> i saw these online, $20 each so i was like, i can make that myself. >> my kids would love to did this. >> that's so much fun. >> it's an heirloom. >> pretty. >> we have pinecones from your backyard.
8:29 am
they're free and i spray painted them in the color palette we're using here and what we'll do is take some of that mod podge and brush the tips as if they were covered in snow. you'll see when i put glitter on there. >> you're doing it delicately. i'm just jamming it right on. >> whatever your technique. >> yours was in a blizzard. >> i'm mr. rogers. >> i get into the zone. >> exactly. take your glitter and sprinkle it on. >> these are so cute too. >> aren't these great? you know what's nice any take up a lot of space on the tree. >> glistening snow. i love that. >> so then you glue a little wire on there and good to go, as well. >> i always have so much leftover wrapping paper and it bothers me. >> use it for ornaments. >> using hole pumps and papier-mache onments and did
8:30 am
and glue them on to your onments and take another bit of mod podge and they end up looking like this and throw them on the tree and good to go. other things we did, $5 tree topper with this ribbon. that's all it costs on the top. these letters that say gma are $1.50 each and covered them in glitter. whole thing, $62.50. >> you can see clinton on "the chew" and get the full instructions on our website plus two more bonus projects from that guy, on yahoo! and i know you have -- >> hello. >> what's the grinch -- grinch, do not tale anything. >> they're ours. >> he's here to help us kick off abc family's 25 days of christmas which starts tonight at 9:00,:00 central with "dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas." >> we are so into it here but first over to michael.
8:31 am
now, i was lucky enough to appearen a recent episode of "black-ish" and a couple of my co-stars made a surprise visit to another hit show, "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." and abc's abbie boudreau was there with them for some behind-the-scenes secrets. >> need to get out of there right now. >> reporter: marvel's "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." >> look who is here. >> reporter: a supersecret spy agency is on high alert for a curious visit from marcus who is 15 and 10-year-old miles brown stars of the abc comedy "black-is high-tech. >> i'm smaller. i'm everywhere and nowhere. >> what are you doing on this set? are you infiltrating? >> who knows? >> we're really big "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." fans and just to come check out the set. >> and get new details about the season and everything. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: like details about agent phil colson's hand played by clark greg caught a deadly crystal then his arm turned to
8:32 am
save his life. >> is your hand ever going to grow back? >> i think that hand might be gone for good. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: miles and marcus found his severed hand still clutching the crystal and a prosthetic replacement. >> they built me an amazing hand but i'm hoping i might get an even cooler hand. >> whoa! >> we're seeing the command center right now. >> this is the first time you've seen this. >> yes. >> i'm co-pilot miles. >> i'm head pilot marcus. >> who gets to do this. >> nobody gets to do this. >> nobody. >> but me and miles! >> reporter: they play brothers on "black-ish" and act like brothers in real life creating their own secret handshakes. and for the right "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." look, creations from the costume designer. you. >> you got on some of our tactical vests, a little
8:33 am
>> first aid kit, yeah. s.h.i.l.d. agent marcus reporting. >> what's the biggest misconception people have about your character. >> that she's cold and icy. >> you realize the point of intelligence gathering is to gather intelligence. >> it's just a mask. it's all heart. >> you betrayed your entire team. >> you never know who pulls punches. >> actually putting together this fight sequence for the next episode. >> sounds like an invitation. >> action. >> let's go. let's go. >> action. >> oh. >> aaagh! >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and you can see an all-new episode of marvel's "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. over to you, ginger.
8:34 am i can't do the check-in for the light fight without my jacket because it's the only way jesse, you had the up and down. >> this is called the up and down. when people do it at home it won't look like this. what you're supposed to do is wrap the tree with the lights starting from the bottom, working vertically up stead of around and as you can see -- >> did you just throw on the -- >> i had difficulty getting my lights untangled.
8:35 am
like turkey dinner, you got to use everything. i also used the extension cord. >> good work. >> i'll keep working. >> please do. this is my gem. what i usually do. >> this was sabotage. no, seriously they didn't do us right. they gave us this. this was the biggest problem. we would have been done in four minutes had these not been -- >> you had the wraparound. >> this is what people do. the most popular method, start from the bottom and wrap to the top. i had help. they helped me untangle the lights. >> gio -- >> he's always looking for an excuse. >> he got it. >> i've never heard of the triangle. >> me neither so basically you envision this tree has three different part, three triangles and zigzag around up down and around and that's what you get. >> it looks really good. >> thanks. >> very nice work. you don't have excuse, do you, gio. >> never. >> we'll be -- we'll determine who won in just a couple of minutes but coming up we have helen mirren here live, yes,
8:36 am
oltt2watv#@5t! bt@qp0< tt2watv#@5t! "a@q@
8:37 am
>> i'm running a studio here, hedda. do you think i love every person on my payroll? grow up. >> then how about i make it crystal clear to my 35 million readers exactly who runs hollywood and won't fire these traitors? how about i name names, real names? >> dame helen mirren joins us now. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we had to bleep you there. >> on morning television. i'm always being beeped on morning television. luckily you have the seven-second pause. i don't say a very rude word there. >> it was not that bad but you did seem to really relish playing someone who's kind of nasty. >> well, you know, it's all in the perception, isn't it? certainly hedda would not have seen herself as nasty. she would have seen herself as
8:38 am
>> and she was. but she was unafraid of being cruel and fierce and ruthless and she actually called her house the house that fear built. she, you know, as we say on the piece she had a readership of 36 million. >> remind people how much power she had. she was a gossip columnist in hollywood, anti-communist who was just a huge figure in the whole mccarthy era. >> absolutely. you know, she had the voice of -- she had the ear of the american people, she really, really did. they all read her column. she was syndicated all over america. so, and they loved her. they loved the way she wrote and they thought they were hearing the inside story about hollywood, you know. she was every celebrity magazine, every column, celebrity column in every internet site all put into one person. >> the movie is such a brilliant take on that era but it brought me back to thinking, i didn't
8:39 am
>> yes. >> the black list. >> mid '60s, extraordinary. >> 15 years. >> yes, 15 years. finally -- what an amazing time the '60s were, an incredible revolution in so many ways and, you know, this particular organization was such a sort of leftover from the '50s. fascinating time in america. >> you star with bryan cranston he played dalton trumbo. he was here a week ago. had a little crush on you. >> she is one sexy woman. and a deep, deep talent. she's the queen. but she doesn't act at all like -- she's not the queen. >> i'm certainly not the queen. >> must have been so much fun to work with him. >> fantastic. he's one of the great living american actors, i believe. i don't -- if you saw his lbj in new york on broadway, amazing performance which we're luckily going to be able to see on
8:40 am
>> that's coming on -- i did not know that. >> they filmed it so we'll be able to see it on the screen which is fantastic. >> what's next for you? >> i don't know actually, quite honestly, i have a wonderful film coming out next year about drone warfare which is called "eye in the sky" and it's a very good film. >> and timely. >> yes, and timely, absolutely. >> turns out "trumbo" is, as well. thank you for joining us. >> "trumbo" is in theaters nationwide and when we come back, fall out boy performs
8:41 am
[panting] meet one today. visit adopt. discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
8:42 am
we have fall out boy here. they are fresh from winning a favorite artist alternative rock in the 2015 american music
8:43 am
their latest album "american beauty." "american psycho" debuted in the top 200 and in the middle of a tour. here's fall out boy with "irresistible." coming in unannounced drag my nails on the tile i just followed your scent you can just follow my smile all of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine cutting me to the bone nothing left to leave behind you ought to keep me concealed just like i was a weapon i didn't come for a fight but i will fight till the end and this one might be a battle might not turn out okay you know you look so seattle but you feel so l.a. hey yeah yeah yeah
8:44 am
and i love the way you hurt me it's irresistible yeah oh oh yeah i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby i'm gonna get you to burst just like you were a bubble frame me up on your wall just to keep me out of trouble like a moth getting trapped in the light by fixation truly free love it baby i'm talking no inflation too many war wounds and not enough wars too few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores too many sharks not enough blood in the waves you know i give my love a
8:45 am
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and i love the way you hurt me it's irresistible yeah yeah oh oh yeah oh #oh yeah i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby you're secondhand smoke secondhand smoke i breathe you in but honey i don't know what you're doing to me mon cheri but the truth catches up with us eventually try to say live live and let live but i'm no good good at lip service except when they're yours mi amor i'm coming for you and i'm
8:46 am
and i still love the way you hurt me it's irresistible yeah oh yeah whoa oh yeah i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby i love the way i love the way i love the way you hurt me baby yeah yeah yeah [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series
8:47 am
it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] kobe coming up tomorrow. big thanks to fall out boy. that was great, guys. so glad you could come in and now it's time for the winner. >> should we do this? clinton kelly here to pick the tree that won. >> yes, all right. >> i'm guessing that, jesse. >> this knot here -- >> sorry, jesse.
8:49 am
>> i got to tell you we're going with gio. there's not a single cord to be seen on this. >> all right. >> it was close. it was close. >> t.j. there. >> congratulations, gio. have a great day, everyone. this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. good morning, it is 8:56 on this tuesday december 1st. i'm michelle charlesworth. breaking in rocklin county, a teenager is being questioned after a 66-year-old man was
8:50 am
this happened just a short time ago on demeuest avenue in west nyack. >> new details about an attack at a local department store. 20-year-old -- last month in bushwick. the shooting stepped from an argument which turned violent. buy as is charged with attempted murder. let's get a check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> hi michelle, we are going to talk to you once again about metro north trains. we do have some delays into and to 10 minutes. port authority buses you're running with delays into and out of the lincoln tunnel bus. long island railroad doing okay. williamsburg bridge brooklyn arrivals at laguardia. we do have our street cleaning to you. thank you so much. let's go over to bill evans.
8:51 am
we still have the clouds and degrees. we'll creep on up beyond our normal high temperature this time of the year which is 49. 52jfk. it will get a little milder. toms river already 54 degrees. 50 on long island. waves of off and on showers today. this afternoon we're going to get to about 50 degrees. we'll still have showers into this evening. heavier rain tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and we're looking at sunshine returning thursday and lots of sunshine and nice weather right on through the weekend. nothing harsh or any snow.
8:52 am
that's the news for now, meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and if you're a conedison customer, you could get $85 back.
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