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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fighting for her life while the city searches for her helpless toddler. at the center of this, police want to find the husband. this neighbor saw the bloodied victim rushed to the hospital this afternoon. >> i can't get in the building because the elevator has a lot of blood on the floor and you can't get -- i can't walk up the stairs because they are investigating. >> reporter: neighbors say they were always seen together. he may be 47 or 57 years old. some believe he worked for the transit system driving trains. an amber alert has been issued for the missing 3-year-old girl. a multistate search has been launched. we will follow this case throughout the night. for now live in the bronx, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. if you have our breaking news
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you know when the amber alert went out. we will have the latest at 6:00. another mother attacked in the bronx. this was deadly. police found a 28-year-old shot in the head overnight in her east bronx home. her young son was home at the time but did not witness the killing. letter the woman's ex-boyfriend was in the house when ratty began was murdered. they want to question him. a cop busted for a disturbing crime. the off duty 10-year veteran of the nypd accused of sitting drunk in his car and exposing himself. the car parked near ps 134 in the bronx. the cop is now suspended. darla miles is at the school. she is in the morrisania section. darla? >> reporter: well, bill, nypd officer wayne roach is suspended without pay during this investigation. he was discovered just a few feet from the front door of the ps 134 in the bronx and
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completely covered but other parts of his body were not. >> when i seen him, pants were open. >> reporter: officer wayne roach, a 10-year veteran of the nypd pants open and passed out in front of a bronx elementary school. >> what side of the street was he on? >> on this side. behind that tree right here. >> reporter: that's bristow seat in morrisania. the windows of ps 134 feet away where any child could look out and see the exposed 35-year-old officer, assigned to transit district 4 and now charged with lewdness and dwi. according to the complaint, he was sitting behind the wheel of a green 2001 honda civic and the engine was running. he had his pants down, exposed, jacket over his face asleep in public view. this 26-year old who doesn't want to be identified says he didn't know exactly what to do once he saw a man with his pants below his waste. >> my first instinct was to go
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but when i saw everything else, i was like -- >> reporter: step backwards? prosecutors say roach had red watery eyes and slow speech and told the arresting officer, yeah, i was drinking hours ago. >> number one, disgusting. number 2, we rely on the police to protect our children and you should know how to conduct yourself. >> reporter: all of this, according to investigators, took place around noon on monday. >> there are children that come out here at that time. >> i'm not happy with it. i come to pick up my grandson everyday. >> reporter: now, this morning, roach was arraigned on lewdness and dwi charges. he was released and will be back in court on december 4th. reporting live in the morrisania section of the bronx, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. in the bronx also a
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a laser at an mta bus driver. michael ramos, a passenger on the bus was charged with reckless endangerment. the beam hit the rearview mirror and reflecting into the bus driver was eye. he was treated for eye pain. if you are heading out, grab your umbrella. you will need it for quite a while. meteorologist lee goldberg is tracking the rain on the upper west side. >> all right, sade, chilly damp start to december. nothing you can't handle. fairly light. not bothering new yorkers. not a lot of sidewalk traffic. it's very light. here is a look downtown. you can't see empire state building because of the low cloud deck. ceiling is down below 1,000 feet. may be delays at the area airports. chilly, 48. we won't drop much tonight. we will continue with the off and on rain and drizzle. a chilly wind around 20 miles per hour. dress for that. rainfall amounts not bad. a quarter inch or less.
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most areas won't have ponding or puddles. standing rain over fairfield and suffolk, north shore of long island is pulling out in times time. the rain will be light for a while before the next batch from the virginia's will get here after midnight for the early commuters. watch out if you are an early riser heading out 4:00, 5:00 in the morning, you might run into a steady batch of rainfall before things get light for the morning commute before the final round of steady rain tomorrow afternoon. this is what you need to know. the rain is light and intermittent this evening. steadier rain overnight probably 3:00 in the morning then the next round and the final round will be tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening, a couple of isolated showers may linger into thursday morning. total rainfall may approach an inch then thursday the colder air returning. a look at the weekend accuweather forecast and a change in the weather pattern and i think you will like it. accuweather in a few minutes.
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>> all right, lee, thank you. >> you can track the rain 24-7 by downloading the accutrack weather alert app. governor cuomo is considering april 19th for a special election to fill former speaker sheldonville silver's seat. that is the same day as a presidential primary. silver was found guilty on all counts in his corruption trial. the 71-year-old could face more than 100 years in prison. he is free on bail as he awaits a sentencing date. the u.s. is preparing to send more special ops forces to the middle east. defense secretary ash carter made the announcement saying the special forces will be sent to assist special operations in iraq and syria. they will help iraqi and kurdish forces and take part in raids, hostage situations, intelligence operations and assist in capturing isis leaders. a police shake up in the third largest city. the chief of police in chicago
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took more than a year to investigate the dale l deadly police shooting of a teenager. the cop is now charged with murder. the chief, garry mccarthy. sarah schull at the -- schulte has the latest. >> reporter: mayor emanuel stood by garry mccarthy even loyal when the videotape was released to the public. he said it is not about his performance but it was becoming a distraction. mayor emanuel asked mccarthy to resign. >> i have a lot of loyalty to what he has done and him but i have a bigger loyalty to the city of chicago, its future and the strength of the future.
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began to crumble as calls for his resignation became louder. mccarthy thought he had his boss' support as early as this morning. >> i'm not going to give up on the chicago police department. i won't give up on the chicago community. i love this city. i'm not going anywhere. even if i leave this job, i'm staying in chicago. >> reporter: the the mayor named the first deputy to serve as acting superintendent while a search is conducted. several members of the city council's black caucus are recommending l.wisenger as the next superintendent. >> everyone feels good with him doing the job. he worked in rough neighborhoods and has the respect of the community. >> reporter: critics say identifying mccarthy doesn't explain why it took the mayor 13 months to view the videotape showing the mcdonald shooting. >> we have a practice, not unique to chicago that you don't do anything to material evidence that would hamper, injure an investigation.
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into it because there is need for the information. i don't look at the material in a criminal investigation. >> reporter: mayor emanuel was up for reelection during the time when the city was legally trying to prevent the videotape from being released to the public. emanuel critics are calling for an outside investigator to come in and investigate exactly what the mayor knew. live in chicago, sarah schulte. back to you. >> thank you. a quick look at wall street. stocks making significant gains today. health care and banking stocks getting a big boost. bank stocks rising and investigators hope higher interest rates are on the way. nasdaq climbed 47. s&p 500 22 and change. still ahead, exclusive video of a man wanted for attacking a woman at a book store.
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update on breaking news we are talking about, the amber alert. the 3-year-old girl and her father have been found. we are told they are in new york police department custody at this hour. rebecca valenzuela allegedly taken by her father, diomedes valenzuela, allegedly after he stabbed her mother in the bronx. now that they are in custody we will have a full report at
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a carbon monoxide scare at a school in queens. the campus evacuated. 500 students and 100 faculty members ordered out of psis in queens village after high levels of carbon monoxide were found in the basement. nobody was hurt. con ed officials say they believe the elevated levels were caused by a fire in a han hole. in newark, a new project to help students that live in poverty. it will be funded with some of the last money remaining from mark zuckerberg's million dollar donation to schools. the foundation will invest $1.2 million up to 12 1/2 million in two new education initiatives. >> we are here to say to parents today that we are going to give you a choice. we are going to put all of our resources in the southward
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>> the southward community schools initiative and newark opportunity network will aim to help students in the classroom and after-school programs. on this world aids day, a large commitment of taxpayer money from new york governor cuomo. $200 million added to the state's campaign to try to end aids here in the next five years. much of that for a drug that protects against hiv. it has cut transmission from mother to child to zero. here is eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman. >> new york state governor andrew cuomo. >> reporter: governor cuomo was among the honorees today in the apollo theater marking world aids day. they recognized his continuing commitment to providing funding and services to fight hiv aids and the governor did not disappoint. >> i am going to propose an additional $200 million to fund
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housing for people with aids. >> reporter: among those additional services recommended by the task force, more life insurance for those living with hiv. more enhanced medicaid and managed care coverage and more access to proven pro take lactic drugs for high risk hiv negative patients. >> this actually helps prevent someone getting hiv if they are at risk. if they take that medicine everyday, they will have the medicine in their bloodstream to prevent hiv from making copies of itself before it can establish itself in the body. >> reporter: he credits new york state for a program prep ad that covers the cost of the drug, testing and counseling for those that can't pay. activists say the new push will help get it to more of those that need it most. >> this will help us get the message to them and make it
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>> sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. today marks the 60th anniversary of when rosa parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white passenger. parks arrest lead to the 381 day bus boycott in montgomery, alabama. the bus company elf caved giving blacks the ability to sit where they wanted rather than the back half of the bus. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton visiting the alabama church where dr. martin luther king junior was pastor during the fight for bus desegregation. she told the crowd the fight for equality is not over and the criminal justice system must be reformed. she said people of color are frisked, arrested and given loner sentences than whites. >> 60 years since rosa parks. in detroit they have the bus she was on and to bring your
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>> a long way to go. what is this outside, rain? >> a little drizzle. not too much. >> it's noting ting anywhere. >> we don't see it very often. light rain. streets are wet. watch your footing on the sidewalk. otherwise chilly and have your umbrella handy. 48 tonight h. humidity 89%. the high managed to sneak up to 51 with the intermittent rain. shade above average in november. a little over .2 in new york city. sunset at 4:29. last year it reached 65 degrees with a couple of showers. 52 in toms river. we are getting more of an early wind off the water here south of new york city allowing us to get into the low 50s. we are northeast and rather chilly. these numbers bumped from upper 30s to mid-40s. one big difference about tomorrow, it's milder and damp.
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trying to race up the i-95 corridor, cold air wedged over the mountains. nice warming trend before cooler air comes in behind the system and that is later wednesday into thursday. this is off and on rain and drizzle. at times it will shut off, especially during the evening hours tonight. a bit of a resurgence late tonight into the wee hours of tomorrow. then during the morning commute another lull before we get the last round of rainfall tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. 24 hours to go. steady rain over connecticut and long island. in time for the heart of the evening commute the rain is diminished in intensity. a nice gap with light rain before the next batch comes in after midnight. this is some of the heavier rain. some of it will come our way during the afternoon hours. you can see the wind shift out of the west. that will happen late tomorrow night into thursday morning. periods of rain tomorrow. steadier in the afternoon hours
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leaving the scene. thursday is a blustery day. 50 feels like mid-40s because of the gusty winds. cloudy and damp tonight. light rain and drizzle around, areas of fog. cool, 48 degrees. on the raw side. milder tomorrow. 57. the periods of rain. it will end in the afternoon hours. that will come in after lunchtime into the early hours. 50 for the high. 46 tomorrow night and the rain begins to drop off. here is what is coming up at 4:30. we want to check the timing on the lull for the morning commute. it will below. we will check on that with the futurecast. 30 miles per hour gusts on thursday. we may talk about windchill thursday. trivia question, did we have a change in season. what season ended yesterday and what season began today. >> i know. >> for you to figure it out. >> hold it until next weather. don't be that guy. i know, i know.
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still ahead, the new area code coming to new york city. >> plus, a fraternity president making a stunning admission about the death of a college student during a hazing ritual. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg welcomes to daughter
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for those who shopped on black friday, small business saturday or cyber monday, nonprofits say it's a good time to give back. giving tuesday. it encourages people to donate to their favorite charities. the cleveland clinic says feeling philanthropic can help you fell happy and healthy. you don't have to give gifts. the same effects are felt when you give your time. back pain is second to a common cold for missing work. now the daily discomfort is related to what they eat. amy freeze has more on how some patients are finding relief. this new yorker had 20 years of chronic back pain before finding relief.
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i have to sit at the computer another 12 hours? >> reporter: she was referred to dr.ed to senate who believes the foods we eat can cause back pain. kelly got results and lost 18 pounds changing her diet. >> it's mind blowing how much he has helped me. >> for a lot of people, one of the major factors or causes is the foods that they eat and drinks that they are drinking. >> reporter: kelly quickly learned her daily meals and quote unquote normal foods were irritating to her body. >> foods can absolutely create inflammation and irritation. find the right foods and drinks for you that is unique for the individual to cut down the inflammatory factor. we lower the inch flame flame -- inprogram -- inflamma tory factor and the back pain goes away.
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sugar, pastas. >> you can make simple things that keep your blood sugar stable and energy going far longer. >> reporter: using a balanced combination, eating seasonal fresh produce and avoiding the same foods over and over can stop inflammation and pain. a diet change like this for three weeks can eliminate the pain altogether and even helps patients avoid surgery. >> now i have a lot more energy and spend more time doing the things that i love and enjoy life more. i feel good. >> reporter: amy freeze, channel 7, eyewitness news. the manager of a jewish bookstore beaten. coming up, exclusive video of that. what he allegedly said right before he attacked. >> so, the new debate over the
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breaking news. the search is over for a 3-year- old girl and her father, diomedes valenzuela. an amber alert was issued in new york and new jersey. the gouge caravan they were -- dodge car vow van they were in -- caravan was stopped. we will bring you new information as it comes in. the top story, a vicious and violent attack. the victim, the manager of a jewish bookstore. the attacker spouting words of hate and then taking off. that at tanning is under investigation by the inspected -- attack is under investigation by the nypd. >> cursing jews and threatening to kill the bookstore manager. eyewitness news obtained
5:26 pm
that got around on the scooter. cops want to find the guy. >> kemberly richardson at the bookstore on broadway with the latest. >> bill and sade, all day long people have been coming to the shop at broadway and 89th to check on the victim and hear police who are looking for police who are looking for the guy. [ inaudible ]. >> this type of thing that spreads hatred in our city and neighborhoods is out of place here. >> reporter: at broadway and 89th street, police circled back to talk to employees. everyone is trying to stick business as usual but can't ignore what happened outside the shop yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon.
5:27 pm
the man seen here in this exclusive video, the one riding the scooter in the red pants and jacket. he fits the description of a person that assaulted a 52-year- old man that works in the store shouted,ing quote, expletive you jews, i will kill you. i'm a muslim. >> unbelief believe. just like him to come out and help somebody. he is a terrific guy. >> reporter: sources tell eyewitness news the suspect did what this man is seen doing in the video hoff verdict in front of the shop for a few minutes. the victim went outside to speak to the man who then shouted the hate-filled words, began punching the victim then took off on his scooter. some of the other employees watched it unfold. today they were too upset to speak to reporters. >> these people are wonderful people. they are part of the fabric of this neighborhood customers, adore them.
5:28 pm
check on the victim who was not seriously hurt. the nypd task force is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime. >> we got our marriage certificate here. so, you know, this place, we go back almost 14 years now. >> this is a jewish neighborhood. we don't expect things like that to happen. >> again, the victim was not seriously hurt. he did not come to work today. if you have any information 1-800-577-tips. live on the upper west side, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. meanwhile, new york police looking for two men who put skimmers on atms in brooklyn and queens. cops say the men attached devices users. the suspects then made fake cards that allowed them to withdraw money from the accounts. they used them in 20 minutes between april and june.
5:29 pm
woman in new jersey known for sending threatening and racist tweets. 24-year-old kayla simon mcelve faces a charge of public alarm. they say she used a university library computer to post anonymous threats against black students on twitter then did it during a student rally about racial issues. a stunning admission from a college fraternity president about a hazing pledge at baruch college. daniel lee testifying that he and four other fraternity members tried to cover up the death of 18-year-old michael deng in 2014. the fraternity members are charged with murder. new information about a transgender woman beaten in queens. police are no longer investigating the attack as a hate crime.
5:30 pm
assault case. investigators say the 35-year- old victim got in an argument with a man outside her apartment in jackson heights early sunday morning. the victim was hit in the head, face and thrown to the ground. she is in the hospital in critical condition tonight. a 100 million-dollar lawsuit filed against robert durst by the family of his first wife that disappeared decades ago. the mother and sisters filed the suit in mineola. they say durst prevented them from giving her a dignified burial. i was never charged in the case. he has been charged to a mysterious death and investigated for another. sticker shock for uconn students with a proposed tuition hike. officials plan to raise tuition $3,000 for instate students over the next three years and $4,000 for out of state students the next four years. it is expected to make the school nearly $13 million in
5:31 pm
the hike is meant to close a $40 million budget gap. get ready for a new area code in manhattan. today state regulators announcing 332 will be the borough's newest area code. it is needed to meet the high demand for personal and business numbers. it will join 212, 646 and 917. and it will be active in 2017. president obama delivering a strong message on the fight against terror. the president made his remarks in paris as they gathered for the climate change conference. lana zak has the story. >> reporter: world leaders gathered in paris to fight a war on two fronts, climate change and terrorism. >> some asked why the world would dedicate some of our focus to combating climate change even as we work to protect our people and go after terrorist networks.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: at the u.n. conference on climate change, 20 billion-dollar investment in clean energy. the message reverberating. pope francis traveling from africa urged greater action saying we are at the limits. if i may use a strong words, i would say we are at the limits of suicide. while world leaders were meeting in paris, in beijing the smog was so thick, 45 times beyond safe levels. china pledged cooperation on climate and the war on terror. that is palpable in paris still reeling from the attacks two weeks ago. the fight against isis was as much a part of the discussion as the environment. president obama hinting at a possible diplomatic break through with russia in regards to syria. in meetings with world leaders including russia and turkey,
5:33 pm
unified front will be developing to leave the world safer and cleaner for generations to come. lana zak, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a special delivery for mark zuckerberg and his wife. the couple penning a letter to their new baby girl. you will hear the heartfelt message and find out what they are plaging to do with all those -- pledging to do with it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. you may remember this. a cat rescued from the subway tracks in brooklyn is missing again. the cat is one of two that prompted the temporary shut down of the b and q sway lines in 2013. his owners say he jumped out of the window from prospect heights on thanksgiving. >> we hope especially with arthur being on the streets
5:37 pm
survival instincts, agility will come back into play and make him safe. it will make him harder to catch but a bit of a survivor until we find him. >> he is a small gray tabby with white hair on his chest and paws and skinny. he may be shy if approached. the owners rescued the second kitten on the tracks in august. jetblue wants to change a long-standing pole about how pilots are hired. they want to train recruits with zero flying experience. the new york based airline has asked the faa to train them from the ground up. they have to meet 1500 hours of experience before separating the planes. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife
5:38 pm
daughter max tonight by doing it penning a letter and making it public. they will make the world a better place with the chan initiative. it will pay for programs that personalize learning, cure disease, connect people and build strong communities. >> good thing to do. well, jerry "seinfeld" has a new job blocks from his home on the upper west side. he will perform monthly at the beacon theater starting in january. he still earns money as the show continues to run around the world. the new gig he says won't be work, i'm a comedian. i make people laugh. that's the only thing in my life that isn't work. >> "seinfeld" says he was inspired by billy joel's monthly concert at madison square garden. how much rain are we in nor?
5:39 pm
goldberg with the forecast. >> advertise the season to shop. >> war of words between new
5:40 pm
some people dropped spare change in the salvation army kettles and some a few bills. check out the major gift someone in minnesota gave, a check for 500,000 dollars. the salvation army representative for minnesota says the money donated near minneapolis is likely a state record. >> wow. are americans self gifting more than every before? zucker burgs aren't.
5:41 pm
buying presents for themselves. they estimate $132 on average on themselves. many are trying to take advantage by offering perks like reward cards. a christmas tree lighting celebration in connecticut threatened tonight by squirrels. officials in norwalk say jewels chewed through lights -- squirrels chewed through lights. they have been replaced. they hope they don't strike overnight. perhaps the reason what happened at lincoln center. >> squirrels. >> the squirrels did it. >> cud do for you to finding the plug and getting the tree lit last night. >> eventually. >> very handy. >> trivia question. did you figure out what it was. >> bill knew. >> what. >> today is the beginning of meteorological winter. >> three months with the lowest temperature.
5:42 pm
>> meteorological fall. >> hurricane season. >> but are l you are right. >> good job for a viewer guessing allergy and flu season. a damp evening but a lot of folks aren't using the umbrellas. the rain is light. a couple of separates of drizzle and that is a sweet ride. 4 degrees. cloudy skies. november numbers are in. 5.1 above average, good enough for the warmest november on record. warmest day 74 we hit freezing once. two inches below average with rainfall. hurricane season over. forecasters on the by noaa. two major hurricanes. remember we had the dicey situation with joaquin thankfully staying offshore. overnight we will have a lull during the evening hours.
5:43 pm
hours. early commuters rain steadier then it will get lighter 7:00 to 9:00. rain off and on. steady year in the afternoon. upper 50s. milder rain. number 1 batch going away here. steady rain over connecticut, long island. the big lull overnight, this area tries to get in for the wee hours of the morning. look at futurecast. temperatures are holding steady or climbing overnight. steady batch for early commuters. bill evans will cover that. there should be a lull until late morning. then northwest suburbs get steadier rain. not so much for long island and down the shore. then another round in time for the evening commute. tomorrow's commute i think the rain is steadier than today then it will quiet down tomorrow evening. still could be a shower around for the tree lighting in rockefeller center. what you can't see here is
5:44 pm
rainfall amounts, add 1/2 inch to what we have now, may be a little more to the north and west. by the time it's said and done, three quarters to an inch of rain altogether. mild and rainy tomorrow then we get back to the sunny ways. on thursday, that is the futurecast wind. you are looking at sustained between 15 to 20 and gusts over 30. beware of that. on friday lots of sunshine. that will go into the weekend. temperatures within a few degrees of 50 into early next week. first ten days of december, no sign of snow just yet. >> doesn't feel like meteorological winter. >> it's coming. >> you didn't think at the knew that answer. got him. beginning today a very big change on the menu if you eat at restaurants across the five boroughs of new york. >> new salt warning labels on certain items. >> reporter: health officials recommend americans not consume more than 2300 milligrams of
5:45 pm
did you know some restaurants serve more than that in one even tray? if you weren't aware of the high sodium content in some foods now you will be. >> sodium intake is too high among new york city adults. high blood pressure drives the leading causes of death and it's a leading driver of health disparity. >> reporter: starting today a new rule goes into effect for chain restaurants in new york city. they will have to put a salt shaker symbol on those items which contain more than the recommended daily amounts of sodium. this to give consumers more dietary information before they order. chains will have 90 days to update before fines are levied. at applebees they believe in transparency and changed their menus. >> we are not the food police. we are not telling them what to do but i think it's important that we give them the opportunity to make the right
5:46 pm
that's what they so chose. >> the fact that people are becoming aware of health and taking care of themselves is a useful thing. >> reporter: too much colt salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart does and stroke. doctors april plowed the measure, there are rumblings of a lawsuit to comfort national restaurant association and the salt producers organization. in time's square, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. new battle over the statue of liberty, which state does she best represent, new york or new jersey. who said new jersey should be represented by a swamp. >> out-of-control car hitting two people and crashing into a restaurant.
5:47 pm
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should it be on the garden state new quarter? anthony johnson with both sides of the debate. >> reporter: a verbal show down has been ignited over the statue of liberty because new jersey wants the lady in the harbor featured on the new quarter in 2017. congressman peter king is not backing down. >> they stole the jets and stole the giants, now they are trying to steal the statue of liberty. give us a break. they can be the nice small state. let us be the big guys. >> reporter: the battle has been civil but king is pulling no punches. >> it's part of new york fork lower, it's there. jersey can find something on their own, maybe a swamp or something. >> reporter: despite what the congressman says, you be the judge. over the hudson you can see lower manhattan off in the background covered in clouds on this rain di day, but much closer to the jersey shore with the bridge attached, there goes ellis island and just to the right of that you can see the
5:51 pm
so, what state owns the statue. >> it's on the jersey side. you could swim it from the new jersey side. >> the address of the statue of liberty is jersey city. >> reporter: new jersey senator bob menendez send out a tweet lady liberty belongs to all americans but new york should take a look. maps don't lie. the he is responsible for paying the water bill at the statue and ellis island and thinks the fuss over the new quarter is frivolous. >> we view it as a regional monument, important to new york and new jersey the same. >> reporter: anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so, what do you think best represents new join the conversation on our facebook page. still ahead, the big clue. what a hit and run driver in queens left behind.
5:52 pm
starts right now. an arrest in the murder of a 66-year-old man in his home in rockland county. the suspect, a teenager from manhattan. >> first, breaking news. two state police search. an amber alert for a 3-year-old girl and her father tonight is over. within the hour, both were found in new jersey. >> good evening. at 6:00 i'm bill ritter. liz is off. the amber alert canceled after diomedes valenzuela and his daughter were found on the garden state parkway in clifton. police say he fled after stabbing her mother. we begin with lucy yang at the scene with the lead story. lucy? >> reporter: bill, this is
5:53 pm
alert to end swiftly and with a child found unharmed. what began here in bedford park section of the bronx this afternoon has come to a quick and peaceful end in clifton, new jersey. police confirm the family's minivan was stopped on the garden state parkway less than an hour ago. most importantly, we are told the toddler, 3-year-old rebecca value len sway la was rescued unharmed. her father diomedes valenzuela is in custody. authorities believe he stabbed his wife multiple times inside their bronx apartment this afternoon before grabbing child and taking off in the family's minivan. the car was tracked crossing the g.w. bridge and from there it does not take long to zero in on the vehicle. thanks fully an arrest was made before anyone else was hurt. too early to say what triggered the violent stabbings. neighbors say they were seen together going to church. we believe the 47-year-old
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