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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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people fearful, and in this instance, to make people fearful throughout the country. >> it's coming up on 6:00 in the east coast. 3:00 p.m. in the west. we're going to take a quick break. some of our local stations are going to be leave account us, though our coverage will continue. this is breaking news, from channel 7 eyewitness news. >> boom! >> bam, bam ring, bam. >> then they said they're on the loose. >> another gun massacre, the singed less than a weak. this time in the southern california city of san bernardino. up to three masked men armed with rifles taking over a service center for people with disabilities, and then shooting. so far tonight the death toll up to 14. good evening. welcome to a special edition of eyewitness news at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm diana williams. liz is off. offs been hearing there is massive manhunt underway in southern california. right now three men armed and
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are, where they are, the or what they are planning next. buildings are shut down, workers sheltered in place. now four hours after this mass shooting at a county office building. >> police say up to three men dressed in masks and vests went to the building this afternoon and then just started shooting. by the time s.w.a.t. teams arrived the shooting had stopped. in an area that had been rented out today for a county employee lunch banquet. so far no suspect no, motive. the killers on the loose and may have fled in a black suv. >> here are the numbers. 14 killed, 14 wounded. helicopters and planes have been mobilized to search for that escaped vehicle. aus said, bill that dark- colored suv. president obama has been briefed. >> all this happening in the city of san bernardino, 60 miles east of los angeles. the facility is called tin land regional center. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan with new information. >> reporter: bill, it is so far from over. as many as three gunmen on the loose, courts and public buildings in southern
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inside of the facility where disabled children get training and treatment, 14 people dead and another 14 injured. workers and visitors were led slowly from the buildings in san bernardino, each one checked for explosives and firearms. police say three men wearing body armor and armed with rifles clearly on a mission, according to police, calmly walked into the facility, which has virtually no security, and opened fire. the gun fair continued for just a few minutes, and then silence. the gunmen apparently leaving, escaping before police were even aware of the shooting. medics did triage at the scene. many transported to area hospitals. the survivors moved to a nearby golf course to do interviews with police. the father of one frightened worker read her tesks messages this afternoon. >> people shot, in the office waiting for cops. >> reporter: are you okay?
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>> she said the guy came in next to her office and i guess started shooting. they locked themselves in, in her office. they seen bodies on the floor. >> she told me that they were -- she thought it was a drill, because they had been practicing drills. they went outside, they were told to go back in, she was shuttled into a room, police showed up, they were taken outside, thank god there weren't more casual that's. >> reporter: and all this time later more than four hours later police say they do not know where the gunmen are. >> the information we have is that they came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission. >> reporter: again, 14 people dead, 14 others injured. the most important and chilling part of the tragedy unfolding now in southern california. just as in paris, at least some, maybe all of the gunmen escaped, and police don't appear to know who they are or where they are or what they are planning. they don't even know the motive, although this plan
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the paris attack just a couple of weeks ago. bill and diana. >> absolutely very frightening. we are awaiting a news conference, at one in southern california. as soon as that happens of course we'll head out to that and let you hear would they have to say. >> president obama speak short time ago about this latest massacre. he says his heart goes out to the victims. >> he says shootings like this one simply function to reiterate the need for improved gun control. >> we don't know that much yet. it's still an active situation. fbi is on the ground, offering assistance to local officials if they need it. it does appear that there are going to be some casualties. obviously our hearts good out to victims and the families. the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. there's some steps we could take, not to eliminate every
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but to improve the odds that they don't happen this frequently. common sense gun safety laws, stronger background checks, and for those what are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes but those same people who we don't allow to ply could go into a store rate now in the united states and bay a firearm, and there's nothing that we can do to stop them. that's a law that needs to be changed. and so my hope is that we're able to contain this particular shooting and we don't yet know what the motives of the shooters are. but what we do know is that there's steps we can take to make americans safer, and that we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every
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these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events, because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> president obama there. obviously this raises a lot of fear and concern here in our area. security in new york city tonight already heightened because of the rockefeller tree lighting. >> we're there in midtown manhattan. >> reporter: the nypd tells us it is track each and every detail coming out of san bernardino which jim mentioned at this hour remains a very fluid situation. let me show what you is happening here. the nypd in full force, uniformed officers, canine units, officers with counterterrorism. this is a check point to get in to see the tree. crowds are already starting to gather to see the whiting of the christmas tree, which is right in the middle of rockefeller center. i want you to take a look at
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took late this afternoon. it stretches along sixth avenue from harold square all the way here to rockefeller center. this stretch is a key gathering point for millions of people, really from right now through january. and so lucy, as we just saw, an increased police presence. top brass tell us they have beefed up security about 15%. the nypd stresses they do not, do not expect any demonstrations here tonight at the tree, and there nor specific threats. still 18 city like ours, police commissioner bill bratton says there's always a need for more eyes and ears. >> we now have very significantly increased capacity for dealing with crowds in this city. we have a huge number of crowds. then we have the constant threat of terrorism. it's not that we're going on alert from time to time.
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i think people in the city can expect to see from this point forward significant increases in officers from those commands at events prevent incidents certainly but in the event that we were to have an issue that would have sufficient resources available to deal with it very quickly. >> tonight we ask that there will be bag checks so as a restriction on packages and backpacks, and we ask that you don't bring umbrellas, for one reason and one reason only. does it restrict the view of other people coming to the event. >> reporter: and speaking of those restrictions, again this is a check point on sixth avenue and 51st street. these are umbrellas. the nypd is stopping each and every person and they are taking the umbrellas here. they are also looking through any large packages. so tight security here at sixth avenue and 51st street as well as other check points to get into rockefeller center. for now we're live in midtown,
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eyewitness news. >> kimberly, thank you. and there are hundreds of new counterterrorism trained officers at the nypd fanning out across the city including penn station. >> josh einiger is at penn station. >> reporter: diana and bill, maybe the biggest difference between auto place like san bernardino and a place like new york is the nypd is constant on alert, frank hall to expect an attack like this on any given time, any given day. so here at penn station things are no different really than they would be on any other night, certainly since the paris attack. there is a visible police presence from agencies as diverse as the nypd, the mta police, amtrak, the national guard. but there's also an invisible presence all throughout penn station. it has to be one of the most heavily fortified train stations across the country. police say there is no specific or credible threat, no specific reason to be concerned about penn station
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but this, of course, the first major gridlock alert day of the year with the tree lighting not far away, lots of extra people, also a knicks game at the garden tonight. so there are reasons for security to be on extra alert. but the fact is they already were on extra alert. we will of course continue to monitor the situation here at penn station and at other locations, but for now, live in midtown, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> this latest gun massacre just days after that deadly shooting at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. >> heightened security at planned parenthood clinics throughout new york. >> reporter: bill and diana, this van behind me showed up here an hour ago at the planned parenthood offices on bleecker street. the nypd will not confirm this is in any way connected to the activities on the west coast
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light of that shooting last week at colorado springs, it makes sense to have this extra security here. now, these officers are part of the crc. that's the critical response command. that is, of course, the elite squad that people with counterterrorism duties. the squad first deployed right after the shooting in paris. again, last week, after that shooting, three people killed out in colorado springs, the nypd said would it put extra security outside of planned parenthood clinics throughout the city, and that's what they've been doing throughout the weekend. we spoke briefly this weekend with a representative from planned parenthood. no threats here today. no threats coring to the nypd. but you can expect officers will be posted here until further notice. sandra back man, channel 7
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>> all right, sandra, thank you. we've seen how law enforcement beefing up security at various hot spots throughout new york. a lot has changed on how police handle these active shooter incidents. >> jim palmer talked to one of the leading experts abutted those. >> reporter: the dozens of that is killings since columbine has had a huge impact on how police respond. it's called active it shooter response. a formal s.w.a.t. team leader who responded at column pain and now trains police says negotiation is no longer an option. >> reporter: last friday three people were killed and nine injured by a gunman at a colorado springs planned parenthood. on october 1st, nine people, many students, were killed by a gunman at an oregon community college.
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killed at an historic church in south carolina. retired sergeant grant lideous led the swat tammy. he was the first to enter the library and found shooter dylan klebold. he says there is no zip code immune from these kinds of shootings. >> we thought it would never happen at column pain. that's the nicest school we have in the county. it will happen anywhere so you have to prepare. >> reporter: he says the sharp rise in mass shootings has forced law enforcement everywhere to dramatically change. there is no longer any waiting. >> that first call, you go through the door immediately to stop that shooter or at least engage with that shooter. >> reporter: as it appears was the case today, burst of violence takes place in just a few minutes. the tb i says usually less than five. it makes stopping these shootings nearly impossible. with few options for police
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that person either gives up the minute they get there, or he dies, simple as that. >> reporter: now this of course this case is much different than many of the mass killings that have happened before because we're talking here perhaps of three gunmen, and that is highly unusual. we don't know if it has ever happened in the history of mass shootings here in this country. the only thing that even comes close perhaps the d.c. snipeers from a few years ago. back to you. >> good point. jim, thank you. n.j. burkett is on a flight right now to san bernardino. we will keep you updated throughout the evening. david muir has much more in a special one-hour edition
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call 1-855-want twc. back to breaking news.
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pictures from kabc. that is a black suv we're told it is bullet riddled. we are also told there may be somebody near there. police have been rushing to this scene. they are, as you can see, taking a very cautious approach and not getting close there. but they -- the swat teams and the san bernardino police department have rushed to this scene. this is what we are looking at. senate's almost eerilily quiet looklying at that seen from up above. this is a live picture from our sister station. this suv apparently riddled with bullets. one would assume there's been some gunfire in that area. bill, you are from that area. this is a street in southern california, perhaps in the san bear nare dina area -- san bernardino area. >> it's in a different county than los angeles. about an hour, in traffic an hour and a half. you can see a line of police officers, if they can zoom in. it looks like they are crouched down.
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approaching, not sure if they have one person down, maybe perhaps two others that could be in that vehicle. we obviously do not know. that is pure speculation on my part. but clearly they are beg extreme cautious in their approach to that dark-colored suv. >> they are all taking cover. that car is bullet ridden. we are told you can sea a window that looks like it's been shot out. we're going to stay with this because we want to bring you what may be, we don't know if it's relairktsd but we are it's relairktsd but we are certainly going to stay with it, because all afternoon the big fear and the reason abc news and we have stayed up all this time since like 2:20 is because these suspects are on the loose, and right now, a huge manhunt in southern california, and right now we do have this suv that has been pulled over, stopped, and police are keeping a fair and safe distance. as you saw they were all crouched down behind. >> absolutely. look at that picture. it does look like the back
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the side window as well. i'm wondering, that white, could possibly be an air bag, i don't know, but it does look like there's no activity around that vehicle. again, as you said, police crouched a very safe distance away, take their time. >> quickly looking at it, it looked like the two left tires were flat, but that was only on a quick look. as you can see the police are crouched down behind that fence, behind cars, 100 feet behind that, although now they're standing up. so we're going to stay on. this. >> you have to wonder if they're going to bring in some extra equipment to ensure the officers' safety, perhaps a bulletproof barrier or something so they can approach that car safely. >> we did see some vehicle like that earlier around that service building for the disabled, and a couple of s.w.a.t. team members were actually -- that's the vehicle rate there. a metal plate in the front. it looks like two of them. they are going to approach, it
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police car. they're going to approach that very gingerly and cautiously. there are three of them now, special sel aquiped tanks, bulletproof cars that get up there and -- >> now approaching the vehicle. >> keeping a safe distance. i'm wondering about the people in those homes if they have been told to shelter in place because certainly they have to be wondering what's going on out in the streets. >> if anyone, i'm sure most people in san bernardino were watching. county officials, police told them shelter in your home. there is a car there. the white that's where someone is? it looks like there's someone on the ground in front of that white car rate there. they're all running to the left of the screen. we're going to watch this unfold, because it doesn't
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we don't have any sound on this. but they are crouching with guns drawn. it has been an afternoon of drama, because burst into this ken tear and started shooting with long rifles. 14 people killed, 14 wounded. and then somehow it appears they got out of that building. there is a rainfall on the ground. >> we heard from the police chief in san bernardino earlier saying these men were on a mission that they were prepared that they had plenty of ammunition that they had their long rifles with them, that they came dressed, as if they were preparing for some counter fire or something. but they were prepared and armed and on a mission to take down people. as you know, 14 people were kid. we have 14 others injured. throughout the afternoon we've been hearing about this dark colored suv the police have
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and here apparently it is on the streets now. and police again gathering around it. we are waiting to see what they're going to do now. >> it looks like they are going to go to that house on the left. so there may be two scenes that they are interested in looking at here. >> bill, i just got an update. 14 dead, 17 injured. we know that several of those are in critical condition. they are in surgery at loma linda medical center and other facilities, but we have 17 injured. >> again we have no idea who these gunmen were what their motives were what their intent was. intent obviously was to kill people. and they were, as you said, on a mission, but we have no idea why. >> that's the big unknown right now is why would they do this, particularly at a building that worked with disabled people. a county building where people
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perhaps maybe a holiday, post- thanksgiving. we don't even know about that yet. but three gunmen just barge in. >> it was also, it might have been for county officials that were also there at that banquet. that connected? we don't know. but the little armored car, one of them just started creeping forward so we're going to see if they're going to make their move or just stay cautiously behind. we know exactly what you know, and are watching. and i guess if you have children at home, they're watching this you're moving them out of the room that the tv is in. they are moving the car and are walking behind these armored vehicles, now approaching that disabled suv. >> boy this is pretty tense, watching this, because you don't know if anybody else is sthainl vehicle and if they are armed and ready to start a shoot-out. so this is very tense watching this.
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many different chases. jim, what's your take? >> reporter: just remember that in paris most of the attackers wore suicide belts. they have to be concerned that if there are bodies in the car that they may be carrying suicide vests, explosives. they've got to be very careful. that's what the police are most concerned about. >> jim, we've just gotten word, we do know that shots were fired. we do have a suspect down right now. and as you can see, they're moving closer and tight tore that vehicle. aus say they've got to be concerned about anything, anything happening right now. >> as tense as this, this has got to be a big releaf to people in southern california. remember these three men were out there and police didn't appear to know who they were or where they were. and so people must have been very friented out in the west coast this afternoon. >> there's no question. we do not know, i should say this we don't know, we believe it might be related but we related. we are getting a report that
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the car out the back window. so does that mean there was more than one person in that car? perhaps. we don't know how many people were involved. we are going to all find out the same as you're finding out. world news is going to have much more at 6:30 and have a special one-hour edition as they watch along with us and you this deadly drama unfolding. >> reporter: either way, bill, they are definitely acting as if this is involved, that this vehicle is involved in the shooting at the developmental center. >> the back story is going to be very interesting as to how they came to spot or whether there was a tip that came in. we're all going to want to know about that. >> and identifying these people who may or may not be killed in there is going to obviously bring some answers to why this massacre happened in the town of -- in the city of san bernardino an hour or
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>> reporter: those armored personnel carriers are very close. they've got to be able to examine that with cameras and equipment from very close range to be able to see what's in that vehicle. >> we've just gotten word from our producer there have been no officers, no police officers injured at this point, but clearly they're being very cautious and very careful because they don't want any injuries. >> this is just a few miles, we're told, from the shooting scene. sade is actually in the newsroom watching a concurrent press conference. one suspect is involved. an officer reported down but is expected to be okay but that is what we heard, then we just heard that no officers were heard so we're getting mixed signals on that. but clearly aussie the armored vehicle is now moving away. the police are still behind it. so i wonder, jim and diana, if they saw something they didn't like. >> reporter: entirely possible. it's also possible, though that the equipment that they have inside works -- that they're trying to get a different angle on it.
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from the angle they were at, they couldn't see all of the inside of that vehicle, all of the interior. you seat's now actually moving back at a different angle. that may be what they were doing, is trying to get a different view. >> the door opened. there seems to be something against the white picket fence. our sister station kabc is keeping its helicopter camera at a long-distance away. we are not getting close-up shots, as you can see, because we do not want to show what might be down there right now. >> right. jim, i'm wondering would they bring in a dog or dogs at this point to sniff for explosives. >> i think a robot is probably more likely but they could bring in dogs to get an idea of what's going on. i think a robot is probably the more likely scenario right now to get an idea up-close. they're pretty close to that thing now but a robot would definitely be able to see and have the samesque of being able to tell what's in the
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>> maybe you can see better than i can but it looks like there's some sort of gauge or mirror that can go under the car that the officer is holding with his hand at the top of the screen there to look for any kind of explosives. >> reporter: i can't see that bill, but it's entirely possible. in most middle eastern countries where they worry about security, in virtually every facility that is one of the common tools that you see, a mirror at the end of a long arm that goes under each vehicle to see if there's an explosive contained under the carriage of the car. >> jim, stay with us. we're going to keep this picture up for a few more seconds. lee goldberg has a quick weather update because we want to know when this rain is going to stop. >> this fog advisory until 10:00. heavy rain going into the catskills but this period of rain is going to wind down think ending later on, 46 degrees, but still need the um brule la much of the night. wind is a concern. gusts over 35, even though it's 52 it feels like it's in
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52 tomorrow, a bunch of wind. on friday still breezy but calmer, 51 degrees. your weekend is lacking gray. weather is really quiet until tuesday and wednesday of next weak and we have some showers. so you will still need the umbrellas for the evening hours. >> we want to return now to the picture that we've been watching for the last few minutes. this is a picture on the streets of san bernardino out in california. police have surrounded a dark- colored suv that is rildzed with bullets. we understand there's one man down in the streets. we understand it is not a police officer. they are taking a close look at that vehicle and we are watching and waiting to see what they're going to do next. >> we are going to go right to world news tonight with david muir in about 22 seconds it. we want the keep this picture up. they will have this picture up in full when it happens. they're going to watch it unfold just like we were watching. it's a special one-hour edition. the latest throughout the


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