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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 3, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EST

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bernardino department of health, the environmental division, apparently he was an inspector there. and apparently he was at this day-long workshop and training session with a little bit of holiday festivities that were going on in this building. according to scanner traffic and eyewitness testimony he apparently left the event about 20 minutes before the shooting began. next time we heard of him, police identified him as one of the people killed in that shoot-out about a mile away from here. those bearcats, armored cars crunching his car, that furious shoot-out, blowing out the windows of that black suv that eyewitnesss had talked about. and then of course there was another woman beside him. she's also believed to be a suspect. also clad in what police call tactical gear. also assault rifles in the car, possibly explosive devices as well. now everybody is talking about that third suspect. was there a third suspect? what is this manhunt for this
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there are still helicopters in the sky, dozens and dozens of ground. and of course we can't forget the human element. there's still 14 people killed and their identities have not been identified. >> matt, thank you. on nights like this we're reminded of the words of the late nelson mandela, talking to reporters 20-plus years ago. "good and evil are constantly at war. good men and women must choose." thank you for watching abc -are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one. isn't that amazing? bath fitter will measure, custom-make and install right over your existing tub. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day.
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another gun massacre. this time southern california. a service center for people with developmental disabilities.
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bursting into a meeting and without saying word just start shooting. >> she kept saying, i'm so scared. >> tonight more than a dozen dead. hundreds left to cower inside. >> these are people that came prepared. they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate they were prepared. >> the suspects escaped but not for long. a violent confrontation with police and two gunmen killed. the biggest mystery, why did they attack. >> good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. it happened in san bernardino. 14 dead, 17 critically hurt. also killed, a man and a woman killed in a shoot-out with police. a third person now under arrest but their exact role in all this remains unclear. >> meanwhile the fbi tonight raiding a house in the nearby city of redlands where the suspects were spotted. this whole area right now still the target of an active investigation j. we have
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we begin with rob mcmillan of our sister station kabc. cops have just disclosed the systems. >> reporter: that's right. two bits of breaking news. law enforcement has identified farooq. the second bit of breaking news, just about 10 minutes ago we heard a loud explosion from across the way there at the scene of that shooting. i something people should be concerned about. there were explosives found in there, and the sheriff's department was warning us they may be detonating those. let's good to the video. this morning just after 11:00 pacific, 2:00 eastern, three suspects stored into what's being called a holiday party armed with rifles and guns and started shooting. people were told to shelter in place as the suspects took off in what was known to be a
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people started filing out of the location, telling police information and a tip led police to a home in the area where they came across the suspect vehicle. a police pursuit ensued, and then there was a shoot-out. two suspects, a man and a woman were killed at the scene. the san bernardino police chief spoke about it at a news conference. >> we have two suspects that are dead at the scene. one is a male, one is a female. we had one police officer that was wounded. he has injuries that are not considered to be life threatening and he is at a local hospital and is expected to be okay. >> reporter: people here in san bernardino absolutely shocked at what's happened. this is the deadliest mass shooting that california has seen in decades. again at this point 14 people killed, 17 others wounded, two suspects in custody, possibly a third detained.
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bernardino, california, rob mcmillan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it is an active situation there in san bernardino the entire day very intense with a lot of scary moments. jim dolan in the newsroom. >> reporter: sade, gun battles on the streets, s.w.a.t. teams, a mass shootings that left 14 people dead. it was a day of madness in southern california. nine hours later police still are not saying the area is safe, that all the gunmen they searched for are in custody. indeed the most crucial question remains unanswered. what was the motive, and was this attack inspired abroad. in the quiet suburban town of redlands, california, an army of police stormed through the neighborhood hunting down the man and woman what killed 14 people in a stung mass shooting earlier in the day. and they did track them down. police tried to stop this dark suv and took gunfire. >> it went on and op.
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>> reporter: a police officer was shot and wounded as the gun battle raged for several minutes. when it was over a man and a woman in the car were dead. >> they were dressed in assault-style clothing, probably the best way to term it. they are assault rifles. they are both armed with handguns, and there's also some sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they're just not real sure. they're taking a cautious approach to dealing with the vehicle in case there's more explosives there. >> it started at the inland three people armed with assault rifles walked into a gathering of workers and opened fire. 14 people would die, at least 17 were injured. 911 calls of an active shooter brought a massive police response. >> they're coming over here? >> reporter: the complex is so big many didn't even know
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workers at first were told to shelter in place. many texting loved ones outside. >> shooting at my work, people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> reporter: but she's okay? >> pray for us. >> reporter: medics set up a triage system for the wounded outside. police evacuated all three buildings. hundreds of people checked for weapons and explosives and moved out of harm's way. >> i'm glad that she's okay. >> i just want to hug her. >> reporter: police continued to move to other addresses associated with the killers and search for a possible third gunman. the most crucial question remained unanswered, was this a foreign-inspired terrorist attack. >> it is a possibility but we don't know that yet. >> reporter: initial reports indicated a third gunman. when police confronted that suv someone was spotted running from the scene.
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police are still reluctant to say the area is say. they don't know if there is another shooter who is still out there. and it is not yet clear what the relationship was between the male and the female shooter, or if there was one beyond this attack. so much still to learn about what happened. bill. >> a mystery indeed. thank you jim. some of the most dramatic moments of this horrific day playing out on live television. the aftermath of the shoot-out with the systems. police department, two-way communications reflecting just how quickly and dramatically they jumped into action. also new video from folks who happened to drive up on the scene. rob nelson in the newsroom with those dramatic moments. >> reporter: this shooting prompted a massive reaction from law enforcement at all levels. tonight we're getting our first listen to the police transmission tapes as authorities chased, closed in, and then took aim at those suspects.
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gun fair in the background as police closed in on that black suv with the alleged shooters inside. the shooters apparently determined to not go out quietly. >> we are at san bernardino and shedden. there's one guy down. there's one guy in the back of a car. we have the bear could. >> reporter: police knew quickly the kind of car they were look for. >> it is going to be a black suv. >> it is going to be a dark colored chevy. >> reporter: it quickly became a rolling gun battle on city streets. >> we are in pursuit of the suspect vehicle eastbound on san bernardino eve from richardson. we have shots fired from out the back. >> reporter: authorities yet over. >> from what we understand one is on the run. >> reporter: as the manhunt played out drivers on the road during the chase left in a
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>> we've got gunshots! right there! >> reporter: and of course now the initial chase, of course, is over but the larger question still looms in all of this, exactly why did this massacre happen in the first place. bill, sade. >> rob, thank you. the gun massacre causing heightened security here. extra patrols are now at penn station monitoring crowds, but the big event tonight causing concern, the lighting of the rockefeller tree where tens of thousands gathered. security there even tighter. josh einiger is there on the scene. josh. >> reporter: yeah, sade, with the horror and the heart break 3,000 miles away on the west coast tonight here at rockefeller center, there was joy as the tree lighting became one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world for the next month. but it wasn't all just flipping the switch. for the nypd keeping people
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>> once again everybody, no backpacks, no umbrellas. >> reporter: holiday revelers ran a gauntlet of check points but for johnny and his kids they were happy to ditch a backpack alongside piles of abandoned umbrellas. >> it makes me safer than anywhere else, because nothing will really happen. >> reporter: since the rampage in paris police planners have worked overtime to retool their plans but this extra manpower from two brand- new units of cops armed to the teeth with tactical gear. james o'neill is the police department's highest ranking chief. >> i don't think anybody in the country does it better than the nypd. we din crease the security for tonight, probably by up to 15%. so people should feel safe coming to any large event in new york city. >> reporter: cops expected 25,000 people to fill up the
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>> we are in a society where we've got to be careful. >> reporter: this is a social worker in newtown, connecticut, still reeling from the sandy hook shooting. but not even the horrifying news from san bernardino today could keep her and her family from witnessing the dawn of a season of joy. >> i would never live in fear based on what's going on in the world because those things are such a slim chance. if you live in that world where you fear things, you just can't live. >> reporter: security tonight was so tight around here that when a city sanitation sweeping truck made a wrong turn up sixth avenue several blocks away from here, police actually stopped it, surrounded it, and interrogated the driver. when it turns out it was who he appeared to be they let him go. now the attention shifts to
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josh einiger, channel 7. this is the second gun massacre in less than a weak. the latest in what seems like a never ending series. three people killed last friday. the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. in october 10 were killed in oregon. in june, nine massacred at a church in south carolina. these mass shootings on the rise, more than 1,000 since the newtown gun massacre three years ago. president obama once again rying to console the nation after a mass shooting. tonight reiterating the need, he says, for greater gun control. >> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. and there are some steps we could take, not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. >> the president also saying
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of mass shootings as a normal part of life. police response to gun massacres like this one changing after the shooting at columbine high school. it had a huge impact on how police respond to situations like today. >> it was an inordinate delay in the part of the police entering that location. so the tactics changed. law enforcement sort of came together and said life safety is paramount. so you've got to go in as quick as possible, even an individual police officer, rather than forming teams, you go in to save lives. >> and our own n.j. burkett just landed in california. he is headed to the scene and brings us live reports beginning tomorrow morning. our coverage also continues at abc7ny where we have detailed accounts from witnesses and photos. as we continue for this wednesday night we have the other news in our area. breaking news, this time out of new jersey.
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plot at their school. we'll have the details. and new york city emerging from the fog at 11:00, but it's still mild. 55. a couple of showers. big it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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breaking news and a disturbing story in new jersey. a group of 5th graders arrested for plotting to try to flow up a high school. eyewitness news in clifton with the breaking news. >> reporter: police say those students brought a device to school, and they were planning on using it while on a field trip here at clifton high school. they never actually made it to the high school. they were caught by school administrators, and police also found written plans on an attack on the high school. those 5th graders were suspended and sent home. what exactly that device was is still in clear along with
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wanted to cause damage to the school. investigators say an outside influence may have helped students come up with that plan. what that influence is, though, unclear at this time. students were arrested but not officially charged yet. because of their ages, what those charges will be is still being worked out. they have been released to their parents. police say there was no reason to believe that anyone was ever in danger. channel 7, eyewitness news. new details on a police involved shooting in queens where two people are accidentally shot after cops opened fire with 12 shots on a dog. officers came across three men in a dispute. three dogs were confronting one of those men, a suspected burglar. the dogs then charged at an officer. one dog was killed and two men were shot and wounded. 24-year-old gary peterson was charged with burglary. so many people upset about today's news.
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that bring us together, and sometimes it's simple things, like the weather, and meteorologist lee goldberg. we count on you for that. >> especially when things are improving. it's nice to get the sunshine back. wet weather just about over. outside we go. finally we have bert visibility. we can actually see new york city again. our camera over astoria not bouncing yet but as that wind picks up our cameras will get hammered tomorrow because we will get winds that will gust to 35 or 40 miles per hour. 55 degrees our temperature at 11:00. super mild. westerly wind at 5, but it's nice to see a westerly wind rather than the wind off the water. the high today 57, rung nine degrees above average. about half an inch of rainfall. a few spots saw three-quarters of an inch, like white plains, also do you know the shore. there are your sunrise and sunset times. more sun on thursday. notice we're getting into the 40s. 55 in newark.
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still near 60 in montauk right now. visibility also increasing. you see how it is low in connecticut and suffolk county, the visibility has really come up, he is special across eastern pennsylvania. so that will improve. tomorrow morning, clouds, a few breaks. winds already a chilly breeze. we're at 46 and we've also dried the air. heavier coat tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds, very gusty wind. even if we reach 50, 52, it will feel like we're in the low to mid-40s. still a few showers with the cold front. light and patchy over the next couple of hours. you just see the wind shift. the wind is coming out of the west. that will help to dry these showers up. there's a second piece to this system, the system in the upper atmosphere. that's going to drop a couple of these showers in our northwest suburbs morning. watch the futurecast. after we dry out over the next couple of hours that second piece could actually drop a
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northwest suburbs might see a cool rain shower. upper 30s north and wet. during the afternoon hours temperatures get to around 50 but it never feels that warm. sunglasses, heavier coat. that system moves away, less wind, still a little breezy but less wind on friday. bright sunshine about 51. even gets bert over the weekend. 7:00 a.m., clouds, a few breaks. might just be a shower north and west. up to 52 but feels like 40 because of that gusty breeze. watch out on the bridges and overpasses because of those gusty winds. tomorrow night the wind backs chilly. seven-day forecast. 52 tomorrow but bluster. >> reporter: yes on friday basically wall-to-wall looking good there. better. 52 degrees. how about sunshine on sunday. we bump these numbers up mid and upper 50s. how about that for jets- giants. 54 degrees.
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the nice weather continues for early december. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning at no way.
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a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. tonight a woman who police say was attacked by a worker at a homeless shelter is speaking only to eyewitness news. she says workers ordered her femme out because she says she called 311 to report an electrical problem. in video shot last week a worker is seen yelling at her as she returned to retrieve her belongings. the victim says that's when a worker was ordered to attack her. >> they pulled my hair, jumped on me. >> the worker is charged with assault. police are trying to determine if other
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and laura behnke is up next with sports. the 76ers may have started 0-18 but they were not the ones coming into the game tonight on a losing streak. no, that honor belonged to the knicks who were out to snap a four-game slide. fortunately for them the lowly sixers were happy to oblige. plus the i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. knicks-sixers, what could go wrong? >> for the sir, pretty much everything. it was the vicksers who broke the hearts of knicks fans back on draft night when they selected . lill 0 they -- selected okefor. carmelo anthony hits the jumper for the lead, then there was the rookie sensation. this one here from derek
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then he did the dunking all by himself. it poorthe knicks roll. there is never a lack of intensity when the rangers and islanders clash. the isles in blue shirts playing their first game at the center. the power-play goal. the deflected shot, tie game, so of course this went to a shoot-out. kyle okposo able to beat lundqvist. tonight one of the oldest new york basketball rivalries was renewed. it turned into a night they would rather forget. fordham came out strong.
1:33 am
burying three triples. 26 points, 12 rebounds, 73-57 there, afirst win over the johnnies in five years. the battle for new york. or is it the battle for new jersey? no matter your perspective the jets-giants clash sunday will be a battle for local football bragging rights. we begin at the meadowlands with big blue who hit the field and got the audition of justin pugh who returned to practice. no matter who is actually able to play sunday they all to have step up because the playoffs could be on the line. >> we're in december now. not many games left to placement there's no reason not to commit yourself totally and completely to something you've spent your life wishing and hoping for. so that's the attitude that i take. well, the jets hitting the field also but terrell rivas did not practice.
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gathering up for sunday.


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