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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 3, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ri making news in america this morning, another mass shooting. chaos, anguish and anger. >> she just said she was in her room. she locked herself up. there were shooters. >> a man and a woman dressed for battle terrorizing a california city. they hit the floor and ran inside to their manager's office. >> opening fire at an office holiday banquet. >> all of a sudden, boom, it just -- like right here. >> boom, boom, boom. >> the well-planned attack ending in a gunfight with police. >> oh, my gosh. >> new details about the suspects just released. >> reaction from the president and what we know about the
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live team coverage. >> and we do say good thursday morning, everyone. we'll start with the breaking new developments after the deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino, california. 14 people we're told brutally murdered at work. 17 others wounded. >> the suspects identified as syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. malik was a county employee. both killed in a wild shoot-out after a high speed chase. a co-worker said he went to saudi arabia earlier this year and returned with a wife. they were reportedly parents of a 6-month-old baby. >> that barrage of gunshots from the final confrontation captured often camera by a man in the neighborhood. investigators had been searching a nearby home linked to the couple but there's no word on what they found. >> we have live team coverage. megan hughes is standing by with reaction from washington but
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good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. the two suspects now dead tashfeen malik. terrorism. though the suspects are dead investigators remain on scene and on alert. it ended much as it began with a barrage of gunfire captured on this cell phone video. >> my house is getting shot at right now. >> reporter: four hours of terror in san bernardino after gunmen stormed an office building killing 14 people. the final confrontation on a neighborhood street lined with houses, a dark suv riddled with bullets. a person with a gun shot down just feet away. another dead inside. >> we are reasonably confident at this point that we had two shooters and we have two dead suspects and as i said they were armed. i do have information on what they were armed with.
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what was essentially 223 caliber assault rifle. >> reporter: law enforcement tracked down the suspects just two miles from the initial attack at the inland regional center. >> multiple shots that were fired. we're getting a suspect last seen wearing a black ski mask. all black clothing. >> reporter: those working there included the wounded phoned their families. >> she was shot and scared and she said, i just want to tell you that i love you. >> she called us from the hospital since we were locked out of it but she's doing better. she's okay. she's alive. >> reporter: investigators say the shooters targeted a workshop and training event inside the center. last night the building was still an active crime scene after a bomb squad disposed of explosive devices. the group holding that meeting was the san bernardino county health department. farook was an environmental specialist for the county and reena and kendis, he had been
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>> yeah, you do mention that. did he attend this actual meeting, lauren? >> reporter: he did attend the meeting according to police and according to a colleague that told abc news, he left 30 minutes before the shooting. now, police said that it did appear there was planning involved. it didn't appear that the suspects just ran home and grabbed guns but that there was more to it. the suspects were in full gear and face masks reportedly, but syed farook was at that meeting and authorities say he was there a year earlier. >> so a calculated event playing out. lauren lyster in san bernardino, thank you. >> as we're learning more about the shooting suspects we're also hearing reaction for those close to them. >> yeah, late last night the brother-in-law of syed farook said that he spoke to the 28-year-old about a week ago. farhan khan is married to farook's sister and says he has no idea what might have
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>> i just cannot express how sad i am for, you know, what happened today. i mean, my condolences to the supreme who lost their life. i am very sad that people lost their life and there are victims out there. i wish a speedy recovery to them and, again, i am in shock that something like this could happen. that's all i have. i hope everybody understands and, you know, everybody get recovered much faster. i spoke to him a week ago. i have no idea. i have no idea. why would he do that? why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i am shock myself. a normal person. >> shocked as the rest of us. today we'll learn more about the people who left for work, never to see their families again. >> a father whose daughter was inside the building when the
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to text while she was locked inside an office, her dad was understandably emotional reading her words. >> shooting at my work, people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> but she's okay? >> pray for us. >> it didn't take long for politics to become part of this second bloody rampage in a week. nearly every presidential candidate weighing in. >> only the democrats mentioned gun control. megan hughes joins us with details. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, as we've seen in a lot of other mass shootings, republicans really steering clear of gun control politics in their response. democrats on the other hand including the president demanding change. a tragic slaughter in san bernardino days after chaos at a colorado clinic. president obama who fought hard for gun control measures after the newtown shooting and lost is
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>> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. and there are some steps we could take. >> reporter: hillary clinton calling for action at an event in orlando was the shooting was unfolding. >> it is time for us to say we're going to have comprehensive background checks, we're going to close the gun show loophole. >> reporter: as police were engaged in the suspects the house speaker was lighting the capitol christmas tree. >> please keep them in your prayerses right now. >> reporter: cruz cruz, ben carson and jeb bush tweeted prayers. a scathing report this morning, god isn't fixing this. senator chris murphy of connecticut home of the newtown shooted tweeted your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. your prayer ss ss should be for forgiveness.
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a lot of people killed. >> reporter: donald trump at a rally in virginia didn't mention gun control or the second amendment. >> this is when we appreciate enforcement. remember that. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: after the paris attacks trump said if more people were armed, there would be fewer fatalities than mass shootings. >> megan, thank you for that. still ahead, much more on the shooting rampage including how investigators are digging into the suspect's lives and special media. a look from inside the building. s.w.a.t. teams leaving sure leading survivors to safety. a new report by a government
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checking our other top stories this morning five elementary school students have been arrested in new jersey accused of planning an attack on a local high school. 10-year-old and 11-year-old allegedly planned to set off an explosive device during an assembly. teachers uncovered written plans for the attack, teachers say. breaking overnight a military helicopter has crashed in rural tennessee killing two army pilots. the apache helicopter went down during a training exercise near ft. campbell. the cause of that crash is under investigation. the british military has launched its first air strikes against isis targets in syria. it follows an emotional debate in the british parliament which led to the air strikes being approved. germany also expected to approve a larger military commitment. a scathing new report about the secret service, a congressional congressional committee uncovered breaches that included those at the white house. in february two people were able to walk past the perimeter of the white house plex unnoticed.
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to be a lawmaker spoke directly to president obama during a dinner event and security at vice president's joe biden's home was breached when four people on a fishing trip walked into the backyard. the secret service didn't notice until neighbors alerted them. investigators called them an agency in crisis. they don't spend enough time protecting the president and other officials, they said. the officer accused in the death of freddie gray have conflicting claims. when gray was injured, they claim he was asked if he needed medical assistance but prosecutors denied that. breaking news from south africa. the manslaughter verdict against oscar pistorius has been thrown out. an appeals court just ruled thatthat pistorius committed murder when he killed his girlfriend nearly two years ago and will be resentenced on that murder
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potentially 15 years in prison. well, this morning, new details about the mysterious death of a mayor in alaska. juneau mayor greg fisk was found dead at his home. a preliminary autopsy found he died of natural causes consistent with injuries from a fall. we have much more on the breaking news out of california. the suspects in that mass shooting identified overnight. >> we're learning new details about their past and hearing from more witnesses to the shooting. our live coverage on the other side of this break. there's no one i'd rather... share with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your best friend... everything. introducing the ever us two-stone ring. one diamond for your best friend... one for your true love. for the one woman in your life who's both.
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the big weather story this morning, the soaking rain that's inundated parts of the east coast and western north carolina. this campground flooded forcing people to evacuate to higher ground. many cars were left behind. several rescues reported but no injuries. >> the damp and rainy weather is moving out of the northeast. temperatures will remain above normal. one exception is maine. up to 10 inches of snow could fall. >> as for road conditions nationwide expect roads to be wet in the northeast as well as in the central and southern parts of florida. and the pacific northwest, snow could make roads slippery in higher elevations. airport delays likeliest in san francisco and miami. we'd like to update the breaking news. police identified the suspects in that massacre at a social services center in san bernardino, california that left
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>> and those suspects are syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, reportedly the parents of a 6-month-old killed in a shoot-out with police hours after the rampage. a co-worker said farook got married earlier this year during a trip to saudi arabia. >> he was a county employee who worked with the victims of the shooting. this morning we're getting a loot at gripping cell phone video from inside showing the moment police moved in to evacuate trapped workers. >> keep your hands where i can see them. thank you. thank you. try to relax. everyone, try to relax. i'll take the bullet before you, that's for damn sure. just keep cool. >> just imagine what they were thinking at that moment. obviously some tense moments as s.w.a.t. teams led people out of the building. >> the harrowing events in san
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up by the witnesses. >> kabc reporter leann suitor spoke to many of them. >> gunshot. those are gunshots. >> oh, yeah. >> those are gunshots. >> oh. >> reporter: a terrifying scene captured on camera. drivers caught in the cross fire of a rolling gun battle as police opened fire on suspected killers. >> multiple the like gunshots going back and forth and next thing i know i seen army officers, fbi agents, everything is coming down the street and one of the officers came past and he told us, run inside a house. get inside. active shooter. >> reporter: the suspect's suv riddled with bullet holes. two suspects dead, 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. it all began when authorities spotted the suv and the chase was on. witnesses say the suspects exchanged gunfire with police before suddenly crashing on san bernardino avenue. the neighborhood erupting in a barrage of bullets. >> oh, my gosh.
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these men with guns were running behind me with guns drawn and i'm just in the middle of it. >> we were watching tv and all of a sudden we hear gunfire left and right. after a few minutes when the gunfire started to slow down, an officer came and said to get out of our house. there's a bomb in the front of our house. >> reporter: authorities feared the suspects threw potential explosives from the car which they believe may have been booby-trapped as the bomb squad inspected them other officers were on the hunt for a potential third suspect who may have fled the scene. residents helping to spot a suspicious man taken in for questioning. as the investigation continues into the night, residents are counting their blessings, witnesses say there were bullet holes in their homes but thankfully no one was injured. >> i was a little bit scared because i left my kids here thinking that they would be safe. it was scary. >> reporter: leanne suter, abc news 7. .
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two major sporting events in california. >> please join us as we observe a molt of silence for those who lost their lives. >> that moment of silence was at the staples center before the l.a. clippers game. a moment of silence was also held before the anaheim ducks hockey game, as well. >> well, still ahead, mass shootings on the rise. an expert tells us the best way to stay alive. overnight reaction on twitter from celebrities and officials about this shooting. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots, but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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even at this hour still a heavy police presence in san bernardino, california, this is
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police are posted at this hour. san bernardino now the nation's latest mass shooting location. >> the rampage is actually the 56th mass shooting in america this year alone. and we're at least three people in those shootings have died. >> since sandy hook three years ago take a look at this map, wow. at least 1,042 mass shootings. this shows the location. at least 1300 have died and more than 3700 have been wounded. >> federal agents say the number of active shooter incidents has more than doubled in recent years. safety experts are warning we may now be getting to the point where conducting gunman drills may be as important as fire drills. >> during extreme crises, our brains are overwhelmed and learned reflexive action takes over as seconds to keen the difference between life and death. >> you need to react.
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active shooter incident is paramount. situation, you will strengthen that muscle memory. >> well, experts say during a workplace shooting you have three options, first, run to safety. that is if you can. if you can't run then hide. >> if there's no escape, fight. fight with whatever weapon you can find and you can use. >> well, those impacted by past mass shootings are expressing their reaction to the most recent massacre. >> of course, former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords said america is an extraordinary place but these shootings make us stand out in the worst of ways. >> a serious message from comedian amy schumer. this is absolutely heartbreaking. all my love to everyone in san bernardino, especially the first responders. these shootings must stop. three people you'll recall were kill during a show of schumer's movie in july.
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updating the breaking news out of san bernardino, california. the suspects in the deadly shooting rampage have been identified. >> police say 28-year-old syed farook and his wife, 27-year-old tashfeen malik opened fire at a social services center killing 14, injuring 17 others. the newlyweds were later killed in a shoot-out with police. farook was a county employee whose co-workers were the victims. a colleague said he traveled to saudi arabia earlier and returned with a wife. reportedly they have a new baby. investigators still trying to pinpoint a motive and they're not ruling out terrorism at this point. still looking into potential motives. and,ing, the images from the southern california massacre will remain with us for quite a while. >> among all the images of violence, were also many of compassion and love and would like to share them with you. officers escorting survivors
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shooting. a man in a bloody shirt gets a tearful hug from a woman. a woman wiping away tears as she and another man wait at a community center for a family member. dozens of schools under lockdown. thousands of children separated from their parents. this morning, so many happy reunions as the lockdowns were lifted and so many kids reunited with their parents. people frightened by the outburst of senseless violence finding a comforting embrace in the arms of another. >> those images becoming all too familiar sadly for people in this country and the headlines all too familiar. especially for the editors here at "the laelly news." every time once of these take place they have an issue like this talking about gun violence.
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isn't fixing this and on the sides are tweets from politicians saying pray for san bernardino. >> that's been such a big focus. a lot angry phillip mena hasn't been enough political will on capitol hill to do more. the law center for preventing gun violence actually gave california an a minus, one of the highest ratings in the country for their ability to do sort of lock control and gun regulation. also another headline out of california from the "l.a. times" it says rampage kills 14. two suspects killed after the car chase, of course, looking at the details of the attack yesterday. >> and, of course, ha shooting close to home for los angeles only 60 miles east of where this all played out. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> lots more details on "good morning america."
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