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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  December 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the death toll remains at 14 but the number of people injured in the attack has been increased to 21. today we learned more about what happened inside a social service center. police are saying the shooters fired 65 to 75 rounds, though they had many more rounds with them. >> they booby trapped the home. 12 pipe bombs and tools to make more were found in the house with thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> today the big question, why would a young couple with a new baby, six go on a killing rampage. >> eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is in san bernardino with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: dave, outside the crime scene where evidence teams and recovery experts and pathologists have spent hours trying to recover evidence and to identify the dead. yes, the toll still stands at
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canvas of the hospitals has now turned up 21 wounded with some still in critical condition. as this investigation enters a new phase. when they broke through the door, officers in heavy armor were ready for anything. investigators say syed farook had the massacre carefully planned and had an arsenal big enough to do more. the officers who stopped the s.u.v. killing farook and his accomplice are being hailed in southern california as heros. >> clearly they were equipped. they could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them before it happened. >> reporter: when they raided the suspect's home, police uncovered a virtual bomb factory with hundreds of tools, 12 unexploded pipe bombs and 12,000 rounds of ammunition. they uncovered no obvious note or manifesto but a series of
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>> if you look at the amount of preplanning, armaments that he had and weapons and ammunition, there was obviously a mission here, we know that. we do not know why. >> reporter: as investigators move to determine the motive, a sweep of hospitals turned up more of the wounded raising the number to 21 with some still in critical condition. and the stories of survival are staggering. >> as soon as the gunfire started, everyone dropped to the floor and they were underneath desks and she was trying to shield herself with a chair with the man next to her. she said she was at a work thing and the shooters came in and she was shot and she was scared and she said i just want to tell you that i love you. >> reporter: that woman was talking about her sister. the scars are so much more than physical. back live outside the inland center, this is the crime scene now. they are in there processing it. there is no obvious motive but
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of the digital files to the fbi lab for further analysis. there are new details on how the massacre unfolded. we will have more on "eyewitness news at 5:00" tonight. live in san bernardino, california, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, n.j. as for the suspects, here is what we know about the couple. syed farook is a u.s. citizen. friends say he was raised in southern california and had been a san bernardino county employee for five years. in july of 2014, he traveled internationally and returned to the u.s. with tashfeen malik. at this point the fbi does not know what countries farook visited overseas. malik had a pact any passport and came on a visa for fiances of u.s. citizens. she was 27 years old but not much more about her background. farook's brother-in-law shocked
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>> i have no idea why he would do that? why would he do something like this? i have no idea. sad that people lost their lives. i wish a speedy recovery to them. i am in shock that something like this could happen. >> the couple left behind a six- month-old daughter. they dropped the baby off with her grandmother before the attack. liz? >> the shooting tracker, which tracks gun deaths in this country says there have been a total of 3550 shootings in the united states where there were four or more people killed or injured. the fbi classified four, only four, as mass shootings including last week's triple shooting at a planned parenthood facility in colorado springs, colorado. earlier ten people were killed at a community college in oregon and a charleston, south carolina, nine people were
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black church. all of them where they are calling for more gun control. >> we have to search ourselves to take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to weapons. >> the massacre in san bernardino was the deadliest shooting in the u.s. since the newtown, connecticut, tragedy. here at home, concerns prompting a police force to increase its fire power for possible attacks. stacey sager is live in mineola with that part of our coverage. stacey? >> reporter: dave, we spent time this afternoon with police in nassau county as they demonstrated the newest assault rifle. they say a third of these mass shootings taking place involved long weapons. so, they need more long weapons. they have been planning this
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>> what we know is the longer we wait the more people that will die. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, here in nassau county, police will begin training sessions with these, 150 new assault rifles, m-400s which have been in the works for months now. members of the emergency services unit and special operations already have rifles here in nassau county but the new ones for the first time will go to at least 100 patrol officers and police in other units. because with each new mass shooting, police are realizing their tactics must change. >> you have extensive distances that have to be covered. look at the mall in nassau county and they have corridors that are well over 100 meters. they are not there to take hostages. they are there to murder citizens. >> reporter: so they say the protocols are evolving too, that patrol officers will need
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because they can't afford to wait for a s.w.a.t. team to arrive. history is teaching them they can't wait to check the wounded. >> they will bypass people injured. they will be focused on one thing, one thing only, neutralizing the threat and stop the person from killing anybody else. we will then tend to every single injured person. the first priorities is to limit the carnage that these committing here. >> reporter: so, once again, we are talking about 150 new assault rifles, at least 100 patrol officers now being given assault rifles here in nassau county at a cost of about $1,100 per rifle. training starts tomorrow morning. live in mineola, outside nassau police headquarters, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stacey. now information continues to come in. we invite you to stay with
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for the latest on the shooting. n.j. burkett will post updates throughout the night at abc7ny. we turn to the other news of the day, a school bomb plot foiled in new jersey. the suspects were 5th graders. five 10 and 11 year olds are suspected of trying to set off a bomb. they were planning to detonate a makeshift bomb during a wednesday night assembly. it was thwarted when the teachers found the written plan. >> i just dropped him off. i am worried to leave him. i am afraid what will happen. i don't know if i should stick around to see if anything will happen. i want to take him to work with me to make sure that he is safe. >> reporter: police found the device filled with vinegar and cinnamon. the students were questioned
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a police officer was in -- as received for in -- arrested for inappropriately touching a woman. police say he pulled the woman over then groped her. he is charged with one count of criminal sexual contact and one count of witness tampering. a man from the bronx accused of stabbing his wife and taking off with their daughter headed back to new york. he waived his right to extradition. he was arrested in clifton on tuesday, several hours after police say he stabbed his wife and abducted the 3-year-old girl. the womb man survived the attack. his attorney says he will pled not guilty to the charges. >> he is a hard working man. he loves his family very much and his daughter. and he looks forward to getting back to the state of new york to address these charges. >> police say the girl was unharmed and is staying with family members. police are investigating a possible bias crime after a man
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tried to get in a synagogue in brooklyn. it happened on ocean parkway in midwood. the people inside the synagogue held the man until police arrived. he was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. protests are planned to mark the anniversary of a grand jury's decision not to indict an nypd officer in the death of eric garner. several marches were announced including a rally outside of gracie mansion. bratton is waiting for federal prosecutors to consider possible civil rights charges against officer daniel pantaleo before he will decide whether to bring departmental charges against the officer. the fed issued the strongest signal yet that interest rates will soon be increased. stocks tumbled after they said u.s. economic conditions are
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here is a live look at the big board. the dow dropped a little more than 252 points, just a hair, closing at 17,477. duped on craigslist. the plan that police say was pretending to rent rooms but was pocketing people's cash. is this kitchen staple coming under attack? the disease that is threatening the world supply of bananas. goldberg. nice to see the blue sky but it comes with a big wind. gusty out here and cold at least for the time being. here is your signal. minor wind delays at the airports and roadways. decent for december. you can get in a run but i would go with the winter coat. seven-day forecast, you it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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roads on this thursday. an accident on the garden state parkway. this is near exit 147 in essex county. it has some northbound lanes on the left-hand side of the screen backed up as you can see. over at the hudson river crossings, 10 minutes both ways at the lincoln tunnel. that's the worst of it. a man on long island is facing charges for allegedly scamming would be renters out of 10,000 dollars. he was arrested yesterday. police say he posted ads on craigslist to rent a room in his home in sayerville. after accepting deposits, he refused to answer phone calls. he was arrested in september for a similar scam. jon stewart is back in washington today to pled the case of 9/11 workers. the comedian on capitol hill urging lawmakers to provide money for those workers' health act. he wanted to meet with ohio
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talk to his chief of staff. >> we can't figure out why we have to drag guys hundreds of times down to washington who are suffering from cancer to plead their case when our country should have taken care of them in the first place. >> part of the reason he was there is the plan to include the funding in the transportation bill fell through. advocates hope to approve funding before they leave for the holiday break. historic decision for defense secretary ash carter about women in combat. carter is ordering all branches of the u.s. military to open combat positions to women. he said this includes jobs in the infantry and some special currently restricted. the marine corps argued it should be allowed to exclude women from certain jobs based on a study that showed mixed gendered units are not as capable as all male. >> as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women can
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ways they could not before. they will be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars, lead infantry soldiers into combat. >> carter is giving the 5r78d services -- armed services until january 1st to submit plans. this comes after several years of studying the issue. a fruit is facing the threat of extinction. banana plantations are struggling to combat what is called panama disease. it kills plants by traveling up the roots. plots are then contaminated for many years. the strain has yet to land in latin america where most of the bananas are grown, cures haven't worked. this is one of my favorite fruits. have i mentioned i love banana bread, liz.
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>> if there is banana bread in the newsroom he will tackle you. >> i am a gentleman up to that point. >> let's get to the weather. a little chilly out there. >> if you ask me i would rather take brisk, chilly and blue over 57 and rainy and foggy last night. i think it's nice. feels great. folks have the heavy coat on, decent wind, 20 miles per hour. there are still leaves on these trees along with the christmas lights. lower manhattan, a pretty sunset. you can see the clouds over the western horizon. share your sunset pictures. pressure is on the rise. the high today 54 degrees. we will take that. wind gusts through the day, the peak ones 36 miles per hour white plains. 32 laguardia. 25 in the park.
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the peak was around 35 miles per hour. we backed off the peaks but we are gusty into the early part of the evening. cambria heights 50. riverdale in the bronx at 48 degrees. 49 month monticello -- 49 in monticello. a chilly brisk breeze through the evening hours then the winds are morning. you will notice the breeze but nothing like today. 10, 15 miles per hour gusts as we approach 50. a couple of showers coming from lake ontario on a stiff northwest wind. that is furnished by the low over northern maine. they are getting 5 to 10 inches of snow in northern new england. a couple inches reached the poconos. we are pinned in between a high and low. that means gusty winds until the high gets closer. that happens the next 24 hours.
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the storm over the pacific northwest won't get here soon. over the coming days, south florida soaking will last through the weekend and give them about a half foot of rain. they need it. some of that may creep up the coast. that isn't a sure thing. that may stay offshore. we will get into that in the seven day. breezy blue skies tomorrow, 50. after a chilly start it will feel nice in if the afternoon. what a first weekend of december. 53. delightful. look at the weather map. lots of sunshine and a light wind should feel great. skies will be clearing out tonight. winds back off. a little breezy. 40. tomorrow a high of 50. plenty of sunshine, less wind. nice day. tomorrow night a cold one. mid-20s in the coldest spots north and west. that will probably be the coldest night of the seven day then we will recover over the weekend. at 4:30 you can see the friday map. there is the lines still going. maybe a little breezy and we will get into details on the
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week if there are signs of cold. right now, this may be the coldest it gets. >> all right. >> thank you, lee. >> thanks, lee. well, i bet you didn't know that they name a color of the year every year. we will reveal the choice for 2015 or 16 and why it's making headlines. when should you buy your holiday gifts? nina pineda pinpoint the exact days this month that will yield the best results in deals. >> perhaps that should be the color of the year. look at that, sunset peach.
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the self-proclaimed global authority on calorie veiled the selection for color of the year. pantone selected two different honor. a sheet of blue it calls quarts. pink and blue. the company calls it a harmonious pairing of shades that embody tranquility and inner peace. >> i'm so glad we got that story in there today.
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i can go on with my day. jerry "seinfeld" made news with his upcoming shows at the beacon. now it is as a director and it involves colin quinn. sandy kenyon is here with more. >> reporter: politically correct he is not. colin quinn stands out as a guy proud of being direct and frank. that's part of his appeal and one of the reasons the star of saturday night live is still so worth watching. in the 1970s and '80s when colin quinn made his mark here, the city had more than its shares of mean streaks. >> it was dangerous brutal place. i miss something in that personality. something in the people. >> reporter: it was a time when the movie starring paul new man showed the south bronx as a waste land but quinn can still
4:23 pm
>> you miss the perm touch. even though most of it is unsanitary, literally a touch. >> jerry "seinfeld" says quinn looks with an x ray machine then die secretaries with a scalpel what he finds in the city. >> when it gets bad like lately, it's going back to the '70s and part of us is happy. >> the star grew up in park slope. >> each block you go on will be different class, everything. >> reporter: he makes fun of just about everybody during his one man show. >> the whole point of comedians, you say what nobody else is supposed to say. his appearance as amy schumer's father in train wreck may have brought his humor to a broader audience. seeing him off broadway is actually a better way to
4:24 pm
the new york story is in many ways the perfect way to spend an evening. here is way. a big star in a small theater and a show lasting less than an hour and a half without an intermission. that is pretty perfect for me. keep in mind, tickets cost a fraction of broadway prices. but his brand of satire is not for anyone easily offended. >> that's true. >> i think we are in. >> great night at the theater. >> he is a new york story in and of himself. >> he is. >> looks like a lot of fun. a holiday grinch caught on camera. a woman accused of stealing from a local holiday toy drive at a police station. what she told officers when they caught up with her. >> new developments involving the case of the so-called cannibal cop. will he stay free? >> did you leave the scene of an accident?
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we want to update you on a deadly mass shooting in southern california. the fbi has taken over the investigation and they are not ruling out terrorism but they say it is clear that the shooters were on some kind of a mission. we are learning more details about the couple behind it, syed farook and his wife had more than 1600 rounds of ammunition on them. they fired up to 75 of those rounds inside the center in san bernardino killing 14 people. investigators searched the couple's home and found 4500 rounds of ammunition and dozens of pipe bombs and tools that explosives. this is the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. since the shooting at sandy hook in newtown, connecticut, in 2012. >> the first order of business is to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of
4:27 pm
to pray for a speedy recovery for those who were injured during this terrible attack. >> that was president obama earlier today. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett will have another live report from california coming up at 5:00. our top story this half hour, a heartless and bold theft in connecticut. a woman busted for stealing hundreds of dollars for toys in a collection box inside a police department headquarters. >> surveillance cameras captured her carrying the toys out and making several trips. marcus solis is there. >> reporter: the sign on the front door of the police station makes it clear this is a place to donate toys, not steal them, take them. that's what police say a would be grinch did taking stories out over a 20-minute period. >> she went out to the car with toys then come back in and get more toys. >> reporter: surveillance video
4:28 pm
officer confronts the suspect. in her hands toys police say she was looking to steal from their headquarters. for nearly two decades, fairfield police hosted a holiday toy drive placing large bins in the lobby next to a christmas tree. this week judith howard walked into the station with a friend who was a bail bondsman. while he was filling out paperwork, she goes through the lobby, carries a shopping bag filled with items out of the door. according to police the 55-year- old told them she thought the toys collected were there for anyone to help themselves. >> people don't donate toys to just be taken. they donate the toys for people in need. and to determine need all you have to do is ask. i need some so is toys -- i need some toys, we will give
4:29 pm
we don't want that to happen. >> she is charged with larceny and is now out on bail. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. a federal appeals court ruling that a former new york city police officer is not guilty of committing a crime because he fanta sized online about kidnapping and cannibalizing women. a jury convicted him of kidnapping and conspiracy in 2013 but another court overturned the decision. today the appeals court upheld the ruling saying it would hate to give the government the power to fun niche us for our thoughts and not actions. a baggage handler at j.f.k. is accused of stealing watches more than $130,000. police say he took six watches from a checked bag at terminal 7 two weeks ago. yesterday police say he admitted to the theft. five of the watches were found at the suspect's home in queens. in brooklyn the search
4:30 pm
murdered a father and his son. investigators believe that man, jarvis roberts shot and killed the pair friday night inside a hallway at the langston hughes houses in brownsville. anyone with any information is urged to contact police. an arrest in a brutal unprovoked attack on a commuter and his service dog. it happened on a 4 train near yankee stadium on tuesday. police say 48-year-old herbert williams told the victim to move his service dog. the man complied but williams punched the dog in the head. when the owner tried to protect his dog, police say williams punched him in the mouth knocking out several teeth. williams faces assault and other charges. a man accused of jumping the white house fence on thanksgiving has been refused reentry into a college in connecticut. joseph caputo was told this week that he was not welcome back at the university of
4:31 pm
administrators believe he committed a community standards violation. the 22-year-old from stamford was studying criminal justice and marshal arts. officials in belgium detained two more suspects in the massacre in paris. one person was detained at brussels national airport on sunday as he tried to fly morocco. the second person detained during a raid on sunday. in all, belgium has eight terror suspects linked to the paris attacks or a possible attack in brussels behind bars. back in our area, good news for new york city apartment hunters. more than 1800 apartments have been returned to rent stabilization. 1823, formally market rate apartments are now being registered as rent stabilized. their owners are 128 landlords that benefit from the real property tax laws. landlords that september tax
4:32 pm
it's part of an effort to prevent rent gouging. community leaders celebrated a milestone toward reducing pollution in the bronx. the department of transportation replaced 500 of the old trucks with new models with diesel hybrid engines. they comply with the latest epa standards. it made an impact on reducing pollution in the city. >> we took the diesel fuel off the street and now you have a diesel electric prius, electric truck that works. >> the new trucks are used for food distribution and construction as well asghar badge recycling and fuel service across the five boroughs. actor james cromwell was escourted out of an ward ceremony in upstate new york for heckling. the 75-year-old was removed from the event when he heckled the reward being presented to a local energy company. he and another protestor took
4:33 pm
built in a nearby town. he was nominated for an academy award in the 1995 film babe. new information about a heart healthy benefit that you may overlook. we will tell you about it. >> a book battle to talk about. ment a school cancels a book
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it is the season to shop for gifts but apparently a time to get big ticket items including a car. >> 7 on your side nina pineda is here with what to buy and what not to buy in december. nina. >> reporter: we got black friday and cyber monday in the rearview mirror. if you have any cash left you are in luck. some of the best deals of the year are coming up in the next
4:36 pm
when and where they are. at the mom and pop toy shop kidding around, owner christine clark is about the vintage gifts like classic books. >> books stand the test of time. >> reporter: timing is how to find a deal on toys. are the best deals yet to come? >> some of the best deals. >> reporter: deal's ben glazer said it pays to wait. >> sweet spot is december 7 to 20th. >> reporter: for the hottest toys like anything "star wars" related, is ben says if a sale buy it before it sells out. >> if you see any discount on it, it's probably a good deal. >> reporter: december is a big month to swipe credit cards but how about gift cards. december is the best month of the year for gift card deals. >> reporter: check out restaurant gift card deals like california pizza where a $50 gift card gets you another ten bucks for free.
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>> we see them ten, 20% off. that's as good as cash practically. other deals, discounted power tools. >> hand tools, power tools we see a quarter of the deals are best of the year prices. >> reporter: if you order online, >> december 18th. retailers offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery. >> reporter: after christmas 80% off holiday decor. >> the best time to buy holiday decorations is december 26th. >> reporter: amazon discounts on the 23rd. that's when you shop for jewelry and high end goods. >> lux pier rei apparel -- luxury apparel. >> reporter: wait to buy bedding. white sales are around the corner, next month. if you can hold off on electronics like you didn't get what you wanted on black friday, wait until the consumer electronic show. if you are in the market for a
4:38 pm
that's when buyers have the advantage because dealers have to clear last year's inventory from the showrooms. liz, why don't we check in and get a new car for dave. >> and you have to negotiate the deal. love nina to negotiate. >> i like the way you think. >> all right. thank you. alarming news about the number of americans living with high cholesterol without being treated. one in three americans who could benefit from cholesterol treatment are not getting it. more than 78 million americans have cholesterol levels eligible for treatment. dietary changes and exercise help lower cholesterol. wisconsin community debating a book about a transgender child after a national conservative group complained about it. i am jazz was going to be read in classes. school administrators canceled the plans after a group called
4:39 pm
a parent organized a reading at the public library. they were happy about it. >> well, dramatic video coming up. a man in a wheelchair falls on the train tracks. see the heros who then jumped in to help him. >> unusual arrest. a woman busted for a hit and run crash is turned in it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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frightening moments in oregon when a man in a wheelchair fell on the tracks. he was knocked over along with a small dog on his lap. five people ran over, carried the man and his dog to safety and got his wheelchair out of came. you can see how wet and leaf covered. everything must have been so incredibly slippery. >> i love how everybody ran to his help. we get criticized for not doing enough good story. his rescue. >> like everybody in the area people there. around.
4:41 pm
we are not getting any cold so the leaves are staying on the trees. >> it's drier tonight. >> easier traffic. winds will back off. what a week of forecast. early december. we go outside. wind. what a gorgeous sunset we had at 4:29 in new york harbor. you are sweating in your pictures, thank you very much. 49 degrees. partly cloudy skies. northwest wind at 6:00. still gusting to around 20 miles per hour. preview. the average highs at the beginning of the month start out in the upper 40s and end in the upper 30s by the last day of the month. inches. last year an inch of snow. we ended up with 50 inches. we had a lot of snow in january, february and march. winter arrives on the 21st just before midnight. central park, planner through the evening hours, into part of the overnight, clear skies and temperatures dipping into the
4:42 pm
northern new jersey, we see temperatures dipping into the upper 30s by 10:00 in morristown and a couple of patchy clouds turning clear. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. nice day. wind not seeing 30 miles per hour gusts. maybe 10 to 15 at most. we will make a run at the 50- degree mark. most of the day in the mid- to upper-40s. tomorrow morning we drop to the freezing mark in monticello. 37 bridgeport. 38 on the island. 37 belmar and 35 in morristown. during the day tomorrow, sun, a couple of patchy clouds. more cloudiness off the lakes into parts of the catskills and midhudson valley. mostly sunny to partly sunny day at worst. futurecast, less wind tomorrow at about 50 degrees should do it. saturday here is the planner for you, looking close. wall to wall sunshine and temperatures into the low 50s. the sunday forecast, december
4:43 pm
they already -- dave is hounding everybody for tickets for jets-giants. light wind at the meadowlands. nice on monday. watching the coast tuesday. that is the next close call to see if we can get into rainfall. otherwise above normal stretch there for the next seven to ten days. >> i don't want to i think it's wonderful. it's a little bizarre. >> a little bit. i know, right. >> our time will come. david? >> just be quiet. maybe no one will notice. here is what is trending on this thursday. the tragedy in san bernardino, california is on the hearts and minds of social media in particular. ray for san bernardino one of the top #on twitter with people condolences. hashtag. the cover of the daily news suggesting prayers are not enough to deal with the tragedy accusing republican leaders of doing nothing more than
4:44 pm
debate over how to respond. some agreeing. some asking the daily news pray for paris was okay but heaven forbid we pray for san bernardino. clearly lots of strong emotions chapter. on a lighter note, that time of year when social media looks back on the year and reflects on who made the biggest impact. here it is. top on instagram, the most popular photo. this one, kendell jenner posing with her hair in the shape of a heart. the image liked more than 3.2 million times since it was >> yep. >> last night jimmy kimmel the latest trailer from the upcoming batman versus superman dawn of justice was released. >> i love it. i love bringing people together. a pleasure. that is a good grip. with this person. >> exactly.
4:45 pm
superman. but apparently batman does. the movie hits theaters this march. >> i had no plans after "star wars." now i do. i know what to do with my life now. >> i can't wait for this one. >> we have to have a purpose. we finally have one. >> finally a clip matching up the big hits of 2015 into one cool song. it has us trending. [singing] >> what you are hearing is adele, drake, justin bieber, some of the stars mashed together by talented music editors there. they made it into one long song it's cool. >> makes me feel old. >> a little bruno mars. that is cool stuff. >> we have seen your play lift. check out the trend. send us our trend ideas.
4:46 pm
call me maybe. >> see, not cool. all right. still to come, a hit and run mystery is solved in a rather unusual way. how a woman's own car helped turn her into police. >> a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossings. 15 minutes outbound holland tunnel. lincoln tunnel 10 minutes.
4:47 pm
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a hit-and-run mystery solved. a woman arrested after a very unusual call to 911. >> it wasn't the driver who picked up the phone. she said the car called for help. >> attention, a crash has occurred in a ford vehicle. >> reporter: police in florida say a car's safety feature helped them tracked down the driver who did this. police say the 57-year-old first hit a truck, then plowed through a van in port st. luci. >> hello, can anyone hear me? >> reporter: police say person stean fled the scene, but her car's emergency system didn't just make a record, it automatically called 911. >> ma'am? >> yes. >> there was no problem. everything was fine. >> okay. but your car called in saying you had been involved in an accident. it doesn't do that for no reason.
4:49 pm
>> no, i would never do that. >> reporter: but anna preston says the driver who did this to her van didn't just destroy her car. the crash rained a christmas surprise. >> i have a contemporary dance company. we were doing our christmas party last night so i wept to pick up some presents. >> reporter: instead of spreading cheer, preston was rushed to the hospital, the very same one where police put bernstein. >> i saw her in the hospital, and i just wept by, and i -- aim assuming shed a worse night than i did. >> reporter: police say once bernstein was treated, they took her to jail. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> the 911 operator was pretty smart. >> very. >> picked it up right away. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins rate now. fifth graders accused of plotting to blow up a school in
4:50 pm
us they were the last to know. and a big question tonight out in california. why? the search for a motive in the mass shooting in san bernardino as we learn more about the victims and the shooters. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. there will be a vigil tonight as that city mourns those killed. >> new information that we've gotten tonight, the number of injuries has increased to 21, and the 14 people killed have all been identified. police say the four guns used in the attack were all legally purchased and we're learning just how heavily armed the shooters were. a raid of their home found twelve pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of i am maw in addition. >> the investigates org's are digging deep into the shooter's background. we begin first with n.j. burkett who has bernardino since late last night and joins us now live. new jersey. >> reporter: that's right, sha da, on the ground in southern
4:51 pm
time we've been able to get within sight of the crime scene. you can see it behind me. i can assure you that the ballistics alone took much of the night before. they could do anything they had to search the building for explosives. the extent of the carnage is matched only by the amount of firepower. pathologists and recovery teams spent hours in the horrific crime scene. in a painful and pain staking effort to identify the dead. a scene virtually identical to the one that unfolded in newtown, connecticut, the only american mass shooting with more few tal that's than this one. there's still no obvious motive for the attack, but authorities revealed new details about how it was carried out. >> we believe the suspects, when they entered, fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb.
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